Author: Crystal
warnings: this story contains sexual exploits between two males if you are in any way offended by this please do not continue.
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Green Eyes and Picket Fences

Chapter 3

Aidan walked through the doors of the club and saw Steve talking with four other guys and one girl on the dance floor. There were a few others around, all wearing black, so he assumed that they worked here. Aidan got a few stares as he made his way to Steve. When he was almost to the group they noticed him as well and all conversation stopped. Steve had his back to Aidan but turned around when he saw the looks on his friends faces.

"You decided to come in instead of walking home?" Steve asked when Aidan got to his side.

Aidan was still angry with Steve so his just gave him the finger and opted not to yell at him in front strangers. Steve grabbed Aidan's middle finger and used it to pull Aidan closer to him so he could whisper in his ear, "maybe later I'll take you up on that".

A loud cough broke through the staring match Steve and Aidan were having and drew their attention back towards the five that were in front of them.

"Whose this?"

Although the question was directed at Steve the speaker's eyes never left Aidan. Grey eyes looked him up and down. When they finished committing every detail of Aidan's body to memory he held out his hand and said, "Since Steve's forgotten how to speak I guess I'll introduce myself. I'm Michael. I manage this place so what can I do for you."

Steve finally spoke up saying, "Aidan wants a job."

Michael's eyes grew large as he jumped and hugged Aidan.

"I'm sorry it's just that we're short staffed and our bartender quit today, which reminds me Steve I should kick your ass." Michael said turning to face Steve pointing a finger in his face.

"Hey Mike don't blame that on me, I told Justin it was only temporary." Steve replied waving his arms at Michael.

"And I've told YOU about fucking staff members. Like you don't get enough ass thrown at you with our customers do you really have to go through the staff to."

"Technically he wasn't staff when we fucked, he was still in the consideration process."

"Whatever," Michael replied turning back to Aidan, "Come talk to me in my office."

Aidan began to follow him when he noticed that Steve wasn't coming. He looked back Steve just said, "Go ahead, I've got some stuff to do before my shift. I'll come find you again later."

Aidan just shrugged and followed Michael through a set of doors. They led into a long Hallway. Michael went two doors down before opening one. He ushered Aidan through the door and then took a seat behind the desk as Aidan took a seat in front of it.

Michael began to log onto his computer completely ignoring Aidan, which was fine with him. Aidan repaid Michael with the same courtesy he awarded Aidan when he walked in and looked him up and down. Michael was as tall as Tyler but not as bulky. He had on glasses and they added a sophisticated/nerdy look to him. His hair was a mess, but it was the good kind. It was red with hints of blonde in some places. He looked so casual and relaxed. Aidan like him immediately.

"Are you finished yet?"

Aidan looked up and saw amusement all over Michael's face.

"You really shouldn't do that."

"Do what?" Aidan asked.

"Look at the guys here that way, they'll take it as an invitation and I take it that you and Steve are dating."

"WHAT!!!" Aidan fairly shouted, "No, you got that all wrong. Steve and I are just friends. I'm Straight."

"Oh thank god." Michael stated leaning back in his chair and relaxing a little bit more. "I love Steve to death but he can't stay with one person to save his life and you look like a nice person. So you're straight?" Aidan nodded at the question. "Well, at least you wont have sex with anybody working here and quit. Have you ever bartended before?"

"Yeah, It's what I did at my last job."

"Great. So you know your way around a bar?"


"You are so hired." Michael said standing up and walking back towards the door.

"Go down that way," Michael told Aidan pointing to his left, "and at the end of the hall is the prop closet. We're doing a masked theme tonight so just grab anyone of them you want in there and head back to the main floor."

"Masked theme?" Aidan asked.

"Yeah." Michael said enthusiastically. "Every two months we do some kind of theme night. It's usually always packed on theme night which is one of the reason you're a godsend. I need every one else to circulate and make sure everything stays PG-13. But don't worry," Michael rushed to add when he saw Aidan's apprehensive look, " The most you will get is someone buying you a drink. It's usually the waiters and dancers that get hit on. You are safe behind the bar."

Aidan felt a little better after Michael's statement and walked on down the hall. Unfortunately for him he was to far down the hall to hear Michael say, "Poor guy, they are going to be all over him."

After Aidan picked out a plain black domino mask from the closet he went back to the main floor to familiarize himself with where everything was. For the most part everyone was busy doing one thing or another so no one really spoke to him. He had just sat down when Steve and two others he was with this morning came to the table he was at.

"So, how goes it?" Steve asked as he sat down.

"All right I guess. I'm still a little skeptical about this whole theme night."

"Just be glad it isn't the S&M one or else you would be wearing a dog collar and a gag."

"I wouldn't mind seeing that." One of the guys at the table commented.

"Neither would I." Steve agreed.

Aidan wasn't sure he liked where the conversation was going so he changed the subject by asking the two guys their names.

"I'm Allesandro," The one who had spoken earlier replied. He looked to be Italian. He had dark skin and long curly black hair that was pulled back into a ponytail but there was still some hair that managed to break free of their confines. "And this is my brother Luca."

Even if Allesandro hadn't told Aidan that he and Luca were brothers Aidan still would have known. The two looked exactly alike. Same facial features and even the same hair, except Luca's hair was neater. It was totally slicked back with no stragglers trying to get free. Luca also looked to be the older of the two. Aidan stopped comparing the brothers when Luca started to sign to his brother.

When Allesandro started to laugh Aidan got the uncomfortable feeling they were talking about him.

"What did he say?" Steve asked. "He said that you" Allesandro answered pointing to Aidan, " shouldn't look at guys here that way or he'll forget you are straight and take you to the nearest closet."

Steve started laughing when he heard this but Aidan didn't think it was very funny. He just went a deep shade of red. He didn't need to be told a third time, from now on whenever he was introduced to some one he was not taking his eyes off his shoes.

"Alright guys," Michael shouted so the whole room could hear. "We're about to open the doors so get were you need to be."

Allesandro and Luca walked towards two of the platforms that were scattered across the room. Aidan concluded that they must be dancers.

"Okay hon, my tables are across the dance floor from the bar so unless you are dying or want to get pawed by every guy in here I wouldn't try to come get me for any thing. Best of luck though." With that Steve practically skipped across the room. Well at least someone was enjoying Aidan's distress. He went behind the bar and put on his mask. The lights in the club dimmed until it was almost pitch black. Then the Techno lights began. Aidan had to admit it was pretty cool.

Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.

Aidan was in Hell.

Michael was a fucking liar. Not only had he been hit on, he'd been grabbed, kissed, asked for a blowjob, and told in vivid detail how flexible some guy was. The one truthful thing Michael had told him tonight was that the club was usually packed on theme night, it was. There wasn't a seat left and very little floor space. One thing Michael forgot to tell him was that mask night was also shirt optional. Most of the people here opted to go without one.

"Hey," A guy said down the bar, "Can I get a strawberry daiquiri."

Aidan went to get more ice and while he was doing so glanced at his watch. It was 11:45. Aidan knew Steve's shift ended at 12:00 but the club didn't close until 2:00. He wondered how long he was expected to stay.

When he gave the guy his drink the man gave him his phone number. When he left Aidan added to the ever-growing pile in the trash.

He began to lose himself in thought again when there was a tap on his shoulder. Aidan jumped slightly and the blonde who had come up behind him laughed. He had on a purple mask with feathers sticking out the sides.

"I'm your replacement." he said handing Aidan Steve's keys. "Steve said to meet him at the car in like 20 minutes. "

"He isn't off already?" Aidan asked.

"Yeah," the blonde answered, "but he went to the back room with someone a few minutes ago and told me to give you the message. "He then turned back to the bar to take an order.

Aidan was at a lost. At least he had the keys to the car. Aidan sifted through his options. He could stay in here and wait for Steve or go out to the car. The decision was made when some guy grabbed his ass. Aidan was not staying in here any longer. There was still one problem. The dance floor was in between him and the door. How the hell was he going to get through there without being touched, was it even possible? The answer came to him pretty easily, no. When he felt yet another hand on his ass he said, "fuck it" and started to make his way through the dance floor.

He was doing okay wading through the sea of people until he got to the middle. The guys here were way more aggressive and didn't like to take no for an answer.

A guy grabbed him by the waist and hauled Aidan up to him.

"Hey there." Whoever this was said to him.

Aidan was thrown for a loop. He didn't know how to get out of this situation. He could only stare at the man whose arms he was in. Green eyes. Although the mask covered half of the man's face Aidan could tell he was very could looking. There was something familiar about his looks, but Aidan couldn't put his finger on it. He was Aidan's height and had short brown hair. He was also shirtless. Aidan so had to get out of here.

"Dude," Aidan said getting the other guys attention, "you got the wrong guy."

He responded, "No, I meant to grab you."

"No you don't understand," Aidan explained, "I'm not gay."

"Hm. Normally that would be a problem but you are to cute to pass up. I'm Travis, and you are?"

"Aidan, now will you let me go."

"No." Travis answered. His hands were traveling up and down Aidan's back and it was beginning to feel to good for Aidan's comfort. "I'll make a deal with you instead."

Aidan interest was piqued. "What do you want?" he said looking at Travis skeptically.

"Nothing to horrible. You have to dance one complete song with me and then I'll let you go."

Aidan thought about this. One song, what harm could there be. He'd dance and then go find Steve so he could get the hell out of here. He looked up into Travis's eyes and said, "One dance and that's it."

Travis smiled as if he'd just won the lottery and said, "Just one dance."

Aidan nodded but then was at a lost.

"What's wrong?" Travis asked.

"I don't know what to do. I've never danced with a guy before."

Travis just laughed and said, "Don't worry about it, just do what I tell you."

Travis pulled them closer together. The song was slow and very erotic. Travis put his hands on Aidan's hips and whispered in his ear, "Put your arms around my neck and close your eyes."

Aidan did what Travis said. The music was hypnotic. Travis was guiding Aidan's hips, rocking them side-to-side. A hand rose to touch Aidan's throat and then made a trail down his chest. His fingers deftly opened the buttons of Aidan's shirt. Aidan had started protest when green eyes rose to meet his. All words died on his lips. This guy was beautiful, the kind that takes your breathe away. Travis brought their chest together and slipped his hand beneath the fabric of Aidan's shirt to rub his back. It felt so good Aidan could barely contain a small murmur of contentment.

Travis leaned forward to whisper in Aidan's ear, "You don't understand how hot you look at this moment. I Think it's unfair that I only get to have one dance with you when I want so much more than that."

Aidan felt his temperature start to rise.

"There is so much I want from you, so much that I want to do, but since I can't how about I tell you instead." Travis then bit Aidan's earlobe and Aidan had to fight very hard to suppress a groan. "You've never been with a guy before so I would take it very slow the first time. First I would touch every inch of your skin, memorizing every spot that makes you shiver, every spot that makes you moan. Then I would concentrate on two places I love very much."

While saying this Travis had brought one of his hands from behind Aidan's back and his fingers started to slowly circle one of Aidan's nipple's. This was beginning to feel entirely to good. Aidan had to put a stop to this, they were in the middle of a dance floor where anyone could notice them. Aidan was just about to pull away when Travis took the nub between two fingers and squeezed.

"Oh God." Aidan exclaimed and then moaned when it was done again.

Travis moaned in his ear and said, "You sound so good, I would make sure you made plenty of those noises." Aidan didn't know how much more he could take of this. His dick was hard and he knew Travis could feel it because he could feel Travis' on his leg. "After I get you hot for me what would you want then?" Travis asked. "I know what I would want. I'd want to tie you to my bed. Yes, I'd tie you to my bed because I know you would love it. Once I'd tied you down I would go for the gold. Open your eyes."

When Aidan did green eyes met his. A hand began to travel down his body. Aidan's eyes widened when he realized Travis's intent. He shook his head and mouthed no, but Travis just smiled and grabbed Aidan's cock.

If Travis hadn't have been holding onto him Aidan might have collapsed of shock right on the dance floor.

"I'd kiss my way down this. I'd lick the slit first." Travis said and then elicited a moan from Aidan by letting his finger slide over it. "Then I'd mouth the head. You would be squirming all over the bed at this point, which is why I'm glad I tied you up. You would try to make me take more of you in my mouth, but I wouldn't let you. I would keep this up until you couldn't take it anymore then I would lean down and take all of you in my mouth."

Aidan almost came. He was so hard but the bad part was he was humping Travis' leg. He couldn't help himself and he was so close to the edge. Travis then spun him around put his cock in the crease of Aidan's ass.

"I'd fuck you after that." Travis pulled his hips back and slammed back into Aidan.

Aidan gasped at the sensations he was feeling. He wanted Travis so badly. He'd never would of thought he would want a guy to fuck him so much. Travis reached up and pulled Aidan's face towards his.

"If I hadn't of promised you after once dance I would let you go, I would make you mine, all night long." After that speech he kissed Aidan. It was like nothing Aidan had felt before. He'd heard of people feeling a spark in their first kiss with someone but this was more than that. It was like lightning had struck his whole body. Aidan had never felt so much in a kiss before. When Travis pulled back it took Aidan a second to catch himself. He finally opened his eyes and saw that Travis was standing there with a smug look on his face. Normaly Aidan would be mad but the look was deserved. That kiss was awesome.

"Well I am a man of my word. I'll let you go now, unless you don't want to."

It took a second for Travis' words to sink in and then another minute for Aidan to understand there meaning. The song had changed. Aidan stood there for a second. His mouth opened to speak and then closed. Did he really want to leave Travis? Aidan knew the answer and he didn't like it all that much. He wanted to let Travis take him home and do all the things he whispered he would. He wanted it, but something held him back. He couldn't do this, he was not into guys. He had to go home and think. He wouldn't be able to do that anywhere near this man.

"Maybe next time." Aidan replied.

Travis smiled sadly at him and said, "Thats for sure because if we meet again, I wont let you go."

He then turned around and walked towards the bar. More than one eye followed him. Aidan felt a little jealous of the guy who would get to go home with Travis tonight. He turned around, walked towards the entrance door and headed to the car. He and Steve arrived minutes within each other.

"Have fun tonight?" Steve asked.

"Yeah, loads."

"What happened to your shirt?" Aidan glance down and noticed he hadn't bothered to button it back up when he came out the club.

"I got hot." Aidan stated. It wasn't as though he wasn't telling the truth, he was hot at the time.

They got in the car and Aidan handed Steve the keys. They drove in silence all the way back to the house. They made a quick stop because Steve said he was about to die of hunger. When they got there Aidan noticed an extra car. He thought to himself that Tyler or Spence must have brought someone back. This was proven to be wrong when Steve jumped out the car saying happily, "He's back."

He started running to the house when Aidan asked, "Who?"

"Tyler's brother."

"He has a brother." Aidan asked himself because Steve was already at the door opening it and wasn't really paying any attention to him.

When Aidan came inside the house Tyler had launched himself at some guy sitting beside Tyler. After he finished squeezing him to death he punched the guy and said, "Don't you ever stay away that long again or I swear I'll kick your ass."

Tyler turned and noticed Aidan then and said to his brother, "Oh, you haven't met our new room mate yet." The brother turned around and looked at me when Tyler said, "Aidan I'd like you to meet my older brother Travis."

Oh God. Aidan was so fucked.