John Courtney

"Don't you have something to do in the bathroom first Mark?" and he smiled and squeezed his dick through his jeans.

I remembered immediately that I hadn't douched today. It was so long since I had sex that I was getting a bit ahead of myself. I smiled back

"Dead right! I'll be ready in two minutes!"

I reached into my bag and took out my enema kit. Gareth looked at me quizzically. As I walked towards the bathroom I heard him move behind me. I looked back at him.

"You might find this a bit gross!" I cautioned him. He looked at me with puzzlement all over his face. "I'm going to rinse out my arse so it's clean inside," I explained, "it smells a bit so maybe you don't want to watch!"

Gareth scowled. I realised I had crossed the line again! Gareth was the one who takes the initiative, it wasn't for me to tell him what he might or might not do. "Sorry!" I whispered, "I was only trying to be helpful!"

"Wash your hole and get back here fast we have something to sort out on your return!"

I was a little apprehensive about what might be coming next. As I filled my colon with warm water and began to flush myself out I realised that an accelerated learning programme might be on the agenda this evening. Now lots of blokes have given my butt a slap during sex, some of them even hurt me, but I was never spanked by a lover before. Being spanked by Gareth was a bit scary. He seemed gentle, but then that gentleness might vanish when he had me over his knee. I wondered would I still be infatuated with him if he hurt me? I decided that I probably would! He had big hands they could really sting! But then getting spanked by a sex-god like Gareth might be a bit of fun! Shit! My stomach was in turmoil as my second rinse splashed into the bowl. It was pouring out of me like piss, "Shit!" I thought, "my arse is tight as a duck's!" I began to feel a bit more queasy then I usually would be when I'm cleaning my back passage because I didn't know what I had left myself exposed to. After the third rinse I took a towel and dried my arse. Then I washed it in the hand-basin. The bottle of Lynx was on the shelf, so I splashed some on me -- Gareth liked the smell -- I pulled on my boxers and returned to the bedroom holding my stomach in and trying to look as sexually inviting as I could.

Gareth was standing in his boxers with his jeans in his hands. I smiled coyly at him when I saw the way that his erection was tenting the paisley fabric. He looked at me and grinned -- "ready?" he asked as he slowly began to unhook the belt from his jeans! I looked at him with mixed feelings of horror and desire.

"You're not really going to start our first night together with an advanced learning programme? Are you? ... Sir!" I thought it better to add this word to placate him.

"Yes Mark I am, get on all fours on the bed and stick your butt in the air."

"What do you mean, get your butt in the air?"

"Get your butt in the air. I'm going to give you a whipping to teach you what happens if you are not obedient."

I stared at him in disbelief.

"I hope that after I spank you with this belt, you'll respect me a little better and we'll both get along much better. Now assume the position son so we can get this over with."

I was going to argue with him but I realized this was for the best. I did have it coming and it would probably be better to get it out of the way first. Still, I couldn't believe I was going to get spanked with a belt -- I thought he would have used his hand. The hand was daunting enough when I was in the bathroom the belt was downright scary! Gareth got on his knees next to me and I saw the belt in his strong right hand out of the corner of my eye.

I closed my eyes tightly, gritted my teeth and braced myself for the first spanking of my life. Gareth raised the belt and then lowered it gently onto my butt, which was still covered by the paisley boxer shorts. He laid the doubled-over belt against my boxers. The hard leather felt cold there but I knew it wouldn't be cold soon! So there we were, two men on a bed in identical paisley boxer shorts, I, on all fours with my face crumpled and dread in my stomach, he, kneeling beside me and holding a belt that he would soon apply with vigour to my trembling backside. My knees were shaking and I grimaced as I felt the belt rise up of my arse. Any moment now and ...



I grunted loudly as my body lurched forward and I knocked my head off the headboard. My arms gave way and my face landed in the pillow. Then the heat and pain started. The initial impact was forceful but it didn't hurt, it was only a second or two later that I felt as if I had just sat on a hot water pipe. A second later Gareth's left hand cupped my cheek and he squeezed it. The pain was awful but exquisite.

"How was that Mark?"

"That was very sore!" I muttered into the pillow.

"I think you should call me dad or daddy when I'm disciplining you!"

"Yeah! ... it's very sore there dad!"

"You know son, this is going to be quite hard on you." Gareth began to lecture me as he gently massaged my arse, "you've been acting like a twelve-year-old for the last two days. I know you're excited about what we are going to do tonight but I need you to have better control of yourself! First you bought condoms without my telling you to do it. Then you checked me out in a public toilet, that was very perverted and naughty!"

"Naughty?" I thought to myself, he's talking to me like I was a twelve-year-old.

"Next you disobeyed me and kept slagging me off in the pub and then, the final insult, even though you knew you were in trouble you started to give me orders when we got home! That's a lot of mistakes for a boy to make in such a short period of time!"

"I'm sorry dad, I was out of hand and I won't do it again!" I hoped the gentle Gareth would return and stop my torment. My arse was aching from the belt, but my hole was aching for his cock ... cooperation was the name of the game!

"I'm glad you're sorry Mark, but I feel I have to carry this through until I know you will obey me and show more respect. Raise your butt again when you're ready for your punishment!"

Fuck! ... I could still feel the sting of the first smack, cooperation hadn't saved my arse, Gareth was going to carry this through ... there was no point in objecting ... I slowly raised my arse again and bit the pillow ... surely he wouldn't go to hard on me!


I was wrong. The second blow was as forceful as the first. Just as the heat crossed my butt I felt the third one land ... WHACK! "Oh!" WHACK! "Ow, Ow" WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! "Oh!" WHACK! "Ow, Ow" WHACK! WHACK!

He started giving me stroke after stroke, with just enough time between each strike to allow my arse to register the feel of his belt. Each stroke of the belt landed right across the centre of my butt. I was starting to shuffle uncomfortably, this was beginning to hurt even more than I had expected.

"Stay still! That was for the condoms!"

He pushed his left hand between my shoulder blades to hold me in place. Ten for the condoms -- did that mean forty overall? He didn't say anything when he started again. There was just the painful crack of his belt on my boxers, and they offered absolutely no protection from his onslaught.

WHACK! "Oh!" WHACK! "Ow, Ow" WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! "Oh!" WHACK! "Shit!" WHACK! WHACK! "Please stop!" WHACK!

After these stokes, I couldn't believe how much it was starting to hurt. My arse felt like it was on fire. I started whimpering a bit. "Please stop dad, I'm really sorry." I begged.

WHACK! Another stroke was the only response I received from him!

"And that was for your behaviour in the toilet! He said as he sat back on his ankles and stopped for a minute.

I reached back and started to rub my rump.

"Get your hands out of the way, we're not finished."


By this time, I was pleading for him to stop.

"Please, dad, I won't disobey you ever again. WHACK! "I'm sorry, please stop."

But he just didn't stop. After about ten more really hard swats he threw the belt across the room.

"Okay, lie on the bed."

I lay down, sniffling, and tried to lie on my back but my butt was too sore so I rolled over onto my stomach

He looked at me and asked, "Did you learn anything?"

"Yes" I said, still sniffling a bit, "I learned I shouldn't have acted the way I did. I'm really sorry"

He smiled. "Maybe we should do this more often, think about it."

"Think about what?"

"About getting spanked regularly!"

I looked up at him in horror; he was smiling and stroking his dick through the fabric of his boxers.

"Well?" he asked.

My arse was sore, I knew he was turned on by what he had just done, and his dick was straining at the opening of his boxers. I wanted him so much to fuck me there and then, but he just stood there, tapping his foot impatiently and waiting for my reply.

I nodded and he smiled.

"I'll make up the rules in the morning," he said as he sat on the bed behind me.

I felt his hands move towards the waistband of the boxers I was still wearing. Slowly he began to pull them over my hips. The elasticised band scratched my fiery butt and I began to suck air in through my teeth. Gareth, sensing my discomfort, prolonged the removal. By the time the band had reached my thighs I was banging my head off the pillow in agony. Gareth whistled.

I looked behind me and saw the results of forty lashes for the first time ever. My butt was an angry red colour with some dark lines across it. These were clearly the places that had taken most of the impact. I almost cried!

"Looks sore!" he muttered and reached for his toilet-bag.

I felt a cold jelly drop onto my cheeks. If it was an egg it would be fried in a few seconds. In my mind I could hear a hiss as Aloe Vera (as I later discovered it was) landed in large dollops on my burning flesh. Gareth slowly rubbed the ointment into my skin.

"Your daddy doesn't want to have to do this to his boy again soon!"

That was a relief.

"For the rest of our stay you're going to get six with my hand every night across my knee as a reminder to be good just before bedtime ... is that okay son?"

I lifted my head from the pillow ... "Yes dad! If that's what you think is best!"

"Good boy! Now do you love your daddy as much as he loves you?"

"Yes ... I do!"

"Good! Then give me a kiss!"

I knelt up and we met in a deep kiss. Gareth shuffled his position to where he was sitting with his back to the headboard and his legs spread either side of me. We separated and he smiled.

"I love you Mark!"

"I love you too daddy!"

"Gareth!" he corrected me, "you only call me daddy when you're in trouble!"

"I love you Gareth!"

"How about a blowjob?"

Jackpot! I didn't need to be asked that twice. I immediately lowered my face to a level where my mouth was just above the tent in his boxers. I kissed the fabric.

"That's it lover, you get working on my sausage and I'll massage your bum so it's ready for round two. The longer it takes to get me off the better for you so make it a slow one!"

I released his dick from the confining cotton. It tasted sweet, so sweet! I took the knob into my mouth and began to kiss it and slide my lips over the top two inches. It was worth the wait, it was worth the spanking -- my Gareth (I felt he was mine at last) was back to his quiet gentle self again. It was as if I was chewing the dick of a totally different man, was the man who was gently massaging my burning arse the same man that had made it burn? I have known my fair share of men in my time but Gareth was an enigma and as my mouth slid along his steel-hard shaft I realised that he enthralled me! Yes! Even if he wanted to whale my arse I wanted to be with him. I have never had an addictive personality but this man was Mr. Right, he was the first man that I have ever wanted to live with forever, he was the first man who made me feel special, he was the first man to show a genuine interest in every part of my life, he was the first man to spank me ... he was, full stop, my first man.

"That's fucking great man!" he muttered as I began to slide up and down his shaft. "Your years of practice are showing! Yeah Mark! That's the boy! Oh Mark! Yeah!"

The sound of his voice in arousal was like a pheromone to me. His gentle voice in build-up to orgasm was deep, sexual and gentle. I decided it was time to give him a real treat! There are lots of nerves on the head of a cock, I began to use my tongue to seek out and stimulate every single one of them, I wanted to make this delicious stud happy -- his increased moaning guided my success!

For the next fifteen minutes the most insatiable bottom in Newcastle dedicated all his energy and reserve to the sexiest man on earth who was massaging his recently whipped arse and moaning in pure ecstasy. I felt his balls moving against my chin, he was so close to cumming. I drew back and released his cock from my mouth ... he squeaked in protest but returned to his groaning as I began to kiss his scrotum. His scrotum wasn't his best feature! Two average sized balls hung loosely in a floppy bag between his legs. Normally I would have preferred something tighter, but these were Gareth's balls and consequently they were the nicest balls on earth!

I sensed his orgasm receding so I returned to attend to his magnificent dick.

"Don't pull back on me this time baby!" he groaned, "I so need to cum!"

Obediently, note that word, I returned to work and sucked his dick until I felt the pulse in his balls shuddering in his shaft. I slid up to a point where only the knob was behind my tightened lips, the shudder increased to a pulse, the pulse to a jerk and BINGO! A thick glob of his love cream shot forcibly against my tonsils. He fell back and stopped massaging my arse. I swallowed just as the second volley hit the roof of my mouth, then a third, weaker, one followed by four more, each one slightly weaker than the last. Sadly his dick began to wilt immediately. I had reduced the proud monster on my first go. That filled me with pride in my ability to satisfy the man. I looked up at him, his head was on his shoulder and his body limp after his orgasm. I opened my mouth to show him his deposit. He smiled and I swallowed. Before he could say anything I bent forward and took his wet, bloated dick back into my mouth. Every good bottom knows he must keep his top's dick clean at all times! Gareth began to rub the back of my head as I cleaned his weapon. I pulled back his foreskin to make sure he was squeaky clean and I felt the beast come back to life between my fingers, within two minutes he was back to his former glory.

"Do you know something Mark?" he muttered, "that was my first ever blowjob!"

I looked up at him in disbelief, "did Susan never give you one?"

"That fucking psycho! She rode me raw a few times but never did anything that she thought would make me happy!"

"You didn't really like her did you?"

"I did once! But not now!"

"Did you like your first blowjob then?"

He laughed -- "like it? I'm going to want at least one of those every day from now!"

"Just one?"

"I said at least one!" he said and reached down to kiss me.

New revelation! Gareth was the first man I was with that liked to kiss me tenderly!

"So!" he said as we separated, "now on to the arse-fucking!"

"It's your initiative!" I said as I began to turn and face the foot of the bed.

"That belting did you a world of good!" he remarked as he positioned himself behind me to take me doggy style.

"Is this your first time to fuck arse?"

"Yep! But you can relax, Jimmy showed me how it's done by taking me around the porno sites on the net."

He moved quickly, using his knees to force my legs apart. I heard him tear the foil of a condom so I looked back over my shoulder.

"Do you think you need that?" I asked.

Now for years I have practiced safe sex, I only ever went bareback with James and he with me. We had a friend a doctor who was also gay, he tested us regularly for HIV and we both got the all clear three weeks ago.

"It's safer!"

"Safer than what?" I asked, "I've just swallowed your load!"

"Jimmy said I should use one!" he defended himself.

"Gareth, you've never been with anybody other than Susan, how could you possibly have HIV?"

"How do you know I haven't been with anybody else?"

"Because you told me so and I believe you, I trust you!"

"And you really believe I haven't been with anybody in the last two years?"

I looked back over my shoulder, there was an innocence about this man that made him trustworthy, if any other man told me he was chaste for two years I would run from the room, but no, this was very different. In my heart and soul I knew he was telling the truth. I nodded in encouragement.

He dropped the ripped pack on the bed beside me; "are you sure?" he asked.

I nodded again and returned to my position.

I felt his knob at my hole for only a second before he rammed in, shoving his dick all the way inside me in one savage thrust. I clamped my teeth shut to hold in the scream behind them. I wasn't sure if it was the pain of his entry or the friction against my sore bum that hurt more. He remained completely buried in my sore arse for a second, and then he dragged his dick back out of me again. Much to my relief, he dropped a bit of the Aloe on his shaft before ramming his dick back inside me.

"Take it boy. Take it hard! I'm going to fuck your bad-boy arse like you've never even imagined anybody could fuck!"

He was in frenzy, his dick pounding my reddened arse without mercy. The Aloe had helped somewhat, but the brute force of his fucking was moving my entire body back and forth on his bed. He started calling me his boy and his slave and telling me how tight and how hot my cunt was around his big dick. My body was responding now to the fucking even as hard and rough as it was. His pubic hair was scratching my beaten butt. But, in all my pain and discomfort I was in sexual bliss. My dick was bouncing on my own abdominal muscles as he fucked me. I could feel my balls drawing up as my own orgasm began to approach. I couldn't believe how turned on I was getting from hearing his words. Being called his boy and his cunt by the lover who had just whipped me had my entire mind and body as hot as my arse was.

Twenty-five minutes of his big dick burying itself again and again into me was pushing me over the edge. The sound of his breathing and grunting were all I could hear. The smell of his sweat, cum and body were all I could smell. The hardness of his muscles and his dick, and the smooth softness of his skin were all I could feel. He drove his dick deeply into me again and held it there. With a roar like a wild animal, he began to cum, filling my arse with the reward for my patience, the love of my man and the cement of our relationship!

We rolled over together and landed on our sides on the bed, his softening bloated dick still inside my ravaged arse. He kissed my neck and I sighed.

"You're wearing Lynx!" he remarked, "that smell makes me so hot!"

I could feel his dick pulsing as it struggled to regain its stiffness. I clenched my arse in reply and nearly passed out with the pain. His dick had stretched my hole a bit wider than before and my cheeks were burning from the earlier spanking.

"Want to go again?" he asked.

As his cock slid in and out of me with a gentle pumping action I closed my eyes. It was worth waiting for! I had found a top, a real top that wouldn't take it up the arse himself but would take care of my sexual needs, a real top who cared for me and I cared for him!

: I ran out of steam after chapter twelve of this story. If readers are really enjoying it as much as your emails suggest I will gladly write in the three missing chapters. A bit of reader based encouragment is a big help!