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The story is set in Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan. An Islamic country with 98% Muslim population. Sex outside marriage and homosexuality are a punishable crime in Pakistan. Though, these laws never really get implemented but there is a whole social background that makes sex a taboo. Homosexuality in Pakistan is just as common as every where else in the world. People are discreet and very careful about expressing their sexuality. Most gay men end up marrying women and raising children. But since the arrival of the internet a new gay urban culture developed. Instead of socializing at gay cruising spots, people started meeting in the safe virtual reality of online chat rooms. Gay men started talking about their sexuality and a new better understanding started to develop. Sex was no more an issue, one can now go online and find a guy to have sex with. But relationships are still a distant dream. Some guys were lucky enough to find lovers or boyfriends but these relationships usually ended too quickly. Still there are people like "Raheel" who has weird thoughts about being righteous, about living a normal gay life, in a country where normal and gay were not allowed to go together in one sentence.  

Chapter Two - The Long Night Continues


"Ahh Wali! Its hurting me now. Cum quickly". I was enjoying fucking his white smooth ass so much and he wanted me to end it quickly. Why he always had to kill the fun. I started fucking him furiously. It's not easy for new bottoms to take my 8 inch cock up their ass. But Julie was not an inexperienced bottom. At 19 he was already fucked by almost every girlish-bottom-lover in the town. He was a slut, a beautiful slut. 

Aaah aah Aaah... he was moaning with my long hard strokes I felt sensations building up and finally I came and I fell on him. His white, soft, slim and smooth body looked so beautiful under my hairy wheatish hard body. I pulled my cock out his ass. 

I wanted to kiss him but he pushed me away and pulled over the condom from my cock and went to dispose it and clean himself. I picked up the bottle of whiskey and glass from the side table and poured my self another drink then I lit up a cigerete. After a while Julie came out of the bathroom I spread my arm for him he sat next to me and rested his head on my chest. He started playing with hair on my chest. 

"That was great." I said.

"Yeah". He agreed absent mindedly.
"Do you remember I asked you to buy me a new cell phone?"
"Yes but I was so busy today didn't get any time." 

"Why you always forget me when you are done fucking me?" 

"I never forget you I just never thought that a phone is so important for you. You already have a phone that I bought you last month".

"Yes but that phone has problem with its battery and it gets hanged often. I never wanted you to buy me a phone it was your idea".
"I will send you a new phone tomorrow". 

"No I don't want you to send me a phone any more. I want you to take me with you I have some shopping to do".  He said.

"Ok I will pick you up at around 5". I told him. He looked at me and smiled.
"You know I love you so much I don't know what I will do without you." He said and then he kissed me. 

Leaving Julie's flat I was a bit sad. It was may be the fact that I was drunk or may be I was finally getting bored of Julie.  I was with him for two months now. Julie was a very girly almost shemale type gay guy. His real name was Saleem which he changed to something more femenine and sexy Julie. I had a thing for girly guys, sexy cross dressers, cute little boys and bottom guys. But Julie knocked me out completely. I never had a comitted relationship with anyone before this was my first time. But Julie's girly friends, his constant demands to buy him gifts and his carelessness towards my feelings were pushing me away from him. I never expressed this to Julie but I was feeling that I have made a mistake, I didn't even love him I just wanted to fuck his ass. I loved the way he took my cock in his mouth and up his ass. But thats all, I wanted a romantic relationship and Julie gave me romance only when he needed something new. I wanted a boy not a girl in my life. 

I had this feeling that I will never ever find someone who is like me. Someone who wants to be loved by one person for the rest of their life. I tried finding such a guy but I always got greedy bottoms who had their eyes on my wallet and cock. I was feeling sick. 

I was driving home now where my parents were waiting for me. My parents lived in Larkana (another city in Sindh), but they visited me in Karachi almost every other week. I was their only unmarried son. They knew that I had interest in gay guys and transvestites and though my parents hated me for that. We had a deal that I would keep my activities hidden under the carpet and they will try to tolerate me. My activities were dangerous for my family's political and business prospects. My mom loved me so much but she never really tried to understand me, whenever she saw me she looked right inside my heart. She knew I was lonely, but her solution to my loneliness was to marry a nice girl. She will be waiting for me home and she will see that I am sad and drunk. 

I was near home, I was taking a turn when I saw someone... I pulled the breaks and my hand slipped on the horn. The brakes and horn made a horrible noice and for a moment I thought I ran down some one but he was standing right in front of my car freezed. The first thing I noticed that there were tears in his eyes and he was shivering like he was crying. He was a little boy probably 20 22 years old, he was thin, he looked a bit  like Chinese guys, he was cute, very cute. He had his arms wrapped around him like he is protecting himself from cold or something. Then I saw another car some twenty feet away and a handsome guy around my age getting out of it. He was yelling at the cute boy. 

"You would get yourself killed here!". He walked quickly to the cute guy and grabed his arm in a firm grip.  

"Get in the car now!!!" He was pulling cute boy who was still looking at me not him. This was my moment of realization, I must help this cute guy, I got out of the car.  

"Whats going on here?" I shouted. 

The handsome guy's grip loosened on cute boy's arm. And the boy started running towards me. 

"What the fuck is going on here?" I shouted again. 

"Can you please drop me to the main road?"

This guy that I found so cute was asking me for a ride who the hell was I to say no? 

But I was still worried about the situation. Was this guy trying to kidnap him? Were they friends? They didn't look like friends and the way this other guy was trying to control the cute boy was kind of familiar to me. Are they gay? I asked myself. Then I looked at the cute boy.  

"Yeah sure get in ... but whats going on here who is this guy???" 

He got in my car I gave one last look to the handsome guy who was now standing next to his car and looking angrily at me. I was now quite sure that they were gay and this handsome guy was probably forcing the younger cute boy to do something that he didn't want to do.  

I took my seat in the car and looked at this cute little boy once again. He was small and looked so fragile, he was wiping tears from his face now and his hands were trembling badly.  He was wearing a simple polo shirt that was kind of loose on him and his pants were baggy. His hands were small too. He was actually just my type of guy. 

Damn! there is an empty bottle of whiskey under the seat and he must have noticed the smell of marijuana, cigarette and booze. What if the dashboard compartment falls down and he will see my gun in there. He would run away screaming. I was now totally sober and all my senses were working sharp. I wanted to be as friendly as possible. I wanted to know this guy. 

"You ok?" I asked him I hope my voice doesn't give him any ideas about how drunk I am. If I can think straight I am not drunk at all.  

"yes" He said the looked at me with his small eyes that looked even smaller behind his round glasses. "Thank you" He added and then he looked away. 

"Who was this guy?" I  asked. 

"He was a friend".  He lied, Of course I am not the kind of guy you would ever think gay. I was a tall, hairy, straight acting, straight forward guy. I was clean shave but most people easily identified me as someone from rural Sindh or Balochistan. And if a guy from Interior Sindh or Balochistan is driving an expansive car this means he is probably a landlord or a beurocrate.  A rich and important person, one of the country's elite. With the atmosphere of my car he is probably feeling nervous too. So of course he can't tell me what was really happening there. 

"He didn't look like a friend." I said and then I looked at him, smiled and then added "He looked like an angry boyfriend". 

Surprise occupied his beautiful face for a few seconds. Then he looked away and said:  

"A date actually".  

"A date went wrong?" I asked, I wanted him to talk.

"Yes kind of" He siad, and I felt happy that his date went wrong. But it was not a time to ask for his phone number. I was thinking how to start a conversation, I knew that I let him go now I will probably never see him again. 

"You think you are ok now but you don't really look ok to me." I said I was feeling like a school boy trying to ask someone for a date for the very first time in his life. I was feeling nervous. Which was strange, I never felt nervous like this. When I liked someone I just told them how I felt about them. But this cute boy looked so fragile, so weak, and he is hurt. How I could be so insensitive. 

"I am Wali." I introduced myself.
"Raheel" he said. 

"Raheel, I don't want to sound like a bad guy trying to take advantage of your condition. But I live nearby with my parents if you want I can take you there." Ahhh I finally managed to make some progress. But it seemed like he didn't understand me. Looking at the puzzled expression on his face I added.

"You can just sit and have some coffee and we can talk if you want. Then I will drive you home." Too quickly I decided that he is not in a position to trust someone quickly now, so I offered him an alternate. "Or we can just sit anywhere until you feel really OK to go home there are a few nice cafes around". I looked at his face my heart trembling in my chest.

His cute face was focused on me and his little eyes were looking in my eyes searching for something, then he said.


"OK for my place or some cafe." I asked.
"your car ... I feel comfortable here." He said. 

"I really want you to drink something, you will feel better". I was thinking that a hot cup of coffee would warm him up. 

"Can you just stop somewhere please........ I will buy water...... then.... if you want.. and I would be very thankful if you can drop me home."

"all right there is a gas station at the next signal I will stop there." I told him while hiding my disappointment that he didn't want to drink coffee with me. I realized that he actually didn't want to talk about tonight's event. But he was allowing me to take him home. Did he understand that I am trying to get to know him better? Did he understand that I find him extremely hot? Will he give me his telephone number? Should I ask for it when we reach his home? 

I parked the car outside the mart at the gas station. 

"Sit right here I will be back in a second" I told him.

"No please let me...." He tried to portest.

"No please allow me you just sit here and relax." I got out of the car and walked to the mart. During this short walk of less than thirty steps I looked back thrice. Fearing that he might run away. But he didn't. I quickly entered the store opened a refrigerator picked a bottle of water paid for it and all this time he was out of my sight. I saw him still sitting looking looking down at his knees or hands. He looked so beautiful, and the thought that he was sitting in my car and I was buying things for him filled me with strange emotions, very beautiful but new and unknown to me. 

"Here..." I opened the seal of bottle and handed it to him. 

"Thank you" He said and drank some water. I was seeing him clearly for the first time in the lights of the parking area. He was much more beautiful. his hair was messed up, thick and straight kissing his forehead. he had small but beautiful sparkling eyes. his lips were delicate shade of pink and red. His skin color was unusual for a Pakistani guy, he had not only facial features of Chinese or may be Korean or Japanese people, he also had the same skin color. May be one of his parents is a foreigner. He spook fluent English but his accent was totally local. He looked like someone who didn't belong to my world, and I thought how it would feel if he becomes mine and my mind stopped working. I was lost in fantasies that I never visualized, dreams that I never dreamt, when he finally pulled me out to the reality. 

"I am feeling much better now". He said looking at my face, he noticed that I was staring him while lost in my own thoughts. 

"I will drive you home now, but just so you know, I think you are very good looking. Any guy would feel lucky to have you as his boyfriend." I would feel lucky if you were mine. 

A sad smile appeared on his face he looked at his knees, I realized that he looks down at his hands or knees when he is feeling shy or nervous. 

"Thats the problem, I don't want a boyfriend exactly". He said in a low voice, like he was confessing a crime. 

"What exactly you want then?" I asked. 
"A Life partner". He replied. 

I looked back at him. An hour ago I was the guy who just fucked a boyfriend and the boyfriend demanded instant repayment of the joy in monetary form. He just had a bad date. In the world full of unfaithful boyfriends and bad dates, he was so right to look for something better than these sorry excuses. He wanted exactly the same thing that I wanted. 

"Where you live?" I asked him and he gave me his address. I was driving slowly and even then I was afraid that his home is only 10 minutes drive away. 

"Are you feeling better now?" I asked him. 

"Yes thank you I am feeling much better." He said and then he looked down and spoke "I don't know how to express my feelings Wali".

This was the first time he spoke my name and it sounded so different and beautiful. 

"I am really very thankful for your help... I was too afraid..... and I was fearing that I might loose something very precious.... You came and you saved me...."

"I am glad that I saved you." Ohh god I never felt this awkward before. I just hoped that he feels something in my voice. Each moment he is making me realize that he is the guy I want. He is the guy I always wanted. I wanted to ask him what precious thing he was talking about. 

"Take a right from next signal" He told me, I realized that we were almost there. There was this awkward silence and I was unable to find someway to know if I could see him again. 

"Just stop here, I will walk from there." He said. I didn't want him to leave me. But I stopped. It was one of the old neighborhoods of Karachi city. Littered streets had rows of old apartment buildings that were built before 50's. He lived in one of these buildings. 

I pulled over and he looked at me, in a few seconds he will leave my car and I will never see him again. I should do something now...

"Wali once again thank you." He said and his hand moved towards the door. This is the time I should say something...

He got out of my car and closed the car door he walked away. I was looking at him walking away from me and I didn't do anything, this one of the most beautiful guys I have ever seen was walking away from me. 


"How could he do that to me?" My mind was working fast. I was angry as hell, I wish I could go back to 7:10 pm and tell him what an ugly piece of shit he really was. He was not ugly at all, but I wanted to hurt him and I knew he thinks he is ugly and I wish I could hurt him back. What was so fucking wrong if I suggested that we fuck. Like he didn't want to sleep with me. That poor little bastard. 

I entered the house and went straight to my room. I wasn't hungry, and I felt extremely tired. Entering my room I looked at my bed. It was a king size bed with lots of pillows warm and welcoming. Looking at the bed an image suddenly appeared on the screen of my mind. That little bastard naked on this bed with me. My muscular arms tightened around his thin slender body my fingers penetrating his little ass. Scene changed and now I had his legs on my shoulders my cock entering his tight virgin hole. He moans with pleasure....

I got naked and entered bathroom. I took a shower trying to forget that an ordinary guy just refused to have sex with me. I was angry not only because he refused to have sex with me but because he thought he was so righteous and me some filthy sinner. Me the Dream guy of every gay man and straight woman in the town. He got out of my car, didn't listen to my pleas and went away with some one totally stranger. 

Water flowing down my hard sculpted muscular body didn't relax me at all. I came out of the shower looked at myself in the mirror on bathroom cabinet. I am still the sexiest man on earth. I reassured myself, this one guy isn't worth all this anger and frustration. I got out of the bathroom threw the towel away and jumped into bed. 

The bed again reminded me of him, and I was unable to sleep. The pillows reminded me of his body I grabbed one and pushed it between my legs. Thinking of his body between my legs, my cock now rock hard and was demanding to tear that little pillow. I wanted to throw him out of my mind But I failed to do so until well past midnight when I finally gave in and allowed the pictures of him to take over my mind my hand found its way from my perfect abs to my cock and I jerked off thinking of his mouth, his ass, his body and him around me. 

No matter what it takes, I am going to fuck him one day. I swear to God, I will make him beg for my cock and I will conquer him completely. 

... to be continued. Please send your feedback to b.raheel@gmail.com