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I looked out the bathroom window into my next door neighbor Dylan's bathroom. I know it was wrong of me but I couldn't help myself. I had been eyeing that hunk since the day I moved in when I realized that if I got into the bathroom at just the right time I could see him strip down for his shower. Now I've never been a peeper before but if you saw him you would understand why I was now. He was about 6'5" and he had long coal black hair that came to the middle of his back, from what I had seen of his eyes they looked gray and his whole body seemed to fit his height perfectly, he had a big body, hard, it looked like all muscle. He was also a fireman, I had seen him in the paper for his bravery and that was a total turn on.

Now I'm not such a sissy, I rock climb and motor bike but I've honestly never been big on saving the world so public service is not for me, although I do love men in uniform. To tell you a little about myself I'm 6'0" exactly, I have chestnut hair or so my stylist tells me and I have green eyes, I take pretty good care of myself physically, I cant always say I eat totally healthy but I do look good. Despite that I am, as of two months ago a single man, instead of diving back into the dating scene I've decided to fantasize about my neighbor. I looked back out the window just in time to see him take off his jockeys and felt my heart beat a bit faster and my rod get hard. He was packin a lot that boy was. From here it looked like he was hung pretty well, he was straight as a board though so I knew I would never get the chance to see in real life. He grabbed himself for a minute and then jumped in the shower.

Hmm oh well, there's always tomorrow.

I walked into my room and changed into a pair of gym shorts and a tank top and put on my tennis shoes to go for a run. I walked out my front door and on the way out I spotted my neighbor coming out of his, boy that was a quick shower. I waved as I ran past but that was all, we didn't talk much and I wasn't in the mood for conversation now anyway. I ran for about an hour and then headed home.

I showered and sat down in front of the TV in my boxer briefs. There wasn't really anything on so I decided to see what was on pay per view. I flipped through the channels and realized I had seen all the movies until I came across some new porn and decided to check it out. I grabbed the phone and ordered a pizza and then ordered the movie. Thirty minutes later the door bell rang and I got up to answer it thinking it was the pizza guy and opened the door to see none other than my sexy neighbor.

" uh hey, I know I don't know you well and this may sound a little strange but I was wondering if I could get a uh condom?" my eyes bugged out a little but I snapped out of it quickly and said " yeah uh sure come in"

I totally forgot that the porn was on and he just happened to walk in on a particularly freaky scene. He stopped in his tracks and stared at the screen.

I snatched up the remote and went to shut it off when he said " nah, its cool, I've already seen this one" now it was my turn to stop and stare, I never would have guessed him being pro gay porn.

He grinned and said " the condom?"

" uh yeah, be right back".

I walked back into my room and grabbed a condom out of the box I kept in my night stand. I brought it out and he was sitting on my couch with a raging hard on. I handed him the condom and he grinned at me. The door bell rang again and I grabbed my money. When I opened the door I saw yet another hot guy only this one was carrying a pizza.

"Delivery for Sebastian Jones" I took it and gave him a generous tip just for bein fine. I walked back to the couch and sat the pizza down on the coffee table. I looked over at my neighbor and saw a very large looking bulge in his pants. My eyes traveled up his body and when I got to his face he was looking at me and grinning. I didn't realize why until he looked down. I had been so busy with other things on my mind that I honestly hadn't been paying attention to the wood I was sporting.

He said "so what kind of pizza did you get?"

"um pepperoni, don't you have someone waiting for you?"


" uh yeah"

" no"

" then why..." I never even finished my sentence when he pulled me towards him and I landed with my ass directly on his rod. He groaned and for a minute I thought I had hurt him until I felt him push up with his hips. He brought his mouth to mine and kissed me hard. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and I reacted instantly, I pushed my tongue back, hoping to get a taste of his tonsils. I wrapped my arms around those massive shoulders and felt him wrap his arms around my waist.

I ground my ass on that massive dick and felt him moan into my mouth. I broke the kiss and pulled his shirt over his head. I leaned down and slowly licked his nipples feeling them get hard I moved down and kissed his rock hard stomach. I slid off his lap and reached up and undid his pants, he lifted his ass to help me get them off. When they slid off I looked up and saw that he wasn't wearing any briefs and my hard on got even harder. His meat looked to be about 9-1/2 inches and it was slightly curved towards his belly button. I leaned forward and licked his cum shoot and felt him run his hands through my hair. I buried my face in his bush and breathed in his scent and then took one of his lemon sized balls in my mouth and rolled it around with my tongue, the whole time hearing him moan and groan above me.

I moved my mouth back up to his throbbing shaft and lapped all the way from the bottom up to the swollen head. I licked in lazy circles around the head like I was enjoying a lollipop only this tasted much better. I opened my mouth wide and let his monster fill my mouth, I loosened up my jaw up more and decided to try to deep throat him, I had been with big men before but most of them weren't equal to him. I loosened up my throat and felt him slide in. I felt him grab my hair tighter and start to fuck my face and I loved every second of it. I heard him groan and felt the first shots of jizz slide down my throat and pulled back so I could taste him. I let it fill my mouth and then swallowed. When he was done he pulled me up and kissed me hard. I looked down and realized that I still had a hard on and then I looked back at him, he grabbed the condom and pulled down my briefs and put it on me. I looked him in the eyes and he grinned and nodded, I knew what he wanted.

I spit on my hand and slowly rubbed it around his hole, sliding in first one finger, then another, working them in and out slowly. I added another finger and heard him moan. I spit on my other hand and rubbed it all over my cock. I pulled my fingers out and grabbed his legs and pulled them over my shoulders and lined my prick up to his hole. I pushed slowly and felt the head pop in and then slowly lowered myself onto him, impaling him. I felt him grab my ass and pull me closer until I heard my balls slap lightly against his ass. I kissed him deeply and waited for a sign from him to continue. He started to push his ass back against me and I knew he wanted me to get going so I pulled out slowly and sank back in inch by inch.

I grabbed his hips and pulled out quicker and heard him whimper and try to push his ass back but I pulled out till just the tip was still inside him and then slammed back into him. His cock was hard again and with every thrust it would slap against his stomach. I rode him hard and the only noise coming from the room was the sound of slapping flesh and heavy breathing. I noticed he was leaking lots of creamy man juice and decided I wanted a taste so I backed off his ass a little and leaned down to take the head of that massive dick into my mouth, I sucked hard and felt his ass contract on my dick and knew that he wasn't far from cumming.

I resumed my pounding and heard him shout " OH SHIT, IM CUMMING, OH GOD DON'T STOP!" His muscles contracted hard and I shot my load all up in that sweet ass. I was so exhausted that I just collapsed, not even caring that I was rubbing my body into his load that had landed all over his chest. I slipped out of him and went to lay out on the couch but I felt him wrap a strong arm around me and pull me against his side. I looked up at his face to see a lazy but very happy grin and knew that this was only the first time for me and my fireman.

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