John Courtney

When we arrived back at my place we were greeted by the aftermath of a burglary. My house had been ransacked while we were away. We called the police and they came over about an hour later. Gareth and I were careful not to touch anything but I made a careful inventory of what was missing. When the police arrived they took a statement and fingerprinted the whole place. They asked me if I had any idea who it might have been. I couldn't answer the question. I really had no idea if anybody I knew could have done this to me. Gareth put his arm around me and I began to sob. The policeman felt uneasy, he was quite young and sensed that we might be gay. He called his partner who was busy taking fingerprints and they left.

"Want a hand to pull the place together love?" Gareth asked as they closed the door behind them.

We set to the unpleasant task of cleaning up. I used bleach on everything. My house was defiled and I felt awful. While I was cleaning everything Gareth took the vacuum cleaner and did a thorough clean up of the living room and the bedroom. I concentrated on the kitchen and the other rooms. It took several hours to complete, but as Gareth had to collect his sons he left after two. I continued to scrub and clean until the small hours of Sunday morning. I was upset. I changed the sheets on my bed and crawled in sobbing. I felt my arse and it was comfortably warm from the attention Gareth had lavished upon it before we left the Lake District. I spanked myself once re-igniting the warmth of his dominant touch -- I wished he were here with me now. I needed him, but Gareth had other duties to attend to.

He called me in the morning to see how I was. I was still upset.

"I can't come over today," he explained, "I have the boys until ten and then I have to get my stuff together for work on Monday!"

"Will you be here on Monday after work?"

"I could be but I'll have to meet my landlord and give in my notice on the bedsit."

"But you could drop in on your way home from work!"

Gareth promised that he would drop by on Monday evening to see how I was.

"And will you be giving me a reminder?" I asked hopefully.

Gareth laughed -- "I'll drop by every day this week if that's what you need Mark!" he promised.

"And will you stay over?"

"You appear to be asking for something else now!" he remarked.

"I need that as well." I explained.

"I guess I'll be living there in a week's time, I'd prefer to wait for the other until we're together! After all, I'm not into screw and then go home!"

"What do you mean?"

"When we are sharing our home together I will do anything for you, but until we're together I think reminders are all that you should get!"

If ever a motivation for getting your boyfriend to move in existed I had it here.

"And keep yourself smooth for daddy, remember, you're only twelve!"

Gareth left and I sat there feeling violated by the burglary. It was so lonely being alone without Gareth at a time like this. Still, I understood that we couldn't be together and jeopardise his contact with Sean and Gavin. They were his real life sons and the bond between them was important, very different to the father/son game that we were playing. Gareth and I were lovers and that meant that I had to understand that there was a chasm between Gareth as my daddy and as the boys' father.

The loneliness was killing me so I called James and invited him over for a chat.

"Hi lover-boy!" he sniggered down the phone.

"Fuck off James!" I snapped, "I wanted you to come over because..."

"Because you're feeling neglected and need some attention!" he interrupted.

"No!" I replied. I could hear some people in the background. "Who's with you?" I asked.

"Nobody you know!" he replied, "What's up?"

"I've been burgled and I wanted somebody to sit with me!"

"Afraid to be in the house on your own?"

"Not quite!" I replied, "I just want somebody to talk to for a while!"

"I'll be over as soon as I can!"

James called by about two hours after the call. I was delighted to see him. James was dressed in his usual football shirt and tracksuit bottoms his handsome face darkened seductively, as always, in the shadow of his trademark Newcastle United baseball hat. I had been looking forward to telling him all about my new lover and had forgotten to call him. The burglary had really set me back quite a bit.

"I thought that I'd have found you radiant!" James said as he walked in and found me looking quite glum. "Things with your new slapper didn't quite work out in the end?"

I smiled coyly at him -- "Sorry to be like this! The house was done over while we were away!"

"But how was your time with the new bloke?"

"Super! And yes, he is a slapper!"

"I thought you said he was a giver!" James remarked with some surprise.

"When I say slapper I don't mean slapper as in bitch!" I explained, "I mean slapper as in person who slaps!"

"He hit you?" James seemed quite annoyed.

"No!" I said enthusiastically, "I mean he put me across his knee and slapped me!"

James was shocked at this. He looked at me with a mixture of pure disbelief and total bafflement. I was amused by his reaction. Here he was sitting with his jaw on the floor with his regular fuck-buddy telling him he had got spanked.

"I know you're sort of kinky sometimes..." he began, but he didn't finish.

"And he shaved me completely!" I boasted.

James looked shocked.

"Here, I'll show you!" I said as I opened my shit to reveal my shaved chest.

"Fuck!" James gasped.

I watched bemused as his face contorted when I removed my shirt to reveal my shaved armpits. I unbuckled my belt and opened my jeans. A little gasp greeted his first sight of my hairless legs. But he squawked awkwardly when I lowered my boxers to reveal my groin!

"And look at this!" I exclaimed as I turned to reveal the marks on my butt.

"Oh my God Mark! I'm so sorry!"

"There's no need for you to be sorry," I replied, "Gareth did this and I let him. In fact I loved it!"

"Oh Mark! How could I have let him do this to you? I'm so sorry Mark, really, I am!"

James was examining the damage to my arse. I was amused that he kept apologising for letting Gareth do this to me. His rubbing against my arse was getting me aroused. His tracksuit bottoms did little to hide the fact that he was getting quite into this himself.

"Would you like to spank me James?" I asked.


"Just as well!" I said, "Gareth would flay me alive if I cheated on him!"

James dropped to his knees and leaned forward to take my dick into his mouth. I realised immediately where this was leading and started to push him away.

"What's got into you?" he asked confused by my rejection.

"Gareth wouldn't like it!" I explained.

"Gareth isn't getting it!" he replied as he lunged forward and set me sprawling backwards onto the sofa.

With my boxers around my knees and my jeans around my ankles I couldn't but fall. James followed and buried his face into my groin grabbing at my erection with his tongue as his baseball hat went flying and landed beside me on the sofa. I tried to push him off me but my will was weakening. Gareth wouldn't know and wouldn't be here until tomorrow anyway. Led by my dick I gave up the struggle and allowed James to complete the task of emptying my balls!

All that I had learned over the last few weeks was out the window as my seed shot deeply into James' familiar and warm sucking mouth. Lost in the throes of orgasm I forgot completely about my sense of shame at my promiscuous past -- old habits die-hard and it wasn't too long before my buddy of many years was pounding my arse on the sofa; doggy style -- the way James likes it best!

As James' dick slid in and out of my clenching hole I felt a small pang of guilt. The ALP had achieved nothing! A week of beltings and reminders had not changed me at all, if there was a cock about I still wanted it. What's that expression about not being able to teach the old dog new tricks? Well this old dog was still a bitch! But the guilt was short-lived. The magnificent and familiar feeling of James thrusting in and out of me had me right back where I was seven weeks ago. If Gareth cold see me now he's go mad, but he was with his sons and so there was no chance of him dropping by.

James was really pounding me. His thrusts were rocking me forward with a force that couldn't be imagined. I was in heaven! Then, after about ten minutes of relentless fucking, he shot a load deep inside me. Yes! I wallowed in the warm sensation of having him back again. For a moment I didn't care if I ever saw Gareth again. He withdrew and we kissed.

"Where did you learn to kiss like that?" he asked in surprise as we separated.

"I had a week of good instruction!"

"Okay if I stay the night?"

That was a rhetorical question. We walked together hand in hand to the bedroom to resume our lovemaking.

We crawled under the duvet and James lined up for re-entry. I pushed backwards anxious to receive more attention from this fantastic man. Soon he was buried to the balls in my arse and began to slide in and out.

The phone rang.

"Leave it!" he whispered, "whoever it is can call back tomorrow!"

"Supposing it's Gareth?" I asked.

"Gareth with his boys you said, relax Mark! That arse of yours needs some loving!"

I pulled away and made my way back to the living room in a hurry to answer. I got it. It was Gareth.

"What took you so long to answer?" he asked.

"I was in bed!"

"You were in bed, but it's only eight o'clock!" he exclaimed.

"I went to bed early because I have work in the morning," I explained, "how come you're ringing? I thought you had the boys all day!"

"Jimmy got called away!" he replied, "so I had to bring them back early. I'm at home now but I was hoping to come over. Is that okay with you?"

Shit! Gareth was coming over and I would have to get rid of James. "Fine!" I said.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm great!"

"Just you sound a bit strange!"

"Yeah you woke me!"

"Sorry love! Do you want me to come over?"

My arse was telling me to refuse and let James get back to work, but something inside of me wanted Gareth here tonight. Great and all a James is and despite my reservations over the last hour, the sound of Gareth's voice got me hot for him again. I could ask James to leave, he'd understand.

"I'd love you to come over!"

"Do you need a reminder?"

"Do I need a reminder?" I shrieked, (maybe a bit too loudly) "Does a duck with one leg swim in a circle?"

Gareth laughed, "I'll be there in ten minutes!" and he hung up.


I rushed into the room where James was lying on the bed stroking his dick.

"Can we get back to what we started?" he asked.

"No James!" I replied curtly, "we can't! Gareth is on his way over and he'll go mad if he finds you here!"

"Are you throwing me out?"

"Stop fucking around James! You know it's not like that!"

"What's he got that I haven't got?"

"A belt!" I replied, "now get your arse out of the bed and get out quickly before he catches you here!"

"Charming!" he muttered, "you invite a bloke over, shag him and then tell him to naff off because some other bloke is on his way!"

"Please James!" I begged.

James got out of bed and I hurried him along to get dressed.

"Please hurry!" I begged, "Gareth could arrive any minute!"

I didn't think he was too happy as I quickly bundled him out the door. He was still buckling his belt as I closed the door behind him. I turned and looked at the room. The cushions were loose on the sofa so I pushed the back into place. In my panic I thought that Gareth would smell sex in the room so I ran into the bedroom and got the can of Lynx. I began to spray the house with it -- Gareth liked the smell!

I ran to the bathroom and left the can there. I took some paper to make sure that there was no residue of James-juice on my hole. It stung as I wiped it. James never lost that touch! I was going toward the bedroom to get a pair of boxers on when I heard the bell ringing. SHIT! Gareth was here already. Thank God I had got James out on time!

I was still naked when I opened the door. As soon as I saw him standing there with his beautiful smile and a holdall in his hand I felt like shit! Yeah, here we go again! There was a sex-god standing in front of me with a smile on his face and a passion in his body for me and what had I done? I had fucked my best friend as soon as my lover was out of sight. "Mark!" I said to myself, "you're not a slut, you're a two-timing, unworthy, dishonest, sneaky, low-down, horrid, worthless piece of shit that doesn't deserve the attentions that this kind faithful man was lavishing upon you!"

"Come in!" I said sheepishly.

Gareth looked at me with a quizzical look in his eye. "Is something the matter Mark? Why are you naked?"

"I told you that I was in bed!"

"But that was ten minutes ago!" He sniffed, "do I smell Lynx?"

He walked past me and closed the door behind him with his foot. I raised my head, hey, if I'm a slut for getting aroused at the first sight of a cock so is Gareth. He gets aroused when he gets his first sniff of Lynx! We have something in common; we are both creatures of impulse!

"No point in putting your boxers on!" he remarked as he sat in the middle of the sofa with the palms of his hands against the cushions, "now come on over and I'll give you a good hard reminder!"


The first slap landed and shook the flesh of my arse quite a bit. Stop! The pain of heat slowly rose and began to warm my bum.


Two hard ones followed in quick succession and I yelped in pain.


Two more! I knew that this reminder was pointless. James had just shafted me and here was my lover giving me a reminder.


If he knew the truth it would be a proper ALP that I should be getting now, boxers on and a belt swinging at my whorish butt.


But Gareth didn't know!


As he landed one stinging slap after another on alternate cheeks I wondered did he know what I had done. As reminder spankings go this was worse than the others. I was yelping like a puppy as he flayed me with the hardest hand spanking he had ever given me.


I couldn't even count the swats this time. I had no idea how many I had already gotten or how many more were to come. A reminder spanking was supposed to be six!


"Only ten to go!" Gareth said shaking his wrist. His hand was obviously getting tired and maybe even sore.

I took advantage of the lull to ask a question.

"Daddy? Can I ask a question?" I sniffled.

"Yeah boy! Shoot!"

"Why am I getting such a big reminder?"

"Because you need it!" he replied simply and then SMACK!

There was no point in continuing the questions as SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

"Now Mark!" he said, "go and stand in the corner where you cannot see the television!"

I moped off into the corner and began to think. Did he suspect that I had somebody over? No! There was no way that he could have suspected that, I had carefully removed all the evidence even if I was in a hurry. Maybe he was annoyed by the smell of Lynx? Maybe he guessed that it was there to cover up the smell of what James and I were doing? No! He would have known that I was spraying the house because he liked the smell. Was he annoyed by my nakedness when I should have been wearing pyjamas like he gave me? Yeah! That was probably it! I heard him rise from the sofa and open his holdall. SHIT! I thought; was he getting his belt? I didn't dare look around. I heard his rummage for a while, then I heard the sound of the zipper closing and then the light plop as he landed his arse back onto the sofa. I imagined that he had the belt ready. He knew that James was here and I was going to get it very soon!

The news at nine came on the television and Gareth said, "Okay son, it's nine o'clock -- your bedtime!"

When I turned he was standing there with his holdall and taking my hand he led me upstairs to the bedroom. My stomach was in knots as I faced the unknown. Surely he couldn't have guessed what I had been doing with James? Maybe he was just annoyed because of the curtailed visit to his sons and was taking it our on me? I suddenly became aware of James' spunk in my arse. Now I know I couldn't really feel it (I'm not that sensitive!) but I imagined that I could. We were in the bedroom now and my mind was racing at a speed that could win any Grand Prix rally. If Gareth had sex with me and withdrew he would see the residue of James' efforts on his knob! What would he do then? Flay me? Leave me? Murder me? The options were endless.

"Lie on the bed on your tummy!"

That was an order that I expected. Behind me Gareth reached into his holdall. I closed my eyes in fear and anticipation of my first flogging on the bare arse. He was standing over my prone body and I was too scared to open my eyes and see what I had coming to me.


I shrieked as the cold splat of Aloe Vera landed on my butt!

"What's the shouting for?" Gareth laughed.

I blushed a thousand shades of red -- "I thought you were going to ALP me!" I replied meekly.

"Why? Do you deserve one? Is there something I should know?"

PHEW! He hadn't guessed!

"No!" I lied!

Gareth laughed quietly as he massaged my burning cheeks.

"Why did I get such a lengthy reminder dad?" I asked.

"To take your mind off the burglary!" he replied, "I thought you were upset so I decided that lots of attention would be some help."

"That was very kind of you!" I remarked as he continued the soothing massage of my buttocks.

"I brought my stuff over to stay the night!" he said, "I hope you don't mind! I didn't want you to be alone and afraid that the burglars might come back!"

"Of course I don't mind! I'm really glad you're staying!"

I felt so low that I could crawl out under the door! The most wonderful man in the universe was massaging my butt and offering to stay and mind me because he knew I was upset. I didn't know if it was his smile and kindness or his dominance and horse-dick that made me want him to stay. After what I had done with James I was almost certain it was the latter. That disappointed me; I wished I was mature enough to love him for who he was rather than for what he could do!

"Give us a suck mate!" he said as he moved towards the head of the bed.

He sat on the pillows with his knees raised and opened his flies. His dick was forcing the cotton of his boxers through the opening. I knelt and then bend forward to savour his jumbo sausage. I sucked and he massaged my butt until he came in my mouth!

"Get your pyjamas on son and daddy will read you a bedtime story!"

"Can I go out and clean my butt first?" I asked.


I walked towards the door wriggling my butt as I moved. I would get away with it after all! Once I was rinsed there would be no evidence of James for him to find.

When I returned I dressed in the pyjamas he had given me and crawled into bed. Gareth tucked me in and began to read a chapter of an erotic novel that he had brought with him. It was a book called Blow the Man Down by some chap called Jason Fury. It was so hot it was incredible! I wanted to jack off but knew I shouldn't, so when the story ended he kissed me tenderly on the cheek and left the room!

I curled up and tried to sleep but there was too much going on in my mind. I decided that I wouldn't tell him about the episode with James. He had told me that he wanted me to love honour and obey him. I loved him and I even obeyed him, but what I did with James dishonoured him. I would keep it a secret forever!

I dozed off. Gareth getting into the other side of my bed wakened me some time later. He curled up behind me and entered me without much resistance. Slowly and deliberately he slid in and out of me, his groin brushing against my stinging arse with each thrust. When he finished we fell asleep in that position. The following morning we were still coupled when we woke!