Holiday in Heaven


Chapter Twenty-Five


Trouble in the colonies



Here we have another book in the series Holiday in Heaven, a story although, from my overactive imagination, wishful thinking, perhaps both, it was originally inspired by a correspondent who told a story of some fun he had while on holiday.

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All names but mine have been changed and any resemblance to anyone alive, deceased on in the houses of Parliament is purely coincidental. Places named have been used as we have had personal experiences of them, that does not mean they are involved in or have any specific connection with the gay community in anyway whatsoever.



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As this is the third book in the series, those of you who may not have read book one and / two may find the next section useful as I will be reintroducing some characters from the first and second books into this new story.

Main Characters

David Walters. Managing Director International Help Initiatives Corporation.

Married to Mark Pritchard for 37 years. Though officially retired still takes an active role in the corporation.

Mark Pritchard CEO of International Help Initiative Corporation

Married to Dave Walters for 37 years.

Tony Carlsson Age 21 Gay friend from book one

Just out of Uni in Southampton, meets Dave and Mark by pure chance

Andy Carlsson Age 19 Brother of Tony and another gay friend from book one

Pre-Uni student, on holiday with his brother.

Richard Tomlinson Logistics Director of International Help Initiative Corporation

Sven Carlsson Farther of Tony and Andy

Alice Logistics office worker

Secondary Characters

Mr Chaiprasit Chief Officer of Bang Kwang Prison Thailand.

Charles and Julian A gay couple. Pilot and co-pilot for the company Lear & 737.

Birtie Our butler at Charlton House Hampshire.

Nickolas Birtie's helper at Charlton House

William Our driver at Charlton House

Simon Head of security at the company

Alan and Fiona Alice's Mum and Dad

Steve Alice's boyfriend

Minor Characters

Miguel An old friend of Mark, runs a cab on Gibraltar from book one.

Mateo and Nicolas Two of Matias and Diego's staff, from book one.

Marcos. A regular driver used in Spain from book one

Sophia. Wife of Sven

Rossana and Amelia. Twin daughters of Sven and Sophia from book one

Leonardo and wife Isabella. An old-time friend of Dave from school days.

Matias and Diego Two gay friends from book one.

Paul Barnes Uni friend of Paul, badly injured in book one.

Mrs Barnes Pauls Mum. Housebound, living in Southampton in book one.

Mrs Wilson Our housekeeper at Charlton House

Yusef Our driver in Istanbul

Nadim Our guide at the Blue Mosque in Istanbul

Judy Tomlinson Wife of Richard

George and Mavis Housekeepers of London Barbican penthouse from book one

Frank Security officer at the Barbican London from book one

Louis Our driver in Paris from book one.

Marie, Our housekeeper in the Paris flat


We left the two main characters at the end of book two:

We drank our Brandys while discussing final plans for the morning. Dave finished by saying "ok, I'm done, time for bed, are you coming"?"yes, right behind you", we made our way up to bed, went to the loo, I was in bed first, it seemed so empty. Mark joined me, snuggled up close, kissed my neck, turned out the light and we both drifted off to sleep

         * * * * * * * * * *


Mark had set his alarm for 06:30, not that either of us had a good night, even with two of us in it, the bed felt somehow empty. Even both the dogs were looking around for the boys. We took our showers in silence, only slight arousal, no hanky panky. We dressed and went down to breakfast, Birtie was in attendance, we both settled for toast, marmalade and coffee. Even Birtie mentioned the fact that "it felt funny without having the young gentlemen around". We finished our coffees and went to the loo before meeting in the hallway, where Birtie and Will were waiting. "Your cases are in the car, sir," said Will, "I hope you don't mind but I've used the Jag for this run, the Range Rover has been booked in for a service this morning before we knew of your trip" "no problem Will, we should use the Jag a lot more, it is a lovely car" "it is nice to drive sir "Will replied.

Birtie moved to open the front door, "well sir, it is time for Bon Voyage again, we all hope you have a good trip and manage to sort out the problem" "thank you Birtie, you take care and we will see you when we return" "ok sir". Will had already got both the back doors open for us, for once Mark sat in the back with me, I was glad of the close company.

Our Jaguar is the stretched V12 version if you fold down the middle seats it has so much space you could have an orgy in the back. Ours is Graphite metallic black, with blackened windows, Ivory upholstery with red piping on the seats, thick pile carpets and lots of wood. It is so smooth and quiet that I was fast asleep laying on Marks lap before we hit the motorway. The next thing I knew was Mark saying that "we had arrived at Sven's house". Will pulled up outside the house and Mark got out to go and get the lads but before he had got to the gate they were both coming down the garden to meet him. As Will took their cases and was loading them into the boot Sven and Sophia had come out to greet us. "Hello again said Sven, nice to see you again, can we offer you a coffee"? "Thank you" replied Mark "but we are a bit tight on our timings, thanks for the offer though" "Well lads, behave yourselves, I say that loosely of course" as he broke into a broad grin. "Have a good trip and keep in touch, please, you know what Mums like" "Yes Dad" they both replied as they both fell into a group hug. Sophia was standing behind them, I could see a tear in her eye, both lads went over to her and gave her a kiss and a hug, "have fun you two" as she turned and went back into the house. Sven stayed till Will had raised the middle seats and we had all got aboard, he waved as we pulled away.

The conversation in the car was somewhat subdued, they apparently did not have a very good nights sleep either. Will got us to Farnborough with time to spare, as he pulled into the VIP area he spoke to the security guard at the gate and he lifted the barrier for us to go onto the tarmac. As he pulled around the terminal building, we saw our Lear come into view, Charles and Julian were stood by the steps as we approached.

Will got out and opened the doors and went to the boot to get our cases, Charles came forward to greet Mark, "good trip sir?""Yes, thank you, Charles, sorry for the early start" "no problem sir, Simon is already on board". "Good, will customs come out to us"? "oh yes, sir, now that we are all here, in fact, they are coming out of the building now, would you like to get on board I'll help Will with the last of the bags" We all made our way to the steps and climbed up into the cabin to be greeted by Simon. "good morning sir, have a good trip"? "yes, thank you, Simon". We all settled in for the flight.

Customs and immigration came onboard and asked the usual questions, they soon departed and Julian came back to close the door. As he turned to address the group of us he said "that he would be joining us for the majority of this flight", Mark looked up and saw the grin on Julians face, Tony must have still been half asleep as it took Andy to wake him up to the fact that he was going to be in the co-pilots seat for takeoff, his face said it all, he stood up, moved over towards Mark, bent down and gave him a big hug before disappearing into the cockpit. Julian sat down saying "he will serve drinks after takeoff"

Mark asked Julian " is this delay normal? As we had not moved for a while, "oh, its probably Charles running through the take-off checklist with Tony" Dave said "lucky lad" Andy added "that he had been talking about his time in the cockpit forever" with a smile.Shortly afterwards we heard the engines wind up and we detected movement. Very soon the seat belt lights went out and Julian stood up and asked: "who would like what gentleman"? We all ordered and Julian went forward to get our drinks, he returned with a tray and again joined us. "Mark", "yes Simon" "are you expecting any trouble on this trip"? "I hope not but like Bangkok, I would rather have you here on our side looking after our backs" "thank you, Mark, for the vote of confidence" Then Andy asked Mark "what will Tony and I be doing while you are in your meetings"? "well lad that's up to the pair of you, the apartment will be at your disposal, I'm sure we can arrange a car to show you the city if you want" "Thanks, Mark, sounds fun". "sorery Mark, same question", "good God man, your part of the team, I'm expecting you to be an active member of the discussions" "wow, I've never done that sort of thing before". "Don't worry lad, I'm hoping you will be able to watch the others using your instinct to detect anything dodgy" "I'll do my best sir" "good man". they both smiled, "thanks, Mark"

We all settled into various pursuits, Simon was watching a film on the side screen with headphones, I was on my iPad, as usual, checking world news, Andy was playing a game on his iPad, Mark was doing some emails and Julian had disappeared to prepare breakfast. When he returned he had a tray of toast, several pots of various Jams and Marmalades, butter and the promise of coffee to follow.

The next disturbance was again Julian offering a light lunch, he had five small portions of one of my favourite dishes, Penne pasta with Asparagus and Salmon, obviously with a glass of a nice Chardonnay. As Julian left the fifth dish he said it was for Tony who would be coming back any moment. Julian disappeared as Tony came back with the biggest grin on his face I have ever seen. He sat down for his lunch, still smiling. We all sat waiting for some sort of comment, eventually, Andy spoke out "come on bro, give""oh, sorry guys, its just so fantastic, I keep pinching myself to make sure I'm still awake, Charles is so patient, he actually seems to be enjoying it as much as I am, thanks, Mark," he looked over and blow him a kiss. Andy said "more for the mounting debt" "smiling, he replied "no prob bro, I'll settle this""not without my help you won't", replied Andy, Mark and I burst into laughter, "that's better" I sad to Mark, he turned and smiled, "yes". The comments were lost on Simon but Andy "asked what we meant" "well lad, we've missed the laughter since you left yesterday". After lunch, we settled for coffee's as Tony went back to the cockpit. Andy asked "what the time difference would be in New York" I replied their five hours behind us in the UK" Mark added "we will be landing about 13:00" that's going to feel odd, never experienced that before" Mark replied "it does take a while to adjust"

We were finishing our coffees when the seat belt lights came on, Julian came back to make sure we had all secured for landing and remove cups and things, then he returned and belted up. "does Charles not need your help for landing"? asked Mark. "Not really, the plane is equipped with autoland and LaGuardia has the same system, Charles will have set it up for auto and just be on hand if any fine adjustments become necessary, he may have let Tony fly onto final approach before activating the system". "Wow" said Andy, isn't technology fantastic" "sure is lad" replied Mark.

We landed so gently I had not realised we were back on Tera firma, whoever taxied to the terminal building where we could see our car waiting for us. Andy was all but hanging out of the window to get a better look at it, a very long, black limo with blacked out windows, so clean and shiny that we could see the plane in the reflection. Our driver was stood beside the car in his uniform, looking very dapper, waiting for us to disembark. The immigration officers came on board and checked our passports and visas before letting us off the plane; we said "goodbye" to Charles and Julian "thanking them for a smooth flight" Charles replied, don't thank me, sir, Tony was flying for at least half the flight". He then confirmed, "he would remain on call for our return". Tony was not with us at first, he was still probably thinking about what had happened on board.

By the time we had got into the car our luggage had been loaded and we were off, Ramsey, our driver asked Mark "were we were heading boss"? "sorry to say this Ramsey but Trump Tower 5th Avenue", "Christ, oh sorry sir, it's just that area is hell since the election, CIA and FBI all over the frigging place. Have your people told them you're coming"? "yes Ramsey, as far as I know, we are expected", "ok, that might make it a bit easier". The traffic from LaGuardia was usual, heavy but flowing, Ramsey asked Mark "if he minded if we go into Manhattan via the Queens Midtown tunnel, it's a toll road so it might be a bit quicker"," no problem lad, you're driving, thank God" he replied laughing. Tony asked, "why the comment"? "oh, I hate driving in New York, I've done it many times, but I just can't get used to the grid system. I know it should make it easier, but I always get hopelessly lost".

Ramsey was right, the traffic was much lighter, we were soon going along Madison Avenue making the left onto East 57th, then the left onto 5th Avenue, and we could now see what Ramsey had been talking about. For a good three hundred yards, there was a concrete barrier protecting the sidewalk along the whole front entrance of the tower. Ramsey slowed down with his hazard lights on; we were approached by a couple of guys with semi-automatic weapons dressed in full body armour. Ramsey told them who we were and that we were expected, the officer had obviously been told as he waved us into the protected area and Ramsey parked at the main entrance.

The two guys followed us till we had stopped then came in close and asked, "to check our documents"; we handed over our passports and waited while he checked them very carefully. Eventually, he signalled to the porter who came over for our luggage and he opened the door and escorted us into the lobby. The concierge greeted us in the customary American way, Mark asked "for access to our apartment" and was given a couple of door cards with the codes and instructed the porters to take our baggage to the 43rd floor. We stood and watched as he disappeared with his trolley towards the bank of elevators while Mark signed in. Ramsey came in and asked Mark "if he would need him", "thank you, young man", he replied, "we are not going into the office until the morning so if you could be here for 08:00 that would be great", "ok sir, here is my card, I'll see you in the morning, have a nice day"," thank you we will try" and he left.

With all the formalities done we made our way through the lobby to the elevators, because the 43rd floor is a residential level you need the special card to get there, we all commented on how gaudy and tacky the lobby was, far too much gold, it really is over the top. We soon arrived at the 43rd and found the entrance to the apartment. Mark swiped the card and entered the code and the door opened, we all filled in and made our way to the lounge. Nice big room with floor to ceiling windows at one end looking out over Central Park, great view. Mark said, "he had a couple of calls to make" so Dave gave us the grand tour. Three nice big bedrooms, all with the same great views, "pity there are no balconies" said, Tony. Two nicely equipped bathrooms both with a big bath and separate wet room area. One slightly smaller bathroom with just shower and toilet, lastly, a nicely proportioned kitchen, everything you need in a galley format. Simon confirmed they were in the third bedroom and disappeared to shower and change.

Dave went to the fridge and found four beers which we took back to the lounge were Mark had just finished his calls. He spotted the beers and said, "that's a good idea", took one and sat down, we all joined him. Dave asked, "if everything was set for the morning"? "yes, Andrew is expecting us when we get there, I've spoken to the guys I trust, and we have a meeting set for later in the day. We are also booked into the Boathouse for lunch", Dave said "oh good, I loved it last time"; "let's hope it's still as good" replied Mark. Dave asked the boys "if they were OK, you've hardly said a word since we landed". They both looked at each other, smiled and said: "they were fine it's just been a bit hectic, new place, lots to see, bit overpowering". Simon joined us all in the lounge, Mark carried on, saying "wait till we get to the Boathouse", Andy asked, "is it far"? "Not really, probably about a half hour walk", Tony said, "a walk"? "yes lad, let you both see something of New York and Central Park. In fact, if you look out of the window you can probably see the restaurant from here", "wow", they all replied as they all stood and went to the window. Dave joined them and pointed towards it, it's a bit too far to see in detail but that where we are going for lunch. "What time did you book Mark"? "14:30 was the only slot they had for a lakeside table" he replied. "Better think about getting a move on then, it's 14:00 now, time we've had a wander we'll be in time for a drink before lunch".

We fort our way through the hordes of tourists in the lobby, out onto 5th Avenue where the magic of New York hits you, both the lads were trying to walk along with their eyes skywards. Mark warned the group "not to cross the roads against the lights; you will get done for jaywalking, if you don't get run down, wait for the walk sign". Andy spotted the Bulgari mural on the building on the corner of 57th Street. Tony then spotted the Apple store as we crossed the road to get to the park, "can we stop there on the way back"? he asked, "yes, of course", Dave replied.

We had a lovely walk along Centre Drive, stopping to take photos with the Balto Statue, following round onto Terrace Drive before a right towards the restaurant. Andy said, "it's a good job you two are with us; we would have got lost by now". We got to the entrance, there was a greeter who asked Mark "have you booked sir", "yes Pritchard for five, lakeside please", he checked his pad, "thank you, Mr Pritchard, please follow Susan to your table", "thank you, young man". We followed Susan to a fabulous table right on the edge of the lake, wonderful views and such a lovely sunny day. We ordered beers all round and studied the menus.

We were all obviously hungry, Dave and I ordered Herb Crusted Salmon with Mixed Greens, Simon decided to play safe and follow our example.We had forgotten to warn the lads about the American portions, they both ordered the Sirloin Steak with a side of Cesare Salad, Andy saw his arriving and said: "is this all for me"? "yes, lad, enjoy", he looked over as Tony's arrived, "wow, this will keep me going for a week", we all laughed and got stuck in. About halfway through our meal Andy suddenly caught Tony's eye and said: "is that Barbara Streisand over in the corner"? Both Tony and Mark turned around and confirmed it was, "wow, this must be someplace", Dave replied, "its New York", smiling.

After a fantastic meal, we took a long walk around the lake heading back to Trump Tower, as we left the park, Tony, spotted the Apple store and asked again "if we could go have a look"? Mark said "Sure, as long as you've got your credit card on you" with a smile, Tony just scowled back at him and then flashed his eyes, Mark made out his legs had gone and we all laughed.

The greater on the door was fascinated by our accents and took great delight in introducing us to one of the sales staff, who was a very nice looking young man, so obviously gay, he was hanging on Tony's every word with eyelashes fluttering. Mark asked Tony "if there was anything he was particularly interested in"? "No, not really, there's lots I would like but nothing I really need" Andy was watching the sales lad like a hawk, ready to pounce if he overstepped the mark. Mark said, "he might come back later as he had been thinking of upgrading his iPhone for some time". We left and made our way back to Trump Tower.

Fighting our way through the hordes of tourists on the sidewalk and in the foyer was quite stressful, Mark said in the lift that he was going to look at selling the lease and getting somewhere else. The apartment was a haven of tranquillity, by comparison, we made for the lounge, Tony asked if "anyone wanted a drink"? We gave our requests and Andy went to help his brother while Mark, I and Simon made ourselves comfortable on the settees.

Mark asked me "if I could remember the date of Tonys birthday"? "Yes, it the 20th of next month" he stopped as the boys returned, he gave me a wink, as if to say stay stum, I nodded. I wondered if he was planning something. No sooner had we started our drinks than Marks phone rang. "Hi Richard, your timing is perfect, set sat down with a drink," "sorry boss, just checking all is well with the apartment" "Funny you should say that the apartment is fine it's just the building" "oh, that bad"? "no, worse, the only good thing I can think of is that they have a Starbucks in the foyer, can we get out of the lease"? "that bad, I'll look into it" thanks, Rich, it's just too much" Otherwise"? "think so, Ramsey is coming for us for 08:00 should bne with you for 08:45 dependent on traffic, we're looking for somewhere for dinner then is off to bed, I for one am shattered", "sounds good to me, want me to sort it for you", no thanks Rich, think I can do this one" "ok, see you in the morning, bye" "bye Rich".

Mark took a swig of his drink and then raised his glass in a toast," to our trip in New York", we all raised ours in unison, Dave added "and good luck with the mission at hand" "here, here" said both the lads. Mark picked up the house phone., "reception, ah, can you put me onto Conseiarge please, thank you, Hi, can you book a table for six at Uncle Jacks for 20:00, great, thank you, bye". Andy asked, "where are we going for dinner than Mark"? "a little place just along the road, half a block, Uncle Jacks has been in New York since 1996, supposed to be one of the best places to eat in the city" "sounds fun" replied Tony. "What time will we have to leave" asked Andy, give half an hour to wander down there should be ample, so leave in about an hour". Dave said "good, I need a shower" "so do I said, Tony", we all went off for a shower.

Needless to say, it was not long before each of us helping to scrub backs developed into four stiff cocks, showers over we took them to the bedroom and made full use of the king size bed. Anyone in any of the adjacent blocks with binoculars would have quite a show. Another shower and we all changed ready for dinner.

Once we had fought our way against the flow of incoming tourists we were on the sidewalk, we crossed 5th Avenue onto West 56th street and strolled towards the flags we could see advertising the restaurant, as Mark said about half a block away. As we drew closer we began to get a waft of some very nice smells. Andy asked "Dave whats all the steam is it the drain system"? No lad, New York has a system that supplies buildings with high-pressure steam which is used for heating, A/C systems as well as some manufacturing machinery" "Wow" that sounds like a good idea, guess its been here for some time" "well if my memory serves me well it was set up to supply lower Manhattan back in 1882"" Bloody hell replied Andy and it still works" " yep, it was extended up to 96th and 89th and is now the worlds largest municiple steam system".

We walked into the restaurant to be greeted by a young girl, "good evening sir, have you booked"? "yes, young lady, Pritchard for five" she checked her iPad, ah there you are sir, please follow me, do you mind eating upstairs sir"? "no problem". At the top of the stairs, we were in a large room with various size table made up with lovely looking tablecloths and what looked like very comfortable padded chairs. We had a table by the window with a view across the road to the lovely old Townhouse Spa building. Menus offered, drinks ordered we studied the menu, I reminded the lads about the American portions, I decided on the Prime Fillet Mignon basically as it is only 8oz, Mark chose the Wagyu Ribeye 16oz, after some deliberation the boys decided to share the 44oz Porterhouse. Simon chose the Maple Glassed Long Bone Duroc Pork Chop, which he said, "was quite a mouthful to say, he hoped it would live up to expectations" with a smile, Mark, I and the boys all ordered rare, Simon went for medium well. Mark was scanning the wine list for some nice American wines, he ordered two bottles of the 2013 Zinfandel and a bottle of the FlagTree Chardonnay.

The restaurant was soon full, very noisy but the atmosphere was electric, we all had a fabulous meal, we finished with coffees and then made our way back to Trump Tower. Manhattan really comes to life after dark, the streets, sidewalks and the lights in the highrise building is something quite special. Unlike at the house, we did not have any liqueurs in, so we all decided an early night was called for, it had been a long day busy Day and the prospect was not much better for Monday.

We all did the necessary, then made our way to the bedroom, Andy took his usual spot and Tony slid in behind him, Mark was next sliding in beside Andy and straight into his waiting arms, Tony beckoned me in as he lifted the duvet for me to slid in next to him, he lowered his strong arm around my torso, I just had the strength to turn out the light.

To be continued...




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