Chapter 19



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 We left the guys having arrived in Istambul.

Back in the suite, we decided on one last drink before much-needed sleep, the lads got the drinks in and we all took them out onto the balcony, it was so nice a cool, with just a slight breeze.Not much was said as we all sat and took in the atmosphere.

Before long we were all drifting off, Mark broke up the party saying "right guys, time for bed, set your alarms to be at breakfast for 9:00". We all drifted off towards our rooms, Mark and I changed out of our gear and repacked it, then off to bed, we snuggled up and drifted off, we did hear a few giggles from next door, the connecting door was not completely closed, so maybe the lads did not go straight to sleep.


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Mark reached out to turn his alarm off, "saying its 8:00 already, must have had a good night, did not remember a thing. Morning Dave" as he rolled over for a quick cuddle,"morning Mark", "did you sleep well"? "Like a log apparently, don't remember it at all", "me neither".

We were just lying together, enjoying the warmth and companionship that comes with having been together for over 30 years. "Morning love birds", it was Tony; he had two cups of coffee for us. "Morning Tony", we said together, "did you two sleep well"? "Not very, Andy is still sparko", he grinned, "wore him out last night did you"? asked Mark. "Sorry, did we disturb you"? "No, we heard a few giggles then we both passed out. What are you worried about to keep you awake"? asked Mark, now sat up enjoying his coffee.

"Oh nothing much", replied Tony, "just wondering what I'm going to do when we get home" he replied. "In what respect"? asked Mark, "well, at some point I'm going to have to find a job, I can't keep sponging off you two. Andy's OK he can go back to Uni and finish his education; I've had one hell of a gap year".

"Who says your sponging"? I asked him, "me Dave, I'm nearly 22, I just feel that I need to do something with my life". Mark then asked the $50,000 question, "do you have any ideas"?

"Oh God, that's what's keeping me awake, engineering, office work of some sort, would love to add one that has only just come into the possibilities", "let me guess" I said, Tony, looked at me as I said "flying", "is it that obvious he replied"? Mark said "that a little bird had mentioned it", "would that be Charles"? he replied, "well, he said he was very impressed and he also said that he would be happy to teach you". "There we go again, sponging" he replied, "there's no way without a job I could fund flying lessons". "Tell you what Tony, let's put this on the back burner till we get back home," I said, he looked across at me smiling.

"Come on guys it's time to get ourselves up and out, we have a city to see," said, Mark, as he swung his legs out of the bed and made his way to the bathroom. Tony got up, looked into my eyes, smiled and left to get his brother up and about.

We met the others in the lobby and made our way to the café next to the reception for breakfast. Wonderful spread, a huge display of every fruit you can imagine, all the cereals from around the world, breads of every description, all the cold meats, cheeses, juices and hot drinks. As if that was not enough, you could go to the hot counter and make up your own cooked breakfast, they even had Black Pudding.

Mark got to the table first with his plate of cold meats, cheeses and a couple of rolls, Andy and Tony went for a glass of juice and a full cooked along with Simon. Charles, Julian and I settled for a glass of juice, cereal and some lovely looking toast with jam and English marmalade.

Mark had rung Yusef to say we would like the bus for about 9:00, we all enjoyed our breakfasts while we discussed the forthcoming day. Simon said "he did not mind what we did, it was all new for him", the boys were still divided, Andy was not too happy to do the churches but liked the idea of the boat trip and the car museum. Like Simon, both Charles and Julian were happy to follow the flow. We were just finishing our coffees when I spotted Yusef coming towards us, he looked so happy, he was smiling so much, I stood up and waved him over, "good morning Mr Walters", addressing the whole table, he asked, "did you all have a good night"? Mark replied, "yes thank you Yusef, we will be ready soon", "no problem sir, I'll wait in the bus, it is just outside", "thank you" replied Mark, he wandered off back passed reception.

As we came out of the main entrance we saw Yusef swing open the door for us, he greeted us all as we climbed on board. All seated he turned, opened the divider screen and asked "what we wanted to do"?. Mark asked "if we could do the Blue Mosque", "of course, sir, we will see if we can get around the queues". Mark replied "there are queues already"?, "yes sir, I came passed it on my way to you this morning", "must be popular," said, Simon. Yusef closed the screen and we saw him on his radio, telling the lead escort car where we were heading. Very soon, we were off, with the police escort with lights flashing we were making very good progress, traffic was separating for us to ride through, some crossroads, even those with lights were no problem, it took Yusef a little over half an hour to reach the Mosque. The lead car pulled up outside the main gate, the driver got out and spoke to the guy on the barrier at the entrance, we were soon let in and Yusef drove us right up to the front steps of the Mosque.

We could see several hundred people in a queue that disappeared beyond sight, Yusef got out and opened the door, we all got out and he asked us "to follow him". We were surprised to see that he did not even shut the door, off we went, he led us to a side door where an officer was standing guard. While waiting for them to have a short conversation we noticed we had another two gentlemen in our party, Dave noticed they were wearing earphones and had handguns on their belts, he said: "they must be our security". We were soon let in to be met inside by a young man who introduced himself as Nadim, he was going to be our guide. We stood to one side of the main hall while Nadim gave us a very interesting and involved description of the building and its history. We then followed him as he led us from one site of interest to the next.

Even Andy was blown away by the spectacular architecture, we were led to an area with seating, where we could rest and contemplate the view looking up into the dome and admire the intricate artwork Nadim gave us 15 mins before suggesting we made our way back to the entrance, Mark thanked him for the tour and gave him a 50 Euro note.

Back outside, we were soon intercepted by Yusef who took us back to the bus, once sat and buckled in he again opened the screen and asked Mark "where to next sir"?. Mark looked at the boys before answering; Andy said, "can we do the car museum"? "All OK with"? that asked Mark, "fine we all replied". "Ok, can you get us to the Ural Ataman museum"? "Of course sir it's not far". Again he radioed the lead car which we met up with once we had left the Mosque compound.

Again, traffic was not an issue for us, we sailed through junctions and traffic jams, we felt like royalty. Yusef pulled into the layby outside the museum, he got out, opened the door and stood to one side as we all got out. He then explained to Mark "that he could not wait for us as he could not park in the layby. He told Mark to give him a ring 15 mins before we wanted to leave and he would come for us", "thank you" replied Mark, and he was off.

Once in the museum the boys disappeared off to look around, Simon said he was not so interested in cars and the rest of us just wanted to sit and have a coffee, must be an age thing. Up on the mezzanine floor was a super little café which served fantastic Turkish coffee.

After half an hour we did go back onto the floor to try and find the boys, Mark, being over six foot tall very soon found them; Tony was telling Andy all about the 7 litre Boss Mustang they were looking at, even Andy looked impressed. Mark asked Tony "if there was anything we should all see before we found somewhere for lunch", "no, not really there all a bit too old for me but it's been interesting". "OK, shall we go find some lunch"? "yes please" was the response.

Mark rang Yusef; we spent ten minutes looking around the exhibits until Andy noticed Yusef waving at the entrance, we all made our way back to the bus where Yusef had the door open for us. Once settled Yusef asked Mark, "the next stop sir"? Mark replied, "time for some lunch", "do you have anywhere in mind sir"? "I have been told The Old Ottoman Café is quite good, do you know it"? "Yes sir" replied Yusef, "I've not been in, it's far too expensive for me but the guidebooks rate it forth in Istanbul", "sounds good" replied Mark, "if you can find somewhere to park we would like you to join us for lunch, would you do that for me"?, "if you are sure sir, I would love to", "OK it's down to you to find a parking space", "thank you, sir, I will see what we can do".

Yusef picked up the mike for his radio and said, we have friends and smiled. A short discussion ensued and then we were off. Again, he fell in behind the lead police car and we were off on the next adventure. Even with the police escort, it took over half an hour to reach the Sultanahmet district, then the lead car slowed down and indicated that Yusef could double park just along from the restaurant.

We had maybe fifty yards to walk to the restaurant, it was down a little side street, not much to look at from the outside but the one thing to look for is locals, we saw three couples, obviously local going in. We had to wait for a table being such a large group, with eight of us they needed to get four tables free to put them together. We sat at the bar while we waited and sampled the Turkish equivalent of Spanish Tapas, bar food with our much-needed beers.

Within ten minutes we were called forward and were taken to a table made up for us in a corner, Mark asked Yusef "to sit next to him as he did not know much about Turkish cuisine". Once we had all managed to get seated, it was a little tight, Mark asked Yusef "for some recommendations", "well gentleman, what sort of things do you like"? Simon and Julian were the only ones to express a preference, "nothing too spicy, please". "OK", Yusef took a menu and spend ten minutes studying it while we ordered some more beer.

"OK guys, I would suggest either Testi Kebab in the pot or the Chicken Casserole followed by one of the things my Mum makes, Semolina Desert", "OK" said Mark, "as you speak the language can you order for us", he looked at Mark and replied "as long as I don't have to pay", we all roared with laughter much to the distress of some of the other diners. The lunch was fantastic, full of lovely flavours, very well presented, no wonder they were number four in the ratings. We finished with Turkish coffee, Simon and Julian took one sip and almost spat it out, "God that's strong", Andy said, "put hairs on your chest for sure", we ordered two cappuccinos.

Back to the bus, Yusef asked "next stop gentleman, thank you for lunch, I will be the envy of all the local drivers now", Mark replied, "no problem, thank you for your efforts driving us around".

"Are we all up for a boat ride"? "Yeh that sounds perfect" was the general opinion, "Yusef can you get us to a jetty for a riverboat trip"? "no problem sir, my brother runs one of the boats, would you mind using his boat"? "no problem. Let me make a quick call, he'll give you a good deal", "thank you Yusef". We sat in the bus for a while as he made a couple of calls, obviously, one to the lead car, the second to his brother.

We were off, as before, most traffic cleared out of our way, this is certainly the way to travel by road, we could see we were getting close to the river, The lead car took a right turn into a dock area, stopped at a barrier, the guard opened it for us and Yusef left the police car and continued to one of the jetties. We all got out and Yusef asked Mark "to wait while he went to the office". He was soon back saying "his brother's boat was out but that it was expected back in 15 mins, did we mind waiting"?, "no, at all" replied Mark, we all got back into the bus to take advantage of the AC, it was quite hot and sticky down by the water.

We watched as a large ferry style vessel manoeuvred onto the dock, it was jammed packed with tourist. We got out of the bus and Yusef took us to the dockside, he saw his brother and they gave each other a hug. He introduced Mark and we were invited on board, Yusef stayed with us which was nice, his brother led us to the top deck and then beyond a rope into an area right at the front of the boat, directly below the bridge, we noticed our escort were just the other side of the rope, where they stayed for the whole trip

It transpired the area we were in was reserved for dignitaries, the boat soon started to fill up, obviously, this trip is very popular, we later discovered that it is not only a tourist round trip but it also used by locals as a ferry to the other bank and various points along the river.

Yusef was giving us as much information as he could, he was pointing out various landmarks and points of interest along our route, he did a really good job. Needless to say, the mobile phones were out taking photos including several selfies with us all. The boat took us all the way down river towards the south, we went up to the Galata Koprusu bridge, we were taken under the bridge before making our way to the jetty to let some of the locals off.

Back to sea and off to another jetty on the other bank of the river for some more drop-offs, quite a few locals got on as well, off back to our stop. Yusef's brother came down from the bridge as we approached the dock to say goodbye, we all thanked him and we were soon back in the AC comfort of the bus.

It was not till we all got into the bus, Tony noticed the time, it was coming up to 18:00, "how time fly's when you're having fun", I said and laughed. Mark asked Yusef "to take us back to the hotel", after the usual radio call we were off. "So guys, what would you like to do this evening"? Charles said, "you mean apart from eating"? Mark replied, "yes", "what did you have in mind"? replied Charles. "Just wondered if anyone wanted to do a club". Charles looked at Julian and they both declined, "what about you two"?, looking at Tony, Andy looked at his brother and nodded his head saying "not for me, I'm bushed, to be honest", "so am I" said Tony. "OK, no problem, we'll have another meal in the hotel and an early night. That reminds me, must find out what flight plan James has for us", he got on his phone. "Hi James, Dave Pritchard", "Hello sir, what can I do for you"? "Just wondered what your flight plan was for the morning", "Oh, yes, of course, we have asked for an 11:00 am departure, with a flight time of three hours and 45 minutes, which means we will be arriving at Farnborough at 17:45, with the time difference dependent on wind speeds and direction". "Great" replied Mark "that sounds perfect, thank you very much, James, we will see you at the airport for around 10:30", "not much later sir just in case", "OK, noted, bye".

As Mark finished the call we were pulling up at the hotel, Yusef opened the door and wished us all a good night, Mark was the last out and he checked with him how long it would take to get to the airport in the morning, "well sir, normally well over an hour but with these guys, pointing towards the police not much more than half that". "OK, can you be here for 09:30"? "of course, sir, see you in the morning".

We stopped at reception and booked another table for later, then back to the 27thfloor, those lifts were fast. We parted company with Charles and Julian who thanked Mark for a very interesting day, "no problem, see you for dinner at 20:00", "Ok, bye for now". Tony had already opened our suite, we all filled in, Simon said: "he was going for a shower". The four of us made for the balcony for a drink first. The lads went off and brought back the usual order, we spent a very pleasant, relaxing half hour discussing the day's activities.

Simon emerged from his room just as we were thinking it was shower time, Dave said: "help yourself to a drink, Simon", "thanks, Dave" he replied as we all drifted off towards our rooms. Mark said "he had a bit of a headache", he opted for another bath, he much prefers it to a shower. Running my shower I was hoping for a repeat of the action of the morning but I had a lovely shower all on my own. I decided to put a robe on rather than dress, apart from having Simon with us it was still early and it was a lovely temperature out on the balcony, with just a faint breeze.

By the time I had got myself another drink and got back to join Simon on the balcony the others all emerged as well, they must have been telepathic as they all had the hotel robes on, I was a little concerned as I saw Andy, he's seemed a bit shorter than the others, would it be enough to hide "The Snake"? Andy caught me looking and said, "it's OK I checked" as he started to laugh, Tony asked, "is he off again"?, also with a grin, I replied, "no, not yet", Simon looked at us all as though we were all mad. "It's alright," said Mark, "it's just a private joke between us", we all sat analysing the day and running through the plan for the morning and the final leg home

Another round of drinks and it was time to dress for dinner, we all discussed style and decided on smart casual. We all met up in the lobby and managed to find our way to the restaurant first time. We even had the same table, the views were simply superb, we did not know it was happening but we suddenly saw a flash, we all turned to look out over the river to watch a magnificent firework display, it went on for over a quarter of an hour. Another great meal which we all enjoyed, we must have all been hungry as we all had four courses with coffee to finish, Mark suggested a liquor, Simon said "he had never had one", he asked, "if he could have a sip of yours before making a choice". Mark and Charles went for Reme, Tony, Disaronno, Andy went for Grand Marnier, I went asked my all-time favourite Green Chartreuse.

Simon was looking a bit concerned, "can I have a taste of Marks first, I've heard of that, um not bad. I've never heard of either Tony's or Andy's", Tony stepped in to help him, "Andy's is orange flavour, not too strong and quite sweet", "sounds good" said Simon, "um that's not bad either". Mine is Almond, quite sweet, not bitter like some of them can be", "um, now that is nice" he said, Dave said, "you will not like mine, it's strong and very bitter". "Ok, Simon," said Mark, "choice time", "think I'll go for Tony's", the waiter brought one and we all toasted our trip and return home. Simon must have liked his choice as he went for a top up in the second round.

All too soon it was time for bed, we thanked our waiter and made our way back to our rooms, this time we did not make a wrong turn. Charles and Julian thanked Mark for a fantastic day, "no problem, see you in the morning", "OK bye, sleep" "we'll try". Again Tony had already opened our suite, we all filled in, "does anyone want any more to drink"? asked Mark. "Not for me," said Simon, "I have not had so much alcohol in my life, I'm going off to bed before I make a fool of myself", he thanked Mark and turned towards his room, we all watched as he swayed and staggered towards his room. We all commentated, "he'll sleep well tonight" after he was out our earshot, grinning.

Dave then said, "well, we won't have any liquors up here but I could have one last Scotch, after all, it is our last night," Mark said, "OK I fancy a gin and tonic, what about you too"? looking at the boys. Tony said "a scotch", Andy declined, he offered to get them for us. We all stripped off and went out onto the balcony. Mark and I stood at the rail looking out over the river, Tony had been sat on a lounger, Andy arrived with our drinks, whether it was pre-planned or not, guess we will never know. The next thing Mark and I knew was we were approached from behind. I could feel "The Snake" rubbing my thigh. It was not long before I could feel it rising further and further up my thigh. The next I knew I could feel it pushing at my opening, I looked over towards Mark, I could see he and Tony had reached the next stage, Tony had located and was giving Mark a good seeing to. It was not long before Andy was located and pushing to the hilt, God that felt good.

This carried on for some time till the telltale sounds started to float around the balcony, the grones and gasps of approaching climax. Andy was first, I could feel "The Snake" expand as he shot his load deep into my ass. Next was Mark, he stood up straight, aimed his cock through the railings and let go as Tony filled his ass with boy spunk, I was last and managed to turn slightly and sprayed both Mark and Tony with another good load, maybe something to do with not having cum for two days

Andy went to find some tissues for clean-up, in the meantime, we all collapsed onto the loungers, Andy returned and we all cleaned up as best we could. We enjoyed our last drink, toasting the day's trip and then it was off to bed, I was pleased that the boys opted to join us, I had missed Tony's strong arm around me as I drifted off to a perfect night's sleep.


To be continued...





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