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Chapter 5


I wiped the rest of his nut off the corner of my mouths. I got up and the senator watched my figure as I walked to the bathroom.

"That was amazing..."

The senator had nutted twice. He never got enough of it. It had been two weeks since Khloe was gone. Things were going just how I wanted them. I had been avoiding Morocco as well as his mother for that matter. At first it was every other day but then it became every day. Now it was just the second week and the senator was sneaking off to my little outhouse twice a day. He wouldn't start his day without getting head from me and he wouldn't end it without getting head.

"After a day at Capitol hill that is exactly what you need," I told him.

He smiled from the bedroom. He was beginning to trust me. I could see it. He didn't give me strange looks and he smiled more often when he was around me. He was becoming more comfortable. "When do we go all the way?" he asked.

"All the way?"

"I want to fuck you," he said.

The way he said it was demanding. This idiot actually thought it would have been that easy to just turn around and fuck me. No... I was going to make him work for it. I had gotten him just where I wanted him and I was going to milk the most out of this.

"You'll get it," I told him, "In's just your wife is...she's getting really suspicious of the fact that you sneak out to the the outhouse. I am still lying and telling her nothing is happening."

"Who cares what she thinks?" Mr. Patton said.

"She's going to report me if I don't show results."

"What kind of results?"

"Maybe...maybe you move me into the main house."

He looked confused. He had no idea where I was getting at by asking about that. I didn't expect him to. It wasn't any huge plot. I just kind of wanted to push his buttons a little bit. I didn't even mind the guest house. I needed to test him. I needed to see how much I could get from him.

"That's not a good idea," the senator said, "Its not even about my wife. We have staff at the main house. The last thing I want is gossip."

"I'm sorry I thought YOU ran your house...not your staff."

"Excuse me?"

My tone was sharp. It had almost spilled out of my mouth but I was getting a little annoyed with him. I walked over to him. He was laying on the guest bed. I went ahead and straddled on top of him at that moment. I was sitting right on his crotch. I made my ass muscles move a little bit, squeezing his crotch area slowly and then letting go. He liked it. I could tell it was turning him on. In the next minute he forgot all about the sharpness in my tone.

"It's just would much easier for you us to fuck if I was in the main house. You could sneak into my room in the middle of the night. You don't have to get past security alarms to leave the main house. I can sleep in Khloe's room. Isn't that right down the hall from your bedroom?"

"Mhm...I like the sound of that. I didn't think of it."

His arms had grabbed around me. He was an attractive guy especially the fact that he was older then me but there was no emotion on my end. I was sure I didn't even like him. I was actually sure that I disliked him as a person.

"That's why I'm here."

"Why is that?"

"So you don't have to think so much."

He smiled, "I like that. I'll leave you my credit card."

"I'm not in this for money."

No...I was in this for fame.

"I get it. But I want you to look nice. Tonight I am throwing a campaign party. I want you to attend. It's going to be stressful. You being there might help me relax a little bit. Now lean back Mr. Senator...round 2..."

The senator leaned back on the bed and I lowered my head onto his crotch. I started to suck at that minute and immediately he was already grabbing onto the sheets.

I went shopping later that day to one of the stores that Morocco sent me. It was the only store that I knew in DC. I didn't know why I wasn't thinking much about Morocco. It had been so long since I saw him that my mind kind of wasn't thinking so much on him right now. I was winning. I wished I could have said the same thing about his friend Idris. As soon as Idris got my number he was blowing me up 5 to 10 times a day...literally. He would leave voicemails back to back. Idris was a fucking thot and just bugging the hell out of me every chance that he got.

"How about these shoes sir?" the attendant asked me.

She brought me over some patent leather looking shoes black shoes that had some cool stitch detail around the mouth. Normally I would have loved something like that but this wasn't the kind of party.

"Do you have anything a little bit more...conservative?" I asked her.

These people were extreme republicans. If I was planning on scoring an elephant I had to look like one. I found myself a little annoyed when the door of the store opened and the two people that I least wanted to see came walking through that afront door. First it was Idris and I was just extremely annoyed but he wasn't alone. Right after him Morocco strutted into the store looking like a million bucks.

I stared at the wall hoping they didn't see me. I searched to the back of the store hoping that the attendant would come back so I can get my shoes and just get the fuck out of the store. The store wasn't that crowded though.

"Corbin?" I heard Idris shout out from across the room.


I pressed a smile on my face hoping to make it appear as natural as possible. I turned around all of a sudden and walked up to them with the widest smile that I've had in such a long time. Idris looked excited to see me. I wished I could say the same thing for Morocco though. Morocco looked like he was completely over me. He didn't even approach me at first.

"Hey!" I said.

"Where have you been...haven't seen you around?" Idris said.

He failed to mention the fact that he was blowing up my phone like I had the cure to cancer. He probably didn't mention it because he didn't want Morocco to know that he was trying to get on me HARD. I didn't mind keeping this a secret though. The last thing I wanted to do was have to explaain to Idris that he just wasn't my type and that maybe we weren't a match after all. I would fake this casual hey as long as Morocco was here.

"I've just been so busy?" I explained, "You know working..."

"Really? I haven't seen you around my mother at all," Morocco said.

"Hey to you too...Morocco," I diverted.

He was being short with me. He didn't even speak back he just waived nonchalantly before walking off to the wall to look at shoes. That was when I saw Idris reach out to me immediately.

"I've been calling you..." Idris said.

He was holding onto my arm...kind of hard actually. I was shocked that he was being so aggressive. Just at that moment a cop walked into the store though and Idris let go of my hand almost immediately.

"Toyota is illegally parked outside..." the cop announced.

"Fuck that's me," Idris said, "I'll be right back."

I was never so glad for an illegally parked car. I sighed heavily as Idris walked out of the store. Just at that moment the attendant brought me over another pair of shoes.

" know what I think I may just try another store," I told the attendant.

"Are you sure?"


I started to turn to walk away but I couldn't help but peep him with my side eye. Morocco looked so fucking sexy and him ignoring me with that little attitude only made it worse. My mouth fucking watered when I looked at him. I had to fucking admit it. /He was looking at the wall at different sort of ties. I stopped midwalk. I should have just left. I should have just let him feel whatever the fuck he wanted to feel. WHY DID I CARE?

I found myself making my way across the store to Morocco. His eyes looked at me confused on me standing there.

"You needed help with something?" he asked me.

He was being short. He had every right to be. I had been completely going out of my way to avoid him like the plague. The last thing I wanted to see was Morocco on most days.

"Don't be like that?"

"Be like what?"

"So you are going to play dumb now?"

"So I'm playing dumb because I'm pulling a YOU on YOU?" Morocco asked, "That's interesting Corbin."

I should have just walked away. He was mad at me. It would been easier to cut the ties now but seeing Morocco mad at me was having an effect on me that it shouldn't have had. I should have just been ok with him feeling the way he felt but I wasn't.

"Look I apologize if I've been distant..."

"You bailed on me yo!" he said his eyes squinting in this sexy angry stern glare, "You and me were close...we were about know what. Fuck it. You made your choice. I don't even know why I keep chasing you. I don't chase dudes..."

"I never asked you to chase me."

"I'm a good dude," Morocco said shaking his head, "I don't lie. I don't cheat when I'm with someone. I'm not all about sex like have these hoes in DC. I'm not bout all the bullshit other people are. That's what I don't get. You think I'm going to play you?"


"Have you been hurt before or something in your past?"

"It's not like that..."

"Are you not fucking attracted to me?"

"Of course I am..."

"Then what is it?"

He looked frustrated. I wondered how long he had been letting these ideas play in his head. I wasn't attracted to him? Was that even possible for someone not to be attracted to Morocco? He had no idea HOW attracted I was to him. I had never been more attracted to anyone in my life. The fact that I was here frozen in place like this was proof that I was attracted to him. No one ever just had that effect on me. He did though. I was stunned by him.


I thought about telling him right then and there. It was hard. It was hard because I had made so much progress. Morocco was the wildcard though. Morocco could probably ruin everything that I had with the senator.

"What is it? Just tell me?"

I stopped. My mouth got dry. This was a great time to get cotton mouth. I kept wondering how he would react if I told him. He probably wouldn't be interested in an escort. If he knew I was an escort he probably would have been upset that I was lying to him this whole time. He'd tell the senator. Everything I worked for would be gone and I'd be left with nothing back on the streets.

"I don't know."

That's all I could come up with. I don't fucking know.

He rolled his eyes at that moment.

"Well this little back and forth shit we have going on. It ends now. No more small talk. From now on you work for my mother. That's all. You don't even have to say hello..."


He looked me up and down and sighed.

I walked away feeling my heart break. I had put myself in this situation though. I liked Morocco. I had to admit it to myself. I figured more time would pass and me liking him would just go away but that wasn't working out the way that I wanted to. Me playing hard to get was the worst thing that I could do right now but that was the only choice that I had.

I walked out of the store looking around the streets for other stores when I felt my body yanked all of a sudden. I turned to my right to see Idris standing there.

"Whoa...stop grabbing on me like that man," I told him.

Idris looked at me with these eyes that were so intense. They were so full of passion. I couldn't really understand it really. I had just met the boy one or two times but when he looked at me you would have thought that he knew me his whole life or something. It wasn't a good familiarity though. It was a strange familiarity. This motherfucker didn't know me from a can of paint.

"You ignoring me?" he said.

"No...what are you talking about...look Idris I gotta go man..."

I started walking away but I felt him grab me. He was strong! I was shocked when he pulled me back aggressively. I could see the cop down the street but he wasn't paying attention. If I screamed though I could get his attention. That was the only thing keeping me a little calm in this situation. This guy looked a little off the wagon.

"Why are you doing this to me?"

"Excuse me?"

"You said you would give me a chance. You said so..."

"Look calm down," I told Idris, "We can go out sometime but right kind of acting a little..."

Never call a crazy man crazy. I just stopped midsentence.

"A little what?"

"Strange," I explained trying to grab my arm back.

"I care about you."

He was grabbing onto my arms now with both hands. The cop behind us was squinting a little bit. I almost wanted to scream at him on the top of my lungs that he really didn't know me. It's not like him and I had deep heart to heart conversations like I had with Morocco. We hardly even saw each other but a few times. What the fuck about me was he so sprung on?

"Listen, maybe we can hang out or something but you have to stop acting like this. Are you...are you ok Idris?"

When I asked the question I looked behind me at the cop. Idris noticed him as well. The last thing him or I wanted were any complications with the police from causing a scene in public.

"Of course...of course," he said finally letting go of my arm, "I don't know what came over me. I was...tripping. Sorry about that."

Yeah. He was tripping. I dusted myself.

"Look we can get up someday. I've just been busy."

He nodded, "I'm sure. Are you going to the campaign party tonight?"

"I'll be there. The senator invited me. Are you going?"

He nodded, "You'll leave with me?"

Idris was reaching. One thing I learned about when being an escort though is you never flatout say no. No is what killed business.

I smiled forcing it as hard as I could, "How about we just see then?"

By then I'd make up an excuse on why not to go home with him. I started walking away quickly hailing a cab in the middle of the street before Idris said anything else. By the time I got in the cab I felt a little safe. When I turned back in the car I could see Idris glaring at me.

Idris was getting attached. It wasn't the first time someone had gotten attached. It was usual in my work. The unusual thing was that I hadn't even had sex with him and he was acting like that. It would be a quick fix though. Guys like Idris just needed you to sit down and set barriers with them. I had done it a million times before.

The party was at the W hotel. Supposedly a lot of sponsors for John Patton's candidacy for president were in attendance. I had no idea what that even meant really but had overheard it while grabbing a cocktail from the guy at the bar. All these capitol hill creatures smelled like politics and entitlement. I figured I fit in perfectly though. My back was arched up just perfectly. I had my dazzling white smile. I had my cologne on. I dressed like them. I looked like them. I schmoozed my way through the crowd using big words that I saw on the West Wing and House of Cards.

The main hall was where the podium was set up. I watched from among the crowd as I saw Senator Patton and Mrs. Patton up there. There were a few other people up on the podium as well. A few of them I had recognized from television. There were highly respected Republicans in this room.

Then I saw Morocco...

He was standing off away from everyone. He was dressed like them but he looked like he was forced to be here. Most likely he was forced to be here. He didn't see me staring at him but the entire time that I should have been paying attention to John Patton announcing the fact that he was running for president I didn't. I was looking at Morocco. I made a few steps towards him when I noticed Idris come out of no where. I stopped immediately. Idris stood right next to him and whispered something that made Morocco roll his his eyes. It was no doubt they were reacting to Patton's candidacy.

"...we will WIN the election come this September!" Patton's voice echoed across the room.

It seemed to snap me out of everything.

The speech was long. By the time all the political talk was done and the cameras stopped rolling everyone was tipsy off expensive wine. That was when the real politics came out. I waited patiently as they swarmed the senator. I had to wait for a time when he would be available. These people were just like the rest of us. No they were worse. I had to fight my way through politicians doing lines in the bathroom just to look at myself in the mirror.

I made myself look perfect and then I walked across the room and approached the senator.

I couldn't break through the crowd. So many people wanted to speak to him.

"Senator! Senator!" I found myself screaming.

That was when he saw me. He pointed at me and his security led him towards me. I wasn't surprised to see Mrs. Patton standing there. Her eyes looked at me with a little bit of annoyance. I hadn't been giving her the updates she required. Little did she know I had my own agenda by now.

"Corbin!" Senator Patton said.

He shook my hand. It was real professional and political. The wide smile and lingering stare that followed afterwards didn't seem so planned.

"Congratulations senator," I stated.

His eyes didn't leave me. I had really come here to see if my pull was going to carry on to him in public and I could see that he was still interested regardless of the political persona he was putting on at that moment.

"I'm sorry...I haven't had the pleasure..."

I hadn't even noticed the man next to me. He was Spanish...handsome and almost immediately I recognized who that this was the Santiago man.

"Corbin meet my campaign manager Jose and beside him is his lovely wife Lola."

I reached over to shake Jose's hand, "I heard you were great at your job."

Fake laugh. Smile.

He never caught the shade. Jose's wife Lola wasn't much of the looker. She got an A for effort however. She was dressed really elegantly in a black dress but her teeth weren't as white as they could have been. It wouldn't have killed her to get a nose job and a tummy tuck as well.

"Best in town I heard," he replied laughing again.

Fake laugh.

I smiled again. Did he shade me back? I tried not to.

Mrs. Patton looked over at Jose with warring eyes, "Corbin is my assistant. He is the one that will be joining us on the campaign trail tomorrow morning."

Campaign trail? I had almost forgotten about it. I was so out of the loop when it came to politics. The campaign trail I knew was during the primaries when they went to different states campaigning. The wife was always there. Maybe this wasn't such a bad thing after all though. I would be spending a lot of time with the senator.

Jose seemed even more shocked then I was, "Mrs. Patton...I've hired plenty of assistants for the campaign trail."

"I prefer my own," Mrs. Patton retorted back.

I could feel her standing next to me. She was elbowing me in my side. I could tell she was a bit egging me on.

"You know..." I smiled at Jose, "The Pattons have to have the best in town."

Jose looked at me with these eyes that just said he didn't like me.

"Make it happen Jose," Mr. Patton demanded.

"Yes sir. We'll just have to do a full scale background check however...."

"A full scale federal background check?" I asked.

"Yes. You are important figures on the campaign trail if you are going to accompany the Pattons."

I looked over at Mrs. Patton. If they did a background check they would NOT like what they found. I had a record. I had been in jail. I had recently just got the fuck out of jail. Mrs. Patton's eyes had widened a little bit when she realized it as well.

"Actually...nevermind," Mrs. Patton backed down, "I may need Corbin to stay behind and look after the estate while we are gone on the campaign trail. Actually Corbin if you can follow me I have something I'd like to discuss with you..."

She smiled. She was already prepping up her First lady smile.

"Absolutely," Mr. Patton kissed his wife.

They kissed in public. I had never seen a kiss so fake as that in my life really. Mrs. Patton pulled me away from the crowd and I could see the fake smile completely disappear when no one was around. The look in her eye said it all.

"This is a mess," she explained, "Santiago is coming on the campaign trail and you aren't. You haven't been giving me updates on anything. What is going on?"

"Don't worry."

'Don't worry? Don't worry? My husband has his foot outside the white house door and you are telling me not to worry? I saw your face when he mentioned a background check. You couldn't have made it any more obvious."

I had made it obvious.

"Do you think anyone noticed?" I asked breathing hard.

"I noticed. What is there to notice? You said you didn't have a record."

I shook my head.

"Maybe you should have shared the fact that he was running for president in the first place," I stated, "Both of us weren't being honest."

"You have the NERVE...the NERVE to turn this back around on me?"

She looked pissed. Her eyes were red. I could tell she was mad.

"Relax...I have your husband wrapped around my finger," I explained to her, "I don't need to go on the campaign trail. Let Jose Santiago play whatever little game he wants to play. You can fly me out to visit sometimes."

She rolled her eyes, "No you'll stay here with Morocco and watch the estate like I said. You might as well be of some use."

With Morocco...

"When your husband comes back I'll make sure Jose Santiago means nothing to him."

She looked at me, "You better. You hear me? I'm not the one to fuck with. The LAST thing you want to do is fuck me over. Have you met my driver? He's also my enforcer. I'd hate for something to happen to that little pretty face of yours."

Mrs. Patton walked away at that moment.

My mouth dropped open. She threatened me. She just fucking threatened me.

Shit had just gotten a whole lot more serious. I could feel my heart racing. I had seen her driver and for some reason I didn't think Mrs. Patton's threat was an empty threat. She really did seem like she meant it. I had to do something or else I would lose the money, I would lose the job and I would lose my face.

I found myself in the mirror of the bathroom trying my hardest to keep calm. At that moment Jose Santiago walked in. I was so sure he had followed me in. There were two other people in the bathroom. Jose's eyes locked with mine. I just continued to look in the mirror. When he was done peeing he flushed the toilet and came over to the sink near me.

He ran the water.

I passed him a paper towel. He wiped his hands.

"Nice cologne man," he said.


He was handsome I had to admit. He didn't look better then me. I looked in the mirror and compared us. He had a nose job but he needed a little bit of botox. His upper lip was a lot more full then mine was.

His chest looked a little bigger in his shirt as well. Was he...god...he was wearing fake eyebrows. I watched as checked his teeth in the mirror. He had gotten veneers on his upper teeth but he should have gotten them on his lower teeth as well like I did.

No...he wasn't sexier then me. Close but no cigar. I had to admit he was handsome though. It was so clear that that Lola was an obvious Beard. She wasn't even pretty.

The two guys left the room.

We were alone. It was no more reason to pretend. Jose Santiago's eyes crossed over to me.

"Ms. Thing you think you're fierce?" he asked me.

"But of course," I told him.

"All Queens think their fierce."

"Your man thinks I'm fierce," I told him, "You know this cologne don't you? You been around the senator lately? He smells like it gdammit. Next time you go down on him you know someone's been there already."

"Listen good faggit," Jose said turning to me and reaching in his suit pocket, "I seen you before. 42nd street was it? You was sucking dick for coins on the stroll in Timbaland boots with the soles coming off. So now you stepped up your pussy and you playing in MY kitty box? No Ma`am. I've been doing this MUCH longer. Bitch you over here trying read because you got a scent? Girl bye. ALL the girls on 42nd street know that little secret hunny. Ain't nothing new under the sun..."

Jose Santiago pulled out his cologne and sprayed it in front of me. They were pheromones. The same spray I used every day. He walked out at that moment and at that moment I realized that Jose Santiago was an escort with the same target that I had.

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