Chapter 6


                Jose Santiago walked out of the bathroom rolling his eyes at me.   He was an escort.  Jose Santiago was an escort...but who hired him?

                Just at that moment the bathroom stall opened.  Fuck I hadn't known anyone else was in the bathroom.  I turned shocked to see Idris walk out of the bathroom.  Fuck FUCK FUCK this wasn't happening right now.  Idris had this look on his face that seemed to say it all.

                "How much did you hear?"

                He smirked.  He had this look on his face that said he fucking had me. 

                "So you're an escort?" he said.

                I was fucked.  He was going to tell everyone.  I would lose everything.  My heart started beating fast.  Not to mention the fact that I had been avoiding this guy because I thought he was a weirdo this entire time.   He was smiling almost as though he won something.

                He had something on me now.  I was completely FUCKED.  Think Corbin...think!

                "Are you going to tell anyone?" I asked him.

                "It makes sense now," he said walking up to me with his hands crossed.  His eyes were gleaming on me.  This Idris guy just found me out immediately.

                "What?  Listen Idris are you going to tell anyone or not?"

                I was desperate.  I was sweating at this point.  This was the worst thing that could happen to me right now.

                "Why you were acting so weird to me.  You feel the same way about me that I feel about you but you were afraid to hurt my feelings because you are an escort.  Right?"

                Idris was fucking crazy.  I think at that moment I realized it.  Something like that WAS going on but it wasn't with him.  It was with Morocco.  Idris REALLY thought I had feelings for him.

                I wanted to say FUCK no.  I wanted to tell him that was ridiculous as hell.  I wanted to tell him I wasn't interested in him but he looked...desperate.  The way he was looking at me was something that I had never experienced.  It was legitimately the hardest look I had ever seen in my life.

                "Um...that's part of the reason," I said. 

                I didn't know what else to say.

                "Why isn't it all the reason?" he asked.

                He was strong arming me.  His smile had disappeared off his face.  He was looking at me with this deep intense look.  His left eye was twitching a little bit.  I wasn't exaggerating either.  It was FUCKING twitching like something was caught up in there.

                "I don't know you yet.  I was hired by...someone to seduce the senator.  Right now I have to get my job done.  I can't focus on anything...uh...personal until I'm done with my job."

                "That Jose Santiago getting in the way?"

                "Yeah,  I'm thinking someone else hired Jose to do the same exact thing.  I just need something on Jose."

                "I'll find something."
                "What do you mean?"

                "I'll help you.  I am a journalist in a way.  Bloggers are journalists. I'll find something."


                "Because I care about you."

                I wished I could say it was something sweet but I didn't see it as that.   Maybe it was the look in his eyes that made me uneasy about all of this.  I just didn't want to continue leading this guy on.  It was getting clearer and clearer that he a little bit more emotionally involved in this then I was.

                "Look I don't want to owe anyone anything..."

                "But you need me..."

                "Excuse me?"

                "What if you get exposed?" he said, "You would have to leave.  That's the last thing I want.  I want you to stay in DC.  I want to give us a shot.  Let me help you."

                "And you don't want anything in return."

                His hand brushed against my face.

                "Just to see you happy."

                He leaned into me at that time.  Idris was about to kiss me on the lips when I turned my face.  I was almost disgusted by the fact that he was trying to kiss me.  He ended up kissing my cheek instead of my lips.  Thankfully I was fast enough to move.  He found this cute for some reason.  I figured maybe he thought I was teasing him or something because he let out a little laugh and kissed me hard on my cheek.  At that moment he walked out of the bathroom.

                I knew I had made a mistake as I watched him walk out.  I didn't want to get him involved in any of this.  He promised though that he only wanted to make me happy and he didn't want anything in return.  I had to hold him to that.

Jose Santiago was a problem.  I couldn't even get close to the senator for the rest of the night.  Him and his `wife' handcuffed the senator almost knowing that I was looking on. My eyes burned in the back of Santiago's neck.  Maybe Idris would find something that I can use as leverage against Santiago but I had to do it fast.



                The next day I was called into the main house by one of the staff.  It made me nervous when I walked in there and the first one I saw was the senator and not Mrs. Patton.  I was so sure she had called me in to rag on something that I did but that wasn't the case.   Mr. Patton was waiting for me in his office and he smiled when I got in.

                "Good morning," he said.

                "You wanted to see me?" I asked.

                "You don't look so happy.  Hungover from last night."

                "Not really, just...I didn't get to see you as much as I wanted," I said.

                I put my face down and looked annoyed.  I was PISSED really.  He had spent the whole night talking to Jose Santiago.  Senator Patton walked across the table and sat on the edge of it right adjacent to my seat.  He lifted up my face.   

                "I'm on a know I would have talked to you if I could."

                "You talked a lot to that Santiago guy."

                He laughed at that moment.  His eyes caught onto me.  He had no idea that I was an escort. He just knew that I worked for his wife.  I wondered if he assumed that I was an escort though.  Either way he didn't think I was in it for that. Little did he know what I really wanted out of all this was to be famous.

                "You're jealous?"

                "You're leaving today and I won't get to see you forever."

                "I'll take breaks.  I'll come see you," the senator said.

                "It's just..."

                I paused and looked away.  I had to leave him something more.  He was going to be gone with Santiago and GOD knows what that cheapass hooker had in mind for the senator.  I had to...SELL it.  This was what my aim was.

                I grabbed his hand.  No...I had to hit him where it hurts.

                I grabbed his dick.

                "Whoa..." he moaned throwing his head back as I pulled at his dick gently.

                "You are going to leave me here all alone...all wet for so long.  Why don't you just...take me with you?"  I asked.

                "I can still get the background check done."

                "You don't need a background check."

                "There are rules and regulations."

                "You are going to be the most powerful man in the free world," I told him, "FUCK rules and regulations!  I want to be with you.  I need you...John."

                I saw his eyes twinkle up.  Pride was always the way to get into these people's heads.  They loved the idea of power.  His dick had gotten hard in my hands.  I HAD him but all of a sudden we were interrupted.  I could KILL whoever interrupted us.  I moved my hands away from his pants and watched as he called out right before adjusting himself.

                "One minute!" the senator called out.

                It was literally a minute before the senator walked over the door and opened it.  I was shocked to see Morocco walk into the room.  He looked sexy as fuck.  He had a newspaper in his hand and had on this sexy ass muscle shirt.  He was such a fucking perfect specimen of a man.  His lips were full and pink.  They were puckered up as though he was angry about something but it was so sexy that I just wanted to walk across the room and suck on them for hours.

                "Am I disturbing something?" Morocco asked.

                He seemed to have this suspicious look on his face.  I wanted to disappear out of this seat.

                "I actually wanted to talk to the both of you," the senator said making his way back over behind his seat, "Morocco I am entrusting the running of the estate and paying bills to Corbin while I am gone.  He'll be moving into the house.  I wanted to just keep to make sure you are ok with that."
                Morocco's eyes locked with mine.

                "No...I'm not."

                The senator lifted his eyes, "Excuse me?"

                "I'm sick of this house and I'm moving out," Morocco explained before slapping the newspaper on the table, "Explain that to me!"

                I looked down at the article.  It read "SENATOR SUPPORTING UGANDAN PRESIDENT IN PERSECUTION OF HOMOSEXUALS".   The senator didn't even pick up the newspaper.  He just looked at the headline and looked a little uninterested.

                "What's your point?"
                "Gays are DYING in Uganda for being gay and you are publicly supporting them?"

                "The Ugandan president has it right," the senator said, "In conservative countries the people have always been against the homosexual choice.   How they choose to run their country should be completely up to them."
                "PEOPLE ARE FUCKING DYING!" Morocco said.

                Morocco was pissed.  I had never seen him like this. This had gone past everything that I knew.  For the first time I wasn't just focused on how sexy he was.  Morocco was passionate about this.   I had to admit I loved the idea that he was sticking up for the homosexual lifestyle.  The senator was such a disgusting person sitting here and pretending like he wouldn't want to rip my clothes off as soon as we were in private.  My heart beat harder and harder.

                "When I become president...I will not only support the Ugandan government but I will finance them as well," the senator said, "If you want to leave...there's the door.  You and your perverted lifestyle won't be missed."

                "FUCK...YOU..." Morocco said.

                His fists were balled.  For a minute I could have sworn he was going to swing on the senator but he didn't.  He took a deep breath and walked out of the room.

                I couldn't help it.  I got up all of a sudden.

                "So where were we?" the senator said as soon as Morocco left.

                "Excuse me sir..."

                "What? Where are you going?  Corbin!"

                Fuck the senator.  At that moment I didn't give a fuck about begging him for anything.  The only thing I cared about was Morocco.  Seeing him like that had hit a chord that I didn't know I had in me.

                I ran out of the room and up the stairs to Morocco's room.

                He was on his bed ripping his clothes down off his bed.


                My voice was soft.  I wanted to let him know I was there for him.  I was at the door just looking at him packing his things.  I didn't want him to leave.

                "What the fuck do you want?"

                "I came to check up on you."

                He raised his head as though confused but didn't stop packing, "I'm fine.  Why are you even talking to me."

                "Don't pretend like you have emotions."

                I took a deep breath.  Morocco was flaming right now.

                "Look I know your upset  at the Senator, I just came to check on you."

                "Who I'm upset at is YOU!"


                Morocco finally packing to talk to me.  His face was serious and I didn't get it.  I was looking at him like he had two heads.  I made sure I shut his door as he was clearly getting louder and louder in the house.

                "You sat there seeing what that man said.  You know what he supports and you didn't stand up to him at all.  You just SAT there looking dumb."

                My eyes got wide. 

                "Listen I'm not YOU.  I'm not Mr. Moral Compass bro.  I don't defend gays I just do me."
                "But you are GAY...clearly every chance you get to check me out you are doing it.  When I walk in a room you can't even take my eyes off me for a minute."


                Fuck.  This motherfucker got me.

                "Deny it."

                "That's not fair.  Everyone deals with things differently."
                "You accept them.  People are dying in Uganda and that asshole downstairs is supporting it publicly changing public opinion.  He's running for president.  Imagine what happens if he wins."

                He was getting to me.  I had to admit.  I sat on the bed and looked down on the ground.  I felt like shit.  I was kind of selling out.  I knew I was.  I was here for a job but that had nothing to do with what was right or not.  I agreed with Morocco.  The senator was a fucked up man. 

                "What if he doesn't win?" I asked him.

                "He's going to...he is a war hero.  His approval rate as senator was in the 80s.  Everyone hates his opponent.  Why would he not win?"

                "I'll make sure of it."

                His eyes squinted at me.

                "What are you up to?"

                "I can't tell you.  I don't want to get you involved," I told him.

                He looked at me and sat down on the bed with me.  He was softer now.  He wasn't even talking.  I turned on the bed and looked at him.  He was so fucking sexy.  Morocco was right.  It was impossible for me to stop looking at him.

                "The senator is a dangerous man.  You don't want to get on his bad side."

                "But I will...if it means that much to you."

                All I had to do was find a way to exposing the senator for being the lying hypocritical piece of shit that he was.  He didn't like gays?  He supported gays being hunted down in foreign countries?  He thought we were so sick and disgusting.  He thought it was choice.

                I was going to show him what I thought about him.


                "Why not?"

                "You know why..." Morocco explained looking at me, "You continue to want to play this game.  I want you.  You want me.  Run away with me...right now.  Let's get away from all of this shit."

                Time stopped.

                He raised the stakes at this moment.  The look he had on his face made me feel like he really expected me to give it all up for him.  He really expected me to just run away with him. 

                How crazy was he?  What was he thinking?  Why would he ask me something so stupid? We barely knew each other.

Why was I not saying no?
I just stared at him, "Morocco..."

"Let me give you something to help you to decide."

He reached forward and pulled me close to him.  His lips pressed up against me.  I could almost faint at that moment.  His tongue went in my mouth.  He pressed his tongue against the back of my throat massaging it slowly.  Our lips almost glued together.  I had never felt a kiss so wet.  My mouth yearned for him as I sucked his tongue into my mouth.

He had tried to end it but I couldn't.  I found myself pushing him back and climbing on top of him.  I straddled him with my legs.  His fingers wrapped around my ass.  My dick pressed against his tight abs.  I could feel the contractions as the precum emptied out of my dick. 

His tongue rolled from my tongue out of my mouth.  He bit on my lower lip...slowly making his way to nibble on my chin then finally made his way to my neck.

                "Fuck..." I screamed.

                He shut me up sticking his fingers in my mouth.  I sucked on the fingers for him hearing him moan as I did it.  I could do this forever.  I could get lost with him and forget everything.  I didn't need I could be with him.  We could be young and foolish together.

                "Say you'll leave with me."

                "I can't just leave.  Go where?"

                His fingers made my way down the smalls of my back.  The wet fingers trailed into my pants and before I knew what he was about to do he did it.  I didn't have time to brace myself.  I didn't have time to loosen myself.  The wet fingers went into my asshole, thrusting upward.  I let out the biggest scream I had imagined.  I was almost sure someone heard me but no one came. 

                "You're so're so wet...I want you...I want you for me.  Just leave with me Corbin.  Give this to me.  Let me have this.  Fuck what the senator has to say. Fuck what my mother has to say.  I need you Corbin.  I need you more than I can take."

                He fingered me with two fingers now.  The fingers went in and I could feel everything.  I could feel how he slowly pushed it in and out.  He was watching my expression as he did it.  He wanted to see that I was enjoying it.

                I mouth was hung open. 

                "It feels so good," I said.

                Morocco's fingers kept going in and out of my ass faster and harder.  He kissed me pressing his hard abs against my dick.  Our eyes connected.  I wrapped my hands around his neck holding on as he took me for the ride of my life.  I was panting at this point.

                "How's it feel..."

                "So good...don't stop...don't stop..."

                He did stop.  He pulled his fingers out. He stopped kissing me.  He gently picked me up and laid me on the bed.  I laid there...wet and horny.  I wanted him to fuck me.  I wanted him all over me.  No...that was an understatement.   I NEEDED Morocco.  I NEEDED HIS DICK in every hole that I had.  Take me.  Give me everything you are. 

                "To be continued..."

                "What?  You're joking right?"

                My dick and balls were throbbing.  I was panting in excitement. 

                "Go grab your shit and run away with me."

                "This is crazy.  We don't even KNOW each other like that.  We could be making a mistake.  We could be fucking things up."

                "You're right.  It is crazy.  But what are you going to do."

                "I'll go with you..."


                "I'll go with you.  I'll FUCKING GO!  YES!"

                I was excited.  My voice raised.  His eyes bubbled up like a kid on Christmas.

                "Meet me out front in ten minutes."

                I was being an idiot.  I had no idea what the fuck I was doing.  Morocco grabbed me lifted me up in the air and kissed me hard.  I could tell he was excited by the way he was kissing me.  His tongue wrapped around mine.

                When I got down he slapped me on the ass and I started to run.  I was an idiot.  I was crazy but it didn't matter.  I would give all of this away.  I would give all of this away for one shot at true love.   It was a concept that I didn't even understand now but I knew I wanted to experience it. 

                This was my only chance.

                I was an idiot.  I was a fool.

                I was free.

                And I didn't give a fuck.  For the first time in my life running down those steps I felt like there was hope for me to find true happiness.  I didn't need fame. There was something else that could mean just as much as fame did.  This crazy THING I had with Morocco was what could be better than all of the bullshit that I was going through.  I would risk it all for him.

                I was falling for him...


                Then as I got to the bottom of the staircase I saw my dreams crashing down.  As I got to the bottom of the steps I smelled the scent of Cuban cigars that I knew so well.

                "Mama Tea..."

                The PIMP basically was standing at the bottom of the steps.  Right next to her was Mrs. Patton.  The two of them looked at me with expressions.  No this couldn't be the right time.  This couldn't be what was happening at this moment.

                "Where you rushing to in such a hurry?" Mrs. Patton asked me.

"I was...I was---Mama Tea?"

                She crossed my arms.  She had been with me since I was younger.  She was the one who taught me what I needed to do to seduce someone. 

                "In the flesh," she said.

                "What are you doing here?"

                I had my heart in my chest.  Mrs. Patton had a smirk on her face.  I noticed Mama Tea touching onto her side in her trenchcoat.  I knew what she kept her holster in there with her pistol.  I had seen it a million times.  This was the biggest contract that Mama Tea had probably ever.  There was no way in hell she was going to just let me walk out of here.  My heart went in my throat at that moment.

"Mrs. Patton gave me a call.  She says you aren't as effective as she thought you were going to be.  I had to come see for myself.  This didn't sound like the Corbin I knew.  Now what is it that could have the CORBIN that I KNOW not be effective?  What is it Corbin?"

"Corbin what's going on?"

                                Morocco had bags in his hand.  He was already mostly packed up.  He wasn't planning    on taking a lot clearly. 

                                "Nothing," I said.

                                "Whose she?" he asked looking at Mama Tea.

                                I hadn't taken my eyes off her.  I hadn't taken my eyes off her holster. 

Morocco was at the top of the steps at that moment.  I looked back at him but had to quickly look away because my face was going to give it away.  I wanted to cry.  I wanted to just disappear into myself.  All of a sudden reality set in.  I wasn't a professional.  I wasn't a lover.  I didn't fall in love.  That's not who I was.  I got the job done.

"Why do you have  bags?" Mrs. Patton asked Morocco at the top of the steps, "Are you taking a trip?"

"We're leaving...Mom.  I can't do it anymore.  I can't take your husband disrespecting my lifestyle...disrespecting OUR lifestyle.  So we are...leaving..."


"Corbin and I."

Mrs. Patton looked at Corbin and looked at me.  She looked enraged.  Mama Tea took a long drawn out puff of her cigar. Morocco was so brave.  I wished I could stand by him and just be so careless.  Reality was all coming back to me though.   I wasn't free at all.

"You don't KNOW anything about Corbin," his mother said.

It was clear she was talking about my profession. 
                "You barely knew the man you got married to.  At least I care about the guy that I'm running off with."

I turned to Morocco, "I'm not going with you."

I didn't know why I had ever agreed to the stupidity in the first place.  It was such a dumb idea.  Guys like me...we didn't fall in love.  We had guys fall in love with us and we used them for everything that they had.  Then we left.  We were heartbreakers.  Guys like me we did what we had to get ahead.  I would be the most famous guy like me.

I had just succeeded in what I did best.  I had just broken a heart.

Morocco looked at me confused, "Corbin..."

"I'm sorry.  I made up my mind."

He walked down the steps stopping when he got close. 

Then he Morocco shook his head and walked out of my life.



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