Chapter 19

Returning home.



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We left the four guys, their last night in Bangkok


We all met up in the restaurant and had a nice simple meal discussing the events of the day, even Mark managed a full meal in the end. The boys were still a bit subdued, Tony said he had never been so scared in his life but kept on praising Andy's role in the whole saga, not to forget Simons thoughts to install the extra security. We had run through the whole thing for the benefit of Charles and Julian who said they were grateful not to have been directly involved. Charles asked, “if we were still fit to leave in the morning”? We all looked at Mark, “yes, of course”, said, Mark, “unless anyone wants to stay”, we all said we would like to head home. “Ok then, can I suggest its time for bed, we need to be up fairly early to get to the airport by 11”. Mark thanked the staff for staying open for us and we made our way back to our apartments. Simon said “he would be staying in the control room for the night and reminded us to put the chain on the door”, “will do” replied Tony, “good night and thanks, again, no problem, have a good night, see you all in the morning”.

We left Charles and Julian on the12th and continued to the 18th, said goodnight to our policeman, shut and locked the door.

After such a hectic day we decided to make use of both rooms, wished each other a good night, both Mark and I went off as soon as our heads hit our pillows, fortunately, Mark remembered to set his alarm.


* * * * * * * * * * * *


We did not even get a lie in, Mark had set his alarm for 8 am but his phone rang at 7:20, he managed to find it, “Hello, Mark”, “Hi Richard”, “what time, is it”? “7:20”, “oh God, sorry did I wake you”?, “yes”, “so sorry but we have just woken to a BBC overseas news story”. “Bloody hell has it made the news”? replied Mark, “yes, are you all alright”? was Richards concerned question. “Yes, we’re all fine thank you, shaken but not stirred”, Richard chucked. “What are they saying”? asked Mark.The headline, Four British businessmen caught up in a 20th-floor armed kidnap attempt in upmarket, six star Bangkok hotel”. “Fame, at last”, replied Mark, Richard laughed, “so you're all Ok”, “yes, as I said, bit of a shock but Simon came through and dealt with it with the help of the Thai Police and Special Forces”. “Good news, are you still heading home today”, I can delay things if you need the time”, “no, we are fine and looking forward to getting home”, “Ok I'll let the crew know”, “thanks, Rich, see you soon”, “Ok bye”, “bye”.

The lads must have heard us talking and came in sat on the bed asking “what's happened”?. “Put the tele on, see if you can find BBC Overseas Service”, Tony found the remote and very soon found it. We were the top story, movie footage of the hotel entrance, with shots taken from a helicopter of the penthouse. A commentator was outlining what had happened and describing how the authorities worked to solve the situation. We lost interest when they brought in several “witnesses” telling all sorts of mistruths.

“Well, fame at last” repeated Mark to us all, I suddenly said “Oh God, Tony”, he looked at me wondering what he had done wrong, “I just said, Mum and Dad, if they see this they will freak out, get on the phone now and let them know your both Ok, use my phone it's downstairs on the table”, they both just took off without a word, “good thinking Dave”, said, Mark, as he got out of bed and made his way to the shower.

I rang Charles, just to make sure they were up, “good morning Dave, yes we are up thank you, just having coffee, have you seen the news”? “yes, good isn't it, fame at last. Did you two sleep alright”? “Not the best night, every slight sound woke me”, “me too, Mark was out like a light. See you a bit later for breakfast”, “Ok, bye”.

I suddenly smelt fresh coffee drifting into the bedroom and went looking for the source, Andy was in the kitchen with four cups already poured, “good lad, just what the doctor ordered, how we’re Mum and Dad”?, “Ok, glad to hear from us, they were still asleep, Tony’s still on the line to Dad, he wants all the details as always”, he grinned.

“Did the two of you sleep Ok”? “Apparently, I went out like a light but Tony said every little sound woke him, you”? “Same, Mark was out for the count but the slightest noise and I was looking into the shadows, think it might take a while to get over this one”, “yeah me too, here, enjoy this”, “thanks, lad, a good fresh cup of coffee, almost, the all-time cure-all”. Tony joined us and picked up his coffee, “how was Dad”? I asked, “glad to have been told, he wanted all the details, he's like that”, “don’t knock it, he's a good man” I replied. The two boys were sat next to each other with Tony's arm around his brother's neck.

“Ah, that’s a good sight to see first thing in the morning,” said Mark as he came into the kitchen, smiling at the lads, “coffee sir”? said Andy as he passed the last cup to Mark, “thank you, Andy, did you sleep Ok last night”? Apparently, like you, out like a light. “I rang Charles while you were in the shower”, “how are they, both Ok”?, “will we see them for breakfast later”, “yes”, I said, “I still need a shower”, as I headed for the bathroom. Mark's phone rang again, “Mr Mark”? “Simon”, “good morning sir, did you sleep Ok”, “yes thank you, not too bad under the circumstances, you”? “Very fleeting, been on call all night watching monitor screens, looking forward to the flight to get some shut-eye”, “thanks again for everything” I replied, “see you for breakfast”, “Ok sir bye”.

I was in the middle of a nice shower when it got even better, standing under the overhead outlet with my eyes closed, I felt four hands on me simultaneously, two had hold of my ass the other two had hold of both my cock and balls. Opening my eyes I saw the two lads, obviously, they had decided to share my shower. Tony very soon dropped to his knees and sank my rapidly hardening cock into his mouth. Andy had moved in close behind and already I could feel “the snake” rubbing the crack of my ass. I bent over to be able to reach Tony's cock which was the Ok sign for Andy. He wasted no time in pushing the whole thing as far as he could. God, that thing is just too much; it creates sensations no other cock has for me at least.

I was wanking Tony for all I was worth as I knew I would not last long with the attention of “the snake” Andy was going for gold, obviously they had not had any sex for several days and he was making up for lost time. I could feel the signs; the bloody thing gets even harder just before exploding, sure enough, groans of pleasure as I could feel the shots deep in my ass. That sent me over the edge and I gave Tony several mouthfuls, he shortly afterwards pulled off, stood up and shot a magnificent load all over my chest. Andy slowly withdrew and stood beside his brother both looking at me with a grin. Andy then said, “another payment sir”, smiling. “Payment excepted,” said a voice at the bathroom door; it was Mark, “good show guys, enjoyed that, my turn tomorrow he asked”? We all laughed, we carried on with our shower.

We all met in the restaurant for breakfast, Charles and Julian stood as Mark came up to the table, “sit gentleman, don’t you two start that rubbish”, we all smiled. Charles gave me a funny look, “what I asked him”? “You look like the cat that found the cream jug”, “sort of” I replied and we all burst into laughter just as Simon walked in. “Have I missed something”? he asked  No Simon, nothing you would appreciate”, we all smiled, “fair enough, can I join you”? “Come and sit down” replied Tony.

We all must have been hungry, everyone had the “full English”, not quite as good as it would be at home but 8.000 Km from home it’s was not bad. Obviously, the main topic was the previous evening; Simon was inundated with praise for his quick thinking. We then turned to the return trip; Charles asked when the Lear was arriving? Mark replied, “did you not get told”? “Told what Mark”? “You’re a passenger on this leg”. Charles looked puzzled, “pardon Mark”?, “your services are not required, Richard has found a Lear for charter here in Bangkok, it made sense to take that home rather than pay a crew and the fuel not to mention the wear and tear to get ours out to Bangkok”. “Ok,said, Charles, a bit shocked, “sorry, I thought Richard had told you two” looking at Julian, who I think was quite pleased to have the time off. “So what time do we pick up our plane”? asked Charles “Richard said 11:00 at the airport so we don’t have much time”, “no, think we’ll go and get our bags down before the rush”, the pair of them left the table. Simon said “he would go and pack too as he had not had the time”, he left just the four of us enjoying another coffee.

The boys left Mark and I in the lounge saying they would get our bags down, one of the waiters overheard Tony and said, “sorry to interrupt sir but we can get a porter to do that for you, sir”, Tony looked across at Mark who nodded his approval, “thank you” Tony replied to the waiter, “we are leaving soon, the bags are in the lobby of 18”. The waiter disappeared and the boys joined us in a quiet area of the lobbys lounge. “I could get quite used to this lifestyle,” said Tony, Andy said, “yeah me too but there a snag”. Mark was first to ask, “oh and what might that be young man”, “well, it costs a fortune, we are never going to be able to clear the account now without adding to it”, he grinned. My comment had all four of us in raucous laughter, “the more debt the better as far as I'm concerned”, Mark chipped in, “here, here”.

We amused ourselves looking through the copies of The ExPat newspapers on the coffee table; we were indeed front page news.

Charles and Julian joined us and had just sat down when a young man came over to Mark saying our car was here, “thank you” replied Mark and the lad turned away back to the desk.

Mark went to the reception, the manager came out to see him. “Mr Pritchard, we are all so sorry about the other night, it makes Thailand look so bad”, “no problem” replied Mark “can we have our bill, please”?.Certainly, sir, you will notice we have not charged for last night nor your meal or breakfast”. “Thank you” replied Mark. Also, we would like to offer your party another stay here in Bangkok courtesy of a Mr Chaprisat, with a message, “Thank you for the extra customers” do you know him? Oh yes, would you thank him for me and add “Our pleasure”, certainly sir, thank you for your custom and we all wish you a pleasant trip home”, “thank you”, he turned to find us all standing behind him waiting. “OK, guys let's get this ship in motion” and we all made our way to the waiting car, another of the stretched Rolls’s.

Battling through the second Bangkok rush hour we arrived at the airport just in time, the porters met the car and took our luggage off to be loaded, we were running a little close to the line. Customs and immigration had obviously been pre-warned of our arrival and we were rushed through with lots of bows and smiles. Out on the tarmac, we did not have far to walk to the plane, she had quite a pleasant Red and gold livery. The pilot was waiting for us at the foot of the stairs. He greeted Mark, they shook hands and we all boarded and found seats. Simon went directly to the rear for his seat, he settled in and I think he was out within a minute, poor man was exhausted. It was not the same layout as our lear, it had ten lovely, wide armchair style seats, fitted down each side, we soon discovered that they could turn to create a meeting style area with pull out tables alongside each seat for dining, quite smart. Mark asked Charles”if he should get ours refitted to a similar style”. Charles’s reply was typical of the man, “yes, it might work but hold the gold trim, that’s just tacky”, he grinned, “quite agree Charles, I'll see what the bank accounts like when we get back to London”, we all laughed. The co-pilot came into the cabin, shut the door and introduced himself as Dave, “not another one” I said laughing, Mark said, “it's his name as well”, we all laughed. “Gentlemen, we will be ready to taxi very soon so can I ask you to all stay facing forwards and to buckle up and remain so till the seat belt lights are extinguished by your Captain, James, who wishes you all a pleasant flight”, he disappeared behind the cockpit door. Our next visitor was our stewardess Susan, who explained we had a meal for a bit later and that they had been in contact with our caterers at home to make sure everything was to our liking. We all thanked her and she disappeared to sit in the galley.

Almost, before Susan had gone we were moving, I could sense Charles was vetting every little detail, I caught his eye, he looked across, “yes Dave”, I replied, “your off duty, just switch off for this trip, enjoy it”, he just grinned, “sorry, can't help it”.

Take off was what you would expect from a small powerful aircraft, before long we were up at cruising altitude and the seatbelt lights went out. Susan appeared and asked if anyone would like a drink, We all gave her our order, Charles was about to request a coffee, when Julian reminded him that he is not flying for at least two days, “Oh yes, scotch and soda, please”.

We had all turned our seats round to form a circle and we were all engrossed in conversation when Susan came out and asked if either of the younger gentlemen would like a visit to the cockpit. Both lads jumped up and followed her up front. Mark looked over at Charles, he said, “nothing to do with me” and smiled. He then asked Mark “if he had mentioned what happened the last time they came up front”, “no” said Mark, “do tell, well it was Tony rather than Andy, he sat in Julian’s seat for quite a while, he was asking some very involved questions and was showing a great interest in one day being taught”, Mark replied, “I'm not surprised, that lad is very deep, if they stay around, maybe we can do something about it. Well for what it’s worth, I would love to teach him, I think he would make an excellent pupil”, “noted” Mark replied.

I had dozed off, Mark woke me saying lunch was about to be served, as I came round Susan brought out our meals, she asked “if she should disturb Simon”, Mark said, “better, he must be hungry”, Tony spun his chair around and gave him a gentle nudge, he came around, looking dazed, “dinner”?, said Tony, “thanks, mate, yes please”, he sleepily replied. As the boys had just returned from their visit up front I asked “how did it go, lads”?. Andy replied “Tony was actually flying the plane for a while”, “really” replied Charles, “yeh, Dave switched off the auto-pilot for about ten minutes and told Tony how to change course which he did a couple of times”. Looking over to Tony, “loved it” he said without waiting, “fantastic, want to do it one day, just loved it”.

We had a lovely meal, chicken curry with rice, naan bread and poppadoms with an assortment of pickles and chutneys followed by one of my favourites Crème Brulee, Mark commentated, “how is it you always get your favourite dessert on these trips”?, I just winked at him, he smiled.

After Susan had cleared away the lunch things we all settled back to watch Die Hard Two, an old film but it's fun, the four older guys had drifted off before the final scene, not through boredom, just lack proper sleep.

The next thing we knew was Susan announcing our imminent arrival in Istanbul, we all had to readjust our seats and buckle up for landing, Tony checked to see if Simon was still with us, until he noticed me looking at him, Charles was back on check mode, “OK Mark, off duty”, we both laughed.

It was a good landing, James taxied up to the terminal building, the private section was, as usual, at one end of the main terminal, he stopped the plane right by the entrance, we could see porters and some officials waiting to greet us. Susan came into the cabin to say goodbye as co-pilot Dave came out and opened the door and lowered the steps; he stood aside and wished us a good day saying he will see for the second leg in two days”. We all shook hands as we left and Mark being last out thanked them both.


By the time we were all on the tarmac our luggage had been loaded onto a trolley and was disappearing into the building. We all moved towards the welcoming committee, the guy with all the gold braid introduced himself in broken English as Major Erol Maska, he explained he was deputy head of internal security. Mark shook his hand as he introduced himself. “Mr Pritchard, we have been informed of the incident in Bangkok and I have been charged to offer your party our country's full protection while you are with us”. Mark called Simon forward and introduced him and the pair of them began discussing the Majors plans. The rest of us were escorted directly to customs and immigration and to our surprise we were ushered straight through, they did not even ask to see our passports.

Once in the arrivals hall we soon saw our driver, he had a card with I C H O in large letters on it. Mark looked back to check on Simon, he was still talking to the Major, Simon noticed Mark and indicated FIVE, Mark nodded and we approached the driver. “Would you be Mr Prithard sir”? he asked,“the very same” replied Mark with a smile, they shook hands, “my name is Yusuf, I'll be your driver during your stay in Istanbul, I am at your disposal 24 hours, here is my card, please ring if you need the car”. “Thank you, Yusuf, I don’t think we will need the 24 hours bit”, he smiled. “Your luggage has been taken on to your hotel by a colleague directly to Raffles, is that OK sir”?, “perfect Yusef, thank you”. “If you would like to follow me ill take you to your vehicle”.

Mark again turned to look for Simon, “ah, he's coming”, soon we were a full party again and we followed Yusef out to the reserved parking lot. He led us to a super looking antique gold Merc luxury minibus.He opened the sliding side door, we all climbed aboard and found an empty seat, once we were all on board Yusef closed the door. It was at that point that Tony noticed two white and blue police cars with their red and blue flashing lights on pull up beside us, as we watched, one of them pulled ahead, Yusei pulled out behind it and we noticed the second one was directly behind us. Mark looked at Simon, “what's all this about Simon”? he smiled, “the Major is not taking any chances, this is our escort direct to the hotel where they will stay on guard while we are in residence, he wants them to at least shadow us during our stay. He did say that if we go sightseeing they will be replaced with fully armed plainclothes officers. He has also given me an earpiece and radio connected directly to their network”. “Wow,” said Andy, Mark looked a bit angry, “what's up Mark,”? I asked “Sorry guys, I did not expect this”, “what's the problem” I replied, “at least we should be safe, this is after all Istambul”, we could all see his mind working, “OK I'll go with it, see how it works, I just don’t want a load of cops getting in the way if we go exploring and saying you can't go there”, he smiled.

Yusef came on the intercom, “gentleman, Raffles is some distance from the airport, it should take about an hour, you will find a mini bar in the centre console, please help yourself to a drink and enjoy the trip. If you would like a guided tour to let me know, ill do my best, earphones are located in the side pockets if you would prefer”. The boys replied saying they would, so did Simon. They all found their headsets and we lost them for the whole trip, Mark and I settled back with a nice cool beer each and re-lived previous visits.

Raffles is a really impressive building to approach, Yusef pulled up behind the lead police car as it stopped at the barrier to the hotel complex, the barrier opened and we followed the police till he peeled off to a dedicated space. Yusef pulled up at the main entrance, we were met by a young lad who opened the door, he stood back as we all got out then welcomed us to Raffles, then asked us to follow him to reception.

The main lobby is spectacular, the whole front is floor to ceiling glass, with shaped steel frames to the pains. With gold colour marble floor tiles and polished black marble columns and modern lighting, it is an assault on the senses.

Mark was at the head of the group as we approached the desk, a middle-aged gentlemen came to the front of the desk, “Mr Pritchard”? “the very same” replied Mark. “Welcome to Raffel's sir, your office has booked the Bosphorus Residence and a Vista Residence which are both on the 27th floor for your stay with us, here are your door cards We have taken the liberty of reserving a table for your party tonight at our rooftop restaurant, will that be OK sir”? “Thank you very much, that’s very generous of you”, “no problem sir, if you would like to follow our bell boy behind you, he will escort you to your apartment”, “thank you”.

We all turned and followed the lad to the bank of six elevators, he went towards the one marked Private, penthouse ONLY. He swiped a card and the door opened, we all filled in and the doors closed. We were soon being pushed into the floor. “Wow,” said Tony, “this is a fast lift” before he had finished we were slowing down. The doors opened out onto another large lobby this time the décor was gold, with dark blue detail, again gold floor tiles, out in the lobby, the lad asked in broken English, “who has one bed”? Charles and Julian stepped forward and the lad took them to the door, swiped a card and opened it for them, Charles gave him a 10 Euro note and thanked him, we waved as they shut their door. The lad came back to us, walked passed and again swiped a card, the double doors swung open electronically, we all walked through, Mark also gave the lad a 10 Euro note, he gave Mark a set of cards and left, the doors closed as he pushed a button as he went.

We were all stood in the entrance hallway when Simon asked Mark “where he was sleeping”? “oh sorry” replied Mark, “did you not see the couch just outside the door”? we all swung round to see Mark grinning at Simon. “Sorry lad, could not resist it, I think it’s the first door on the left but if you come through into the lounge and join us for a drink, I'm sure the boys will go off and explore”, “can we” was Andys reply, “go, lads”, they disappeared.

Simon and Dave sat on the big settee in front of the floor to ceiling window, I went to the bar and found five beers and a tray and took it over, opening the big double doors which led out onto the balcony, a waft of warm air flushed into the suite. The boys came back and joined us, “thanks for the beer” said Tony, Andy asked “if this was all for us”?, “yes lad, as I said before don’t get used to it”, we all laughed. Simon said, “he had not seen anything like it in his life”.

Andy said “oh, Simon your room is the first on the left, your own double bed and full shower/bathroom, including an actual bath which is huge”, “thank you” replied Simon, “might make use of that later, not had a long soak for a long time”. “What are the other rooms like”? asked Dave “Spectacular, both the same layout, super king bed, changing room, full bathroom, another two huge baths and separate shower and a balcony, they are even linked”, “perfect” replied Dave. He looked at me and said, “can we find the key to that door”? Simon looked over at the boy's faces, “what have we done”? asked Andy Mark and I burst into laughter, they both just sat there and sulked, looking dejected. Simon was confused till we all started to laugh.

Tony asked Mark, “what is there to see here in Istanbul”? “Well lad, we only have one day so you will not have time to see it all. I know you're not keen on buildings Andy but the Blue Mosque is a must, it really is something to see the other one is the Hagia Sophia church, then if there's still time a trip up the Bosphorus by riverboat”.  “Mark”, yes Dave “isn't there an old car museum here, can't remember where can you”?, Mark replied after a second, “yes, let me think, I have been, give me time, it will come back to me”. Tony was instantly very interested, “hope you can remember Mark that sounds fun”. “What I need to get the brain working is another drink”, Andy jumped up and asked what he would like. “Scotch and soda please Andy”, “anyone else”? Asked Andy, both lads disappeared off to the kitchen with our requests. “Ah,” said Mark, “Ural Ataman”, “that’s the bugger,” I said, “do we know where it is”?,” not a bloody clue” replied Mark, “sure Yusef can find it”.

The lads came back with a tray of glasses, Tony asked Mark “did you remember”?, “yes but I don’t know where it is, if your interested I'm sure Yusef can find it”, Andy said, “I like Yusef, he cute”, Tony looked over at Mark and I and rolled his eyes then smiled. All this banter was lost on poor Simon, Mark noticed this and engaged him in a conversation on the security situation here in Istanbul, the rest of us left them to it and went out onto the riverside balcony, it was still warm but without the humidity of Bangkok. We were on the 27th floor, much higher than any of the other buildings close. Uninterrupted views across to the river, it was dusk so all the city lights were coming on, we could clearly see the hundreds of boats and ferries plying the river, all decked out with colourful lights, it was quite a site.

Mark and Simon joined us and we spent time chatting about the last couple of days and obviously the outstanding view. I broke up the party by suggesting we all went for showers and got changed for dinner, “good God” replied Mark, “had not noticed the time, I think it might be a good idea to have a reasonably early night tonight, don’t think any of us slept very well last night, I’ll ring Yusef and let him know we will not need the car tonight”. Simon smiled and said “he had not slept at all”, we all dissipated in various directions to our respective rooms.

Ours was really spectacular, the bed was surrounded by floor to ceiling windows, again with river views, Mark went straight to the bathroom and ran a bath, by the time I had stripped off and made my way into the bathroom for a shower he was laying in the biggest bath I have seen for a number of years, amply big enough for two to share with comfort, he had the jacuzzi on. “God this is good Dave,” he said, “I miss our hot tub”, “enjoy”, I replied and headed for the walk-in shower, thank God for no plastic shower curtains, it’s the one thing I really hate with a passion.

We had both only just finished when there was a knock on the door, Mark called out, “yes”, “it's Tony”, “come in lad were decent for once”, smiling at me. Tony popped his head around the door, just asking, “are we dressing up for dinner tonight”, Mark and I looked at each other and nodded, “would be fun, yes, could you let Simon know”, I'll ring Charles, sure”, “see you later”, he shut the door, Mark looked at me and said, “Sven did a good job with those two, such manners”, “not just manners” I replied.

We both cracked open our new suits, new silk shirts, and a suitable silk tie, we both also decided to break in our new shoes, it is nice to dress up occasionally. As we emerged from our room we saw the lads sat in the lounge waiting for us, turned out that they had decided to do the same, Andy, in particular, was looking very dapper, even Simon was much smarter than we had seen him to date, he must have packed for all eventualities. Leaving our suite, Tony went and knocked on Charles and Julian's room, they both emerged both looking the part, seems they had the same idea and had decided to wear their new gear.

We made our way to the restaurant, which was not easy to find, it was on the top floor of the adjoining building behind ours, so we had to go down to the lobby in our lift then cross the corridor to one of the other lifts and back up to the 27th floor, we all made a mental note, not too much to drink tonight.

The lift door opened out onto another lobby, similar colour scheme but much softer with a much more pronounced Moorish atmosphere. We were met by a young lad who would turn most heads, he was so handsome, lovely friendly smile, at least six foot tall, jet black hair and really sexy black eyes, Mark and I turned and gave Andy a look, he just smiled.

“Would you be Mr Pritchard by any chance sir”? the lad asked Mark,”that’s me young man”, “welcome to Raffles sir, please follow me”, He led us through a very busy restaurant, we had as usual let the lads go first so we could watch the reaction from behind, nearly all heads turned to follow us and several of the young girls were studying Tony with great interest.

The restaurant had an outer section which was outside sliding glass doors, there was one large round table right at the edge of the outer wall, the area was covered in a canvas roof so we were effectively al fresco with a magnificent view of the city with the river snaking away into the distance, we all sat and spent several moments sucking in the view and atmosphere.

Pre-dinner drinks ordered the conversation switched to the restaurant and our plans for the following day's tour of the city.Our meal was superb, Simon needed a little help with the menu which Tony helped with as it was written in French, a couple of bottles of wine later we all decided on coffees to finish.

We eventually found our way back to our lobby,  having taken a wrong turn halfway, too much wine, the first thing we all noticed was the armed officer who stood to attention as we came out of the lift.We said goodnight to Charles and Julian, wishing them a good night, “see you for breakfast in the morning, shall we say 9:00” said Mark, “ok replied Charles”. As we approached our room the officer saluted, Mark thanked him, he smiled.

Back in the suite, we decided on one last drink before much-needed sleep, the lads got the drinks in and we all took them out onto the balcony, it was so nice a cool, with just a slight breeze.Not much was said as we all sat and took in the atmosphere.

Before long we were all drifting off, Mark broke up the party saying “right guys, time for bed, set your alarms to be at breakfast for 9:00”. We all drifted off towards our rooms, Mark and I changed out of our gear and repacked it, then off to bed, we snuggled up and drifted off, we did hear a few giggles from next door, the connecting door was not completely closed, so maybe the lads did not go straight to sleep.


To be continued……….





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