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Green Eyed Stranger

Chapter 3: Return from the movies

By Robert the Red

Chris and Ryan exited the theater after taking in Saturday's midday matinee; neither man uttered a word as they walked out of the mezzanine into the afternoon sun. The film that Chris had invited Ryan to see with him was one of the most controversial of the year. The film's impact drew either cat calls and slurs or total silence among moviegoers milling around the parking area. As the guys got into Ryan's truck for the journey back to the apartment complex both men remained silent seemingly deep into their own thoughts. When they arrived at the apartment complex neither had spoken yet. They got out of the truck, from there proceeded into their apartment building, and then up the elevator. When they reached their floor they each walked down the hall towards their individual apartments without speaking to the other. Ryan quietly entered his apartment first and then Chris entered his.

Silence can mean many things, but today silence was the reaction Chris had hoped for from Ryan after they saw the film. The film they had viewed wasn't the normal shoot em up cowboy western genre that Ryan may have been used to seeing growing up. This was a love story film that was more controversial and complex yet thought most provoking than most. Chris considered Ryan's silence after viewing the film as a positive sign. Chris felt that given the earlier circumstances of their newfound relationship the film would either serve to break or reinforce the budding relationship. If the film conveyed a positive message to Ryan, then Ryan would either call or knock on the door within a few hours, or if not, then Ryan would just be another stranger among strangers Chris would meet during his life time.

The film had definitely had an impact upon Ryan in the theater because there were a couple of times Chris caught Ryan in his peripheral vision wiping tears from his eyes. So, he knew from the earlier morning episode and from the theater that Ryan was capable of showing emotions. Although Ryan put on the macho man tough guy facade Chris felt that Ryan was a caring and sensitive person. The other thing that had caught Chris' attention in the theater was Ryan trying to conceal an erection in his trousers. At certain times throughout the film Chris could clearly see the outline of Ryan's raging hard-on. As the erection became more noticeable Ryan would secretly try covering it with his hands. Chris imagined that Ryan was probably in his apartment at the moment engaging in some self pleasuring, so as Chris awaited a phone call from Ryan he began working on his thesis trying to put any sexual thoughts out of his head.

Chris busied himself in front of the computer in the second bedroom of his apartment which he had converted into a makeshift office. An office cluttered with stacks of research books and paperwork that he was using to complete his thesis. The room also was home for his two cats. The room was far cry from the meticulous surroundings found throughout the rest of his apartment. But that was his private place, his hide away. Chris tried to get comfortable in front of the computer to work on the thesis, but his balls ached. The aching fullness Chris' felt in testicles was from not releasing the pent-up sexual tension that had built up during the earlier sexual fantasy about Ryan in the bathroom and the movie that the two had just attended.

The film's two leading characters were total hunks, especially Jake Gyllenhaal, and Jake always got Chris turned on. Chris had followed Jake's films since he first discovered him in the movie "Bubble Boy." Chris had fallen in love with Jake after seeing him on screen the first time and had followed his career since, but he knew realistically that Jake would never be a real lover, just a fantasy. On the walls of his little office, among other posters, were three posters of Gyllenhaal posing in different stages of undress. All of the posters showed him posing seductively, but the best and most seductive poster of all hung on the wall next to his bed in his bedroom. His bedroom was a place where Chris would gaze up nightly at Jake's beautiful slender body with its washboard abs and fantasize about making love to the handsome film star.

Chris would lie on his bed at night totally nude admiring Jake's beautiful body fondling his fully-erect boner fantasizing about Jake. Chris had never been drawn to super macho men with bulging muscles or big cocks; instead, Chris lusted for the average size guys with seductive smiles and handsome good looks such as Jake. After what seemed like hours of gazing upon Jake's image Chris would tire of caressing his cock and drift off into the land of nod, whereby he would fantasize throughout his REM sleep about steamy sexual adventures between him and Jake. Many a night had been consumed with fairy tale sleep only to wake up the next morning to find his underwear glued to his groin. The mental image of Jake wearing nothing but a pair of Levis with light blue Calvin's peeking over the top of the waistband of the Levis was encroaching on Chris' research therefore working on the thesis was fast becoming meaningless that Saturday afternoon.

Chris had been consumed with lustful feelings and images of Ryan while attending the movie where he secretly spied on him in the theater. Now, the image of Ryan was fast fading and was being replaced by Jake's likeness filling Chris' daydreams. As Chris sat in the chair in front of the computer he felt his crotch; he was in a total state of arousal, and there was a prominent wet spot. Throughout the film earlier that day as well as the two previous occasions Chris had viewed "Brokeback Mountain" he secretly yearned for Jake to be his lover, but realistically he knew better. Still he was drawn to the twenty-five year old actor and was definitely sexually aroused by Jake's handsome good looks. Maybe the reason he was drawn to Ryan was a similarity in Ryan and Jake's appearance. The major difference was that Ryan was not as lean and well-defined as Jake, but both were good looking studs.

Whenever Chris viewed Jake's films or posters he lusted for his body, and as Jake aged he had gotten better looking. Chris wanted so badly for it to be him playing opposite Jake in the "Brokeback Mountain" film, and was jealous of Heath for being the one taking part in those steamy love scenes with Jake. Chris desperately wanted Jake to jump off the big screen into his arms and make love to him forever and ever, but he knew the chances of that were slim and none. Chris continued to daydream about the forbidden fruit of his fantasies.

God Chris thought how his pecan sized nuts ached. No longer able to concentrate on the task at hand Chris closed out his computer and made his way to the bedroom. He quickly undressed and spread his lanky body across the bed staring up at the larger than life poster of Jake Gyllenhaal hanging on his wall. The poster revealed a shirtless Jake the man of his dreams posing so seductively gazing back at Chris with those beautiful blue eyes. Chris had forgotten about Ryan as he closed his eyes and began dreaming about the image of Jake looking down upon his naked body from the wall.

In the daydream Chris saw Jake wearing nothing but a pair of light blue Calvin's standing at the foot of the bed; he was clearly aroused. With one hand Chris cupped his precious pecans hidden away in the protective brown nut sac, and with the other he tenderly touched his fully erect nipples. He visualized himself looking into Jake's beckoning blue eyes as he stood at the foot of Chris' bed fully aroused. Chris slowly stroked the full seven inch mast of his manhood with his right hand while the other continued to circle his areolas titillating his nipples. Chris' inviting body language and looks from his stunning green eyes were conveying a message to Jake for him to come closer so the two could make passionate love.

Chris visualized Jake dropping his blue underwear to the floor releasing his splendid looking schlong as he accepted the invitation to play. Jake began slowly crawling up onto the bed where his naked body eventually straddled Chris' chest. Jake planted his knees just below Chris' armpits and lowered his body towards Chris' face so that his seven inch cut cock was closing on Chris' watering mouth; a beautifully sculpted schlong that curved upwards like a banana towards the sky. A mouth watering cock that awaited Chris' undivided attention. Jake placed his hands into the pillows on each side of Chris' head as he leaned forward to let Chris begin caressing and kissing the purple knob sitting a top Jake's shift shaft with his tongue. Jake moaned loudly as he felt Chris's hot tongue begin circling the base of glans and then worked its way to the frenulum beneath the glans. Chris fancied himself somewhat of cock connoisseur and thought he knew how to treat the beautiful boner that was presenting itself in front of him.

Jake's circumcised boner bounced up and down rapidly in concert with his rapid heart beat, and Chris sensing the throbbing pulse of Jake's prong licked at it like a frog on a Lilly pad in search of an insect. Chris teased the eye of the winking cockhead, whereby he let his tongue lightly lick at the meatus before swallowing the swollen plum colored knob. Jake began slowly working his penis in and out of Chris' mouth as Chris moved his mouth up and down the shaft letting his tongue expertly work the underside. Chris could only take about half of Jake's seven inch length without gagging, but he knew that the first half was where all the good sensors were located. Chris didn't want to suck on Jake too long because he didn't want him to go off prematurely in his mouth. Jake sensed that it was nearing launch time, so he pulled his penis back out of Chris' mouth. Chris gave the head once last lick then Jake began scooting backwards on the bed kissing and working his way down Chris's body to his rock hard cock. Once there he began enjoying a most delicious treat and Chris moaned with pleasure; both men knew how to orally please each other.

Jake worked over Chris' magnificent piece of manhood and Chris would arch his body up to meet Jake's mouth movements. The bucking grew more intense and the moaning became louder as Chris sensed he was about ready to explode, but he wasn't ready to ejaculate yet. Jake pulled off Chris' knob and moved back up to meet Chris face-to-face. Jake eased down towards cupping Chris' face in his hands; Chris could feel Jake's hot breath and the sweet smell of sex as well as the aroma of sweat between them. As Jake lowered his butt Chris could feel the sensitive head of his wet cock touching Jake's hot throbbing asshole; it sent shivers throughout their bodies. Jake leaned in and began kissing Chris sensually on the mouth; as he the two made out passionately, Jake rocked back and forth letting the purple helmet head of Chris's cock probe at his asshole. Jake broke the kiss panting as he put his head next to Chris' ear and pleaded with Chris to take him filling him to completion. Chris responded to Jake telling him he wanted that more than anything in the world.

Chris asked Jake if he wanted to use a condom or go for it bareback. Jake thought it better to use a rubber the first time. Jake asked Chris where the condoms and lube were located. Chris pointed to the sexual items that were on the head board of the bed. Jake asked Chris to finger fuck him before taking him anally. Chris squirted some lube on his fingers and then began massaging the lube well into Jake's asshole. Slowly, Chris worked first one finger then two into Jake's tight asshole opening him up in preparation to penetrate him, meanwhile Jake drizzled lube onto Chris' dick. Jake leaned in and whispered that unlike his character in the movie he had never taken a dick up his ass before, so he wanted Chris to be careful not to hurt him. Chris assured Jake that as the top he would be in total control.

Chris withdrew his fingers and reached beneath Jake holding his cock to help guide it into Jake's awaiting ass; meantime, Jake reached around with both hands spreading his butt checks apart. Slowly, Jake began lowering himself down onto Chris's well-lubed cockhead. Chris looked into Jake's blue eyes and told him to push back as though he were getting ready to expel. Both men shivered in anticipation as initial contact was made; slowly the two worked towards anal entry and then surprisingly with a few minutes the head of Chris' cock began the much anticipated entry into Jake's asshole. Chris was sure Jake could take him, but it would take some time to work up to full penetration. Finally, Jake felt the sheathed head of Chris' cock as it broke through the first ring of his anus. There was an expression of pain on Jake's face as well as a painful moan as Jake bit his lower lip.

While Chris' cock continued penetrating Jake's virgin asshole there was burning pain. Chris sensed that his lover was suffering the initial pain of penetration and told him to hold things in place. He told Jake to definitely not to pull back out that the pain of withdrawal might be excruciating. Chris had heard that withdrawal many times could be more painful than entry. So, Jake leaned and kissed his lover while he let the initial pain of entry subside; meanwhile, Chris was using his fingers to try to work more lube up towards Jakes' anus thereby helping with further entry. Both men were breathing hard and perspiring profusely, and then Jake suddenly threw his head back and squealed in pain as the head and part of the shaft popped the rest of the way into Chris' rectum.

The two men gazed lustfully into each others eyes and Chris noticed a tear running down Jake's cheek. He pulled Jake forward tenderly licking the salty tear from his face. As Chris finished cleaning the tear Jake whispered to Chris how wonderful it felt to have Chris' cock inside him. Finally, Jake completely impaled himself on the full seven inches of Chris' rock hard cock, the pain began to subsided, and all Jake wanted was to ride Chris' pony like a bucking bronco. Chris told Jake to just settle in and not to move for a few minutes, just savor that moment of fulfillment before riding it.

About that time the phone rang; the ringing of the phone snapped Chris out of one of the best fantasy's he had in a while. As Chris snapped back to reality he found that he was clenching his lubricated cock with his fist and there was precum running down over the helmet onto his hand. The phone quit ringing, but Chris knew instinctively who was calling; it was Ryan. Chris got up from the bed knowing he had to take a shower: to relieve himself and clean up. Chris entered the bathroom and turned on the shower.

Standing in the shower Chris let the spray of water droplets bounce off and run down his body. With his eyes closed he began fantasizing about Ryan at his backside pressed his cock into his buns nibbling on his ear lobe, while Jake was in front kissing him. The three of them were all in the shower playing and enjoying each other's bodies. Of course, Chris had never seen either man naked before, but he had vivid visualizations what they both looked like. He knew that both men had similar dustings of dark hair on the chest and abdomens. He also knew that Ryan and Jake were both six feet tall, but Ryan was not as physically well-defined as Jake. But, it was Jake that had the most kissable lips and seductive smile.

Throughout the shower fantasy Chris' fist was clenched around his cock as he rapidly stroked back and forth the seven inches until he began to experience feelings of fruition. Suddenly Chris felt his body tense up as his cock exploded with at least four powerful shots of cum that splashed against the shower surround. After milking his manhood dry Chris was weak kneed and felt the need to brace himself against the shower wall. He finished washing his body and then peed in the shower drain. The phone began ringing again. Chris turned off the shower, wrapped a towel around his wet body, and stepped out of the shower to answer the phone. It was Ryan wanting to know if he could come down. Chris agreed. While on the phone Ryan suggested that they also go out for dinner later on. Chris finished drying off and got dressed. No sooner had he finished than there was the expected knock on the door.

Chris invited Ryan into his apartment, whereby Ryan made himself comfortable on the loveseat. Chris asked Ryan if he wanted something to drink, telling him that he had Bud Light. Ryan replied, "Cool."

Chris opened a beer for Ryan and handed it to him. Then went back and poured himself a glass of wine before he sat down and asked, "So, where we going for dinner?"

"I know that you are somewhat of a vegetarian, but that you also eat meat occasionally. No pun intended. Anyway I know this out of the way little place that has great food. Why don't you let me surprise you?"

"Okay, sounds cool."

Ryan was silent for a few minutes before he asked Chris, "Why did you take me to see that faggoty cowboy movie?"

"Ryan, first of all it's not a fag cowboy movie and if that's all you came away with then I truly feel sorry for you."

Again, there was uncomfortable air of silence after Chris' admonishment. Ryan sat fidgeting not knowing how to respond.

"You know something, you're right," Ryan said, I was out of place makin a comment such as that."

"Apology accepted. So, what types of films do you really like Ryan? I thought that after what happened between us earlier today that "Brokeback Mountain" might be the movie that could help you understand certain things and be a foundation for us to resolve some of our differences. But I apologize if the movie offended you."

"No Chris, it didn't offend me. I enjoyed the movie. I guess I would have rather viewed it at home on a DVD than go out in public to see it."

"Again, what types of movies interest you Ryan?"

"You know, action and adventure type movies most of all. One's with fight scenes, shoot outs, high speed car chases. You know movies like that; I especially like war movies, race car films, westerns, and all that fast paced action packed stuff."

"Oh, films that don't take a lot of intellect or thought process to understand," Chris replied quickly before he realized what he had said. Chris quickly caught himself and thought to himself that he had just come off sounding more like Ryan's parents with a comment like that one. So, he tried to make amends by saying, "I mean you like the fast paced shoot em up, high speed car chase, adventure type movies more so than love stories."

"Yeah! The faster and more daring the car chases and the more explosions and shooting the better," Ryan replied gleefully.

"You know love stories can also be adventurous and daring. Have you ever seen `Ghosts' it was a 1990 love story murder mystery with Demi Moore, Patrick Swayze, and Whoopi Goldberg?"

"No, but I saw Demi in that Navy Seal film and she's hot."

"I've got `Ghosts' on DVD if you ever want to see it Ryan."

"I don't have a DVD player." Ryan remarked. "By the way I didn't see a television so how do you watch DVDs?" Ryan asked.

"The entertainment center is in my bedroom," Chris said.

"Oh," Ryan replied, "can I see it? The entertainment center that is."

Chris replied, "Yeah, come on."

The two men got up and walked towards Chris' bedroom. When they arrived in the bedroom Ryan exclaimed, "Wow! What a bedroom. This is some lay out. All I got is a futon to sleep on."

"If you weren't such an asshole you could share that big bed with me," Chris said.

Ryan didn't take the bait but said, "I see you've got a big poster of that guy that was in the movie this afternoon."

"Yeah. Do you remember his name?"

"Naw, just one of the fags in the movie. In fact, the only actor that I recognized was Randy Quaid," Ryan said.

Chris secretly wondered if Ryan was for real and if the homophobic act was all just an act or real. Chris was bound and determine to bring Ryan into the new millennium, so he returned to talking about films he enjoyed, "Ghosts is a murder mystery and love story, Pretty Woman is about a prostitute who meets the man of her dreams, then there's Dirty Dancing another love story. Have you seen any of them?" Chris ask.


"Well let me know if you ever decide that you want to watch any of my DVDs we can share the bed along with some popcorn and watch the movies."

"Wouldn't that be kinda faggy, you know, two guys sharin a bed watchin TV eatin popcorn?"

"I give up," Chris said in disgust, "let's go back to the living room."

The two men walked back to the living room where Chris asked Ryan, "So, when and where we goin for dinner Dude?"

"A little place not far from here. I called a little while ago and made reservations for seven tonight. I hope that's okay."

"Yeah, fine, so how should I dress?"

"Casual is fine. They don't require a tie."

"So, we got some time to kill tell me more about your early life and your marriage Ryan."

"Not much to tell. I grew up youngest of three. I graduated from high school at eighteen in ninety-six, joined the Air Force straight out of high school. I got out of the Air Force in two thousand, and started college under the GI Bill. Got engaged and married, never finished college, got divorced, and here I am this morning with you."

"Surely there has to be more to your life than a simple paragraph," Chris said.

"Nope, that's about it. What about you?"

"Me, I'm also the youngest of three children. I grew up and lived much of my life in Savannah, Georgia. As a teenager I then went off to live with my grandmother in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and finished attending high school there. My grandmother is a super great person. I inherited some of my Latin and Irish good looks from her," Chris said proudly.

"I bet she is a very good looking lady. Is she still alive?" Ryan ask.

"Oh yeah, she is still very much alive, feisty as ever, and still much the socialite around Baton Rouge," Chris replied.

Chris continued to tell Ryan about his family and siblings; at least, all the speakable stuff without revealing too many family secrets, and the Dendre family had plenty of ghosts and secrets lurking in the closet. He told Ryan more about places he had lived, some of his interests, schools he attended, and sports that interested him, all the surface information stuff, but nothing of great substance. Chris did divulge that one of the reasons he went to live with his grandmother was due to an unfortunate incident that happened while he was attending school in Savannah as a freshman, but didn't go into any real detail.

"Sounds like you've lived in some really neat places as a kid Chris. I've never lived any where other than California except for the four years I spent in the Air Force," Ryan remarked.

"Yeah, Savannah and Baton Rogue are definitely neat places filled with a lot of rich culture and history."

Chris learned that he and Ryan had one thing in common they were both youngest siblings, so Chris wanted to delve more deeply into Ryan's background to see if he could discover why Ryan had such disdain for people of other lifestyles. He wanted to know what was really bothering Ryan inside. Chris knew that Ryan was being consumed by some insidious thing that was buried deep inside. Now it was time to dig deeper.

From earlier conversations it sounded as though Ryan came from a close-knit loving family; working class parents who wanted and encouraged great things form their offspring. Ryan's parents sounded like the type that encouraged academic excellence as well as athletic prowess from all the boys. They were a family who worked hard during the weekdays, but once the weekend arrived they wanted to get away and enjoy entertainment events or outdoors activities when they could do so. Ryan's dad worked for a utilities company and his mother worked for the school district. His parent's were middle class, not wanting for money, and they wanted their kids to experience life and live it to the fullest.

Ryan was the atypical child growing up the youngest of three, with each brother a year older than the next in succession. Brothers who overshadowed Ryan academically, but it was who had Ryan excelled athletically. Ryan and his brothers were all blessed with natural athletic ability and naturally athletic bodies; bodies they inherited from both sides of the family. Ryan's dad and his brothers as well as Ryan's mother's brother were all good-looking and well-develop men. So, it was only natural that Ryan would be lured by athletics and other extreme sports of the time at a very young age: skate boarding, snow boarding, surfing, BMX and motocross racing as well as wrestling. A time when most youngster idolized entertainers, especially those in the music business, Ryan's idols growing up were the likes of Tony Hawk and Hulk Hogan.

Ryan's family had built a boxing and wrestling ring in their back yard with the help of neighbors. Ryan and his brothers plus some of the neighborhood kids would put on backyard boxing and wrestling events and charge other neighbor kids to view the matches. Hulk Hogan had made his debut as a professional wrestler about the time Ryan was born, and Ryan remembered with great fondness that WWF Wrestling was a favorite with him from the time he saw his first professional match. While growing up Ryan was enamored by the athletic prowess of all the pro wrestlers, especially Hulk Hogan. So, anytime WWF was on television it was a family affair, and when WWF was in town Ryan's dad somehow managed to get tickets for the family to attend.

Hulk Hogan outwardly personified all that was good, so Ryan's parents felt he was a good role model for the kids. Professional wrestling as well as extreme sports captured Ryan's heart at an early age, and as a younger brother he was the target for older brothers to practice new wrestling moves on. So, Ryan had a leg up on the young wrestlers in school sanctioned matches. Ryan began his wrestling career in middle school and competed throughout high school; in fact, he was almost suspended from the high school wrestling team during his freshman year because of his flamboyant antics. Wrestling in school is a far different program than professional wrestling seen on television; professional wrestling is more entertainment than sanctioned sport.

Ryan quickly became a shining star on his high school wrestling team easily winning all his local matches. His wrestling team had been invited to a multi county invitational tournament where the competition was much tougher than the local talent. Ryan made an unforgettable entrance at that tournament. As his match was announced a fellow student and staunch supporter turned the boom box up full volume and let it blast out Jimmy Hendrix song Voodoo Child, the theme song that announced his hero Hulk Hogan's entrance into a ring. Ryan came running out from the locker room area wearing a colorful Hulkamania tear away T-shirt, head bandana, and boa. When he arrived in the center of the mat the crowd was struck silent. Ryan immediately tore the shirt from his body and began posing down emulating his hero Hulk Hogan's ring entrance.

"Dude, tell me that is just a story and you didn't do that, "Chris said laughing.

"I'm ashamed to say that I did it. I guess it was just a dumb ass kid stunt."

"What possessed you to do it?"

"I don't know. I was in a strange area around strangers and I guess I thought that it would be a positive confidence booster."

"Dude, what did your parent's say?"

"I think they, like others, were mortified at first. You know, they were there and didn't expect it, but later after we got home everyone laughed about it."

"So, did you win the match?"

"Nope, I was disqualified. The parent's at the away school district were screaming for me to be suspended for life. You know, they said it was unsportsmanlike like conduct and it had a harmful impact on the psyche of the other little wrestler preparing for their matches. They yelled and screamed that I had damaged their little wrestlers forever and they would never be able to wrestle again."

"Dude, did they school suspend you?"

"No, but when I got back to my school I had to sign a paper along with my parent's that I would never do anything like that again."

"Wow, that is truly a great story; almost unbelievable but great."

"That was me when I was a teenager."

Ryan and Chris continued to talk about Ryan's youth. Chris found Ryan's young life and the family exploits to be most intriguing. Whereas Chris had led a life under the tyranny of a raging mother, Ryan had led a very exciting and fun filled life with his family. Or so it would appear on the surface. Chris felt that there was more hidden many more layers beneath the surface. But the inquisition would have to be put on hold for a while longer; it was time to head out for dinner at the special place where Ryan had made reservations for dinner.

Chris secretly hoped that dinner and conversation thereafter would reveal more revelations about Ryan's early life.

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