The Case of the Fallen Idol

by: Richard

This is a work of fiction and in no way draws on the lives of any specific person or persons. If there is any similarity to any real persons or events it is entirely coincidental. Some license has been taken with places as well.

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Chapter 24

Billy closed up his desk early and at five o'clock, he walked out of the office waving to Captain Harrison as he left. He was glad that Harrison hadn't decided to engage in conversation about the week when he was ready to leave, quite often he did and it always annoyed Billy to be late leaving for no real reason.

He decided that he'd eat out tonight downtown. Jimmy was reluctant to give up dinner plans for this evening, but Billy had insisted that he didn't want to be distracted tonight. He had to agree to dinner the following night at Jimmy's favorite place.


John had hurriedly shower and shaved, wanting to be a fresh as possible for this evening. He was nervous and could decide what he should wear, until he realized that it wouldn't matter. Only Darryl would see it anyway, since he'd be wearing one of the ceremonial robes for the service.


Ralph paced through the lobby of the building waiting for the last clients to show up. They were late, and it was going to cause a problem if they didn't show up in the next few minutes. He was about to use the phone to call when he saw them coming up the walk in front.


Darryl scurried about the anteroom laying out the robes for the evening's service. He sipped a beer as he went through the service in his mind. Although the script was typed and ready, he wanted to have it all ready in his head, and not rely too much on the written text.

He placed the fresh candles in the temple and the vessels and instruments were ready, all polished and clean. The newest item, the silver ceremonial sword lay on the scarlet cushion ready for its first use. It was honed to a razor-like edge, designed for a quick and painless cut; it glittered in the soft flickering light.

The brazier was filled with charcoal ready to be lighted just before he went to robe for the service. Incense, three different kinds were prepared and ground to a fine powder and waited in the gold lined bowls with the glass spoons resting in their containers, barely set into the incense.

A gold vessel polished and prepared to receive the liquid offering tonight. The scroll of the initiate was ready, carefully hand-lettered and tied with gold braid, lying next to the vessels in anticipation.

He'd chosen John's new name carefully, during the Tarot Card reading only yesterday. He Who Comes Out Of Darkness was the name John would bare. It matched his numbers and his reading precisely for this date.

Tension was building within his body. Already his loins ached from the strain. Each muscle tensed as he moved about; his already partial erection swaying beneath his loose fitting sweats. He'd have to put on a jockstrap before he went to get Doug to keep from attracting too much attention.

Suddenly the timer that he'd set earlier in the evening beeped and it was time to go the bus depot near by.


Doug left his apartment and hurried downtown. He wanted to have plenty of time to make his final decision on whether he wanted to go through with it.

The call that he thought would result in his not having time to do it, never came. He was free until nearly midnight. He might just as well go and pick up the other hundred dollars. He'd see how he felt when he got to the depot.


Billy had brought a change of clothes to the office and changed in the men's room before he left the station. He wanted to attract as little attention as possible as he waited for Darryl to come out of his building. Billy wore the clothes of an itinerant and had rubbed dirt and grime on his face and hands and messed his hair. He clerk at the fast food place wouldn't even take his order until he showed him the money to pay for it. Billy guessed no one would think he was a cop, not dressed like that.

He strolled aimlessly along Mission waiting for Darryl to appear. Suddenly the front door of the building opened and he saw Darryl come out and head his direction.

Billy hunched over a little more to give the appearance of being down and out. A small bottle stuck out of his front pocket, half full of cheap wine, clearly visible to anyone passing by.

He leaned up against the building as Darryl approached and took a sip. Quickly he returned the bottle to his pocket. The last thing he needed was to get picked up by a roving police car for drinking in public.


Darryl saw the bum take a drink as he hurried down the street. How disgusting, he thought. Now was not time to be distracted by outside influences, and he continued on his way. He turned right at the corner and hurried down the street leading to the bus terminal.


Doug stood in the shadows of the building across the street. It was still light out, and he wouldn't be hidden, but unless someone knew he was there, they wouldn't see him.

He watched for Ron to appear. Finally he spotted the man hurrying toward the depot building coming from Mission Street. Not far behind Ron was another man, dressed in shabby clothing and hurrying to keep up with Ron. What was this, he wondered.

When Ron disappeared inside, Doug stepped out of the doorway and headed for the entrance he seen Ron go into.

Billy hurried limping deliberately, to appear to be hurting as he followed Darryl. He was nearly a full block behind him, as he knew that Darryl had seen him and he didn't want to cause any hitch in the plan by appearing to follow him.

He was just crossing the street as Darryl went into the building. It was then that he saw a familiar face step out of the doorway. It was Doug! What was he doing there? Could it be that he was the intended victim?

Billy quickened his limping gait and caught Doug just before he went to open the door.

"Doug!" he called softly, but loud enough to be heard easily. "It's me, Billy," he said in almost a natural voice.

Doug stopped and looked at him. As Billy took his arm and led him back out of sight of Darryl who was hurrying on down the long hallway.

"Hey, what's going on?" Doug asked.

"Quickly, are you meeting that man that just went in'?"

"Yes. Why?"

"Good!" Billy said. He took off his ragged jacket and handed it to Doug. "Put this on, and come with me!"


Darryl hurried down the marble floored hallway, headed for the meeting place, the men's rest room where he hoped that Doug would be waiting for him.p

He turned around and thought he caught a glimpse of someone scuffling outside in the street. Another bum, he thought, trying to get enough money from a passerby to get a bottle to sip on during the night.

He continued on into the rest room. Being early in the evening, it held few real passengers, and even fewer of the types who hung about such a place hoping to make a connection for some excitement.

Darryl looked around quickly for Doug and didn't see him. He stood at one of the urinals and pretended to use it, careful not expose himself to any of the people near by. As he turned around to leave, he peered under the doors to see if he might be inside, there was no one visible. He supposed that Doug had decided to take first hundred, and forgo the second rather than take a chance on what might be in store for him.

He was disappointed but still, vaguely he understood completely. I probably would have done the same thing, if our roles had been reversed, he thought. Darryl left the rest room and exited through the same door he'd come in.


Doug and Billy were hidden across the street sitting in a doorway, appearing to be sharing a bottle as Darryl went by. Billy had filled Doug in on what he was doing and Doug was glad that he hadn't arrived earlier and been inside waiting for this man.

"So that's the guy you think killed Tim?" Doug asked.

"We're not sure," Billy said, "But it's possible." Doug shuddered as he recalled seeing Tim lying on the tray in the morgue.

"Okay," Billy said as Darryl disappeared around the corner, "Let's go."

Billy didn't want to let him out of his sight for too long. There was no telling what he might do. Besides, he wanted, to get inside the building while Darryl was outside meeting John and Ralph.

It had been worth a chance, Darryl thought as he returned to the room where he'd wait until it was time to prepare to meet Ralph, now the primary offering. He put away the garment that Doug would have worn and the lock that would have kept him in the cell while he waited.

His electronic timer beeped again. It was time to get Ralph.

Billy glanced at his watch. Darryl would be going to get Ralph. Now was his chance to get inside the building.

"Okay Doug," he said, "I want you to take my car keys and go sit inside while this is going on. Whatever you do don't try to come inside, it could be very dangerous, not only for you, but everyone else involved, especially Ralph."

"Okay," Doug said reluctantly.

"Remember," Billy said, "Stay put, and keep the doors locked."

"I will," Doug answered, and added, "Please be careful, Billy."

Billy hurried out of sight before the impact of what Doug had said hit him. It was the first time that Doug had called him that. The boy really cared what happened to him, he thought.

Billy checked his watch again. He still had time to get inside if he hurried. He ran down the alley and put the borrowed key into the lock and pulled open the heavy metal door. His footsteps echoed down the long corridor as he hurried to the room with Darryl's business name on the outside. Another key opened the door and he slipped inside the strangely lighted room.

From John's description and the drawing that he made for Billy to study he knew where he could hide, someplace where he could see and not be seen.

He'd barely ducked out of view when he heard the key in the lock.


Darryl opened the door and let Ralph inside. He led Ralph to the cell for him to change clothes and wait until it was time for him.

o"Here you are, Ralph," Darryl said. "You know what to do. Someone will be here to get you when it's time."

Ralph's pulse raced as he heard the hasp close and the lock slip into place. He took off his clothes, hanging them on the hooks provided. He felt strange this time, as he pulled on the flimsy covering to cover his naked body. But he did as he was instructed. After he pulled on the heavy white socks, he lay back on the cot and closed his eyes to try to relax.


As soon as Darryl disappeared out the door again, Billy hurried went to the door where Ralph was enclosed. He slipped open the door and whispered to Ralph.

"It's just me, Billy. I just wanted to let you know that I'm inside," Billy continued, "And to let you know that you're it for tonight also. The other guy, it was to be Doug! But I got to him in time, he's okay."

"Thanks, Billy," Ralph said.

"I've got to go," Billy said, and he hurried back to his hiding place.


Darryl let John into the building and escorted him down to the anteroom, where he too was let into a cell to wait. Darryl looked at the clock on the wall.

It was time he thought, to let the members in. He closed the door and hurried up to the lobby.


Once again Billy crept out of his hiding place, and went to John's cell to let him know that all was well, but hearing voices, he hurried back to hiding just before the door opened.

"You all can change clothes and wait in the temple," he said as he removed the heavy lock and slid back the bar which closed off the temple.

"We'll be ready to start in a few minutes," he said, "As soon I as change and put on the hoods."


Billy watched as the seven men changed into the robes for the service. He didn't recall having seen any of them in The Castro, although he was certain that he had.

Several of them were quite young and nice looking. His body reacted as he watched them standing nude before covering with the dark robes.

He fought his animal instincts and composed himself, holding his breath for long periods, breathing slowly so as not to give himself away. One by one they disappeared inside.


At last, Darryl appeared in similar garb, and went first to John's cell and went inside. Moments later John came out first followed by Darryl. John's head was covered with the strange hood that had eye openings, but the eyes were covered, or so it appeared.

Darryl had given John a different mask to wear tonight, one in which the eyeholes had been opened slightly, just enough so that he could see where he was going and what was happening.

"I'll tell you when to open you eyes and when to close them, okay?" Darryl asked.

"Okay," John whispered.

"Wait here while I bring the offering," Darryl said softly. Then he went to Ralph's cell and blindfolded and hooded him. Darryl had decided to leave Ralph blindfolded despite what he'd said. When Ralph asked, he'd replied, "All in good time."

Billy watched anxiously as Darryl and John led Ralph into the temple, disappearing from view.

Chapter 25

John held Ralph's arms and feet while Darryl secured them with the leather thongs. His heart was beating strangely as he felt the tension in the room rise.

Although he could see the other members, they couldn't see who he was because of the hood and mask.

He heard Darryl's softly whisper instructions to Ralph and then to himself. He took his position along side of Ralph and closed his eyes.

Billy waited in his seclusion until he heard the strange deep voice, which John had told him would signal the beginning of the service. Stealthily he crept forward and stood behind the curtain as the back of the temple room and listened.

The strange deep voice rose and fell as Darryl recited the prayers and invocations to Ba. In the darkness Billy peered around the end of the curtain and watched.

Darryl raised his arms, palms up and intoned the opening, "Oh Ba, Show Thyself to us your servants that we may worship you in all your glory!" His voice was low and even. At the end of the invocation Darryl walked slowly the right side of the room and pulled the gold cord.

Billy watched in disbelief as the curtain at the front parted revealing the gigantic erect male penis. It shimmered in the candlelight, its veins standing out from the surface. The huge testicles at the base rested within the sculptured scrotum. A tear-shaped crystal rested atop the penis at the opening near the front, appearing as a drop of liquid just coming to the surface.

Darryl turned to the members, "Oh followers of Ba and believers, look upon thy God and worship Him! Fall on your knees and give homage to Him!" Those present, including Darryl prostate themselves on the floor.

Darryl rose and faced them once more, "Now, rise up and give praise to Ba!" The members rose and faced the altar.

Darryl led them in prayer, "Almighty Ba," they began, "We give praise and honor to Thy Name, and to Thy Son, and to Thy Spirit! Grant us Thy favor! Protect us from our enemies! Provide us with Thy blessings!

John had given him the essential clues as to when Darryl would turn to face the group and when he was to face forward.

Thankfully Darryl had not altered the procedure all that much and Billy was able to follow and be hidden when Darryl turned his direction. Despite his reason for being there, Billy's excitement rose. He couldn't take his eyes from the golden statue at the front of the room.

Darryl picked up the large book and began to read from it and when he had finished he looked up.

"All Hail To Ba!" Darryl said.

"All Hail To Ba!" The members responded as Darryl replaced the book on its stand.

Billy watched as Darryl knelt before the altar. Soon a cloud of white smoke rose in front of him and filled the room with its sweet scent.

Darryl then picked up two of the vessels and rose to face the members.

"Come forth and be cleansed!" he commanded. One by one the members came forward. As each presented himself before Darryl, holding his penis out, Darryl poured first water and then a drop of oil on them. Then the member massaged in the oil and went back to his place.

When all had returned to their places, Darryl walked to the place where Ralph and John stood bound, with their hands above their heads and their feet to the floor.

"Cleanse Oh Ba, these Thy offering!" Darryl said out loud. He lifted the robes and held the penis of first Ralph and then John in turn as he purified them.

Darryl returned to the front and repeated the purification ritual on himself.

Darryl approached John and whispered to him, something that Billy couldn't hear. But he did see Darryl reach up and untie John's hands and then stepped back.

In a loud voice Darryl cried out, "See!" he paused, "It is He Who comes out of Darkness! Loosen the bonds that hold you to the Earth!"

John knelt and removed the bindings at his ankles, and stood up again.

Again Darryl cried out, "See!" he paused, "It is He Who comes out of Darkness! Open your eyes that you may look upon the face of Ba!"

John raised his hands and removed both the hood and mask in one action.

Once again Darryl cried out, "See!" he paused, "It is He Who comes out of Darkness! By his actions and by his faith, he is now The True Son of Ba.

Billy listened as Darryl's voice began more frenzied. Darryl moved to John's side and whispered again. Billy watched in awe as John moved so that he stood directly in front of the golden statue.

"Oh Son of Ba!" Darryl cried out, "Show Thyself to us, Thy children!"

John lifted his robe in a sweeping gesture that left him naked, his flesh glistening with oil and perspiration. Billy nearly gasped aloud when he saw John naked for the first time.

In such a setting the sight of his body displayed as it was with a throbbing erection, was magnificent. Billy's body reacted and his own penis hardened and pressed against his clothing.

"Now, Oh Men of Ba, Show thy selves to your God! Make firm thy flesh and stand boldly before your God!" Darryl gestured to John.

The members then lifted their robes and began massaging themselves until they were hard.

"Oh Glorious Ba, See how Your servants now present themselves before You!"

Billy without thinking groped himself and was about to do as they were doing. He suddenly realized what he was doing and stopped.

He suddenly realized the tremendous power that he felt in the room. It wasn't just the power of suggestion, although that was extremely strong, nor the power of pure animal sex which now was displayed in its entire splendor, but something more. Darryl's voice shook with this power as he began to chant words that Billy couldn't understand and doubtless that anyone else in their present state did either, nor could have cared.

Billy stood restraining his desire and watched as Darryl stepped toward Ralph.

"See, Oh Ba, how even the pagan worships you!" Darryl said in a loud deep voice as he lifted the robe that had covered Ralph's body. From where he was standing, Billy couldn't see, but guessed that Ralph was like everyone else in the room.

"As You have command, Oh Ba, I will make this Thy humble creature, an offering to Your Goodness!" Darryl cried aloud.

John, whose body had responded automatically to Darryl's suggestions, pulsed and throbbed, aching for release. He watched as Darryl knelt before Ralph and began licking at Ralph's raging manhood. Standing higher than the rest, and facing toward the back of the room, he saw a figure move slightly.

Thank God, he thought, Billy's there! He looked again toward Ralph whose body writhed in ecstasy as Darryl stroked his aching organ, pulling and tugging at the bindings which held him.

He saw Darryl reach behind him and take the golden vessel, a large flat bowel and place it on the floor in front of Ralph. John's heart beat faster as he watched in horror as Darryl's hand reached back for the sword that glimmered in the soft light.

Slowly and deliberately, Darryl's hands grasp the sword and moved it in front of him.

What is he going to do? John's mind cried out to him! He tried to form words, but nothing came out. He closed his eyes momentarily.

"No!" John's voice was deep and loud, echoing throughout the room. "I, Son of Ba, He Who Controls The Rivers of Life, speaks unto you!"

Darryl's hand halted.

"I, Son of Ba, command you, do not raise you hand to harm this My Brother!" John's voice deepened.

Darryl turned his head to look at John in disbelief.

Darryl looked up and saw the glowing face of Ba! The voice had commanded, he must obey. Tears rolled down his face.

"Oh Great Son of Ba!" he cried out, "Be not angry with me Thy faithful servant!" His body trembled and with tears streaming down his face he cried out in a loud voice, "For if Thou art angry, who can stand against Thee'?"

John watched as Darryl's hand closed once again around the handle of the sword. Darryl lifted the sword and plunged it into his own body.

"No!" John's voice cried out.

Billy saw the sword rise up, and he rushed to the front of the room pulled out his pistol as he ran.

"No one move! Police!" he shouted.

He looked and saw blood filling the gold basin from the body of the man who now lay on the floor. The shinny sword was sticking into the body at a strange angle.

"John," Billy called, "Call an ambulance! There's a phone outside in the other room.

"Ralph," Billy asked, "Are you okay?" Billy untied the leather cords from Ralph's hands.

"Yeah," Ralph gasped as he pulled off the hood and mask. He leaned down and loosened the cords at his ankles.

John ran still naked into the outer room and found the phone. Nervously he dialed 911 and waited. He heard the mechanical voice of the police operator.

He gave the information as the questions were asked, telling where the location was, what happened and his name.

Ralph joined him and hurried to get clothes on. Billy was herding out the others, still naked and some still excited and erect.

"Okay, everybody get dressed," Billy ordered, still holding his pistol.

John was pulling on his clothes and buttoning his shirt as rapidly as his nervous fingers could manage.

"You okay?" Billy asked.

"I'm not sure," he responded, "I think so."

"Okay," Billy said, "Go up and show them where we are. I'll stay here with the others."

"Darryl?" John asked hopefully.

"He's dead," Billy said.

Doug's eyes widened as he heard the sirens and saw the flashing lights as they appeared in the rear view mirror. He looked across the street at the entrance to the building.

The tall man appeared in the lobby and quickly rushed to the door. Holding the door open, he waited as the police and ambulances pulled up.

Doug rolled the window down so he could hear what was being said.

"In the basement," the man said. They disappeared inside. One policeman remained behind guarding the door from the inside.

Doug's pulse pounded as he watched and waited.

A few minutes later he saw Billy, Ralph and the man come up and out into the lobby. He tried to smile, but tears filled his eyes. He was safe, he cried to himself, he's safe!

"Let's go," Billy said, "the other officers will take care of things here. We have to go down to the station and fill out some statements."

He looked across the street where Doug as standing on the sidewalk.

"We'll go in my car," he said. They crossed the street and Billy was surprised with Doug's actions. Doug hugged him as they met.

"Thank God you're okay," Doug's cried.

"I'm fine, Doug," he said softly, "Really I am."

They got in and Billy drove to the station that was only a few blocks away.


Charles read the article in the San Francisco newspaper the next day.

Darryl Brackens, suspect in the murder of San Francisco hustler, kills himself in bizarre ritual. Sexual cult is uncovered as Detective Sergeant Billy Preston's investigation leads to the secret location of the cult in downtown office building. With the assistance of two citizens the police managed to save the lives of two other intended victims; one of them, a citizen was assisting in the investigation.

The names of these two citizens were not revealed, to protect them from the unnecessary publicity' of being associated with the cult. Six members of the cult, who were present at the ceremony, were found not to have been involved in the killing of the first boy. No charges were filled against them.

How sad, he thought, Darryl was such a devoted follower. Something must have gone wrong.


John, whose strange behavior had saved Ralph's life, was relieved that no names were to be printed, and that the story hadn't gone into any details. Billy's intervention in the matter had prevented the details from being disclosed, in the hopes that the cult would die with Darryl.

Ralph breathed easier now that it was over. But he still knew that he'd have to face Donna, and what that meant. Things would never be the same again. He'd seen too much to ever be happy being a happily married man and a regular nine-to-five job.

Doug was glad the man who'd murdered his close friend as dead. He was glad that Billy, the man he now loved had not been hurt in the incident.

Turner was surprised when he went to work the next morning and found that he couldn't get in. A policeman who was standing outside told him of Darryl's death, and the investigation which was going on.

He called Jamison's office, and Jamison told him to come in to his office, and they'd find something for him to do there.

Billy cleared up the remaining paperwork from the case, and decided that he needed a vacation. Jimmy had gotten a call from his home in the East that morning, and he had to go there, as his mother was seriously ill. He and Billy had discussed Billy's going along, but Jimmy agreed that it wasn't a good idea.

He picked up the phone and dialed.

"Hello, Doug," he said when the phone was picked at the other end, "It's Billy. I'm going to Mexico on vacation, do you want to go along?"

The End

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