Head West Young Man


B. Clark & D. Frost

Chapter Two

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Previously in chapter one:

"Are we falling in love Jon?" Kris asked. "This is so new and different for me also. I loved my wife so much Jon, and when she died, I thought I would never love again. But when I saw you that morning at the train station I felt those feelings again, and I knew I would never be happy if I left you behind in Georgia."

"I felt it also Kris," he said looking into his eyes. "When you told me that you were moving to New Mexico I felt my heart sink. I didn't know why, but I knew I was going to lose a man which I had come to like and respect very much, and damn I didn't want that. However, when you asked me to join you Kris, you gave me hope that someday, we could be friends, as we seem to be moving towards here. You made me so happy that morning, and I felt like kissing you at that moment. I don't know if what we are doing here is right or wrong Kris, but I do know one thing, that I don't want to ever live without you in my life," and he kissed him.

"Well look at what we have here," Josiah said as he stepped from the shadows pointing his guns at them. "And I thought I was the only one that liked to dabble in men."

"What are you doing here Josiah?" Kris said as he stepped in front of Jon.

"Isn't that cute you protecting your boyfriend," he said with a chuckle as he aimed his gun at Kris and the gunshot's sound broke the silence of the night.

And now chapter two:


Josiah's face expressed the shock and pain he felt, as he froze for a second and then dropped to the ground. Behind him stood Jeb, and he still had his gun aimed at where he had stood. The shot into Josiah's back caused him to jump and he missed Kris and shot into the air.

"Jeb are you alright," Kris asked as he took the gun from his shaking hands.

"I'm not sorry I killed him Kris, but he was going to shoot you and I just couldn't let it happen," he said as he fell to his knees crying.

"It was in self defense Jeb, and no one is going to blame you, especially me," he said as he helped the boy to his feet. "We'll send for the sheriff, and you'll see, you'll be innocent of this."

"He won't hurt me or Juan anymore," Jeb said looking down at Josiah's body lying on the ground.

"No he won't Jeb, and rest assured no one shall ever know about what happened to you or Juan."

It wasn't long before Miguel and some of the others came running when they heard the gunshots. They froze when they saw Josiah lying dead on the ground.

"Miguel would you send for the sheriff," Kris asked.

"Si Señor," he said not taking his eyes off Josiah.

"Josiah tried to kill Jon and I, but Jeb came along and shot him as he was about to shoot us. Now send someone to fetch the sheriff," he told him and Miguel sent Hank.

Once the sheriff got there, most of the men had left except for Kris, Jon, Jeb and Jeb's father Clarence. Kris explained to the sheriff just what happened earlier.

"I knew something like this was going to happen Kris," the sheriff said as he shook his head. "He was in the saloon earlier boasting able how he was going to get even with you for letting him go. I hate to say it of the dead, but that man was pure evil Kris. His parents were good people and helped make our small town the way you see it is today. I will admit I do kinda feel bad for the fella; his parents were always disappointed with him, especially his father, and no matter what he did, he couldn't ever please him."

Taking a moment to reflect, he finally continued, "I'll have Carl come and get the body as soon as I get back to town," he said, referring to the local undertaker.

"It's too bad it had to end like this sheriff, but Jeb had no choice but to shoot him. It was him or us, and Jeb just did what he felt was right at the moment," and they looked over at Jeb who stood there with a sorrowful look on his face."

"I'd better talk to the boy," the sheriff said, and walked over to speak with him.

"You did good Jeb in what you did, so don't go beating yourself up over it," the sheriff said with his hand on Jeb's shoulder. "I would have done the same thing had I been in your place."

"It still doesn't make it right that I killed a man sheriff," he said as tears ran down his face. "The good book says thou shall not kill, and I killed a man," and he cried hard as the guilt swept over him.


"Son, the good book says not to kill because killing is wrong, but you killed a man of evil intent, and if that isn't God's way of smiting the wicked, then I don't know what is. So don't worry yourself too much about it, is what I have to say." The sheriff looked back at the men and with a nod of his head signaled that he was leaving.

"Come on son, let's go back to the bunkhouse," Clarence said to his son, as he led him away crying.

"I hope he gets over this Kris," Jon said as he watched the sobbing Jeb walk away.

"He'll be fine in time Jon, as we all shall."

Once the sheriff and the others left, Kris and Jon waited for the undertaker near where Josiah laid. Jon looked at Kris for a long moment before he said.

"I noticed what you did Kris earlier," he said as he turned to look directly into Kris's eyes. "You put me behind you to protect me from getting shot, didn't you?"

"Yes Jon, because I didn't want anything to happen to you," he said, as he placed his hands on Jon's hips. "The moment I saw Josiah point his guns at us I knew, I felt more than friendship for you and had to protect you."

"Kris is this right, you know, what we are feeling towards each other," he asked as he placed his hands on Kris's shoulders. "You know we won't be accepted for the way we feel about each other."

"Does that bother you that if we are discovered we would be hated or possibly killed?"

"It's not what might happen I worry about, but you and I will never be free to express our love for each other. We will have to always be just friends in public, and that's what tears me up."

"Well it bothers me also Jon, but I'd rather hide my love for each other then live without you in my life. If we must hide it Jon, then we do what we must do to be able to love each other."

"I agree Kris, and I don't want to live without you either, so I am willing to be just your friend outside our home," and they kissed as there friendship now moved to the level of lovers.

"I'm sorry sir for disturbing you," Jeb said as he came across them kissing.

"Jeb what is it," Kris asked as the two separated from each other.

"I just wanted to say thank you for what you did for me tonight with the sheriff," he said starring down at the ground.

"Jeb, about what you saw just then," Kris said as he moved closer to him to talk.

"That's none of my business sir, what you do in private," he said glancing up at him.

"Well coming across us kissing just made it your business Jeb, and I would like to explain it."

"Sir I know all about that kind of love, and how one feels for another man. You see, I love a man also that tried to protect me from Josiah's advances. We fell in love over time, and he never made a move on me as Josiah did. He knew what Josiah was doing to me and Juan, but he was helpless to prevent it. So he held me after, whenever Josiah came for me and took me. He would make me feel safe again, and helped me understand that it wasn't my fault that Josiah used me. I grew to love him sir, and he, me. Eventually we did become lovers, and it was me that took it to a sexual level sir, and not him."

"Does you father or others know about you two?"

"Oh God no sir, he would kill us both if he knew. We meet whenever we work together at night. After we finish our chores, we build a fire, and sit together before it. I hold him in my arms and we kiss and watch the fire. When the fire begins to die down, that is when we make love sir. I hope that telling you this doesn't cause you to fire us," Jeb asked.

"My God no Jeb, I wouldn't fire you no more than I would cast away my Jon. I'm glad that you shared your love story with us," he said and they both hugged him. "You see Jeb, Jon and I are just beginning our love for each other. We haven't a clue as to how to express our love."

"Shit sir; just do what you feel for each other. It's no different from loving a woman except he has a... well you know, like you a cock. My man and I, well we kiss and... Gosh, this is awkward sir, talking about how to make love with a man. Just do it like with a woman, but put it where it fits," he said as he patted Jon's ass, and even though it was dark, Kris could tell he was blushing.

"Ok Jeb, and thanks, but we will discover our own way to express our love sexually to each other," Kris said and he let him leave.

"Well Jon, we have quite the adventure ahead of us don't we," he asked holding him close.

"Yes we do Kris, but I'm glad I'm going to be sharing it with you," and they kissed.

The undertaker arrived an hour or so later with his wagon and the sheriff, to pick up Josiah's body.

"I guess this is another town freebee," the undertaker said showing his disappointment.

"Freebee sir," Kris asked.

"Freebee, like in, I'm not going to get paid for this job, because there is no family left to pay for it," he said sarcastically as he wrapped up Josiah's body in a sheet.

"No sir, I'll pay for your expenses, and see to it he gets a Christian burial also. He may have been evil, but everyone deserves to be buried decently."

"I'll see that he is laid to rest in his family's plot," he told him.

"Thank you sir, and just let me know your final cost after."

"I'll tell you now sir," he said standing up. "Two dollars like any other client."

Kris reached in his pocket and took the money and handed it to him.

"Thank you sir, and for the life of me I don't understand how a man could pay for the funeral of a man that tried to kill him."

"Because it's the right thing to do sir," Kris said and he could tell that he shamed the man by his deeds.

After the sheriff and the man left with Josiah's body Jon and Kris walked back slowly to the house holding hands until they knew they shouldn't.

"Its masquerade time my lover," Jon said as they stepped into the light of the full moon.

Kris pulled Jon back behind a large oak tree and he held him close to him and kissed him one last time before they went into the house.

Once inside the house, they saw Miguel talking to Maria and Juan. Juan was crying hard and his sobs were labored as he tried to talk.

"What's wrong Miguel," Kris asked as he noticed the anger in his eyes.

"I just found out what Josiah did to my son Juan. I cannot understand why he did not tell me Señor."

"Miguel come with me please," he said as Maria held her son close to her, to comfort him.

They walked out into the courtyard, and he sat Miguel down to talk with him. He sat right beside him and he put his arm around his new foreman's shoulder.

"Try to understand my friend, just how embarrassing and ashamed Juan must have felt," he said to Miguel quietly. "He was ashamed of what Josiah did to him, and he was also afraid of what he would do to him, you and your wife. I was told that he threatened to kill you both, along with Juan if he told you. That is a terrible weight for a child to carry Miguel," as Miguel's face showed the shock of hearing this for the first time.

"I do not know Señor, that Josiah threatened him so," and his tears flowed like a river down his cheeks. "I only saw the shame of what he did to him and no more."

"You're his father Miguel, and he trusted you to accept him even after what had happened to him. He needed to know that you still love him even though he was raped by Josiah."

"¿Qué he hecho yo a mi hijo"? (Or, what have I done to my son?)

Miguel rushed to his sobbing son and took him in his arms and they cried together in great sobs.

"I love you Juan, forgive me for my mistreatment," he said through his tears. "I know now why you held your tongue and didn't tell us. Can you forgive me son?" he asked as he looked into his son's tear filled eyes.

"Oh father, I love you so much," and he cried as Miguel held him close.

"What's wrong Jon?" Kris asked seeing him crying also.

"This is more than my heart can take Kris. To think that one man could have caused such pain by his actions."

"Then cry Jon," he said and started to take him in his arms, but he quickly gave him a manly hugged instead. "I'll meet you in your room," he whispered and let him go.

Kris sat down in the courtyard after Miguel and his family left, to collect his thoughts. Jon came back out and sat down beside him also.

"I think we need to face facts Kris, that our love is impossible to have," Jon said looking at him tenderly.

"No Jon, I refuse to let others dictate how I feel for you. If I have to, we will move to a place where we can be alone together. But I am not giving you or our love up for the comfort and thoughts of anyone."

"But Kris I saw how you wanted to hug me when I was crying earlier and you backed off, and just gave me a manly hug instead. If we must hide our acts, within our own home, how can we make this work? Are we going to slip away in the night to a place that is secluded as Jeb does with his lover, just so we can be together as we want to?"

"If that is what it takes my love, then so be it, but I will not lose you," he said defiantly.

"Ok Kris, as you say," and he got up and went back to his room.

Kris watched him walk away, and his heart was breaking just to be able to hold him as he wished to.

"What's wrong Señor," Maria asked as she stepped out of the shadows of some shrubs. "I no mean to listen to your conversation Señor, but may I say my peace."

"Maria you speak English," he said, surprised that she did, and afraid of just what she may have heard.

"Si Señor, when I wish to I can speak your language. Why is your heart breaking for Señor Jon? Now don't play me a fool Señor, because even though my English is not perfect, I am a woman, and women know love when they see it. You and Señor Jon have that look, and even though I don't understand that love, I can respect love for love's sake."

"Maria you are right, we are in love with each other. We don't understand it either, and it just caught us so off guard. But now Jon wants to leave, because we can't be together as we wish."

"And why not can't you be together, as you say? This is your house, and you should be able to do, as you want in it. Señor, I don't know what you feel for this man of yours, but my brother he feels the same for a man that he works with also. They have been like this for a few months now, and they find a way to be together."

"Where is it, that your brother and his lover live Maria?"

"Right here on the ranch Señor, Jorge is my brother and Jeb is the one that he loves. Josiah was doing the same thing to Jeb as my Juan," she told him and she had tears in her eyes. "My brother, he tried to protect Jeb, but it cost him many beatings Señor. But beatings or not, he persisted in his love for Jeb. Jeb and Jorge have a strong love that goes beyond our understanding of this. So what I think I say is, be you Señor. If you love this man, then show him because life is to short not to," and she gave him a kiss on his cheek and left.

"Jon," he yelled, and he came running out as fast as he could worried that something was wrong.

"Kris what's wrong," he asked as he saw him standing there alone.

Kris simply took him in his arms and kissed him with all the passion and emotions he was feeling. Jon stepped back and looked around and caught a glimpse of Maria smiling at him. He walked back into Kris's arms and he kissed him again.

"Maria knows about us, Kris," he asked as he held his man around the neck.

"Yes my love and her brother Jorge is the man that Jeb is in love with. Now come with me and let's go over to the bunkhouse, because I want to talk to Jeb and Jorge. They should be all alone there now because the others are out on the range working."

They walked over to the bunkhouse and found the door locked so they went around to the back door. It was unlocked so they opened it and entered. Across the room they saw Jeb and Jorge in bed as they made love together. Jeb's white ass was moving up and down rapidly, as he slid his cock in and out of Jorge's ass, and when Jorge noticed that they were being watched, he jumped, causing Jeb to fall to the floor.

"What the fuck you do that for," Jeb yelled getting up, and he still had not seen Kris and Jon standing there.

Jorge simply said nothing but only nodded over at Kris and Jon. Jeb turned to see what he was nodding at and dropped down behind the bunk to hide his nakedness.

"Ok fuck, I thought you said that you locked the door," Jeb said angrily to Jorge.

"He did lock the door, but not the back door that came in through the barn. It's alright guys and we're sorry that we interrupted you, but we wanted to talk to you about how to make love together."

Jorge laughed at the innocence of Kris, and he walked over to him and Jon.

"I'm sorry Señor but I am not laughing at you but your innocence. Now what can we tell you," he asked as he stood there naked in all of his glory.

"Well we are very new at this, and we have never done anything like this before with a man. We want to know how to make love...like you were both doing when we came in," Kris said.

"Then come my friend and let us show you," Jorge said as he took Kris and Jon by the hand and led them over to the bunks.

Jeb was now standing, and he looked at them with a look on his face that said this is a bit awkward.

"Jeb you take Kris and I'll take Jon, and let's show them how we make love," he said. "It's better to show them than it is to try and explain what we are telling them. Is that fine with you two," he asked as he looked from Kris to Jon.

"Can you give us a minute Jorge so I can talk to Jon," he asked.

He took Jon by the hand and led him over to another part of the bunkhouse.

"I don't know if I want to do this Jon, do you?" he asked.

"Not really Kris. I wanted our first time to be just that, our first time. I didn't want it to be with someone else, even if we do know them."

They walked back over to find Jeb and Jorge kissing again on the bed, and had figured that Kris and Jon had wanted their first time to be together. They sat on the bunk beside the two lovers, watched for a while, and then Kris got up and started to undress. Jon soon followed suit, and they laid on the bed together with Kris on top of Jon as they kissed. He glanced out of the corner of his eye, to see just what the other two were doing, and that was when he decided this wasn't going to work. They simply laid there and watched the two lovers as they continued to make love together. Jeb was kissing his way down to Jorge's breasts, and Jorge became very aroused as Jeb ran his tongue around the nub. He took his teeth and gently bit on one nub before moving to the other, and Jorge let out a moan of utter delight. When Jorge became too sensitive, Jeb moved down to Jorge's cock, licking his way as he went. He traced the gentle curves of his abs, as he caressed each crease with his tongue. When he reached his cock, he licked the head all around it, before he took it into his mouth. He moved all the way down his shaft until his lips were pressed tight against his balls. Then he moved back up the shaft until he reached the head again. He paid special attention to the head, and sucked it hard before going back down.

"Si my lover, suck your lover's cock," Jorge moaned out as he held Jeb's head in his hands and guided it up and down.

Kris and Jon just laid there, watching, as they jerked off their own cocks. It was when Jeb lifted Jorge's leg, and buried his tongue into his ass, that Kris paid special attention. He watched Jeb push his tongue as far into his ass as he could go, and the way it aroused Jorge beyond measure.

"Yeah lover, get me ready for your cock," Jorge crooned out as he clutched the blankets with his fists, and Kris watched as Jeb held Jorge's legs up and continued to fuck his ass with his tongue.

Jeb sat up and reached over the bed to the floor, and came back up with lard on his fingers. He rubbed it into Jorge's ass, and then put some on his cock, making sure that Jorge was well lubed. He wiped his hands on a rag then tossed it to the floor. He glanced over at Kris, who was now sitting up watching him, and gave him a wink, as he placed the head of his cock to Jorge's rosebud. With a gentle, but firm shove, his cock slid all the way in, and Jorge sighed as Jeb bottomed.

"Oh yeah cowboy, fuck me," Jorge said as Jeb slowly withdrew his cock, and then pushed it back into his ass hard and deep.

Kris made a mental note of what he saw and turned back to Jon. Jon was close to his edge, and Kris knew that by his breathing. He bent down and took Jon's cock into his mouth, just as Jon let lose with his first shot, and he gagged as Jon pushed his head down on his cock, shoving it down his throat. He quickly back off it, and it shot him in the face with his second and third shot of hot cum. He took his cock back into his mouth, but held just the head in his mouth as Jon gave him the rest of his seed. He kept sucking his cock until Jon was spent, and had acquired quite a mouthful of cum. He didn't know what to do with the cum he had as he sat back up, and Jorge glanced over and said.

"Swallow it Señor, that's your lover's sweet juice," Jorge said and Kris swallowed it.

It was thick and warm, but had a sweet taste he thought, as he ran his tongue around the inside of his mouth. He sat on Jon with his legs on either side of his hips, jerking his own cock off now. He was beating it as fast as Jeb was now fucking Jorge.

"I'm shooting Jon," he said and shot his first shot all over Jon's face and neck.

He kept pulling his cock quickly, until he had given all he had to give. He looked over at Jeb who was close to his edge, and watched as he climaxed.

"I'm fucking cumming cowboy," Jeb howled as he shoved his cock in hard and deep.

He shot his load deep into Jorge's ass, and they howled their delight together. Jeb fell down on his lover once he had surrender his seed and they kissed in their sweet afterglow. They kissed passionately while they road out their afterglow, holding each other tight, as they thrashed about. When they had calmed their breathing, they looked over for Kris and Jon, but they were nowhere to be found.

"I guess they wanted to be alone," Jeb said. "Come on lover, your turn to ride your cowboy," he said as he pulled his cock out and laid down beside him.

Kris and Jon walked back to the house, and they never said a word until they were in their bedroom. Kris turned, locked the door, and then turned to Jon and kissed him.

"Did you learn anything Kris," Jon asked as he stared at his lover's eyes.

"Yeah I love you is what I learned Jon," he said as he began to tear his clothes off.

Kris and Jon worked feverishly, as they tore at each other's clothes. Once they were naked, Kris took Jon over to the bed. As they lay down, they began to kiss ferociously, like two animals in heat. Kris started nibbling on Jon's ear lobe, before kissing his way down to his neck, where he sucked and kissed until he had left a huge mark. He licked his way down to Jon's nubs that were standing erect on his chest, and he bit down on one causing Jon to cry out.

"Fuck Kris I'm not a piece of steak," he said rubbing his nipple where Kris had bitten him. "Slow down lover, and go easy on me," he said pushing Kris's hair from his face.

Kris now sucked on the same nub, but now he gently nibbled on it, and then moved over to the other to do the same.

"Oh yeah, that's it cowboy," he said as he held him to his breast, and Kris suckled it until Jon pushed him on. As he licked his way down, Kris could taste the dried cum from when he shot earlier, and he licked at it like a cat licks it paws. Once he was satisfied he had tasted all there was, he moved down to Jon's cock. As he held it in his hand, he gave it a look before licking the head. He ran his tongue all around the head several times before he put it in his mouth. He started to move down his cock, and Jon, whose passion was intensifying, pushed Kris's head down hard and buried his cock down his throat as he had done earlier. Kris started gagging, he quickly pulled off Jon's cock, and he shot him a look.

"What the fuck Jon, you damn near choked me to death again," he said still coughing.

"Sorry Kris, but it felt so good I just wanted it all in your mouth," he said.

Kris just smiled and went back to Jon's cock, which was now starting to go soft from Kris yelling at him, and he swallowed it right down to Jon's pubes.

"There's that smell again," he thought to himself and he kept his nose buried in Jon's pubes.

The longer he lingered in Jon's pubes, the harder Jon's cock was getting, and soon it was as hard as before. Kris noticed that he had taken it all and started sucking it while it was still in his throat. He slowly moved back up the cock, and sucked, as he saw Jeb do on the head, and then went back down on the cock. When the cock got to the back of his throat, he again started to gag but as he swallowed, he noticed that the cock slid down easily.

"I found the secret to how to suck your cock Jon," he said all excited as he released Jon's cock.

"That's good Kris, now just show me cowboy," Jon said, as he glided his head back to his cock.

Kris went down on his cock, swallowed it down to his pubes, and then he slowly moved back up. He continued this until he had Jon close to the edge.

"Ah Kris, I'm going to shoot," he said and let it go right down Kris's throat.

This time, because his cock was deep down his throat, he didn't gag when the cum shot, and he continued to swallow it as fast as he could. Jon just held his head gently as he fed him his sweet cum, and Kris moved up and down quickly on his cock until Jon was spent.

"How was that lover," Kris asked as he moved up to kiss him.

"That felt great Kris, now let me do you," he said.

"No Jon, I want to fuck you like Jeb did to Jorge," he said. "It looked easy, and Jorge really liked it, so you should too."

Kris reached over to the table beside the bed and grabbed the lard, which he had taken from Jeb. He rubbed it into Jon's hole, and then put some on his own cock, before he wiped the excess on the bed.

"I'll clean it after," he said.

He put the head to Jon's rosebud, and looked down at his man who was holding his legs up for Kris and asked.

"Are you ready Jon?" Kris asked.

"Go for it lover," Jon said smiling.

Kris gave a push, and because of all the lard, his cock slid all the way in and bottomed.

"Ahhhhh fuck stop," Jon screamed out in agony as the pain overtook him. "Damn that is so fucking painful," he said as the tears rolled down his face.

Kris bent down like Jeb did, and kissed Jon, and the two kissed until the pain subsided.

"I'm better now," Jon said once the pain subsided, so Kris pulled out, but his cock slipped out so he grabbed it, and shoved it back in.

"Damn Kris, you fucking hurting me like this," Jon said, now wished he had sucked him instead of this.

Kris waited again for Jon to get use to the feeling and then he pulled up, but he was careful not to remove his cock. He pushed it back in gently, and figured he'd fuck him as he had his wife. Soon they had a rhythm going, and they were moving as one, with Kris fucking him gently. Kris was sliding in and out of Jon's ass now like a pro, and Jon was meeting his pushes with his own, as he held him by his hips. It wasn't long before Kris got to his edge, and he tried not to let it go, but the feeling was to overwhelming to stop.

"Fuck man, I'm going to shoot," he said, as he shot for the first time into a man's ass. "Ahhhhh fuck, that's so fucking wild," he howled, as he continued to slam his ass.

He was pounding Jon's ass now like a stallion in heat, and he couldn't stop the motion. He kept slamming his ass as he shot his cum deep into his lover.

"Give me it Kris, `cause I'm cumming again," Jon said, shocked that he was cumming without touching it.

As Kris filled his ass as Jon shot out his cum onto his chest, and they moved together as one. Once they both were spent, Kris fell down on Jon and they kissed, as they discovered their first afterglow.

"Well that worked," Jon said as he held Kris who was still in him.

"Yeah and I hope I didn't hurt you to bad," Kris said.

"Only as first bud, and man that fucking did hurt," he said as he kissed his lover again.

They were kissing feverously when they heard someone yell...

"Fire! The barns on fire," Hank yelled and Kris and Jon jumped from the bed and threw on their clothes.

The men were running like crazy as Kris and Jon ran out, as they hurried to pull the horses from the barn. The fire moved furiously, and was consuming everything in its path, as Jorge ran back into the barn.

"Jorge no," Jeb yelled at him, and then he disappeared into the burning barn.

Jeb was about to follow him, but as he approached the barn it began to give way. Kris grabbed him, and pulled him away just as the barn fell in a pile of burning rubble.

"Jorge no, come back," Jeb cried as he fell on his knees to the ground and he cried as he thought of his lover.

To be continued...

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