by Greg Bowden

Edited by Anthony



The boy went to the bathhouse not expecting much. There wasn't, he thought, much to expect--at least here. He wanted only one man and he knew he could never have him. That didn't stop the boy from thinking about him, from populating nearly all of his masturbation fantasies with him. But still, a boy has his needs...

He checked in and asked for a particular room. The man at the desk asked why that particular room and the boy said, "I saw it last time. It just looked..." he shrugged, "nice, that's all." The deskman shook his head and handed him the key to the room.

"I hope you find everything you want," the deskman said, buzzing him in. The boy nodded, knowing he wouldn't.

In the room the boy looked around; it was just as he remembered: a single bed, away from the door, a nightstand next to it and a single locker screwed to the wall, opposite the door. On the nightstand there was a cottage cheese tub, now filled with condoms, and a paper bowl holding a handful of little lube packets.

He closed the door, undressed and hung his clothes in the locker. He took a tube of gel out of his pants and forced some of it into his ass, wiping his hands on the towel that was folded up on the bed. He used the towel to protect his hand from the heat and unscrewed the bulb in the light fixture over the bed and then, in the dark, carefully refolded it and laid it on the nightstand, next to the condoms. Satisfied, he opened the door and stretched out on the bed, on his stomach.

Several people walked by and looked into the boy's room. Some of them thought to themselves that he had a very pretty ass but none of them entered the room. The boy was nearly asleep when the man looked in. The light was such that all he could clearly see were the rounded mounds of the boy's ass and a little of the boy's balls, showing between his legs.

The man studied the ass displayed by the light coming through the door from the hall and thought how smooth it looked, how rounded and firm looking it was. The balls intrigued him as well and he wondered how they would feel in his hand. When he felt his dick begin to fill out he stepped into the room.

"Kind of dark in here, don't you think?" he asked, resting his hand on the boy's ass.

"It's supposed to be," the boy said, not raising his head from the pillow. "It's part of the fantasy."

"Part of the fantasy?" The man moved his hand across the ass until his thumb rested over the crack.

"Yeah," the boy said. "That turn you off, that this is a fantasy?"

"Not if the fantasy involves this." The man pried gently at the divide between the globes of the boy's ass. "What is it? What's the fantasy?"

"You're my dad and you... you know, you want to fuck me. I don't want to see you because if I do I'll know you're not my dad and then the fantasy goes away."

The man took a step back and closed the door. "How old are you, son?" he asked, putting his hand back on the boy's ass.

"Twenty-two," the boy said softly.

"That puts me in my mid-forties somewhere, doesn't it," he said, working his thumb into the divide.

"You okay with that?"

His thumb touched the little brown pucker and rested on it. "I'm forty-six," he answered.

The boy raised his hips from the bed a little and moved to reach under himself. The man realized the boy's dick must be getting cramped up, pressed against the mattress as it was. "Here, let me do that," he said, reaching under the boy. He'd been right. The boy's dick was trapped between his body and the bed and needed to be straightened. He liked the feel of it in his hand.

Slipping into the fantasy the man said, "I used to bathe you, you know. When you were little." He chuckled. "You've grown since then. Grown a lot." His thumb was gently rubbing the boy's little brown pucker.

The boy reached back and took the man's dick in his hand. "I never saw you naked," he said, running his fingers up the shaft and across the head. "But I've thought about you a lot, how big you'd be, how you'd feel in my hand. How you'd feel inside me."

The man smiled in the dark and pressed his thumb a little ways into the little brown pucker. "So how do I stack up?"

The boy pushed back a little so the man's thumb would go in a little deeper. "You're bigger than I thought, thicker." He wrapped his hand around the man's growing erection. "Maybe too thick. You going to be gentle?"

"As gentle or as rough as you want, Son." His thumb slipped further into the boy, past the knuckle. "You've done this a lot?"

The boy smiled, although the man couldn't see it. "Not so often. Maybe with a few guys... But none of them were my... were you." He let out a sigh. "Can we start now? Please?"

"You in a hurry to get this over with?"

"No! I just... I just want you inside of me. I want to feel you on my back."

"Covering you? Protecting you? Am I such a poor dad that I haven't done that?" The man's thumb pulled gently at the edge of the little pucker, stretching it.

It took the boy a long time to answer. When he did, it was with a note of resignation in his voice. "No, you're nearly a perfect dad and certainly a lot better than most of the other guy's dads. It's just... Just that I'm different. I don't love you the same way other guys love their dads." He sighed. "It's hard to explain."

The man smiled. "It's hard to explain from both sides."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

The man withdrew his thumb and touched the boy's little pucker with his index finger. It slipped in past the second knuckle. "That your dad... that I might be different too. Might not love you the way other dads love their sons. That I might be scared of that."

The boy groaned and pushed back against the man's finger. The man slid his middle finger in alongside his index finger. "Oh, yeah, Dad. Do that."

The man added his ring finger to the others and pushed them into the boy as far as they would go. The boy whimpered. "Please? I've waited so long for this."

The man withdrew his fingers and found the cottage cheese tub in the dark. He took a condom out of its foil packet and turned, facing the bed. "You want to put this on for me? Find out how big I really am?"

The boy sat up and groped in the dark until he found the man's hand. He took the condom and found the man's balls, pulling him closer. "Your balls are bigger than I thought they'd be." He bent down and kissed the wrinkled sack. "Smoother, too. Mine came out all hairy."

The man ran his hand along the boy's body until he encountered his pubic hair. It felt lush and very long. The balls, lying below a very big and very hard dick, were covered with a thick coat of hair. They felt heavy in his hand.

The man held the boy's balls while the boy unrolled the condom on him. When he was finished he stretched out on the bed again, on his stomach. Again: "Please?"

The man got on his knees between the boy's legs and touched the little pucker with the head of his dick. "I'll go slow, let you get used to me," he said.

The boy took it faster than the man had expected. Once the head was inside him the boy pushed back and took the rest of it in one smooth motion.

The man lowered himself onto the boy's back, resting his weight on him, pressing him into the mattress. The boy heaved a sigh and lay still, savoring the feel of the man's weight. They lay like this for a while, both liking the closeness.

"May I start now?" the man asked. "I'll be gentle, I promise."

The boy nodded in the dark. The man couldn't see the nod but felt the boy's okay. He pulled back a little, now supporting his weight mostly with his arms. He pulled back until only the wide flare of the head of his dick was inside. He paused and then slowly pushed back in until his balls were resting on the boy's. Without a pause he slowly pulled back.

The boy let out a long sigh.

"You okay?" the man asked.

Again the boy nodded in the dark. As an afterthought he whispered, "Yes."

The man pushed back in and set a rhythm. Every time he pushed in the boy whispered, "Yes."

When he had to rest for a moment, the man stretched out on the boy's back again, pushing him into the mattress. "You like this, Sparky? What we're doing?"

"Oh God yes," came the reply. "You?"

The man raised up a little and pushed into the boy as far as he could. "Yes, more than you probably know." He paused just a moment and then said, "You should know... I'm not too keen on doing it the other way."

The boy tightened his sphincter, making the man flex his dick. "That's okay. I guess I'm not either. At least with you. What you're doing? It's what dads do."

The man pulled himself up a little and went back to slowly stroking in the boy. After a while he asked the boy to roll onto his side so he could touch him.

Without answering the boy rolled over, taking the man with him. The man kissed him on the back of the neck and then took the boy's dick in his hand, not working it, just holding it.

The boy sighed. "Oh Dad, why didn't we do this a long time ago?"

The man kissed him on the neck again and said, "Because you were too young, Sparky. You had to decide this is who you are and this is what you want; you had to tell me, just as you did."

The boy was quiet for a time and then began pushing back when the man pushed into him. The man didn't go faster but did change his angle a little. When he did that the boy sucked in his breath and let it out in a long, quiet moan. Then he came.

The man actually heard the first shot hit the wall across from the bed. The second hit the floor and the others, seven in all, splashed on the bed and in his hand, making it slick. The man helped the boy along, stroking along the length of his dick, making the orgasm last.

When it was over and the boy's breathing had slowed to near normal, the man asked if he wanted to rest a bit.

"No. Please," the boy whispered. "Just like you were."

The man kept on, moving inside the boy with long, slow strokes. Eventually there came a time when he couldn't do it anymore. "I'm going to come, Sparky. Oh, my lord, I'm going to come."

He did, and worried the rubber might break with the force of it. When he started the boy moaned and came again, right along with him. It took a long time.

It took several minutes for them to come down from the intensity of their orgasm. When they did the man began to withdraw from the boy.

"No!" the boy cried, reaching behind him to grab the man's body. "Stay in me. Please!"

The man chuckled. "I'm not going anywhere, Sparky. It's just that you have to remove the condom after. Otherwise it might come off inside you." He was slow coming out of the boy, making him feel it. Out, he slid the rubber off, tied it and then wondered what to do with it.

"There's a little wastebasket under the nightstand," the boy said. "Give it to me."

The man pulled himself up and climbed over the boy. "I'll do it," he said. "I'll need a new one."

He disposed of the rubber, found a new one and got back on the bed, this time facing the boy. He slid his hands over the boy's body until he found his dick. It was, if anything, harder than ever. "You know," the man said, leaning in and kissing the boy, "old dads sometimes need a little time to recover."

The boy took hold of the man's dick and found it hard as glass. "But not dads like you, I think."

"No, not like me, at least not when I'm with you." He found the boy's hand and put the rubber in it. "Will you?"

The boy carefully tore the packet open and slowly unrolled the rubber over the man's shaft. When it was in place he threw one leg over the man. "Can we do it this way?" he asked. "I'd like to kiss you while... You know."

"While we fuck?"


"It's okay, Sparky. It's not swearing to say it while you're doing it."

The boy giggled. "I've ever heard you say that word before, Dad." He kissed the man. "When you say it, say..." he hesitated as though working up some courage. "When you say fuck, it doesn't sound dirty at all."

The man rolled the boy onto his back and lifted his legs to his shoulders. "That's because it isn't dirty, unless it's said in anger. When it's said with love it's just sexy." He touched the head of his dick to the boy's little pucker, which was quite a bit more open than it had been the first time. "Ready?"

"Go slow. Please?"

"Was it so bad when I did it before?"

"No. No, it was wonderful. It's just that... well, that I want to feel it go in."

The man bent over and kissed him. "Then slow it is, Sparky. As slow as you want it." He pushed in, slowly filling the boy with his dick. When he was about halfway the boy suddenly grabbed his ass and pulled as hard as he could, pulling the man in the rest of the way.

"Hey," the man laughed. "I thought you wanted it slow."

"I did but then I couldn't stand it. I had to have it all."

The man started, setting up a slow rhythm and making sure he hit the little nut of pleasure often. Each time he did, the boy groaned.

The man lasted longer than the boy, who came twice while they were at it. Then, at the end, when the man finally had to let go, the boy came again.

"Oh, God," the boy said, when they were toweled down and lying face to face on the narrow bed. "It can't always be like this, can it? I mean, it never was before."

"It's what we want it to be, Sparky. Sometimes, you know, you want to do it fast, just get your rocks off."

The boy laughed and turned playful. "You mean like sticking it through a hole in the john wall?"

"You ever done that, Sparky? Just stuck your dick through a hole and let some guy get you off?"

There was a sparkle to the boy's voice. "Sure. Why not?"

The man kissed him. "No reason. You do it the other way too? Suck some guy off, just for the hell of it?"

The boy nestled against the man's chest. "Would it bother you if I did?"

"No, I don't think so. Not so long as you're careful."

"I'm always careful." He took one of the man's nipples in his mouth and sucked on it.

The man's body jerked and he sucked in his breath, holding the boy's head tight against his chest. The boy took the other nipple between his thumb and forefinger, squeezing gently. After a while the man reached down and found the boy's dick. It was hard.

"You trying to get me started again?" the man asked, pushing his hardness against the boy.

The boy sighed. "Not really. But we could if you really want to."

The man pulled the boy's head up and kissed him. "No, Sparky, I'm not sure I could and I don't want to find out. Besides, it's very late. You should be home, in bed. Alone."

The boy stretched against the man. "Yeah, so I can jack off thinking about you."

"You'd do that?" The man added it up. "After five times already?" He laughed. "I think I've created a monster."

"Maybe the monster was already there. Maybe you just set it free." He stretched again.

"Free or not, it's still late and I, at least, need to go home to bed. To sleep."

The boy turned serious. "Thank you," he said quietly. "Thank you for lov... for fucking me." He found the man's lips and kissed him. "Thank you for being my dad."

The man sat up on the bed and put his hand around the boy's waist. "Sparky? Do me one favor. Tell your dad at home." The boy started to say something but the man went right on. "Tell him you're gay and tell him you love him. You don't have to tell him how you love him, just that you do. Okay? Will you do that for your dad?"

The boy sat in silence for a long time before he whispered, "Okay. I'll tell him."

The man kissed him. "Thank you." He paused for a moment and then said, "Okay, I'm going to go take a shower, get dressed and go home. I'll use the shower down in the locker room and you can use the one up here, by the gym. I'll be gone in twenty minutes." He kissed the boy again.

The last thing the boy heard was, "Don't forget your promise." Then the man was gone.

 j j j j

It was a week later and the man felt that special itch that had to be scratched, and had to be scratched by someone else. The bathhouse seemed the surest place to find the relief he needed.

Once he was checked in, showered and naked except for the little towel the attendant had given him, he went upstairs to the rooms. He knew, in the back of his mind, what he was looking for but he didn't really expect to find it. Regardless of his expectations, there it was, right where it had been the week before.

He stood at the door and admired the high, firm buttocks for a few moments. Then he went in and closed the door behind him.

"Sparky?" He laid his hand on the buttocks, his thumb finding the gap between them.


"You still looking for your dad?"

The boy sat up on the bed. "No, I found him. This time I'm looking for you."

The man sat beside him on the bed. "How'd it go?"

The boy laughed. "He knew all along. He was just waiting for me to tell him, waiting for me to be comfortable with it." The boy groped around in the dark until he found the man's hand. "It turns out that what I really needed was for him to hug me and tell me he loves me and whatever I do is okay with him as long as it makes me happy." He was silent for a moment. "He told me he's happy I'm his son."

The man squeezed the boy's hand. "So why are you here?"

"I told you. Looking for you... This is the only way I could figure out to find you." He suddenly stopped.


"I guess I didn't think this all the way through. Maybe you don't... Maybe last week was enough."

The man chuckled and disengaged his hand from the boy's so he could find the boy's mouth in the dark. When he did he spent a long time kissing it. When he broke the kiss he whispered, "I don't know that I'll ever get enough of you, Sparky." He kissed the boy again and then pulled back. "There's just one thing, though."

"What?" The boy was a little breathless.

"Can we turn the light on?"


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