Gangsta Lovin 


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Chapter 8- Expect The Unexpected

I laid my head on Lovin's lap as he ate a burger. We were at a rest stop and he was trying to clog up an artery. The boy could eat, three burgers and two fries!

"You're a greedy little something." I said, as I shook my head as a fry fell on my neck.

"Hey, I'm passionate with all that I do. Including eating, and you don't seem to mind me being greedy when the thing I'm doing is you." He said as he smirked down at me. Still pilling his face.

We weren't far from the house, only an hour or so away. "Lovin, can we...we go to the cliffs." I asked when he finally finished eating.

"The cliffs?" He asked, I knew he didn't really like it there. Every time he was there it was under not so pleasant situations.

"Please? The sun is gonna set in a bit and I want to watch." I asked him as he finally gave in and shook his head yes.

We sat on the hood of his car while we watched the sunset. It was great. Mater of a fact the last day or so had been great. We drove all day yesterday and made love all of last night and woke up early to reach out at a decent time. It was so great that I didn't want it to end. Hence, the whole lets watch the sunset thing.

I loved Lovin, I wanted only Lovin. Everything else could just fade into nothing once we had each other. Everything could disappear and still I'd be content if I was in his arms. The saying you never know how much something means to you until you lose it. Well, it didn't go that way with me. I never knew how much I missed him until I had him back. And honestly I've never been one to share and I just wanted to have him all to myself. I didn't want to go back. Back to all that extra grief and nonsense. Why go back to all of that when I had peace right here, but I know Lovin. I know Lovin well and he wouldn't want to live a life without his brothers. Its crazy how unglued I've come to my family. How much we separated and how estranged we are with one another when you compare it to Lovin and his family. The three brothers were still tight, like glue and what not. Maybe it was because they were blood, or maybe its because they don't take sides with each other or maybe because...

"Its because we've went through all of this. We went thru the fights, bouts of rage and distrust. We went through it all already. You guys happen to be going through it now and everything else just makes it ten times worst."


"Mumbling again Rafael."

"Ah si" I said as the sun finally went down and cued Lovin to get up.

"We could leave and never come back. It could be just you and me." I said knowing he wasn't going to go for it, but needing to try any ways.

"Its not good to run from your problems Rafael. They always come back bigger and badder." He said as he pulled me over to the car.

We arrived back at the house shortly. The mansion looked like it had every light on

"Well, your right on time. Dinner has just been served." Aaron said as he greeted us at the entrance to the garage. I was about to tell him we ate already when Lovin got to speaking before me.

"What kind of food?"

"Italian" Aaron said, which prompted Lovin to walk to the lounge where every one was eating and make a plate for himself. The boy was a glutton.

"Come on, Rafael" Aaron said as he put an arm around me.

"I'm not hungry." I said as he led me into the room. All conversations finished abruptly and my face closed down to show no emotions. It was an instant reaction. One that I didn't even try to do, it just automatically happened now a days.

"Good there is more food for Lovin, and myself. So did you find anymore escape routes then the ones we already have?" He asked as he sat down, pulling me down with him, with a large plate of food.

"I found three new ones." I said quietly. Though I said it just above a whisper every one heard because the room was still silent.

"Three! Shit, I thought maybe one the tops two. You found three?" He asked as he leaned on his knee to get closer.

"Yeah, well, two of them weren't originally here. I made it myself and they wont do good for getting out a large amount of people, but two to say six people could get out quickly and efficiently." I said as I yawned. Last night as I mentioned before was spent mostly making love. That didn't leave much time for shut eye.

"Come on, lets go to bed." Lovin said as he stood up rubbing his belly. It was a miracle he had an eight pack with the amount of junk he was consuming.

"Good night" Aaron said as I took Lovin's hand as he led me to his bedroom.

"Well that didn't go so bad." Lovin said as he laid down, pulling me on top of him.


"Your so light now, I feel like I could break you." He said as he rolled over so that he was on top of me.

"I only lost ten pounds Lovin, stop being melodramatic."

"Yeah, but that was ten pounds of muscle, and I was always bigger then you. Now your even smaller."

"I'm smaller, but I'm tougher now. Stop dilly dallying and get on with it." I said to him as I grinded myself up into him.

"So eager" he smirked and forced my hips back down on the bed. He was in his unmerciful mood, which meant I was going to be teased sexually until I couldn't take it anymore. I know I'm too old to, but it was my last resort. I needed some relief now. So, I gave him my puppy dog eyes.

"Oh that is unfair. That's not fighting fair at all Rafael." He said as he looked down at me. To add the icing on the cake I started whimpering.

"Alright" he said as his body crashed down on me. His lips found mine and kissed me so hard that it felt like I could get off on just that. What Lovin said was true. He was passionate in all the things he did and I especially loved it when the thing he was doing was me.

I woke to a gentle hand sliding up and down my back. If I was a cat I would have been purring.

"Time to get up. We got conference today." He said, still petting me.

"Conference?" I said not really up.

"Yeah you know it's when we take the kids into the conference room and give them a scenario and see how they respond to it." He said mockingly.

"I know fuck face, I mean aren't they going to pull the whole interrogating me thing again." I said as I was melting under Lovin's fingers.

"Nope, we went about things the wrong way. We made boss business into every ones business and that's not how its suppose to be. We brought the kids into the fight so to speak and treated you like they were one of them. Instead of their superior as you truly are. You cant discipline the teacher in front of the students, because they'll never take him seriously. So you had to over compensate, to make them take you seriously. From now on boss business, is boss business." He said, finally letting up on the petting.

"How the hell do you know this? You've been with me the last two days. How did you get filled on the new plans?" I asked suspiciously, finally sitting up.

"A well placed phone call to your best friend while you were out like a light." He said, looking a little guilty.

"Oh and that's treating me like a boss."I said, getting upset that he would make the call behind my back.

"No, that's treating you like a lover. I didn't know what they were going to say and I didn't want whatever they had to say to make you upset." He said as he reached for me and pulled me closer.

"Oh and what if they said something you didn't like. I still would of had to hear it. Better they tell me then you. I have a bad record of shooting the messenger, literally." I said, still trying to be mad at him.

"Yeah, well, if they said something I didn't like. Then we wouldn't be here." He said seriously. I had to do a double take.

"What?" I said in disbelief.

"We wouldn't have come back unless the conditions were good for the both of us. You didn't land in this position by yourself. Even though I hate to admit it. We all helped you black out."

"Black out?"

"That's what were officially calling it. You blacked out, their was no life in you. No color to you, black."

"You would have hidden from your brothers for me?" I asked incredulously.

"If I had to , I would. I love you and I know what's it like when I don't have you and I don't want that ever again." He said with so much conviction I was surprised.

"Aww aren't you becoming a Casanova."


"Well, come on, we need to get ready." He said as he finally got up. Pulling my unwilling body with him.

"Just give me five more minutes." I said as I stared at him.

"No, we'll be late."


"That would look bad. Come on will you." He said as he headed towards the bathroom.

When we finally got out of the shower and got dressed. Lovin pulled me, literally, downstairs. Breakfast was going on and every one was eating. Lovin made a quick detour to the island where the food was laid out buffet style. I, on the other hand, went straight to a seat in the way back where it was dark. Maybe Lovin didn't notice, but the conversations were tense. The men's eyes never left me. It was easy to revert back into my old self.

"Good morning every one." Aaron said as he headed for the food.

"What's up" Lovin said as he was shoveling food in his mouth.

"Where's my boy at?" Aaron said looking around for me. I leaned forward for a second. Enough for him to see me.

"What you doing all the way over there? Get your ass over here." He said, which I ignored. He waited for a while and then finally shook his head and took a seat. Then Lovin attacked his ear, because as soon as he sat down, Lovin was whispering some shit into it. That started a whole whisper conversation, that judging by the way they're eyes would sometimes look my way, was all about me.

Its time for conference in a few minutes. So I get up and get out to the room. I set everything up. We were having conference with Ronnie and his boys. Not long after I set everything up Lovin came in with the boys.

"Oh you're here already, I was wondering where you were." He said, it was then I realized he didn't walk to the room he ran too it. Oh the vote of confidence was overwhelming. I made sure to shoot him a glare before I sat down at one of the two seats at the head of the table. He sat down right after and reached for my hand, which I pulled back immediately. Then he turned his head and just stared at me. I cant explain the look it was, but it had an apology somewhere up in it. So when he reached for my hand again under the table, I gave it a squeeze to let him know that his apology had been accepted.

"Alright, here is the blueprint to the house. I have found three exits, two that I made myself. I want you to take a look and find the two I made. Use your sense. Its going to be some place easily accessible, but yet still hidden. Somewhere that I can quickly find a safe spot if were under attack." I said as I looked at every one. The words if I was under attack almost came out. Every one got the blueprint and started, even Lovin was participating in this. It might of sound easy, but it wasn't. The mansion was built with war in mind. The walls were concrete. Well, almost all the walls were concrete. So first you had to find which walls weren't and then you had to find which wall would follow all the criteria. It wasn't an easy thing.

I stood up and every one looked up immediately. I walked over to this huge whiteboard and fiddled with the upper right corner and then the lower left corner and then finally I pushed the left corner and the white board slid up. I turned to look and they were all flabbergasted. Every one always thought that the conference room was the most safe place in the house. I don't know why they got that in their head, but it was wrong.

"This is a first one. Its perfect in the fact that its not too far from the bedrooms. Also, it covers my track. You have to hold up the left side for it to stay up. So when I leave it'll all come down and back into place. The conference room is right off of the gardens in the middle of bushes. So no one can see your exit. The only problem is that you have to use it in a single filed lined because it only has room for one person. Now time is up. I have given you one exit, you have to come up with the other two. I will give Ronnie a map and you guys can find it together. I expect it to be found with a list of its pros and cons for next Thursday." I said, while they all left.

"Why do you have to talk like that with them?" Lovin asked softly.

"What are you talking about?" I asked as I turned to face him.

"You talk in one bored ass tone. Its one of the tones that people use to let the person they're talking to know they'd rather be shot then to continue talking to them." He said as he reached for my hand again.

"I don't mean to, but I just always end up reverting back into my old self. I don't even realize I'm doing it anymore."

"Well, when the next group comes I'll try harder." I said as he kissed me.

"That was excellent" he said as he jerked his head to the direction of the whiteboard. The next class went about the same as the first. Except I tried to be more cheerful when I spoke, but it came out more as me being condescending and sarcastic.

"That went well" I said as I sat on his lap.

"Heh, maybe you should go back to monotone." He said smiling as he kissed me.

"Whoever made up our new schedule sucks. Why do we have to do conference for the whole damn day of Monday and Thursday." I asked as I snuggled my face into his warm neck.

"I don't know, but you might want to get off my lap before...they come." He said the last part in a way that let me know that they just arrived.

"Remarkable timing." I said as I got up and took my seat. They were all looking at us strange. I started the lesson and that's how it went all the way up to dinner. By the time dinner came by I was sick of so much damn human interaction that I didn't want to go. I wanted a little time to myself. So when Lovin went down to dinner I stayed up. I wonder how long it took him to see that I wasn't behind him. I'm so light on my feet that you never hear me. Lovin is so use to that, that he wouldn't be surprised not to hear someone following behind him. If he reached where the food was laid out then I was in the safe. If he looked back before that then he'd be coming back up the steps.

I was laid out on the bed looking at the ceiling. Lovin hadn't come back yet so I just laid there. I missed meditation this morning because I wanted a quickie so it seemed a good of time as any. I left Lovin's room, where I was camped up in, and went into my room. I changed out of jeans and went into my leather brown pants. I decided against a shirt and a jacket. If I took a shirt then it would just get soaked seeing that it was raining and I could never move the way I wanted with a jacket on. I grabbed my sword and headed to my special spot in the gardens. It was there I found Lovin.

"I was wondering how long it would take you." He said with a smile. I smiled back at him and proceeded on.

An hour passed before I stopped. I wanted to go on for longer but I didn't want to leave Lovin on an empty belly and out in the cold. I walked over to where he was propped up, with a huge umbrella.

"Lets get some food into you before you go through withdrawal." I said as I hugged my soaked form up against his warm and dry self. His free hand snaked around my waist.

"You haven't really worked up an appetite." I said as I was rethinking the whole letting him eat thing at the moment.

"Oh I haven't?"

"Nope, you have to put in some work to get food. This is the way of the world." I said as my hand drifted down to his jeans.

"Lets go inside." He said, his voice already getting husky.

"Lets not." I said as I moved back into the rain and laid out on the bench. Giving him my best sexy look.

"Heh you wanna take wet n wild to whole different level he said as he threw the umbrella down and started undressing. I watched his coat and then his shirt go before I called him over to me. He laid down on top of me.

We hungrily kissed each other. I don't know what was more exciting doing it in the rain or doing it outside. We both rolled around on the bench, taking off each others remaining clothes. The hard rain beating down felt so good on my wet skin, that I just enjoyed kissing him for a moment. The cold water made his hands feel even warmer on my skin. Everywhere he touched left a hot trail, that made everything more sensitive. His finger tips gliding over my skin feather soft and his nail trailing along after. It felt good.

He grabbed my nipple suddenly and twisted it hard. His mouth came down on my chest to pay reverence to the nipple he pulled. His warm breath and his silky tongue on me made me feel 13 all over again, I felt like I could cum just by him doing that. He was good, so good.

When his hands and mouth drove me to the point that I was insane with need I straddled his face. He reached for me but I moved it away and spread my cheeks for him to get the idea. A rough tongue slid from the top of my crack all the way to my balls. He started lapping at my entrance while I started to grind into his face. His tongue swirling, teeth nipping and scraping against me. He slid his tongue roughly into me and started pistoling in and out, while I was playing with his nipples. When the need in me for more fiction, more tongue came. I started riding his face, my hands on his chest steadying myself. It was good, so good.

He pulled me off his face too soon for my liking and laid me down on the bench underneath him. I put my legs in the air, exposing my tight pink hole. He caressed it before he pressed himself against my opening and slowly pushed in. I hissed from the pain and the pleasure, I normally needed more preparation. Desperate time goes for desperate measure though and soon he was thrusting into me at feverish pace. He was thrusting all the way in and then coming almost all the way out. My back was scraping against the bench as he held my hips up so that he could hit that magical spot every time. He looked so good that I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. His hair was wet and in his face, intense eyes peaking out through them. Water riveting off his body, his abs crunching and uncrunching during every thrust. The moonlight illuminating him. It was good, so damn good

Every time I felt like I was going to explode he would reach over and squeeze the base of me hard. I was stuck in that place where the sensations are almost unbearable and your need is so bad you would do anything for it. The pressure in me kept building and building and building. Finally, one more hard thrust was my undoing. I came all over the bench, setting him off inside of me. It was good, hella GOOD!

I laid perched in his arms. The rain falling hard against my face.

"The shit I let you talk me into." He said with a content smile on his face.

"Come on lover boy. If I get sick its all your fault." I said as I got up.

"My fault, how the hell is it my fault!"

"Your suppose to be the strong, smart one out of us. You know reasonable and what not!" I said as this incredulous look came over his face.

"I'm giving you a 10 second head start before I grab you and tickle you until you pee yourself." He said and didn't have to repeat. I was out.

"10 1"He said as he ran after me.

"Hey what happened to 9 and 8 and all the rest. I screamed as I picked up the pace. I got to the front door and had to stop to fumble with the latch before I got inside. I reached only three steps in before he jumped on top of me and pinned me and started tickling me so hard that I was having trouble breathing.

"Say it, say it." He chanted while his unrelenting hands kept on.

"You are...the great...master...and...I am...your...lowly...servant." I got in between my laughter.

"What else?" He said, smirking and looking all types of smug.

"I" I said as he finally stopped. I pulled him down so that his lips were only an inch away.

"I love you, even if you're a real bastard." I said as I pulled him into a kiss before he could respond.

"Ahem" interrupted our kiss, that was growing passionate. I looked up and finally took a look in the room. I went into the door leading straight into the entertainment room instead of the one from the hall by accident. All the boys were sitting around. They all looked god smacked. A very amused Aaron stood beside us.

"Though were into voyeurism. If I remember correctly you are not. You might want to entangle yourself and you really should of had more clothes on in that rain." He said looking at us, we were only clad in our underwear. I shrugged off the embarrassment that had Lovin completely red.

"The rest of our clothes and stuff are laid out somewhere out there. Your brother is insatiable. I mean really. I said as I rolled him from on top of me. Aaron and I were getting back into our best friend mode. And we were playing our favorite game, embarrassing Lovin.

"Well, now we know how far down that blush travels." Aaron commented as I stood next to him. Us looking down at a red Lovin.

"Damn boy he sure got you marked up." Aaron said as he took a look at me. I had hickeys everywhere and since I was wearing a pair of low cut boxer briefs, they could see a trail that led right down into them.

"Yeah he likes to suck." I smirked and Aaron and I looked at each other and burst out laughing.

"You two can go screw yourselves." Lovin said, gathering up his dignity. He grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder and proceeded to the kitchen.

"Damn Lovin, you don't want to get out of these wet clothes first?" I asked as he started to get a plate.

"I worked up an appetite."

"Yeah, whatever" I said as I got a plate out for myself.

A whole month had gone by and things were finally starting to settle. The boys wouldn't jump if I came too close. A few, who knew me from back when, were on friendly bases with me. Lovin and myself were still going strong. We got into a few silly arguments but we decided that we wouldn't leave the room until it was resolved. Seeing as how Lovin had to eat 12 times a day, he would normally cave and start to play nice. Aaron and I were back to being best friends he was just too much fun to be somber around. I should have known things were too good to be true, they always are.

I woke up to the warning bells going off in the house. Whoever hit the bell was a bit too slow. As soon as I heard it I was yanked off the bed by two men who were definitely not part of the predators, loves or ghost. Two other men were in front of me pulling and pushing Lovin along. They took us downstairs and led us into the conference room. All of the members of Ghost were tied up and slammed up against the wall. The normal table that was there was flipped over and a single seat was placed in the middle. Sitting their was the scumbag himself.

"Hey Rafael"

To Be Continued....

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