John Courtney

Spent after his third orgasm in an hour Gareth dozed off with his dick still embedded in my throbbing arse. I listened in silence as he snored gently beside my ear. I would never have considered myself to be the most romantic of chaps -- this was so different. His warm breath flowed past my ear, I wished there was a cool breeze that would soothe my arse! God it stung! He lurched behind me and I had to quickly clamp my sphincter in order not to lose my prize. I succeeded! I nestled my arse back against his groin and closed my eyes in peaceful bliss. I couldn't sleep! My arse was just too sore. I lay there wallowing in servitude to this man who had taken control of my life, this man who had flayed my butt with his belt, this man who had abandoned his heterosexual past and had chosen me, this man that I wanted to give everything he wanted!

He lurched again but my hole wasn't strong enough to hold his dick this time. I tightened but he was rolling onto his back and his bloated dick slid from the clutching clasp of my arse like a slow heavy dump! I swear I could hear the squelch as it slipped out with a splat. I felt empty and wanted to wake him and ask him to put it back -- but the accelerated learning programme had worked -- it was not for me to take the initiative!

Silently I rose from the bed and made my way to the bathroom. My arse stung as I walked. When I got there I rinsed a towel under the cold tap and placed it as a pad against my burning arse. I sighed in relief as the cold fabric kissed my butt. I rinsed the cloth again and returned carrying it to the bed. I lay down on my stomach beside him and placed the cloth over my buttocks, with our feet still at the headboard I nestled down to try and get some sleep.

My movements disturbed him; he opened one eye and muttered "no!"

His hand reached forward and he removed the wet towel.

"You don't need that!" he grumbled and threw it down beside the bed.

I rolled onto my side and placed the side of my head against his chest, he put his arm around me and returned to sleep. The beating of his heart calmed me, my arse was still smarting, but I managed to fall asleep. Maybe Gareth was a fairy after all? This was certainly turning out to be a fairytale romance!

I woke some hours later in the same position. Gareth was still asleep. Of course he didn't have a throbbing red bum to act as an alarm clock. Gently I rose from the bed and went to get a coffee. I boiled up the kettle and massaged my arse while I waited. I walked over to the table and bent my legs in order to sit, but the pain was too much! Slowly I lowered my butt into the cold synthetic leather of the kitchen chair. When the flesh touched the cushion I almost jumped back up. The leather was cold and had only barely kissed my flesh but I remembered what a cold piece of leather had done the night before. I made a second attempt but recoiled immediately. I managed to land on a third attempt. Boy! Was my arse in bits!

I heard a chuckle behind me. I turned but immediately regretted doing so. The friction with the seat of the chair made me hop up and squeal, I almost knocked my coffee over.

"Feeling a bit sensitive this morning are we?" Gareth asked with a smile as he walked over to the counter to make himself a coffee.

"Just a bit!" I replied as I gingerly returned to my seat.

Like me Gareth was still starkers. His dick hung down between his legs. Like a porn star his dick was almost as big when flaccid as it was when erect.

"Should be more than a bit!" he quipped as he walked over to join me at the table, "I gave your arse some hiding last night!" I watched admiringly as his cock bounced from thigh to thigh while he walked.

"It's very sore!" I admitted.

"It should be! I gave you forty good hard ones, they weren't meant to tickle!"

"So what do you want to do today?" I asked.

"I've no plans! What do you want to do?"

"I want to do whatever you want me to do!" I replied quickly.

Gareth laughed, "the old ALP worked then?"


"Accelerated learning programme!" he said still laughing, "it looks to me as if the ALP would be the best way of getting our relationship together, what do you think?"

I looked at him aghast. ALP was clearly going to play a large role in our budding relationship. There was a part of me that wanted to tell him to fuck off, but there was a part of me that also knew that I wanted to be with him on his terms, I just wasn't sure if I could submit to daily sessions like last nights'!

"Relax Mark!" he ordered with a grin, "I'm not going to beat you every day and I will only ever spank your arse, not your back nor your thighs, just your butt!"

"Yeah! But I can't spend my life in agony either!"

"You won't! At least you won't on days that you behave yourself!"

"So what are the rules?" I asked.

"Nothing unusual for any boy! Start with ten of the belt for disobedience, ten for arguing, six for bad language, six for tardiness, ten for laziness, ten for lying... You know yourself, the usual rules for a twelve-year old!"

"But I'm not twelve I'm twenty-six!" I protested.

"How many did I say for arguing?"

I quickly backed down, "if you say I am twelve then I am twelve!"

"Too late Mark, you argued son!"

I knew that I had to make an important decision just there. I could take my sore bum back into the bedroom and insist that we leave, or, I could learn to obey whatever he said and bear the consequences of accepting ALP as part of my life.

"Go to the room and bring me my belt and my boxers!" I made a snap decision and scurried off, "and don't forget to put your own boxers back on!" he roared after me.

I gingerly pulled the elastic of my boxers back as far as it would go to avoid impact. It wouldn't make much difference; I had ten more whacks on the way.

"Hurry up if you don't want six for tardiness!" he roared from the kitchen.

I quickly adjusted myself, picked up his boxers and his belt and waddled painfully back into the kitchen. Before I knew it I was standing against the counter looking out the window at the trees surrounding the cottage, Gareth was behind me and... WHACK!

If there's such a thing as a pain barrier I crossed it just then!


I groaned as the blows landed slowly one after the other, I clenched my buttocks thinking this would absorb the pain


They relaxed immediately and I realised that strategy didn't work.


The pain of last night's whipping was at its height again. I clenched my face and tried to grasp the Formica top.


My hands slid and I almost collapsed against the cold counter. I clambered to regain my position anxious not to upset Gareth anymore.


"Do you see how rigidly I intend to enforce the rules son?"


"Yes dad!"



'Nearly there!' I thought to myself, tears welling up in my eyes.


I braced myself in anticipation of the final one. I stood there waiting but it didn't land. I opened my eyes and looked at Gareth's reflection in the window. He was standing with his hands on his hips surveying my position. Still no blow! I wondered should I tell him? That would be a bad idea, it was up to him to take the initiative! If I didn't tell him he might think I was cheating! Cheating would probably earn a ten in the rules.

I stood in position for what seemed like an eternity. It was probably only about two or three minutes but the time crawled. I heard him move behind me and he reached for the waistband of my boxers. Slowly he pulled them down over my hips. He made sure that the elastic scratched against my burning buttocks.

"You're a good boy son! As a reward for your patience I'm going to give you a special treat!"

He lifted his right hand and brought it down with a hard stinging slap on my right buttock.


I yelped!

"Hop over into the corner son! Leave your boxers down I want to admire my work while I make us breakfast! And keep your hands away from your butt!"

I shuffled into the corner and stood there, a grown man punished like a bad boy, my boxers below my knees, my spanked arse jutting out, my hands on my head, my dignity in tatters, my flesh on fire and my dick starting to rise again!

"Whenever I whip you I will do it on your boxers!" Gareth said nonchalantly as he fried some sausages for breakfast. If he wanted he could have fried them on my arse! "I will spank you daily with my hand as a reminder or as a warning to your behaviour. Hand-spanks will always be delivered to your bare butt!"

I was really beginning to regret having fallen for this guy. Daily spankings were not quite what I had envisaged from a relationship. I was very confused and sore, I wanted him so badly I thought I could accept his spankings, but deep down I realised that they were making me a better person and secretly I was enjoying the scene we had played of strict father with errant son. I wanted to be his twelve year old as much as I wanted to be his lover -- I knew that, but I wasn't sure if I was ready to admit it just yet!

He walked behind me and pulled my hand back towards the fly of his boxers. I could feel his hard, heavy prong touch my fist.

"Pull me off!" he ordered.

It was of course an order I was happy to obey as I began to slide my hand along his shaft. I knelt in front of him because I knew it would be easier that way and pulled his cock as firmly and gently as I could. The only time I had ever done this before was lying on a bed with James. I found the act quite difficult in this position. It's hard to wank your man when he's standing in front of you, but I worked at it! Soon I could feel him close to exploding, I hoped he would make me suck him in, but, as soon as he shot a bowl appeared as if from nowhere and Gareth dropped his seed into it.

Spent, he ordered me to clean him up. I bent forward and licked the small residue of semen off his knob.

"Good boy Mark! Now come and have breakfast!"

On the table there was a plate of bacon and eggs for him and a spoon for me. He went to the cooker and poured something into the bowl. Porridge! He placed the bowl in front of me.

"Mix it around well Mark! Porridge is good for a growing boy!"

I looked at his bacon and eggs with huge envy. I hate porridge but I knew I couldn't complain without getting another hiding. Strange as it may seem I was learning, I liked the domination but would prefer fifty slaps with his hand to one with his belt!

"Do you not like your porridge?" he asked noticing my expression.

"No dad, but I will eat it!"

"Good boy! You know it's full of minerals and daddy added an extra bit of special protein that should sweeten it and make it delicious for his very special boy?"

"Yes dad thanks!"

This was the strangest scenario I had ever got myself into. I had done scenes with previous lovers, I had even done a father and son with an older man, but this was him just calling me 'his little boy' and seemed a bit paedophilic so I never went near him again. I did doctor and patient, athlete and trainer, new kid in jail ... what was happening here was more than a scene. I was sitting at a table with a spanked bum, eating a bowlful of spunky porridge and calling a man my own age my dad! Worse still, this was becoming my life and was not just a kinky scene. I was working hard to check myself in his presence to prevent him from taking his belt to me, I wanted to please him, I wanted him to love me... but I didn't want to get whipped again. I wanted Gareth to proud of me, but I liked the feeling of the slap he had given me on my butt. I didn't want the belt again but his hand, well... that was different!

If the staff that worked for me in the bank could see me now!

After breakfast I cleaned up and Gareth took a shower. When he was finished I showered and he threw me the Lynx again. I splashed it on because I now knew that he not only liked the smell, it made him horny and I wanted him horny!

We walked down the path behind the cottage that led to a lake. There had been a farm here once but now it was ten acres of birch forest with a small shingle cove on the lakeside. The owner had died some years earlier and her daughter was living down in London. The mother had stopped farming in the early eighties and planted the trees to collect a subsidy from the European Community. Gareth knew all this because the daughter was a lesbian friend of Jimmy. It was Jimmy who arranged for us to use the cottage for a week.

We reached the little cove. It was very secluded and the water surprisingly deep. It was about four foot deep just inches off the shore.

"Do you want to go for a swim?" I asked.

Gareth scowled and I immediately realised my mistake.

"Is it okay if I go for a swim dad?"

"Lakes can be very dangerous son. You may swim but don't go too far from the shore!"

"Thanks dad!" I cooed as I stripped to my boxers and plunged into the icy waters.

Bliss! The cold water soothed my bum, I lowered the boxers and wriggled my arse in the water to make a cold current against it.

"Stop that!" Gareth ordered with mock severity as he watched me from the shore.

"Why don't you join me?"

Gareth dropped his trousers and stripping off his shirt he plunged into the icy water beside me.

"It's fucking freezing!" he howled clambering to get back out.

"I never thought you'd be such a wuss!" I remarked laughing at his reaction.

"Watch it boy!" he cautioned me with his teeth chattering, "unless you want me to warm your arse enough to boil this lake!"

I laughed, it seemed safe, as he appeared to be joking -- "you'll have to catch me first!" I hollered as I began o swim away across the narrow cove.

He lunged after me but couldn't get me. He was a strong enough swimmer but I kept ducking under the freezing water and getting away. Eventually he caught me and hauled my boxers down to my knees. I didn't mind the thought of him spanking me here, it was in the water and that would break the strength of the blow. I was out of breath and I turned to hug him, he smiled and immediately dropped to his knees pulling my boxers to my ankles. That upended me and I landed backwards on the water and he pulled my boxers free. I rose from the water spluttering and laughing. But the laughing stopped when he held my boxers aloft and announced that I wasn't getting them back.

I chased after him but he was quicker out of the water than I could be. He grabbed our clothes and ran back towards the house. I stood chest deep in the cold water and begged him to come back, he just laughed and ran on. I looked around. The area was deserted so I made a break for the trees, hobbling painfully over the dirt track towards the house. When I got within sight of the house Gareth waved to me from the doorway. I increased my speed but just as I arrived he closed the door and managed to lock it even though I was pushing against it.

"Come on Gareth, let me in!" I begged. The September sun isn't that warm in Cumbria!


"Please Gareth! I'll do anything if you just let me in!"

"Will you do all the cooking and cleaning for the rest of the week?"

"Yes!" I promised, "anything!"

"Anything? ... Will you give me a blowjob when I let you in?"

"Yes I will!"

"Say it!"

"Say what?"

"Say you'll give me a blowjob!"

"I'll give you a blowjob!" I said through the letterbox.

"I didn't hear you!"

I looked around nervously. Then I said louder "I'll give you a blowjob now please let me in!"

"I still can't hear you!" he sang.

The thought of being heard worried me, but then, the possibility of somebody walking by and seeing a naked bloke with a spanked arse shouting through the letterbox -- "I'LL GIVE YOU A BLOWJOB IF YOU LET ME IN DAD!"

I heard the latch click and I tumbled in the door to be met by Gareth who was laughing hysterically. He was wearing the wet boxers he was swimming in; he clicked his fingers at the floor giving me a clear indication of where he wanted me to kneel. I obeyed.

I reached into his boxers to retrieve the object of my desire but I couldn't find it! Like any other bloke Gareth's dick shrivelled to nothing in the cold water. I was delighted that this god was really just a man like the rest of us. I sucked voraciously at the tight walnut between his legs, it took quite a while before I had him back to his former glory and thankfully the same was happening between my own legs.

After he had washed my tonsils he helped me up and we went to the bedroom where he fucked me again. When he was finished I tossed off into his wet boxers. Gareth thought this was great. I was in heaven as we lay together in the aftermath of our orgasm.

"You're really into me aren't you mate?" he asked.

I nodded.

"No I mean REALLY into me! Jimmy said that there were plenty of blokes out there that would do with some training, he pointed me in some directions and here I am with you and it's going great! Are you enjoying things so far Mark?"

"Yes Gareth, I love it almost as much as I love you!"

We kissed and rolled about on the bed. Gareth quickly assumed the place on top.

"You know the way that we were talking about you growing up to be like me?" he asked.

I looked at him in confusion -- where was this going?

"You know mate; like I'm your dad and you're my twelve year old son that hopes to be just like his dad?"


He kissed me and with his lips still chewing on mine he said between bites, "well... I don't ... know many ... twelve ... year olds ... that ... have ... body hair ... like yours!"

I hummed in the affirmative.

"So... like... it... has to... come off!"

I mumbled a protest but Gareth pretended he didn't understand. He raised my knees and lined up for re-entry.

"So after this I'll shave you then!" he said.

"I don't really want to be shaved..." I replied.

Gareth rolled off me and got ready to get dressed. I realised that if I wanted his dick, which I did, I would have to agree to his blackmail.

"... unless it is what my dad wants!" I quickly finished the previous sentence.

He looked back at me and smiled and then said; "I knew you'd see it my way! Besides you didn't object when I did your chest yesterday!"

Twenty minutes later I was standing naked in the shower with Gareth busying himself for the ritual transformation of a twenty-six year old bank official into a twelve-year-old boy. When I was well rinsed he led me dripping to the bath and ordered me to stand in it. I obeyed. Silently he shook the can of Gillette foam and sprayed some on his hand.

Naturally the first to go was my goatee. I had only grown it recently, now it was going. When it was gone Gareth stepped back and admired his work. He rinsed the razor well and patted the side of the tub.

"Put your left foot here!"

I obeyed and he ran the trimmer of his electric razor along my thigh until they were just feint dark stubble, then he did my calf. The vibration of the razor excited me, yes; I sported a full-blown boner throughout this part. Next he sprayed foam all over my leg and deftly removed the stubble leaving my legs as smooth as a little boy. After that he performed the same ritual on my right leg. Throughout this he remained silent, it was strangely erotic being shaved like this. My dick stood bolt upright throughout. I couldn't say that I wanted him to stop.

When he finished my legs he changed razors and shaved my arms and then sent me off to the shower to clean up. My body felt strange as I washed it. It had been a long time since I was that smooth. When I was finished Gareth led me back to the bath to pay attention to the spots he had missed. So the backs of my thighs, my shoulders and the line of hairs in the small of my back disappeared down the plughole!

I foolishly hoped that this would be the end, but Gareth wanted a twelve-year-old and I knew there would be more to go. He made me sit in the bath with my arms raised, the hair in my armpits made no resistance to his razor. But the worst was yet to come. I stood and faced the wall, he made me bend over and pull my spanked cheeks apart! My knees trembled as he carefully removed any hair that he could find in my crack. By the time he was finished there was only the hair on my head and my bollocks!

I knew the head was safe -- but equally I knew that my balls were likely to be next. They were. I lay in the bath with my legs draped over the sides. Now if ever fear can hit a man it is at a time like this. I was lying spread-eagled about to let another man approach my balls with a razor! Believe me, if ever something was scary this was! If his shaving of my nipples scared me yesterday, his cold steel razor beside my nuts was making me quake even more. Silently, skilfully and slowly Gareth shaved my sack! He never broke the flesh.

Relieved I stood; I knew my pubic hair was doomed to the same fate. Gareth didn't speak but handed me the razor and pointed to my crotch. I couldn't believe how clever he was, by getting me to shave the last bit he was making me collaborate in my demotion to boyhood. It was like betraying myself.

I ran the trimmer over my cock-bush while Gareth watched approvingly. Then I lathered up and removed the last sign of my adulthood. Gareth smiled. I looked at myself in the mirror, the gut was still there, that made me look older, but otherwise I was a boy!

"Well done son!" Gareth said clapping, "Now have a shower and then clean this mess up. I want the place spick and span before lunch!"

As I cleaned I thought about how much this man had taken control of my life. Maybe love isn't such a great thing after all? I was even aiding and abetting my own slide into slavery. Maybe I was, but I was also enjoying it.

After lunch I lay on my belly on the floor watching the soaps with Gareth sitting on a chair behind me. I was wearing a pair of football shorts and nothing else; he wanted to see my hairless body. After the soaps we did sit-ups together and then he told me to dress and we walked out over one of the nearby hills. We returned in time for supper and then snuggled up like a real father and son to watch a video.

Gareth had brought an amazing supply of stuff with him. These included some hot gay videos. I was looking forward to watching one with him but he chose the Jungle Book.

"Why can't we watch the other ones?" I asked.

"The over eighteen ones?" he replied in mock surprise, "what age are you Mark?"

"Twelve dad!" I sighed. I knew where this was leading.

"And what would a good father do if he caught his twelve-year-old son watching an adult movie?"

"He'd give him a belting!"

"Good boy!" he kissed my head and pulled me closer to him.

The video finished just before nine. Gareth looked at his watch.

"Time for bed son!"

I went towards the bedroom but he went out to the car. I was standing beside the bed in my football shorts when he came in. He was carrying a plastic bag. He took a pair of pyjamas out of it. SHOCK! They were lemon with little teddy bears all over them.

"Here!" he said, "put these on!"

I looked at him in horror -- "I don't want to wear those!"

The hands on the hips and the glare in his eyes were enough to make me reconsider.

"You've done very well son, you started badly but you were good for me all day since your morning belting, don't ruin it now!"

I took down my boxers and dressed in the ridiculous pyjamas. I was just about to get into bed when he stopped me.

"You have to get your reminder!" he said.

"My reminder?"

He sat on the bed and patted his knee, "yes son, your reminder!"

I understood his instruction perfectly and lay down over his solid thighs. He pulled the trousers of the pyjamas down and rubbed my arse a few times.


His hand landed firmly on my quivering buttocks.


It was quicker and less painful than the belt.


Six of the best, a reminder of what happens to boys who break the rules.

I crawled into bed unsure of what would happen next. Gareth sat on the edge of the bed and told me he was going to read me a bedtime story. But that was fun; he opened a copy of Mandate and read one of the erotic stories to me. It was over eighteen but I wasn't complaining, it was better than Enid Blyton!

The story was hot! I expected him to hop me at the end of it but the only thing that you could expect from Gareth was the unexpected. When he finished the story he kissed my cheek patted my erection and said; "see you in the morning son!"

"Goodnight dad!" I called after him as he closed the door.

I lay there in my silly pyjamas with a boner sticking out. I hadn't the remotest idea where this was all going. I heard the sound of the awful music they put in porno movies -- he was watching one now that I was safely tucked up in bed! I was too confused to wank, so I rolled over and tried to sleep.

When the video was over Gareth joined me in bed -- he woke me up and I was transformed again. I removed my pyjamas and was no longer a twelve-year-old! Oh the bliss of having his cock pulling in and out of my hairless arse!

When Gareth said 'goodnight' it wasn't a greeting, it was a promise!