Author: Crystal
warnings: this story contains sexual exploits between two males if you are in any way offended by this please do not continue.
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Green Eyes and Picket Fences

Chapter 2

Aidan woke up the next morning with a raging hard on. He looked down at his dick and saw it was rock hard and standing straight up at attention. Back in the good old days of his relationship with Kristy he would just wake her up so she could take care of it.


That name brought yesterday crashing back down on him. Everything, including the 30 second grinding session he had with Steve. He needed to sort through his thoughts and find a reason for his actions; both were easier said than done. He opted to take the cowards way out and do neither telling himself he would take a shower first, to help clear his mind.

He slowly crawled out of bed and walked to the door. He was about halfway there when he realized all of his boxes were in the room. He wondered how his rommates brought all of his things in without waking him. He must have been more tired than he realized last night. He walked to the box marked clothes and fished out a pair of boxers, a T-shirt, and jeans and headed out his bedroom door.

"Sleeping beauty has arisen, but where is the charming prince who kissed you awake cause of you don't want him I'm still looking for a new Mr. Right Now." Spence asked Sarcastically. It looked like he was just about to knock on my door.

"You are entirely to happy in the mornings I swear it should be a sin."

"Ooh. Someone's grouchy. I knew there was a reason I hated to spend the night at your house," Spence said lounging against the door jam. "and I don't think 12:30 counts as morning."

"It's that late. Why didn't you wake me."

"Almost did about ten but you looked so peaceful and you had a hard day yesterday." he said shrugging. "You hungry, Tyler made lunch if you want some."

"Yeah but let me shower first and I'll meet you in the kitchen."

Aidan took three steps before he realized he had no idea where the bathroom was. Spence walked to the kitchen laughing and yelled back at him "it's the last door on the right."

When he got to the bathroom door he didn't even think to knock before going in. He would in the future. A half naked Steve was putting gel in his hair and spiking it in the mirror. From the steam and the towel around his waist Aidan concluded he had just gotten out the shower.

"Damn. if I had waited a little longer I could of showered with you. Oh well it's my fault for being impatient."

Aidan didn't know what to say. Better yet he couldn't speak. he was to busy staring Steve's nipple rings. He wanted to touch them. almost did before he caught himself. Aidan shook himself out of his stupor and repeated three times in his head 'I am straight'.

"I'll just go wait in the kitchen with Spence until you're finished."

"Don't be silly. Do you know you are all he talks about? He has a million stories about you, Tyler and I have heard almost all of them." he said turning to face Aidan. "He really looks up to you. You are like the brother he never had. I guess that would explain why he's never tried to jump your bones." Steve turned back to the mirror saying, " go ahead and get in I'll only be another minute."

Aidan was out of place. Sure he had undressed in front of guys before but he felt really uncomfortable at the thought of undressing in front of Steve. He looked up and saw Steve wasn't even looking at him. Aidan was just being paranoid. He turned around and sighed as he shut the bathroom door. He took off his shirt first and then unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and slid them off as well. He was down to his boxers when Steve pronounced that he finished. He turned around and leaned against the sink as he openly stared at Aidan. After a few minutes of this Aidan became very uncomfortable and decided someone needed to speak.

"Did that hurt." He asked Steve.


"Your piercings." Aidan explained.

"Oh," He said looking down. "Like a son of a bitch. But I'd do it again."

"Why?" Aidan asked genuinely wanting to know the answer.

"They look really cool." Steve said laughing.

Aidan had to admit they did. He was staring at them when Steve asked, "Do you want to touch them?"

Aidan looked up in his eyes and said, "You wouldn't mind."

"No, go right ahead."

Aidan hesitated just for a moment then he reached out a hand to one of the areoles. He was only going to touch the nipple ring itself but he missed it and his thumb landed on Steve's nipple instead. Aidan felt embarrassed and looked up to see Steve's expression. It was the same one from last night, Steve was staring at him as if he wanted to consume every inch of him. Aidan started to pull his hand back when Steve reached down and brought the hand on his nipple to his mouth. Aidan could only stare in fascination as Steve opened his mouth and drew in his pointer finger. Wet heat surrounded his finger. Aidan shuddered and closed his eyes while a million sensations hit him at once. Steve's tongue slid all over his finger but what really made Aidan's cock jump was when Steve's tongue closed around his finger as he pulled it out. He then slid the wet finger down his chest to circle a nipple. Aidan watched as it hardened. Steve brought his other hand up to Aidan's face and was rewarded when blue eyes met his.

Steve stared at Aidan for a long time before saying, " You are so far in the closet it's ridiculous, but I'm determined to pull you out."

With that he walked out the bathroom.

Aidan was stunned for a few seconds, and then he was really angry. No one, and he meant no one, played games with him. He got in the shower and turned the water dial to cold. It was going to be a long day.


When Aidan walked into the kitchen Tyler and Spence where sitting on the short sides of a rectangular table across from each other. Spence was eating a sandwich and chips when he looked up and noticed Aidan was there. He got up, fetched Aidan's plate from the kitchen and brought it back to him. Aidan sat down in between them and looked to Tyler. He was drinking a bottle of water and scanning a magazine that looked like it was Home and Garden. I asked, "Are you responsible for the garden outside?"

"Guilty." he answered, "I used to help my mom and when she died I just couldn't stand to see it rot away."

"Oh. I'm sorry about your parents..." Aidan began to say but Tyler cut him off.

"Thanks, but it was a long time ago and I've have plenty of time to come to terms with it."

A subject change was in order so Aidan asked Spence about his new job. He had gotten fired a couple of weeks ago when his flavor of the month caused a scene when Spence broke up with him. He told Aidan at lunch yesterday he had a new job but Aidan were to preoccupied with his problems to listen. "So, where do you work now."

"I told you yesterday." He answered.

"Come on you know I wasn't listening."

"I know."

"So recap and give me the cliff notes version of the conversation."

"No." Spence answered getting up to put his plate in the sink and get a bottle of water.

"You can be a bitch sometimes you know that." Aidan said as Spence handed him a bottle of water.

"It's why you love me"

"Love you? I don't even like you all that much. The only reason I hang out with you is to feel better about myself." Aidan said, lying through his teeth. He and Spence both knew that Aidan would take a bullet for his friend.

"Now, now children, play nice." Tyler said not even bothering to look up from his magazine.

"Whatever, I dont even care what you do for a living, but do you think you can get me a job where ever you are?" Aidan asked.

Spence laughed and said "Sure."

Between Spence's laughter he and Tyler shared a look across the table. Aidan knew he had missed something. He was about to comment on this when Steve walked in the room and sat down across from him. Aidan was still pissed at that stunt Steve pulled in the bathroom but he didn't want to bring it up in front of the others so he just opted to glare at Steve. Steve just smiled back at Aidan and asked Spence what was so funny.

"Aidan wants to get a job where we work." Tyler answered him.

Steve then broke into fits of laughter.

"You guys all work together." Aidan asked still not understanding what was so funny.

"Yes," Tyler answered. he was the only one who could since the other two where still laughing like complete idiots. "I got Steve the job there a couple years back and recommended it to Spencer when he said he needed a job."

The other two had finally calmed down when Tyler had finished explaining, but they still had the biggest smiles on their faces.

"Hey, if you really want a job I have to work later tonight," Steve said tapping his fingers on the table. "I could take you down there and introduce you to Mike."

"Who's Mike?" Aidan asked.

"He's the manager," Spence responded, " and Steve you are not taking Aidan down there. He'd be out of place."

"He'll fit right in." Steve assured him.

Spence gave Aidan an 'I tried' look and shrugged his shoulders.

"Be ready by 5:30." Steve said standing up and walking to Aidan's side of the table. He surveyed Aidan for a few moments then said, "And wear something a little more fitting."

With that he walked back to his room.

For the third time in 24 hours Steve had stunned Aidan completely. He looked at Spence and then at Tyler. Tyler smiled and it brightened his whole entire face. He put his hand on Aidan's, patted it, said, "have fun" and got up to go to his room. Spence got up as well and walked out but not before he ruffled Aidan's hair.

Now any sane person would be trying to figure out how to get out of going anywhere with Spence, but Aidan's mind just wouldn't work right. Every time he tried to come up with a plan his mind went back to how good Tyler's hand felt on his.


Steve bursts through his room door at 5:35 saying that they were going to be late. Aidan was still shirtless because he had yet to find one he liked in any of the boxes he opened, and he was trying to stall for guidance for how to get out of this situation that didn't seem forthcoming.

"What's the hold up hun cause we gotta go."

"I can't find a shirt" Aidan answered. He looked at Steve's outfit and had to stop and stare a moment. He had on a see through shirt that stopped just below his navel and tight jeans that were entirely to low. Aidan's fingers itched to touch the exposed skin between Steve's pants and shirt.

"Oh, is that all. Hm. I guess that's a good thing because you would have had to take it off anyway. You can keep on the jeans but I brought you a shirt to wear."

When Aidan gave him and 'I don't think so look' Steve quickly explained, "It's not mine it's Spencer's."

That made Aidan relax a little bit more but not a lot. While Spence's clothes were more modest than Steve's they were also a size to small for Aidan. Steve handed Aidan a black button up shirt with silver glitter all over it. He put it on and had it halfway buttoned up when Steve told him to leave the rest undone. It was a little tighter than Aidan usually wore his shirts but he reasoned himself into keeping it on with the thought that no one would be looking at him while he was near Steve.

"Alright get your ass in the car so we can go."


Aidan was so nervous. He didn't know where the hell they were going or what to expect. They were about two minutes down the road when Steve reached over into Aidan's lap and grabbed his hands. He hadn't even realized that he had been clinching them. He relaxed his grip and Steve returned his hand to the wheel.

"Relax, I would never let anything happen to you. It would be hell to find another roommate." he said soothingly." Here this always helps me when I'm stressed." he said reaching to get a CD out of the back seat.

Aidan was thoroughly surprised when jazz came through the speakers. It actually did relax him. He laid his head back on the head rest, closed his eyes, and let the music fill him.

He awoke when the car stopped. Steve pulled the keys out of the ignition and got out. Aidan followed suit. He turned around and saw a building with a big neon sign saying Purgatory.

Aidan blinked, then rubbed his eyes and said "You have got to be kidding me."

He looked at Steve and said, "Take me back, now."

"Sorry hon but I can't my shift starts at seven."

"Well then call Spence or Tyler to come get me"

"They are both on dates. Sorry, you are stuck here till I leave."

"I'll walk home." Aidan said not really intending to but wanting Steve to know he was serious about wanting to leave.

"Yeah right, I have to work till twelve and I would get home before you made it half way." He replied. He then turned around and walked towards Purgatory calling over his shoulder "You better hurry up and get inside. You really don't want to be outside when it gets dark."

Aidan cursed, kicked Steve's car a few times then followed behind him walking into the hottest and most sought after gay club in the city.