Gangsta Lovin 


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Chapter 3- 007?

The barrel clicked but nothing happened. I looked at the gun and pulled the trigger again, but still nothing came out. No blood on the windshield. No smell of death. No watching him trying to hold on. I pulled, pulled, pulled. Nothing came out, as if the gun was empty.

I looked at Lovin. He had a cross of a smirk, scowl and a frown. That smirk, told me what I needed to know about the missing bullets to my gun, because I know I checked the clip before I left the house. I sensed movement and before I could react, I saw a big hand reaching over to my face. After that, all I saw was black.

When I finally woke up. I was no longer in the car. I was in some strange foreign house. I saw a mirror at the end of the room and looked into it. I was half naked with only dark gray silk pajama bottoms on. My face wasn't swollen, just a little red. I looked around and couldn't help but say out loud deja vu. This room, though slightly different in size and minus some bruised ribs, reminded me of when I woke up in Love territory the night of the nine hit men.

"Morning sleeping beauty. Was wondering when you were gonna come out of it."

I looked around to find the same guy that greeted me last time when I was in this predicament. Automatically I balled my fist balled up and was ready to fight

The guy just shook his head. "No need to be pressed, come now, Lovin wants you."

"Where the hell am I?"

"All will be told when you speak to Lovin."

"Fuck Lovin" I said with such malice that it even surprised me. I was stopped instantly, when I realized I was looking down thru the barrel of the gun.

"You watch what you say, BOY!" He said, making sure to draw out the boy. As if he was older then me, when I was probably older then HIM.

"You might as well pull that trigger while you have a chance, because I will find a way to contact my family and let them know about how the bosses are missing. And they'll make sure to put a bullet not just in you, but in your whole family." I said through gritted teeth. The thought of Wolf and the guys being laid out somewhere was so unbearable. I've lost everything else - I CANNOT lose them as well.

"Let's not keep him waiting," he said trying to keep cool, but I could read him like a book. His trigger was just itching to put two into me. With that, he gestured in front of him to the door. I walked out into the hall and was greeted by a most magnificent sight.

Everything surrounding me was the embodiment of 'elegance.' I was walking into a room that was twice the size of my fucking apartment.

Decked out in a hard ebony wood floor. Leather chairs that just screamed comfort, and that looked like you would just sink into them. Every detail was looked at in this room, nothing clashed. Like everything in this room was made for this room. The most extraordinary piece being the chandelier, the first word that came to mind when I saw it was 'grand.' It looked like it was made for royalty and I guess it was.

In the bed was Lovin sleeping, his bed was so high up that it came up by the base of my neck and hello - I'm 6'0. I looked at him and the hate that I had in me was slowly chipping away. Here was this prince, in a bed made for a king. He even had his own henchman - a set of mean ass Rottweilers surrounded his thrown. I was so absorbed in this whole scene I barely heard the click of the door being closed as the man who'd brought me in here quietly left.

I kept looking at Lovin and his dogs. What the fuck am I supposed to do? I couldn't help but wonder. I needed to think of something, anything. So, I did. I stared - stared at his body, smooth and hard. Stared at how the blood red silk pajama bottoms hugged him, wondering how it felt to be those pants. Stared at his bare chest, at his unruly hair flowing from his head down, caressing his body. His lips slowly parted, his chest rising and falling.

I snapped out of it when I heard the growl of one of the beasts. I looked down and saw they all were standing up, inching closer and closer to me.

"LOVIN! LOVIN! LOVIN!" I screamed pathetically, too scared to care how weak that made me sound.

Without opening his eyes he said, "Let him pass," his voice firm but soft.

That was all that was needed for them to move back. They surrounded his bed, but left a little opening for me to walk through. I stumbled forward on unsteady feet, scared shitless, but compelled to move closer to the man who had my complete attention. I stopped and stood by the side of his bed, not sure what came next and praying that it wasn't going to be those bitches taking a bite out of me.

"Come up" he said in a whisper. His eyes still closed, my eyes still making sweet love to his body.

"No" I said more out of fear then anger. Me and Love don't mesh well, I forced myself to remember. I mean look at the bosses. With that thought in my head the anger started to build back up comforting me with its familiarity.

He chuckled; it was like he knew what was going on in my head. "Fine I'll just tell them to attack."

With that I heard a chorus of growling coming from every direction. I didn't need to be told twice - I jumped up on the bed, but making sure to sit as far away as possible from him. Even as scared and interested as I was, I wasn't going to give in that easily. He slowly propped himself up on his elbows.

"Come and sit on me."

"I'm not a club bunny! What part of I don't want you don't you comprehend?"

"Hmm so why were you staring at me for a good 5 minutes when you walked in here?"

I blushed at that and gave him the finger. Before I knew it he pulled me up and rolled me so that he was on top of me. His 200 frame gave him the upper advantage on my little 180 lbs.

"You seem to like this position pervert," my mouth said dripping with sarcasm and resentment, but my body was saying a completely different thing

His voice was like velvet, wrapping me in its soft, sweet spell. "Why is it so hard to admit you want me too?"

"Cuz I don't," I was lying - though I desperately wanted it to be true.

"What makes me so bad?" His voice was amused and it pissed me off.

"What have you done to Wolf, to Rot, to Bear?!" My anger made my voice shrill.

"They are safe and sound," Lovin soothed me, treating me like a scared kid than another gang's member that needed to be feared - and respected.

I shook my head, not willing to accept that. "That's not answering my question."

"They trusted me enough for them to put you in my care," he answered still in that calm, sexy voice.

"Right," though my tone made it clear I was not agreeing. " It was totally coincidental we ended up in the same car together."

"Oh really, so why do you think I've been with you 24/7 for the last 2 days?" He said, sliding off of me to lie down beside me. His hand reached out and rested on the top of my chest. I stayed in that position, letting my brain process his words.

"Liar!" I still fought back, but I was beginning to wonder if it was worth it. "I am not that important. Why would they have YOU guarding me? If anything they would have ME guarding you."

Lovin sighed. "Lets go over this, you know all the secret doors and what not in the bosses rooms, being that your one of Wolf's guards. Well, the room you were in, did it not have a secret door leading to my room or the other way around?" He continued before I could answer. "Do you think they would leave one of their best men in the same car as someone they didn't trust? Fuck, if they didn't trust me, why did they have me in the heart of Predators, sleeping only feet away from them? Do you think they are that dumb?"

He was right, but not agreeing with him was a habit I couldn't seem to break. "True, maybe they trusted you...a lot. But who knows you could have double crossed them, betrayed them some way or the other."

"True, then why aren't you dead?"

"Cause you wanna have your way with me" I said with a smirk already knowing his answer.

Lovin smiled sleepily and my cock lurched - damn! "Could have done that when you were passed out. Ever wonder why you were so tired during the car ride?"

"Because I wasn't well rested."

"Bullshit you were fine and dandy before..."

"Before?" This was a new line of thought for me and I wanted to pursue it.

"Before Wolf gave you a cup of coffee while heading out the door. Think about it - I didn't give it to you, Wolf did. And come on, you were up and fine the whole morning, enough to struggle with me on the floor." All he was saying was making sense, except one thing. I opened my mouth but he stopped me with a hand to my lips. "Why can't you trust me? Why do you hate me so?"

"I hate you for what you stand for."

"And that is?"

I looked at him dead on. "Senseless death"

"Heh, you're in a gang, you're a hit man as well. Why just yesterday you had 9 men killed in your honor."

"Yeah, but they had it coming to them. You, you Love's, you'll kill a newborn baby and not think twice about it."

His eyes narrowed and now I wasn't the only person who was pissed off in that bed. " You're listening to word around the street and you know as well as I do that word around the street don't mean shit. Its only 1% truth and 99% exaggerated bullshit."

"I know that, it's that 1% that worries me."

He chuckled softly. "You gotta a problem then cause you're gonna have to trust me, if not as a lover, as friend because we're together now."

"So what are you protecting me from?"


"You're my guard, right? So there must be something big and mean you're protecting me from for the bosses to go out of the Predators for help."

He nodded. "The Tae's."

"The what?" It wasn't the answer I'd been expecting.

"Asian mob."

"Asian mob? We don't even deal with them. Why would they be out looking for me?"

"They're not looking for you yet, but they will soon, after..." He stopped and thought a minute. "You are aware of the Predator ties with the government?"

"Si." I snorted my answer. I wasn't no damn dummy street kid who didn't know what was going on.

"Well, we've been hired to do some business."

"What kind?" In spite of myself I was interested.

"For the most part, we're sending people to the grave. And we will be doing some spying and what not."

"Oh what?! Next you're gonna tell me that we're like fucking 007 agents!"

"Heh, nope," he smirked. "We gotta better advantage then agents. We got street smarts that they just dont have. We get into places and things that they could never get into. Were what they call expendible. Plus, neither one of us would fit the James Bond profile."

"Hey, speak for yourself."

He smiled, but let that one go. "You do understand what this will do for our ... organizations? We won't be a little petty gang anymore. We'll be the real deal, in the big leagues. Getting hired for jobs nationally."

"So were turning into a predominantly hit men kinda crew." I said a little bit saddened by that. "Wonder how the streets is gonna respond to shit like that?"

"Yeah, well that's what you've always been and you know it, you're just denying it. Yep The Predators and Loves are joining forces. All our men are not being accessed thought. We have to test their talent, kinda the way you were. If they don't make the bar they stay home, and pretty much do what they do now. Watch the streets; make sure everything is running smoothly. They'll be getting trained as well, but not as severely as the ones who do pass. They'll all be crammed in here in a year, after being trained themselves - not as extensively as we will be though."

"So why am I here now!" I said getting frustrated.

"Well, because the bosses are staying behind."


"Yep, they're staying in Brooklyn holding down the fort with those who didn't make it. They'll be on the hunt for new boys to turn into men who, when we feel ready, will join up with us."

Interesting, but not what I was really concerned about. "So I'm gonna repeat this. Why am I here?"

"Because if the bosses are back there, then they're going to need someone to take their place. I can't go up there by myself and claim boss. My men will listen to me, but yours won't. They need a familiar face - a well recognized face, a respected face, one of them to help me ease the tension between our families.

A moment of silence passed and my mind was reeling with all this news. I was gonna be a boss now? Me? How crazy is that? All he said sounded good, sounded wise, but I still had doubt.

"So I'll be the head of the Predators out here and you'll be the head of the Loves?"

"No were combining out here. We'll, be called the 'Ghost' and we will share the responsibility."

"Out here? So I'm guessing were staying separate at home"

"Yep, to everyone we know we'll still be sort of enemies."

"WOW" I said, and felt the tension finally start to seep out of my muscles. A large yawn followed after that and I slumped, suddenly exhausted. I felt a soft hand gently pull me on my side away from Lovin and a warm chest slid up against my back. That same soft hand wrapped loosely around my tummy, and a bulky arm slid under my head, pretending to be a pillow. I tensed again, my body stiffing up more out of nature than any real feeling of threat, being so used to pulling away from him.

"What your doing?" I asked warily.

"You're tired, go to sleep."

"Yeah, but I don't need you all up on me to do so."

"Yeah you do." An ever so soft kiss on the cheek and the hum of a song I recognized but couldn't quite put my finger on relaxed me. Then came this voice that I would have never thought would come out of him start to sing:

Lead me on boy if you must
Take my heart and my love
Take of me all that you want

And if there's a thing that you need
I'd give you breath that I breathe
N' if ever you yearn for the love in me
Whenever Wherever Whatever
Wish I knew if I could
Be the one that you would
Love forever n'a day baby

And if there's a thing that you need
For you n' your blood I would bleed
N' ever you yearn for the love in me
Whenever Wherever Whatever
And if there's a thing that you need
I'd give you breath that I breathe
N' if ever you yearn for the love in me
Whenever Wherever Whatever

With his voice singing the sweetest melody, the way the bed swallowed us, and the strange safeness in his arms, I couldn't hold off on dreamland for long. I was soon out for the count.

I woke to a substantial bulge pressed into my behind. I couldn't resist squirming around a bit until it was up against my crack.

The thought, sleeping with the enemy, flitted through my brain. But Lovin didn't feel like a threat anymore. At least, not the kind that that got you dead, though I worried my heart might be in jeopardy.

"Mmmm" escaped Lovin's lips.

The arm he had around me pulled me closer into his body. His tongue sliding into my ear had me moaning instantly. That was all Lovin needed. He started moving down. I couldn't help but let out a soft moan as Lovin's lips started to make a trail down my body - his hands tugging the pajama bottoms off. My cock stood at attention for him, giving a nice, hard salute. His hands were like fire - roaming around, leaving newly touched skin craving more. He teased me by not touching the obvious places, only slightly brushing past them while he touched around them. Then his hand traveled to that spot between my rosebud and my officer. The feathery touch made me weak and my legs spread further apart automatically, just to give him better access.

A soft chuckle came out of his lips as he continued to play around in that spot. Just that touch had me leaking all over myself. He was slowly driving me insane! My eyes fixed on him. I reached out and grabbed his arms. He looked up and we connected eyes, his hands still lazily moving between my thighs.

He licked his lips suggestively and slowly turned me over. A sharp hiss of breath escaped Lovin's mouth as he ran his hand over my bubble butt. I looked behind me and saw that I wasn't the only one leaking. The silk pajamas left nothing to the imagination. His rod stood tall and firm and reminded me of a really tall beer can.

"Mmmm, nice," It took me a minute to figure out who said that, him or me. Very nice, Rafael."

With that his hands slid all over my ass. Caressing it and kneading it like dough. He got in a more comfortable position. His big hands parted my cheeks, and he suddenly blew hot air on my rosebud. If I didn't know better I would have thought I was having a seizure. He had me convulsing, sweating, my heart feeling like it left my chest - my breaths short and thanking God all at the same time. I felt two lips latch on my asshole and start sucking. A soft wet tongue worked its way into me, and pushed past my ring of muscles entering into my abyss. Then his tongue slowly started to fuck me - in and out, in and out.

Abruptly, he stopped, and I moaned in disappointment. He smacked me hard as hell on the butt and told me this was his playtime and for me to just relax and enjoy. Before I could protest further, he grabbed my thighs with his strong hands and started to run his tongue and morning stubble from my ass to the small of my back, slowly working his way up till he was on top of me making me moan again, this time with sheer pleasure.

Now, he moved and flipped me over in one swift move, my back now to the bed, his hands still pinning my legs. He gave me a smile that screamed mischievous. He bit my neck and his hands moved higher up running slowly over my extremely hard shaft. The harder he jacked me off, the more he bit down on my neck. It was extraordinary - such pleasure and pain.

The biting stopped and so did his hand. We stared at each other two hot males, ready for the fight to come, knowing that somehow in the struggle, we would both win.

Then, it was time. His lips traveled down in the blink of an eye - his wet mouth took me in suddenly and I sank deep into his velvet mouth. My hands had been raised above my head in surrender, but now they traveled down to my neck and I was happy to find I wasn't bleeding. I didn't stop but continued their journey down to his thick long hair. I ran my hands through its silky texture and started to pull at it.

And all the while my hips were thrusting up into his mouth on their own accord - reaching, aching for all the magic he could give me. Words and sounds of pleasure slipped through my mouth. The head of my cock hit the back of his throat every time as he bobbed furiously on it. He stopped again, this time with me all the way in - his mouth filled to the hilt.

And I gasped as he swallowed and licked around with his tongue.

It was too much and I was going to come, but he pulled me out of him just when I thought I couldn't take it any longer. A wet slap, and my dick hit my tummy followed by the sound of me whimpering. I was getting tired of this stop and go game he was playing - I was so worked up. Fuck that! I thought, and I reached down and took things into my own hands.

Lovin' had other ideas and he crawled up my body and covered it with his own. I felt his lips roughly push against my mouth as he pulled my hands away from my cock. I didn't care and kissed back just as hard and as strong as he was giving it to me. I felt the quite large object pressed hard into my naked crotch. There was only a thin piece of material left on him, and it teased the hell out of me - making me want to feel his naked body. My body was burning hot against him and I thought that maybe the cloth would just melt off his skin.

He grabbed my legs and brought them roughly over my shoulders. Lovin's tongue pushed its way into my groaning mouth, entering me, as his cut cockhead pressed roughly between my cheeks - his hardness assaulted my asshole - but the pain was welcome - intense. And with only his precum and his saliva as the only lubrication it was inevitable. He stopped just when I thought I couldn't take anymore and slowly, he began to withdraw, making me feel every last vein rubbing inside of me.

"FUCK!" I screamed out when it rubbed against my prostate.

Lovin needed no more to be said to quicken the pace. His cock came all the way out and slammed all the way back in every time - hitting my spot repeatedly. It got to the point where I could no longer tell where his body began and mine started.

My body was shaking, clenching, spasming. My legs left Lovin's shoulders and made their way down until they reached his ass - helping him go deeper, rougher. Taking him so damn deep that he had to be somewhere in my fucking stomach - over and over until finally he stiffened and cried out and I felt a hot wet flood enter me.

I couldn't take it any longer - the pleasure was so intense. My eyes rolled to the back of my head, my toes curled and my cock spewed out onto both of us. My ass muscles clenched tight milking him for the last of his cum. With that we were both exhausted, we soon drifted off in one of those sweet post-coital slumbers.

"Well at least you guys are playing nice!"

I jumped at the voice. I turned to see Wolf looking at me with this shit eating smirks on his face. What the hell is he talking about?

"What's so funny?" I asked, still half asleep sitting up butt naked and not a damn think covering me. Then I heard it - a soft moan and it all came back to me. My eyes must have popped out of my sockets because he was on the floor crying, laughing while I was looking for something to cover me. I found Lovin's pants, which were too big for me so I had to keep a hand clamped down on it.

"What's so funny?" Lovin asked looking around. He obviously was on the same boat as me, groggy and forgetful while first waking up. "Hey y'll, you guys were suppose to be here hours ago." Maybe not.

"I'm glad we're late," Wolf arched his eyebrows and pretended he was shocked at what he was looking at.

"Yeah, so am I." Lovin said with a grin. He turned to me and a far away look came into his eyes along with an immediate reaction from his crotch that was out for everyone to see. That and the way all color drained out of my face was enough to send the two of em into hysterics. I hardly saw it funny and my embarrassment quickly changed to anger. One of the things that pisses me off is when I'm laughed at. I don't take well to being embarrassed.

"Ah, no sense of a humor? Come now, were all family here." Wolf said putting his arm around me. Smart Move! Because if it was Lovin over here trying to talk to me I just might have to kill him, literally. "Why don't you two get dressed? The others are downstairs. We brought food and beverages. We need to talk."

"Si," I said, while I watched the men all file out, still with smirks on their face that could set off another round of laughter at any second.

When he closed the door and was no longer in my sight I fixed my eyes on Lovin. He was lying back down with his eyes closed. If stares could rip out your intestines and mail them to your mother, then he'd be in a lot of pain at the moment.

"Stop being touchy, why you mad?" He reached for me, but I shoved his arm away.

"Cause I don't like being nobody's punch line."

"I wasn't joking on you. Come on we just got cool, lets not go back into that gray area," he said sitting up. He looked at me curiously, still holding his pants up over my ass. The smile on his face widened. "Babe, they might be a little too big for you."

"Babe?" I felt myself flush.

"Yeah," he winked. "You're qualified to get called cute names now."

"Now that I joined your fan club," I said, rolling my eyes and looking for my pajamas.

"Damn you sure you ain't a woman? Cause I swear you're just as bad, though at least they got an excuse."

"Fuck you."

"Maybe next time," he said while he grabbed me, making me trip over my feet. We landed with a loud crash on the floor. I looked at him and he looked at me for a hot minute. We ended up bursting out laughing.

"Come on butter fingers," I slid off his pants and gave them to him.

"Hey, your the one who fucking fell!" He laughed while we both got the right pajama bottoms on the right person.

"Yada, yada, yada. That's all you do is talk."

"You weren't saying that not so long ago," he said and ran out the door before my hand could connect with the back of his head.

Song: Whenever Wherever Whatever, written and performed by Maxwell. Album: Maxwell MTV Unplugged or Urban Hang Suite (Pronouns in the song were changed to best fit the story).

To Be Continued...
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