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Happy Birthday

By Redbear, August 2002 (

Chapter 4

Jonathan smiled as he remembered that night. He'd stayed in touch with Dave, as a drinking mate when Dave was not otherwise engaged. Dave was always a good laugh, but stuck to his rule. Nonetheless, Jonathan had learnt a great deal from that single night, awakening depths of feeling that he had not known himself to be capable of.

"Fuck!" he yelled, as a splatter of fat from the frying eggs caught him on a sensitive spot. He heard a burst of laughter from the bedroom above.

"It serves you right for cooking in the nude," the voice called down the stairs. "I keep telling you, you should wear an apron."

No, reflected Jonathan, if it hadn't been for that night with Dave, he would not have been emotionally ready for finding his own partner / lover / long-time companion. He was happier now than he felt he had ever been.

When he got back home on Friday, after his night with Dave, Jonathan found another e-mail from Mark awaiting him.

"Subject: Happy Birthday!

"Wrom: QW href="">

"Hi, Jon,

"(Do you mind my calling you that? Jonathan just seems so formal).

"I'm just dropping you a line to wish you a happy birthday. I hope all went well last night. No hard feelings -- I'm just sorry I lost the race.

"I'd still like to keep in touch, though, if you don't mind, and maybe meet up with you sometime. Who knows, maybe I can hit top of the list by the time you reach 47! Let me know if you fancy joining me on mountain bikes some weekend, although I imagine you'll be spending time playing with your latest birthday present...!



"Subject: Re: Happy Birthday!

"Wrom: OY href="">

"Thanks for your e-mail, Mark.

"I had a great night last night. Modesty and decency forbid me to tell you all about it, but I can tell you I am stiff (in the wrong places) and sore this morning. Unfortunately my birthday present was single use only, so I shan't get to play with it again in the future. Too bad, but it was fantastic while it lasted.

"I think I might still be a bit saddle sore this weekend but I'd like to meet up with you for a ride (mountain bikes, remember?!) next weekend, or whenever you are free.

"All the best,


"P.S. I guess I don't mind being called Jon. I'm just used to everybody calling me Jonathan and I'm in the habit of introducing myself as that."

After clicking on send, Jonathan reread what he had written and was surprised at how flirty he had been. Shit, he didn't behave like that with anybody, let alone somebody he did not know, nor knew anything about. But perhaps it was that very anonymity which allowed him the liberty to express himself so freely.

Meanwhile, his parents had always taught him that it was polite to send a thank-you letter for birthday and Christmas presents.

"Subject: Hot night!



"Thanks for an awesome and unforgettable birthday present. I cannot believe your generosity and can only hope you enjoyed it even just a fraction as much as I did. If you are as caring and thoughtful with your clients as you were with me, last night, I imagine you are pretty heavily in demand.

"I respect your honesty and your lifestyle. I shan't be looking for any more freebies (though, who knows, I might offer to pay sometime...). However, if it's OK with you, I'd love to get together for a drink or a bite to eat on occasion, when you are free. I really enjoyed your company.

"Thanks again for everything. I hope to be able to sit down comfortably by the end of the weekend but, meanwhile, I'll treasure every twinge as a reminder of the best birthday present I have ever received.

"Bye for now,


Duty done, he headed for the bathroom and a long, hot soak, followed by a quick nap. He was due to be meeting up with a bunch of ex-colleagues, that evening, for farewell drinks, and he did not want to be too tired to enjoy it.

When Jonathan reached the pub they were meeting at, he was surprisingly relaxed. He guessed the fact that he was no longer their boss, and so could let down the barriers, played a big part in this. A group was already at the bar when he walked in and let out a cheer of welcome. He smiled as he moved towards them, watching Bob and Phil throw back their beers in order to benefit from the round he was about to buy.

"How's it going, lads? Nice day at the office?"

A barrage of verbal abuse came back at him, with phrases such as "idle sod" and "bloody student", making him laugh. They were a good crowd and he'd miss working with them in the future.

An hour or so later, having tanked up sufficiently on beer, they set off towards the nearest Indian restaurant for the traditional curry. As they were walking along, Phil turned to Jonathan. Phil was a big lad, with scruffy brown hair, that Jonathan had had to work quite closely with in the previous few months. He had recently been through a difficult break-up with his girlfriend. He and Jonathan got on quite well and occasionally went walking or cycling together. From Jonathan's point of view, Phil was probably one of the closest of his recent friends from work.

"You look like the cat that got the cream," Phil said to Jonathan. "Did you get laid, or something?"

"Something like that," grinned Jonathan, blushing slightly.

"Oh, yeah, so who was the unlucky woman, then? I didn't know you were hitched up?"

Jonathan thought quickly. Since he had started working back in the UK, the fact that he was single and "of a certain age" had led to the usual rumours concerning his sexuality. However, as he had done and said nothing to support or squash the rumours, they had died down in due course. Should he say something now?

"Actually, it was a bloke," he responded quietly. "It was a sort of birthday present."

"Whoa!" went Phil, "Are you serious? Bloody hell!"

Then, after a further silence: "Does that mean you are gay, then?"

"No, not really", said Jonathan. "but keep your voice down, will you? I can't think of myself as gay. I like both men and woman, but at different times. Perhaps I'm a bit more drawn to men than to women but, before last night, I hadn't had sex with anybody in years. I've certainly never had a boyfriend, secret or otherwise, contrary to the rumours at work."

It was Phil's turn to blush. "So you knew about those, did you?"

"Of course I bloody did. But what does it matter? They were only rumours, after all. They never harmed my prospects at work."

By this time some of the others had obviously heard part of the conversation and Jonathan noticed that the rest of the group walking with them had gone quiet. What the hell, thought Jonathan; if they don't like it they can lump it. It's no skin off my nose anymore; I don't work with them now.

In fact, the others seemed to take it quite well. Perhaps they had always believed the rumours, so it came as no surprise to them, or they just accepted the situation at face value and had no problem with it. Either way, Jonathan was relieved. Whilst he had never particularly tried to hide his confused sexuality (he had no need to, never having any partners), nor had he gone out of his way to publicise it. This was a relatively painless way of coming out.

Chapter 5

The rest of the evening was uneventful. Some of the others decided to go clubbing after dinner but Jonathan was still tired after the previous night's pleasures. In any case, going to a straight club was not what most interested him at the moment.

He was surprised, though, when Phil asked if he could walk with him back towards Jonathan's house.

"Sure. Why?"

"There are some things I just wanted to talk about. Do you mind?"

They strolled along for a while, enjoying the balmy late summer air.

"So what were you wanting to talk about, Phil?"

"It's a bit difficult," stammered Phil. "You know I split with my girlfriend a few weeks ago?"

"Yeah, you were pretty cut up about it, as I remember."

"Well, as you know, she dumped me. However, I never told you why." Phil went quiet again.

"Go on," prompted Jonathan.

"Well, basically she felt she wasn't getting enough attention from me, if you see what I mean. I wasn't giving her enough sex and she complained that, when we did make love, it was as if I wasn't really there."

Jonathan remained silent and waited for Phil to find his way to describing what was bothering him. He had an idea what was coming, though.

"She was right. For the last couple of months, I've been attracted to another man. I haven't had sex or anything with him," Phil quickly added, turning anxiously towards Jonathan. "In fact, I he doesn't even know of my interest. But he fills my thoughts, and every time I was with Jenny I was imagining what it would be like to be with him. It was really uncomfortable. I've never felt like that before. Sure, I've admired other men before, but I just assumed that was normal. I've never lusted after one before.

"Of course, I didn't have the guts to explain this to Jenny, so she just thought I was losing interest in her. So out of fear of hurting her by explaining what was going on in my mind, I ended up hurting her worse, and myself. And I do love her. I just don't know how to tell her, or if it would even be fair of me to try to win her back."

"I know your problem," said Jonathan, at last. "I've been through exactly the same scenario several times. In the end, I just gave up on sex and relationships because it was driving me mad, my body flipping backwards and forwards between wanting men and wanting women. I regret now that I never had the courage to confront my demons and hope that the woman I loved loved me sufficiently to understand what I was feeling. But I'm finding that my wants are increasingly one-sided, now, towards men. So perhaps, had I locked myself into a relationship earlier on, I would now feel trapped and we would have grown to hate each other.

"I don't know what to advise you, Phil, I really don't. You have to find your own solution. If you really do love Jenny, and want to make a go of it knowing full well that you will find yourself distracted from time to time, then you should talk to her honestly about your feelings and fears. If you don't feel that strongly, then you are probably better out of the relationship in any case, and you should wait until you find someone, male or female, who you really feel ready to make your life with."

They walked on again, in silence. Phil had his head down and was clearly deep in thought. Jonathan knew how difficult this must be for the other guy. Just the fact that he had opened up to Jonathan on the night he learnt of Jonathan's own sexuality, was an indication that Phil did not even know any other gay men (or none that he knew were gay, anyway!). He must be really hurting, now, thought Jonathan. He put his arm around Phil's shoulders, gave a comforting shake, then dropped his arm back to his side.

They were nearing Jonathan's house when:



"Jonathan, this is really out of order, I know, but I need to ask you. Would you sleep with me?"

Jonathan stopped and turned to face Phil. He looked at the man in front of him, the shaggy brown hair framing a large, homely, square face, above a powerful, toned swimmer's body.

"Phil, I really like you and I have to admit, many blokes would fancy you, including me, in the right circumstances. But you are a good friend and I like you just as that. I don't want to get into a relationship with you."

"OK, but would you sleep with me? Just the once, tonight? I've never been with another bloke and, before I try to make any decisions about how to move forward, I need to find out if this is really a part of me or just some idiotic, passing fancy."

"Shit, Phil! Listen, I know I got laid last night, but I don't sleep around. Last night was my first sex in years. What's more, you're still in doubt as to your own sexuality. You've never had sex with another bloke and you are going to feel guilty as hell after your first time. I don't want to be the guy that you never speak to again because you feel ashamed to be near me. You're asking the wrong man."

"I'm not." Phil clasped Jonathan's shoulders. "I trust you, Jonathan. I know that you will take it easy with me and help me not to be ashamed. Pleeease?"

Jonathan felt his resolve weakening. The puppy-dog brown eyes under the mop of hair pleaded for a positive answer.

"Answer me one question, Phil. Am I the guy you've been fantasising about?"

It was Phil's turn to look shocked. "Christ, no, I wouldn't pull that shit on you, Jonathan. I'd have said if it was you. No, it's a guy I met at the swimming pool. He's always there doing laps in the early morning, when I get in. We've spoken to each other a bit while resting up at the end of the pool, but he's married with a new baby. I know I'll never have him, but I need to understand if the feelings I have are based on sexuality or just the fact that I'm jealous of his body."

"Shit." What to do?

"OK, Phil, I'll do it. But remember what I said earlier. I'm not looking for a relationship. If we do this right, hopefully we'll both enjoy it and there will be no regrets."

They reached Jonathan's house and climbed the steps to the door. Jonathan looked at Phil then gave him a quick kiss on the forehead before opening the front door and letting them in.

"Do you want anything to drink?"

"Just a glass of water will do, thanks."

Jonathan led the way into the kitchen and ran the water until it was cool.


"No thanks."

He filled two glasses and they stood there, in the glare of the bright kitchen lights, looking at each other. Phil looked less comfortable, now, without the security of the night's dark.

"Are you sure you still want to do this?" asked Jonathan.

Phil smiled shyly and nodded in the affirmative.

"More water?"

When Phil shook his head, Jonathan took his glass and placed it in the sink. Taking Phil's hand, he led him up the two flights of stairs to his bedroom, where he lit a small bedside light. He turned to Phil and looked questioningly into his eyes. As Phil did not look away, Jonathan pulled him forward and kissed him slowly and gently on the lips, edging them open slightly with his tongue, but not forcing an entrance. He felt Phil respond and the tips of their tongues touched and caressed each other softly.

They drew apart, looking into each other's eyes.

"I think we should just get our clothes off, first," suggested Jonathan. He wanted to avoid the risk of getting too steamed up and panicking Phil.

Watching each other, they slowly undressed, each mirroring the other's movements. Their shirts came off first, and Jonathan marvelled at Phil's firm chest and abdomen, a legacy of regular swimming, covered with a mat of brown hair. He smiled as he thought of the contrast with Dave, the previous night, then smiled more as he realised that, after years of celibacy, he was enjoying sex two nights on the trot with two different people.

Phil took Jonathan's smile as encouragement, and relaxed a bit. Despite his need to do this, he felt scared of the possible fall out.

They took off their shoes and socks and Jonathan saw Phil's large feet for the first time, a trail of brown hair leading over the arches and small tufts of hair on each toe. Jonathan's own feet were small -- just size seven -- and the hairs on the top were almost blond, contrasting with the red of his hair elsewhere.

Straightening up, they undid their trousers and took them off, one leg at a time. Jonathan admired Phil's tapering thighs, surprisingly sparsely covered in small brown hairs which thickened down around the calves. Like Jonathan, Phil wore boxer shorts and Jonathan could see the tent of a half-mast erection pushing forward against a damp spot on the front. He smiled at Phil then, hooking his thumbs over the elastic, pulled his shorts off one leg at a time before standing up straight in front of Phil. Phil did the same and they stood looking at each other's body.

Jonathan was not a size queen, but he had to recognise that Phil was particularly well-endowed. The head of Phil's partially erect penis peeked out from the confines of its foreskin, whilst the whole, some seven inches or so long, hung over a pair of large, low-hanging balls, surrounded by a thick thatch of long pubic hairs. For his own part, Jonathan suddenly felt embarrassed. He had never considered himself particularly well-blessed in the looks department. He tried to keep himself relatively fit at the gym, but his bone structure played against him. He had a slight barrel chest which, combined with light bones and slender runner's legs, made him feel ungainly. He knew also that his growing age, and the fact that he was bald with a greying fringe and red hair, all counted against him in the gay stakes, where younger men were the inevitable prey.

In fact, and this made him feel worse if anything, he knew he was attractive to a certain type of woman because he radiated fatherhood and security. A damning indictment!

"So, Phil, not quite the dreamboat of your imaginings, huh?"

"No," replied Phil, "but that is partly why I asked you. I like you and trust you, and you are so far in looks from the guy at the pool that, if I enjoy my time with you, I'll feel comfortable that there really is a homosexual side to my character. And besides, you're not bad looking in a comforting sort of way. You make me feel that I would be safe and secure with you."

Jonathan groaned inwardly. So it wasn't just a certain type of woman that felt that way!

"OK, then, so here I am. I'm not going to push you into anything, Take your time, explore my body and, as you progress, I'll start to respond, but always staying a step behind unless I have your permission. Just remember, with a man's body, I am likely to like the same things you do, so do to me what you enjoy yourself and you'll probably not go too far wrong.

Phil stepped forward and took Jonathan's face between his hands.

"Thank-you for doing this," he whispered, then pulled Jonathan forward into a deep kiss. As they kissed, Phil moved his hands back around Jonathan's head, then down over his shoulders, down his back, to his buttocks. Pulling Jonathan into him, he ground his crotch into the other's, feeling Jonathan's manhood stiffen in response. They kissed like that for a while, rocking and thrusting gently until both men were rock hard from the sensual feel of skin on skin.

Phil then pushed Jonathan back onto the bed and started licking around his nipples. "Mmph," he laughed. "It feels strange, finding hairs around nipples."

Jonathan grinned and reached down to give a small tweak to one of Phil's own nipples. He then continued to stroke around the nipple with his fingernail while running his fingers through Phil's hair. Meanwhile, Phil was still licking and sucking at Jonathan's nipples and was gently stroking Jonathan's stomach with a circular motion, rubbing against the top of Jonathan's pubis and bumping under the head of his prick with each motion.

He lifted his head and looked up at Jonathan. "Can I touch your cock?"

"I bloody hope so," laughed Jonathan. Reaching down to the top of Phil's thigh, he pulled the other round so that he could access Phil's groin.

Phil tentatively stuck his tongue out and licked at the pre-cum oozing out of the top of Jonathan's prick. "Mmm, not bad," he said, before working his mouth over the glans and down the shaft.

Jonathan licked around Phil's large balls, sucking first one, then the other, into his mouth and rolling it around his tongue. He then licked forcefully at the perineum, causing Phil to groan, before sliding his tongue between Phil's balls and up the shaft. While Phil was pumping his mouth up and down Jonathan's rod, Jonathan ran his tongue around the outside of the edge of Phil's foreskin, before sucking the whole foreskin into his mouth and drawing it completely over the head of Phil's penis. He then rolled his mouth back over Phil's prick, simultaneously pushing his tongue under the foreskin and running it around the edge of the glans. Phil went wild, and Jonathan had to struggle to avoid Phil catching his dick on Jonathan's teeth. Keeping Phil in his mouth, Jonathan rubbed Phil's abdomen with the back of one hand whilst caressing the back of Phil's thighs with the other. Gradually he worked this hand up the thighs to Phil's buttocks than started to stroke around his anal pucker.

Phil groaned more and lifted his head from his ministrations. "Will you fuck me?" he asked.

"Whoa, are you sure you want that?"

"Please," said Phil, "I need to know what it is like."

Jonathan pulled Phil up towards him and kissed him on the mouth whilst rolling him over onto his back. Lying on top of Phil, he worked his way slowly down Phil's body, kissing and licking as he went, leaving barely an inch of Phil's front untouched. He pushed hard with his tongue around the pubic area, whilst massaging Phil's balls in his hand, then plunged his mouth back over Phil's cock and swallowed it down his throat until he could fell Phil's curly hairs tickling his nose. Sensing Phil's balls tightening up, he pushed hard on his perineum to stop him coming, then lifted his head from Phil's member.

Licking down the front of Phil's rod, between his balls, and down over his perineum, he lifted Phil's legs up then darted his tongue into Phil's pucker. He pushed his tongue in hard, forcing Phil open whilst constantly licking around. He felt Phil bring his hand down and start jacking himself off, whilst groaning loudly and twisting his head from side to side.

Jonathan reached over into his bedside table and pulled forth a long-unused tube of lube and a condom, which he prayed would still be in date. Squirting the gel onto his middle finger, he ran his tongue back up Phil's cock and started using it to play with Phil's foreskin and glans. At the same time, he rubbed gel around the opening to Phil's anus and started to work his finger in. Twisting and pushing, he eventually gained entrance and felt for the nub of Phil's prostate. A massive leap from below him told him he had found it.

"Jesus," gasped Phil, "what are you doing?"

Jonathan lifted his head and smiled. "Relax, just enjoy it!"

He worked a second finger in, while moving his head back up to suckle at Phil's nipples. Phil grabbed his head and brought it forcefully up to his lips. Jonathan took this opportunity to pull out the condom and roll it over his own prick. Rubbing some gel over it, he pushed the head of his penis against Phil's entrance. "Just relax, now," he told Phil. "Jerk off and bear down as if you were going to have a shit. It will make it easier."

He felt Phil push down against his cock and pushed back against the hole. He felt the head pop in and saw he surprised look on Phil's face. "OK?" he asked.

"Yeees," went Phil, "It feels great!"

Kissing at Phil's eyelids, Jonathan continued to slowly push forward, until he felt his balls touching Phil's buns. Phil tilted his head back and kissed Jonathan on the mouth whilst curling his legs around Jonathan's body.

Jonathan pulled back until the head of his penis was just resting inside Phil, then started to make small thrusts into Phil. Gradually, he lengthened the thrusts, moving slowly and dipping his hips to ensure he would be rubbing against Phil's prostate. Phil moaned and jacked wildly at his engorged prick.

Jonathan leant back so that he could massage Phil's chest and nipples while he pumped. He licked at the inside of Phil's calves and knees, then leant forward again and stared to pick up speed, hammering forcefully into Phil with each penetration. He pushed his forearms under Phil's arms and shoulders then, with his hands resting on each side of Phil's back-thrust head, he bent down and licked hard at Phil's straining neck. Phil let out a massive groan and Jonathan felt the splatter of Phil's juices hitting him on the chin as Phil came violently. The clenching of Phil's muscled legs around him drove him to renewed thrusting until he could hold back no longer, exploding into the condom with a vigour he did not expect after the last night's prolonged activities.

After a few, final thrusts, he collapsed onto Phil, whose legs fell back down onto the bed. Twisting his head so that he could see the side of Phil's face, Jonathan asked, "Well?"

"Shit, Jonno, shit! That was amazing! I've never experienced anything like that. Fuck!" Phil was still gasping from the exertions.

Jonathan felt himself softening, and reached down to pull the condom off. He tied it off and threw it on the floor, before getting up to find a towel to clean Phil up. Phil sat up as Jonathan wiped the thinning cum from the forest of hairs on his chest and stomach. Throwing the towel to the floor, Jonathan sat facing Phil, so his legs were under Phil's bent knees and the two's crotches were almost touching again. He put his hands around Phil's shoulders and, looking into Phil's eyes, asked him how he felt.

"Really grateful. That was awesome, Jonathan. I had never imagined anything like that. It's probably left me even more confused. I guess, in a way, I was hoping you would just suck me off and then, after I came, I would just feel sexual relief, look at you, feel disgust, and know that I wasn't queer. But that hasn't happened. I know that I am going to want that again and again. You've really helped me mate, but I've got a whole load more soul searching to do now. This is going to take time to assimilate."

Jonathan kissed him. "Well, take your time. You've broadened your sexual horizons, tonight, but don't go closing other doors because of it. Sex with women is great also, remember, just in a different way. As you say, you're going to have to find your own way through this, and decide what it is that you really want."

Twisting back out from between Phil's legs, he said, "Come on, no point in fretting over things now. Stay here tonight and let's get some kip."

He drew back the duvet as Phil lifted himself up to the top of the bed. Phil lay down with his back to Jonathan and, turning off the lamp, Jonathan spooned up against his back and draped his arm around Phil's chest. Phil clasped his hand and gave it a kiss before sinking into a deep sleep.

Chapter 6

Breakfast was ready and Jonathan loaded the dishes, orange juice and coffee onto a large tray. It was tricky manoeuvring the tray up the narrow, spiralling staircase in his house, but he was growing used to it. He recalled the first time he had done this, with Phil waiting upstairs in his bed.

Jonathan was woken by a shaft of sunlight hitting his eyes through a gap in the curtains. His first inclination was to roll over, out of the way of the light, when he remembered that Phil was in his bed. Twisting his head round, he saw that the other man was still fast asleep, breathing smoothly. He was tempted to give Phil a sexual wake-up call but, on reflection, feared that the other might be less comfortable, in the cold light of day, with the previous night's activities. Would Phil feel guilty? Ashamed?

He decided that a more conventional awakening was called for. Extricating himself carefully from the duvet, he dragged on a pair of shorts and descended the two floors to the kitchen. Rummaging in the fridge and freezer, he managed to find some eggs and bacon, bread, coffee, orange juice. That would do, he thought.

He prepared a breakfast tray and, when everything was ready, carefully carried it back up to his bedroom. Phil, still asleep, had rolled onto his back and was snoring gently. Despite his earlier misgivings, Jonathan couldn't help at least a small gesture to the previous evening. Placing the tray on the floor, he leant over Phil and kissed him gently on the lips. Phil's eyes sprung open. When he saw Jonathan, he jerked his head away, then sat up abruptly. Startled, and slightly worried that his earlier fears had turned out to be well-founded, Jonathan stepped back from the bed and watched Phil rub his face and eyes.

Turning back towards Jonathan, Phil smiled and said, "Sorry, you surprised me. I'd forgotten where I was and I'm not used to being kissed awake by a stubbly face."

Relieved, Jonathan lifted up the breakfast tray. "Here, I thought you might need some sustenance after your nocturnal exercises."

Placing the tray by Phil, he walked round the bed and climbed in. "So how do you feel, this morning?"

Phil thought for a moment, buttering a slice of toast, before responding, "Still a bit confused, I guess, definitely a bit sore in the arse, and happy."

Putting his toast down with his eggs and bacon, he turned to look Jonathan in the eyes. "I really appreciate what you have done for me. I know that what I asked you to do was out of order and how difficult it must have been for you to agree. I'm glad you did. I have no regrets and I hope the same goes for you."

He leaned over and kissed Jonathan fully on the lips. After grappling for a while with their tongues, Jonathan pulled away first. "Bleugh! Dog breath!" before diving back in.

This time, Phil broke off first. "Come on, breakfast."

When they finished eating, Phil wiped his mouth then reached over the edge of the bed to place the tray on the floor.

"If you don't mind, there's just one last thing I'd like to try."

"What's that?" asked Jonathan.

"I didn't get to taste your cum, last night."

Jonathan felt his cock twitch in response. "I'd better have a shower first, then, unless you like your pricks tasting of latex and lube."

"Let's have one together, then I can leave you in peace."

"OK, you go and get the water running. You'll find a spare toothbrush in the cabinet. I'll just drop the tray down to the kitchen."

When he came back upstairs, he found steam billowing from the shower and Phil at the sink, cleaning his teeth. Jonathan pushed him sideways slightly and joined him at the sink. Brushing his teeth, he admired Phil once more in the mirror. Whatever man or woman ended up bagging Phil would have a winner in their hands. Although not classically good looking, he was well built and, importantly, was totally straightforward, honest and trustworthy. He would stick by whoever he chose to share his life with. Jonathan felt a twinge of envy, but pushed it to one side.

Phil got into the shower first and started shampooing his hair. Coming in behind him, Jonathan reached for the soap and started to lather up the rest of Phil's body, starting at the chest and working down, front and back, to his feet, paying particular attention to his arse and crotch. He took Phil into his mouth as Phil started to rub shampoo into his, Jonathan's, head. The steady motion of his head over Phil's shaft, combined with Phil's massaging hands on his scalp, had a hypnotic effect, and it came almost as a surprise when he felt Phil's hands tighten on his head whilst, at the same time, a jet of thick spunk hit the roof of his mouth. He milked Phil dry then stood up and pushed his tongue into the other's mouth.

"Not fair," said Phil, "it was your cum I wanted to taste, not mine!"

"Now's your chance," responded Jonathan, handing Phil the soap.

Phil soaped up Jonathan's body, slowly massaging every part. After rinsing him down, he bent to Jonathan's rising manhood and proceeded to engulf it in his mouth. As Jonathan was not so big, Phil did not have too much difficulty working past his gag reflex until he found his nose rubbing against Jonathan's short and curlies. He started a pumping action, slavering his tongue around Jonathan's crown each time he withdrew and massaging Jonathan's scrotum, buttocks and arsehole with his hands. Under such ministrations, it was not long before Jonathan was groaning and jetting weak spurts of cum into Phil's mouth. Phil lifted his head and looked up at Jonathan.

"Sorry there wasn't more," smiled Jonathan. "The last two nights have taken it out of me, somewhat."

Standing up, Phil washed the last traces of their pleasure off their bodies, before turning off the water.

"Come on," he said, "I need to get home for some quality thinking time and you need to get back to your brief life of leisure."

They dried and dressed. Before opening the front door, Phil turned back to Jonathan for a last kiss. "Thanks. You've been a real mate."

That's the end of this part. I hope you enjoyed it. The next part of the posting will be a bit more reflective.