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Chapter 7


"I'll give you two some privacy," Mrs. Patton said.

Bitch. I watched her and my eyes burned into her back. She went behind my back and contacted Mama Tea. She walked out leaving me and I could see Mama Tea's eyes looking at me with this angriness that I didn't quite get.

I walked up to her. I had seen some things Mama Tea had done to the boys who broke her rules. I didn't want to be one of those boys.

"What do you think you are doing?" she asked me.

Her voice was threatening with this anger in the back of her throat. Fuck. My face got red with embarrassment.


"You worked with me two long and you've been loyal. You know what people do when you can't control a dog anymore?"


I rolled my eyes, "I'm not a dog."

She ignored me, "You put a dog down when you can't control them anymore. Is that what you want? Do you think I won't put you down?"

I couldn't look her in the eyes. She was dangerous. We weren't from the world with politics. I wasn't anyone. No one would miss me if I came up missing. No one would notice I was gone. I would just disappear just like that. Boys disappeared in the lifestyle all the time and no one cared. Why would the police care to investigate a dead prostitute?

"Nothing happened," I said looking at the ground as though not to provoke her, "I was just using him. I was just going to lead him on so I can get closer."

I was lying. I was going to do it. I wanted to run away with him in that moment of madness. I wondered if she could tell. She was looking at me as though studying my face.

"You telling me the truth?" she asked.


"Yes what?"

I raised my eyes at her. I wouldn't have to be like this for long. I wouldn't NEED Mama Tea and this stupid brothel for much longer. I was going to be famous. People would KNOW if I went missing. I would let her have her day though.

"Yes Ma'am," I told her.

She nodded, "I'll talk to Mrs. Patton and let her know about this misunderstanding. I'll be staying in DC as well for a while."

"That's not necessary."

"Yes it is. You will NOT fuck this up for us. This is more money then you are worth. Do you understand?"

That's what she thought of me. I was nothing more than a dollar sign for her.

"Yes ma'am," I said.

"If you fuck this up...I'll bury you."

"Good...get back to work."

I went upstairs at that moment. It wasn't fear why I went upstairs.

I had more resolve than ever. I was going to be famous. I decided that now. I was going to be bigger than Mama Tea. I'd be bigger than Mrs. Payton. And people would MISS me when I was gone.



The next day was the day that the senator was leaving. They had set me up in a room and Mrs. Payton gave me a fake list of duties to do. I found myself in the senator's room alone while he packed. I grabbed him by his tie pulling him in.

"Are you going to call me?"

The senator smiled at me, "Of course...I'll be thinking of you the entire time."

I didn't believe him. I had to do something. I had to do something to make sure that the senator remembered me the entire time.

"I have a gift for you..."

"Oh you do..."

I smiled teasing him. I starting unzipping my pants at that moment. I let them fall exposing my lower body. Then I took off my shirt. The senator watched me the whole time that I did it. His mouth opened and he gulped hard as he looked at my body.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"The better question would be what are WE doing..."

I had reached in my pocket all of a pulled out a condom. I put the condom in my mouth all of a sudden. I watched how his eyes surveyed my body. There were no flaws on this body and he knew it. I was a perfect specimen.

"I ...I don't have much time."

"Tell them to wait."

"I don't want to seem bossy."

"You aren't bossy. You ARE the boss," I told him smiling.

I slowly got on my knees on the carpet in front of him. I turned away from him towards the door. I arched my back. He was staring at my asshole at that moment. He looked like he wanted to say something else. He looked like he wanted to resist.

Instead he was walking towards me. I had to admit the senator was a sexy man. He had blondish brown hair and looked like a movie star in a way. It was no wonder people seemed to take to him on a political level. I didn't mind this at all...if it wasn't the sweeping thought of Morocco that kept entering in my mind.

"I'm the boss."

"Yes bossman..."

"Get your head on the ground."

I laid my head flat on the ground as if I was listening to the floorboards. In the next seconds I could feel the immediate tongue entering in my asshole. I moaned in pleasure as it happened.

"Senator! Senator the car's here," a voice said at the door.

The senator didn't answer. It was his assistant at the door. He put his condom on at that moment and immediately enters me. It fills me whole like my ass is mouth engulfing a long sandwich.

"Fuck me," I demanded.

"Fuck your so wet..."

I wrapped my muscles around his dick. My ass started doing quick spasms on his dick as he thrusted in me. I could feel him getting weak and his thrusts slowing down. I started to make my asshole vibrate. It was a trick I learned a long time ago.

"You feel that?"

" are you doing that?"

"Don't move..."

At that moment I flipped over...his dick still in me...caught myself midair and changed from doggie style to missionary. He couldn't take it. I saw him quivering underneath me and panting. He was panting to find a way to breathe.

Then he nutted.

He fucking nutted.

I couldn't believe it. I wanted to roll my eyes. Was that all he had?

"That was amazing," I lied pulling him down and kissing him.

He looked at me before pulling out as though he saw right through my front, "Really? I didn't nut too fast."

"God know. I couldn't take it anymore," I continue to lie, "Your dick was so big. That was the best...the best ever..."

He smiled. Men like the senator loved people to boost his ego. The truth was his dick was an average size and his sex was horrible. He didn't last at all. It was a waste of time but from the smile on his face I could tell he hadn't experienced anything like that.

Meaning I knew some tricks that Jose Santiago must not have.

"I'm going to miss having you around."

"Not as much as I'll miss you," I said, "Senator I have something to tell you."

"Another surprise?" he said smiling.

"I love you."

He looked at me. It was desperation that was making me do this. He was going to be away with Jose Santiago. I needed something better than giving him a blowjob and a pat on the back. I had to turn this up.

I didn't expect him to say it back...and I was right, "Aw..."

"I just wanted to let you know before you left."

"I appreciate it. It...means a lot to me..."

He didn't say it back and it was awkward as hell when I got dressed. It didn't matter though. I had him where I wanted him. He was thinking about it. It was clear by how awkward it was. The idea that this was more than just sex had entered his mind and was swirling around.

Just where I wanted him.



It took almost 20 minutes for the Pattons to get ready to leave. They were upstairs arguing. I waited downstairs trying to make sure I was the face that the Senator saw last before he left. I wasn't too concerned about them though. What I was concerned about was the fact that Morocco was still around. There was awkwardness in the room. He didn't say anything to me. We just looked at one another. I thought about speaking.

What the fuck could I possibly say to him?

"You decided to say?" I asked.

He nodded, "Yeah."

It was clear he was mad at something. We went back to being quiet. He looked so sexy when he was upset but I disliked the fact that he was upset with me.

Silence. God this was so awkward.

What made it even more awkward was when Jose Santiago walked into the house from the car.

He walked in the room and looked at Morocco and I.

"Morocco..." Jose said smiling at him.

Jose looked like he was purposely ignoring me. That was fine with me though. I didn't want anything to do with him. He was the fucking reason I wasn't going on the trip. He was the competition. I had no kind words for him...AT ALL.

I didn't like the way Jose stared at Morocco though.

"Look if you are looking for my stepfather he'll be down in a second. They are upstairs usual."

Morocco was being short with him. Good.

"How have you been? I called you two days ago...I was around and I thought maybe we could go out and get some drinks before I left on the campaign trail..."

"I'm not interested."

A smirk came across my face. Morocco could be an asshole when he wanted to be. I was just glad his attitude wasn't targeted to me at that moment. Jose noticed my smirk. I could tell he was embarrassed. His milky tan cheeks turned red.

"I miss you," he told Morocco.

"I don't miss you," Morocco said, "You were using me. I don't fucking like that."

"I wasn't using you. It just so happened my wife is a senator. What do you think...she hired me or something to get closer to you and your stepfather. How ridiculous does that sound?"

I coughed. I was pretty sure that was the truth. Jose looked at me as though daring me to say something. I didn't though. The fact that Morocco was shutting him down was clear and it was kind of hilarious.

"Look I don't even care what happened in the past. I've moved on."

"Have you?"

"Yes...even though he doesn't believe me...I actually would like you to meet the guy I'm very much interested in. Corbin."

Me? I could have sworn Morocco would have been mad at me for walking out on him like I did. He wasn't though. He was looking at me with these passionate eyes.

"Really?" Jose said.

Jose looked pissed. He looked BEYOND pissed actually.


Jose didn't take his eyes off of me. This was so awkward. Luckily the senator and his wife had finally come downstairs with their assistants. Jose wasn't even bothered with them though. As they said their goodbyes I could just see Jose's eyes burning into me. This had become personal all of a sudden. I wondered at that moment. He wasn't just looking at me like someone he didn't like. At this point he was staring at me as though I was someone he HATED with everything in him. I found it pretty hilarious that I had this effect on him. No it wasn't me. It was his feelings for Morocco that was causing this little hatred that he had towards me.

Was Jose in love with Morocco?

He HAD to be.

How interesting...

"You ready?" the senator asked.

His wife smiled. They put on the fake smile they always had as though they hadn't been upstairs arguing the entire time. I couldn't take the Pattons. I really found them annoying as hell with how fake and political they were.

I couldn't wait to drag their name through the dirt.

"Good luck...I'm sure you'll be the future president," I said smiling at the president.

"How nice of you..."

I went ahead and shook Mrs. Patton's hand and then shook Mr. Patton. All of a sudden as I was going to walk away I felt Jose grab my hand. He pulled me close all of a sudden.

He whispered in my ear, "I am going to destroy you..."

When I pulled back I realized that we had some attention especially from Morocco.

I acted like what Jose said didn't bother me, "Good luck Jose with running the campaign."

"Thanks for the good wishes Corbin," he said.

He walked away and luckily I didn't have to fake the smile. If he planned on destroying me I was going to make damn sure I destroyed him first.

I guessed it was going to be a race to the finish.

The Pattons finally left with Jose. I hated the idea of the senator being alone with him but I had to trust that I had done a good job on the senator to stick. I had sex. I had respect. I had privacy. I was the total package for an undercover DL politician. I just hoped he saw that.

That wasn't what I was concerned with though. What I was concerned with was when the Pattons closed the door after they left. To my right was the one person that I knew was my true weakness.


"What did he say to you?" Morocco asked me.

I shook my head, "Oh nothing."

"You're lying. Jose is...he's vindictive," Morocco explained shaking his head, "Did he threaten you?"

"It doesn't matter..."

I started walking away. I had to get away from him. This would be the hardest job I ever had. I would want to be stuck with anyone except for Morocco. Him being here was just tragic.

"It does matter. I care about you..."

"Why? I didn't leave with you...I betrayed you. Let's just drop it all."

I walked away into the kitchen area. The kitchen was a beautiful wide kitchen with full white sinks. When I got to the sink I ran the water. I started to run my fingers under the hot water. Sometimes that calmed me down when I was stressed. It should have been stressed about Jose. I should have been stressed over Mama Tea. None of that stuff stressed me though. What stressed me was Morocco and these feelings he had for me.

"You thought about it," Morocco argued following me into the kitchen!

I sighed heavily when I turned and saw that he followed me. I couldn't shake this guy. No matter how hard I wanted to just cut this off I just couldn't.

"Morocco stop...please I'm begging you..."

"Why? You can't take it? You can't take this.."

He pressed up against me. He pressed me against the sink. His torso separated my legs. I kept backing up more and more as he pushed more and more. I found myself up against the sink with Morocco in between my legs.

"It's over."

"No it's not. You were going to leave with me. I knew you were."

"No I wasn't."

"How do you feel about me?"

"I don't feel anything..."

"YOUR LYING! I can tell..."

He had his hand placed on my chest. It was almost as though this man could feel my heart. He could feel my heart beating for him and he was FUCKING right. He was so fucking right. The first moment I met him I loved him.

The problem was I didn't believe in love at first sight.

Things like that didn't exist. Well maybe they existed in fantasies. Maybe they existed to those kids who were raised in the suburbs with their perfect straight lifestyle. True love didn't exist in my world. It didn't exist to me.

So why was I feeling this.

"You don't know me," I told him.

"I know you more than you know yourself. I see right through you. You have a glass heart. is where I see through. Your heart. It beats for me. You want to know how I know?"

He was squeezing on my chest. He was so close to me. He had this unique smell of cinnamon that lingered on him. I could reach over in front of him and kiss him right now. I could make love to him right now on this sink.

"How do you know?"

"Because ever since I met you my heart beats for you..."

Morocco took my hand. He put it on my heart. One minute passed. Two minute passed. It seemed like an eternity where we just sat there looking at each other. We just felt each other's hearts through his chests. I couldn't look away.

Then I felt it. It came to me all of a sudden. He was right. Our lips were so close. I could see it now. I could SEE love. I could see it all around us.

It was soft. It was purple.

"Velvet," I said, "It's beautiful. It looks like velvet."

"You see what I'm talking about now..."

I did. I saw it. It scared the FUCK out of me. I was in love with Morocco.

He leaned in closer to me. His lips ready to kiss me but immediately I found myself breaking away. The feeling scared me so badly. I started crying at that moment as I made my way away from him.

I ran...I didn't stop. I just kept running until I got into the new guest room of the house that had been assigned to me while the Pattons were gone.



I stayed in my room avoiding Morocco like the plague. I knew I would have to come out of the room at some point and prayed every time that I left the room that I didn't run into him. I didn't know if I could handle being around him.

I walked out of the room finally the next evening. I showered and made my way downstairs slowly trying to find something to eat. My eyes looked around quickly.

I had to make this quick. I got to the fridge and started quickly looking for something to eat. I didn't even care what it was. I took out eggs. I took out milk. I took out peanut butter. God knows what the hell I planned on doing with all those things.

I close the fridge to see someone standing there looking back at me.


I dropped the eggs. The person had scared me. The person was just standing in the darkness almost as though he was sneaking on me. As my eyes adjusted to the light I saw who it was.

"Sorry for scaring you," Idris said.

"What are you doing here? Why are you standing in the dark?"

"I came over to check up on Morocco. He has been down and out about something since yesterday. I'm not sure what it is though he won't talk to me about it."

It was me. I shrugged my shoulders as I got on the floor and started to mop up the stuff egg yolk on the floor.

"I have no idea what's wrong with him."

"Let me help you."

"No...I'm fine."

He didn't listen to me. He got on his knees and started helping me clean up the eggs from the floor with paper towels. I could feel Idris watching me. He was so fucking creepy. The way he was standing in the darkness before just watching me was creepy as hell.

Now he was just staring at me.

"I have an idea...about that guy Joe..."

"Listen. Maybe you shouldn't get involved," I said.

"I want to be."

He was WAY too weird to me. The way he looked at me was almost like he wanted to eat my face and when I said that I meant LITERALLY. He was just looking at me with this madness that I didn't quite understand.

"Well what is your idea first?"

"I write an article on him and post it to the gossip blog," he said.

"What story?"

"Does it matter?" Idris said, "Anything that can be scandalous would do. I'm sure the Pattons will drop him as the campaign manager as soon as anything detrimental comes to light."

"They would probably blame Morocco. They know he works for that website."

"I don't give a fuck about Morocco. Fuck him. I give a fuck about you."

The way he said that was so cold. I had sworn they were like best friends or something but Idris didn't seem to give a fuck about any of that. He wanted his juicebox. That's all he was worried about.

I didn't like him talking about Morocco like that honestly.

"Look that's not a good idea. I don't want there to be any additional drama with Morocco and his stepfather. I don't want Morocco involved in this at all."

"Fine I'll think of something else...can I have a kiss for helping out?"


"Listen Idris."

"Just a kiss on the cheek. Is this asking too much? I KEEP your secret. I am even helping you. The least I can get is a kiss."

The way he said that was weird. He was keeping my secret huh?

I just had to shut up though and take the L on this one. I leaned in closer to him and started kissing him on his cheek.

Immediatley Idris moved his face and grabbed me. He started kissing me on the mouth.


He didn't stop. He grabbed me immediately pushing me hard against the fridge aggressively. He started kissing me and even ripped at my shirt until the buttons popped off.

All of a sudden the light turned on the kitchen.

Morocco was standing there watching us.


"Wow really?" Morocco asked me, "This is what's been going on behind my back. For some reason I thought there was something else going on. Now it all makes sense why you didn't wantto get with me. Damn...I guess my glass heart just shattered. Didn't think that was possible. broke my heart man..."

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