Author: Dreama
warnings: this story contains sexual exploits between two males if you are in any way offended by this please do not continue.
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Green Eyes and Picket Fences

"What do you mean we're breaking up?"

"Come on Aidan this has be coming for a while."

He had to admit she was right, but that didn't mean he had to like it. The thing was he had never been dumped before and this was killing his self-esteem. Ever since he got into high school he had always had the classic model look. Blue eyes, blonde hair and a swimmers body. He had never once had a girl break up with him no matter what they had been fighting over. Him and Stacy had been arguing at each other for months but this last one was the worst. They couldn't even stand to be around each other. He would always come home when she was sleep and she left before he awoke. Those were the good days. The days when they actually did cross the others path it was like World War 3. She was right, this had been coming for a while, but it still didn't feel any better and he thought he be delivering the `we're over speech'.

He was standing on their apartment doorstep looking at his boxed up belongings, which had been categorized, when she said, "Hon I love you and God knows I've tried but enough is enough." With that she shut the door in my face.


"Kristy kicked you out," Aidan's best friend for since junior high said incredulously. "Wow didn't see that one coming."

He then burst out laughing uncontrollably.

"Spence you're supposed to be my friend here shouldn't you be trying to console me here, I lost my apartment."

"Hey if you would have broke up with her two months ago like I told you to you might still have it. How you stayed with her for two years still fascinates me."

"She gave great head."

"You always did think with your little head instead of your bigger one but if that was the case I have a couple of ex-boyfriends who you would tie to your bed and order not to leave."

"Yeah right" I said as I looked around the restaurant to see if any of the neighboring tables had heard the comment.

If you haven't guessed yet my best friend is gay. I met Spencer my first day at junior high when I fished him out of a locker. Back then he wore thick framed glasses and was 5 inches shorter than every other gut in school. He was my first friend in a place where I knew nobody and that meant a lot to me. I told him I would always be there to fish him out of lockers which I did until about second year of high school when he body finally got it together and started to grow. He started to lose the nerd look right away. I helped out by getting him contacts his sixteenth birthday. When he started to wash his hair regularly the long brown locks lost their greasy look and became more wavy and showed off his light blue eyes more. Yeah, he had more that one girl knock at his door and that's when I started to get suspicious. He never dated. He could have any girl he wanted now and he didn't want any one. I finally got Spence to tell me one night after I got him drunk, he didn't speak to me for a week he was so mad. I finally got him to forgive me when I told him I wouldn't had to have gotten him drunk if he had told me in the first place.

"Anyways" I said waking out of my day dream "back to my problem I have no place to live. I need to find a place to live until I find a place close to school."

I mentally cursed Kristy in my head. We got that place because it was in walking distance of the campus. I was really starting to hate that bitch.

"Well there the extra room at my place ..."

Aidan didn't even let him finish before he said no.

"Why not."

"You live with two gay guys."

"Your point is."

"No, hell no."

"What you don't like us now. Come on Steve and Tyler's rooms are across the house you will probably never see them. They're great people."

"How do you know you have only been living there for a month?"

"Because I'm a great judge of character, you are just the exception."

"Fuck you." Aidan said but there really wasn't any anger behind it. He was to busy contemplating his friends offer. He really needed a place to stay and he refused to call his parents for money for a hotel they had already paid for this months rent a couple of days ago. God he hated that bitch. Kristy could of at least have kicked him out two days ago, fucking whore.

"I can't pay for rent this month" he told Spencer.

"We'll talk it over with Steve and Tyler later. Are you done eating?"


"Good lets go get your shit so we can get back to my place."


The thought of driving back to my place and getting my shit was giving me a headache. I really didn't want to do it. I even tried to get Spence to go get my stuff but he said that I made my bed now I could lay in it.

So I drove back to my place while Spec followed and miracle of all miracles Kristy wasn't there. It was about twelve when we got everything in the cars and were carry down the last two items a T.V. which I hade and a box of chlothes that Spence had when we ran into Kristy...

And a date.

All I could say was "what the hell."

"Aidan I can explain" came out her mouth but the explanation didn't seem to be.

"You break up with me this afternoon and then go out on a date with the first guy you meet."

"We've been going out for a month." Mister no name supplied. "I thought you were her gay roommate.'

"Her what?"

No one answered me. I didn't expect them to.

"Well as much fun as this is we've have got to be going, come on Aidan." Spence said breaking the staring match I was having with my Ex-girlfriend.

I was so angry that on my way down the stairs I missed a step and dropped my T.V. I swear this was the worst day of my life, and I was really beginning to loathe that bitch. Almost turned around and pushed her down the stairs but luckily Spence was there. We made a wide circle around the pieces of my T.V. and got into our cars. Spence hollered out "follow me" and drove off in front of me.

I thought of all the things that happened to me today, punched the wheel of my car, and then put it in drive to follow Spence to the house he shared.


It wasn't huge, but it was really nice. It was like a house off of some commercial, I swear there was even a white picket fence. There were two cars out front, which meant that Spence's roommates were both home.

"Alright follow my lead I'll try to smooth the way for you, Tyler can be a tight ass sometimes."

"What, I thought you said they were great people."

"They are it's just Tyler's parents left him the house when they died and he's protective of it."

Before Aidan realized they were at the front door. He turned around to go back to his car but Spence caught him by the arm and said, "It's this or a cardboard box."

I banged my head against the house a couple of times and then turned to Spence.

He unlocked the door and I followed him in.

I saw Steve first. He was about 5'6" and had black hair and brown eyes. He looked like every gay stereotype I could think of in my head all rolled up in one. He had on a really tight T-shirt and I could see both nipple rings through the fabric. To add to all his jeans were so tight he didn't know how his balls could have room to breathe in there let alone his dick.

"Hey Steve, this is my friend Aidan, he's thinking about staying here."

"Well hello, he's cute, he's got my vote not that it counts." Steve said as he smiled up at Aidan from the Living room couch and held out his hand. Surprise, surprise, he had a ring on every finger. When Aidan shook his hand he thought that it was longer than necessary but didn't comment. He really did not need to come off homophobic right now.

"Where is Tyler?"

"Right here."

Aidan looked up from Steve and was stunned by green eyes; he had never seen eyes that color. They were a blue green mix he thought was beautiful and he would kill for that curly brown hair. He caught himself staring into those eyes and moved on to the rest of the guy. Tyler was huge. The guy had massive muscles and Aidan was sure he could bench press him into the ground. He was a good four inches taller than Aidan so that put at maybe 6 ft tall. This guy was gay? He looked at his face and said to himself `hey I would do the guy'. Thank God Spence interrupted that thought before he could go any further with it.

"Hey we need to call a house meeting

" "Why" Tyler asked

"He want his cute friend to be our new roommate" Steve explained.

"Oh." Tyler said then looked me over thoroughly with his eyes. When he said to sit down I practically jumped to do his bidding. This guy scared the hell out of me. I naturally chose the furthest seat away from him, which was a bad idea. It was a recliner so that put Tyler and Spence on the couch with Steve facing me. I felt like I was on trial.

"So how old are you?" Tyler asked

" I'm 23."

"How long have you known Spencer?"

"Since I was 12."

"Hm. Long time. Why do you need to stay here?"

Spencer interrupted saying, "now is not a good time to..."

"My girlfriend of two years broke up with me apparently because she wanted some Nick Lachey look alike with just as much brains which doesn't say much for me since I went out with the bitch for 2 years only to find out she's been cheating on me for two months. But no that isn't the bad part I was so mad at her that I dropped my T.V. that I just paid off not even 2 weeks ago. My life's a wreck, and as my best friend so eloquently put it, it's either this or a cardboard box."

"Hm. Well that was a mouthful, don't you feel better now?" Steve asked.

"Actually, I do."


They all got up and walked into the kitchen and fell in deep discussion. I couldn't hear what they were saying but I could tell they were talking about me because they kept asking Spence questions. I used this time to openly admire the owner of the house. Tyler was so beautiful. I had never ever looked at a guy before, and told my self this was the last time, but I couldn't help myself. The gut was so strong, so commanding of the space around him. I was never one for S and M but the thought of this guy tying me to a bed made my cock twitch. I looked back at his face and saw he looking at me. Those green eyes were so all knowing, like he had just read every thought in my head and was a little amused by it. I lowered my eyes and blushed bright red. I got myself under control before they returned

They all came back and sat down and looked at me.

"You are on a trial period of two weeks and at any time I could tell you to leave, so don't get comfortable just because I say you can stay." Tyler said it with such a commanding presence that I found myself wanting to be good enough for him, to want me to stay. It felt like it would be a privilege. "Steve is going to show you to you room since it's across from his and you'll share a bathroom with him."

I shot Spence a look that said `I'll kill you later' and followed Steve to his new room. It wasn't overly large but neither was it small. It had a queen-sized bed against the wall, a big dresser and a nightstand. There was another door he supposed led to the closet but didn't ask.

"This is really nice man oh and thanks for giving me the vote of confidence back there." I told him and I actually meant it.

"No problem, you looked like a nice person," he said jumping on my bed and sitting cross-legged "and I'm a great judge of character. So, tell me about this Nick Lachey look-alike."

"Oh no, don't get me started on him," I told Steve as I sat beside him and lay back on the be to cover my eyes "I'll just remember I lost my apartment and my T.V. today."

"Okay mums the word, what about the bitchy ex can we talk about her?"

I took my arm off my eyes and gave him a look that could wilt flowers.

"Okay that I take it that is off limits too. Okay so what can we talk about?" He asked.

"Sleeping." I answered him.

"Uh," he said stretching out beside me "a man that gets right to the point, I like that."

"It's not gonna happen."

"Well why not?" Steve asked as if he really couldn't comprehend.

"Because I'm straight."

"Have you ever been with a guy before?" he asked


He straddled my hips took my arm off my face and leaned down by my ear and asked, "Well then how do you know you wouldn't like it?"

"Come on Steve get off me." I asked him tiredly not wanting to play games tonight, especially one that was getting a rise in a certain area.

"Not just yet" he told me.

I raised my hands to push him off but he caught them and trapped them in his above my head. You would think I would be strong enough to break out of his control, but sadly, this wasn't true. He was leaning over me looking into to me eyes face far to close to mine for my comfort. That's when I felt hardness against mine and freaked out. I Bucked my hips a couple time trying to get him off me but stopped when I heard and soft intake of breath and looked up at Steve's face and saw his eyes flutter shut as he licked his lips. He rested himself lower on my hips and rolled forward. I shut my eyes and clenched my fists as he grinded his cock into mine. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. He grinded against me again a little moan escaped my lips.

"Oh God, Steve stop, please." I begged him.

"Why, you like it, I can feel that you do." he said as he laughed, bit my ear, and grinded against me harder.

Something like a whimper escaped my mouth but luckily for me Spence calling form the living room drowned it out.

"Hey Steve, stop trying to seduce my best friend and come wash the dishes its your day."

Steve stilled on top of me and leaned up to look in my eyes and said, "your friend really can ruin a moment. Oh well we'll just have to finish this later."

"No," I said emphatically " this won't happen again."

"Have it your way, but since this isn't going to happen again there just one thing I've been dying to do since I met you." He leaned down and kiss me and this wasn't a chaste goodbye kiss. Steve's tongue swirled in his mouth exploring every inch of it. Aidan felt that kiss all the way down to his toes. He had to admit Steve was a very good kisser. His tongue dove in and out, fucking his mouth and letting him know what would have happened had they not been interrupted.

"STEVE!" I heard someone yell in the fogginess that was my brain.

"I'M COMING!" Steve yelled back. He looked down at me one more time with lust and regret in his eyes and walked out the room and shut the door behind him.

Aidan didn't know what to think so he decided not to. He curled in his bed and went to sleep. He had dreams of panting voices in his ear and lustful brown eyes that night.