John Courtney

I never guessed how much fun sex in soccer shorts could be but Gareth taught me quite a bit when we got home from work! It wasn't too long after diner when I found myself on all fours on the bed wearing the full strip we had bought with Gareth standing beside me wearing the smooth white Leeds one he had bought.

"Here!" he said turning around and presenting his arse to me, "rub me arse for me!"

I straightened myself and reached forward to touch the smooth fabric. A shiver of electricity shuddered down my back! His bum felt great beneath the white fabric. Greedily I grabbed his cheeks with both hands and began to massage him. He thrust his hips backwards to meet my groping and began to sigh and moan.

"Yeah Mark! That's the boy!"

You know it was only when I saw the flesh of his cock appearing through the wet material as I blew him that I realised what was so exciting about all this. It wasn't the feel of the nylon or the silky texture -- soccer kit is so male and virile! In many of the daily papers there are countless pictures of premiership and other professional players and they are all hot, hot, hot! Whereas rugby players ooze a strength and masculinity soccer players are much more refined. Like stallions these blokes are powerful and agile. Their exquisite costumes are reminiscent of the sleek coats of well-groomed stallions, they are men that take pride in the beauty of their masculinity and their athletic charm is what makes them sexy! To dress in the replica kits inspired me (and Gareth) to rejoice in what is good about being two males together.

Our days together turned into weeks, months and even years. We became quite acclimatised to having the other around the place and sensitive to each other's needs. We were partners in the true sense of the word in that we did everything together and in equal share, we restrained our conflicts to a civil level and allowed each other enough space to be an individual within the partnership. Except in matters sexual that is.

Slowly it became obvious that I liked to relinquish control during sex. It wasn't that I was effeminate or weak or anything like that. As a man with much responsibility and authority at work it was nice to do the opposite in my private life. Gareth on the other hand took orders at work and so his love life expressed his desire to assert himself. Sex between us never lost its appeal. There was a beautiful meeting of minds that made a meeting of bodies exciting all the time and every time we were together. In fact I have to admit that when we were apart and I wanked I thought of him at least ninety percent of the time!

But our life took a dangerous turn in July 1999 that could have signalled the end of almost three years together.

It began when James informed us that Susan was pregnant again! Whilst Susan's being pregnant was not really our concern the matter became complex when the man she was in a relationship came to light. Susan had met a chap from Tunisia and was speaking of marrying him and moving to Tunisia with him and the boys.

Gareth had to move quickly! He contacted my solicitor and organised an injunction against her leaving the country with the boys. Thankfully the solicitor knew his onions and organised a quia timet injunction, as we had no proof of what her actual intentions were. I doubted that she would have left the country before the birth but we secured the injunction just in case. The solicitor explained to Gareth that it was unlikely that he would get custody and even more so if the judge knew that he was in a relationship with another man.

Gareth came home from his visit to the solicitor in a dreadful state. We had grown so close together that it was difficult to imagine what life would be like without the other. But Gareth knew that he had to make a decision between his sons and me. It was a devastating prospect for both of us but I calmly accepted that there was no competition. If Gavin and Dean were to stay in England with their father there could be no Mark in the picture. I went quietly upstairs to our room, opened the wardrobe and felt the smooth blue nylon of the new Newcastle kit he had just bought me for my birthday. I was weeping as I admired the fabric. It brought to mind all the happy hours of fun we had together wallowing in each other's masculinity. This kit was particularly sexy, royal blue with a gold trim.

"Why don't you put it on?"

I turned to see him standing in the doorway smiling sadly at me.

"I often thought that this would come to an end sometime!" I said softly, "but somehow I thought we would break up because of a row or something and I never expected our parting to be like this!"

"I don't want to break up with you!" he said.

"Gavin and Dean come first!" I replied choking back tears and trying to sound stoic.

"Put it on love!"

Five minutes later we were writhing on the bed together. It didn't feel right but as it was likely to be our last night together I wanted it to be special. And it was!

Gareth rode me sideways, frontways, backways and any other way you could imagine. All the time he was inside me I was fighting back the knowledge that this would be the last time just wanting to enjoy the intimacy I was sharing with the man I love.

As we lay beside each other we held hands. I felt sick with anger at the fact that society couldn't accept that we were just like any other couple. We weren't two perverts walking around screwing in every corner of the house. In fact we nearly always were fully dressed except when in the bedroom. On a Saturday or Sunday morning we would have walked about and watched TV in our boxers or shorts but apart from that there was nothing public about us. We were just like any other couple! Why couldn't the world simply accept that?

Next morning Gareth prepared to move out. He began to ring different landlords looking for accommodation. He knew the accommodation would have to have at least two bedrooms and on his salary the rent of a house on his own would have proved prohibitive. I was like a dog at work! Everything that we had worked on was over and I was losing. It wasn't too bad losing him to his sons. At least it was better than losing him to another man. Thinking about waiting until the boys were old enough wasn't much help. Gavin was only six and it would be twelve years before we could get back together!

I had an idea and called the solicitor.

We drew up a tenancy lease for Gareth in my house. I was the householder and Gareth was lodging with me much as any other lodger in the UK. I called James and he promised not to blow the cover and Gareth was delighted that he could rent two rooms in my place. As nobody knew that we were an item he would be able to tell the judge that he had accommodation for his two sons should his wife decide to leave the country. That evening he moved his stuff into the second bedroom and made it as if he stayed there. In reality we stayed in the bigger room.

Susan gave birth to another little boy in late September. Mohammed decided it was time to go and the matter was hurried through the courts. Susan didn't put up much of a fight in court. I think Mohammed wanted the boys to stay because they weren't his and were very white so he couldn't pretend that they were his anyway. Gareth was amazed that she was so under his spell. On the grounds that they were UK nationals, attending schools and capable of being cared for adequately by their father the judge allowed the boys to move in with Gareth. He asked that social services would assess the accommodation and childcare facilities that Gareth could provide. Gareth volunteered that the boys would go to their grandmother's place after school and that he would collect them when he had finished work. Susan's mother (who didn't approve of her daughter being with a Tunisian anyway) readily agreed and so the matter was approved pending an inspection of my home.

The social worker arrived the next day and decided that the place was fine. She had some reservation about the use of shared facilities but the en suite in my room meant that the boys and their father would not be sharing bathing facilities with a stranger. The following week she made her report to the court and Gareth was awarded full custody of his sons. Susan was told that she could have them for two weeks every summer and see them at weekends whenever she wanted but that she couldn't take them out of the UK.

So Dean and Gavin have been living with us for the last two years. Our relationship is very discreet because we don't want them to know that we are fairies. He explained his situation to the magistrate but the social workers said that they could supervise us adequately; thankfully we haven't had them in over a year because they know the lads are safe with us. Gareth and I sleep in separate rooms when the boys are home. We don't mind because we don't want to influence them to be like us. The boys call me Uncle Mark and we get on famously. They both play football and go training two nights a week and James takes them over to see their Granny every Saturday evening so Gareth and I get time together. We have always been cautious when they're around!

Last week something happened. We were having dinner when Gavin (who is eight) asked his father was he gay! Gareth nearly choked!

"What are you talking about?" he asked awkwardly.

"Well most of the kids in my class don't have a daddy so I told the teacher that I had two and she said that you and Uncle Mark are probably gay!"

Gareth was livid. I thought he would explode. Certainly if he had the teacher in his grasp he's have used more than a paddle on her, he'd have throttled her!

I looked at Dean (he has just turned twelve) and he was looking down into his dinner embarrassed.

"Tell him the truth dad!" he muttered to Gareth.

Gareth froze when Dean spoke.

"What are you saying?" he asked his elder son.

Dean looked at his father nervously; he had never seen Gareth angry like this before. Gareth was very gentle with his sons and the boys were a tribute to his (our) care. In fact all the neighbours remarked on what well-reared boys they were. Now I knew that Gareth would never hit either of them but I think at that moment Dean thought he might! I decided it was time to intervene.

"Dean!" I said, "Tell your father what you want, he won't be angry!"

I got up from the table and ushered Gavin out of the room.

"Where are we going?" he asked.

"To watch television your father and Dean have something to discuss!"

I don't know what happened or what was said in the kitchen. But when I went back ten minutes later Dean was hugging his father.

"He's known for over a year!" Gareth told me as we lay in the same bed for the first time ever with the boys in the house. "He called us fudge-packers!"

I laughed -- "better than fairies!"

Gareth smiled again -- I could see he was relieved that the boys weren't upset.

"They're too young to understand!" I said.

"No Mark! They understand all right! Both of them know. We've failed Mark they shouldn't have found out!"

"Any idea how they found out?" I asked.

"Just before last Christmas they came home early because football was cancelled and we were ..."


"Maybe we should call the social workers tomorrow!" he said.

"Do you think they'll take them from us?"

"Dean says he feels safe in the house and he wants to live with us, but Gavin is still very young to be exposed to our lifestyle!"

I agreed. We decided we'd call the social worker in the morning anyway.

But the atmosphere in the kitchen next morning made keeping to that plan easier. I don't think I have ever seen the two boys as relaxed as they were that day.

"I'm glad you and Uncle Mark aren't hiding any more!" Dean said smiling.

"Yeah!" Gavin added, "I can't wait to tell my teacher that my dad is gay!"

"Don't you dare!" Gareth warned landing a slight smack to the boy's bottom as he scampered past him.

Gavin ran laughing from the room -- "Of course I won't tell her!" he called back, "it's none of her fucking business!"

Gareth froze; neither of us had ever heard bad language from either of them before. He looked at me and we both burst into laughter.

"Too young to understand?" I asked.

Gareth just grunted and then left our boys off to school!

The social worker was quite unperturbed when I spoke to her that afternoon. She said she couldn't see a problem with a natural father keeping his sons just because they knew he was gay. But she did suggest that we get a lock for our bedroom door!

As for Gareth and me, well, we're just about as happy as any queer couple could hope to be. I often think back to the way we got together and the way our relationship started, tumbled, resurged and matured. Sometimes I feel a bit embarrassed about the first year when he used spanking to mould and form me into the loyal partner I am to him today. For all our wanderings into error we have made something special and stable between us. If ever two people are happy together and in tune with each other it is us now! We provide a stable and safe family environment for our sons and are as discreet as any other couple in a very happy home. We still have our rows of course. But we have learned how to fight, discuss and make up without letting the boys notice that something is up. What we have together is too precious to lose and we even talk about what we will do when we retire and become grandfathers together!

We still wear our half hearts around our necks all the time. We don't even take them off when we go to workout together at the gym. They are as much a part of us as the matching rings we exchanged when we were a thousand days together. That was a very emotional time for both of us and we knew that day that we would be together and faithful forever. The hearts are a reminder of the mistakes we made and anytime we fight we ritually join them in bed that evening as a sign of the forgiveness we have learned to offer each other. If we can forgive the horrors of what we did to each other in the past we can certainly find a way out of rows about who's turn it is to do the shopping! In fact we regularly joke about the first year together when ALP was the method of teaching me to conform to normal standards of behaviour in a relationship, nowadays Gareth simply refuses to have sex with me until I do what I'm supposed to do. Compared to spanking it's a better but much more frustrating method of control although I still get the occasional slap as a part of foreplay!

The boys are doing fine under our care. They are quite accomplished footballers and their father takes them out to the park to play quite a lot. I help them with their homework and they are quite close to me now. Dean isn't the most tactile but Gavin regularly huddles up beside me to watch TV. Whatever else they know they know that they are safe in this house. Maybe their past wasn't the best. Apparently Mohammed and other boyfriends that Susan brought to the house hit them over the years. Dean gets quite upset by that sometimes. But there's no violence in our home and the fact that Gareth and I are back in one room has meant that the two boys have a room each now. Dean moved into his father's room and Gavin threw a liberation party the night he left!

Uncle 'Jimmy' still comes over once or twice a week to collect the lads and they suspect he might be queer as well but it's not something we discuss. More recently he has shown signs of settling with Richard from Leeds who is now almost twenty-four. I hadn't seen Richard for a long time until he came with Andy and stayed with us for a weekend two months ago. I think James got reacquainted with him that weekend and things took their natural course from there! I was delighted to see him again. I never thanked him for showing me the difference between abuse and direction that awful night when he flayed me. It was that experience that taught me that Gareth was trying to mould me into the person I am today whereas Richard was just a wild young sadist. Gareth and I assume that their relationship is versatile even though both of them claim to be avowed tops! After all, Gareth and I have an exclusively top/bottom relationship but every so often even we pretend to be versatile!


Author's message -- thanks to all who wanted to hear more about these two. There's plenty more that I could write but nifty is for erotic writing and I have exhausted the erotic interest that I can write about for these two. You may have noticed that the later chapters had far less descriptions of sex so if I ever get back to working on this couple it will be in a sexless novel.

I'm sorry this chapter is late. I had a lot on over the last few days and couldn't get around to writing. My next series should begin soon but be warned, this one doesn't have a happy ending!

Thanks for all your encouragement in writing this story. 92 pages of word document at pitch 10, it was almost a novel! There is a cover above that I would love to have if Gareth and mark were a book!

John, Gareth and Mark.