Gangsta Lovin 


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Chapter 2- Where did everybody go?

I finally woke up a day later, waking to the most intense feeling in my stomach and ribs. I was so hungry I could eat cardboard, and my ribs were still protesting their foul treatment.

I jumped in the shower. Trying to get the streets off my skin. When I jumped out I saw that my bed was made and they're was clean clothes on the bed waiting for me. As soon as I put them on I walked out the lavishly decorated room.

I smiled and bowed my head to the bosses old ladies who were all sitting on the chair watching Opera. They pointed to a stairwell leading to the roof. I followed it and found my bosses, Lovin and a huge buffet.

I couldn't keep my eyes off of it no matter how I tried. I was supposed to stand firm and look in their eyes, but my eyes kept wandering to the food. Finally Rotwilder let out a big laugh and handed me a plate. That was all I needed.

I soon ended up with 5 plates of food filled to the brim. All ready for me to attack. That's exactly what I did too. I attacked them shits. I ate like the food was running away. The whole time all 4 of them staring at me. Hey, they can call me a savage if they want I've been called worst.

When I reached the fifth plate I was past full but still going. Bird took the plate away and smiled "You eat anymore your going to burst." With that laughter exploded through the table. I had too much food in my gut to really laugh so I just chuckled.

"Get a little rest. You and Lovin play nice, the guys and I have some business to attend to. We will be back in an hour or so and then were all going on a field trip." With that they were gone which left only Lovin and me.

"Want a swim in the pool?" Lovin asked with an eyebrow up.

"Not with you." I said while I stood and headed off into the apartment.

"You sure can hold a grudge against someone you don't know." I heard him say to my back.

"I know all I need to know." Was my reply as I went down the steps.


I jumped and ran to the door, grabbing the gun on the table and checking to see if it was loaded. I looked thru the peephole and was pleasantly surprised by Rico. My live in lover. I opened the door and swung my arms around him, not caring if anyone saw us.

He pushed me roughly off immediately, which made my eye brown go up. I looked around him and saw nobody. So I gave him a funny look and he averted his eyes to behind me. I looked around and their was Lovin in a pair of cut offs that left nothing to the imagination. I looked back at Rico and saw the green eye monster was kicking his ass.

"Believe me when I say this, I wouldn't sleep with that punk ass bitch if my life depended on it. Come in here" I said relieving his fears and telling Lovin exactly what I thought of him.

"Humph" was his answer that told me he didn't quite believe me.

I took a look at him. His clothes baggy, hiding that perfect body underneath. Hiding the narrow waist and smooth 6 pack. He looked at me and I saw anger. His eyes looking almost jet black. His luscious lips curled. His hair that he normally kept short, grew out and he had it now ear length. It was now adding to his fury by refusing to stay behind his ear. Seeing him stand there gave me a raging hard on.

"Papi iVenga ahora, yo lo necesito! [ Come now, I need you)" I said hoping that Lovely couldn't speak Spanish.

"iNecesiteme! Tan que es el. (Need me! So who is he.)"

"Yo no soy capaz de decir. Venga ahora. (I am not able to say. Come now.)

He was still standing firm. Looking back and forth at the half naked Lovin and the fully clothed me. I screamed out in frustration. He gave me a glance and I gave him that if you don't come now I'll implode look.

He walked past Lovin, making sure to bump him hard. When he looked around his eyes were wide at the beauty of the place. I had no time for stalling. I was literally pulling/carrying his ass into my bedroom. When we were almost to the door he yanked his hand away from me. Took another look at Lovin and came into the room slamming the door hard. With that he pulled me and slammed me up against the bedroom door very hard. I knew from there it was going to be rough sex. He pulled my shirt off and started to devour my right nipple. It was very painful but then again very pleasing. His calloused hand roughly wandering all over my skin.

One hand found its way in my hair pulling hard on it and pointing my head down to his lips. We kissed, it was rough, passionate and ragged. I pulled his body in closer. Urgently needing to feel his sexy friend pressed against me. He started to grind into me so hard, that the door started to make 'creek' noises. He started slowly snaking his hand down in my pants and grabbing a hold of my best friend. It wasn't a light sweet caress it was a brutal pull that had me crying instantly.

"Rico" I said thru a cracked voice.

"Who is he?"

"I cant say."

"Why the hell not?"


"You can trust me. I wont tell anyone."

"No" I said scared. His hand still had a firm grip on my 'friend.'


And with that he threw me on the floor and flung himself on me. Which hurt so bad, my ribs still being a little bit sore from yesterday. He pulled my pants off and his pants down in one fluid motion and then without warning slid into me dry. His hand firmly covering my mouth, muffling my screams. The screams were still loud enough to echo out into the apartment I'm sure.

I tried pulling him out, pushing him off, but he had a good hold of me. Pressing his thumbs into my ribs any time I almost had him. All the while keeping a steady rhythm. Pumping in and out with so much force and speed. The pain was unbearable. It was so intense. I seriously wondered if this was worst then being shot, almost!

The door all of a sudden was kicked open by a nice and wet Lovin, looking like a prince on a white horse. He threw Rico off of me so fast that he was in mid air still pumping in and out. Next all I saw was a leg so swift and so powerful that it made a whoosh sound cutting thru the air connecting with Rico's chest.

Rico fell to the floor barely breathing. I realized then that Lovely was holding back when we were fighting. He flung Rico on his shoulder and left the room. I soon heard the front door slam shut.

He came into my room with a concerned look and a paper towel. I took the tissue and pressed it against my rosebud and was happy to find that It wasn't bleeding. I realized I was butt ass naked so I pulled up my pants and rubbed my nipples where he started twisting and pulling.

I checked my eyes and was glad to see that I didn't cry. The situation was bad enough, but for Lovin to see my crying like a baby would have been just as bad. He would have thought that I was soft, but seeing the situation he found in me. He probably thinks that anyway.

I looked up to see Lovin was still there watching me. I gave him a look, a real look this time. Looked in his eyes, trying to find out what he thought about me. "You could have taken him" he stated, leaving no room for discussion.

"I would have ended up hurting him."

"Your worried about hurting him, he was just hurting you."

"True, he was just jealous." "Not a good point."

"Good enough for me."

"Well, then YOU must not be much." He said emphasizing the 'you.'

With that I was in his face, my nostrils flaring, my fist gripped so tightly that it would leave marks for hours. "Look at you, your so ready to pounce on me for words, but you let it slide when he RAPES you." Her spat out with a face of disgust. I wondered what it was for, the disgust that is. Me a strapping young man who no doubt could have easily killed Rico with my bare hands, being raped by him or me being gay or maybe both.

"Wasn't rape" I said not even convincing myself.

"Yeah it was."

"I was consenting. I was with it."

"Never heard someone scream out in pain like that who was with it."

"Well, I was with it, Mind yours ." "I would have if you weren't screaming, cant enjoy a swim in the pool with you shrieking."

"Fuck you" I spat out, my anger rising.

"If I did it would feel way better then that" he spoke.

"You wish"

"Actually I don't."

"Bitch" I said making sure I was all up in his face.

"Bitch? You were the one getting fucked."

With that my fist came out ready and swinging. He moved so my fist that was aiming for his face landed on his rock hard chest. He recovered quick and had me on my back with him on top of me in a matter of seconds. His hands holding both of mine and a chrome 22. pistol pointed at the center of my head. I wonder where he had that hidden?

"Even if your life depended on it was the words, right?" He said in this raspy sexy voice that started to make me stand at attention.


"When Rico first came you said you wouldn't have sex with me, even if your life depended on it, right."

"Yeah so."

"You still hold to that. Now that I have a gun pointed at your head." He said while he started to grind into my crotch.

"Yeah asshole, if your gonna kill me do it."

"I swear I hear a protest or better yet FEEL a protest."

"Get the fuck off me!"

"Papi iVenga ahora, yo lo necesito!" He repeated imitating my voice, making it sound more sexy then I ever could.

"Asshole" was all I could say. Feeling my face flush.

"Papi, Come now, I NEED YOU" making it sound like a whine.

"Son, seriously get the FUCK OFF OF ME." A moan escaped my lips. His grinding was really working me up.

"Anybody ever told you to have respect for your elders." He said with a smirk that I would love to punch right off of his face.

"Whatever your probably fucking 25, I'm 19 you don't get the title elder quite yet."


"Stop grinding into me, get off you fucking punta, asshole..."

All of a sudden the door flung open and the bosses walked in to find Lovin on top of my soaking wet with a gun at my head and me cursing at him in Spanglish

They took their time getting the gun from him and helped me up. They told us to get ready.

Soon afterwards we ended outside where three big ass Suv's were waiting. The bosses and their guards all had their separate Suv. So unfortunately I ended up next to Lovin, who for some reason or the other didn't have an entourage of guards to keep him safe and sound.

I jumped in reluctantly with a unit on my face making it crystal clear that I didn't want to be anywhere near him. He just smiled and pulled off. This guy already made me nervous but when he started driving he had me petrified. Jumping in and out of traffic. We fucking started behind the bosses and now they're behind us catching their ass to catch up

"You know they have a speed limit for a reason, guy"

"Stop being a smart ass."

"Well, its not me whose trying to get on 'ugliest car accident' show."

"They should have a show like that, I'd like to watch."


I started feeling tired again, since I never took my nap and my body was still recovering from those crucial days. So with another unsure look at Lovin and my hand holding my gun under my shirt tightly. I drifted off.

I turned my head and looked out behind me to find that the bosses cars were no where in sight. I did a double check and they were no where to be found. I took a good look around and we were in some fucking prairie looking dirt road or something. Their was grass for miles, no signs of civilization anywhere. I didn't need a sign to say creepy shit and wasted no time at grabbing my gun and aiming it right at his temples


"Calm down" he said way too damn calm for me to do what he asked

"WHERE'S THE BOSSES." I said frantically looking in back at the road and him

"They're where they need to be, as so are you."


"I'm not at liberty to say." I see why this shit irked Rico.

"I should have known better then to fall asleep. You cant trust a Love. I should have known fucking better." I mumbled to myself while my anger in him and disappointment in myself grew. I took a look at him and pulled the trigger.

To Be Continued...
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