The story, Green Eyed Stranger, may contain descriptions of sexual encounters and contact between consenting young adults. Although my stories are fiction, they are loosely based upon facts and life experiences that my friends and I have discussed and/or personally experienced. Many of the facts are drawn from actual life experiences and life experiences of people that I care deeply about; therefore, specific names, places, times, and dates have been altered to protect all innocent parties. The story contains over six thousand words, but it is worth the read.

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Green Eyed Stranger: A chance meeting at the market

By Robert the Red

A stranger stood ahead of Ryan in the check out line of the small neighborhood market. A stunningly slim stranger with olive complexion and short cropped raven black hair. The stranger had caught Ryan's attention for some unknown reason. He turned his head and smiled at Ryan, a radiant smile. The close proximity of the two the first thing that caught Ryan's attention was the stranger's strikingly alluring green eyes. Ryan had never seen eyes so green and so seductive before. Ryan thought that maybe the men's paths might have crossed weeks earlier; the market, book store, gas station, coffee shop. The stunning stranger turned his head back towards the cashier as she handed him his change. He stuffed the folded bills into the front pocket of his black jeans, picked up the bags of groceries, and walked out of the market.

Ryan paid for the few items the checker had rung up and loaded into his bag. Then Ryan walked through the exit door of the market towards his motorcycle in the parking lot. Ryan looked around for the stranger who had been ahead of him in the check out line, but he had vanished after walking out of the market. After Ryan secured his bag of groceries to the bike he pulled on his helmet and gloves and rode off towards his apartment. As Ryan rode towards home he could not get the mental image of the ravishing stranger out of his mind. Who was he, where did he live, and what did he do? Ryan's second thought was why bother with any of that information and dismissed the idle thoughts to concentrate on his riding. Ryan turned into the apartment complex, parked his motorcycle, and walked towards his apartment building.

As Ryan rounded the corner of his building in the apartment complex there the stranger was again. The stranger from the check out line at the market was carrying his bags of groceries walking towards Ryan up the walkway from the street.

He smiled at Ryan and said, "Hello."

"Hey," Ryan replied.

"You were in the market behind me in the check out line a few minutes ago," the stranger with the alluring green eyes and brilliant smile said.

"Yes, same check out line as you."

"So, do you live here?" The stranger asked as they continued to walk into the apartment building.

"Yeah, I've been here about a month now, and you?" Ryan asked.

"I moved in three months ago. I attend the university," the young man replied, "I pretty much stay to myself."

"What apartment?"

"302," the young man said as he pushed the button for the elevator.

Once inside the lift Ryan said, "I live in 309. So, we live in the same unit on the same floor on opposite sides. I can't believe we haven't bumped into each other in the hallway."

"I keep myself occupied, but I've seen you around. You know, I have to get this stuff into the fridge before it spoils," the stranger said smiling and holding up his bags of groceries, "but stop by for a glass of wine sometime so we can get acquainted."

"Do I need to call ahead?" Ryan called out after the stranger as he headed down the hallway.

"No, just knock on the door. I'm either home or not."

"Okay, see ya," Ryan said as he turned the key to unlock the door to his apartment.

Once inside Ryan put his things away and grabbed a cold one from the fridge. Ryan thought to himself, God, the stranger was so damn gorgeous for a man. Ryan slugged down the cold beer and listened to his answering machine for any important messages. Two nuisance calls from his ex-wife complaining about problems with the pool at the house, and telling him to call her back immediately. Ryan, thought to himself fuck the skeezer bitch, he'd call her back when he felt like it. Ryan continued walking around his apartment drinking his beer contemplating the chance meeting with the stranger.

Ryan couldn't understand why his mind seemed so preoccupied with thoughts about a stranger he had just met and knew nothing about. Normally, another man was something that Ryan would not think twice about, but why was this individual so damn captivating. Maybe it was because Ryan had never seen another man with such damn pretty eyes and features before. Ryan decided to take a walk down to the stranger's apartment and take him up on the drink offer and introduce himself.

Ryan locked his apartment and walked down the hall and knocked on the door of apartment 302, "It's unlocked, come on in," came a recognizable voice from the other side of the door.

Ryan turned the door handle, opened the door, and walked in, "I decided to take you up on the offer of a drink and to formally introduce myself," Ryan said as he entered the stranger's apartment.

The place was immaculate; it was beautifully decorated compared to the drab ass apartment Ryan lived in down the hall. The floor plan was laid out just the opposite from Ryan's apartment. The furniture was simple yet tasteful and the artwork hung just so on the walls. There was no television visible, but there was a nice organ and sound system.

"I'm Ryan Sanderson," Ryan said holding out his hand, "nice place."

"Thanks, I'm Christopher Dendre," the stranger said reaching out to shake hands, "now we're no longer strangers who pass each other in the aisles at the market," Christopher said smiling at Ryan.

"Or the coffee shop or book store," Ryan said with a little laugh, hoping that Chris would offer more information.

Ryan continued to size up Christopher guessing that he was about five foot nine or ten and weighed approximately one hundred forty pounds. While the two neighbors shook hands Ryan couldn't help but notice what beautiful hands Christopher had; the fingers were long and slender with all the nails on each finger perfectly manicured, a very sensuous looking hand and fingers. Christopher had removed his boots and the black leather jacket he had been wearing at the market, but was still wearing the tight black designer T-shirt, black jeans, and black socks. The T-shirt totally complimented Chris' chest and trim torso.

The designer T-shirt rode a little high in the waist area exposing the lower portion of Christopher's midriff. Ryan guessed Christopher's waist size at twenty-eight inches no more than thirty. Chris' stomach was flat and toned, no six packs, but no body fat. The belly button was an innie with a soft looking dark treasure trail that disappeared beneath the covered area of Chris' waistline. A beautiful smile with a perfect set of pearly white teeth enhanced Christopher's stunning green eyes. Chris was a very attractive young man.

"Dendre, that's an unusual name, what's the origin," Ryan asked.

"I'm not really sure, but I think it maybe Belgium or French. Also, I think maybe the r and e may have gotten transposed when my ancestors arrived at Ellis Island. The limited genealogy research that I've been able to do on the surname suggests that my very early linage is from northern France and Antwerp, Belgium. The name goes back to my great-great-grandfather who emigrated from Belgium to America. He met my great-great-grandmother who had emigrated from Ireland to America. They married in New York and eventually settled in Louisiana. My grandmother however was from Brazil, but everyone else was born in the United States," Chris explained.

"So, your Irish roots would explain your green eyes and Brazilian ancestry would explain your rich olive skin, Ryan said."

"Yeah, my granddad, mom, and dad all have green eyes, but my older brother has a fairer complexion and has hazel eyes," Chris said.

"I think your green eyes are the most extraordinary that I have ever seen."

"Thanks." Chris said blushing, "what would you care for Ryan, beer or wine?"

"Oh, I thought that you wanted me to come over for a glass of wine."

"I guess you don't look like a wine person to me," Christopher said.

"Why is that if I may ask?"

"You are so ruggedly handsome, ride a motorcycle, you know, the manly blue-collar beer drinking type. I just assumed that you would prefer beer over wine."

"I'm not picky; I'll drink whatever you're having," Ryan said with a chuckle.

"I have an open bottle of room temp two buck Chuck or a couple chilled bottles of Miller Lite in the fridge, your choice. I'm going to have a glass of wine. Here have a sip."

"Thanks," Ryan said as he took a sip of Chris' wine. He made a face that expressed he wasn't taken with the wine and said, "I would prefer the Miller Lite."

Christopher smiled and poured some more wine into the stemmed wine glass and unscrewed the cap on the bottle of beer, and handed Ryan the bottle and a glass. The two moved into the living room whereby Ryan took a seat on the earth tone couch. Christopher sat down across from him on the matching loveseat. Ryan noticed that Chris drew his feet up beneath his buttocks similar to the way a girl would sit. The two began to engage in small talk about this and that all the while Ryan's mind was whirring in overdrive trying to figure out who and what the guy sitting across from him was all about.

Ryan felt that Christopher's stunning green eyes were flirting with him as the two began exchanging small talk. From the conversation and what Ryan had learned earlier Christopher lived by himself, had no significant other, and was well educated. Christopher was about half done writing his dissertation for his Ph.D. He played the organ and piano and was an aspiring artist and actor. Chris' appearance as well as all the brief newfound knowledge about his neighbor caused Ryan to assume that Christopher might be gay. Ryan didn't have any gay friends and didn't consider himself to be gay or sexually attracted to men; furthermore, he felt secure with his own sexual identity.

"So, now that I've told you something about me what about you Ryan?" Christopher asked, "by the way do you want another beer?

Yeah, that'd be great."

Christopher got up and poured another glass of wine for himself and opened another bottle of beer for Ryan. He handed Ryan his beer and reseated himself on the loveseat again drawing his feet up beneath him.

"So, you ever been married or are you seeing anyone?" Christopher asked coyly.

"I'm recently divorced after four fucking years of unbearable marriage. My ex-wife is totally out of control and a very vindictive bitch. Just glad that there were no children from that union," Ryan said.

"Wow! That sure answers that question succinctly," Christopher said.

"Yeah, the bitch is crazier than a shit house rat and as vengeful as a mentally defective hit man on speed," Ryan said.

"Wow! Again very descriptive. You must be happy that the divorce is behind you," Christopher said.

"I wish," was the curt reply from Ryan.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Christopher asked.

"The bitch won't let it go; she won't let me alone, she still torments the shit outa me. She is constantly leaving messages on my machine about this and that or calling her attorney about bullshit stuff trying to get me in trouble with the court. Shit, the skeezer bitch got the house, car, and alimony until she finishes school and gets a job. What more could the cunt want?"

"Maybe she still loves you." Christopher stated sincerely.

"Well, I sure as hell don't love her any longer and don't want any further connection between her, her family, and me. You know there is nothing to hold us together any longer. We had no children, so break it off clean and we go our separate ways that's the way I look at things."

"Good outlook," Christopher said.

"So, I just go to work everyday, come home after work and try to relax, drink a couple beers and go to sleep, then get up the next day and repeat the process all over again."

"Sounds pretty mundane to me, why don't you explore other things to occupy your time, take you mind of your ex?"

"Like what?"

"Art, culture, martial arts, religion, anything to fill the void you are experiencing right now," Christopher stated.

"Yeah, I've been thinking about that. I generally ride my mountain bike three or four times a week and go down to the exercise room early every morning, but that's about it for me. So, what do you do besides work on your dissertation?"

"I utilize the exercise room every afternoon. Ride my mountain bike back and forth to the university, and as I told you earlier I dabble in art, acting, and music. I'm part of the local theater group. I like to dance and have a good time and enjoy life. You know, life should be enjoyed; it's much too short," Christopher said with a big smile.

Ryan could tell that Christopher was a disciplined person who appeared to be fit and trim and enjoyed all of life's gifts. Chris didn't appear to be a body builder or gym rat type, but a person with a trim body and no body fat. Ryan on the other hand was mired down with hate for his ex-wife and needed to rid his body of a few pounds of unwanted body fat. Maybe, this new found friendship was what both men needed and would open new doors to happiness and fulfillment for Ryan.

"I gotta go sport," Ryan said.

"Yeah same here. I need to put some time in on the old dissertation."

"Here's my business card with my cell phone number and private e-mail address on it. Give me a call or e-mail me if ya need anything." Ryan said as he handed the card to Chris and placed the empty beer bottles on the kitchen counter.

The two men shook hands, hugged, and exchanged good-byes. Ryan returned to his apartment to prepare something simple for dinner, and then went to sleep watching the tube. The next day there was an e-mail from Christopher thanking him for stopping by to visit, and told him they would have to get together again. Ryan didn't see Christopher for a couple of days, and then there he was again in the market ahead of him in line on Friday afternoon.

"Hey Christopher," Ryan said.

"How're you doing Ryan?"


"What you got planned for the weekend?" Christopher asked as the two moved forward in line.

Before Ryan could answer the checker in the next lane said, "I can take the next person in line over here."

Ryan reluctantly moved to the next check out stand. Once he was checked out and bagged Ryan looked around for Christopher. Once again he had disappeared into thin air. Ryan exited the market and walked towards the 2006 Ford F-150 4X4 in the parking lot. He put his grocery bags in the back, and began the journey home. As Ryan crossed the street at the intersection he spotted Christopher coming out of the drug store. Ryan wheeled into the parking lot and asked his neighbor if he needed a ride home.

Christopher accepted the ride, climbing into the truck he said, "I thought the ex-wife got your car?"

"She did; she got the 2002 Lexus and I got the bike. I bought this a few weeks ago over at the Ford dealer. I needed a truck to move my stuff to the new apartment and into my storage locker," Ryan explained to his passenger.

"Nice looking truck," Christopher said.

"Yeah, plus I need something for work and something to drive during inclement weather."

"Good thinking," Christopher said.

"Hey anytime you need a lift to the store let me know. Maybe we should coordinate shopping days."

"Thanks," Christopher said, "I may just take you up on the offer. By the way you given anymore thought to extracurricular actives to occupy your mind?"

"Not really."

"You want to go with me tonight to my theater group?" Christopher asked.

"Yeah, got nothin better to do; what time?" Ryan responded.

"How bout six, I'll meet you at your apartment in about an hour. We'll stop and get something to eat at a place I know before we go. My treat," Christopher said.

"Okay. You pay for dinner and I'll drive."

The two men got out of the pickup gathered their bags of groceries and walked towards their apartment building. Once upstairs Ryan asked Christopher what he should wear. Christopher told Ryan to wear something casual. About an hour later there was a knock on Ryan's door; it was Christopher ready to go. The two men headed out to the restaurant. Once there they were seated in a small out of the way booth in the back.

Soon the waiter approached the table and said, "Chrissie you look absolutely marvelous tonight darling, who is your handsome beau?"

"This is Ryan Sanderson, my neighbor. We're going to the theater as soon as we finish with dinner."

"Hello, Ryan Sanderson, I'm Jeremey. I'll be serving you tonight."

Ryan shook hands with Jeremey saying, "Pleased to meet you."

"Is that spelled with double "e" or an "ea" Ryan?"

Chris smiled at the waiter knowing what he was doing and what he meant by the comment, but as he looked across the table at Ryan he knew that Ryan had no clue as to what the waiter was talking about or attempting with Ryan. Jeremey was so gay, and Ryan was so na´ve.

"What can I get for you two boys tonight?"

Chris smiled and without thinking said, "I think I'll have the Greek salad tonight."

"I'll bet you will and would that be for here or to go, for later. What about you Ryan, the same or a little something meatier?"

Ryan had still not caught onto the depth of the conversation and replied, "I'll have the same salad as Chris."

"I figured you would, and what do you boys want to drink?"

"Pacific Rim Riesling for me and Miller Lite for Ryan," Christopher answered.

"Jeremey is such a flirt," Christopher said as Jeremey departed to get their order.

Ryan was still oblivious to all that was going on around him and had no idea that he was in a gay restaurant. Chris decided it was time to enlighten Ryan as about his lifestyle and the new world he was about to enter.

"Ryan, I need to tell you something and I hope that you won't become upset with me."


"I'm gay and many of my friends that you will meet tonight are gay. This is a gay restaurant and Jeremey is a flaming faggot boy."

Ryan looked at Chris and said, "I kinda of figured Jeremey might be a little gay, and I thought that you might be gay the first time I met you in your apartment. I mean, you know, the way you dress, the way your apartment is decorated, the way you sit with you feet pulled up beneath your butt. I guess I don't look at people and judge them by what they do in their bedrooms, but who they are on the inside. And you, I think are a very caring, compassionate, and sensitive person inside and out. I also consider you to be very intellectually stimulating, something that has been lacking in my life of late."

"Thank you for the kind words, but I must warn you that guys may try to hit on you tonight and you need to be aware of that. You definitely didn't seem to get it that Jeremey was making a play for you earlier while he was taking our order."

"No, I guess I didn't pick up on that," Ryan replied.

"Ryan there are many different types of gays from the very conservative to the fully flamboyant. I'd have t rate myself somewhere in the middle. I don't tell every person that I meet that I'm gay, just no need to do that. I'm telling you because I like you as a friend and neighbor. I know that you are straight and will try to respect that."

"Thanks Chris."

"Oh, by the way, a Greek Salad in the gay community refers to one gay guy bangin another gay guy in the ass and then he finishes his partner off after cornholing him to completion by performing analingus on him. In other words he eats his partner's asshole out after he fucks him and deposits a load of cum in him."

Ryan sat across from Christopher with a look of total disbelief on his face and said, "Wow! Wow! More than I really needed to know on an empty stomach. I guess I have a lot to learn about gays and the gay lifestyle."

Jeremey appeared with the drinks and told the men that their Greek Salad would be ready in a few minutes. Ryan decided he would fuck with the waiter. He made eye contact with Jeremey and ran his tongue across his full lips in a sensual manner. The game was working. Jeremey became flustered and left the men alone.

Chris smiled a mischievous smile at Ryan and said, "You DAWG. Jeremey's going to go have an orgasm in shorts."

Ryan smiled at his table mate and asked, "What is that supposed to mean?"

"The meaning for that particular acronym is Dumb Ass White Guy. The meaning of the other is that Jeremey is such a flamer that he may lose a load in his drawers thinking about you Dude."

"I guess we better stick together tonight otherwise some guy may pick me off," Ryan said.

Chris reached across the table taking Ryan's hand into his saying, "Trust me Ryan; you follow my lead tonight and you'll get through it unscathed. See, you didn't pull back when I took hold of your hand and held it; that a good sign. Most straight guys who were not secure with themselves would have jumped and pulled back immediately when I took their hand into mine. I'll reach out and take hold of your hand many more times tonight; it'll save us both a lot of stress. I may even ask you to dance with me. So, whatever I do just go with the flow as I lead."

Somehow Ryan didn't feel a need to pullback his hand from Christopher's. In fact, when Chris had taken hold of his hand Ryan thought he felt a strange feeling of electricity pulse through their connection. Ryan didn't understand what was happening between the two of them, but his manhood was growing in his groin. Never before had another man aroused him sexually, but this one sure as hell did. Maybe it was those damn green eyes that were like magnets attracting Ryan to Chris.

Ryan seemed to be smitten by Chris and those alluring green eyes of his. As the two men continued to eat their dinner they exchanged glances back and forth not saying a word. Midway through the meal Ryan still had a full blown hard on that would not go away. He just couldn't understand why he was so sexually aroused by another man. Ryan had been a heterosexual all his twenty-eight years, or so he thought. What was causing him to behave like a teenage school boy lusting after a new girl friend?

Ryan knew he had to get his mind on something else or he was going to be embarrassed when he had to get up and leave the booth. So, Ryan began to engage Christopher in conversation about topics that were nonsexual in nature.

"Chris have you ever ridden a motorcycle?"

"No, but it sure sounds like fun," Chris said, "maybe you'll offer to take me for a ride on the back of your bike some day."

Ryan envisioned Chris riding behind him on his bike as they rode free across America. Of course, that presented a problem. The mental vision of Chris riding behind him holding him tightly around the waist as they rode was causing Ryan's burgeoning boner to push out. Ryan thought to himself that surely there had to be a topic that would not stimulate sensual feelings in his groin. Luckily there was some excitement in the back of the restaurant. A small kitchen fire had broken out. Ryan heard the sounds of rattling steel pot and pans as well as the hissing sounds from fire extinguishers in the kitchen. All the commotion in the kitchen had doused the fire in Ryan's loins.

The two men quickly finished their salads and got up from the table and walked toward the cash register to pay for the dinner and drinks. Once the bill had been paid the men got into Ryan's pick up truck and headed towards the local theater group's playhouse. As they arrived Chris told Ryan once again to go along with his lead. As the two men disembarked from Ryan's truck Chris walked over and took hold of Ryan's hand and put it around his waist then the two men walked into the playhouse.

Chris was immediately greeted by fellow thespians, whereby he introduced Ryan to all. The theater group welcomed Ryan with open arms and hugs. Ryan felt warm inside at the thoughts of becoming part of the theater group; a new sense of belonging. One man who introduced himself as Ted, who was the producer and director, ask Ryan if he had any acting experience. When Ted found out that Ryan had no talents as an actor he then asked him if he could build things or paint. Of course, Ryan had no problems fulfilling those tasks. So, he was assigned to another man by the name of Duane who was in charge of set design and building.

After three hours of work in different areas of the playhouse Ryan and Chris were reunited again as rehearsals and set building came to an end that Friday night. Chris put his arm around Ryan's waist pulling him close and whispered into his ear that the troupe was going to a local club for a nightcap and some socializing. Chris reminded Ryan to stay close to him and he would not get hit on by other gay cast members. Chris assured Ryan that thus far he had been the talk of the cast of actors during rehearsals. They all thought that Ryan was a hunk.

Ryan felt good about being referred to as a hunk, but would have felt even better if the comments had come from a good looking female cast member. However, that might be difficult having arrived with Chris and introduced to everyone as Chris' friend. So, off the troupe went to the local night spot. When they arrived they all congregated in one area where they began socializing and nursing beverages. Ryan refrained from alcohol as he was the designated driver for the night, but Chris had a few glasses of wine. Chris asked Ryan to dance many times throughout the night and Ryan obliged the request only dancing slow dances.

As the clock got near closing time many of the cast members began to leave. Ryan suggested that they do the same and head towards home too. Chris bid farewells to his fellow thespians and the two men drove home. There was idle banter between to the two on the drive home, but nothing serious. The clock on the radio in the truck indicated it was two ten in the morning when they arrived at the apartment. Chris asked Ryan if he wanted to come to his place for a nightcap. Ryan agreed and the men went straight to Chris' apartment. Anything would beat going to his lonely hovel that night; in fact, Ryan was having so much fun he really didn't want the night to end.

"Kick your shoes off and make yourself comfortable Ryan."

Chris removed his shoes as did Ryan. Chris disappeared to use the bathroom, as soon as Chris returned to the room Ryan went to relieve himself. Ryan absent mindedly sat down in the loveseat; in the meantime, Chris was opening a bottle of two buck Chuck and started to open a beer for Ryan when he said, "I'll drink some wine with you if you don't mind."

"You sure," Chris replied.

Yeah, I think I need something to warm me up a little," Ryan said.

Chris poured two glasses of wine and set the open bottle on the coffee table. He then turned on the sound system and asked Ryan, "Do you have any favorites as far as music?"

"Not really. What ever you like put it on."

Chris selected some soft romantic music and then sat down next to Ryan on the loveseat with his right arm across the back of the loveseat and drawing his feet up underneath him saying, "Is that music okay?"


"You don't mind if I sit next to you do you?" Chris asked.

"No, it's your place."

The two men sat in silence sipping their wine listening to the music; both men stealing secret glances at the other, as if each were waiting for the other to say something or make the first move. Chris noticed that there was a slight bulge beginning to appear in Ryan's crotch. He turned to his friend and smiled as they touch glasses together. Chris took the initiative and began stroking the back of Ryan's neck. Ryan didn't object, so Chris moved closer. Damn, Ryan thought to himself this guy is the prettiest guy he had ever seen. The wine was beginning to loosen and warm Ryan up. He again felt himself becoming sexual aroused.

"Two cents for your thoughts," Chris said looking into Ryan's hazel eyes while he rubbed the back of his head.

Ryan smiled back and said, "I was just thinking about what a great time we had tonight and how grateful I am to have met you. You've open new doors in my life. I wish my wife and I could have gotten along as well as we have so far."

"I am sorry that your marriage didn't work out and that there is so much pent up anger and frustration you hold inside about you marriage and ex-wife." Chris said.

"Yeah, I'm going to have to get over it and get on with my life," Ryan said.

"I hope that you will allow me to help you get over it all," Chris said leaning in and kissing Ryan tenderly on the lips.

Ryan didn't rebuff the kiss, so Chris continued with small sweet kisses. Then Chris put his lips over Ryan's mouth and inserted his tongue; in the meantime, Ryan put his arms around Chris and returned a French kiss.

Once the two broke off kissing Ryan said, "I've never been kissed or kissed another guy before, but you are sure one great kisser Chris."

"I'm glad that you didn't refuse my kiss, because I really like you Ry," Chris said with moisture in his eyes.

Ah, damn, don't go getting all weepy on me Dude."

"You don't understand those are tears of joy. I've had a secret crush on you since we first met," Chris said as he buried his head into Ryan's neck and shoulder kissing his neck tenderly and holding him tightly.

Both men sat holding each other tightly for what seemed like eternity. Chris nuzzling Ryan's ear, lightly kissing him on the ear, side of his face, and neck. Finally, Chris made a bold move and whispered into Ryan's ear, "I want you so badly Ry. I want you in my bed tonight."

"I've never been with a man before. I don't know what to do. I don't know...," Ryan's voice trailed off and was silenced by Chris' mouth on his.

The two men continued to make out playing tonsil hockey with one another while Chris worked deftly unbuttoning Ryan's shirt. Ryan did know about kissing and had not forgotten the art of how to do that. Chris was much better at making out and kissing than his ex-wife, she made out like a dead fish. Ryan was being overtaken by lust for Chris. Chris had Ryan's shirt unbutton and was moving his left hand and fingers over Ryan's well-developed chest. Chris was definitely the aggressor.

Chris began skillfully playing with Ryan's right nipple that was now fully erect. Chris' index finger was circling the areola and tenderly pinching the nipple between finger and thumb as Ryan responded with moans of pleasure shifting his body position, presenting more of his naked chest and torso to Chris.

Both men were fully into the throes of lustful passion. Chris began kissing down Ryan's chest finding that succulent right nipple to tantalize it with his tongue. Chris teased Ryan's erect nipple. Chris' tongue circled the areola as his tongue flick at the hard bud; then he took the bud between his lips nursing on it, biting it lightly, all the time eliciting sounds of pure pleasure from Ryan.

The two men were burning with desire for each other. Ryan's head swirled in disbelief, questioning why he was allowing himself to be ravaged by another man. Chris knew he wanted the hunk that lay beneath him, but was afraid to move on Ryan too fast; besides, he wanted to make sure that Ryan was healthy before committing to any serious sexual actives with the man. So, Chris knew that he did not want to engage in any anal or oral sex with Ryan, but wanted to get him off. The last thing Chris wanted was for Ryan to think that he wasn't good enough in bed; however, Chris knew a technique to get both men off with out them actually fellating of fucking each other to completion.

Chris used his foot to gently push the coffee table out of the way, and positioned his left hand in Ryan's groin area as the two continued making out. He undid Ryan's belt and unzip his fly reaching to stroke and reposition Ryan's had cock so that it was point towards his belly button. The two men rolled off the loveseat onto the floor with Chris on top of Ryan. They continued making out grinding their hot bodies into each other, both men's penises were positioned for the best stimulation. Ryan's shirt was open exposing his chest, and then Ryan managed to pull Chris' T-shirt over his head exposing his bare chest and torso.

The upper half of their bodies' uncovered both men lay on the white carpet writhing lustfully and sweating profusely. The smell of raw sex permeated the living room. The men were caressing each other in every sensuous manner possible while still maintaining a clothed barrier between the genital areas. They continued to making out grinding their groins together like two teenagers on the first date. Each could feel the others hard cock as they ground away dry humping each other.

The only sounds that could be heard in the apartment that night were the love making sounds: the gasps and moans of two people moving towards an explosive orgasm. Sounds of ooooh, aaah, baby yes yes, fuck me, I'm getting read to cum, ooooh don't stop baby fuck me harder.

Finally, the two men explode in powerful orgasms; one after the other, Ryan first, and then Chris a few seconds later. Laying there in each other's arms on the floor they could feel each other's wetness. The two collapsed in each other's arms as Chris slid off Ryan's body and lay by his side with one leg still lying across Ryan's groin.

Chris looked at Ryan and began kissing him tenderly. For Chris this was the first sexual love making since he broke up with his boyfriend over six months ago. For Ryan it was a first. The first time he had never experienced sex with a man, and the first time he had ever experienced such a powerful orgasm. He and his wife when they were married never had a climax like what he had just experienced.

The men lay there on the floor embracing, holding each other in lovingly each other's arms each fearful to speak, but both knowing that they had just had one hella fantabumarvolappy love making experience. Eventually, both men drifted off into dreamland. Chris would dream about his hew found lover and hope the relationship would endure, while Ryan would dream about a chance meeting with a green eyed stranger that he met days earlier.

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