John Courtney

But the fact that Gareth gave me a chance on top wasn't enough to change the relationship to one of equals in bed. Gareth still exercised control over me and the sexual chemistry between us remained firmly based on his command and my compliance. Once the brutal whippings were removed from our relationship I discovered that he was a very inventive top when it came to keeping his man under control. No sooner had I shot my load deep into his bowls then he grunted, thrust his hips upwards and dislodged me. The sheer physical strength involved took me totally off guard. I fell off his back and landed on my side beside him. Then with the speed and strength of a horse he had me pinned by my shoulders to the bed. My body was still weak from the orgasmic spasm and I was powerless beneath him. His erection was straining the skin wrapping his cock. It looked painful it was so swollen and it bobbed clumsily like it wasn't even attached to him. It looked obscenely like one of those strap-on dildos that you can get in a sex shop. But unlike a dildo it was warm. In fact it was hot!

The inevitable was about to happen! My fucking his arse had got him so aroused that he was flying one major hard horn and it was about to puncture me. He smiled and I smiled nervously back.

"Go gently!" I whispered.


He reached for the Vaseline and placed a glob on the knob of his dick. A quick flick of his wrist coated the shaft lightly and the tip was placed at my winking hole. I closed my eyes and held my breath. This was going to be a tight fit! And it was!

A quick jab shot the glans inside my shocked ring. I howled. Another jab and a good length slid in painfully.

"You're hurting me!" I whined.

I felt like the flesh had torn. I couldn't believe this. It was only a few hours, less than a day, since we had made love but this time was different. Maybe fear had made me tense; maybe he was more enlarged than he normally was? I don't know why but I thought my arse was bleeding.

"Relax!" he ordered.

I looked up at him and tried to smile. The guy had ordered me to relax with what felt like a telegraph pole wedged up my bum! He rocked his ships gently but it was no help.

"What's the matter Mark?" he asked, "you've never been like this before!"

"I don't think you've ever been this big before!" I replied.

This made him chuckle. "Do you think I bought a new dick or something?" he laughed.

I felt a bit stupid at this point. How do you explain to a bloke that a dick can come in more sizes than one? When you read gay stories or read personal ads these chaps talk about having eight inches or five inches when soft. I know that if I get out of a cold lake after swimming that I might have a proud half-inch shrivelled up and jutting out of my hard empty ballbag. That same half-inch can stretch to eight when I'm really excited but normally doesn't go beyond six. In fact most of the time when you're with a bloke he's not fully engorged, yeah he's stiff, but rarely bursting! This was the first time I had Gareth's dick inside me at bursting point and it was sore! But how do you tell a bloke that?

"I was just thinking..." I began to speak but he cut me off.

"Still sore?"


"Is your bum still sore?"

I realised that I had either stretched that extra millimetre or he had subsided a bit, one way or the other I was comfortable back there again.

"No!" I admitted.

"You didn't hear me whining when you were inside me!"

"Fuck me big boy!"

And he did!

I groaned and moaned as his dick pounded in and out of me. His thrusts were long, sharp and slow enough for me to feel every inch of his giant dick pulverising my arse. It was heaven! I looked up at his face; sweat was dripping from his brow. (Sex and central heating don't mix!) I opened my mouth and lapped up a droplet as it fell near my nose.

"You really get off on everything about me don't you lad?" he chuckled as he collapsed onto my chest with a splat.

I grunted as he fell and suddenly felt his dick stop moving inside me. He lay there on top of me looking into my eyes and me into his with his cock wedged fully up my bum.

"Why are you stopping?" I whispered.

His mouth landed on mine and we began to kiss and hug each other passionately. I wrapped my arms around his big beefy shoulders and wallowed in a tongue-bath with my lover. It was heavenly. Even the faint taste of cigarette of his breath was strangely exciting; in fact everything about him was exciting for me. Our tongues duelled, our eyes closed and we began to grope ach other's arses. My own little soldier was standing proudly between our sandwiched bodies straining for release, his was standing sentry in my bum waiting for a chance to shoot up the enemy.

"I love you!" he muttered into my mouth!"

"Menaugh luavg tami geden!" I muttered back (it was hard to make an audible sound with another tongue between my mouth but he understood my sentiment!)

Gareth returned to his duty and began to gently slide his cock in and out of my hole. It wasn't the rough quick jabs that I had enjoyed a few minutes before, now it was a long gentle caressing of my anus. I sighed as I lay there enjoying the wild sensation of his prick massaging my innards. The re-igniting of our relationship after the mess we had made of our first effort brought the two of us to a simple realisation; we both fancied the hole off the other! I began to thrust back to meet him and we began a sweaty wrestling session despite the fact that he had me impaled and I didn't want to snap his dick off!

Lying there with a baby-arm up the bum and another between us I was proud of the fact that we excited each other so much. Of all the sexual encounters that we had enjoyed this one was special. It was the first time that we made love to each other. We lay there grappling on the bed, two men in love with each other and excited not by the other one's body but by the fact that we were together as Mark and Gareth. Then he withdrew.

I was about to protest when he ordered me into the doggy position. I immediately followed his instructions and knelt on the bed with my arse thrust back for his attention. But no attention came. I looked back and he was sitting on his haunches pulling his dick almost absent-mindedly as he surveyed my arse. I wriggled my butt to invite him back but he just smiled. I thrust back a bit and suddenly SLAP!

"Ouch!" I howled, "I thought you weren't going to spank me anymore!"

"That wasn't a spank that was a slap!" he replied.

"What are you waiting for?" I asked impatiently.

I had a deep thirst for getting him back inside me. It was a pure agony just waiting for him and I heard a small whine rising in my throat.

"Did you hear they built a new masochist centre downtown?" he asked.

I looked at him bewildered by the question. He grinned. This was frustrating!

"Yep!" he continued, "I hear they have posters all outside it telling you what you can do inside. But there's no door and no windows!"

I rose to my knees turned and lunged at him but he pushed me back and hopped off the bed. I regained my posture and got up but he stood on the far side of the bed waving his dick at me.

"Come and get it!" he sang as he escaped my grasp.

I landed sprawled on the bed. I was a bit exhausted from the earlier grappling and no match for his agility as he continued to elude me. It was frustrating and I felt myself getting angry. Gareth just laughed as he danced away and stood out of my reach wriggling his hips and making his horn bounce up and down. It was like it was beckoning me, I thought of the snake in the Jungle Book singing "trust in me" as I watched his one-eyed monster entice me and then escape when I got close.

But Gareth found this whole thing amusing. I was getting frustrated and even close to angry as I struggled to get a hold of him again. Working in a bank makes a chap a poor match for a chap that spends his day working in a warehouse. On pure strength, stamina and stealth I was no match and my prize was getting away. Tired by my efforts I glared at him across the room. He was standing by the door massaging his cock and smiling and I knew that by the time I reached him he would be gone again. There was more than one way of getting a person like me to do as I was told. Up to this he had used physical brutality to keep me in line now he had discovered mental torture. Yes there would be no return to spanking for us. Gareth had found a way to get my agreement to anything without having to threaten me with physical pain. From here on I knew that my compliance with his wishes would be controlled by sex. If Gareth wanted something he would begin to have sex with me and when he had me all warmed up and gagging for it he would withdraw and refuse to continue until he had my obedience and/or agreement.

"Okay!" I panted, "what do you want me to do to get you back over here with me?"

He smiled. I was beginning to mistrust that smile. Every time I saw it I found myself drawn into a compromise that was always to his advantage.

"I have a few proposals!" he said, "I want you to agree to them!"

At that point I think I would have agreed to anything.

"Go on!" I encouraged him.

"I think it's established who's on top isn't it?"

"Definitely!" I agreed.

"Promise me you'll never treat me the way Susan did!"

I looked at him in shock. If ever you want something to cool sexual heat between two men start a conversation about one of their ex-wives!

"Charming!" I muttered.

"What's up?" he asked.

"We're having an intimate time together and you start asking about your ex! That's fucking very complimentary!"

"All I want is a promise!" he protested.

I lay on the bed on my stomach. I was disgusted! I pointed to my arse and muttered into the pillow, "there's my arse if you want it! I'll just go to sleep!"

I hoped that my counter-offensive would work. If I lay there and pretended to have lost interest maybe he would come back and pay some attention to me. But I didn't seem to be getting that! I heard him walk quietly over to where I lay. I had no idea what would happen.

"What's your answer?" he asked as he stood at the end of the bed.

"Fuck off and let me get some sleep!" I muttered back into the pillow.

I was almost chuckling; I knew I had outwitted him a bit. He had teased me for long enough and now he was standing confusedly at the end of the bed not knowing what to do. On top of that he was a red-blooded male waiting for release and that depended on getting my consent. It took a few minutes before he calmly asked me if he could resume his lovemaking.

"Go ahead! Don't mind me!" I replied.

It took a minute before I heard a cry of "Bonsai!" and he leaped into the air and landed heavily on my back.

"Uuf! Get off me you big oaf!" I protested, but Gareth was trying to get his dick back into my wriggling hole.

"I want to make love to you!" he protested.

"So what's that got to do with little Japanese trees?"


"Bonsai are little trees you plonker!"

"The kamikaze pilots in Warlord always shouted it before they crashed!" he defended himself.

There are times and places where stupidity is the best salvation in a misplaced situation. I could only laugh.

"Your comic book heroes shouted banzai you fucking idiot!"

"Oh yeah! And you're the idiot I'm fucking!"

His cock lay along the crack of my arse. "Go on then my little kamikaze! Crash into my bunker!" I encouraged him.

"I still think bonsai sounded okay!" he said as he lined up for re-entry. "After all, I'm just about to stick my root up your arse!"

"Oh yes!"


Apologies for the delay in getting this chapter ready. I have examination papers to correct, lots of them, and so I haven't that much time to edit the story. I am very pleased that so many people who wrote to me have taken to my characters. Yes they can be shallow at times and sometimes they are plain honest to god stupid, but I'm delighted so many of you want their relationship to work out. Maybe most of us who read this stuff are shallow and honest to god stupid as well but we have our dreams don't we?