John Courtney

Next day we had a fantastic time together. We made love in the morning, walked over the hills after breakfast, had lunch in the village and then sat by the lakeside for the afternoon watching the water together. I was beginning to understand how to live by the new rules that my lover was brining into my life. I was strangely happy to conform at all times and even enjoyed my learning process. It was great to be in love with Gareth but I thought it difficult to adapt to my assigned role as a twelve-year-old, but I performed quite well this first day and got through the whole of it without incurring an ALP. That night Gareth gave me a reminder before bed tucked me in and left me there for almost three hours before he joined me.

On Tuesday we spoke at length about his domestic situation. He had visits with his boys every Saturday afternoon, this time was special to him and regardless of growing possessiveness towards him I knew that there was no way that I would like to come between this wonderful young man and his sons. As they were still quite young there was no way that they could be told about their father's relationship to the man they would soon come to refer to as Uncle Mark. When I asked him what had become of his visits for the two Saturdays that we would be away he explained that he would have the boys all day on the Sunday we returned to Newcastle.

"Great!" I said, "Does that mean I'll get to meet my little brothers?"

"Your brothers?" Gareth asked.

"Well, you're my dad, you're also their dad so they must be my brothers!" I remarked.

"Get a life Mark!" Gareth said with a pained expression, "understand that there is a difference between what you are to me and what Gavin and Dean are!"

"I was only playing with you!" I defended myself with a chastised look in his direction.

"Like I'm playing with you!" he whooped as he grabbed my dick through my jeans and began to squeeze it repeatedly.

We laughed.

Despite his playfulness I realised that his family situation was obviously not an area that he regarded as open to humour. I realised that he had a great sensitivity about his sons, he seemed almost bitter that he did not have them with him and angry that he knew that there was nothing he could do to wrest custody from a woman he clearly believed to be unsuitable as their guardian. Gareth was at pains to stress that he wasn't anti-woman. He had suffered at Susan's hand, the girl had been perfectly awful to him, but at the same time she had exposed his weak underbelly. Gareth may have been out to keep a handle on our relationship, he was the one who was going to be in charge and I think I know why -- after his experience with Susan seems to have driven him towards an area where his dominion would go unchallenged. Being with another bloke was simpler than being with a girl, when you're with a lad there are no offspring to complicate the relationship, you have just the two of you and everything that happens there.

At this time I still believed that it was fate that had brought us together. Only a few days before we met I had spoken to James about my desire for a relationship that was supportive as well as being sexual. When I met Gareth that day in the newsagent's it was as if destiny had seen my plight and delivered a man into my hands (or maybe me into his) that would fulfil my deepest fantasies and help me discover my innermost needs. The fact that this man had no experience of the scene and yet stumbled upon a man ready to serve his needs was too coincidental to be an accident. I don't know who the patron saint of faggots is, but whoever he is he had to have had a hand in our coming together.

"You know Gareth, I want you to have full access to your sons. If that means pretending we're only flatmates and keeping our relationship secret I'm fully willing to do it for you!"

Gareth looked back at me and smiled like a little boy at Christmas - "I should have spanked you the first day I met you!" he remarked.

"What on earth do you mean by that?"

"Well, you have changed so much this week since I started using my belt on you!"

"I think I'd have changed anyway because I'm so comfortable with you!"

"I think it was the spanking that made the difference!"

"I think you're only saying that because you're enjoying it!"

"So are you!"

That last comment of his took me by surprise. I looked at him with my mouth wide open; he looked back at me and smiled. Yes! Gareth was correct; I was into it!

Now don't get me wrong, I'm no masochist. I liked the way Gareth had made me into a man-boy that he could mould into his own image of what a man should be. For a man who was beginning life on the edge of the scene he seemed quite at home with what was evolving. His personality was only capable of allowing him to top. He wasn't evil or sadistic, but he was strict and I enjoyed the way he dominated me because, well ... because I needed it!

"Yes!" I admitted, "I love the way you treat me!"

"Want a spanking then?" he looked at me with a grin that split the lower half of his handsome face from the upper part.

He had me! My consent given I accepted that there was no turning back. Somewhere deep inside me there was something old returning or something new emerging (I wasn't at all sure which!) that made me want to bend over and allow this man to whack my arse, to punish me, to dominate and control me. I turned, dropped my trousers and proffered my butt as my answer. Gareth walked behind me and lowered my boxers to expose my arse to the upcoming event. Just before I closed my eyes in anticipation of the first whack I noticed a hair on my big toe, the only one left below my ears! I was just about to say it and ...


Gareth's hand landed on my butt. I yelped.


As the sixth landed I thought I was done when, SMACK! Up until now Gareth had never smacked me more than six times with his hand. Sure the belt landed more often, but a slapping on the exposed rear-end never went beyond six until now!


This was nothing like a reminder spanking. We were coming close to twenty, SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

Gareth was beating away at my arse with rapid-fire strokes.


This felt different to the beltings, my arse was beginning to sting: SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

My arse felt like it was on fire again!


There seemed to be no let-up, SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

Then, as suddenly as he had started, he stopped.

My arse was throbbing with the pain he had inflicted with his hand. Gareth left the room and I looked back at my arse. It was red! I know that this might seem like stating the obvious but I was sore. I wanted to stick my hole into the freezer (ice-box) to cool it down. I wondered would he fuck me when he came back. I hoped he would!

In his absence I thought back on my admission. I had broken the barriers down completely; it was like the day I burst forth from my closet. Now that I had admitted that I enjoyed being spanked by him and even asked for a spanking, I understood that this relationship was drifting in a direction that I wasn't able to either control or predict. It occurred to me that the best thing about this relationship was that it was an adventure together. Daily the scenario changed going deeper and deeper into a world which neither of us seemed to have premeditated. I knew that I was Gareth's first gay lover, he had said so and I had no reason to doubt it. What was becoming more obvious now was Gareth was the first man I had loved as well. Yes there were plenty of others in the past few years; most of them were only one hour to one-night romances. James was the closest I had come to ever falling in love. But what happened between James and me was always non-committal. We had been regular fuck-buddies but never lovers in the same way as I now was with Gareth. Yes this was something new, and, to cap it all, I thought I understood why I wanted to be spanked! I was accepting punishment that I deserved for my promiscuous past! The lick of the leather belt became synonymous with reparation for my years of bad-boy activity. Each time I submitted to his discipline I was cleansing myself of my immature and immoral past. The blows were both punishment for the past and encouragement for the future. The warm afterglow that throbbed in my cheeks was like an alarm system that punished my arse for its previous availability and warned it to desist from its earlier behaviour. Gareth had woken within me a need to be more fully open to another man whilst at the same time learning to curtail my desire for bed hopping.

When Gareth returned he didn't make love to me but he did massage my arse a bit. I groaned as he kneaded the sore flesh between the palms of his strong hands.

"I've really enjoyed these last few days with you ..."

Alarm bells rang in my head! I began to imagine what would come next; ... but I'm really a straight bloke that just wanted a bit of fun with a fag! ... I was going to lose him!

"... I just can't believe that Jimmy was so right in suggesting that I look for a boyfriend, you've made me so happy Mark!"

We kissed, we hugged and spent the next three days talking, walking together and doing all the things that young lovers like to do. But on top of all that I got and sought bare-butt spankings on a daily basis. Being stretched across his knee became as erotic and meaningful as having him buried to his balls in my bum. Any attention paid to me was a compliment. It didn't matter if it was as his companion at the table, his lover in bed or his son across his knee; being with his and he being with me made a chemistry that delighted me, his man-boy!

On Saturday morning I had my one other experience of ALP in the Lake District. We were due to go home that afternoon so Gareth could spend some time the next day with Dean and Gavin. After breakfast we walked along the lakeside. Now, that should have been quite romantic and all, but I fucked up, badly!

I don't know what got into me. I was excited about getting back to Newcastle and having this superb bloke moving in with me. Up until this week I had always thought that I would never settle down with anybody, I enjoyed sex too much for that. I had thought about it before and even spoken to James about it. In fact we had only spoken about it a few days prior to my meeting Gareth! I thought James would understand and maybe even offer to try a full-time (but open) relationship. But he didn't want that at all

"I'm a shirt-lifting, poo-pushing arse bandit by profession!" he explained, "I'm only twenty-two and I'm far too young to be putting out to stud with an old nag like you!"

This didn't offend me at all. James had a way with words that allowed him to say certain things that would have been offensive if somebody else said them, but I suppose it's hard enough to take offence when the man speaking had me compliantly skewered on his dick!

My life had taken on a new direction since that conversation. By day I was an adoring twelve-year-old man-boy with a strict father, by night I was the bottom half of a perfect couple. I couldn't wait to get back home and tell James about all that was after happening to me.

"I'm sad about us going home tomorrow," he said quietly, "I would love to stay for another few weeks!"

"Weeks?" I cried incredulously, "do you think my arse could take this for a few more weeks?"

"It will have to!" he laughed, "After all we are going to move in together when we get home aren't we?"

"Sure!" I replied and rolled over towards him. We locked in a tight embrace and began to roll all around the lakeshore.

Rolling became wrestling. Wrestling became grappling. Grappling became groping. I became aroused! Gareth began to open my jeans and I reciprocated. We slowly undressed each other until we were wrestling and breathless wearing only our boxers. On the secluded lakeshore we lay there exhausted by our play, I lay on top of him, our erections rubbing against each other in our boxers. He smiled at me and I bent forward to kiss him.

Gareth reached behind me and slid his hands down over my smooth buttocks. He began to knead the flesh in his hands reawakening the memory of the many spankings I had received during the week. I moaned.

"I want to give you one more ALP before we go home!" he said.

"Why?" I asked a bit horrified by the prospect.

"Because I want to give you one so the reminders continue to work!"

There was little logic to his suggestion, but I knew I shouldn't argue or else I would incur an earned ALP. Although I enjoyed the other spankings I didn't want an ALP, I didn't deserve it, I pouted a bit and then said "No! It's not fair!"

"Look", he said, "Your behaviour has been great all week. ALPs seem to have a good effect on you. I just feel that I should give you another whipping!"

That reasoning ticked me off even more so I told him to fuck off. He didn't say anything for a few minutes and then he told me to follow him and he led me over to a clearing in the birch forest where there was an old boat overturned in the grass. He unlooped his belt, took it and doubled it up.

"Take your position -- bend over that old boat!" he said, pointing at the old boat.

I refused to move.

"Now, look, you know you have it coming. You admitted last time you learned a lesson. If you keep waiting, you're going to learn a bigger lesson than you want."

I still refused.

He slipped his belt back on his jeans and began to pull them on.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

He told me that he was planning to go home and forget about us moving in together. I tried to ask him to stay and said I was sorry but he said he would only stay if I took my medicine. Finally, I said I would do what he said.

He led me back to the old boat and I stood there in my boxers waiting for him to tell me what to do. Then to my surprise, he sat on the old boat himself and started to unbuckle his belt. He slipped it off of his jeans and doubled it up again. I had quite a toasting coming.

"Okay, bend over my knee".

Reluctantly, I slowly lowered myself over his left leg. After some adjusting, I was bent over his left knee, with my chest resting on the old boat. Without saying another word, he took the belt that he was holding in his right hand and started laying into my butt.


Just like before, after a few whacks I was trying to squirm away and was crying out OW. With a few more WHACKS I started kicking my legs vigorously. But then he put his legs over mine so I was pinned and kept whipping away with that awful belt of his.


And it didn't make any difference how loud I yelled because there was no one for miles. He was whacking me even harder than before and after about 30 swats, I was begging him to stop. When he didn't, I tried to put my hand back there and he slashed it with the belt and told me to get it out of the way. Then he just kept licking away. He gave me more swats than he had for the earlier ALPs and they were a lot harder. At this point, he stopped for a minute and like before I thought maybe the spanking was over.

"I don't like doing this but I am going to spank you harder each time until you learn to grow up!" he said.

Then, without waiting for any response WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

He delivered a series of swats. I was being driven across his leg by the stroke of the belt, so I was really rubbing myself across his leg but he didn't seem to notice this, he was just into doing the spanking and nothing else. At this point, I was really getting a hard on from rubbing up and down on his leg but at the same time, I was crying and yelling for him to stop spanking me. Finally, after I had started to cry, he stopped. I just lay there, still crying and he just waited.

"Are you going to act up any more?"

I shook my head.

He delivered a hard swat with his open hand to my butt. "I want an answer"

"No" I said, still lying across his knee.

"You can get up for now, but don't think we're finished yet!"

I got up off of his knee rubbing my butt. It was really sore! He handed me his belt and told me to hold it for him. I was surprised at how warm it had gotten while he was wielding it over my backside. I couldn't believe my ALP wasn't over.

"Please don't spank me again, Gareth, please...I'll never act up again."

He grabbed me by my arm and took me over by a large tree. "You and I both know that that's not true, but I want to make sure it's a long time before we do this again. Now you just be quiet!"

He told me stand facing the tree and think about what I had done and what he was going to do. He told me if I turned around he would come back and take my boxers down and use the belt on me. With that, he gave me another hard swat with his open hand and walked away.

Well, I stood there like a good boy for what seemed like an entire hour, facing the tree and holding his doubled up belt in my hand. I was afraid to put it down or even look around because that might initiate another ALP.

After the hour was up he came up and told me to turn around. I was surprised to see he had a smooth branch of birch in his hand. I couldn't believe that this was happening.

"Please don't use a rod, Gareth, please Dad...anything but that!"

He stood there looking at me for a minute or so, and then he threw the birch away. I must have looked relieved, because he told me not to think it was over. Then he reached over and took the belt out of my hand. I was afraid he was going to take the belt to me again but to my surprise he threaded it back on his jeans.

"Okay, let's go" and he led me back to the boat. He sat on it and gestured for me to come over. This time was a little different; he took me across his lap so I was positioned with my crotch just over his right leg, in a classic spanking position.

"I'm going to spank you harder each time I give it to you!"

Then without warning, he pulled my boxer shorts down just below my butt and started spanking my bare butt with his open hand. I didn't think it would hurt after getting whipped with his belt but I was surprised at how much it stung. Considering how sore my butt already was it didn't take more than a few smacks for me to try rolling around to get away and yelling for him to stop.

Fortunately, he seemed to be doing it for more for reminder than for ALP because he only gave me about 25 smacks. Then he put his hand on my butt and asked if I was going to be able to behave in the future without spankings. Although I was crying pretty good, I must have assured him enough because he pulled my boxers back up and told me to get up.

We went back to the house and straight to our room. Gareth stripped off and then pulled on a pair of tight black briefs. I stood there watching in a pair of boxers, my arse still stinging from the whipping on the beach.

"Yes, we're going to make love again Mark." he said as he ordered me to lie face down on the bed.

I stepped out of my boxers and obeyed. He lay down on top of me, holding me tightly; he started pumping his hard dick, still sheathed in the black dick pouch of his briefs, into me. I could feel his rock hard dick both absorbing, and adding to the heat of my tender arse as it rubbed along my cheeks and up and down the crack of my arse. With my arse pushed up by the pillows my asshole was tingling as his dick pumped over it. I wanted to feel his big dick push into my hole. I caressed his hands and arms as I thought; yes I'm going to get fucked! He continued pumping and then turned me over and began thrusting against my hard dick. I reached up and grabbed both of our dicks as he continued to thrust. I know I was smiling as I raised my gaze up at his muscular chest and my smile became a wicked grin as I looked in his eyes, knowing that he is the hottest man I've ever dreamed of, and to think that he likes to spank me too!

He peeled off his underwear and I was once again bent across his lap getting a final arse warming before I was to get really warmed by a long, hard fucking. I've got to say that those last hand spanks felt great... I didn't keep count; I just savoured the sting as each whack came harder and harder until he said, "there are still two spots that aren't red!"

With that I got another couple of hard whacks... and I can assure you that my butt ended with a uniform glow!

And nothing's better then to have my arse good and blistered and to feel him loosening up my hole. I could feel my hole tighten and loosen with each stroke of his finger, anticipating (though still a bit nervous) when he places his thick dick on my puckering hole and pushes his stiff manhood in. OHH! I could feel my hole stretching to accommodate his dick and then tightening back. It's great ... Gareth pumping, his thighs and balls pounding against my arse as his dick pounds my prostate. I could feel the pre cum dripping from my dick as I turned my head to watch in the mirror... his buns were contracting with each thrust. Oh man he gets me hot! He guided me toward the bed and laid me back, my arse in the air and my feet supported on his strong shoulders. I sure did smile as he put his dick back in my hole and began fucking deep and hard. I couldn't think of anything but how great my arse felt tightening on each stroke ... not wanting to let go! God, he was fucking my arse.

He slowed his pumping to a stop and said "I'm going to cum"

YES! I wanted him to explode! To empty his balls! I wanted to make him feel great! I started to fuck his dick with my arse ... tightening and pulling his body closer and deeper as his orgasm exploded and intensified! Sweat came streaming from his brow and I could see the pure pleasure in his body as his dick continued to throb in my arse... spurting his hot cum!

I laid there holding his thighs, his dick still in me, feeling warm and satisfied. I'd gotten the spanking that I needed, and I got a fucking that I won't forget. And even now, it doesn't take long to feel that smile come back on my face, and my dick stiffen, as I closed my eyes to relive that hot afternoon...

I couldn't sit down for the rest of that day but after a bit, we didn't talk about it any more. We went for a hike and made love in the woods, we went for a drink together, and then to bed.

Next day began much as the others had, a reminder spanking after breakfast started my chores as I cleaned up and packed for our return to Newcastle. My butt stung, but I think that week with him was the best of my life so far!

As we drove home to Newcastle I thought of how happy my life had become since meeting Gareth and his Accelerated Learning Programme. If anybody who knew me realised how much I had submitted to during my time away with him they would have been hard pushed to believe it. My bum stung on the seat, radiating warmth as we drove along. We passed the service area on the motorway where we stopped on the way. We went back in and ordered something to eat, but our waitress wasn't there! Gareth threatened to spank me in the car park, but as it was Saturday afternoon there were too many people and children in the area so my arse was left alone.

I couldn't wait to get home and tell James all about what had happened to me. I wondered would he believe it -- well, I had a shaved body and a red butt to prove it if he doubted!