Author: Crystal
warnings: this story contains sexual exploits between two males if you are in any way offended by this please do not continue.
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Green Eyes and Picket Fences

Chapter 4


Aidan was shocked. He didn't know what to do. Luckily Travis was a little more together and spoke first breaking Aidan out of his stupor.

"Hello Aidan, nice to meet you."

He stuck out his hand and Travis quickly took it into his wondering what Travis was doing. He knew Travis recognized him, he saw it in his eyes. Apparently he was as disinclined to tell the others was about what happened as Aidan was. Well two could play this game.

"Hey, nice to meet you to."

After what Aidan percieved was a sufficient amount of time he began to withdraw his hand, and was surprised when Travis wouldn't let him. He held a few more seconds, squeezed, and then let go. There was no doubt in Aidan's mind at this point that Travis knew exactly who he was.

"Well, I'll let you guys catch up." Aidan said and began to walk to his room. "I'm really tired and need to get some sleep."

Aidan was almost out the room when he heard Tyler say, "Wait Aidan."

Aidan turned around to look at Tyler.

"Do you mind sleeping with Spencer and letting Travis have his room back for a couple of days?"

"Sure." Aidan replied calmly but on the inside he was anything but. He had been sleeping in Travis' room, on Travis' pillows, on Travis' sheets. After his initial shock of sleeping in Travis' domain wore off he realized what Tyler said and a "Damn" was out before he could stop it.

When Tyler heard this he said, "He can sleep with me if you reall want your room..."

He trailed off when Aidan started to wave a hand at him.

"Sorry about that it's not what you think. Spencer likes to," Aidan tried to find the right phrasing, "I guess cuddle would be the best word."

Travis and Steve burst into laughter while Tyler just looked at Aidan in sympathy.

After the laughter simmered down Steve put his arms around Aidan's waist and said, "Well you can always sleep with me."

"Yeah right," Aidan said unhooking Steve's arms and stepping away. "You would probably molest me in my sleep."

"You say that like it's a bad thing." Steve replied.

Aidan began to go to bed again when Travis said, "We could just share the bed. I'd hate to kick you out of your room. You stick to your side and I'll stick to mine."

"Where's the fun in that." Steve said not noticing the look Aidan was giving Travis.

Aidan stared at him like he had grown to heads. Travis couldn't be serious. There was no way in this world Aidan was getting within 10 feet of the same bed as Travis. While Aidan was waging this internal battle everyone else had took Aidan's silence as acceptance.

"Whatever." Steve said breaking the silence. "You two have fun sticking to your sides of the bed but if you get lonely you know who to come to. I'm beat so I'm going to sleep." He turned to Travis and said, "We'll talk in the morning kay."

With that he began to walk to his room. He threw over his shoulder "Tyler if you wake me up before twelve, I'll scratch up all of your new pots and pans."

"Do you believe him?" Travis asked his brother.

"No. But I'll hide them just in case." He hugged his brother and said, "It's great to have you back."

Tyler kissed him on the forehead and walked to his room leaving Travis and Aidan alone.

"We're not sleeping together." Aidan said turning to Travis.

Travis walked toward him and said, "Don't be like that. I meant what I said, I really will feel bad for kicking you out your room. I promise to stay on my side of the bed and try not to touch you too much. I know how much you like it and don't want to." Travis stopped when he was a few inches away from Aidan. "About earlier..."

"No, No." Aidan said before Travis could say another word, "It was a lapse in my judgment and it won't happen again."

Travis laughed to himself.

"You have some real issues, you know. Normally I would run in the other direction on to easier territory. But for some reason I think you will be worth the headache and the hard on."

He then grabbed Aidan's wrist and started to pull him towards the room.

"Come on. I've been up for almost 24 hours and I need some sleep."

When they got to the bedroom Aidan noticed a couple of differences. First of all clothes that were not his were on the bed. Secondly there were three big suitcases on the floor. Aidan concluded that Travis must have come here before going to the club.

Travis let go of Aidan's wrist and went to his suitcase and fished out a pair of pajama bottoms. Aidan then watched as he stripped. He kept telling himself to turn away but he couldn't. Travis commanded attention from everyone in his vicinity. Aidan was enjoying the way Travis took off his shoes and socks. The way he unzipped his jeans. The way they................. slid down his................ naked hips. Travis was not wearing underwear. Aidan began to hyperventilate. 'Ohmygodohmygodohmygod' was repeating in Aidan's mind. He thought he was going to faint.

Aidan finally got himself together enough to turn around before Travis saw the way Aidan was drooling at him. After he composed himself he began to undress. Usually Aidan slept naked but under the present circumstances he didn't think it was a good idea. He decided to sleep in his boxer's. When he finished, he turned around and saw that Travis was already in the bed and appeared to be asleep.

'He must of been really tired' Aidan thought to himself. He then slipped into the other side of the bed trying his best not to wake Travis. He looked so peaceful when he slept.

Aidan hadn't slept so well since he was a child, since before he had worries.

He woke up but didn't want to get up from bed or open his eyes. He was so at peace he snuggled deeper into his pillow. He felt like he could stay in bed forever. But, life was calling him. He mentally shuffled through things he needed to get done that day and put Spence at the top of his list. It was passed time he talk to his best friend about the happenings of the last few days. Maybe Spence could make more since and tell Aidan what the hell was going on with him.

After mentally setting his day Aidan went to rub his eyes and realized he couldn't move his arm, it was stuck between Aidan and something. That's when he opened his eyes. The soft pillow he thought he was laying on was actually a rock hard chest. Aidan looked up and was met by green eyes. He than did what was natural and freaked out. He sat up, and in his haste to get as far away from Travis as possible, fell off the bed flat onto his back and broke a vase.

Travis leaned over the side of the bed he was on and asked, "Are you alright?"

Aidan just stared up at him. He felt like an idiot. When he replayed the scene in his mind he started to laugh. Soon, after seeing Aidan was okay, Travis joined him. They were still laughing when Steve came in the room.

"What the hell was that?" he asked looking tired and disgruntled. Aidan looked at his clock, it read 8:30. No wonder Steve was so cranky, he still had an three and a half hours of sleep left.

"Aidan fell out the bed." Travis supplied.

"What kinky games were you playing to get Aidan to fall out the bed?" Steve asked. He yawned, began to walk towards the bed, and slid under the covers were Travis was last night.

Travis looked at the time as Aidan stood up.

"Fuck it's early, and you know we wouldn't do anything kinky without you to participate. It wouldn't be nearly as fun."

"Damn straight." Steve said, but his eyes were closed and Aidan thought he said it more on reflex than actual thought.

Travis looked up at Aidan and said, "You should come back to sleep."

He then patted the middle of the bed. Yeah right. Aidan wasn't going anywhere near the bed again.

"I wanted to go talk to Spence--" Aidan started but Steve cut him off.

"No one in this house gets up before 10:30 on a Sunday. It's our rest day and a house rule."

Shit. Now what was Aidan going to do. He couldn't think of a good excuse.

"Aidan stop fucking around and just get into the bed already, I'm to tired to grope you so you have nothing to fear kay." Steve said with a dramatic sigh.

Aidan couldn't think of anything that could get him out of this. Aidan looked at Travis and saw he was only halfway awake and was staring at him through very drowsy eyes. Steve was right. There wouldn't be any groping right now, they were both to tired for it.

"You could always go back to your bed." Aidan said putting his last card on the table.

"And you could of stayed in yours and not have woken me up. But if you are offering to carry me back I'll let you."

Aidan was trying to figure out which would be worse. He could take Steve to his room, but most likely Steve would try to feell him up before he got out the door. On the other hand he could jump into bed would these two and possibly get felt up later.

Aidan was still debating his choices when Travis took matters into his own hands and pulled him into bed. He settled Aidna between him and Steve, spooned up behind Aidan and said, "You think entirely too much. Just go to sleep."

"Huh, finally." Steve said snuggling up to Aidan's chest and wrapping a leg around him.

They were entirely too close for Aidan's comfort but he couldn't say anything. If he made a big deal out of this he could wake them up more than they were and he was pretty sure they would get idea's. So instead he closed his eyes and tried to sleep, he couldn't. How was he supposed to sleep in between these two. Both had hit on him more than once and Aidan had to admit they were both attractive. They made him uncomfortable, they made him forget who he was, not to mention horny as hell. Aidan then began to remember Travis and his dance the night before. All the things he whispered in his ear. The way Travis' body felt when they were rubbing against each other.

'Damn,' Aidan thought to himself. 'I have to stop thinking about him.'

Aidan could feel his cock starting to rise and the fact that he had these two guys plastered against him wasn't helping. He was trying his hardest to make it go down but his cock had a mind of it's own.

Aidan was still wrestling with his self control when he heard Steve say, "Well, I hope that's for me."

Aidan opened his eyes and tensed at the thought of Steve feeling how hard he was.

"Don't worry," Steve said sensing how uncomfortable Aidan was. "I'm not going to mess with you anymore. At least, not until you ask me to."

Aidan felt a little better. At least he knew one of his persuers had given up. Now it was just the other one he had to worry about. After Steve's little confession Aidan began to relax a bit more. Five minutes later he was sound asleep.

Aidan awoke to something poking his side. He grabbed what he knew to be Spence's finger and bent it back.

"How many times have I told you not to wake me up by poking me."

Ah, come on you know you love me and that really hurt you know. I should kick your ass."

Aidan snorted and sat up in the bed. The first thing he noticed is that the other two occupants were nowhere in sight. The second thing he noticed was the clock, it read 12:30.

"I figured I'd let you sleep late again." Spence said sitting on the bed beside Aidan.

"Thanks." Aidan told his friend. "And I'm glad you woke me up, we need to talk."

"I know."

Aidan then looked up at him suspiciously and asked, "What do you know?"

"Don't worry no one has told me anything but come on Aidan, I know when something is wrong with you."

Aidan didn't know where to start but luckily Spence did.

"How was the club last night."

"It was okay. I got touched in places I didn't know I had but other than that everything was fine." Aidan didn't know how to go about telling Spence about the rest of the night so he just said, "I met Travis last night at the club."

"I know"

Aidan was prepared for a lot of responses from Spence, except for this one.

"What do you mean you know? I thought you said they didn't tell you anything." Aidan said getting a little upset with his friend.

"They?" Spence asked raising his eyebrows. "Is there something I'm missing here?"

Aidan waved his hand at him and said, "Don't worry about that. Tell me how you know I met Travis last night."

"Okay but you have to promise you won't get mad."

"I promise. Now tell me already."

"Aidan I've always been curious about you. I've always wondered what your preferences were." When Aidan started to interrupt Spence put a finger to his mouth and said, "I know you like women but you look at guys to, you have just never noticed that you do. When you got kicked out of your place I got an idea to finally see where you were exactly. That's one of the reason's I wanted you to move in here. I figured Steve would be all over you and we'd all find out if you are at least Bi. That night when we were all talking in the kitchen I asked Steve to feel you out. Tyler was so not happy with messing with you that way but it was two against one so what was he going to do. Anyway I haven't been able to talk to Steve so I don't know if anything has happened with you two or not.

Well, I got a call from Travis last night. I met him a couple of week ago when he stopped into town for a few days. We became good friends, I even told him about you." Aidan had begun to protest again when Spence stopped him again and said, "Not my suspicions, but how we met and how good of friends we are. Well, when he got back here and no one was here he called me up. I told him that Tyler and I were on a date but Steve was at the club. I then got another idea and told him he should go to Purgatory and check out the new bartender."

When he finished Aidan sifted through everything Spence told him. Then he got really angry.

"What the fuck Spence," Aidan yelled, "That was some shady ass bullshit you just pulled. Get out, just get the fuck out."

"Aidan, I know you're mad but believe it or not I was doing this for you."

"You were doing this for me? So, you were lying and treating me like some piece on a chalk board for my own good." Aidan's voice seemed to be getting louder with every word. He got up and started pacing.

"Yeah," Spence yelled back at him, "I did. You don't see yourself the way I do. You don't see the way you let women walk all over you. And you want to know why, because you don't care about them. You let them walk all over you because you feel guilty for not giving a damn. Hell you let Kristy cheat on you for two months, and don't try to say you didn't know because even I knew and I didn't even live with her."

Spence then sighed and reached out his hand to stop Aidan's pacing. His voice was calm again when he said, "Aidan, you have to stop lying to yourself. You and I both know you probably had a better time with Travis last night than with any of the girls you've dated."

Aidan sat on the bed beside Spence and said in a small voice, "That still doesn't give you the right to play God with my life."

"I know. and you can guarantee I won't again. But you have to know," Spence said taking Aidan's hands between his. "I did this for you. You're my best friend and I hate to think that you would keep yourself from being happy."

"I've noticed the way I look at guys, but you and I both know why I've ignored it."

"I know, but maybe your father--"

"Come on Spence. You and I both know he would disown me. We both remember what he said to you."

"Yeah I remember."

Both of their minds went to the night, three years ago when Aidan's father found out Spence was gay. Aidan's father was telling Spence about the family that had just moved in across the street and told him that they had a 18 year old daughter he might want to look up. Spence and Aidan just laughed and Aidan told his father that she was not Spence's type. Well Aidan's father began to argue saying that they hadn't even met the girl yet. Well, that's when Aidan asked his father if they had a son. They did and he was 24, his father said the he had only seen him once the day they were moving in. Aidan told his father the brother would be more Spence's type. He had never seen his father so angry in his life. He told Spence to get out. He added some words that Aidan wish he didn't remember his father saying. No matter how much he wanted Steve or even Travis he couldn't let himself be with either of them.

Spence broke Aidan out of his thoughts when he said, "You deserve to be happy. What your parents don't know won't hurt them. I'm the only person here that knows them and I won't be calling them up anytime soon."

"You know I hat lying to my parents." Aidan said lying back on the bed.

Spence plopped on his stomach beside him and said, "technically you wouldn't be lying, just keeping something from them."

Aidan put his hand over his eyes and began to sort through his thoughts, but Spence just wouldn't shut up.

"You should go out with one of them you know. Or even both of them if you're feeling kinky."

Aidan smiled. That's why he loved Spence. He knew just what to say to lighten his mood.

"Maybe I will, but for now" Aidan said wanting to turn the conversation on something else beside himself. "How about you tell me about you dating Tyler."

Spence blushed and buried his head in the cover. He then looked over at Aidan and said, "last night was our first date. I had been at him for two weeks and he finally said yes the day before you moved in. He has this thing about dating your room mates but as you know, I am very persistent."

"Only with the things you really want." Aidan added.

"Well, I really wanted him. Aidan," Spence began but then stopped and leaned towards his ear to say, "I think he's it."

Aidan whispered back, "what do you mean?"

"I mean that I have never met some one like Tyler before. Not only is he beautiful but also he's kind and he cares about other people's feelings. I mean, we were on our date last night and he was talking and we were laughing and I thought to myself, I could spend the rest of my life with this guy, and we haven't even had sex yet."

Aidan had never seen Spence so excited about a guy he hadn't slept with. He leaned over and hugged his friend said, " I don't know him that well but if you like him that much, he must be a hell of a guy."

They were still hugging each other when Steve came in.

"Oh, this is so sweet. Damn, I wish I had my camera."

Spence got up from the bed flipped Steve off. He then helped Aidan up and said, "get dressed so we can go get something to eat. Tyler is taking us all to lunch to celebrate Travis coming back."

"Yeah," Steve said. "We figured you got side tracked and I was sent to see what was up."

"My bad."

"Whatever. Could you two hurry up and get dressed I'm starving." Steve said walking out the room.

"Yeah, Yeah. It's always about you and your stomach." Spence said trailing after him.

Aidan was left alone in the room with his thoughts. They were on two tornadoes that had recently blown into his life.