Gangsta Lovin 


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Chapter 4- Rico's Return

'Bang' was the noise made as I hit him on his chest. We were playing a brutal game of tag; you're it on the way down stairs. It was taking us sometime to reach downstairs with the game going, and the constant kissing and groping that either or both of us seemed to have after every step, didn't help much either.

When we finally reached downstairs we found them waiting impatiently at the table with a table full of Chinese food. I nodded at the bosses and took my place in back of their seats, my hands behind my back, in a stance that is most familiar with bodyguards. I did it without even thinking, just being so accustom to being the guard and not the friend. Lovin of course didn't seem to have this problem, he took his proper seat and was looking at me with an eyebrow raised.

"Um, come sit, son.," Wolf called out with a the smile still plastered on his face from before.

"Some habits are hard to break out of, sorry."

I took my seat at the table and inhaled the aroma. Now I know what those women were talking about in 'Waiting to Exhale' because I was all of a sudden in love with the feast in front of me.

"Rafael, I'm sure Lovin has brought you up to date on the matters at hand.," Wolf said purposely exaggerating the 'sure.'

"Si, he's told me that I'm going to be a boss, Lovin and I will be heading up the 'ghost' division of the gangs. In which we are supposed to have some sort of training and doing some crazy ass triple X shit."

"Heh, yep your pretty much on target boy. Lets grub!" With that we ate a comfortably silent meal that was worth saving away as a good moment in my head. Of course it had its...annoyances. Like Wolf kept looking at me, then to Lovin with his eyebrows bouncing, which of course set off the other two bosses looking at us with their eyebrows up, and spotting the red sore spot on my neck that I forgot to cover up. Just to add on to it, Lovin sat there full aware of the not so subtle stares and had a big ol' grin plastered to his face. Ugh gotta hate the smug!

"Can I ask a question?" I said while we were all heading out towards the living room to chill.

"Just did, guy.," Lovin quipped in, while also finally getting his chance to tap me and whisper ''You're it.'

"Go ahead son, " Bear replied. That kind of shocked me. He wasn't much of an affectionate kind of guy and a simple word such as 'son' is affection out here.

"Umm...Why me? It's not because I'm family."

"You're family?" Lovin said all of a sudden interested in this conversation.

"No" "Yes" was all replied at the same time, Wolf being the latter.

"Do you see the confusion written on my head?" Lovin smirked.

I already knew what was coming and covered my ears, not really wanting to hear it again,. But the words still seeped through my hands anyways; bringing back bad thoughts.

"Let me explain. When we met this little hood rat over there. If you think he has a temper now you should have seen him then! He was mad at the world and I guess he had a right to be; his whole family had just passed away. He had no relatives willing to take him. They threw him in the system and of course he soon ran away, eventually joining up with us. It was also around the same time that Wolf's...son...died. They linked some way or somehow; but they've been family ever since." Bear said to my dismay. It was true though. Wolf and I became close, we comforted each other in those nostalgic days that only someone whose been through it can begin to imagine. how you feel, We somehow found peace in each other's existence. Eventually our relationship became that of a father and a son, even to the point where I call him dad sometimes, but only when were alone. He, on the other hand, has always been more open about our relationship, never hesitating to put and arm around my shoulder, and call me son.

It was him Wolf who pushed me to come out, to explore. Our relationship being based on complete honesty. One night during a drink I confessed my sin. Swore to him I would not indulge but he said, "I honestly don't give a fuck who you screw, once if you're happy."

I doubt that he was always this open, but I'm guessing he knows the pain of losing a son and didn't want to go thru that again. Afterwards, it was made quite clear that this gang was friendly to those who were a little different as long as they were loyal. No one else but the people inside of Predators knows about my little secret, they've all come around to me and what I am. Since I've saved the majorities of their asses one time or another.

"Um, excuse me, back on track. We need to get you into training and school."

"School?" I said all of a sudden remembering how much I fucking hated high school. I did good in it, but only for my mother's sake.

"Yeah your exceptionally smart, we know since you finished school early, but we want you brilliant. We've got a 'special' teacher for you. He'll be teaching you martial arts, getting you in shape & a few college courses." Rotwilder said with his hand appreciatively stroking his now full belly.

"Oh, um, ok so when do I meet him?"

"You already have." Rot said. Making my skin start to boil instantly.

"Your shitting me," I yelled, misunderstanding. "You expect us to be equal, but you already have him knowing everything three steps ahead of me, and now your going to make him my fucking teacher.? Lets be real, lets be fair!"

"Oh well I never knew you had such resentment towards me," said Wolf.

"What?" I replied feeling quite stupid at the moment.

"Yeah, I'm the 'special' teacher."

"Oh," was all I could really say.

"Well, good, no drama, Rot and Bear will be leaving later on and we'll start tomorrow. I advise you both to go upstairs and get rested because I will be wearing you out tomorrow.," he said to our backs, as we climbed up the stairs.

I started heading to the room that I woke up in, guessing it was mine. There I bumped right into the ever-present bodyguard of Lovin. I was about to swing, more so out of habit then really out of anger, but I felt a hand squeeze my arm.

"I'm afraid we've started on bad terms, sir." I was a little taken back by the respect now shown.

"Why are you here?" Making sure my voice was neutral.

"I'm here to assist Mister Wolf."

"Hmm so your helping him train us, how does that sound?" I said not even covering up my sarcasm. What can I say I just didn't like him.

"No sir, I'm here for him afterwards. Making sure no visitors come knocking, helping with the meals and all."

I looked at him, he irked for some of the same reasons Lovin did. They never seemed to lose their cool. I realized I've only seen him angry once and that's after I said some real off the wall shit.

"So what you're the clean up boy?" I asked, smirking at him. I wonder what I would have to say to work him up really and truly.

"Yeah, if you want to put it that way."

At that I dropped a piece of paper towel I was carrying on the floor. "Well, then, clean up!"

"Get off his back Rafael.," Lovin ordered mildly as he pulled Aaron into a loose one-arm hug. "Hey, Aaron I'm glad you're here. Would have felt naked without my right hand man." He said as he smiled at his bodyguard.

Instantly, I felt a twinge in my heart at Lovin's words. An emotion that I wasn't too fond of was lurking around in my heart and I didn't like it one damn bit. Without further ado, I brushed past 'Aaron' making sure to give him a good bump while I went into my room.; I was soon followed by Lovin.

"Hey, do you work hard at being an ass or does it come natural?" His voice boomed out. He was trying to hide it but I could still hear the anger in it.


"He had to assault you back there in Brooklyn and you know it. I've heard some shit you said to him that should have gotten you laid out, but nope your here. He's out there showing you much love, and you playing him hard like an Alicia Keys CD."

"Whatever Lovin, why don't you find your ass out of my room?"

"No." He said standing firm now from his once laid back position.

"No?" I said, walking straight into his face.

"Das right, no, who the fuck you think you is, that you can just diss my boy like that?" His jaw was clenched so tight the words seemed to seep through his gritted teeth.

"Who the fuck do YOU think you are that I cant? Better yet, if you got a problem with it then why don't you just do something?"

"Bitch, you really need to get out my face right now!" He said Neither of us noticed that while Aaron and Wolf had entered the room.

"How does that saying go? See a bitch, smack a bitch!" I screamed at him.

That was all needed for shit to jump off. His hand cocked back, my head ducked and we were at it. My fist pounded into his chest, his hands retaliated with the same force. It was hit for hit for a long time. Every blow I got in, he got one on me too. Every kick he landed, I made sure he got back one too. Blocking, smacking, kicking, throwing and fisting was on the menu and we both had a plate full of it. The room that was once clean and nice was not scruffed up.

If you saw us fight that day you would have never thought that we were lovers, or once were, I should say. There was no mercy showed, just anger seeping out through our fists. I'd like to say we stopped, because we realizinged how dumb we were, but it didn't happen. We fought to the point that we were both on the floor, exhausted. Too tired to throw another punch, still mustering up our last energy to tap the other, neither one wanting to be the last hit.

Can't quite remember who got the last one in. I just remembered feeling proud, while falling asleep. I thought that he had more skill than me that he was better, but it felt good to know I could go tit for tat with him. A winner not arriving out of either, but still just the concept that I could keep up, before I was totally knocked out of it. As my eyes closed exhausted, I felt old calloused hands on my face and heard Wolf and Aaron talking.

I woke up the next morning to the rain. The word sore was an understatement. I had bruises everywhere that protested any movement at all. I knocked the cobwebs out of my head and looked around. I was no longer on the floor. I soon realized the room I was in though, Lovin's. In his bed. And I wasn't alone. My arm latched around his neck, acting as a pillow. His arms wrapped tightly around my waist. Lips only inches away, familiar bulges making contact with one another. He was awake. My body got tense and so did his and we disentangled ourselves from one another instantly. I sat up and glared at him.

The look in his eyes screamed death. I'm pretty sure if he had a gun in his hand that I would have been laid out. I'm sure that my eyes were the same reflection. I turned my head when I heard a small cough and I could feel my heart ache a little. My mind still replaying how he looked at me.

The cough came from Wolf who was on the couch with an arm around Aaron in a fatherly way. Now I really hated this Aaron guy. I felt the green eyed monster grab a hold of my ass and sent me into a rage to the point where I was sitting down shaking, my fingers just itching for my beloved chrome, my face red, and shallow breaths coming out.

"You touch him, I kill you," his Lovin's voice whispered loud enough for only me and him to hear.

I didn't even turn to look,look; I could already sense his peacemaker in his hand, waiting for a reason to go buck. I jumped off and walked into my room. Heading straight into the bathroom connected to my bedroom.

Hoping that some hot water and thought provoking mist would calm me down some,. I put a mental picture up of me and Aaron, to compare each other. He had about 10 pounds on me, but was about the same height, and both of us had a great physique. But that's were similarities ended. My eyes were dark brown, damn near black opposed to his hazel. My butter pecan complexion, not making it hard to know that I was a Rican opposed to his soft creamy caramel brown, making it hard to determine exactly what the hell he was. My thick curly hair that reached down to my neck, opposed to his wavy short hair cut down into a fade. One thing I couldn't deny was that he was attractive, which naturally made me hate him even more. I couldn't help but hear Lovin repeat 'right hand man.'

Soon the mist and hot water started taking its course, as usual. Didn't take the rage away, nope I'll have that for life, but it put me in a better thinking position. I walked out of the bathroom and instantly regretted not thinking of getting a towel. There was all three of them in my room. Well, I couldn't help but to just shrug it off. Two out of three of em already seen my package, no biggie. I walked nonchalant over to the dresser and opened it to find stacks of dark gray pajama bottoms, boxers and wifebeaters. I heard Wolf mumble something to Aaron about the load of hickeys I had in foreign places. I couldn't help but smile at that, and I took a glimpse at Lovin who was red in the face. I had hickeys plastered on my inner thighs, ass, naval and neck.

"Ever heard of jeans?." I couldn't help to say while as I was pulled on a pair of boxers and pajama pants. Realizing I was beginning to wonder if I'd be walking around in bedroom attire for the next year.

"Ever heard of body bag?." I heard Lovin mumble under his breath.

I might have forgot a towel but I didn't forget my gun. It was right on top of the dresser that I happened to be standing in front of. Only took me a flash to recheck the gun and had it pointing at Lovin.

When I have a gun to a man its like the eye of the storm. I'm calm, cool, in control, even though before and afterwards I'm very hyper. Wolf always says that when he sees me with a gun and I'm not bouncing on walls is the point of no return for that the poor person I'm aiming at. Means there's no questioning going on in my cabeza. Means it's all sorted out and he's going to be laid out.

Well, Lovin must was as good as dead because I was calm. What happened next I couldn't believe. Wolf stood up in front of Lovin. And not when I was thinking about pulling it, but when my hand was pressing down on the trigger.........

Fortunately enough I reacted quick enough to turn the gun.My hand jerked even as my brain took in what my eyes were seeing. The bullet It zoomed only inches away from Wolf's head crashing into the wall.

All was deadly quiet after that. My burning rage was taken over by a new overwhelming emotion, fear. The 'what if's' in my mind were tearing me apart. I didn't dare look at Wolf. I was too afraid to see what was in his eyes, and too afraid to let him see what was in mine.

My feet burst out with a mind of their own. I ran down the stairs and outside to the dirt road in the rain with only pants on, no shirt or footwear, standing outside on the dirt road in the rain. My hand still firmly held the gun, my feet moved swiftly below me. My mind going even faster. I had to get away, from Wolf, from Lovin, from myself. The 'what if's' echoing thru my head, tormenting me.

Don't know how long I was running, don't even remember when the two cars first pulled up beside me, but when I snapped out of it, slowing down to a jog, Wolf's jeep was following closely behind me; and in front of Lovin's jeep that kept a small distance between itself and me. Probably because I still had my peacemaker clenched in my hand.

I kept on running though. I concentrated on my outside, the mud between my toes, the water running down on me, the air so fresh. Slowly the turmoil slowly died down inside me and I finally slowed down to a walk. I turned around, towards the direction I was coming and I couldn't see the big ass mansion anywhere. For that second I got that runner's high. Looking back at how far I ran.

By now the aftermath was taking its toll. My legs were screaming out, my feet a little bit blistered, my breath shallow, my body wet and cold. The window on Wolf's jeep slowly came down. I didn't dare look at it. on. Didn't want to really see anybody right now. I wished I'd had Rico there, at least I knew where I stood with him. I didn't know where I stood with Lovin, I didn't know where I stood with Wolf any more and I didn't really give a fuck where I stood with Aaron.

"Why don't you hop in, son. I think you punished yourself enough, I think its out of your system by now." His Wolf's soothing voice spoke.

"Almost killed you, Pop," I said at almost a whisper, not really trusting my voice.

"Yeah I know; I was there."

"Why'd you jump in front of him?"


"That's not giving me much to go by."

"Do you go around killing your brothers?"

"Nah, against rules, cant kill one of your own."

"Yeah, well, Lovin is now one of your own."

"I know."


"He just fucking pisses me off," I burst out. "He's so fucking smug on his high horse, he needs someone to kick him down."

"I think he feels the same about you."

"What? Gut wrenching disgust?"

"Yep. I think he loves you too."

"I-I-I-I-I don't him." I delivered horribly, stammering through.

"All right if you say so, come jump in, I'm hungry."

"I'm dirty, I'll just walk back."

"You must not realize how far you've gone, grasshopper. It's been 45 minutes since you started running. Imagine you walking at that snail pace you were just walking with. Now, come on; your dirt ain't nothin that a warm rag can't fix." With that I jumped in and was wrapped into a huge beach towel, then blanket by Wolf. With a small kiss on the forehead to make sure I knew all was forgiven. He made a U-turn back to home, and I started to get anxious about my reception.

When we reached the house, and we filed out. I was shown straight to my room to a warm bath and was showered with chicken soup and vitamins. No one really talked. At the table while eating, it was so quiet you could hear everything, from the smallest move in fabric, to your own heart beating.

Everyone keeping their distance from me. I felt like I had the plague. I tried to stay up, but I passed out during dinner- much to Wolf's dismay. He kept mumbling about how we couldn't afford for me to get sick.

I awoke with a startle. It was still dark out, with no signs of light rising any time soon. Then I was struck with this yearning. A yearning for a soft flesh pillow, something to hold onto, someone to hold on to me, a bed that you sank into, opposed to a bed that was hard. I wanted warm breathe on my neck. A longing ran through me so deep that tears started to come down my face.

I looked out the window and felt sadness that I hadn't felt in years. It started out as a whisper of the lyrics, but I ended up singing them, louder then I would have liked. I doubt I woke the house up, but I'm sure if someone were in a room next to mine, they would have heard me clearly. Thank God when you're on one side of the house all by yourself:

"And if there's a thing that you need

For you n' your blood I would bleed

`N' if ever you yearn for the love in me

Whenever Wherever Whatever, baby

And if there's a thing that you need

I'd give you breath that I breathe

N' if ever you yearn for the love in me

Whenever Wherever Whatever, baby


"Did anyone ever tell you, you're the worst singer in the world?" I heard Lovin's voice from the far corner of my room. I swear I almost had a heart attack. My hand automatically went for under my pillow, but I found it empty.

"I have it, don't have Wolf here to protect me." He jibed, trying to break the tension.

"What are you doing in here?" I whispered to him,. straining my eyes but still not able to see his face through the shadows.

"Couldn't sleep either."

"Yeah. Still don't explain why the hell you're in here, now does it?" I smirked.

"So you were gonna kill me? You were aiming straight for my head." I didn't like the new change of direction of this conversation. I sat up and looked at the shadows where I heard his voice coming from.

"Yeah, probably would have."

"Wolf is positive that there was no probably, that you were going to do it. Some shit about the eye of the storm."

"Wolf's right."

"So you would have killed me just like that?" Lov sighed softly. "Just because of a silly argument?"

"Which you started." I threw in.

"We're not going into that, what we're discussing is you would have done that shit to me for a silly ass argument and a stupid fight." And now his voice was as cold as ice.


"So pretty much you wanna kill me, and you'll do so at any chance you get."


"Well, that argument was petty, and true we fought, which by the way was provoked by you on purpose. You're just looking for a reason to body me. Why?" He said in a voice, that made my heart weak.

I sat back, just staring into the corner

"Why?" I heard him ask me again.

I didn't want to respond, searching my mind for a good lie to tell, too afraid to tell the truth. My mind must have been on a lunch break because I came up with nothing, guess it's the truth or nothing.,

"WHY!" His voice screamed, with so much force that I would have sworn he was standing right next to me.

"Because!" I screamed, the tears falling down freely and unashamed.

"Because what?" His voice matching mine.

"Because those I..., those I care about die." I whispered, staring out to the moon, not wanting to look in his direction. The tears seeping down made the moon look even more beautiful. It was my strength for right now.

"I'm listening," his voice almost a whisper.

"Those I care for die. That's why I put up with Rico's shit, someone I can't fall in love with. Why I try hard to separate myself from Wolf, even though I know I'm into deep with him already. That's why I push you a way; you're better dead to me while I just care for you, then dead when I really love you. " The truth sounding just as sickening in the air as it felt in my stomach.

After that, unbearable silence covered the room. I caught movement out the corner of my eyes and I saw Lovin emerging from the dark corner he was, Hishis eyes moist and glistening. Those intense gray eyes, burning into my skin.

He walked over and sat down beside me staring deep into me. Something in those eyes made me want to turn away, to not meet his eyes. But he held my face still and made me look. I felt something cold being placed in my hand. I knew instantly what it was and where this was going., which It only made my eyes pour out more. He pulled my limp hand up with the gun and aimed it right at his chest. His hands dropped down to his side and I took my other hand to steady the gun. That feeling of calm came through me. The eye of the storm, I was in control. I removed the safety and gently hugged the trigger.

My finger wouldn't push down though, wouldn't budge. My mind was screaming, but my finger wasn't doing. I couldn't, I was hopeless, my hand soon fell to the bed.

"I think you're past that I just care for you stage." All I could do was nod. The light was soon flicked on and I saw Wolf sitting from in the same corner that Lovin had emerged from, his face a mixture of pain and happiness. I instantly regretted saying a few things. Wolf made his exit quietly, but not before his eyes told me he understood. I looked up to Lovin with eyes that could burn for days.

"Thought you said Wolf wasn't here to protect you?" I asked.

"Nope," Lovin shook his head. "I'm not letting you."

"Not letting me?"

"Not letting you be mad at me," he held me close and leaned forward, his lips slowly touching mine.

I tried to hold on to that anger but it was soon replaced by absolute bliss. His tongue started licking my lips and I eagerly let him inside my mouth. His body now pressed on mine, on top of me. My hands played in the small of his back and his hands stroked my hair. His face now snuggled into my neck, as he mumbled sweet nothings and naughty something's.



"I need you"

"Need me to what?" By now I was shaking and he had a smirk on his face, expecting for me to say the obvious 'I need you to make love to me', but that's not what came out and his smirk soon disappeared when he heard what I actually needed of him.

"I need you to have feelings for me too." I watched him and it was nice to see his confidence dropped. But he took a deep breath and looked me in the eye.

"Ah dew," an inaudible whisper came out.

"What?" I asked a little amused at how shy he looked. How foreign this must be to him.

"I do," he said a little louder this time.

"Do what?" I mused, with the same shit-eating grin that he normally gave me plastered on my face.

"Ugh, I do have feeling for you Rafael, not quite love but strong none the less," his voice was now firm, leaving no doubts.

"Good," was all I could manage before I pulled him on top of me and connected with his lips..

Our tongues got back to their wrestling match. I slowly turned him over, so that I was on top. I started to ground my hips into him, like he'd done to me so many times. A moan escaped his lips while I pulled off his shirt. I made sure that my hand brushed against his nipples. His pants were next to go; my lips back to him as soon as I got them off. I really started grinding into him. Wanting him to feel me. He reached for my shirt, but I stopped his hand.


"Not yet, you got your time to play, its my turn now." I said while I sat up and looked at him.

His body was magnificent. His muscles well defined, his dick standing there waiting for my kiss, his swollen lips parted, his cheeks a rosy red, his lips intent on mine. I touched his thigh and slowly traveled my fingers up and down it with a feather touch. My hand roamed up and down his lower body, always managing to stay away from the places he really wanted me to go. I looked at his crotch and had this yearning for it.

I put my head down, burying my nose in his unruly pubic hairs, inhaling his manly scent. I swear I could almost hear his dick screaming for attention. I looked at it, my mouth watering for a taste. My breathe caressed on it, making every vein pop out even more. Lovin thrusted his pelvis up, as if to say go ahead. I looked up to him, to find his eyes on me, a small smile on his face, his breathing irregular.

I ran my tongue along the head, lapping up a good scoop of pre cum. His taste was just as I expected, sweet with a touch of saltiness. I sat there for a second, listening to him whimpering, enjoying his after taste in my mouth. A grin spread over my face as I saw the affect I was having on him. When I saw his body shiver, wit that I dived back in. My tongue ran along every vein, my mouth consuming his monstrosity half way. He was to far too big to go all the way down on him, without some practice. My tongue lavishly licking him, I opened my mouth wide; my tongue making contact with his head, my lips stretched around him, my tongue swirling wildly, gulping down the rich, delicious pre-cum,

> "Oh shit " he screamed.

His strong calloused hand found its way to my head, pulling me further down on him, to meet his thrusting hips, fucking my mouth. By now I was seriously worked up. I pulled my pants off, my mouth all the while staying on him, pleasing him. I could feel my asshole twitching, wanting some attention. I wet two fingers with some of his pre cum on his stomach and rubbed it along my crack. I couldn't help but to moan on Lovin, which in return made him moan. I slid my fingers into that tight crevice, imagining it was Lovin's dick inside me.

"Heh, never knew I was fingerfucking good." I heard Lovin chuckle being cut off by a moan. I been too busy, to into it, to realize his eyes had never left me. At the new realization I was a little embarrassed

"Don't stop!" He gasped as I finally got his big fucker down my throat. I felt a big wave come over him and all his cum bursted into my mouth, my throat swallowing every last drop of it, wanting more. His cock didn't even waver, it was still standing tall. I planned on driving him insane, but it's more like I was driving me insane!

I pulled off of him "Lube?"

"No," he shook his head and then I saw his next idea before he said it.


"Mmph" I said now pulling my finger out and sitting up much to his dismay.

"I'm still a little sore from before." I said devastated.

"No biggie, there's other ways of having fun," he said while pulling me on top of him.

Slowly, lovingly kissing me now, which was a first. He normally was more passionate, but I realized I liked this just as much. His mouth wet two of his fingers and slid them between my ass cheeks. Then his thick fingers slide deep in me, rubbing up against my prostate. My dick ground against his, it was ecstasy.

His fingers started picking up more momentum, their pace quickening. Diving deep in me, making sure to hit my button every time. His dick pressed up hard against mine. Slowly grinding hard and nice at this antagonizing pace. His teeth scraping against my lips. His tongue teasing my mouth, by never going in. His fingers working so fast but the rest was at a snail pace, I didn't know what to do, scream out in pleasure or frustration.

I tried to quicken the grind, but instead his fingers would start to slow up. I tried driving my tongue into his mouth, but he would just move his head back, that smirk plastered on his face. It was bittersweet, just like him I guess.

"You're driving me up the wall" I grunted.

"I know," he said. Moving his free hand between us, his thumb massaging my nipples in that same slow speed.

"MMMMM. I want you. Necesitelo en mi." Who cares about being sore tomorrow, when you're in ecstasy today.

"Can't have me."

"Por favor."

"Your gonna be feeling it in the morning."

"No...Cuide." I said while biting into his shoulder. I was serious; I didn't care, I wanted him now.

"I do," he said while he started teasing the sore spot on my neck he left the last time. Making circles around the sensitive area.

I did a quick mental check of his room, my room and the bathroom. Eureka! I just remembered something that made me want to shout "THANK YOU GOD." He sensed it and raised his eyebrows.

"Remem'ered...cupboard...bathroom...Vaseline." He gently pushed me off of him and ran into the bathroom to receive the goods.

He came back with the big jar of Vaseline, crawling between my open legs. "Spread em wider, Raf."

I closed my eyes in anticipation. Lovin's two fingers laced with cold Vaseline assaulted my rosebud and my body jumped from it.

"Warm it up" I growled at him. The smile on his face growing wider.

I soon felt his fat head nudging at my backdoor. He slowly entered in, with minimal pain, diving deep down into me, his arms holding his weight while his lips started to lick back at that sore bite mark again. His hair brushed back and forth against my overly sensitive skin. His dick quickly going almost all the way out, but pushing slowly all the way back in. My teeth grinding trying not to wake the entire house with my moans. My body felt like I was just one big erogenous zone. Every part of me felt like I was on fire. The room echoed the sound of passion, intensity ravaging us. He was in me so, so deep. Driving into me with such force that it was making it harder to hold on.

I couldn't take anymore, my ass clenched down, my mouth letting out a loud moan, my legs pulling him deeper into me, my cum splashing out of me onto Lovin's abdomen. I felt Lovin filling me with his sweetness shortly after, his sweaty body collapsing on to mine. His body heavy on top of me, but feeling great nevertheless.

When we'd strengthened somewhat, We we snuggled up to each other, getting into a lazy kiss. His arms wrapping wrapped tightly around me. Before drifting asleep, I couldn't help but think how right this felt.

We woke with the sound of a bell going off in our ear. We had both of our guns out and directed straight at the intruder.

"Aaron, you lucky I didn't blow your head off," Lovin grumbled. "And you know HE don't like you!" Pointing at me. "You just giving him a reason to kill you."

He put his gun back under the pillow and drifted back to sleep. I was still staring at Aaron, wondering why the hell he rang that damn bell in the first place.

Aaron looked apologetic. "Sorry Lovin, but I'm under strict orders to wake you. He wants y'all downstairs in 20 minutes, bathed, dressed and ready."

I looked at the alarm clock and my eyes must of bugged out. Its 4:30!

Aaron just ignored me and kept on. "I know, he says it's an emergency."

That was all either one of us needed to wake us completely up. Emergency meant so many things, all bad!

We jumped in the shower together. Trying hard not to tease the other, so that we would actually get downstairs sometime soon. Which pretty much meant we couldn't touch. We still found ways to 'accidentally' slip, or brush up against one another while trading places under the water

. When we reached out the bathroom we saw two black suits waiting out for us. I knew what it meant instantly. Either two things: we were protecting some big wig or killing some big wig. I looked at Lovin and wished the night didn't go this direction. I wanted to be back in bed, in his arms right now.

We got dressed with no more 'accidents' or brushing. Both too engrossed in thought. We actually kind of made it a point to stay as far away as possible from each other. When we reached came downstairs, we were greeted by six other men decked out in suits. Three of them I knew were are part of the Predators, Rico being one of them and I'm guessing the other three were from Love's by the small traditional blood red heart on their necks.

"Follow me" Wolf said while going into a room, that I wasn't in before.

When I entered it was clear it was some sort of conference room. A huge mahogany round table and chairs being the only visible furniture. Wolf pointed to the head of the table, where there were five chairs that were more extravagant then the others. We took our seats ,away sticking to the unspoken agreement to be the as far away as possible from each other.

"A small emergency has come across. You six men are the best out of the men we've accessed so far. We're letting you in on this with strict confidentiality. There will be a new gang..." Wolf went on and explained the 'Ghost'. Rico's eyes were burning holes into the black silk shirt I had on under my suit coat.

"Alright Wolf, so what's the small emergency?" I asked.

"There's a woman that we need, who is currently in Steven Tae's possession.."

"We need her for...?" Lovin asked my next question.

"We don't need her, they need her, as in they who hired us."

"Ah see, where's she at? " I said realizing he was being a little evasive, guessing he didn't want to give out all the information with the rest of them in the room.

"She's in a heavily guarded apartment on Fourth Avenue. You need to get in there and get out, without being traced."

"You have blueprints of the building.?"

"Yeah, here," Wolf said handing over the papers.

I took a quick look at it and saw that the building had many loops for getting in.

"Do you have a list of where the guards are at?"

Another piece of paper was handed over to me by Wolf. The six men were given mini prints of the building and the men on watch.

I looked incredulously. They couldn't be serious? I went over the list of men and the blueprints and started to feel insulted!

"This is a trial" I said matter of factly, sitting down and not wasting my time looking at the rubbish any further. I started to get up, to leave, but Lovin softly tugged on my arm, which made me sit back down. Rico's face was now in a full blown out grimace.

"It's going to be hard getting into here." Said Lovin, and all the men agreed.

I had to look at Lovin like he was dumb.

"What?" He asked me.

"Lovin really, this is a trial. This is a fake. There's TOO many loopholes, TOO many openings to get through. I can do this without even much thought."

Wolf was smiling at me proudly. "Well, I guess I know your weak point Lovin and your strong point Rafael."

Wolf pressed a button that opened up cupboard doors. Inside was a big picture of the building on a marker board. Wolf stood and started showing the various ways to get into the building.

I sat there relieved this was just training. Now that the life and death tension was gone I could sense a whole new one. Rico and Lovin kept giving eachothereach other dirty looks that made it clear they were not feeling each other at all.

"Everyone understand?" There was a chorus of 'yeahs'. He turned around and looked at us.

"Now you six are the men who passed the test the best. Y'all get to stay here and train with us. You'll have more breaks to hang out then they will, but you'll still be worked hard. There's leather notebooks in front of you and fountains pens. Can you please copy down your schedule. It'll be obvious when it's relating to you. If I don't say 'bosses only' then it applies to everyone:

5:00-5:30; Breakfast
5:30-6:00; Stretching
6:15-8:00; Martial Arts
Bosses only 8:00-10:00; Martial Arts
11:00-1:00: Weight training
1:30-5:00; School
Bosses only 5:00-7:00;School
8:00-9:30-Martial Arts"

The schedule didn't leave much time for other things especially for Lovin and me, and I was seriously bummed out about it, but it didn't look like it even affected Lovin. Maybe he was too busy grilling Rico to care.

"Okay gentlemen," Wolf continued. "I was going to start today but I'll be kind since its Friday. This will be effective on Monday, enjoy the weekend."

"So we get weekends free?" I asked, hoping.

"More like a half a day. Classes are broke down to only a half an hour, except school which will be an hour. It'll all be done by 12:00."

"We gotta wear these suits all the time?" I couldn't help but ask, thinking how foolish one would look while lifting weights in a three- piece suit.

"To school yes, for everything else you wear your pajama bottoms."

"Any more questions?" asked Wolf asked, looking around. "Okay then, you six will be shown your room by my assistant Aaron."

Lovin and I headed upstairs by my room behind the flock. Staying outside in the hall to see who got what room. The three Love's room were on the far side by Lovin's room and the three Predators were on my side. Rico's room happening to be right next to mine, and, I knew, by his asking. As soon as we found out who was where, Lovin and I escaped into my room under the scrutiny of Rico.

"Why the fuck is he here?" Lovin fumed.

"Jelly?" I asked, a little amused at Lovin.

"Naw, I ain't jealous. Don't got nothing to be jealous of. You'se mine and mine only. And if he knows what's good for him, he'll keep it that way. "

"Baby, he don't got a letter in this alphabet, so would you calm down and come over here and give me some lovin.?" I said.

"Well, you know, that is my first name..." He smiled while he pulled me into a huge bear hug, his hands dropping to around my waist, his face nestling into my covered neck. He seemed to know exactly where that bruised bite mark was at, because he was always at it. With him it was always a pinch of pain and spoonful of pleasure. The door swung open with Aaron and Rico behind him. I was backing off of Lovin, for reasons I don't know, but he just firmed his grip and looked at them.

Aaron and Rico were both red in the face. Aaron from blushing; Rico from anger. "Sorry, should of knocked." Aaron said.

I couldn't help but to start laughing at him. Before I could even think twice I said "Aaron this ain't nothin to blush over, considering how you saw us earlier."

My hand went over my mouth immediately, realizing what I said. That made Aaron blush even more, set Lovin into a fit of giggles and left Rico fuming.

"Well guys, we were sent to call you, breakfast." Aaron spoke while leaving Rico still standing there watching us.

"YEAH WE'LL BE THERE" Lovin shouted to Aaron's back.

"Rafael, necesitamos hablar," Rico said through gritted teeth.

"No, you can't talk to him," Lovin answered before I could, letting Rico know he wasn't the only one who could speak Spanish.

"Last time I checked he had a mouth," Rico shot back.

"Last time I checked I had a..." Lovin's hand moved until I stopped it.

"I'll talk with you after breakfast Rico," I said chaste.

Walking right past both of them, to the kitchen. I wasn't particularly hungry but I scuffed down more then enough food. More so to stall, than anything. Everyone could feel the tension, even if they didn't know what was going on.

"Well you guys, I'm going into town. Anyone want to come with?" Wolf said.

Everyone said yes except Lovin, Rico, Aaron and myself. They soon all left shortly after. It was just us, and Aaron.

"Necesitamos hablar, AHORA!" Rico said dragging me towards my bedroom. I looked back at Lovin and could see he was using every fiber in his body from running up and pounding on Rico.

"Ok, were alone, what do you want to talk about?" I said while I sat on the chair, staring at the shut door, wondering if it irked Lovin.

"What the fuck is going on, you giving up my ass to some Punta!"

"Last time I checked it was my ass and what I do had not a damn thing to do with you, anymore."

"Anymore, oh, so that's how you want it to be."

"I thought that much was pretty clear." I said while passing him, to open the door and exit.

A strong hand grabbed at my arm and flung me onto the bed. A pimp smack followed. For a minute I got caught up in the familiarity of the situation, that I didn't realize the difference. The pimp smack put me back in the frame of mind.

I got up and hit him hard dead in his chest. The air was instantly sucked out of him, while the door was kicked open by someone I was not expecting, Aaron. His eyes were fixed on Rico, and before Rico could even think twice he was sprawled out on the floor unconscious.

"You alright?" Aaron said coming beside me, an arm around my shoulder.

"Where's Lovin?"

"Sent him to the store, he was too worked up. If he stayed here, old boy would have ended up bagged." On that note he got up and carried him inside Rico's current room and laid him on the bed, making him look like he was sleeping, opposed to knocked the fuck out.

"Come, letslet's go into Lovin's room. ThatsThat's the first place he'll come to when he gets back," he said while grabbing my hand and holding it.

It was weird being shown affection by someone who I really didntdidn't like. We ended up on the bed, playing with the dogs that weren't so mean and intimidating anymore. I realized I was beginning to feel the same way about Aaron.

"I'm glad we could become friends." Aaron said.

"Yeah, heh, guess I never really gave you a chance."

"Nope, but I can understand why."

"Well then enlighten me." I couldn't help but ask, wondering what he was going to say.

"I don't think you're mad at me still about that initial fight, I think you got over that pretty fast. I think it's more of a possession issue, better known as jealousy. Your not big on sharing stuff that you think is rightfully yours."

"Hmmm," how can you respond to something like that? Something that hit so close to home.

"Well, how far am I from base?"

"You're a mind reader." I smiled at him.

"Well, no need of being jelly of little ol me, brother in law."

"Heh, brother in law." I joked.

"Yeah, brother in law" he said serious as AIDS.


"Yep, one and only. Ever stop to think about it. Does Lovin seem like the type to need, or better yet want a bodyguard? The head of Love is a family. Three brothers; Dante, who's holding down the fort back home. Lovin whose going to be heading this up."

"And you, so I'm guessing you're not the cleaning boy."

"Nope, I'm the other teacher!." It all made a lot more sense now. Why would Wolf need help with taking care of us, when he can take care of twenty times the number of us by his lonesome. Also explains why Lovin was so mad when I was grilling him.

"Why such a secret?"

"Wanted to feel you out, its amazing the things you over hear when people ignore you."

"Find out anything interesting?"


"Did I pass whatever test you had planned?"


"Yep, feel me out. You must of had some standards you set out that you wanted me to pass. That's why the secrecy, right?"

"Yeah, you are a smart one."


"Passed...barely." He smiled at me.

"So, what do we do with Rico?"

Song: Whenever Wherever Whatever, written and performed by Maxwell. Album: Maxwell MTV Unplugged or Urban Hang Suite (Pronouns in the song were changed to best fit the story).

To Be Continued...
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