John Courtney

But Gareth never called that week either. I called his house on the Wednesday and they told me he was in Newcastle. He didn't have a phone where he was staying and they didn't know when he'd be back in Leeds. On my way to work on Thursday I walked through the docks. I hoped to see him or one of his colleagues in black Snickers clothing. I didn't have any success and was late for work. My supervisor wasn't impressed but I made my excuses and got away with it. That evening I couldn't wait any longer. When James arrived I asked him if he would spank me. My arse had recovered from Richard acting as Anthony's hiding and I missed the warm sensation that Gareth had made synonymous with my arse.

"Why would I spank you?" he asked incredulously.

"Because I went up to the docks today, I have become a stalker and need to be corrected!" I answered plainly.

There was a touch of surprise in the way that James raised his eyebrows.

"Really?" he asked.

"Yes really! With Gareth gone I need somebody to keep me in line!"

"Can't you keep yourself in line? You know I'm not into spanking!"

"But I need it!" I howled and stamped my foot.

James laughed at this. "Are you going to throw a tantrum because I said no?"

"Well if the truth be told I'm gagging for sex with you and I want you to remind me that I shouldn't!"

"Why not give in to your true desires?" James asked as he leered seductively at me and rubbed his crotch.

"Because I'm saving myself for Gareth and I need the discipline to keep me strong in my resolve!"

There! I had done it at last! I had refused an advance from a chap I fancied and boy did that feel great?

James wasn't appearing to give way. I felt an inner need to purge myself of any desire I had for him and the way that Gareth taught me was the method that sprung immediately to mind.

We argued the whys and wherefores but I was getting nowhere. My arguments became childish and James was smiling at me with a teasing look on his face. I knew that words wouldn't get me anywhere so I lowered the waistband of my trackkies and boxers in one go. I stood in front of him and hoped he couldn't resist.


He couldn't! James' hand landed on my butt and I yelped as he laughed. He reached forward and yanked my trackkies down in one violent tug that brought my boxers to my knees with them. I stumbled on purpose and landed on his knee.


As the sixth landed I felt the now familiar warmth spreading across my butt, SMACK!

He had a very different technique to Gareth! In fact one couldn't really call it a technique! James just slapped and slapped without rhythm, predictability or equality of force.


Such observations made me an expert on the art of being spanked. I congratulated myself on this.


I was now fully erect!


This was nothing like a spanking from Gareth. We were coming close to the twentieth.


James was beating away at my arse with rapid-fire strokes by now.


This felt different to the beltings, my arse was beginning to warm up: SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

There seemed to be no let-up, SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

Then he stopped.

My arse was sending signals to my brain that dampened my desires. James' spanking had worked I didn't want to have sex! I stayed in position across his knee. My arse aglow with warmth, I felt comfortable.

"Want to go to bed?" he whispered.

"Yeah! But no sex! I'm saving myself for Gareth like I told you!"

James and I slept together in the same bed and nothing happened between us. This was a surprise for both of us! I had never seen him so accepting of being simply denied sex. Maybe this oversexed beast had learned to respect that there was something magic between Gareth and me? I was equally pleased that we hadn't done anything because I really wanted to save myself for the man I loved. The spanking had affirmed what I wanted to have affirmed. In case of desire and impulse I could control myself with a little help OTK!

In the morning I was very confused. I had enjoyed being spanked by James almost as much as I had enjoyed it from Gareth. I began to think that it wasn't Gareth that I was in love with but simply with being spanked. In all the time that I had been active on the scene I had never imagined myself as a fetishist. Here I was, twenty-six years of age and discovering that I wanted to have my arse whopped! It wasn't that I was some kind of freak that enjoyed pain. It was more that I found the discipline a great help to reflection on the error of my ways. It was as if getting spanked by another man cleaned my past and made amends for my reckless ways. It controlled my desires and set me on the right path. But did I know whether it was Gareth or any spanker that I wanted? I certainly didn't want another session like the one with Richard! That was awful and although he turned out to be quite sweet I had no attraction to him and wanted him purged from my life. In a way I think it was Richard that I wanted James to spank me for. I shouldn't have done it and I was glad that James had helped me rid myself of that guilt. Then I began to think if James had agreed to stay with me would I forget Gareth? But I knew James wasn't ready for a relationship and long-term commitment so, even though he stayed over every night of the weekend, I knew we would never be a couple. Boy was I confused?

The following week passed slowly. James was a great support and even gave me a reminder on Tuesday, but Gareth never contacted. I knew he must have the letter by now so it was becoming obvious that he didn't want to see me again. I was desolate! On Wednesday evening I went into my shed and found a piece of white deal. It was about two foot long length of four by one. I took it into the house and used the breadboard handle as a template. I carefully sketched a handle and cut a paddle with my jigsaw. It's great to be handy and have this kind of tool at a time like this. I drilled a small eyehole in the top of the handle and then bevelled the edges all around with fine sandpaper. It looked really professional. I suppose paddles aren't the most difficult bits of woodwork to make! I brought my masterpiece into the living room and put in down on some old newspaper. A tin of dark wood stain was all I needed to complete this job. I carefully wrote the words -- DADDY'S ARSEBUSTER -- in dark stain. I had to be careful not to let it smudge. It took longer than the cutting and sanding did. I watched television for a while as I waited for the stain to dry. Tomorrow I would post it to his home in Leeds with an apology letter asking him to come and see me. I gave the paddle a coat of yacht varnish just before bed. This would make a lovely apology gift I thought to myself as I went to bed.

I rose early and after breakfast I sanded and varnished the paddle again. It was almost perfect. I would drop by a bicycle shop on the way home and but some handlebar tape to complete the gift. A leather lace would be more difficult to find but there's an army-surplus and hiking store not too far from the bank, I could try there.

I had no difficulty getting the two items and went home to finish the job. I kicked off my shoes, opened my shirt, got a beer from the kitchen and set to work. I was carefully wrapping the tape around the handle when James dropped in.

"What are you up to?" he asked.

I smiled and showed him the paddle, it looked really good and I was proud of my craftsmanship.

"What are you going to do with that?" James asked, "I hope you don't think that I'm going to use it on you because I'm not!"

"Relax James!" I replied, "I'm going to post it to Gareth's place as a sorry present!"

"But you don't know where he lives!"

"I'm going to send it to Leeds!"

"Show me it!" he ordered and held out his hand.

I gave it to him. I was still smiling.

"You know you can't send this to his house don't you?" he asked.

"Why not?"

"Because he couldn't explain it to his family if they asked what was in the parcel!"

My smile vanished. He was correct of course!

"I think you're taking this too far Mark!" James said, "in fact I think I'll take this home with me and give it back to you when you're not as upset as you are now!"

"NO!" I protested, "it's mine and I want to keep it here!" I was whining and beginning to sulk.

"Don't take that attitude with me young man!" he scolded, "or you might just find yourself over my knee and finding out what a piece of equipment like this could do to you!"

"Is that a threat or a promise?"

"You're out of control! I'm bringing this to my place right now and I'll be back in an hour! I'm afraid you'll post this if I leave it here so I'm taking it away!"

I tried to protest but James was insistent.

"I'll be back in an hour! Be ready to go across my knee for a spanking for this and I might even stay the night if you stop whinging!"

He spun on his heels and marched out of the house. I pulled on my shoes to follow him but by the time I had fixed myself up and walked to the gate he was already too far ahead for me to catch. I stored off into the house, this was not the way I had planned my evening!

The phone rang about five minutes later and I froze. It couldn't be James; he was walking up the road! Could it be Gareth? I ran to the phone my heart full of hope; it was James!

"Where are you ringing from?" I asked disappointedly.

"I'm at the kiosk at the end of the road! There's an almighty fracas going on at the pub come up you have to see this!"

"I'm not interested!" I snapped, "I want my paddle back!"

"Come on Mark! This is hilarious there's police everywhere! Come on up, I'll give you your paddle back if you promise not to send it to Leeds!"

That wasn't unreasonable in the circumstances. "Okay!"

"Hurry up! You'll miss the show mate!"

I grabbed my coat and strode towards the front door. I opened it as I was setting the alarm at the same time. Without looking ahead I walked out the front door and nearly had a heart attack when I bumped into somebody standing on my porch. The visitor fell backwards -- it was Gareth!

I couldn't believe it!

"Get back inside!" he ordered as he straightened himself up, "we have to talk about something!"

"But James is waiting to meet me in the pub!" I protested.

"James can wait!"

Yes of course James could wait, but he told me to go there now. "Can I just go up to the pub and tell him you've arrived please!" I begged, "He'll be worried if I don't show!"

"I told you James can wait!" he said as he drew his hand from behind his back to brandish -- yes! -- The paddle I had made for him!

Again, my mouth dropped! Gareth flashed one of those killer smiles of his and I was in love again. I stood back and followed him into the house. I didn't know if he intended to use the paddle but I felt I deserved it for my unkindness to him.

He placed the paddle on the table inside the door and reached inside my shirt. He removed the chain with the broken heart and held it up against the matching piece that was around his neck.

"A perfect fit!" he muttered, "now that I've fixed the broken heart it's time to replace it with a broken arse!"

James had set me up again, but I didn't mind. In fact, I was very happy! I began to open my jeans to lower them for him. A killer smile, a click of his fingers and I was pointed into the kitchen.

"Come over here" he ordered patting the countertop in front of the window.

I came over towards him and he had me put my hands on the kitchen worktop and bend over. Unfortunately he didn't make me take my pants down although he always had in the past. He took his left hand and put it in the small of my back and I closed my eyes to await the terrible punishment that I had drawn upon myself.

"An implement like this should prevent you from acting the way you did ever again!" he remarked.

I remained silent at the prospect. He didn't seem too concerned it. I wished he would give me one of his nice hand-spanking instead but I knew that I was really in for it and I felt that I deserved it! I knew why of course! But Gareth simply lowered the paddle and wedged it between my thighs.

"I couldn't use something like this on you!" he stated flatly, "we have much to discuss Mark but I don't think we have a future together if it descends into me beating you!"

I was so relieved. It was stupid to have made the paddle and he recognised that. It was as if I had asked him to do to me what I hated Richard having done to me. The carpentry was a misguided exercise and would have no place in the relationship between us.

"I think we need to have a long chat about us!" he said.

I agreed. We had been two complete arseholes to each other. He had set me up in a fiendish way with James. I had let my dick make all the decisions from my end and treated him as somebody to abuse me and get off on that. He had lied to me, I had cheated on him -- I wondered was there any chance of salvaging the relationship that had seemed so attractive when we met in the newsagents and talked for six weeks. Maybe like most gay men we had let sex control and ruin our friendship and relationship. Maybe we had been so shallow and abusive that we had fucked it up beyond repair!

"So, are you looking forward to your spanking?" he asked.

I didn't know what to say. "I thought you wanted to talk?"

"We have all day tomorrow for that!"

"I missed you love when we were apart!" I admitted softly.

"And I missed you!"

I leaned over and we kissed. "I don't want to be spanked I want us to go to bed together and see if there's still some passion between us!" I said

Gareth removed his shirt and opened the front of his jeans. He dropped them and his boxers to his knees and we tumbled together onto the sofa. We began to wrestle and pull at each other as we stripped and kissed and groped and licked. There was passion in our togetherness still!

As he entered me I closed my eyes and was grateful to have him back. My rectum filled with his gently pistoning prick brought me back to the heights of pleasure that we had enjoyed together for too short a time. I felt him sliding inside me and I closed my eyes in ecstasy. One thing was certain -- Gareth was home!

Slowly he drew his cock in and out of me. All the time he whispered to me that he was sorry about the way he had handled our relationship and I kept assuring him that it was okay. The sex was great but his apologising was tedious and I ordered him to stop.

"Not like you to start giving orders when you're stuffed with dick!" he remarked with a smile.

"Just shut the fuck up with the moaning and get on with the fucking! Moaning is my job!" and I began to moan and groan in mock sexual bliss.

"If you don't stop making fun of me I'll use that paddle on you!" he threatened with a smile from ear to ear.

"Get on with it!"

We made love together for the next half an hour on the sofa. His long strokes were driving me insane, my dick was rock hard and jutting painfully from my groin stretched with the excitement of having Gareth back again. He pounded, pushed, pulled and poked my prostrate with his strokes. It was only a matter of time before he would drive me to cum and when his climax splashed inside me I was panting more than he was. A heavy sheen of sweat enveloped both our bodies as my own cock spurted its load all over my belly. We kissed in the throes of post-orgasmic bliss.

"I hate sex!" I muttered.

"What?" he screamed in total surprise.

"It makes my balls puke!"

Gareth laughed and wedged his hips back between my legs so his bloated cock was still buried deeply in my rectum.

"I need a shower!" I muttered

"Yeah man!" he agreed as his dick slipped from my arse, "you smell like fucking shit!"

When I returned from the shower he was in my bedroom unpacking his stuff into the wardrobe. He was very neat! He carefully paced his stuff on shelves and moved some of mine to the shelves to make room for his own clothes. I sat on the bed and watched with pride and joy. At long last there was somebody moving in with me for good. It was a wonderful feeling. With a sigh I realised that months of dreaming were coming true right here before my eyes. James was right, he had chosen a good man for me and now the time had finally arrived when I could settle down with somebody special. I would never have to go to clubs to pick up a trick and bring him home with me again. I had my own supply in my house -- is this how a woman feels when she finds a husband?

He smiled back at me. God I love that smile! He left the room and went downstairs to collect some stuff he lad left there. When he came back he was carrying his jacket and jumper with his belt folded neatly on top. H e waved it at me but I just shook my head. He smiled and we crawled under the covers together.

As we fell asleep that night I thought to myself that this was the time when I was happiest ever! Throughout my sexual life I had always preferred being the bottom. Like most other blokes I liked the occasional shot at being on top but Gareth had converted me into what I enjoyed more! I wasn't just ANY bottom; I was HIS bottom! I had found my role in life and fell asleep with my 'husband' embedded in my arse! Heaven!