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Chapter 1

Scented Boys

"This is the place."

We were in the middle of the District of Columbia. We'd traveled a long time to get here. I was shocked really that she brought me here. I looked over to the right to see Mama Tea. She was the middle aged caucasian woman that I'd known all my life. She lifted up her cigar and took a strong puff of it. Mama Tea puffed the cigar smoke towards me making me almost cough.

"This place?" I asked, "This run down hotel."

"The client wants to be discreet..."

"So let me get this right," I started out seeming a little confused by everything that was happening, "You call me back saying you had the job of a lifetime for me. We spend 4 hours driving to DC and you bring me here? To a run down hotel?"

"You're an escort you go where the money is."

I looked to my right.

The place looked very suspicious. I was used to dealing with DL tricks on the regular. I understood that kind of thing. This was different though. This was overly secretive. The client she had for me definitely didn't want to be seen. Thinking about it made it feel all suspicous. Mama Tea and I hadn't spoken in the longest time. I told her I was done with this lifestyle. I was through with it. I wanted to turn over another leaf. No more more escorting. All it really was was just high end prostitution.

"I don't know," I hesitated, "This isn't what I want anymore. After I got out of jail I turned over a whole new leaf. I changed."

"You know and I know what you want," she explained, "You want to be somebody. You don't just want to be a fly on the wall anymore. The ticket to that is in that hotel room. This client isn't a normal client. This client asked for the best. You were the best. I wouldn't have pulled you out of retirement if I didn't think this was meant for you. You can tell me you don't want to do this and I'll completely understand. I'll drive you back to New York and you can live that boring basic life or you can take this key card...go to room 124."

I hesitated. What did I want? What did I crave? What kept me up at night. She was right. I wasn't satisfied with my life. I wasn't satisfied with my 9-5. It wasn't enough. Fast money was the lifestyle that meant the most to me. Fuck the direct deposit. I liked to see cash. I liked to see my ambition in my hand stacked high.

I was one of Mama Tea's boys of the night whether I stopped fucking around or not.

I took the key.

"Can you tell me anything about the client?"

"I can't," Mama Tea said shaking her head, "This is high usual."

"A basketball player? A NFL star? A Rapper? I done it all."

She smiled shaking her head, "I can't say...all I can say is you are going to have to make the client happy."

This was unlike Mama Tea. I had worked in her escort agency for a long time. Usually she gave me a profile on the person I was going to work with. She wanted me to know about them. It was better to know about the person so you know what they like. It was easier to satisfy them if you knew what they liked.

I nodded, "Fine."

"Do you remember my rules?" she asked me.

"Don't ever go public with the affair, don't ever forget to pay you your percentage and no matter what don't EVER fall in love. You forget who you talking to Mama Tea. I ain't one of those other boys. I do whatever it takes..."

She leaned forward and patted me on my shoulder.

"I know Corbin..."

Before I left the car I sprayed my cologne on. It was a special mix that I always used. It gave me good luck. It was a pheromone that was supposedly used to attract males. The pheromone was what I used every time before I went to meet a date. It gave me good luck.

I thought Mama Tea would wait for me while I met the client but she sped off almost as soon as I got out of the car. She was about her money. Mama Tea had been something like the organizer. Some people may call her my pimp but escorts were different from prostitutes in that way. Sure sometimes the House of Boys slept around but that wasn't really what our calling was. Our calling was to satisfy no matter what that required. Sometimes that didn't even have to do with sex. I remembered getting paid thousands just to punish a man by tying him up and slapping him with a whip. It was the lifestyle we were in.

I made my way into the hotel and towards the room that was labeled 124. Why was I nervous. My name was Corbin Deshaun Jackson. I had done this a million times before. I didn't need to pussy out like some kind of coward or something. This was what I was meant to do. I had to get it together and stop being so fucking scared about this.

I opened the key card to the hotel room.

There was a woman sitting there. She was blond maybe in her very last 30's maybe even early 40s. I couldn't tell right off the bat. She didn't smile at me when I walked in the door. I had to admit when I saw her I was shocked.

"I'm sorry I have the wrong room."

"You have the right room," she told me bluntly, "Come sit..."

She was a pretty middle aged woman I had to admit. She kind of looked like a Nicole Kidman or something but her blond haired flowed to her shoulders in curls. She had on a trench coat and a scarf over her head but I could tell she was gorgeous underneath all of that.

"I have to be honest," I told her, "I normally don't specialize in females...I can make an exception if the money is right."

"Don't're not for me. You're for my husband."

"Your husband?"

This was different. This was DEFINITELY different. It had been so long that I had done something like this that I wasn't even sure how to do it. She was examining me the entire time that I walked in the room. Her eyes were looking me up and down as though she was giving me some sort of physical exam. I was really confused about all of this. Where exactly was this coming from?



I smiled. She squinted as though examining my teeth making sure they were white enough. She got up off her chair and made her way to me. I was confused about it. She didn't even seem to really see me as a person. She more saw me as some sort of...prop or something. She leaned forward and smelled me.

"What is that smell?" she asked.

"Pheromones," I told her, "They are supposed to attract others."

"I guess that will be necessary," she explained, "I am paying good money for you. Looking at you I believe you'll pass for what I need you to do. You're attractive and hygenic from what I can see. Do you have any diseases?"


"What's your name?"


"Your full name."

"Corbin Jackson."

"Ok Corbin. Are you a top, bottom, versatile?"

It surprised me hearing a married woman knowing the terms that gay men called themselves. She was definitely strange.


"Do you have a criminal history?"

I paused. The moment she asked me that was the moment that I knew I could lose this. I could look at this woman and tell she had money. I did have a criminal history. I had gotten released from jail not too long ago. What was it her business though? I didn't owe her anything.


"You wouldn't lie to me right?" she asked, "About any of my questions?"

"What is it with all these questions?"

She smiled, "My name is Mia Patton. My husband is US senator. We've been married about about a year now and we only had sex once. There are certain things about him that seem a little suspect. You know what I mean. I just so happen to think he's gay..."

"You want me to find out for you?"

I was kind of getting her drift.

"Yes," she explained.

"How far should I go?" I asked.

"All the way."

I hesitated. This seemed a little more complex then I imagined. Mama Tea didn't warn me about this. I got up all of a sudden.

"Look seems kind of messy," I explained, "Thanks but no thanks. A senator! That's kind of ridiculous right there. I like simple tricks. I don't get into outing gay guys. If you want to know if he's gay so bad why don't you just ask him."

Mia looked at me with this harsh look. She seemed anything but simple. I just didn't have a good feeling about her. She gave off this aura. You ever look at someone from far away and just know that they are no good. EVERYTHING about this woman was telling me to turn around and run the other way.

Get the fuck out of dodge. Don't look back. Don't pass Go. Don't collect 200.

I walked up and started walking out of the door. I doubt Mama Tea would have liked me walking out on one of her clients. Back in the day I would have done it but I was different. My time in prison taught me the meaning of stepping away from situations that seemed shady. This situation definitely seemed shady as fuck.

"I'll give you 100 thousand."

I stopped dead in my tracks. I didn't move for a minute. The idea of that kind of money was enough to change my life. Mama Tea had said this was a big contract but she didn't say it was that big. No wonder she wanted me of all people to do it. She had about a dozen other boys she was still working with that could do it but she chose me.

I turned looking at this suspicious Mia lady. Even with the money on the table she still seemed so suspicious. I didn't like her. The way she looekd at me made my skin crawl really. The money was keeping me right in the same spot though.

"If he's on the downlow it'll take a while to gain his trust."

"You'll stay in my guest house. You can new assistant. He won't see it coming. You do whatever it is that you do. You seduce him. Is that clear?"

I paused. My instincts were telling me to run but the money sign was telling me to stay. I had to do this. I felt like Neo in the Matrix. I had just decided to see how far the rabbit hole went. I walked across the room back towards this Mia character. I sat down next to Mrs. Patton and remained there. She didn't smile. She seemed to still be examining me, determining if I was trustworthy or something. I felt nervous when she looked at me. It was too late now. I had made the decision.

"Fine," I told her, "I'll be your assistant."

She nodded, "You can stay in this room. I'll have my driver come back and get you in one hour."

"My clothes..."

"You'll have a new wardrobe. I'll give you an allowance. While you are working for me I don't need you to have any link to your old world. That is very important. You understand. No one can know why you are really working me."

She was controlling. I could tell by the way she was talking to me. I didn't do well with controlling. I had no idea who she thought she was talking to but I wasn't the right one. For 100,000 dollars though I thought maybe it was possible for me to make some sort of compromoise.

"Oh and Mr. Jackson."


"Make sure you keep that pheromone scent close. I like it."

The art of seduction was just that. It was an art. It was the same as painting a beautiful picture or molding a sculpture. It took time. It took practice. It took dedication. Once you got it right though it was very rewarding and beautiful. I had practiced the art of seduction all my life. That is what I was going to be good at. Mama Tea wanted me to sweep this man off his feet I was going to sweep him off his feet.

"You're ride."

The driver who came to get me was a very tall white man. He looked extremely scary as a matter of fact. He didn't seem very social at all when I walked past and gave him a smile. He just stood there as though he wasn't interested in really getting to know who I was.

The car ride wasn't every long at all. We had gone to a very expensive looking area in DC. It was in a private looking location where the lawn looked perfectly trimmed. When the driver came to open the door for me I stepped out and it felt like I was dirtying the ground with my shoes. Everything was so pristine looking.

The house in front of me was very large. It was something like a futuristic glass mansion. These people had to have had SERIOUS dough. The more I looked at the house the more I realized that 100 thousand dollars was probably play money for someone like Mia. This house was something out of some architectural magazine. I started walking towards it.

"No...this way," the driver said.

He took me to the back. There was a large Olympic size pool in the back. In the center of the pool were sprinkles that sprouted out. The water was this intense blue. It looked really beautiful. I had to admit.

"Servants can't go through the front I guess," I asked laughing at my little joke.

The driver didn't seem to find it funny though. He didn't even turn to acknowledge me after I made the joke. He just lead me down these stone steps and showed me what looked like a small visitors apartment in the backyard. It was actually very nice. A little house next to the big house.

"This is where you'll be staying."

He opened the door using a key and then handed the key to me.


It wasn't anything huge and extravagant like the main house but the guest house seemed cozy. When I walked in the first thing that I noticed was a comfortable looking fireplace. On the right hand side was small bar. Everything was painted this eggshell color including the bar stools. There was a small ivory couch in there as well. Off to the side I saw something that looked like the bedroom. It was small but it was immaculately designed with a beautiful painting against the wall.

"Ms. LaPerla will attend to you in the morning."

"Ms. LaPerla?"

"I apologize. I meant Mrs. Patton."

The driver nodded and walked away without saying goodbye. Calling his boss by her maiden name made it almost seem even more weird. I watched as the weird driver walked away. I got weird feeling about him just like I did her. There were bad vibes about these people that rubbed me to my core. I just knew I shouldn't be here.

I made my way into the bedroom to take a look at how comfortable the bed was. It had a nice view of the Olympic size pool out there.

I looked at the closets. Everything was pretty empty. It would definitely be necessary for me to actually go shopping or something as soon as I got the chance. That had to be the first thing on my list once Mrs. Patton gave me an allowance. You had to look fly if you planned on seducing anyone.

All of a sudden I heard a splash.

It surprised me but when I looked out of the window I didn't see anything. I don't know why I just assumed it was Mrs. Patton. Maybe it would be possible to actually go ahead and get that money that she was telling me about. Mama Tea would be calling me asking me for a percentage soon anyway especially after she found out how much I would be making. One thing I knew for sure was never stand up Mama Tea. Mama Tea took care of you if you took care of her. If you fucked with her money though...bad things happened. I knew boys that ended up missing doing just that...

I walked out towards the pool area, "Hello..."

No one answered.

I made my way further towards the pool and that was when I saw the person coming out of the pool. I was shocked when I saw him. The boy that came out of the pool was wearing some swimming shorts that were kind of tight and when wet clung to his muscular thighs. He looked biracial from what I could tell. He had blue eyes but brown skin and a ceasar cut. When he saw me he seemed confused. His beautiful blue eyes just kept looking at me. I had to admit this boy was sexy as fuck. He had emerged out of the pool like some sort of merman come to life.

My heart was skipping a beat like it never really did. I had seen a lot of attractive guys so why was this guy any different. There was some sort of immediate attraction that I had to him that I couldn't really pick up.

"Can I help you?" he asked.

"Sorry...I'm Corbin..."

I was never shy. Why was I acting shy? I quickly snapped out of it and extended my hand for him to shake. He didn't shake it though. He just looked at my hand like he was confused as to why I was here in the first place though. He looked young...maybe in his mid 20s. He looked like a Rob Evans sort of person with a perfectly positioned forehead and slightly chinked eyes. Hell as far as I was concerned he looked better than Rob Evans. He was perfect. It was the first time that I looked at someone and I felt this guy actually had me beat. I normally didn't even go for light guys. I preferred darker complexions but he made ME look basic.

"How can I help you Corbin?" he asked me.

"I was actually hired recently by Mrs. Patton," I explained to him, "I was hired to be her assistant."

"Oh...interesting. She always goes for the attractive young guys huh," he said.

He thought I was attractive. Why the hell was I like a kid at this moment? I had to cut it out. I was here for business. I was not here for personal. If I wanted something personal I would have stayed in my 600 square foot apartment in New York.

"What's your name?"


"Like the country."

He laughed, "Yeah. Like the country. Well it's nice to see someone else around here that's black and my age."

"I am assuming you aren't the senator?"

He laughed. He had a beautiful laugh. I couldn't help but to gravitate to him and start laughing with him. Truth was I didn't want to laugh with him. I wanted to lick every drop of water off of his body. His abs were so tight. His chest perfectly adjusted.

"No...I'm not a Patton. My name is Morocco LaPerla," he explained, "I'm Mrs. Patton's son from her first marriage. The senator is my new stepfather."


I could see the resemblance now between Morocco and Mia. Morocco was handsome tall and had this symmetrical face just like she did. They both looked like dolls almost as though their faces were designed by some sculpture. I was immediately very self-aware. How the hell did Mrs. Patton think I would be able to do much seduction. I was used to being the only attractive one in the room. Now I had this Adonis and an Elder Aphrodite around.

"So do you drink?"


I was too busy looking at his body. He had the most amazing body I had ever seen. I had heard his question but for some reason I didn't care. I was so fucking distracted.

"I asked do you know, alcohol. Like..."


"Well come on then, I'll show you the house."

He started inside at that moment. I hesitated as he did though remembering what the driver had said when he had seen me.

"Wait um...its nice of you actually but I don't think I should be in the house."


He gave me this look. His head dropping a little bit, lifting his eyes up in this sexy puppy dog way. I was so confused. I was brought here to do the seducing but this random guy just pulled a fast one on me. I was falling for it too. I couldn't believe it.

"Maybe just one drink..." I told him.

We started walking towards the house. I stood behind him watching the sexy way he walk. The sexy movements of his ass he walked. The water gleaming on his muscular back. He was amazing.

He was talking as he walked, "I've only been in the house for a year after my mom married this guy. I know what you are thinking and I promise you I would not still be living at home but I just want to protect my mom make sure she didn't rush into anything with this. Me being here is very temprorary..."

"Do you live in DC usually?" I asked him.

He opened the door to the house, "Actually live in LA. I'm a writer."

"A writer in LA? I would have thought you would be a model."

"Do I look like a model?" he asked.

"Um...yeah was that supposed to be a rhetorical question."

He laughed at the idea of it. I couldn't believe he thought I was being funny. What the fuck kind of writer looked the way that he looked. He was fucking flawless. He needed to quit the paper and step in front of a camera immediately.

"Thanks for the compliment bro...but naw that's too much. I'm just a humble blogger. Started my own gossip website and it's going pretty well. So I can work from anywhere."

"When do you plan on going back to LA?"

He shrugged, "I don't know."

We walked in the house. It was as amazing on the inside as it was on the outside. The house was a very conservative looking place with warm colors and a conservative feel. We walked over to the bar and when we got to the kitchen we noticed someone standing there. It was this girl. She looked about maybe late teenager. She was white with blonde hair and along nose. She was pretty in her own way but nothing specifically drop dead pretty. She was one of those girls that probably would get attention on some occassions with lots of makeup.

Her face almost folded.

"Having company already?" she asked looking over at Morocco.

She didn't look friendly. The look she was giving us as we walked into the room said it all.

"Actually Khloe he works for my mother," Morocco said, "I was just showing him the house."

"Does my dad know about this? I don't need any thieves..."

"Thieves?" I asked confused.

This girl didn't even know my name nor who I was and she was already halfway accusing me of bieng a thief? I was shocked. She had this stink attitude that I could sense a mile away. I could tell she was one of those girls who probably just thought she was better than everyone else.

Morocco actually stook up for me surprisingly, "I'm sure my mother hires good people. You don't have to worry about that."

She shrugged.

"I'll have to talk to my Dad about people get so comfortable."

The little spoiled little bitch started walking away at that moment. My eyes followed her. I couldn't stand the idea of her. Who did this little bitch think she was? I waited until she walked out of the room before I sighed heavily letting out everything that I was about to say to her. 100K was worth dealing with a little bitch.

"I'll make you a double," Morocco said laughing, "Now you see why I need to drink.

"What was that about?" I asked Morocco, "And just what did she mean by you people? Was that a racist?"

"Who couldn't narrow down one single discrimination with these people," Morocco asked, "Her father is the senator and my new stepfather. Her mother died when she was younger and my mom is the first woman he's been with since. Trust me it gets bad though."

"It sounds bad."

Sexy Morocco actually turned up the glass in his hand and took whiskey straight to the head before pouring me a shot. The bar was a clean bar and fully stocked area. On the side of the wall was a huge ram's head. It looked like it had actually been killed. That did not look like a fake. Before Morocco even told me about who this family was I kind of had an idea.

"This is why I don't want to leave my mother alone," Morocco explained, "Senator John Patton is a conservative nut. You haven't heard of him?"

I barely followed politics but I heard about him. I had heard him on the news one time talking about being against abortions and rallying people up against the Pro-choice movement.

"Isn't he like one of those radical republicans?" I asked.

Morocco downed a bottle. By the look of it he was stressed. I could tell it all on his face.

"He hates abortions, public healthcare, gays, name it. He's one of those Southern extreme bible thumpers. Thought I was going to come home and find my mother doused with holy water. He is the most RADICAL conservative that I've ever seen really.

"Damn..." I swallowed my spit.

"You ok?" Morocco asked seeming somewhat confused, "You look like you just saw a ghost or something..."

How the fuck was I supposed to seduce a guy like this senator? I knew I should have learned more about it first. This was going to be impossible. Mama Tea had sent me on a contract that I had no way of completing. He hated blacks...AND gays?

I stood no fucking chance...

"I'm fine," I lied...knowing that shit was really about to get interesting.

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