The Handy Man

    Nobody at the bank ever suspected that Edward Carter was gay. Maybe it was the naiveté of his coworkers or the fact that he had been married and his wife had died years ago and therefore above suspicion in a town where gossip was the activity of the day. To all that knew him, he was a quiet widower who held their mortgages and refinanced their loans.

    Ed as he liked to be called always had a smile for everyone and seldom showed anger. His face was unlined and tanned from the sun accentuating his blue eyes. He was a man of medium height with broad shoulders and a stocky frame. Corpulent was how he liked to think of himself, but when he looked in the mirror he knew that he was heavy. Over the years he had become his own competition liking heavier, older men. Twinks just didn't do it for him. Good tailoring concealed his thickening waistline. His hair once black was now speckled with gray. He dressed conservatively knowing that as a bank's president he had to look and dress the part. Since college he had worn the same cologne and had his shirts made in England.

    Weekends, he could be seen fishing from the banks of the river that bordered his property or trimming the hedges, cutting the grass or fixing something that needed attending.  Living in a big house alone had it's drawbacks. He was alone and lonely except for a housekeeper, Mr. Holgart who cleaned and cooked for him. His constant companion was his black, Labrador Retriever, Midnight who slept at the foot of his bed and followed him around wherever he went. The house had belonged to his mother's family since before the Civil War and he couldn't bring himself to sell it.  The thought of moving into town into one of those new condominiums that were springing up didn't appeal to him.

    After his wife's death, friends tried to introduce him to widows or other women that they thought he might be interested in but he always declined their invitations and in time they stopped asking. He was fifty-five and the thought of retiring was something that he had entertained but he didn't know if he could fill up his day with meaningful activities to make it work. Sure, he read, gardened, played golf poorly and had interests but didn't want to be like some of the customers who came into the bank and went from one doctor's appointments to another to keep themselves busy.

    One afternoon Ed sat on the front porch of his home, drinking a gin and tonic and watching a hawk in flight. The bird was magnificient as it caught the thermal drafts of air and soared higher and higher barely moving its wings. Suddenly it swooped down and came away with a rabbit in its talons. The smells of summer filled his nostril: the freshly cut grass, the scent of herbs from his garden and Midnight needing a bath. He loved to run through the woods and had been sprayed by a skunk more then once. In the distance he could see a car approaching, it's tires kicking up dust along the country road. As it came closer he saw that  it was a truck that had seen better days. The truck stopped in the driveway and a man got out. He appeared to be in his early forties and was heavy. He was big, standing over six feet tall and looked strong. He lumbered when he walked and his thighs pressed against his jeans. His shirt was open and drenched with sweat and the outline of his fleshly chest and nipples protruded through his shirt. His arms were muscular and his beer belly hung over his belt line He mopped his brow with a red bandana and Ed knew that the truck had no air conditioning.

    "Sorry to bother you," he said in a strong voice as he stood on the front steps. "My name is John Slovak. Mrs. Peters at the bank said that you might need some work done around the house. I'm a good carpenter and handy man and could do the grass and general things around the house." He had an accent, although his English was good. His hair was neatly trimmed and the color of summer wheat. He had strong features with alert green eyes. "I really could use the work. I don't drink, smoke, gamble and I'm honest."

    Ed smiled. Barbara Peters, his executive assistant had sent him out here. Ed, had complained that his weekends were spent doing household chores and he didn't have time for himself. He looked at the brawny man who stood before him and nodded his head. "I think I could find some things for you to do around here."

    The man smiled broadly. "I don't know how to thank you. I'll work hard for you to show you that you made the right decision."

    "I'm sure you will. Where are you living now?"

     The man looked embarrassed but said, "In my truck. Things haven't gone as I've planned. The construction job I was working on finished and I was promised work that never materialized. I've been doing odd jobs to keep me going until I find something permanent."

    Ed looked at man carefully as if he was appraising a piece of jewelry or a painting. He was clean. His hands were large but his nails were spotless and his pants and shirt were ironed.

    "Mrs. Branson, an older lady who lives in town has been kind to help me with food. She does my laundry and lets me wash up. In return I cut her lawn and do other odd jobs. If you like, I'll give you her number and she'll tell you about me."

     Just then, Midnight came running through the fields and stopped at John Slovak and sniffed him and began wagging his tail. He jumped up and licked his hand. "That's it, the boss likes you and just gave his approval. Look, John. I have a small gatehouse that you can use. It's not much but it's clean and it sure is better then that truck you're sleeping in. It will be room and board and two hundred dollars a week. You get every other Sunday off. If that is all right with you, then I can show you the gatehouse."

    John hugged Midnight and followed Edward Carter to the stone gatehouse that guarded the entrance of the main house.

    Ed had trouble sleeping that night. It was not like him to act impulsively and yet he had. He had always prided himself on thinking things through before he made a decision and here he had hired a man he didn't know without any credentials except working for Mrs. Branson who was an eccentric. Yet, Ed had always been a good judge of character and Midnight seemed to corroborate his feelings. Sex with his wife had never been satisfactory for either one of them. Like a good southern boy, he married, bowing to family pressure but he knew that he was gay. He suspected that his wife also knew and whenever she planned a trip out of town it was for her own fulfillment. They had an understanding and their marriage survived until her death. Ed felt the tension within him when the man stepped out of the truck and he saw his beefy chest and big belly. For as long as Ed could remember he was a chubby chaser. He liked his men heavy and John Slovak was heavy. Did Ed hire him because of his attraction towards him? He knew that was the case? Was he embarking into dangerous waters? This John was a drifter, a man sleeping in his truck and yet he had given him a job. Was lust so powerful? He knew that it was. When John Slovak looked into Ed's eyes did he see the hunger burning within Ed? Was Ed being a fool? There was no denying that he was attracted to him but what were his expectations? Would a night's pleasure satisfy Ed and then what? The man would be his employee and the fear of blackmail was something that Ed thought about. Investors wanted somebody conservation watching their money and not some gay banker having an affair with a drifter. He didn't even know if John was gay and would he reciprocate his feelings towards Ed.  He stared through the window past the weeping willow tree that stirred in the breeze, to the light in the gatehouse where John Slovak slept. In the distance, storm clouds gathered and soon rain would fall. Ed got back into bed and fell asleep to the sounds of rain on the windowpanes wondering if he made the right decision about the new handy man.

    John Slovik proved not only to be honest but was enterprising, working long hours and doing projects that Ed was meaning to get around to doing but never had. With him around there was no need to call in professionals for there was magic in John Slovik's hands whether it was carpentry, a paintbrush or gardening.

    One afternoon at dusk, as Ed was walking Midnight he spotted John by the river bank. It was at a spot that Ed had used as a boy as a  swimming hole. It was concealed from the house and Ed had skinny-dipped there with his friends.  From where he stood, he couldn't be seen. He watched the heavy, handy man unbutton his shirt and drop it on the ground. John was dark as the berries that he had picked that afternoon and Mrs. Holgart, his housekeeper had made into pies. His skin was unmarked and smooth except for a smattering of hair between his fleshy pectorals. His nipples were large and like a piece of juicy fruit. Ed felt himself getting hard as John massaged his beefy belly with his calloused hand, sweat glistening on his body. With his other hand, he shooed away a bee. Slowly, he slipped off his jeans and removed his jockey shorts and placed them on the ground. Between his strong muscular legs hung a large uncircumcised cock and low hanging balls.  John pulled back the foreskin and the flesh unfolded revealing a large mushroom cap head. Ed was erect and his cock pressed against his gabardine trousers as he watched John enter the river and let out a whooshing sound as the icy water chilled him. His stroke was strong, his shoulders muscular as he swam from one end of the bank and back and then headed to shore. He stood at the water's edge letting the sun's rays warm him.  His fleshy pectorals and round belly were beaded with water like dew on morning grass. His hair was damp and hung limply from his handsome face and he pushed it from his forehead. He turned revealing beautiful shaped buns that were round and firm. His ass was like two ripe melons and Ed was salivating. Ed stood there quietly, fearful that Midnight might bark and give him away.  Ed was leaking pre cum as John lay on the grass, a field of wildflowers behind him and began to play with himself. Ed stood there behind a tree, a voyeur as John put his fingers to his mouth and put spit on his fingers and began to stroke himself. Ed held onto the tree feeling weak, from the excitement of watching this heavyset handyman playing with his nipples as he masturbated, stroking himself slowly. John pulled back the hood revealing a red bulbous mass that glistened with spit as he moistened it.  Ed, pulled his cock from his pants. It was of average size and cut. His breathing became labored as he watched John rub his belly and stroke faster and faster as the rabbit came out of the hat. In the sunlight John's organ appeared bigger and thicker. Sweat poured from Ed's forehead as he manipulated himself watching John squeeze his nipples. Quicker and quicker, John's massive hand moved up and down his shaft and then he cried out as a projectile of cum erupted from him and flew into the air landing into the grass. Cream poured out of him and Ed seeing the magnificient load came at the base of the tree. Ed stood there cum dripping down his leg afraid to move lest he be discovered. He looked for Midnight who had disappeared. John cleaned himself off, dressed and walked along the river toward home. Ed cleaned himself off, the image of the big man etched in his brain. As Ed walked toward the house, he smiled. It had turned out to be a beautiful day.

    Ed spent many afternoons at the same spot but John never appeared and Ed soon stopped going. He fell asleep at night with thoughts of making love to John fantasizing what he would do and avoided John when he could lest his feeling be known. He was obsessing over the man. Often, they met on the property and their eyes met and John would smile, say something and go about his duties leaving Ed with an erection. Months went by and one day John asked if he could see Ed privately that night. The fear that John was going to leave had Ed so worried that he couldn't concentrate and he left the office early.

    "Mr. Carter, he said, never calling him Ed. I've been here nearly a year and."

    "Aren't you happy here?" Ed asked with concern as he looked into John's green eyes. They were as bright as a saphire.

    "Very happy. It is just that I need to ask a favor of you."

    "If it's money, I have already instructed Mrs. Holgart to increase your salary to three hundred dollars a week."

    "It's not the money."

    "Then what is it?"

    "I would like to have every Sunday off if that is possible. It is something that I would like if you don't mind."

    Ed sighed a relief. "I think that can be arranged."

    "Thank you sir," he said, and shook Ed's hand and Ed felt the power in his handshake and wondered what he was like in bed.

         Every Sunday morning John left the gatehouse and didn't return until later that night. Ed would watch him leave from his bedroom window and wondered where he went. He had no friends, no visitors and stayed to himself. He ventured into town on occasion but that was for a meal at the diner and then he was back home and in bed by ten. True to his word, John didn't drink, gamble or smoke and except for the time that Ed watched him jerking off, he didn't know where he went but he was going to find out.

        Rain fell sharply that Sunday morning as John's truck left the front gate and Ed followed in his pickup that he used for supplies. Trailing John at a safe distant, he watched John head onto the highway driving towards Billington, a college town twenty miles south. As they entered the city limits Ed kept back and watched as John pulled into a mall and park his car. He got out and Ed, like some spy in a thriller followed John where he went. Close to the mall and down off a side street was a movie house. He watched John buy a ticket and enter a gay movie theater. John was gay and that is where he went every Sunday. The mystery was solved.

    There was an elation within Ed that he had trouble containing. He raced back to his car and drove home and sat before the fire and waited until John would return. At nine, Ed headed for the gate house and knocked on the door.

    "John, it's me, can I come in?"

    John had come out of the shower and was standing in a towel that was draped around his middle, his upper body still wet.

    "Anything the matter boss?" he said in a  friendly voice.

    "No, just came by to see how you were doing." He looked around the room and it was neat and clean. With Mrs. Holgart's help, he had fixed up the small house so it was cozy. There was a fire going in the stone fireplace and the room was warm. "You did a nice job with the place," Ed said."

    John stood there in his bare feet and Ed could see the bulge through the towel. They were close and Ed knew he was now in dangerous territory. He turned to leave.

    "Maybe, I better be going," Ed said.

    "Don't go," John said. "Why don't you stay for a while. It's not late." He let the towel slip from his waist and he was standing there naked. "Is this what you wanted to see? I was hoping that you would come tonight and that you wanted me."

    Ed stood looking, his face flush and the erection in his pants growing. He was helpless and knew that all the things that he thought or felt didn't matter. All the matter was that he wanted John.  "I've been waiting for  months afraid to make a move fearing that you may not have wanted me. I had given up hope. I knew that I wanted you from the first day that you walked onto your property and you looked at me."

    "I wanted you but was afraid that I was a handy man and not good enough for you."

    They stood inches from each other, John's naked body illuminated in the light of the fire.

    "Over the last year, I have come to know a man who was decent and hardworking, but a man as lonely as me. I'm here now and do want you."  He moved toward John and reached out and took his hand and held it. They held each other. John opened Ed's shirt to reveal his hairy chest and nuzzled his face in the soft hairs.  He took Ed into his arms and kissed him on the lips It was gentle and they stood in front of the fire as John undressed him. John  put a blanket on the floor and two pillows and they lay next to each other.

    Ed had not been with a man for a long time. The question was could he perform? He was like most men who were insecure in their sexuality. Looking at John with his freshly scrubbed face and hair that smelled of pine, he knew he would have no problem. His hand caressed the softness of John's belly and moved to his fleshy chest and felt the silkiness of John's nipples. They were large as his mouth encircled them. He rimmed them first with his tongue and then with his lips. John moaned as Ed kissed his neck and moved towards his mouth planting kisses on his cheeks and his mouth found his lips. His tongue snaked into John's mouth, his passions inflamed. They kissed caressing each other as their hands roaming each other's bodies. Ed's kisses thrilled John as their tongues discovered one another.

Thunder filled the sky as John ran his tongue on the inside of Ed's lips. He hungrily sought out Ed's hairy chest and John's mouth found Ed's nipple and began to lick it softly moving his tongue around in a circle. With the nipple into his mouth, he gently applied pressure as he sucked and felt it grow. Ed was delirious with excitement as John massaged his tits sucking one then the other. His nipples were hard and sensitive.  John began a slow decent down Ed's body as a serpent searching for dinner. He played with Ed's large belly holding it and feeling it against his skin. It was soft and he kissed his belly and then his bellybutton. His tongue entered the tiny space and the pressure of the tip of John's tongue was something that Ed had never experienced before.  John Felt the softness as his face nestled in Ed's public hair, smelling the expensive cologne that Ed always wore. John took his mouth and tasted the pre cum that dripped down Ed's cock like sap from a tree. His tongue licked it up like a sponge a spill. John began to suck the head of Ed's cock as Ed writhed on the dusty blanked moaning as John moved slowly on his dick. Swirling his tongue as it moved in circles around the head as he made love to him. John's  mouth was filled with saliva and he slid up and down and in the wetness of his mouth, Ed felt the excitement building within him. He knew he would be able to control himself and moaned.

    "Please don't make me cum," Ed pleaded. They held each other as the fire died down and kissed as the embers glowed.

    It was Ed's turn to please John and he  milked back the head of his cock and tongued the bulbous head tasting the elixir as he licked inside the foreskin as John's cock grew in his mouth. He sucked on it like a child with a lollipop licking and tasting the sweetness that was his. Fine blond hairs covered his large balls as Ed sank his head and licked slowly moving his tongue up and down. It make John shiver as Ed's warm tongue washed his balls. John lifted his legs and his ass was exposed. Ed licked hungrily at the perineum, and John lifted himself off the blanket as Ed tongue snaked from John's balls to his ass and back. Ed had never rimmed a man but he wanted to taste John, wanted his face buried in his ass loving him. John caressed his head lovingly as Ed sucked on his meat tasting what he had missed for so long. He wanted his load in his mouth, to taste his seed and began to suck faster and faster as his mouth devoured his organ into his mouth.

    "I'm close," John said. "Do you want it?

    Ed's head bobbed up and down on John's cock now slick with his own saliva and he knew that John was ready and so was he. His mouth opened and he felt the thickness of John's cock as it fucked his mouth. John cried out and began to spasm as wave after wave of his seed filled Ed's mouth and he tasted the sweetness that he had wanted for the last year.

    John held him and kissed Ed with a sweetness that he had not know with other men. It was as if Ed had been reborn and discovering feelings that he never knew existed. John's mouth sucked Ed's wide dark nipples and twirling them between the balls of his thumb and forefinger until they stood tall and proud. Ed was moaning. Sweat dripped from him and John licked the saltiness as he worked down his furry belly into the well of his navel where the sweat had gathered. He traced a saliva trail as he worked his way down to Ed's cock where he pounced on it like a cat on a mouse. His tongued licked the head with a slowness as he worked around  the rim and his mouth sucked the pre cum that had formed as a pearl at his slit. Ed  gripped the blankets as John moved up and down on his throbbing organ taking more and more of his cock into him until he was deep throating him. John was an expert with his mouth and Ed had never known the pleasure of this slow, sensuous loving. He had found satisfaction in glory holes and darkened movie theaters. John was making love to his instrument and sucked with emotion as he savored the meat that he was licking and tasting. There was a joy as he sucked on Ed cock, moving faster as his saliva now filled his mouth and he glided up and down on Ed's tool. He spread Ed's leg apart and kissed the inside of his thighs and licked his balls as Ed purred like a kitten after being fed. John put spit on his finger and softly inserted into Ed's ass. He winced as the finger probed the ring of his ass. He curled his hips to make entry easier as John once again pushed his finger into Ed. This time the finger slid into his ass and Ed relaxed.  It wasn't sex that Ed felt as John's mouth moved up and down on his cock. It was  love from a man who was special to him and he responded as John's finger moved inside him and sucked on his cock. Ed knew that this was what was missing from his life. What good was money and position if you were alone and empty. John sucked him faster and faster, his finger darting in and out of his ass that had Ed riding a wave and he was higher then he had ever been before. The tingling of his prostate as his ass puckered as John moved faster and faster on him made Ed know that he was about to give John his love. He took John's hand and held it as he cried out, "I'm yours," and erupted. It was like hot lave flowing down a mountainside as John was ready and took the hot load  filling his mouth with Ed's joy. John tasted the heavy cream and swallowed it. He licked the last remaining drops from his piss hole and then moved up to him on the pillow and kissed him. It was a long, sensuous kiss.

They held each other and watched the burning embers die and talked and then made love again. As Ed drifted off to sleep, he knew that he hadn't made a mistake with the handy man.