Gangsta Lovin 


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C hapter 9- Jessica Rabbit

H ey Rafael." he said looking me up and down.

"Nice seeing you Rico. I swore for the life of me that you were on the bottom of the Canarsie Pier." I said regressing back into my old self, it was in situations like this that I was happy how things went down before. Before my emotions showed on my sleeve, but now I had that whole nonchalant thing down. Working it like a charm.

"Oh, but I was. You of all people should know that I'm a smart man. I knew what was going to happen so I contacted a few people who wouldn't be too happy about a gang turning into government assassins." He said standing up and pushing the men that were holding me.

"Ah I can see where people wouldn't be thrilled. SO who was your savior?" I asked as his hand traveled around my waist as he pulled my back up to his chest. Lovin was turned to us and I knew that Rico was just taunting him, wanting him to do something. When one makes killing a sport, it is no fun to kill an idle man. You need to taunt them, tease them, make them desperate or irate. Rico definitely fell into that category, a hunter of men.

"Why the **, of course." He said quite pleased with the reaction from the men. The ** were as bad as bad gets. There are certain laws one lives by, even murderers and crooks like us. Their were things you just didn't do, but the ** didn't care. Every one was there enemy and to them everything was a no holds bar. They wouldn't just kill your three year old daughter, they would rape her, torture her for days and then kill her. As far as scum went they were way below the bottom of the barrel. They all had nice toasty chairs waiting for them in the darkest dankest pit of hell with Satan himself.

"Oh how lovely. You keep such nice company" I said sarcastically.

"I know, they're just the nicest. So, did you miss me sweetie." He asked as his hands groped me. I kept eyes trained on Lovin, telling him not to fall for the bait.

"Oh, I missed you so much that I didn't know what to do." I said, the sarcasm pouring in by the gallons.

"I thought you would. I mean who was going to give you a good proper fuck, none of that wishy washy shit. The way you really like it, hard and rough. Who was going to be your master?" He asked licking my ear, sliding his hands under my jeans as the group of men with him laughed.

"All sluts need a master. You want it Rafael." He said, stroking my cock to life. He was back into his mode. The mode where he made me hate myself. He would do it all the time. Say shit to me, while jerking me off. It was a big mind fuck and then he would always end with `now aren't you a good little whore.'

"Why don't we do it right here in front of your boyfriend. Tell me Rafael, has it gotten too 90210 for you yet? You miss a real man don't you?" He said, still stroking me.

"Actually I have my hands full with a real men, boys don't do it for me anymore. Kindly remove your hands from my dick. I know you've been dying for someone who wont see your dick and laugh but I'm currently engaged in a relationship." I said politely. It burnt him, even more so because his own men laughed.

"I would change your tune." He said grabbing me non to pleasantly in my treasured bits.

"Actually I quite like that tune. What do you think Lovin?" I asked.

"Hmm I'm more in favor to the Jessica Rabbit tune, how did it go again?" He said smiling at me.

"Why don't you do right, like some other men do I believe." I said completely ignoring Rico which was making him even more furious. Mad men make foolish mistakes.

"Yes that's it, she looked quite good in that dress. Would you wear something like that for me." Lovin asked propping himself up on the wall behind him.

"Enough" Rico shouted.

"I'm not particularly into cross dressing, though I could give it a try if your very adamant on it." I said, acting as if Rico didn't even exist. Though his hand on my nether regions felt like they were crushing it.

"No I'm not adamant about it, what about a GI joe get up?" He asked, winking.

"I said enough" Lovin shouted as he brought his gun to my head and undid the safety.

"I don't know about that Lovin, I was scared of GI Joe when I was little. ET as well, always wondered why."

"Maybe, because their green."

"ET is green?" I asked pensively.

"I'm going to kill him, you two keep fucking around!" Rico shouted.

"Isn't ET black? I asked.

"No he's a dark green."

"Maybe I have a green man phobia?"

"Is that even a real phobia?"

"Well, it could be, they have all types of phobia now a days."

"That's IT" Rico screamed, instead of pulling the trigger he cocked the gun back to smash it into my head. A little side step, grab and well placed bullets left only Rico alive out of his little cub scouts.

"Give it to me!" Rico screamed, trying to get his hand and the gun in it away from my hand. With a kick to the balls and a punch to the nose the gun was safely placed in my possession.

"That wasn't nice! Killing your own men." Lovin said as he quickly untied our men.

"Your dead anyways Rafael." Rico gasped between his teeth. I knew what he was talking about, we all did. The ** were nomads. They didn't live in one area, they always moved around. The things was they always moved around together. If Rico was here, that meant they weren't far. In an hours time or less the men that left didn't come back, they went looking for them. I'm positive that they all knew where Rico went and an hour was approaching rapidly.

"Tie him up Ronnie. Boys I want you all in your room, grab your combat clothes and guns. Be back here in three minutes." I screamed as they rushed out.

"So Rico, you wanna tell me which direction they're coming from? I asked as I crouched down beside a newly roped up Rico.

"I wouldn't tell you if my life depended on it." He said, spitting in my face.

"That's funny, seeing as your life does depend on it." I said as I aimed the gun.

"Oh come off it Rafael. That threat would have been more intimidating if it came from a ten year old. I know you, and how weak you are baby. So why don't you go get your boyfriend to come and do the threatening." He said, looking at me in disgust.

"Okay" I said as I shot him in both arms, slapping my hand across his mouth.

"Now Rico, I'm going to ask you again and your going to give me a good answer. The only thing that's between you and death is information. If you are unwilling to give said information then you are no help to me and are now dead weight. A get a way isn't very effective with dead weight." I said as I smiled as pleasantly as I could at him.

"They're all around. They're scattered around, they keep in contact via mobile. They'll becoming from all directions." He said as all the men finally returned.

"Here" Lovin said as he shoved my clothes, and guns at me. Our combat clothes were very simple. They were all black, made of sturdy material that was flexible enough to move, but hard to cut through. The pants, boot sides and sleeves contained many gadgets, pockets and various weapons. In the head piece fashioned after the stockings robbers you'se to wear to rob a bank had a walkie and a ear piece so we could all keep in touch with each other. The ear piece was super sensitive it could pick up the quietest whisper, which was what made it so fucking expensive and perfect for us. I suited up while Lovin threw out three black packages conveintly enough from a locked closet in the room. They were backup packages just in case something like this happened.

Lovin threw out the first bag it was full of bullets from every kind. Every one loaded and stocked up on the bullets. The next four bags held car keys. Each color coordinated to hidden cars. Each bag meant a different hiding place. I got my keys from the cliff keys; a bunch of cars hidden off by the cliff. We would have to split up in four, it quadrupled our chances of survival.

"Alright men, ghost. These men are too emotional and too damn dumb for their own good. First go off to switch cars and then meet us up at the other headquarters. Remember to be a whisper. You get into a sticky situation that you wont get out of, make sure you take out as many motherfuckers you can. Fall out." I said as I grabbed Rico and gun butted him so that I didn't run the risk of him screaming. Lovin was going west where two cars hideouts were and I was going east, where the other two hideouts were.

It was a good mile or so to the cliff, it felt like two with Rico on my shoulder. I was so proud of my men when we reached. It had to be a good fifteen of us and you couldn't here a thing. No breathing, or leaves crunching beneath feet. We were invincible, we weren't even there, we were ghost.

I found the red Porsche instantly. I heard shots out in the distance, all the men stopped instantly and looked. We were all in various positions. Some of us half out of the car, some just putting the key in. All of our heads jerked to the west where we heard bullets flying. We were too far from the men for our wireless walkie talkie pieces to work, and the other group of men on our side were already gone.

"Listen up I whispered into my mask. Get in the car, I'm taking Ronnie, Jason, Eliza, Mike and Jarred with me. Terry take him, he's a slick one. Duck tape his mouth shut and his hands and legs to the car for safety measures. I want the rest of you around, beside and behind Terry. Terry you need to go change cars and then go straight to the headquarters. I am repeating you need to make it to the headquarters, too many questions need to be answered. The six of us will head over to the west. Ghost." I said as I threw Rico at Terry.

The five men staying behind waited with me as Terry and the other two left. Then we hightailed it over to the west. All the cars had been ridden of the enormous amount of sound it made when driving it. Though it wasn't exactly silent, they still wouldn't have heard us from the amount of bullets going off ahead. We reached and found our men holding their own against what seemed like an army of the **.

I spotted Lovin instantly, he was out in the crossfire grabbing one of ours who looked like it got hit in the legs. I quickly grabbed the bazooka in the back of my car and drove right in the middle of the shoot off, pressed the breaks, and turned the wheel as hard as I could to turn me around to them and sent the bazooka into the middle of them. My men followed a long in example, giving the others enough time to get into their cars while the ** took cover.

While we were shooting off a bullet grazed my shoulder. It felt like lava, scorching. We were all half out, half ducked in our cars, all you could hear was the sound of Uzi's. The metal in your hands shaking, bursting forth death. The metallic smell of blood was strong and the only thing keeping us was the adrenaline you get from a life or death situation.

When we saw the men speed off, we were out. While we were leaving the ** were scrambling to get into their cars. I couldn't help but notice the two Porsches that were left behind. They were empty and didn't looked touched. It seemed like some of us got caught in the crossfire. I couldn't help but wonder who and how, but mostly I was just happy it wasn't Lovin.

As we were coming around a sharp corner I looked back into my rear view mirror and saw them gaining on us. Which is quite ridiculous. "Whoever is at front, you better high tail it. What the fuck does this look like, a joy ride." I said as I saw the ** catching up. It makes no damn sense to have a Porsche if a Honda civic could catch up with you. Whoever was leading the way took my advice and soon we were losing them.

"All right boys and girls were splitting up as planned. All in the left lot go to the hideout on the 47north and all those who got their cars on the right lot come along to the 47south. Those who came back to get us go to the appropriate one for you." Lovin said over the walkie. The men turned left or right onto a highway while my five boys and myself kept going straight

. We soon came up on a highway in a matter of three hours we made it to the car hideout. These cars weren't Porsches like the ones we were in now. On the outside they looked regular, simple. They were Toyotas, Lexus , Altimas, Benz and etc etc. They were all old models on the outside, but if you popped the hood you would be amazed. The five of us made it to the hideout and quickly switched cars, and cleaned them for blood and prints. We had the government on our side, but you never know with them. Its best to be safe then sorry.

We drove for about another four hours and stopped off at a motel, `Mimi and Meana's Motel. To reach headquarters took a day. Which we all could drive straight through, but we didn't want too many cars showing up at a place that only normally had a car or two pass through. Discretion was advised at all cost. It would be two to three days before all the men linked up at the headquarters. The three men with Rico would drive all night and reach tomorrow night. We, as in myself and the other five men, wouldn't be moving until morning. We would all reach in small groups.

As I stepped into the hotel, the five of us would be sharing I had to roll my eyes. Their were six of us in total and it only had two beds. They had other rooms, but it was best to stick together. I heard the door lock as the men came in.

"Ronnie and Rafael should get the beds, they're superiors." Eliza said, one of the very few woman on the squad. I took a good look around. Their were three chairs around a small table, that was adjacent and very close to the door. In the middle of the two beds was an ugly little leather couch.

" Ronnie and Jason share the bed on the left. Eliza and Mike share the bed on the right. Jarred you can take the couch." I said as I took off the lights and sat at the table, a gun on the table pointing at the door.

"Your going to sleep on those chairs?" Eliza asked softly.

"I have no intention of sleeping, constant vigilance. Yall get some rest. I'll wake you at the approbate time." I said just as softly, looking out at the window. The streetlight streaking the room in a soft glow. I couldn't help wondering where Lovin was and was he hurt.


To Be Continued....

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