Dear reader, if you are offended by sex between two guys, then what are you doing at this place? And for those who love guys, a warm hello from me. Let me clear you first that I'm from India and my English is not that superior. But hey, you can easily get what a gay really need to say. So go on, enjoy my love story. It's a real story and I'll love to get reply from you. You can mail me at

Falling in Love!

    I'm an internet freak. The sexiest thing to do on net is to chat with guys in a gay room. Especially for guys in India, where it's a taboo to be gay in society, that's the only place where you can share your private thoughts.One evening in October I was chatting in a gay room in a cafe. My nick name is Hot_cum. And this is what happened when I sent PM to user named Bubble_butt.

Hot_cum: hi, a/s/l?
Bubble_butt: 23/m/Pune, u?
Hot_cum: wow, I'm also in Pune, 24, male of course
Bubble_butt: fine, what's up man?
Hot_cum: nice but alone, where are you from?
Bubble_butt: deccan, u?
Hot_cum: I'm also at deccan.
Bubble_butt: home or cafe?
Hot_cum: cafe. U?
Bubble_butt: cafe. Are you gay or bi?
Hot_cum: Gay, I'll be happy if you are too.
Bubble_butt: Then it's time for you to be happy. I'm also a gay.
Hot_cum: but I'm alone here dude, I really need a good gay friend to share thoughts.
Bubble_butt: only thoughts?
Hot_cum: if they match I'll love to share more private things.
Bubble_butt: Good thoughts, I also believe in sex with a best friend and not with any other guy.
Hot_cum: That's true. Any way do you have a boy friend?
Bubble_butt: Yes, I had once. But we broke when I came to know that he was using me just for sex.
Hot_cum: Oh! Sorry to hear that. So what's happening now days?
Bubble_butt: Nothing gr8. Doing job and looking for a mate.
Hot_cum: hey, what if you find out me as your best friend.
Bubble butt: will be gr8. But to be one you have to meet me.
Hot_cum: No problem, tell me when you want to?
Bubble_butt: Now.
Hot_cum: Sure, where.
Bubble_butt: Opposite to Pizza Hut, with in 20 minuets.
Hot_cum: Ok, What are you wearing now so that I can identify you?
Bubble_butt: Tight blue jeans and red t-shirt and a blue cap.
Hot_cum: ok I'll be there within 15 minuets.
Bubble_butt: Wait, I have a mobile call.

    At the same time I heard a mobile ring in the cafe I was surfing. That was guy talking to somebody, may be his mother as he said "I'll just be there mom."

Bubble_butt: Oh! Sorry Hot_cum. We'll have to meet some other time.
Hot_cum: why? Any problem.
Bubble butt: Just my mother called me on mobile and asked if I can come to receive her at station. I'll have to go.

    I was shocked. I wondered he may be the same guy just I heard talking with his mom. So I turned around to check for him. Oh god! A guy with same clothing and mobile phone was typing "Bye for now, mail me at". When I turned to see my screen, I was totally astonished to read the same dialog on my screen. The most interesting thing was he was the guy living in the apartment opposite to ours. I went home thinking about him. I was quite sure that he is the one. Actually I had never talked to him. Rather we were unknown to each other. I slept thinking of him but avoided to jack off. Because I wanted to store a sea of cum for him in my balls. To tell you truth it's very much difficult to ignore a hard-on when you have a sexy image of a guy in your fucking sexy mind.

    Next morning I took out the binoculars from my locker and planed to observe the flat of that guy which was just opposite to ours. I set it right to window and started looking through it. And there he was. For a second I thought myself as the luckiest guy on earth. I could easily see a mirror and a guy standing in front of it combing his hair. No doubt I immediately got a big boner in my boxers. That was the well developed bare back showing me every single movement of muscles taking place while brushing hair. And as I took my sight lower and lower, I thought I'll cum there itself to see a perfectly round shaped ass. But that was the end of show as the guy went out of sight of binoculars. I instantly ran to my bed and took hold of my fucking sexy rod and started rubbing it. I imagined licking that bubble butt off. I imagined my tongue roaming around his hairy crack. I felt my balls get tighter when I thought myself probing my tongue deep in his pink rose bud. But that was my bad luck to hear a knock on door. I stopped stroking and went to answer the door. My mother waiting at the door shouted when I opened the door. "What you were doing dear? What take you so long time to open the door?" I said "Sorry mom, I was fast asleep and couldn't here you."

    That day I went for surfing and mailed bubble_butt and asked for his hobbies. Luck was at its highest peak that I got reply at evening itself. He said that he was learning Tabla (one of the Indian instruments like drum used to accompany the singer.). And there I got the key to make direct contact with him. I'm a student of Indian classical music and I needed somebody to accompany me with Tabla.

    Next morning I directly went to his place and knocked the door. Door was opened to show me the sexiest guy on earth. 6 feet tall, 72 kg may be, 32 waist, fair, clean shaven with a tee shirt and shorts on. GOD! I was saved by my tight briefs, other wise anybody would have easily noticed the huge bulge under my cotton pant.

    "Hi, I'm Pratik. I live in apartment opposite to you." I said pointing to my apartment. "Oh! Please come in" the guy said. I went in. he asked me to have a seat. "I heard that you play Tabla and I'm also learning vocal music...". "oh! So you are the one who I hear every morning. Your voice is nice." He said cutting me short. "Thanks! Actually I needed somebody to accompany me with Tabla so I came here to ask you for."
"Why not? I'll be pleased to accompany you. It will be great. I'll also get practice to accompany a singer." He said with a cute smile. "Fine! Well I think it's important to ask about you fees." I said in a much formal tone. "Oh don't worry about you. I'm not any professional artist. And if you still want to pay..." he took a small pause and said "What about a good friendship." I thought `what a perfect guy!'. And said "Very fine. So when shall we start...". I stopped as if I want to know his name. he quickly answered "Abhay. My name is Abhay. And we can start tomorrow morning if you don't mind." I said "alright. I do have time every morning. How about you come to my place at 6.30 am. We'll have some breakfast after practice." "Sounds cool. Ok I'll be there."
I waved him goodbye and went home to have sweet dreams about him all the night.

    That's end of first part guys. Guys who actually wanted to jack off reading a fucking erotic story may be disappointed coz this part do not have any sex in it. But wait -- we really had spent sexy nights together after we turned good friends. See you in next part soon. You can mail me at