Gangsta Lovin 


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Chapter 6- Redemption

Everyone was on their feet, the men waiting anxiously to shoot. In a swift move I grabbed Lovin and pulled him into me, shielding me from everyone and for a minute I relished in how it felt to have him pressed up so close to me, its been so long. Everyone was in shock, too afraid to pull the trigger. They might kill their precious Lovin, which would be tragic. I slowly shuffled back toward the doors and thanked the heavens above that I didn't fall.

"Never thought you would sink so low" Lovin gritted.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you" I whispered into his ear as I saw his hands sneaking a path to the front of his pants where a big bulge was, and I'm sure having a gun to his head didn't arouse him.

I managed to get outside and into the jeep, I opened the garage to see that we were boxed in by the kids, so I had no other choice but to try and run them all over. And while we were dashing off I was thankful for midnight snacks.

On the way to raid the kitchen I overheard a few conversations on the subject of me and I figured something like this would happen, so I was well prepared. I already had Lovin tied tight in the front seat and we sped off to a nice little shed that was nicely hidden by a group of trees. I had come across it on one of my long nightly walks by the cliff. The shed had a month worth of food, two comforters, candles and amble spaces to drive the jeep inside of it so if they set out a search party they couldn't see it.

As I pulled the jeep up, nearly missed crashing into a huge tree, inside the hidden shed I flicked the jeep's lights on and closed the doors of the shed. It was dimly lit by the headlights of the jeep and held a dank smell to it but it would be home for a few days.

During the many visits here I cleaned out the cobwebs, and threw out most of the extremely dirty furniture. There was a king size bed at the very end that took up 1/3 of the shed, which was adorned with some sheets that I took from the house, the nicely parked jeep taking up another 1/3 of the room, the middle of the shed was the only area that gave you some space. It had a large opening in the wood floor that was used to make a fire and two rickety chairs.

"Mi casa es su Casa" I smirked as I pulled him out of the jeep and threw him on the bed. Making sure to be extra rough with him, like he was with my heart.

"Going to have your way with me now" he hissed. I couldn't help but find it ironic that a few months ago the tables were turned and I was asking him that question.

"Wouldn't touch you with my 10-inch broom, even if inside of you held paradise." I said while I pulled off my trench coat and locked us inside the strong shed.

"Only one way to get out of here lover boy and that's thru this door" I said as I sat down on the bed and patted him down, two guns and a knife emerged from him. I took all his weapons and mine and locked them inside the jeep. The keys for everything tucked inside my tight leather pants.

"Now two things can happen Lovin, I can break out my handcuffs or I can leave you in those ropes that your currently shredding with those pointy ass studs on your belt. Now guy if I let you continue, you gotta promise to be on your best behavior." I said while I got into a comfy position on the bed. My back leaning against the wall, my hands folded around my chest and my head up, staring at the ceiling that little touches of light pass thru.

"Yeah, I'll be a complete gentleman." He snarled.

"I'm taking your word for it." I said lowly. A bang came from the door and I jumped up in no time and quickly got two guns from inside the jeep. I walked slowly to the banging door and unlocked as quietly as I could. When I was sure that whoever was there didn't notice the change, I sprang the door open and pointed my two guns at the culprit, Damion.

"Hello Damion, only you?" I asked amused at the man in front of me who had his gun cocked at me.

"I can't let you take him." Damion said guilt written all over his face.

"Damion why don't you come right in" I smiled at him while I moved so he could pass. I closed the shed door and locked it back, much to his demise. I tucked one gun in my pants and put the other inside the jeep, making sure I locked that as well.

"I'm sorry Rafael, but I can't let you do this." His voice was firm but I could still hear that he was fighting back a quiver. I could see it in his face that many emotions were going thru him, the strongest being fear.

I walked back to the bed to find Lovin looking respectably at Damion. I took my recent position, arms folded around my chest sitting up at the top of the bed next to Lovin.

" I thought your loyalties were to me." I smirked, I saw that look of pride removed from Lovin's face immediately. See Damion was an old bodyguard buddy of mine, I'm the one who kinda looked in on him from time to time, helped him out of a lot of trouble. He was the only one who still regarded my highly out of the 30 men.

"They are, but its just . . . you can't kill him Rafael. I mean . . . You can't make me choose between you and Predators" he sighed.

"I wont" and before he even had a chance to really hear what I said my foot crossed his face and he was out for the count. I handcuffed him in and loaded him in the trunk of the car.

"Nice, very nice." Lovin gritted sarcastically.

"Hard to find good help, where's Rico when you need em?" I said, knowing that, that name always got him upset.

"Yeah, I'd love to see him punch you hard right about now." He closed and reopened his eyes as if Rico was going to pop out of thin air. The room slowly darkened at the sunset to the point where you couldn't see anything. Which is not a good thing when your holding two people captive. I got up and started lighting the candles that were distributed sporadically around the room.

"Trying to get in the mood?" Lovin said as he looked at me and stopped squirming around for a second.

"Mood? People who have no feelings no nothing of moods" I said.

"Yeah whatever, no feelings eh? So what was it like when I laughed until I cried when you told me you loved me?" Lovin sneered. If looks could kill, he wouldn't be dead, he'd be tortured for a good 20 years!

I went back to the bed and laid down, bringing the comforters over me, it was getting really chilly.

"Mind sharing?" Love asked in an almost humane voice. "Nope, be my guest."

"My hands are kind of in a bind." He said starting to squirm again to rub the rope against his belt.

"Well, now you know when you get out that bind. You get some comforter." I said smiling.

"Humph" he grumbled. I looked up at the ceiling and closed my eyes and flashes were going thru my head. I don't know what it was: the candle light, or just being alone or maybe the lack of sleep, but when I was looking at Lovin it ignited something and I started speaking what was running thru my mind, at that exact time.

"Your muscular legs covered in peach fur, thighs always being one of your more sensitive spots. I swear one day I'd make you crazy by just kissing those thighs. You've got this small horseshoe mark on your inner thigh, always meant to ask you how you got it. Taut, tight belly a pillow one minute a rock the next, strong arms, holding me up when no longer I could. Hands manipulating, groping, invading, penetrating. Hair like a thousand feathers raking up and down my body. Teeth scraping, lips locking, tongue searching for more and the eyes, oh God the eyes, I swear you could see right inside of me. Like you were looking right inside of me; like all my secrets were scrolling and you were just reading me like a book."

"Stop" he whispered. I looked beside me to see him in a world of emotions, not knowing which one to really choose.

"Always did upset you, no matter what I did." I whispered back. It was weird we were by ourselves, no real need to whisper. It just felt like the thing to do.

"I think that was a mutual effect." He said as he turned and our eyes locked.

I turned to my side and stared at him, one of my hands sliding up to his face and I ran my hand on the soft skin. "I wonder what . . . who'd I be if their was never an 'us'. When I lost my family I thought no pain in the world could even come close to that, but you've proven me wrong. I've never been happier when I'm with . . . " I took my hand back from him and it seemed he transferred all his turmoil onto me, because I had a plethora of emotions I was going thru and I couldn't clear my head out to see what I was really feeling.

"Huh, typically you. When things get a little too hard, you always seem to run away. Hot and cold you are." He said while he looked at me furiously.

Fifteen minutes later of absolute silence, he finally got free from the rope. He jumped up and started to massage his arms, and started staring at me. Probably sizing me up, wondering if he could take me.

"If you're hungry, theirs stuff in the cabinet" I stated, not really giving him two looks.

"So it seems your well prepared, aren't you?" He stated now that he finally got a good look around.

"That I am, you guys should learn to keep your voices down when the midnight snack bandit is in the house. I know full and well you wouldn't let me leave with all the information I know. That wouldn't be smart, after all. I know everything about the Tae's, government connections, and so much secrets about Love and Predators that I could start wars within and against the gangs."

"Yeah, well no one knows you anymore, you could be a traitor" he said softly. These words made me more angry then any curses he could have thrown at me. I could feel my face going red and my hands fold into a fist and without a second thought I was on top of him, ready to bash him in his face. Inside of me was in complete turmoil, I knew he should have at least gotten hit hard for that, but another part of me didn't want to hurt him. I stayed on top of him with my hand poised for attack, fighting my demons.

"Listen asshole, your treading on thin ice as it is. I may be a lot of things, but one of them is not a traitor. Contraire to your beliefs I hold strong loyalties to Wolf, Bear and Rot. But believe me if it was just you then I'd strip it down and leave your shit bear for the world to see."

"I love you," he spoke so lowly that I could barely hear him. Not the response I was exactly looking for.

"What?" I looked at him, my hand finally coming down to lie down beside him. I just realized that I was straddling his waist but I didn't care. I swore I just heard three words I was yearning to hear.

"I said I love you." His once powerful voice was now quivering.

And that's when it happened. I laughed for the first time in months, and I understood what tickled him so much about it, it was absurd. I laughed so hard that I was now on the bed beside him dying. My whole body was convulsing from the laughter and then I felt another emotion that I wasn't prepared for, pain. And soon the convulsing turned into sobs, sobs so hard that I had trouble breathing. I felt two arms snake around me and pull me into him. His body against mine did their trick and my sobs soon subsided. I turned around to look at him and reached in my pants and grabbed the keys for the car and threw them into him.

"Go" I said so calmly that it even shocked me. His face told me he went from shock straight to anger. He got up and unlocked the jeep, while I got up and threw my leather trench coat back on. I walked up to him, and I saw hope and despair in his eyes and I knew I had to do one last thing. I grabbed his face and gave him a kiss that could make the high heavens jealous and then without a second thought I walked past him and kicked the shed's large door as hard as I could, it sprang open within impact.

As I was walking away I heard his safety being removed from his gun. "I can't let you go. You know it." I turned my head to look back at him. Our eyes locked for a second "No need to worry about me, after sunset they'll be no need to even think of me talking. Dead men can't talk." I said and turned around. I would always remember those intense grey eyes staring hard at me, his body struggling to stand and his gun cocked at me. One thing I learned while being with Lovin is that he tells all through his eyes. I looked up and I could see someone moving closer with his gun pointed outside of Lovin's view and then I heard Lovin croak something at my retreating back and then I felt an immense pain spread thru me, and then another pain that I knew too well. I was shot, TWICE!

I woke and found myself in a strange room that defiantly wasn't a hospital. I laid in the bed and thought back to when he shot me and I tried to figure out what he had said to me before it happened. I finally figured it out, it was something along the lines of sorry and what about that next cat crawling over to me. I was about to get up and look around but I couldn't feel my legs or my hands. What the fuck I tried again and again, thinking maybe I don't know slow relay! But it sunk into fast when I couldn't even pinch myself to see if I was dreaming.

Lovin must have shot me in my back or something and'm handicapped. Whose going to take care of me? I'm going to be in one of those live in hospitals. Whose going to come and see me? By the time someone came I was hysterical. I looked up and saw to my surprise Dante. Didn't think he would come to see me, I remember making the last days he stayed at the Ghost house miserable. And then I did what all children, young or old do when their in dire need for comfort.

"Can you get my dad?" I asked for my parent.

"Um...sure.. he's right outside. I'm going to give you a shot so you can start to feel your limbs again. You'll be very weak, mind you." he stated so plainly.

"What the fuck are you talking about, trying to joke on my condition , are you melting pot?" I looked at him, my eyes a blaze with hatred.

"No, oh I thought you understood, that you put two and two together. You have no condition other then having no conviction in your words, you were shot with a tranquilizer. Unlike you my brother truly does care for you he was going to shoot you with the real thing, but the last minute he changed the direction and instead of the back of your head it grazed past your shoulder. One of our men hit you with the sniper." He looked at me and shook his head, I looked to see my left shoulder covered in bandage.

"Back of my head, huh?" I smiled at him.

"Do you really think Wolf would let anyone kill you, you fucking brat? Do you really think that none of those 30 men had a clean shot on you? Do you not think that Wolf had no idea where you disappeared off to? That Lovin doesn't fucking have a low jack system? And just to heat your oven, do you not think they didn't hear and see everything that went on down there asshole?" He spoke with so much hatred that it could rival my own, if not surpass it. I'm sure if I could have felt my arm, the needle he just gave me would have hurt like hell.

"Where are you going, and can I have a pair of pants" I asked not really wanting to be left alone and finally realizing that I was in my birthday suit.

"I'm going to cool off, before I seriously inflict some pain on you and you'll soon be regaining your arms so you can put them on your damn self." he said as he stormed out of the room. I had a serious urge to tell him that he couldn't inflict any pain on me seeing as I couldn't feel a damn thing. But I doubt that would be wise.

I soon could move my toes and fingers, slowly everything came back to me and so did a sudden urge to go to sleep. I tried to stay awake, tried to stay up but within seconds I was out.

When I woke up, I felt something heavy laying down on me. I couldn't quite see the face because hair was everywhere but that was all I needed to know who it was.

"Lovin?" I inquired, but he didn't move. I stayed still and listened to his breathing and soon found the answer to why he wasn't talking to me, he was out like a light. I flexed my muscles, and was glad to feel them respond.

I was being kind of crushed by Lovin so I tried to kind of move him aside, but he just held on tighter. "Lovin" I whispered as I nudged him a little, but no response came from him. I attempted again to move him and I got myself completely out from under him and was moving to get up and look around, but his hands grabbed on to me and pulled me tightly against his body. Well spooning was always nice, but it could be a big distraction when your pressed against someone's morning woody.

I laid there trying to calculate how long I slept seeing that the sun was rising, or how many tiles were on the floor in the mansion. I tried to think of anything to keep away the urge to press back into Lovin and just grind into me. His dick was pressing firmly against the crack of my bare ass and every time he made the smallest move I could feel it slowly working its way into the crack of my ass.

I tried to stifle the soft moans emanating from me every now and then, but it took from my concentrating on how many stitches it took to make the quilt that was lying down on us. Oh, fuck it, I couldn't help it I pressed hard against Lovin and started to grind into him slowly trying not to wake him.

I wanted more, needed more and that's when I realized he was grinding back into me. So he must be up, no pun attended. I didn't dare turn to face him so I just reached back and started to pull his boxers down and waited while he released his hold of me to kick them off. When he returned back his hands were all over my torso and his lips were making love to the back of my neck and now the grinding was urgent.

"Lovin" I moaned out and stopped all the grinding. He moaned back something that sounded like yeah.

"" I tried to get out, but I felt a slick finger slide into me and as if months hadn't passed since we did this together his finger went straight to my prostate and I saw stars! He removed his fingers, much to my dismay and pulled me from my side onto my back, just to make sure I seen him slide his very active finger into his mouth, along with a friend and slid them deep into me while he pressed his lips hard against mine. I felt as if I was going to come right there and then!

I caught a sliver of something shiny out of my eye and looked back at it, and saw that it was just a lamp but then something hit my mind, they probably have a camera on in this room and that thought brought back all I forgotten by being wrapped up in Lovins arms. I jumped out and busted out of Lovin's arms, which left him dumbfounded. I picked up the pants Dante left on a chair and started to put them on, just as I thought Dante and Wolf came shooting inside the room guns raised.

I put my back to the wall and slid down looking at them, I looked over at Lovin and was staring a hole into me.

"Cameras" I stated, that one word summing it all up and when I looked back at him. I knew he understood because now he was staring a hole in Wolf and Dante.

"Don't look at us like this, you know the bomb has a camera in his room so we can make sure he doesn't, you know, kill anyone." Dante said so mater factly.

"Bomb" I inquired.

"Yeah, you know bombs they tend to explode, which happens to be the case for you. Always on the edge of exploding." He sneered looking at me with disdain.

"Well, I rather seem to be picking up a lot of nicknames over here." I said trying to build back me walls and invert, but something was different. I couldn't seem to crawl back into myself.

I blocked out everyone and the running commentary between Dante and Lovin, they were talking about something along the lines of 'What the hell are you thinking getting back into something with this loony'.

I pulled my legs up and started thinking, what had change since yesterday? A little sex, I doubt, didn't have this problem after I fucked Damion a month or so ago. I was searching for my safe haven. If you have no walls up then anyone can come in, its better to be well guarded then vulnerable. But I couldn't find it, I was just too damn happy and not happy about it!

I continued on and on until I looked up for a second to see everyone staring down at me. I looked at each one of them and saw that Wolf and Dante were quite pleased while Lovin was a jumble of emotions, he looked mad and happy at the same time. Now they were scaring at me, I looked at Wolf and raised my eyebrow.

"I never told you, because I though it was cute and since your so damn secretive about everything I always thought it was a good thing and It is."

"Wolf get to the point, will ya?" I asked realizing that he was aimed in the direction of a story.

"Well, when your thinking hard, you kinda voice it." He said still beaming at me.

"Voice it" I asked, call me a little slow but I wasn't grasp it. "Ok like just now you were kinda whispering to yourself what I'm guessing you were thinking." Dante said and then he looked at Lovin for a moment hard.

" guys sure don't believe in privacy here, because first you got cameras watching every move I make and now you wont even let a brother sit down and whisper to himself while he's deep in thought." I said not really mad, but furiously trying to recall everything that was going thru my head.

"Doing it again." Lovin said, but his voice had a hint of anger in it. I looked up at him and I knew why he was mad at me, but I didn't feel like bringing it up on front of everybody.

"So can I eat? Because contraire to popular beliefs reapers, bombs and serial killers do need food." I asked feeling my tummy rumble.

"Follow me" said Wolf and him and Dante filed out. I was following, but Lovin grabbed me and held me back.

"Can we talk about the whole Damion situation later, I really need to eat." I said knowing that's for sure what he wanted to talk about.

"Actually I wanted to for warn you that the men are out there." He said while he pulled me tightly in his arms. "So hopelessly in love with me, are you." He stated while he started kissing my neck, cheeks and eye lids over and over.

"Huh" was naturally my smart reply.

"I could really get use to you thinking long and hard about something. I swear I've found out more about you then you'd ever tell me." He smiled as he headed to the door and was getting ready to walk out, then he looked back at me and said "And we ARE going to talk about Damion, along with a lot of other things, such as what you've been up to lately."

He walked out leaving me there to stare at the place I last saw him, now really trying to recall everything I said but my stomach soon reminded me that I was indeed very hungry. I walked into the hallway and followed my nose to the smell of food, which happen to be a noisy ass room in the far back.

When I walked though the doors everything went quiet immediately. I looked around and saw that everyone was just staring at me. I found Damion in the far corner and he was staring hard at my shoulder, I looked at it and remembered Lovin grazed me with his bullet. All of a sudden I felt a little weird walking around with only pajama pants on and no shirt, even though everyone else was wearing just about the same thing.

"Your plate is over here Rafael." I looked around to see a small table where Lovin was on top of and beside him was a plate of food. I walked over and couldn't help myself but to jump at the area where all the men were at and watch them all jump back, some higher then others. This sent me and Lovin into a ball of fits and soon the men were joining along.

Wolf stood up and start pushing me over to the table telling me what I'm sure he's been dying to tell me. I blocked it out while I was eating and he just kept on. It was along the lines of 'boy look at you, your losing weight. Come now eat more!" Lovin and I kept stealing glances and I kept staring at that thigh that kept brushing against my arm. I finished two plates of food and Wolf was still shoveling more on to my plate and before really thinking I said. "Dad, come on, I'm full." and though I'm sure I didn't say it loud, the whole room went all quiet again and everyone was looking back and forth between me and him. Dante broke the awkward silence and made it less awkward and way more tense when he said "ok, I think its time we ask you some questions."

I stood up and I felt a few of my walls slide into place, none that could hold against Lovin's eyes but enough that I could take on the defense. "As long as I get to ask as well." I said as I took the seat that Dante put in front of all the men. Everyone straightened up and moved over so that Dante, Lovin and Wolf could all get a seat in front of me.

"We expect the truth" Dante said.

"Don't insult me." I said not liking at all how this started out.

"So why didn't you kill Lovin" he inquired and I swear I saw everyone kind of lean in closer, just to make sure they didn't miss what I was going to say.

"For the same reasons he didn't kill me. " I plainly said and I already knew how this was going to go down and I started to get bored, all my nervousness just draining away.

"Care to be more specific?" Dante said while he was staring at me.

"Because I love him, and furthermore this is suppose to be an interrogation for 'Ghost' business not so that you can be over protective of your little brother." I said and I heard a few ' I told you so's' and a few inhales.

" Yea your right, we know from sources that you had 3 exit plans for leaving Ghost, we know the two but you concealed the last one what is it?" I smiled over at Damion who was didn't dare look me in the eye. I had to laugh a little at it.

"Its concealed for a reason. Your still not asking the right questions. Here, I'll ask and answer what YOU all REALLY want to know." I said quite bored with this whole thing, I was getting tired again for some odd reason and I wanted this finished as fast as possible.

"Did I have more then one secret location, yes I had five. Was I planning a mass murder, no I wouldn't dare lay hands on any of my men. Am I a traitor, no, I didn't tip anyone off and had no plans of such. Predators is my family, and yes you have times when everyone feels as if the need a whole continent apart from one another, but they are my family. I would never want so much as a bruise on any of my men and who ever were to would have serious consequences to pay. For most of this year when I was locked up in my room I was practicing or reading, I wasn't making any bombs or some secret plot to do you all in. Anything I missed." I asked and looked around.

"Well that seems to be it, I'm tired so can I get a room, with you know minus the cameras." I asked Wolf.

"They all have cameras" Dante replied.

"So where do I stand on this. Which home am I going back to Predators or Ghost?" I inquired wanting to know right away.

"Which you prefer?" Wolf looked at me thoughtfully.

I stared at Lovin and thought about it for a minute. Beast always work better in the jungle and that's what I was a beast and Brooklyn was my jungle, but Wolf and Lovin was here. The only things that I really truly cared about.

"I think I'll stay." I said while I got up and started heading for my room.

"Well then you have a lot of work to do. Your up on all the work and moves, but you've burned quite a few bridges. You and Lovin are the leaders of this group. They have to trust you Rafael, because their putting their lives in your hands." Wolf said looking out at the men.

I pulled Wolf into a big hug, he looked like he really needed one. He was a little taken back for a second but embraced me back. "I'll make you proud pop" I whispered in his ear. I let go and walked over to Lovin and started tugging on his arm and nudged my head over to where the bedroom was, which made him blush a hot red and set all the men laughing at him. "Hey what are y'all laughing at." Lovin stated while his face got redder and redder.

I couldn't help it, it was too good of an opportunity. I whispered a few words in his ear that made him drop the cup of coffee he was carrying. We walked to my room with laughter echoing in the halls, Lovin's face hot red and I was smug. Now I knew why he always use to do that shit to me, it was fun!

To Be Continued...
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