John Courtney

AUTHOR'S NOTE; There is no sex in this chapter, it's part of the story line and a pivot to the rest of the story. I have made extensive revisions of chapter twelve and it should now reach to chapter sixteen or so. Many of you asked for certain developments that should be discussed. I hope that I have catered for all your observations and requests as far as possible without destroying the original story. The email comments from readers refine the writing. I don't expect people tow rite and tell me I'm great, I need people to write and tell me that the like/dislike a character and why, they disbelieve a trait or whatever...

I am a hopeless romantic so here is a short chapter for my kind!


In the morning I woke and as it was Saturday neither of us had to go to work. I lay beside my sleeping lover and was delighted to have him back. I caressed his chest and leaned over to kiss his cheek. As I did so he murmured and his strong arm wrapped itself behind my neck drawing me closer beside him.

"Are you awake?" I whispered.

"No!" he muttered and snuggled up beside me and began to grope my arse.

My dick stood straight up as he caressed my body. His touch was gentle; it was hard to imagine that these same loving hands were the ones that punished my arse so effectively in the past. Then he did something I never expected. He began to kiss my neck, my chest. My stomach and soon I felt his lips caress the tip of my knob!

"How did you know I'd take you back?" I muttered.

"James has been looking for me all week. Said you were asking him to spank you and that told me you missed me!"

What followed was the best blowjob I ever had in my life! Okay! Technically it was awful. Gareth had a lot to learn and this was obviously the first time he had ever sucked my dick or anybody else's. But he did his best and apart from some painful scraping with his front teeth he wasn't too bad! He'd learn in time! After I'd come in his mouth he stood and swallowed it in front of me. This shocked me even more! A smile, a kiss and a can of Lynx and we walked back to the bathroom together to shower. Gareth showered first while I shaved, then I showered.

When I came back into the bedroom Gareth was already dressed. I went to the wardrobe to get a pair of fresh boxers but Gareth called me and said, "Stop!"

I looked around and he threw me the boxers he had been wearing the day before.

"From now on when you're a good boy you will be allowed to wear my boxers from the previous day!" he said with a wry smile.

I looked at him in disbelief. I wasn't quite sure if this was kinky or gross!

"Put them on or you'll get the belt!" he warned.

I stepped in and pulled them up. They were roughly my size, maybe a bit tight but not uncomfortable. I would rather a clean pair but that didn't seem an option just now.

"And if I'm not good?"

"Well then!" he replied, "we're going shopping to get the rest of the stuff you'll be wearing and it won't be too long before you find out what bad boys wear!"

Breakfast was a magnificent affair. We decided we needed to talk about our expectations in a relationship and see where we had gone wrong. It was an amazing baring of the soul as both of us almost vied to be the bad guy in the story.

"I should never have cheated on you that time with James!" I admitted.

"I should never have allowed him to talk me into seducing you the way I did!" he replied.

"I shouldn't have lost my temper when you told me the truth!"

"I shouldn't have hidden James from you!"

We blamed ourselves and defended the other for ages. Neither of us was willing to see the bad in the other but the conversation was getting nowhere. After twenty minutes of futile confessions Gareth called a halt.

"Stop!" he said.

A strange silence fell over the room as we looked at each other in a wild stare of love, confusion, desire and joy.

"You don't half fucking fancy me mate!" he said with a grin.

"And you're so fucking vain!" I replied.

"And that's our problem!" he whispered.


"Simple! You fancy me so much that you are willing to do anything I want you to do."

"That's not so!" I protested.

"Why did you let me whip you then?"

"Because I liked it!"

"No you didn't!" he contradicted.

"Yes I did!" I replied, and then I thought of something, "I wouldn't have made the paddle if I didn't like it!"

"Would you like me to get it for you now?"

Now he had me snookered. I certainly didn't want the paddle anywhere near my arse. It seemed exciting and erotic when I was making it but facing it was a different kettle of fish!

"No!" I admitted and bowed my head.

"Good! Maybe now we can continue our conversation?"


"Okay then!" he began to speak quietly and firmly, "I think that what went wrong was that you gave in to me too easily and I took total advantage of you when you did."

For a warehouse worker this chap had some understanding of the finer side of sexual psychology. He was right. I was so adamant about getting him into the sack with me that I would have done anything to get there. Likewise he was a bitter bastard after he failed in his relationship with Susan and was taking his anger and frustration out on me.

"So you're not into spanking then are you?" I asked.

Gareth blushed and it was his turn to lower his head. I couldn't believe that he wouldn't just flash me a smile and I'd go weak at the knees and he'd get his way because I couldn't do anything else but give in. slowly he raised his head, he was blushing.

"Not the way we were doing it!" he admitted.

"So what are you into?" I asked.

I had him on the ropes. No longer was the guy super confident and in control. He was quite embarrassed about the way he had behaved to me, the way he had treated me and the way he thought that he had fucked up our relationship. Okay he wasn't honest but at least half of the blame for the failure was mine (but I wasn't going to admit that to him just yet!)

"I have two kinks!" he admitted quietly.

"Which are?"

"Soccer shorts and mild spanking!"

He spoke these words quickly as if to get them out of the way. This amused me. At last Mr. High-and-mighty Gareth Smith had discovered the need for honesty. Now at this point I felt that I was in a superior situation. I had admitted the nasty promiscuity and shallowness of my past life and was desperately trying to do something about it. Gareth on the other hand was too superior and was only coming to terms with the fact that he couldn't be upfront with other people.

"Mark! I have been a cruel bastard to you and only thought about myself. When we were apart I realised that there was more to us than me finding a willing victim on whom I could vent my frustration and rage, sexual as well as personal. I am sorry for being so unthinking and cruel. In the weeks that we were apart I didn't want to see anybody, not even my boys! I felt like I was one of the biggest shits in the world and that I had treated somebody trusting in a way that nobody should ever be treated. I want you to know that I missed you and have felt bad inside since the day you ordered me to leave!"

I was stunned by his frank admission.

"Do you think we have a future then?" I asked quietly.

He looked at me with big sad eyes. My heart said 'love', my dick said 'sex' but thankfully my brain said 'let him answer'!

"I hope we have! But I know there are things that I will have to change!" he said.

"Such as?"

"I need to learn how to be more considerate to you and your feelings..."

"Good start! Anything else?"

"I suppose I need to let you know what I'm thinking rather than just imposing my will all the time!"

"And is there anything I need to do?"

Gareth looked up and smiled. I knew we would be back together from that moment. "Maybe you should christen your cock!"

"WHAT?" I screamed. I couldn't believe he wasn't taking this seriously, "what are you talking about saying that I should give my cock a fucking name?"

"Exactly!" he snapped back, "I think you should know the name of the thing that makes all your fucking decisions!"

That hurt!

I glared at him and he glared back. I wanted to tell him to leave but underneath it all I didn't want to spend another three weeks looking for him after my tantrum. I huffed and pouted. Then I heard him chuckle and I stared at him with daggers in my eyes.

"Touched a raw nerve there did I?" he asked cheekily.

My lower jaw was jutting out. I was a picture of comical rage. I stared at him straight between the eyes and realised that he had me on the ropes now.

"Yeah!" I snapped as the tables turned.

Just as he had admitted that he had bullied me and been an arsehole it was now my turn to admit that I was a shallow sex-fiend. Being a bottom is one thing but being totally controlled by your libido is quite different. It was my turn to admit my faults.

"Well Gareth! From the first day I met you I wanted to be your sexual partner. Like many men before you I was infatuated from the word go. Life as a bottom is quite fickle; the desire to have your man inside you is so great that sometimes I go too far to get what I want. The time I was with James was typical of me! When I was with him I was getting what I wanted so I had no other cares in the world. After you arrived back I thought for the first time that I was a shallow meaningless bastard and I didn't deserve you..."

"Oh my god!" he exclaimed, "you blame yourself for that when James set it up for me to let you know who Jimmy was?"

"Yeah you two were total fucking bastards to do that but it was me who cheated, me who slept with somebody else, me that acted like a fucking slut..."

He reached forward and clasped my hands in his.

"Could we leave all this behind and start again?" he asked quietly.

He was right. We had far too much to blame each other for. To continue this conversation of self-debasement and retrospective guilt would lead us nowhere. Sure we would have to acknowledge what happened between us if we got back together but maybe we just needed a fresh start with the hope that we wouldn't make mistakes like the ones we had already made.

"Wouldn't I just love to!"

It was the brain that spoke; the fact that the heart and the dick were not dissenting made it a better feeling.

We kissed passionately in the centre of the kitchen. We were back together like the day at the newsagents and would give each other a chance to be true again.

"What was that about soccer shorts?" I asked as we separated.

He blushed, "I like the feel of nylon on my arse!"

"Kinky bastard!"