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Episode 2

It was steadily getting dark as Damien walked home with a 6 year old. He never refused Mrs. Writer when she asked him to pick up her daughter from school or from the playgroup. The poor lady hardly had any time herself. A 35 year old divorcee, she had a hard time making ends meet. And Damien always tried to help her out by picking up her daughter from school and sometimes going to the park with her. And he absolutely cherished the time he got to spend with Valary, the little angel.

"Uncle Damien, what does gay mean?" the little girl suddenly asked as they were walking hand in hand back towards their apartments.

Damien turned eighty shades of red.

"What? Who told you that word?"

Valary looked up at the adult, her eyes wide and innocent. "Malchik said you were gay."

Malchik was a male nanny at the playgroup where Damien often picked up Valary from.

"He did?" Damien asked softly as Valary nodded her head vigorously in reply. "When did he tell you that?"

"When you dropped me off at the playgroup yesterday evening. He was talking to John that it was nice that you always came to take care of me and all. And that you always came to pick me up when mom couldn't and all. And that you'd probably never have kids of your own and..."

"Wait a second, wait! Damien suddenly stopped walking jerking the little girl backward with his hand, interrupting her fusillade of information "He said that?"

"Yes", the little girl nodded her head rapidly again. "And he was all..."

"Damn that Malchik. He should not be talking in front of kids like that!" Damien was annoyed at that. And to think he had the hots for Malchik. There went his plans of getting into Malchik's pants.

Valary was still looking up at her uncle. "So what does it mean uncle Damien?"

Damien squatted down in front of the girl till his face was at the same level as hers.

"It's grown up stuff."

"It is?" Valary's eyebrows shot up as her face scrunched all over.

"Yes it is. And don't use that word in front of your mother and the next time John or Malchik use it in front of you, tell them that your uncle Damien is gonna kick their, err, bottoms!"

"I can't ask mom?"

"No you cannot."

"And I can't even ask Malchik?"

"You are not going to discuss it with him either if he doesn't bring the topic up himself!"

Valary was confused now, but Damien knew this was all he could do for now. Damien sighed as he stood up and resumed walking with the little girl, her hand in his.

A few minutes later Damien entered his apartment. He was free now, with nothing to do. That meant he could go down to the racy bars and find someone for the night; especially since Duke hardly seemed to give him any time. He mumbled about how Duke wouldn't give him the time of day ever since he hooked up with that girl and the drop dead gorgeous guy.

The answering machine was blinking red and Damien played the messages as he changed his clothes.

The first message was from some guy called Mark who Damien couldn't quite remember. But apparently he had probably spent a night with him for Mark was asking if they could do it again. Damien sighed as he tried as best as he could to try and remember what Mark looked like.

The second message was from Duke, and Damien immediately stopped short with his shirt still halfway on.

`Hey Dame. It's me.' Duke's was cracking up on the recording. `I think I screwed up and, ummm' and then there was a long pause.

Damien paced towards the machine to clearly hear the last few words in the recording.

`I'm going to the Mongers so... Yeah that's all.'

An electronic voice announced that it was the end of the message.

Damien immediately picked up his cellphone to call Duke.


"You're thinking about him aren't you?"

Scott snapped out of his reverie, it was Natasha looking at him with a knowing expression.

"About who?" he asked, though he knew who she was referring to.

"That nerd Duke; you've been thinking about him haven't you?"

"What? No!" Scott was hardly going to admit it to her.

"Oh save it and try fooling someone else." Natasha quipped. She knew Scott like the back of her hand. "You didn't have to sleep with him you know."

"What?" Scott asked even though he knew exactly what was being discussed. He knew this topic was bound to pop up sooner or later.

"You didn't have to screw him before you screwed him", Natasha replied with a wry expression her face. "That wasn't in the plan and you never do things unless they are in the plan."

"That just kinda happened." Scott replied defensively. "And no, I am not thinking about him."

"We have to perfect every routine," Natasha quipped imitating her partner as he scowled at her. "Please, for a guy who uses that line as his mantra, this was hardly expected."

"I'm not thinking about him okay!" Scott was indignant now.

"Fine, fine, whatever."

Scott waited for her to argue but she did not say anything more. It was evident who the winner of that bout was.

"Anyway there's nothing you can do about it now. We leave this town by midnight and you'll never see him again."

"Yeah." Scott replied trying to feign disinterest. Would he actually ever see BadgerKing again?


 To say Duke was gloomy was an understatement. He was positively lugubrious. He sat alone at the bar nursing his drink. He watched the pale brown liquid slosh in the glass as he wished he could somehow drown in it and die.

"Hey biker boy, fancy some company?"

It was Randy. Duke looked up and used all his will power to not reach out and smash his glass over Randy's head. Randy was the biggest asshole Duke new.

"Nope, run along and play with your daddies now!"

That would irritate Randy. Duke knew that. Randy with his platinum blond hair cut in the latest fashion. Randy with his red lips and soft blue eyes. Randy who did bareback videos with some porno company to earn a living. His screen name was Randy Rodriguez, and that's what everyone knew him as. He wasn't Spanish or Mexican though, just bronzed all over and his face was cut at the perfect angles. He weighed almost a hundred pounds over Duke, all thanks to the half a dozen hours he spend in the gym each day.

That same Randy had been enticing Duke since quite some time. Probably because he could have anyone he wanted, but not Duke. Duke always shrugged him off.

"Yeah?" Randy questioned with a frown on his face, "So pussy boy here doesn't want to play?"

Duke flipped him with a finger and turned his attention back to his drink.

With a sudden movement Randy grabbed Duke's collar and swung him around along with the bar stool. Randy was 6 feet 5 inches, and all of it was muscle, which included his most famous muscle of course.

"One of these days Duke, I'm gonna bang you like a street whore and you're gonna love every moment of it. In fact you're gonna..."

"Am I interrupting something here?"

Duke and Randy turned their heads to see the new entrée. It was Damien.

Randy pulled a face. "Pussy boy here was just begging for my cock and I'm having a hard time saying no to him."

Damien snorted as Randy let go of Duke's collar. "Yes, I'm sure of it."

Randy stepped back as he gritted his teeth at Duke. "One of these days Duke, remember that!" And with that he stepped back as Damien waited for him to be out of ear-shot before he flopped down onto the bar stool next to Duke.

"Ok, whats going on? First you completely ignore me for like a week and you find some new friends to hang out with. Then you leave some awkward message on my machine, I try to call you but you're phone's switched off and now I find you here lower than a pug's testicles having a drink?"

Duke stared as Damien continued, "Jesus! And you don't even have alcohol! Why the hell are you drinking now?"

Damien paused as he waited for Duke to reply, but no reply was coming. Just Duke's expressionless face slowly turning gloomy.

"So what happened?"

Duke swallowed before he answered.

"I fucked up." And with that Duke motioned the bartender to refill his glass. Damien could smell the alcohol on Duke's breath and it looked like Duke had had quite a few.

"I did a job with those two you met and they fleeced me real good. They ran away with the money."

Damien absorbed the news for a few seconds before he replied. "That's it? Someone milked you of your shady money and you're all torn apart? C'mon, I thought it would take way more than that to knock you down."

"It was fifty thousand dollars." Duke gulped down the contents of his glass in one go.

Damien's eyes grew wide in surprise. "Fifty..."

"And they disappeared with my share and that's not all."

Damien was still trying to contemplate the sum as Duke continued.

"That guy you met at my apartment the other day. His name's Scott. He slept with me."

"What?" Damien's eyes grew wide in surprise.

"Fucked me, screwed with my head, used me, got me drunk up on lust and ran away with my money." Duke slammed his glass upon the counter gesturing the bartender for another round. His voice was becoming thick and drowsy.

"Jesus!" Damien's mouth was still wide open. "So all these days you were working with those two..."

"Yup, and now I'm fucked over."

Damien tried to say something but nothing came out of his mouth. Instead he put an arm over Duke's shoulders to try to comfort him.

Somewhere in the corner of the bar, a rather penitent man watched the sad figure and his friend sitting at the barstools near the counter.


Damien had seen Duke drink in life on two prior incidents. He knew Duke was a weird kind of drunk guy. He only drunk on occasions of sorrow, and Damien would definitely agree Duke was quite a sad drunk.

"Jesus Duke, you gotta stop drinking, no more for you!" Damien had been watching Duke drink since far too long. He had way too much to drink since he had come into the picture and there was no saying how many he had had before that.

"Uh, Pleeeez", Duke made a melancholic face and. "A little more."

"No. That's it", Damien stated as he hastily snatched the glass in front of Duke. Even the bartender had been scowling to refill the last one. "Just a quick visit to the men's room for me and we're outta here."

Damien looked at his friend whose eyes looked all sad and glazed over. He thought about how Duke made one hell of a sorrowful drinker.

Damien climbed down from the stool as he picked up his jacket. "And we're gonna tuck you in and you're gonna go off to la-la land with no more daring handsome men in your dreams."

Duke looked hurt at that. "But I want handsome men!"

Damien realized Duke was acting like a kid now; an innocent sorrowful child. It was about time he took him home. Of course that meant there was no cruising to be done for him that night.

"Just wait here honey. Don't go anywhere. I'll be back in a flash."

And with that Damien made his way towards the restroom.

Duke looked around. His eyes were getting droopy. He knew at the back of his mind that he was wasted; more than he had ever been before. But there was a feeling of weightlessness. Something that took away all the sadness and regret he had felt all day since he had gotten up alone in the morning to an empty house, all the luggage and plans and equipment used for their job gone; not a trace of anything left. Oddly he had felt no rage, only grief and misery, for himself. And that was replaced by some kind of euphoria for now.

"Hey sweetie. Fancy a fuck?"

Duke looked up at the sudden voice. It was Randy; and he could plainly see that Duke was dead drunk.

"Nooo. I can't." Duke stated hazily. "I have to go home."

"C'mon, it'll only take a few minutes. It'll be fun."

"No, I hafta waaiit here for Damien." Duke's mind was clouding by now and the world was revolving all around him.

The blonde porn-star took Duke's right hand and guided it over to his pectorals as he leaned in and whispered in the latter's ears. "You like that don't you."

Duke squealed as he felt along the massive chest, "Oooh. Strong body!"

With that Randy put an arm around desolate drunk and pulled him up. "C'mon, it's just a little fun."

"But Damien is supposed to take me home", Duke protested in a barely audible voice.

"Yes. He can take you home after we've had a little fun."

Randy dragged Duke to the rear exit, the drunk youth muttering something all along about how his life had lacked fun since quite some time now, and how he someone had cheated him out of the last ounce of fun he'd had.

Four other men followed Randy and his inebriated companion out of the bar.

Duke felt the whole world was spinning around him. He suddenly wanted to take a leak. There was a general confusion in his mind however. Where was he going?

He stumbled along with one of his arms pulled over Randy's shoulders as the latter led him outside the back gate and cross a couple of buildings till their coterie comprising of four other men and them entered a dark alley, barely lit by a flickering tube light that rapidly turned on and off.

"Hey disco!" Duke smiled as he was stared at the tube light. "Are we gonna disco?"

"No sweetheart, we're gonna fuck", Randy declared as he suddenly let go of Duke's hand and pushed him against a dead end.

Duke stumbled over plastic garbage bags as he tried to steady himself as Randy unzipped his trousers.

Four other men in the alley behind egged the huge man on, waiting in anticipation for their own turn.


"Where's Duke?" Damien asked the bartender. He had just returned from the men's room and saw no sign of his souse of a friend anywhere.

"I think he left with Randy", the bartender replied, not really interested.

"What?!" Damien's loud voice attracted many glances. "He left with Randy?"

"Yeah about a minute ago I think."

"You let him leave?" Damien was absolutely livid.

The bartender shrugged disinterestedly and Damien decided there was no time to waste. Duke was drunk, way beyond comprehension; he could hardly put a sentence together. And he had taken off with Randy. And it made Damien sick to the stomach when he though of all the things Raany would do to him. After all, there was way too much common knowledge of Randy's deeds and he himself had had a bad experience with him once. Moreover, he knew that Randy had wanted Duke since a long time.

"Where did they go?" Damien asked in a demanding tone.

The bartender just shrugged again.

Damien quickly made for the exit as he scanned the crowds. He would just have to find Duke as soon as possible.


"Whazar u doing?" Duke slurred as he tried to make sense of what was going on.

Randy pulled down his own pants and revealed the famous `randy junior' the huge member he was famous for.

"I'm going to finally give you what you've been waiting so long for."

 "Yeah Randy, go for it!" A voice called out from behind.

"Don't stretch him too much, cause its no fun fucking loose pussies." Another voice called out.

"Nooo." Duke said in a loud voice. "You're not going to fuck me!"

Instantly Randy caught hold of Duke's hands and tugged at the smaller man's button fly which snapped as it broke and pulled his pants downwards.

Duke struggled but his mind was too clogged to put up a fight. He punched the air helplessly. All his strength seemed to have vanished.

"Yes!" Randy hissed in his ear. "I am going to fuck you raw and without rubbers that is. And I'm gonna cum inside you!"

Duke struggled helplessly as Randy tugged at his shirt and in one fluid motion his t-shirt ripped open. Randy pushed him against a trash can and bend him over, exposing his hole to the cheering audience.

"Ooh baby", Randy yelled, "I've wanted this!"

Suddenly Duke spun around and swung his arm wildly in the air, ramming his elbow against Randy's chest, pushing him backwards. Randy lost his grip on Duke stumbled a few steps as Duke tried to pull up his pants to hide his nakedness.

"So you're gonna be wild eh?" Randy sneered, "Well it won't take much time to break you."

And with that two men who were spectators till now stepped ahead and grabbed Duke's arms crashing him to the floor.

"No. Stop you asshole!" Duke yelled but it was of no use. His voice was drowned in the jeering and yelling from the excited men behind.

The two pairs of strong arms forced Duke flat on the ground as he struggled feebly. Randy squatted between his legs and pulled his pants off. The helpless drunken male tried to kick his assailant but they restrained his legs after a few attempts.

Suddenly one of the men smacked Duke across the face making him see stars. Duke's head reeled in pain as the testosterone charged men restrained him to ravage him in their lust. Under the influence of his indulgence and the pain that he felt across his face, he could hardly comprehend anything going around him anymore. He put up no more defences as Randy pulled apart his legs and exposed his asshole to everyone once again. The would be rapist grabbed his colossal dick as he guided it towards the puckered hole.

"Now let's get this monster inside!" Randy yelled as several voices cheered him on and he prepared to invade the defenseless man with his massive tool.

Duke just lay back in a dazed state, not putting up a fight. He could barely make out what was happening anymore. There was drool oozing out of the corner of his mouth as he slipped between the conscious and the subconscious. He could barely feel the dick trying to enter him.

"I think you should stop."

A voice bellowed from behind Randy and the racketeering men. Everyone including Randy swung their heads around.

It was a tall figure, silhouetted against the darkness in the alley by the flickering tube light. A tall figure in an overcoat and whose face Randy could not quite see. Standing ramrod straight with his hands in the pockets of his coat in the entrance to the dingy alley, he waited as if for their reaction.

"Who the fuck are you?" Randy bellowed, not getting up from his position. His penis was rock hard and was about to enter the hapless man.

"A friend of the man down there." The man stepped towards the ruffled group that stood silently. Just ten seconds ago they had been causing a ruckus.

"Well `friend of the man I am going to rape', you better fuck of from here", Randy paused as the man hardly flinched as he walked slowly towards the group.

"And don't tell anyone what you saw or else..."

"Or else what?" The man asked in a stentorian voice as he walked to about half a dozen feet from the group, his face showing in the light. Randy failed to recognize him.

"It's five against one pretty boy. So I think you can imagine what the `or else' would be like", Randy sneered.

"No actually I don't", the man replied a little contemptuously, "Maybe you can show me."

There was silence in the alleyway for a few seconds and no one moved a muscle.

Without warning a huge member of the rowdy group leapt at the new arrival. The man in the overcoat ducked with fluid grace to dodge the swing and almost instantly rose with lightning pace with his fist connecting with the attackers jaw from below. Teeth shattered as his head snapped backwards and he flew a considerable distance back before smashing against trash cans.

Blood splattered across the dirty floor of the alley as the first attacker was knocked unconscious.

"What the..?" Randy cried out as he rose up and tried to pull up his pants as the others in the group rushed towards the `friend of the man down there'.

He moved faster than they could see, connecting punches, easily dodging swings and finally leaping around swinging his legs in large semi circular arcs knocking down all the three of the new attackers in less than five seconds. He then slowly approached the infamous porn star.

Randy's jaw had dropped down to his chest. What the hell had just happened? All of his mates were on the floor, some grimacing in pain and others knocked flat out. Apparently this man had been responsible but Randy Rodriguez could barely tell anyone how he had done it. His pants were barely on his hips, still unzipped.

Suddenly Randy withdrew a pocket knife from under the folds of his jacket and held it out in his hand as he flipped the blade open.

"You don't wanna use that." The man's voice was calm and collected.

"What? You scared pretty boy?" Randy sneered with mock contempt. His knees were trembling.

"Okay then", the man stated as he shrugged and remained where he was.

Randy waited for a few seconds before he suddenly yelled a battle cry and launched himself forward. With one swift step to the side, the man dodged Randy's straight thrust and instantly caught hold of the knife wielding hand. Randy yelled as the skilled fighter bend his arm back and slashed his famous face with the knife still in his hand. Two seconds later Randy and his opponent were standing five feet apart, Randy trying to contemplate what had just taken place.

He felt blood dripping from his cheeks as he touched his face with his fingers to feel what was wrong. His fingers returned dyed crimson red.

"You asshole, you have no idea what you've done!" Randy shrieked before he again launched himself at his adversary.

This time the man suddenly leaped revolving a complete circle as he swung around his leg. The aimed foot connected with the side of Randy's head, sending him flying to the side wall. Randy crashed against the wall and was immediately knocked out from the impact to his head, slumping into a pile of garbage and plastic bags.

The man straightened his coat as he quickly made his way towards the person who had been the victim of all these men. He sat down next to Duke and cradled his head in his arms.

Duke's eyes were half open and his head was moving from side to side slowly, as if listening to some slow music. His savior lifted his form gently, trying to dress him up, making the best he could to cover his nakedness with the torn clothes.

"You okay BadgerKing?" the man questioned in a soft voice as he used his other hand and slowly rose to a standing position with Duke in his alms. He easily carried him across the dingy alley where one tragedy had just been prevented and other tragedies lay moaning in the dingy alley.

The tube light flickered relentlessly as two men left the dingy alleyway and five other lay barely moving on the dirt ridden floor.


"Are you sure you haven't seen Duke anywhere?"

"No, its been ages since I last saw him," the store owner replied.

Damien was getting more and more worried as each second passed. Where the hell had Duke disappeared? He had searched frantically in the streets and in the stores adjacent to the bar, all to no avail. He was constantly trying Duke's cell phone as well, but it had been switched off even before he had met Duke at the bar, and he didn't expect Duke to use it in the drunken state he was in.

Damien was worried to death. As long as he had known him, he had never seen Duke drink himself to such a stupor. Hell, he had hardly ever seen him drink at all. And today things had really gotten out of hand.

But what he was really worried about was Randy. His stomach tied itself in knots when he thought about what Randy would do to Duke in that helpless state.




He was having s tough time dragging Duke around. Initially the weight had been easy to carry, but after that staircase, even his strong arms were tired. After all Duke was a pretty big guy.

Finally he reached the apartment and managed to get the keys out of Duke's pocket. Turning the key around with one hand he slowly hauled Duke into it. Making his way into the bedroom, he gently placed the knocked out form onto the bed.

He hastily made his way to the cupboard clicking his tongue in disapproval as he looked at the dirty oversized t-shirts he saw inside. Did this guy wear anything other than those? Finally he selected one and got back to the man he had lugged around with him for the past 15 minutes. He gently took off his own jacket, the one he had put on the drunken form, lest he catch a cold, and replaced it with the t-shirt he had fetched from the cup board.


Duke moaned a bit in his reverie, as if enjoying the pampering and snuggled into the sheets to make himself more comfortable.


The man sat beside the now sleeping form, staring at him for a few moments. He gently ran his hand over his hair, brushing aside the strands that fell onto his forehead.


"I'm sorry BadgerKing. I hope you forgive me."


He took a deep breath and got up. He had to make his leave. He had to leave the town in a few hours. And his companion would not be happy to know he'd come here.




"But why do you have to get inside now?" The old lady asked in an irritated voice.


"Just let me check once. I think he might be in. And he's not answering the phone." Damien had been frenetically searching for the past fifteen minutes. Having no luck on the streets, he ha finally decided to check up on Duke's house itself.


She grumbled as she fetched out her spare key and opened the door to Duke's apartment. She hated being disturbed at night. She was still in her sleeping gown, and mumbled disparagingly about homosexuals as she swung the door open and Damien stumbled inside in his hurry.


"Don't do anything I wouldn't," the old landlady stated in an icy tone as she made her leave.


"No, and sorry for disturbing you this late. I'll shut the door when I leave."


She hmmphed as she stomped away, her frilly night gown swishing as she made her way across the corridor.


Damien rushed to the only bedroom and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Duke's sleeping form on the bed; snoring slightly as his chest rose and fell.


He quietly walked over to the bedside and looked down at his friend. Thoughts were still running through his head. How had Duke reached here? He had been way too wasted before. Had Randy brought him here? Had Randy done anything to him? He looked at his watch; it was barely twenty minutes since he had left Duke alone in the bar. Randy simply would not have had the time to do something with the drunken Duke and then bring him over. Then had someone else brought him in?


Damien suddenly felt exhausted himself. All the worrying had worn him down. He hardly felt like going home himself.


He made his way to the living room and settled down into the sofa, his frame barely fitting into it, falling asleep minutes after.





It was 10 AM on Monday and Duke woke up to a splitting head ache. The blinds had been strung open and the sun streamed in onto his face.

"Ahh, sleeping beauty awakens!"

Duke squinted his eyes to make out the silhouetted form against the sun's rays which stung his eyes. It was Damien.

"Jeez, what time is it?" Duke questioned and immediately regretted speaking for his own voice reverberated across the insides of his head, making it throb with pain.

"Late enough," Damien stated, flopping down onto the bed next to Duke. "How did you get home yesterday? You came by yourself?"

Duke tried to clear his head as he tried to recall the previous night's events. His head throbbed even harder. All he could remember was a dark alleyway and a flickering tube light.

"Can't remember," he finally stated as softly as he could.

"Did you meet Randy after I left you?"

Duke thought back once again. Everything was hazy but, he did meet Randy somewhere after Damien left him, didn't he?

"Okay, drink this up. My special concoction." Duke glanced at the bedside stand and noticed a pale yellow-red colored drink, Damien's cure for his hangover.

"I have to go now buddy, duty calls, but if you need anything, call me," Damien stated as he arose to make his way out.

"And don't go beating yourself over that guy again, that Scott fellow!" Damien's voice was authoritative.

Duke shrugged picking up the drink, pinching his nose shut as he gulped down its contents.



The loud clanging of the phone woke Duke up again. He checked the clock at the bedside stand before he answered the phone, all the time cursing the loudness of the tone. It was 11:53 AM. He had fallen asleep again after Damien had left.

"Hi hon, its me."

"Damien?" Duke whispered hoarsely into the phone. His head was still reeling. He was having the hang-over of the century.

"Yup, sweetie and I have some interesting news. You'll want to hear this."

Duke waited for Damien's `pause for dramatic effect' to subside.

"Yesterday, after you got wasted and I sorta left you for a moment, Randy picked you up."

"Ok?" Duke's voice had apprehension in it. He could vaguely recall something.

"Along with four other dudes."  Duke's stomach churned.

"Still don't recall anything sweetheart?" Duke shook his head, stating no. His mind was still clouded.

Damien sighed from the other end before continuing. "And they sorta took you to some dark alley and were all set to take turns on you but somebody came along and saved you."

"Huh?" Duke stated with surprise in his voice.

"Saved you is an understatement," Damien continued, "He literally bashed all five of their skulls in. Beat them up real good."

"Serisouly?" Duke questioned.

"Yup, they've all been beaten up badly and a couple of them have been hospitalized as well. All done by one man who none of them knew. And the words all around and everywhere man. Everyone's talking about it."

The fog in Duke's mind was suddenly lifting. His headache seemed to have disappeared.

"And then I'm guessing he dropped you home; your knight in shining armor. Can't you remember anything darling?"

Duke did not reply.

"You there darling?" Damien questioned.

Suddenly he whispered. "It was Scott."


This time his voice rang into Damien's ears on the other end loud and clear. "I know who it was," Damien stated firmly. "It was Scott."