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Chapter 3

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"Why didn't you tell me about Santiago?"

"Lower your voice."

I had walked into the main house to confront Mrs. Patton. She was on a laptop when I came over in her office. I hadn't knocked. I was beyond angry and I didn't have the time to wait. She looked annoyed at my presence to say the least. I really didn't care about the fact that I was rubbing her off the wrong way.

"Santiago used to date your son..."

"I didn't feel like it was something that you needed to know."

"I don't need to know that your son's ex boyfriend is probably fucking your husband who you told me to seduce?" I asked.

She walked over to the door and peered out of her office door. Mrs. Patton shut the door after she made sure that no one was around listening to our conversation. Little did she know that I was far from sloppy. I had already walked the halls twice to make sure that no one else was around. . It was clear she was big on her privacy and me talking the way that I was had her nervous.

"I knew about the little Piranha a long time ago. My husband uses his own daughter as a cover so he can sneak off with him. I'm not stupid. I knew full well that my husband was having an affair all along. I hired you because I'm losing the influence over my husband that a wife should have."

"WHY do you care?"

"Excuse me?"

"Why are you trying to control your husband so badly?"

"You're asking too many questions..."

That was suspicious. That was suspicious as hell. I could tell she was clearly keeping something from me and I didn't like not knowing what it was.

"This makes it more difficult. I should walk out on this now. All these little bits of information keep coming out. First he's a conservative asshole and now he's already seeing someone."

"I'll give you 25 thousand more..."

"50 thousand and you tell me everything about Santiago right now."

She looked at me with these sharp eyes, "So you are an opportunist after all. Fine. I'll give you fifty thousand and what do you need to know about Santiago."

"What does he have to gain from this?"

"It's not so much him. It's his wife. She's an older woman who just so happens to be a good friend of mine. She also so happens to work for my husband. Clearly this man thinks he can ride the coattails of his cougar wife and help her get in the good graces of my husband."

"Does she know her husband is gay?"

"I don't know what she knows. Him sleeping with my husband may be all his idea. She may have put him up to it. I don't know. All I know is that Jose Santiago isn't just fucking my husband. He's using my husband to help influence legislature for his own partners..."

She wasn't lying when she called him a piranha. At this moment I knew Mrs. Patton was showing me a lot of her cards. She looked uncomfortable but I loved every moment of it. I could really see how much of a desperate woman she really was under that Stepford wife exterior.

"I need some time alone with your husband."

"He's a senator. It'll take time."

"Your husband is fucking someone else. You know it and I know it. For all we know he could already be in love with Jose Santiago. What we don't have is time. Make it happen."

"How if he's spending time with someone else?"

She reached over and gave me keys, "These are for the main house. Tonight I'm taking my stepdaughter to the ballet. Morocco is going to probably be out in his office working on his blog site. I've already dismissed the staff... my husband comes home at 7.

I walked away. I knew I was risking it by pushing Mrs. Patton. I knew she wanted this and she was going very far to get Jose Santiago out of her husband's head. I just didn't know how far she would really go. The more and more I thought about it the more I figured I was willing to find out.

Finding out about Santiago may have been a good thing for me after all. Now I didn't need to wonder if he was gay or not. The hand Santiago had on Mr. Patton's dick in the restaurant definitely proved that Mrs. Patton wasn't making up these allegations of her husband being gay. He really was. Santiago had done the hard part for me.

Now all I had to do was find out which button to push.

At 6:50 I got in the shower and at 6:59 I got out. It was in the main house. When I got out of the shower I could hear the alarm from the front door go off. I was dripping wet. I waited as I heard the footsteps coming up the steps. I put two squirts of my special cologne on.

Tonight was the night.

When they finally got there I opened the door and walked out to see him standing there. The Senator raised an eyebrow surprised that I was standing there. For a moment he didn't say anything. He just stared at me. I could see RIGHT through him. My body was dripping wet on the floor. I had a towel wrapped around my waist that was thin enough to show an outline of an ever so slightly hard dick.

I looked like a fucking slut and it caught his attention.

"Senator John," I said acting surprised, "I wasn't expecting anyone. Sorry."

"It's actually Senator Patton. And isn't there's a shower in the guest house?" he said looking confused.

I was a little amused by the fact that corrected his name. He was shutting down. I had to be smart about this. He was acting like he didn't want it. He had moved his eyes up from my body to my face. I had to admit he was a handsome older man. There was some power behind those eyes. It turned me on a little bit.

"The shower is a little cold there."

He was surprised, "Oh I didn't know. I'll have someone look at that. You should probably you know...dry off. You may get sick. Have a good night Corbin."

He turned around and started walking away. What the fuck? If I hadn't seen what I saw with Santiago I would have thought he was straight by how he was turning around from ME. Guys didn't turn away from me. I had spent years working on this body and getting surgery on my face to make it look just right. There was no way in hell some guy was turning me down as I stood in front of him dripping wet unless he WAS straight.

"So did you have a nice day?" I asked him following up behind him.

He seemed confused on why I was following him down the hallway, "It was a long day sir. I am a US Senator after all. It is what you'd expect."

He was giving me the side eye. I followed him down the hall. He was avoiding my eyes. He wasn't paying attention. I kept trying to get in front of him but he kept avoiding me.

"Like what?" I asked.

"You don't really want to know?"

"I really do. I find you really intriguing."

He stopped and raised his eyebrow. I got nervous at the look he was giving me but suddenly he smiled as though easing up on that strong look. Good.

" Passing bills and parading around Capitol Hill. Extremely stressful so at the end of the day if you don't mind I probably just want to relax."

He was saying no. At least he thought he was saying no.

"I completley understand being stressed," I said reaching forward and grabbing his shoulder, "I know some really good massage techniques."

As I reached up to grab him he jerked his hand away quickly, "No..."


This guy really had to be straight! I was stranding in front of him with my towel almost falling off and he wasn't folding. Maybe he really didn't like black guys. Maybe guys Spanish guys like that Santiago character was more his speed.

"I really do apologize."

How the fuck would I explain this to Mrs. Patton. Your husband is NOT catching the bait. I was all but throwing myself at him at this point.

" about I do you?" he said.

My eyebrow shot up...maybe he was taking the bait.

"Do me?" I asked biting down my lip.

"You know give you a massage. Using my hands relaxes me."

"Whatever I do to relax you Mr. Patton."

"Go downstairs," he said, "In the saloon I have massage chair. Set it up. Get ready for me. I just have to get out of this suit. And oh...Corbin. When we are alone you can call me John."

I smiled biting my lips, "Ok John...I'll be waiting for you."

I started walking down the steps. I looked over my shoulder. Yea...he was still watching. His eyes were locked on me. Just how I wanted it. There was a reason that I was a best and I was going to prove it tonight.

I had gotten downstairs to the saloon and waited taking a swig of a Hennessy bottle that was out. I normally wouldn't move this fast with someone or be so aggressive but the senator was different. He was my biggest challenge yet. First of he didn't hire me...his wife did. Second off he was very much in the closet. The third was he already had a little boy toy from all I knew.

I laid on the bed and buried my head into the massage bed. I had to lower the towel a little bit around my waist. A little crack wouldn't hurt.

No...lower...I might as well show my ass all the way.

Fuck this towel...I threw it on the floor and laid butt naked. I wanted to give him something to look at.

I straddled the massage bed...pushing my ass up a little bit. I bet he would be able to see my ass from here.

I heard the clicks at the door as the Senator walked in. I could feel him watching me without even turning around and looking at him. My ass was arched. I could feel the eyes watching me. I could feel his breathing get heavy as hell when he walked in and saw me laying on there like that.

"Don't just stand there," I told him, "I want a massage."

I waited as he came up to me. His hands folded over my back and first at my shoulders. He started at my shoulders working his way onto my shoulder blades. Fuck...I didn't expect to actually like this! My body was shaking under him.

"Dam..." I moaned, "That feels so good. Go lower..."

"Mhmmm..." he said.

He did as I said. The powerful hands just kept going lower and lower. It finally got to my lower back. Then he started to massage more. Fuck I could feel my body shaking under him. He knew it. I could feel him over me.

"Lower..." I said.

He finally made his way to my ass. He massaged through the deep tissue. I started breathing heavy. He was breathing heavy. I could feel his lips on finally on the back of my neck sucking me. Damn...was I supposed to be seducing him or was he seducing me. I moaned louder and louder as he sucked on my neck. It felt amazing. What the fuck! I could feel my dick getting hard under here.

I could feel my ass getting wet, yearning for him.

Suddenly there were more footsteps!

Fuck! It was only supposed to be us here.

I jumped out of the massage chair and he jumped off of me but it was too fucking late the person opened the door to the saloon and was standing there looking at me butt naked.

"I'm sorry I must be interrupting something."

"Senator?" I asked.

The senator was the one standing at the door! He had just arrived with a bottle of wine in his hand. He looked shocked but not nearly as shocked as me. He saw me standing there naked as hell and confused.

Who the fuck had been massaging me?

I turned to the right...

Morocco opened his mouth smiling, "You actually were disturbing something."

Fuck! I thought Morocco was supposed to be out blogging or something! Now he was actually here...MASSASSING MY ASS! No wonder it felt so fucking good.

"Well excuse me," the senator said.


It was too late the senator closed the door shut. Fuck. Fuck! FUCK FUCK!

I looked over at Morocco. I had the senator wrapped under my fucking finger and all of a sudden Morocco was just there. I should have been mad as fuck at Morocco. I should have been annoyed but instead I was just still feeling how good it felt to have his hands on me.

I turned to Morocco. I didn't know what to think. Morocco was so FUCKING sexy. He was still kind of breathing hard. His eyes were looking at my naked body.

"What was that about?" I asked him.

"You asked me to massage you..."

I thought he was the Senator! I couldn't say that though. It would blow my fucking cover. I didn't know what to do. I had probably just ruined everything with the senator.

"I know it's's...look I should go..."

I started walking away when all of a sudden Morocco pulled me back.

What the fuck?

"Look...I know you just felt the chemistry just now," he asked.

I did. I did feel the chemistry.

"I'm tired man."

I tried to walk away but it didn't work. Morocco came back from behind me and basically tackled me on the wall! He pressed up against me on the wall. My towel dropped to the floor. Fuck this guy was fucking turning me on. For a minute I almost was like fuck the job. Fuck the money! Fuck the senator. I wanted Morocco!

"And I'm attracted to you," he told me.

Morocco was such a man. He had me pressed so hard against the wall that my body ached. I fucking liked it. I was so fucking attracted to him.


"Say you aren't attracted to me. Why are you acting like you aren't?"


He licked my ear lob slowly from the top to the bottom. He turned me around facing me and kissed me hard on my lips. He pressed his lips up on mine and then started to put his tongue in my mouth but I didn't...I didn't allow his tongue in mine.

"I'm not attracted to you Morocco..." I told him.

It was probably the biggest lie that I ever said in my life.

"Yes you felt it the first moment you saw me. I know you felt it bro...because I felt it too. You look at me all the time. We can talk for hours without even giving a fuck about time. You know that me and you would be so fucking good together. What are you scared of Corbin?"


Never mix business and pleasure. It was one of Mama Tea's rules.

"I work for your mother," I told him.

"Is that the reason?"

"I don't mix business and pleasure."

"How much is my mom paying for you to be her personal assistant that you would risk someone?"

"It's not just the money?"

"Then what is it."

"I don't reputation! I messing around with my boss's son? What kind of shit is that?"

"It's not fucking around. There's more then that with you. Look I can talk to my mom...I can---"

"How are you going to tell me I'm attracted to you?" I asked shaking my head, "Just because you're...fucking PERFECT doesn't mean I want you."

He stopped.

He looked hurt for a minute. Shit. I could take it all back right now. I could tell him that.

"You think I'm perfect?"

That was all he got out of this.

"Get away from me."

I walked away at that point. I walked away because Morocco was perfect. I couldn't stand this. All I had to do was get with the senator and have him wrapped around my finger. I was so fucking close. Who thought Morocco would be in this house and just fuck everything up completely? He was completely ruining shit and I couldn't take the shit.

So I did what I had to do.

I walked away...

I couldn't believe I was walking from this guy. He had to be the most perfect person I had ever seen. He didn't need surgery on his face or anything to get there either. He was just fucking the most flawless guy I'd ever seen. He was sweet and he was nice. AND HE WANTED ME!

As I walked into the hall I was immediately realized that more people were in the house. One of the maids walked past looking at me in a towel and then I saw Khloe...the daughter. Her eyes looked at me and I looked at her.

She just continued to watch me almost with these knowing eyes. I didn't say anything though but her eyes kind of scared me.

The next moment Morocco walked out of the room. He looked at Khloe and then looked at me. I wondered how it looked to her.

The next day I got a knock on the door.

I wasn't surprised to see Morocco there. I hated seeing him.


His eyes looked at me. We connected. The look in our eyes seemed to say it all. I just felt like he could see through me. He could tell that I wanted him. Me rejecting him the day before had done nothing. He was standing in front of me smiling. It was almost like he didn't give a fuck about the rejection and that was the most AMAZING feeling.

"Look I know I came on a little strong yesterday," Morocco stated.

Morocco was dressed in a nice little suit actually.

"It's fine. We'll just forget about it."

"I never said that..." Morocco explained.

"Of course you didn't."

Morocco smiled. He was having fun with me. I played these games with people. I got people to fall for me. The way he was going about. The way he was trying to WIN me over was unnatural. I didn't know how to react. How the fuck you gonna play a player?

"Look I'm not here to press you about the matter," Morocco explained, "I was going to invite you to dinner."

This boy didn't quit. He had on that sexy smile that made me just want to pull him in this guest house and fuck him at that moment.

"That's not a good idea..."

"It's not just with me. It's not a date. Relax. My whole family is going to be there."

The senator.

"Whatever...I may just go."

"I knew you'd make the right choice," he said and leaning over touching my face, "Look handsome...I'm inviting a coworker."

I nodded. I probably wasn't going to get a chance to be with the senator again especially after he saw Morocco massaging me butt naked. The last thing a guy like the senator would want to be in was some weird ass love triangle with his stepson. That wasn't going to happen. I had to find a way to separate myself from Morocco...even if it killed me.

I had dressed sexy going to the restaurant. I wanted all eyes on me. This was going to be my day to win back Mr. Patton.

The restaurant that we went to was nice. Mrs. Patton and Mr. Patton were already at the restaurant when Morocco and I had gotten there. So was Khloe. She looked at me the entire time that I walked into the room. I didn't trust this girl at all. I tried to ignore her though. This isn't what I was about. I was dressed sexy in a sexy suit with the top two buttons down. This was about Mr. Patton and how he looked act me from across the table.

Only thing was he wasn't the only one looking at me...Morocco and some other guy was at the table as well. The other guy was about my age. He was dark skinned, handsome but nothing compared to Morocco by far.

"Wow...Corbin you look really handsome tonight," Mrs. Patton said when I got to the table, "Doesn't he?"

Mr. Patton didn't respond. He even stopped looking at me. He was staring at his drink. What the fuck? Didn't he see how sexy I looked tonight?

"Very pretty," Khloe said.

Bitch. If she had any idea how much this face cost and how many tricks I had to cash out to get it she wouldn't be calling me pretty.

Khloe had almost whispered it under her breath. It was almost shady to me. Was this little girl trying to be shady? I just got this negative vibe from her. Why had she chosen to call me handsome and not pretty.

Morocco and his friend were just staring at me.

"Morocco aren't you going to introduce us?" the boy said.

Morocco was busy staring at me. I felt like the center of attention. The boy was DEFINITELY gay. He almost had his tongue out of his mouth. I didn't WANT Morocco and his friend looking at me though. I wanted Mr. Patton looking at me.

"This is my Mom's assistant Corbin," Morocco said and then turned to the boy, "Corbin this is my coworker Idris."

Idris shook my hand but as I leaned over I let my foot stretch out. My foot rubbed on Mr. Patton's leg. He noticed. He turned to me.

I acted like I was interested in a convo with this Idris guy, "You work with Morocco blogging?"

Idris shook his head, "Yeah we were definitely blogging. More like a gossip website."

"," Morocco laughed.

Mr. Patton coughed at the moment. I could tell he was uncomfortable. Mrs. Patton seemed uncomfortable too. Morocco seemed to like making people uncomfortable including me. This would have been so much easier if he wasn't here.

I had to turn it up. I found myself taking on my shoe and starting to massage Mr. Patton's leg and upper thigh. The feeling caused him to shiver.

His was hard...

"You ok dad?" Khloe asked.

"I have to go...I actually forgot I had a meeting with Jose Santiago tonight. We were discussing some things on the campaign."

What the hell was he talking about?"

"John it's 8 o'clock at night," Mrs. Patton said.

She was clearly not ok with it. She was looking at me almost confused. This fucking senator was hard to crack. What the fuck! I was here rubbing his thigh and he just has to go with Santiago? I was pissed at this moment. I couldn't take it.

"Somethings can't wait..."

He got up off the table and walked away. Morocco and his little coworker hardly even noticed. They kept gawking at me. I couldn't take this.

The awkwardness was more extreme then I ever knew was possible. Mrs. Patton was pissed. I could tell it on her face.

"So tell me a little bit about yourself Idris..."

I'm a businessman. I was about my money.

"I actually have to use the bathroom really quick."

I got up from the table in the restaurant and made my way to the front. The truth was I really wanted to find this goddam guy before he left. Why the fuck was this target so hard? It was harder than anything I had to deal with before.

I made it to the front but I saw senator's driver take the car and leave with him in it. FUCK I was too late. I stood there staring at him. Now what the fuck was the plan? Things were getting more and more desperate for me. I had to start showing progress or this deal would have been off.

"I'm onto you."

I turned around to see Khloe standing there. I didn't have time for this.

"I don't know what you're talking about..."

I sighed standing there. Why the fuck had she followed me out here to actually say? She was onto me?

"I know everyone at my stepmom's church. No one heard about you. Who was it that referred you?"

"Why don't you ask her?"

"I'm asking you."


"Listen Khloe. I don't know why you think is going on. The only reason I'm working for your mom is because I need a job. That's it."

It was actually kind of the truth.

"So the fact that my father is about to run for president has nothing to do with it?"

I turned to Khloe completely shocked. All of a sudden it all made sense. The fact that Mrs. Patton was so upset about losing control of her husband made sense. He was about running for the top office. He was about to be the most powerful person in the civilized world.

At that moment I knew I didn't just want a job. this was my ticket!

I could have it all.

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