The story, Green Eyed Stranger, may contain descriptions of sexual encounters and contact between consenting young adults. Although my stories are fiction, they are loosely based upon facts and life experiences that my friends and I have discussed and/or personally experienced. Many of the facts are drawn from actual life experiences and life experiences of people that I care deeply about; therefore, specific names, places, times, and dates have been altered to protect all innocent parties. The chapter contains six thousand words, but it is worth the read.

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Green Eyed Stranger

Chapter II: The morning after

By Robert the Red

Christopher Dendre awoke that Saturday morning following a splendid evening with his newfound friend and lover. He was sexually spent after the session of simulate sex with his hot blooded new boyfriend; however, Chris felt cold and lonely lying on the white carpet, where was Ryan, he thought to himself. Chris remembered that the two had fallen asleep on the floor nestled in each other's arms after lustfully satisfying their primal animal needs. Chris was sensing feelings of emptiness and loneliness lying there on the living room floor of his apartment. The floor was now bare and hard where only hours before Chris and Ryan had been involved in sensual session of love making.

In the early hours of Saturday morning the two lovers had been writhing around meshed together dry humping each other, actions that had brought both to fruition. Now, Chris sat up rubbing the sleep out of his green eyes thereby letting his eyes focus on a new day. He immediately noticed the mid morning sunlight streaming through the kitchen window; there through the filtered morning rays was Ryan sitting upon the loveseat looking somewhat lost and distraught. Before Chris could say anything to Ryan he became distracted by his morning wood and a much needed piss call. The need to pee prodded Chris to his feet and he ambled off towards the bathroom.

Chris guessed that Ryan had already taken care of his bodily needs before Chris awoke. Once in the bathroom Chris lifted the lid on the commode and assumed the position attempting to take a leak, but the yellow stream sprayed out in two different directions from the end of his erect penis that he had pushed down towards the bowl. Chris felt a sensation that he had experienced before exclaiming, "Damn!"

Chris immediately slammed the brakes on the wayward stream of urine and reached for the head of his penis. He found the meatus encrusted with dried semen from the earlier session of dry humping Ryan, so he instinctively pulled the encrusted piss slit apart thereby allowing an unobstructed stream of urine to continue. After Chris completed urinating he flushed the toilet, and then cleaned up the misdirected mess of urine from the floor. That was one of Chris' qualities he was a fastidious neat freak. After he finished cleaning the toilet and floor Chris washed his hands and splashed some cold water on his face to finish waking up. He wanted to clean up before returning to his lover.

After washing his hands and brushing his teeth Chris stripped off his cum coated clothing stacking them neatly on the counter. Chris wanted his body and breath clean and fresh before returning to his newfound lover whom he had left in the living room, so before returning Chris prepared to clean up. Chris picked up the red silk knit mini briefs stiff with dried semen along with his T-shirt and other soiled clothing from the counter and carried them to the washing machine next to the bathroom. Once he completed that task he returned to the bathroom sink to wash up. After Chris finished washing the dried baby gravy from his genital area and cleaning his ass crack he took a minute to view his freshly bathed nakedness in the mirror before pulling on new undergarment.

As Chris stood in front of the mirror he immediately began to replay that day at the local grocery store where the two first met and made eye contact while standing in the check out line. No longer was Chris the green eyed stranger and Ryan the man in his dreams. Chris couldn't believe that the man he had met at the market a few days before was now his lover. Chris knew instinctively from that first meeting that Ryan was going to eventually become his soul mate. Chris had devoted all his time and energy to graduate school; therefore, he had not had much time to develop a lasting relationship with anyone. He had dated, but that was the extent of things. Now, Chris had found that special person with whom he thought he might find blissful companionship and maybe true love, but before returning to his newfound lover he wanted to look and smell his best.

A naked Chris posed in front of the bathroom mirror where he saw the beautiful naked reflection therein and began to admire its features; a dark tight lean body with a semi flaccid penis hanging over a dark nut sac. A lean body that was not necessarily well muscled, but there was not an ounce of fat anywhere on it. A delicate and soft body that more than hinted of effeminacy; a soft appearance that had caused Chris problems on and off throughout his later life.

From the moment Chris was born he had been dubbed that "beautiful baby" and as he grew family and friends fawned over him and spoke about his stunning beauty, especially the dazzling green eyes. Those gorgeous green eyes, the soft raven black hair, and clear olive complexion brought Chris much acclamation as a baby boy, but had plagued him with gender confusion issues later in life. Many times as a teenage and later as an adult he had been mistaken for a flat chested girl who wore boy's clothing. Although Chris' gender would come into question by some due to his slim build, somewhat soft qualities, and his sensitive nature, he was all man. He had been blessed with a beautiful body, stunning good looks, and definitely more than adequate manhood.

The family had secretly joked about Chris' effeminate appearance and the size of his schlong from the time he was born. His mother raved about his outward beauty throughout the early years, but harassed him during his teenage years about looking more like a girl than a boy. She was constantly after him to get into athletics or weight training to develop his physique. Chris blew all his mother's badgering off and went about his way in life hoping that his body would develop naturally. Because Chris never put any effort into developing the more masculine physical attributes of a man he grew into adolescences looking like a tom boy. Chris was a nerd more into books than brawn and he had accepted the fact early on that he wasn't going to look like a body builder. All his life Chris had been very lean; lean to a fault. Whereas other boys tended to pack on unwanted pounds even becoming chubby during those prepubescent years, Chris' body remained naturally thin throughout all his life's cycles, not an ounce of fat on his body.

Those years of prepubescent jokes and stories subsided somewhat as Chris reached adolescences. By the time Chris reached the age of sixteen his body had almost completed the maturation process. He was extremely proud of his penis. Although not extremely well endowed Chris was not small by any means of the imagination and not at all ashamed of his manhood. Chris had been blessed with a very beautiful and well-defined penis. Chris' schlong hung limp about four inches in length and approximately the thickness of a "D" size battery; the flaccid penis hung over his dark scrotum containing two pecan sized testis. When fully erect Chris' tightly circumcised cock showed a crimson colored cockhead that flared back from the tip much like the body and wings of a stealth fighter, concluding in a deeper crimson colored coronal ring that encircled the base of the head.

The deep purple corona of the glans was one of the most sensitive spots on Chris' penis, and the base of the head was noticeably bigger than the brown shaft. A shaft that rooted itself into a forest of soft black pubic hair; the curly black bush at the base of Chris' cock was full and downy. As Chris stood in front of the mirror admiring his body he ran one hand up and down the front of his body circling the chocolate colored areolas while the other hand fondled his awaking cock and nut sac.

Chris visualized Ryan on his knees in front of him engulfing his powerful purple knob. Then in the fantasy he saw Ryan's tongue flicking lightly at the meatus as he withdrew the purple knob from Ryan's lips. Chris wanted badly for Ryan suck him and he wanted to suck Ryan. He wanted Ryan to become his life long partner, so that they could enjoy each other's bodies and company. He daydreamed about what Ryan looked like nude and fully erect. Chris' asshole began to itch with anticipation of Ryan about to take him anally. Although Chris' asshole had yet to be touched by another man he looked forward to that day.

Chris stood in front of the bathroom mirror as if time were standing still fantasizing about Ryan walking up behind him fully erect. Ryan would ease up behind him and he would feel his hardness on the crack of his butt cheeks as he began caressing the back of his neck, shoulders, and back. Then he would begin working his way down Chris' towards the crack in his buttocks. Chris would bend over the counter and spread his butt cheeks with both hands so Ryan's tongue could surreptitiously flit around fully exploring Chris' clean ass crack. While Ryan was on his secret mission exploring Chris' valley of virtue he would seek out the objective: a hairless pink asshole. Ryan's tongue would then busily engage the objective in a righteous rim job tantalizing the super sensitive area around the asshole before letting his tongue dart in and out of Chris' anus. Chris knew that they both would totally enjoy performing anilingus on each other.

By this time Chris's cock was fully engorged and hard as a rock. As he gazed down at the granite boner he noticed a pearlescent dollop of precum had oozed from the meatus. With the blob of precum sitting on the opening of his cockhead Chris let his slender forefinger scoop up the magical drop of seminal fluid. From the tip of his glans Chris brought the fore finger to his lips whereby he tasted the tantalizing nectar. Oh, it tasted so good; Chris looked to see if another tasty droplet had appeared wanting to taste yet another drop of morning dew. The glans glistened but there was no more precum to taste. Oh, Chris thought to himself, what a powerful looking penis and he wanted so for his new lover to hold it, lick it, but most of all he wanted to use it to penetrate Ryan's voluptuous buns.

By seventeen years of age Chris' cock had reached its pinnacle of growth, a full seven inches in length by five inches in circumference fully erect. A size that Chris felt was adequate and a size with which he was comfortable. Chris had been with a few other males in his young life, engaging in mutual masturbation and oral sex. Some were smaller and some were bigger than him, but most were about average size. He wondered about Ryan's cock; was it bigger and how much bigger, or was it smaller. Chris was sure from what he had felt earlier that he and Ryan were probably compatibly sized for each other. Chris also wondered whether Ryan was cut or uncut. Both of these things were important for Chris.

Chris wanted a partner who was cut and approximately the same size. He couldn't imagine trying to perform oral sex on a man who had a huge piece of man meat. Through his limited oral sexual experiences Chris had discovered that average endowed men were much easier to digest than those with longer and thicker dicks. Chris also knew that although he thought that he would like to engage in anal sex and was sure he would enjoy it, there was no way a huge hung man was going to hover around his backside and attempt to penetrate his anus. Thus, he wanted a sex partner who was average size, or even smaller to take his virginity. Chris knew he had to somehow manage to get a look at the pot of gold at the end of Ryan's rainbow. Chris not wanting to waste an orgasm elected to let his erection subside.

As Chris looked over his shoulder for one last look at the backside of his body his gluteus maximus area shimmered as he smacked one of his left ass cheeks with his hand. That done he was off for a clean set of silk satin lounging pajamas for the morning before returning to check on Ryan in the living room. Chris opened his armoire and chose the maroon silk satin longing pajamas. He pulled on the bottoms and then the top and buttoned it in hopes of another session with his new lover. Now it was time to return to the living room to check on Ryan.

Once back in the main room of the apartment Chris immediately noticed Ryan's pallid appearance as well as the tears trickling down his cheeks. Chris, noticing Ryan's agitated state attempted to seat himself next to Ryan. He wanted to offer a sympathetic shoulder to comfort his friend and discover what would make him cry. Although the friendship had been brief Chris felt that Ryan must truly be a troubled individual to cry in front of him, as Ryan appeared to be the macho type. He was sure whatever was bothering Ryan must be serious. Ryan pushed Chris' advance to sit next to him away with his left hand and said, "You didn't even say good morning to me. You used me like some cheap ass fucking whore last night. Get away from me you fuckin faggot!"

The unexpected outburst from Ryan caught Chris completely off-guard. At first, Chris was hurt and put off by Ryan's actions and the vituperative outpouring, but then after some careful thought he reconsidered. Chris moved back and seated himself at the far end of the couch across from Ryan. The couch and loveseat in the apartment were arranged in an L pattern. The loveseat closest to the door of the apartment, a table in the corner of the L with a lamp on it, and the bigger couch was positioned along the long wall. As Chris looked across the room at his new friend and lover sitting on the loveseat he tried to digest the noxiously offensive comment Ryan had just made; contemplate what it meant to the onset of their relationship, and his next move.

Chris' analytical mind began whirring evaluating Ryan's actions and behavior, doing a mental replay. A replay that might hopefully reveal why Ryan lashed out the way he had towards Chris. Ryan didn't appear, on the surface at least, to be a mean spirited or evil person, and hadn't appeared to be a homophobic. He was however a person filled with anger and frustration, much of that rage directed towards his ex-wife. Chris thought, was Ryan's outburst of anger something much deeper seated, or was he just being a drama queen? Or, had Chris misjudged and misread Ryan a few hours earlier and he was now seriously troubled by what had transpired between the two of them a few hours earlier? Chris felt that he had to delicately approach the situation without sending Ryan off into a rage.

Rage was something that Chris knew about and had lived with all his life. He had witnessed first hand how rage destroys a family. Chris came from a dysfunctional family that was further ripped apart by tyrannical rampages of his Mom; a Mom Chris dubbed a Vesuvius Mom later in life. She possessed the Jekyll and Hyde personality. She would go along for weeks as a caring loving mother and then inexplicably she would erupt like a volcano. When she erupted she would strike out like a cornered rattle snake at the closest family member, but most of the time it was Chris or his father who bore the brunt of her venom. She would become the devil reincarnated and bury them in the most vituperative ash possible. Chris' mother was the person he came to fear most during his early years growing up. She was a person that he never really knew or understood until later in life, and didn't really care to be around her most of his early life. Although Ryan was a far cry from his rageaholic mother he exhibited some of the same characteristics.

Chris felt that Ryan was a young man who suffered long-term emotional buyer's remorse. He noticed that Ryan would rage out at the mere mention or thought of his ex-wife. The four years of marriage had definitely taken its toll on Ryan's sense of self-worth and self-esteem. Ryan had allowed himself to be held hostage for four years of his young life in a bad relationship and regretted it. Now he seemed to regret what had transpired between the two of them earlier. Ryan, on the surface at least, appeared to be and seemed to consider himself a heterosexual male; a man, by all accounts, a man who regarded himself as a virile straight male. Ryan was man who had been married, now divorced for whatever the reasons, and unable to trust anyone again.

Ryan had entered into and remained in a union with a woman for all the traditional reasons. A woman who had made Ryan's life miserable for four years and who continued to do so even after the divorce. Now, Ryan appeared to be suffering buyer's remorse for allowing himself to become involved with Chris in a sexual situation between the two a few hours earlier. Ryan's remorsefulness about allowing himself to become involved in the lustful experience with Chris was compounded by the fact that he had allowed himself to enjoy the entire episode. Ryan was now feeling somehow threatened; he felt that his masculinity and his sexual identity had been compromised by those earlier actions. Although "Buyer's Remorse" is generally a term associated with large contract purchases that the buyer later regrets, Ryan was suffering through a form of emotional buyer's remorse for allowing himself to become romantically involved earlier that morning with Chris.

Was this a case of remorse for allowing himself to have intimate feelings for another man, or for allowing himself to touch another man in a sensuous manner and enjoy it? Chris was now thinking that maybe it was a combination of these things plus the failed marriage. Was the earlier sexual episode a rebound thing, or maybe it was something much deeper in Ryan's psyche? Whatever the problem or problems only time would tell. Chris felt that Ryan now wanted desperately to escape the present environment of Chris' apartment, an environment that appeared to threaten his masculinity. Chris was now at a crucial crossroad facing a huge challenge. Would he stay the course and befriend Ryan, or simply let him walk out of his life forever?

With tears trickling down his cheeks Ryan finally broke the silence and Chris' train of thought saying, "Chris, you turned me queer, now I'm a fag just like you."

"Ryan, you're not a fag or a queer; I didn't turn you into anything."

"Yes you did."

"Ryan, I don't even consider myself a fag or queer. I'm twenty-four year old grad student, and I don't really know who or what I am at this point in my life. I just know that I like you Dude."

Ryan only hearing a portion of Chris' reply said, "The hell you're not."

"Ryan, like most of our society you're hung up on labels. Labels that the homophobic community uses to make people hate themselves and others who possess different outlooks on life and sexual orientation," Chris stated.

"You turned me into a fag last night. I've never had those feelings for another guy before," Ryan cried out.

"Ryan, you are the same person you were twenty-four hours ago; you are the same person you were twenty years ago, I didn't change who you are overnight. The only difference between now and twenty-four hours ago is you allowed me to introduce you to some of my friends, some of them who happen to be openly gay and lesbian. You appeared to enjoy yourself and the company of the all those people you met last night and appeared to have a good time socializing with all of them. And you appeared to enjoy the rest of the evening that we spent together."

"Yeah, I enjoyed last night at the actor's playhouse, and the happenings afterwards. It was what happened after we returned here that bothers me now."

"Ryan, we drank a glass of wine together and listened to some music while we enjoyed each other's company. I kissed you lightly on the cheek and then the lips the first time or two, nothing seductive, just a friendly kiss, an exploratory peck. It was my way of testing you and your receptiveness to see if bigger and better things were on the horizon. All you had to do after the first innocent kiss was say that you didn't care for that or you didn't swing that way and I would have stopped immediately."

"Bullshit! You were committed to pursuing me sexually. I remember that you said you wanted me and you wanted me in your bed," Ryan said sobbing.

"Yes, after a few kisses and some heavy making out, that by the way you thrust yourself into, I did say that and I meant what I said at the time. Do I regret what I said? Hell no. Do I have a crush on you? Hell yes I do. If it's not a reciprocal thing then I apologize and hope you can accept that, and let's simply move forward as friends and neighbors. But, please don't shut me out of your life for good, because of a few fleeting lustful moments last night Ryan."

"You took advantage of me. You gave me some wine, got me drunk, and fucked me. You took advantage of me you bastard."

"Ryan, you had one glass of wine and it didn't get you drunk. Furthermore, like I said you seemed to enjoy it at the time, but know this mister, you accepted my kisses and my advances and it appeared to me as though you were enjoying every minute of it all, so I continued and you reciprocated in kind. I apologize for those moments of indiscretions last night."

Ryan gets up and moves towards the door saying, "I was under the influence and apologies are not good enough. You got me drunk and fucked me like a cheap whore last night Chris."

"Ryan, know one thing for sure I didn't even come close to fucking you last night. I guarantee you, if I had fucked you last night, you'd definitely remember it this morning, and be basking in the afterglow of it all. Please, don't go, sit down so we can discuss the matter further."

"Nothing more to talk about Chris I gotta get back to my place. I got things to do today."

"Like what? I think you're just running away. Please, sit down there is more to discuss Ryan."

Ryan began to sob uncontrollably again saying, "I don't know what to do or what to feel anymore. I'm lonely, upset, and feel like I've been violated."

"I didn't rape you last night Ryan, so get that notion out of your head. You're a grown man, older than me, act like one."

"I just don't want to be labeled as a faggot or any of those other names people call queers."

"Ryan, who's been calling you a fag or a queer? Not me or any of my friends."

"I'm just so confused I don't know what to do or think," Ryan said still standing between the loveseat and the front door sobbing into his hands.

Chris doesn't know if Ryan will bolt or stay, but gets up and moves towards Ryan to reassure him. Ryan remains standing and Chris puts his arms around him in an attempt to comfort him. The two men stand there in the living room embracing each other for what seemed like forever, holding each other while Ryan continued to sob uncontrollably. Chris ran his hand through Ryan's soft curly auburn hair stroking it trying to comfort him. Chris slowly guided Ryan back to the loveseat where he eased him down onto it and he moved around to be seated at the far end of the couch. As Ryan continued to sit on the loveseat crying, Chris sat at the far end of the couch deciding that a few more minutes of silence was in order. Chris decided silence was a more reasonable course of action before attempting any further conversation with Ryan.

Setting silently Chris' cat jumped onto his lap and curled up purring loudly. In a way Chris was glad that the cat had made one of its unusual appearances when company was present. The cat was one of two cats that resided with Chris. Himmy was a large white long haired male cat with dazzling blues eyes and totally deaf: deaf from birth due to genetics. White cats with blue eyes are generally born deaf; however, deaf or not Himmy could be counted on to make the appropriate move at the proper time thereby providing a calming effect when Chris needed it most. Chris thought to himself perhaps Himmy would provide the catalyst to resolve the present impasse.

Chris continued stroking the big white cat, ever hopeful that Ryan would take notice and become enamored by the cat's beauty and calming demeanor thereby snapping him out of his troubled state of mind. Chris noticed the tears beginning to subside and the sniffles lessening. Ryan wiped the remaining tears from his cheeks with the backs of his hands and onto his disheveled shirt as he looked at the cat in Chris' lap and ask, "What's the cat's name?"

"Himmy," Chris responded stoically.

Ryan gave a little laugh and said, "Himmy, what kind of a name is that for a cat?"

"A male cat's name you fucking idiot. He's a neutered male, so the name," Chris responded in the same sarcastic tone and toxic manner that Ryan had used earlier to verbally attack him.

Ryan reached his hand out in an inviting manner; the cat hissed at him, "Whoa there big boy."

"He knows how you spoke to me, that's why he jumped into my lap, to comfort me. He knows instinctively when there's something wrong."

"You're so full of shit Dude. That cat is just playin you for something to eat."

With that comment the cat hissed again and Chris said, "He's telling you to back off Ryan."

"Does he always behave like that?" Ryan asked somewhat taken aback by the cat's actions and attitude.

"Maybe. Of course, further actions towards you depend on whether or not you apologize to me for the vile comments you made earlier. Himmy may be deaf, but he's very intuitive and sensitive."

"Your cat is deaf? So, how the hell could he hear anything I said to you?"

"Feline instinct, most white cats with blue eyes are born deaf, but they are very perceptive creatures and read body language and scents," Chris said.

"Damn! A beautiful cat that can't hear with an attitude," Ryan said shaking his head back and forth with a tone of disbelief to his voice.

"You think he's beautiful and has attitude wait till you meet the black one, she's a real bitch," Chris states, "so, you going to apologize to Himmy for what you said earlier?"

"Okay, Yes, I do apologize to you and I'm truly sorry for the nasty rant. I can't believe you didn't just throw my ass out of your apartment earlier. Chris you're too nice of a person and you don't deserve to be treated like I treated you."

"The thought crossed my mind. I accept your apology, now you have to apologize to Himmy."

"You got to be shitin me Dude. Apologize to a fuckin cat." Ryan says as the cat hisses at Ryan again.

"Yep. Try it and see."

"Okay, okay, I apologize to you too Himmy for insulting your master."

"Now, see if he'll accept you," Chris tells Ryan.

Before Ryan could get up off the loveseat the cat jumped out of Chris' lap and jumped up on the loveseat next to Ryan. Ryan held out his hand out for the cat to sniff, and then began to stroke the cat listening as the cat's purr get louder. The cat curled up on the loveseat next to Ryan's leg purring contently.

"Damn! I would've never believed that if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes."

"Ryan, why don't you go ahead and use the bathroom; you look like shit. Wash your face and get cleaned up while I fix us some coffee, or maybe you'd like some breakfast," Chris said.

"Thanks, I need to take piss and wash my face off, at least."

"Take a shower if you like; I won't attack you while you are naked and vulnerable in my shower. If you want I'll throw your clothes in the washer while you shower. They can be washing and drying while we eat breakfast."

"Thanks, I think I'll take you up on that offer. I really don't need to be seen coming out of your apartment looking like I do now," Ryan said.

"Let me get you a wash cloth and towel," Chris said as the two walk towards the bathroom.

Once inside the bathroom Chris showed Ryan where everything was located and said, "Once you're undressed put your clothes on the counter," Chris says patting the sink countertop as Ryan gets undressed. "After I put the coffee on I'll come back for your clothes and throw them in the washer."


As Chris departs the bathroom area he gets a view of Ryan's very nice looking backside as he steps into the shower. Chris couldn't help but notice Ryan's voluptuous buns. In the kitchen Chris began preparing the coffee. He filled the coffee maker with six cups of bottle water, then measured out the right amount beans and ground them. He put the ground beans in the basket of the coffee maker, closed the basket and flipped on the switch. Chris then headed back to the bathroom to pick up Ryan's clothes. As he approached the bathroom door he heard the water running, but still gave a courtesy knock on the door and requested permission to enter the bathroom.

"Come on in," Ryan said over the sounds of running shower water and the exhaust fan.

"Maids here for your things," Chris called out humorously, "do you need anything else in the shower; razor, shampoo, or me?"

"Nope, everything's covered."

"Okay, I put one of my extra terry cloth bath robes on the counter for you. When you finish slip it on while your clothes wash and dry; it should fit you fine, you're not that much bigger than me," Chris said as he laid the white robe on the counter and picked up Ryan's soiled clothes.

Chris departed the bathroom to give Ryan some privacy so he could finish showering. As Chris tossed Ryan's clothing into the washer he stopped briefly with the last piece and looked at it. The front crotch area of Ryan's white briefs were stiff with dried seminal fluid. Chris turned the briefs inside out and sniffed the crotch area. The after aroma of sex and man smell permeated his nostrils thereby causing arousal in Chris' loins. As Chris began to feel his manhood stir he quickly threw the briefs in the washer, added detergent, and turned the machine on, closed the lid, and returned to the kitchen.

Once in the kitchen Chris washed his hands and began to prepare breakfast for the two. He decided on a simple breakfast of bacon, eggs, and hash brown paddies with English muffins accompanied by juice and coffee for an adequately well rounded brunch. While the bacon sizzled in the skillet, and the aroma of bacon and coffee filled the morning air Chris set the table. As Chris worked fashionably setting the breakfast table Ryan entered the room bare foot in Chris' bath robe looking and smelling much fresher than he did earlier and says, "Damn, that's a beautiful looking setting you've got, and look at the way you set the table just so perfectly for breakfast. My Mom couldn't do a better job."

"I bought the kitchenette dinning set after I moved in. I thought that the style and color pattern enhanced the décor. You know traditional style table and four chairs with Vanilla finish and cherry colored legs on the table and chairs. By the way only when I have company do I go to this trouble," Chris responded as he points to the table setting with a sweeping motion of his hand.

Ryan moved closer to Chris who is now standing next to the stove and says, "Thanks for letting me shower, and thanks for fixing breakfast. I really don't deserve all your hospitality after the way I acted earlier. Thanks for everything."

"No problem."

"So, what you fixin for breakfast?"

"Scramble eggs with a hint of French Vanilla for flavoring, deli bacon, hash brown paddies, and English muffins," Chris says as he pours a tablespoon of the French Vanilla creamer into the bowl and begins to whisk the eggs.

Chris poured the mixture in the frying pan to cook adding pepper. He then laid out the bacon, which he drained on paper towels, positions the paddies and awaited the eggs. Chris scooped the scramble eggs out of the skillet onto the plates. He hands one of the plates off to Ryan and moved to the table to place his plate, and then returns to the stove to fix the muffins.

"Go ahead and take a seat Ryan."

"Thanks," Ryan says as he accepts the plate from Chris and moves toward the table.

Chris returned to the stove and lightly butters two English muffins, puts them into a basket, and returns to the table with them. Once seated Chris asks Ryan, "Do you say grace before your meal?"

"We used to at home when I was younger, but not any longer. You know, now that I'm older and on my own."

"Okay, go ahead and help yourself then," Chris says as he puts a little string of ketchup on his hash brown paddy and pepper on his eggs.

The two men begin to eat without another word between them. Soon Chris says, "There's some strawberry jam in the little dish if you want some."


"After we finish our coffee would you care to take in a movie with me this afternoon?" Chris asked.

"Sure, what kind is it?"

"Contemporary western," Chris said.

"Okay, we'll clean up the mess in the kitchen and get our clothes out of the dryer and get dressed and it should be time for the movie to start."

The two men busy themselves cleaning up the apartment and getting dressed. Once all is complete it is off the movie theater for an afternoon of film. The afternoon film should make for some interesting conversation on the way back to the apartment. Chris secretly hoped that the film would be an awakening for Ryan.

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