John Courtney

So it seems that our heroes are as fickle as the rest of the gay world! Many of you thought that this was going to be perfect and then Mark slipped up. This is only a beginning! This chapter is quite short but ... there are four more chapters and an epilogue to go and believe me, it is a nice 'fairy' story!

It was eight o'clock when we crawled out of bed. The day began with a reminder. This time there were only six slaps. After that we showered together and dressed for work. Gareth's work clothes were black Snickers work gear. His butt looked great in them. Any time there were workmen in the bank they wore the blue version, these looked so much better. Maybe because it was Gareth who was wearing them!

"I best be off," I said, "I can't be late for work this week!"

Gareth coughed and asked, "What age are you son?"

I looked at him quizzically and he repeated the question quite firmly.

"Twelve!" I answered.

"And do twelve-year-olds go to work?"

"No! Not in this country!"

"Where do twelve-year-olds go during the day?"

"School?" I answered.

"Good boy, now don't be late for school and I'll see you when I get back this evening!"

It didn't take long for my colleagues and staff to realise that I had changed in the week I was away. I was quieter than before they said and asked why I had removed my trademark goatee. Overall they asked lots of questions and I was uncomfortable in my large black chair from Gareth's morning efforts.

James called at ten.

"Hey Mark!" he said, "I think I left my cap at your place yesterday!"

"I cleaned up when you were gone and didn't see it! Are you sure you left it there and didn't take it home?"

"I realised as soon as I was outside, it's definitely at your place!"

"I'll look for it as soon as I get home," I promised, "and I'll call you when I find it!"

The day dragged on forever. I was anxious to get home and find the cap before Gareth did. I knew I hadn't seen it and wondered where it could be. Gareth would be over later so I had an hour or two to find it. But when I got home there was no sign of it. I even tried down the back of the sofa thinking it might have fallen under the cushions during our sessions it wasn't there.

I pulled the entire house apart but couldn't find it. I rang James and told him. He insisted that it must be somewhere and I told him he could come over and check for himself. He was busy so he declined.

When Gareth arrived he took my hand, led me upstairs to my room and sat on my bed. He looked like he was ready to give me a reminder.

"You and I have to have a talk, son."

This made me pretty excited because anytime he called me son it was followed by a spanking.

'What about?"

"I found this!" he said holding up James' cap.

"Where?" I asked.

"Down the back of the sofa. Is it yours?"

"Yes!" I lied.

"Then put it on son!"

I put the cap on my head but it was too small. It didn't fit me at all.

"Interesting!" Gareth hummed, "it's not yours at all is it?"

"No!" I admitted, "it's not!"

"I knew that," he said, "when I cleaned up after the burglary I cleaned under the sofa cushions and it wasn't there, but when I was sitting there yesterday my hand slipped behind the cushions when you were blowing me and I found it!"

I was caught! There was no excuse coming to mind, I began to panic and blush at the same time. I was caught; I was going to lose him.

"We're going to have to get to the bottom of this and when we do, you might end up with a very sore bottom."

I looked up at him and was relieved to see he didn't look too angry.

"It belongs to my mate James!" I confessed.

"Why didn't you say that in the first place?"

"Because I didn't want you to know that he was here yesterday!"

"Because you were having sex with him?"

I blushed and whispered, "yes!"

"Louder!" he ordered.


He stood up and left the room, telling me to stay there until he came back. A few minutes later, he opened the door and told me to come out into the sitting room.

"I took James' number from your diary and called him. He is on his way over here so let's wait for him."

Gareth and I went into the sitting room. He sat on one end of the sofa and I sat on the other. I was really scared and didn't know what to do now. A few minutes later, James knocked on the door and I got up to let him in. Gareth asked James if he had left the cap behind him the previous day.

"That's right. I left it behind me here the other day."

"And were you having sex here when I was away?" Gareth asked James

"We were!"

"Is James telling the truth?" Gareth asked me.

I nodded my head and looked down at my feet. It was silent for a minute then Gareth asked, "What should I do?"

James, the traitor, was quick to offer a suggestion. "Whip his arse!"

"I don't think I have any choice son, you know the routine, get over here behind the sofa and drop your pants."

I begged him not to do it in front of James.

"James's not only going to watch you get whipped, he's going to take part, so shut up and get over here. I'm going to go in the bedroom and get my belt."

James quickly unbuckled his belt, the same one he had licked me with, and pulled it off.

"Here, Gareth, use mine."

Gareth took the belt from James and looked at it. It was a heavy brown leather belt.

"This should do the job. All right son pants down and over the sofa."

I moved over to the back of the sofa and dropped my pants, glad that my boxers were always kept on for a belting in meant that I wouldn't get whipped bare-arsed in front of James. I bent over the back of the sofa so my face was pushed into the seat cushion but I could still see James standing there in front of the sofa. James walked over behind the sofa and stood at my left side. I could hear the tinkling of James' belt buckle and all of a sudden Gareth started whaling on me with the belt.


He was giving me his normal hard strokes, one after another. I was embarrassed at first to get whipped in front of James but after a number of licks I was only thinking about how my arse was on fire, not how it looked. He didn't say a word but kept it up for about 25 and I was jumping around pretty good and begging him to please stop. He threw the doubled up belt on the sofa by me so I started to stand up.

"Don't get up, stay there!"

I lay back down and waited. Gareth went into the kitchen and got a few beers and he and James sat there, drinking beer and Gareth smoked while I laid there, butt up in my shorts.

After they finished their beer, Gareth said, "Okay, James, your turn. He brought you into this and lied about you, lay into him."

James chuckled a bit and picked up his belt and came around behind the sofa. He stood to my right side so that Gareth could see what was going on. He reached down and started to pull down my shorts.

Just as he did it, Gareth said, "Hey, don't do that, only hand-spanking on his bare arse, so pull them back up."

James didn't argue but pulled my shorts back up. A second later his first swat came.


If anything, James was whipping me harder than Gareth had. His whacks were coming fast and furious and he was landing them all over my butt, from top to bottom. I was crying out and jumping all over but knew better than to simply get up. Finally, after a good thirty whacks, Gareth told him that was enough for now so James dropped the belt back on the sofa. I was told not to get up so I stayed in position.

James stepped forward and reached out with his right hand, clamping it onto my shoulder. He began to push me to the floor. I submitted and sank to my knees.

"Now, you look much better in that position."

As he stood back I could hear Gareth chuckling behind me.

"Well James!" he said, "I think we could finish off the punishment that this two-timing fucker needs!"

James sat beside him while Gareth had another cigarette. When they finished, Gareth got up and said he would be back in a minute and went into our bedroom. Just a minute later, he came back, carrying his own belt.

"Okay, let's finish this off, James."

Gareth stood on my left side and James on the right, each with a leather belt in hand. Before James did anything, Gareth laid his hand on my sore butt and asked me if I understood why I was getting whipped so badly. I told him I did and I was sorry. Then Gareth reared back and he took the first crack, then James, and they got into a fast rhythm, whipping me harder than I had ever been whipped. There was virtually no pause between the whacks, Gareth's belt would come crashing down on my right cheek, and a split second later, James' belt would land on my left cheek. I was really crying loud when they finally finished, after having given me another 50 whacks each. Then Gareth announced it was over and told me to stand up.

I stood up and rubbed my butt good, trying to get some circulation back into. It was really hot! Gareth had come around to the front of the sofa and dropped his belt on the coffee table. James was threading his belt back on his jeans, and chuckling.

"You learn something, boy?" he asked.

I nodded and told James I was sorry that I had lied about him and hoped he would accept my apology. I told Gareth I was sorry, too, and he responded by telling me to go to my room and go to bed.

As I walked towards the stairs Gareth called me back.

"I forgot something Mark," he said.

I looked at him nervously. Sure I knew that the James incident wasn't going to make him leave me, in fact I thought during the whipping that the two of them got along quite well.

"Before you retire for the evening," Gareth continued in a formal voice, "I wanted you to meet somebody!"

I looked quite puzzled by this. James walked towards me with a smile from ear to ear.

"Allow me to present my brother in law, Mark this is Jimmy! Jimmy, Mark!"