Holiday in Heaven


Chapter Twenty-Six

The work begins



Here we have another book in the series Holiday in Heaven, a story although, from my overactive imagination, wishful thinking, perhaps both, it was originally inspired by a correspondent who told a story of some fun he had while on holiday.

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All names but mine have been changed and any resemblance to anyone alive, deceased on in the houses of Parliament is purely coincidental. Places named have been used as we have had personal experiences of them, that does not mean they are involved in or have any specific connection with the gay community in anyway whatsoever


We left the group:

The restaurant was soon full, very noisy but the atmosphere was electric, we all had a fabulous meal, we finished with coffees and then made our way back to Trump Tower. Manhattan really comes to life after dark, the streets, sidewalks and the lights in the high-rise buildings is something quite special. Unlike at the house, we did not have any liqueurs in, so we all decided an early night was called for, it had been a long busy day and the prospect was not much better for Monday. We let Simon go to his room first, the boys were so entranced by the view out of the window. Bedtime followed, with Andy making it first, he had taken his favourite spot, the middle. Tony and Mark were next as I had gone to the kitchen for a paracetamol tablet. By the time I got back to the bedroom the three of them were sparko, I slipped in beside Tony and turned out the light, it was seconds before I felt Tony's strong arm wrapped around my torso pulling me gently towards him.

ˇ         * * * * * * * * *

Mark was the first up, he managed to get out of bed without disturbing any of us, the first thing I was aware of was Tony finding my semi and gently bringing it to life. I rolled over and found he had one already wide awake, I gently slid under the duvet and started to suck it, God it was hard and throbbing, I must have been doing something right as he started to groan with obvious pleasure. Suddenly, the duvet is pulled off the bed and we see Mark stood there looking at us with a grin on his face. "I don't know, you lot are a bunch of sluts, any chance to get your ends away" "Oie" protested Andy, "don't include me with these two, I was fast asleep" Mark replied, "looks like it too", pointing to the snake at full mast, "oh that has a mind of its own" he replied with a smile.


Sorry to spoil the party guys but Ramsey will be outside in 45, you've got time for a SHOWER and some coffee, Tony replied with a smile "spoilsport". We all got into the shower and tried our best to ignore the three cocks which were all desperately asking for some attention. Somehow, we all succeeded and managed to get to the kitchen as Simon was pouring out a fresh jug of coffee. The house phone rang, Mark was the closest, "hello, yes, ok ask him to wait in the car, we will be down shortly, bye." Ok, guys, that's the starting gun, Ramsey is downstairs, now the fun starts".


Once we had got to the car, one of the FBI guys on guard opened the door for us and said as he closed it again "have a nice day guys" We settled in and strapped up as Ramsey asked Mark "where to boss?" "The Woolworth Building, Barclay Street and Broadway" "No problem sir, did you want me to wait?"" No lad, we might be some time, I'll give you a ring when we are ready to come back" "Ok boss". The traffic was quite heavy and with such a large vehicle Ramsey was having to hold back in tight spots. Dave commentated" must be hard for you in this traffic with a big car"" "yeh boss, with a sedan, I could push and jostle but this beast, in the old days we would get given right of way, but these are so common now that no one bothers anymore."


Mark suddenly remembered, "Oh Ramsey" "yes boss" would you be up for giving these two gents a guided tour of your city"? "Sure, thing boss, glad to, the full tour? "well, yes, it will be a fully paid trip" oh wow, thanks, boss, full tour is it then, thanks, boss, Oh, by the way, we are about five minutes away" "thanks, Ramsey" Ok guys, your booked on a whistle-stop tour of New York," "Thanks, Mark" both the boys said in unison. As luck would have it there was a space right outside the main entrance to the building, "Here we are, boss", said, Ramsey, as he parked. "Thank you, young man, you look after these two, they are very precious to us", "yes boss, no worries, with my life" "we'll see you later", "ok boss, have a nice day", "we will try, bye".


Mark, Simon and I left the car and waived as they took off, entering the building Simon was taken by the décor, "what era is this Mark"? "built to Neo-Gothic style I think I replied, "started in 1913, its one of the early skyscrapers, at twenty stories it was one of the tallest for some time, until they built the Empire State in 33". We walked up to the desk, a young man greeted us, "good morning Gentleman" "Good morning young man, Mark Pritchard to see Richard Tomlinson" "Thank you, sir, your expected, I'll let him know you're in the building. Here are your security passes one for each of your colleagues," "Thank you," "You use them for access to the elevators, your offices are on the 18th floor" "Thank you," Simon and I nodded as we made our way towards the elevators. As ours slowed Simon said, "how slow these were", I replied, "built in 1913, you're lucky it's not the stairs", we all laughed as the doors opened to reveal Richard standing there with a huge grin on his face.


Ramsey asked the lads "if there was anything specific they wanted to see"? "No, not really, it's all new to us, can we leave it to you"? "sure, do you like going up high" love it we both said" "right, that's a good start, Empire State, its small by modern standards but it is a lovely building inside" "great, sounds interesting, thanks said, Tony". "Sit back and enjoy the traffic guys".


Welcome to New York gentleman, come this way, I've got some coffee ready for you, "thanks, Richard" Mark replied. We all followed him down a corridor and through a lovely set of Art Deco double swing doors into our New York reception. A young lady stood up as we approached and smiled, Richard introduced us, and we carried on to an office marked with a Managing Director sign. Inside it was also Art Deco, a big room with windows on one side, a big desk and a conference table with chairs for twelve.


Richard turned to Mark and extended his hand, they shook and then it was my turn and Simon. "Coffee gentlemen"?

"Yes, please Rich", he sat on the end of the table and pushed a button on an intercom, "yes sir" four coffees please Suzy, not the cheap stuff he added with a smile" "of course sir" Sit gentleman, make yourselves comfortable. "So, Richard, what's the score so far"? asked Mark, anxious to get this over with quickly, "well, Andrew has been skimming off funds from the general fund for over four years, as far as we can assess so far, we are looking at $790,000" "bloody hell Richard, that's a lot of money" replied Mark. Dave then asked, "any idea why just greed or was there a motive"? "According to our preliminary searches into accounts, it seems as though he had serious family medical problems, we've not got to the bottom of it yet, we held a direct interview with Andy till you two were here"


There was a knock on the door "come" said Richard, it was our coffees, "thanks, Sue, put them at the end would you", "certainly sir", "thank you", she left and shut the door. We took a coffee each and sat back down around the table, there was another knock on the door. Richard looked at us, rolled his eyes and again said "come" two people came into the office, "ah, come in you two, perfect timing, Mark, Dave, this is Racheal and Tom two of our top accountants, Mark is our C.E.O and Dave the M.D", "pleasure to meet you both" said, Mark, "likewise" said Tom, Racheal smiled.


We all stood as the two new guys approached the table, Racheal sat and we all settled in for more discussions. Richard asked Tom to outline what they had found so far. "So, as far as we can be certain the transfers started four years ago, small at first, a couple of hundred dollars a month, then gradually increased till the last one we can trace of seventy-five hundred in a week last month" He then looked at Racheal who added "we have been able to gain access to his personal accounts and can verify the transfers and have found a very complicated series of transfers including some offshore, too complicated to show here but suffice to say intended to hide the funds and make them very difficult to trace". Tom then continued "using our extensive contacts and influence within the I.R.S. we have traced some interesting transaction in Andrews private accounts, there have been a number of large credit transfers from so far, untraceable sources and payments made from a supposedly hidden account to several medical institutions"


Ramsey found a diplomatic space on 34th Street, he had his pass with him, "right guys, just a short walk, watch the traffic as you get out Tony," "Ok, thanks" We walked along the road, both of us looking skywards, you could see were tourists. The building is certainly something special, being Art Deco makes it extra special. We got into the lobby and paid the visitor fee, Ramsey led us to the bank of elevators, one arrived and we got on to be joined by what seemed like half of NewYork. When to doors opened we were on the 102nd floor. As with all tall buildings, the views are spectacular, we both took lots of photos and made full use of the binoculars scattered around the observation deck.


The three of us had been sat spellbound listening to this presentation, Mark said "my God, that sounds like this guy is a financial wizard" Tom replied," that's why you guys took him on in the first place, he joined us fresh out of Harvard with a first in financial studies". Mark continued"do you know where the monies have gone"? Racheal replied, "yes Mark, most of them went to Mount Sinai Dubin Breast Centre here in New York. We have been unable to trace them beyond that due to very strict patient confidentiality but we have heard through the office grapevine that Andrews partner has been ill, putting two and two together we think they were to fund cancer treatment for her".


I said, "why the hell steal from us when we provide full health insurance"? Tom replied, "good question Dave, we have been on this question for a couple of weeks now and have not yet been able to confirm, the suspicion is that she is an illegal" "Illegal" I questioned "yes, apparently they met while Andrew was on vacation in Mexico", "but I thought they were married" Racheal replied, "so did the office and the I.R.S." Mark asked, "are there any implications for us in this relationship"? Tom replied, "no Mark, none whatsoever it is purely a personal problem for the both of them, if the I.R.S ever find out, which they will if this goes all the way, it's a felony, she will be deported, thanks to Trumps new policy and Andrew will end up inside for some time" Mark said "I can understand the temptation but what a bloody fool," "yep" said Tom. Racheal added, "that's not to mention the time he will do for these illegal financial dealings"


Richard, who had sat, like us spellbound asked: "what do the I.R.S. know at this point in time"? Nothing yet and we are hoping to keep it that way if we can without endangering our reputation" replied Tom. Mark quickly said, "glad you added that last bit Tom, that must remain our paramount objective here, we must come out of this squeaky clean if we can save Andrew and still achieve that then I'll be even happier but I will not jeopardize all the good work we have done for him" Both Racheal and Tom looked across the table at Mark both with an incredulous expression on their faces. "You still want to try and save Andrew after all this, asked Tom"?


"Mark replied, are you married, Tom"? "no not yet" he replied, "when you are and if you're really in love you will find that love can and often does cloud your better judgement". Racheal was looking over at Mark with a tear in her eye, Dave looked over and asked: "are you ok Racheal"? "Oh, sorry Dave, it's just that my Mom passed last year, thinking about it Dad did some strange things which were totally out of character, nothing illegal" she quickly added with a smile". "Sorry to hear about your Mum," said, Dave, looking over at Tom, "there's your answer Tom", he smiled. She was saved by a knock on the door, Richard said "come", the door opened, it was Suzy, she popped her head into the office, would you guys like some more coffee"? "Yes please, Suzy", Racheal asked "if she could have Black Tea", "of course", and the door closed. It was Simon who broke the uneasy silence, "sorry to ask guys but who or what is I.R.S."? "Oh sorry Simon, not something you would come into much contact with the security field, it the Inland Revenue Service, the equivalent to our Her Majesties Revenue & Customs"" oh, so not to be messed with then" he replied, "no" replied Tom, "they could turn this on its head and us with it". "Just one more question if I could"? "of course Simon," said Richard, "fire away" "this money that this guy Andrew has lifted, is any of it public funds or is it totally within the firm"? "Good question" replied Richard, turning to Tom, "as you may know, Simon is from security, he does not have much to do with finance till it goes missing", we all laughed. "Can you answer him? "yes Richard, simply, it would be contained but for all the offshore transaction, which would almost certainly involve some laundering which then makes it public. However he seems to have been clever enough to have kept it all private, at least, that is what we're hoping". "Thanks, Tom", Simon acknowledged Marks smile.


We got back to the car and Ramsey asked: "what next guys"? Andy asked,"if we could get to the Statue of Liberty, have we got time"? "sure, good idea, we can get a bite to eat there too, sit tight you two" and we were off. Again, Ramsey managed to park, he, called in a favour from a friend who works in the Ritz Carlton, just off Battery Park, he let us into the car park for free. Ramsey suggested we stopped in on the Pier A Harbor House for a bite to eat. Huge place, a massive pub type place with great views of the harbour, with Ellis Island and the Statue in the distance. We shared a club sandwich between the three of us which tickled Ramsey, "you Brits" he laughed.

Mark then asked the $50,000 question, Ok guys, what's the next move"? Tom replied "well as Richard knows this business has come to the notice of the High Court, we're still not sure who spilt the beans, but they know, and they want answers which I why Richard brought you two guys over to add maximum weight to our efforts to get all this put right. If we can keep the I.R.S. out of the loop so much the better but it is going to be touch and go, if we get it wrong it could go very bad". Mark was quick to say, "I don't want anything said or done which will jeopardize us as an organisation in any way, certainly nothing illegal".


Richard looked at his watch, "good God, where's that gone, it's 12:30 already, did anyone want to stop for lunch yet"? Mark asked, "when can we speak with Andrew, is he in the building"? Richard replied, "no, he's been on suspension since we found out about this, he should be at home on standby to come in at short notice. What did you have in mind"? "Where's home," asked Dave, "he's got a place out on the outskirts of Hicksville, three-quarters of an hour out". "Ok," said, Mark, "let's get him in this afternoon, in the meantime, we can have lunch, do you have anything planned Richard"?


"I had booked a table at Nubu Next Door, which is two blocks away on Filton Street, let me give them a ring and up that to eight, he got out his phone and made the call, "OK thanks, see you in fifteen, bye". "Ok, now to get Andy in, I'll go and get one of the girls to give him a call, get him in asap", he left the office. Shortly afterwards, he returned saying "Right guys, the bathrooms are at the end of the corridor, I'll wait for you in reception", we all went off to spend a penny. The walk to the restaurant was a welcome breath of fresh air for the brain, Mark was deep in thought all the way.


We arrived at what looked like an office building but once inside it was more like a large multi-department store, bit like Debenhams, lots of separate stores under one roof. We walked through a number of outlets selling everything from shoes to shirts, housewares and kitchen equipment to coats, hats and sportswear. The restaurant looked interesting, specialising in Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, something I had not seen anywhere in England. We were shown to the restaurant on the first floor, there was a bar type area you could pick your own dishes, there were also tables, the staff joined three tables to make seating for the eight of us and we settled in for an interesting lunch.


We walked through the park towards the pier, there was a huge queue, several hundred folks waiting, Ramsey said, " join the queue guys, watch for me by the office" he walked off towards the office. A couple of minutes later Tony spotted him waving, we went to were he was, he had called in another favour and got us into the priority line. We were on the ferry within ten minutes, more great views and more photos. Ramsey asked "if we wanted to go to the top"? "well, pity not to as we are here" Tony replied, "ok, you go, I've done it so many times, `I'll wait here for you" "Ok" the pair of us made our way all the way up to the viewing platform, right up in the crown.. Good job we are both pretty fit, I counted 354 steps to the top, we learned at the top that it is about twenty stories high, we had to get our breath at the top but what a view, we could just make out the Teardrop Memorial, a gift from the Russians for 9/11, which prompted us both to remember to ask Ramsey if we could visit Ground Zero.


We let Tom guide our choice as we said: "we have not had anything like this at home". He went on the cautious side and ordered a selection of Sushi which we have seen but not sampled. The conversation started with food but very soon changed to how we were going to conduct the interview with Andrew later. Racheal suggested "that her and Tom were not in the room at first, she thought it might be a bit intimidating for Andrew to have one against so many", good plan agreed Richard, "maybe if Dave could step out as well, at least for the initial meeting, then its only two to one", Mark agreed, "good plan. Did you have a plan for discussion"?


To his credit, Richard did say "that he thought it would be better to treat the matter with a little compassion at first, try and establish the why's and wherefores' first before going in with all guns blazing". Mark accepted "that his terminology was wrong, sorry guys, your right, we want to try and get the guys confidence first". We finished our meal just as Richards phone rang, "hello, yes, ok, we'll be back in about fifteen, would you put him in the main conference room, thanks, bye". Right guys, he's arrived, let battle commence, we walked back to the office each with our own thoughts.


As we all walked into the reception the young lady spoke to Richard to confirm that Mr Andrew was in the main conference room with a member of security. "Right guys," said Richard, "here we go, wish us luck, we will convene later" "ok" replied Dave, the four of us watched as they disappeared into the conference room and shut the door. Tom and Racheal returned to their accounts office and Simon and I went back to the MDs office were we found a fresh pot of coffee and some cookies.


When we got back to the car Ramsey said it's not far, I will not be able to wait here I'll come back when you ring and meet you back here as he pulled into the sidewalk.We both got out and managed to cross the road.We walked towards the building, it really was something special, just the shape, we entered the lobby and soon found the visitors desk. A nice young lady saw Tony coming and with eyelashes fluttering greeted him to No One Trade Centre, how may I help you today sir. Tony smiled and said "two tickets to the observation deck, please", "a pleasure sir", handing him the tickets, she smiled and said" have a nice day" as we left for the elevators. Bloody hell, they were fast lifts, nothing like we have at home, when the doors opened we were on the 104th floor, needless to say, the all-around views were spectacular and well worth the money.


Andrew stood as they walked in and the security guy left the room, Mark was the first to speak, "good afternoon Andrew" he extended his hand and they shook, "long time no see" "yes, it been some time", "let's sit and get ourselves comfortably". The conference room had a couple of large settees along one wall, we all sat just as there was a knock on the door, Richard said "come" Suzy popped her head in and asked if we wanted coffee"? "yes, please Suzy, then could you could see that we are not disturbed unless the building is falling" She laughed, "of course sir" and left.


Richard started the discussion, "ok Andy, you know why we're all here" "yes Rich and I would like to say right up front how sorry I am, I've been such a complete fool, there was no way I would have got away with it looking at it now" we both noticed, this ex-marine was almost in tears. Mark continued "well that's a good start, let me make this quite clear, we do not want to ruin you over this if we can work together we are quite happy to help if we can. You could see the weight lift off Andy's shoulders. "thanks, guys, I don't deserve this, I've compromised the company". Richard then continued "why Andy? that's what we can't understand, why"? Andy was now visibly weeping, another knock on the door, it was Suzy, she came straight in and left a tray of coffees and some cookies and left without a word. Mark said, "take your time Andy", he pulled himself together and stood to get himself a coffee, sitting back down he went on to explain how he met his girlfriend while on vacation in Mexico. Mark said, "we know that much" "so you know that Maria is currently an illegal" "yes, we suspected as much" "we never got around to doing the paperwork, it would not have been a problem till Trump arrived on the scene, now its too late to do anything about it" Richard continued, "sorry Andy, this is a hard question but why did you want so much money"? Andy started to weep again, " Maria was diagnosed with lung cancer four years ago, I've been paying for her treatment ever since," Richard said, " you knew you would not be able to claim on the company health insurance as Maria was not your official spouse" " correct" he replied. Mark said " guess you knew there was no way around that problem" "correct Mark, I was desperate". "Ok, Andy, we appreciate that it can not have been easy, how is Maria now may we ask"? Thanks for asking guys, she has been in remission for a year but she is still very poorly and needs constant hospital care" Mark asked," can you tell us what your medical bills are at present"? yes, not to the cent he replied with a bit of anger in his voice, at the moments it's $17000 a month" " good God man, that's a lot of money to find a month even on your salary" "tell me about it but I could not just let her go without it" "no, of course not, we understand that". Richard then asked, "do you have any private legitimate savings"? "yes, not much now but I did try and keep some back, just in case this happened, at the last count it was $180000 in bonds stored offshore". Ok said Richard, can you get at them"? " yes but it will take a month or so to get them untangled and back here" he looked at the two guys with a pain in his eyes.


Richard said "ok Andy, thanks for being honest with us, what we have to do now is work out a way to keep this out of the hands of the I.R.S and the courts" "can I help with that"? Andy asked Mark, replied, "yes as long as your solution is totally above board" "thanks, Mark, I've had a rough plan for weeks, let me work on it tonight, I'll bring it in for you to see in the morning" "Ok Andy" Mark replied, "don't let us down" "I won't". Richard said, "ok, go home, do what you have to do and we will reconvene here in the morning 09:00" "Thanks, guys", Andy stood, extended his hand and they all shook hands, he left leaving the two of them sat dumbfounded.


We had rung Ramsey from the top of Number One and by the time we got back to where he had dropped us off he was less than a mile away, he pulled up, we got in just as his phone rang.


"Well, that was a meeting and a half," said, Richard, "yes, I did not expect that" replied Mark, "let's just hope his plan is a workable solution" "here, here" replied Richard. They made their way back to the M.Ds office where they found Dave and Simon reading. Dave stood up and stretched as they came in, "how did it go"? They gave a brief synopsis of the meeting.


"Well, I'll be damned," said Dave, "is he genuine do you think"? Both Rich and Mark looked at each other and both said, "I do hope so". Richard picked up the phone, "Tom, hi, can you and Racheal come down to the office, please? thanks". When they arrived we all sat around the table and Richard again relayed the synopsis of the meeting to them both. Tom was the first to comment "what the hell is he playing at, he has a plan to get himself out of the shit, sorry Racheal" "that would be my first thought as well to be quite honest" said, Racheal.Tom asked, "how much did he say he had"?" $180000 in bonds" replied Mark, " that's at least $630000 short of the total" said, Tom, "I would be very sceptical about this, I know he's good but this is looking at some kind of magical solution".


Mark stood and stretched saying, "ok guys, let's not prejudge this, he said he will be in the office in the morning for 09:00 can we set up a full meeting, all of us including Simon here, who has a knack of smelling a rat at a hundred yards in the conference room with coffees and no interruptions" "yes" replied Tom, "I'll speak to Suzy later", "thanks, guys", "no problem""see you in the morning" and they left.


Mark sat back down, "right, let's find out where these lads are, I think its time to go home" Sounds a good idea said, Dave" he dialled Ramseys number, "hi Ramsey, how you guys doing"? "funny you should ask boss I'm about five minutes away from Woolworth", "good man, see you by the entrance," "Ok boss". "Right, Richard, that's us done for the day, what are you doing for dinner"? "nothing planned yet boss" "don't you start this boss lark", he smiled, "want to join us"? "yes please, beats eating on your own, thanks". "Where are you staying"? " Holiday Inn, York City, Wall Street, it's on the corner of Liberty and Nassau" "ok, so we come to you, do you know anywhere down your end"? "yes, I've been eating at The Trading Post on Johns Street". "Ok, that's a plan, well come and pick you up and go on, what time"? Richard replied, "I've been getting there for 20:00 before it gets busy" "great, well see you about 19:45" "ok see you" we left and made our way down to the entrance just in time to see Ramsey pulling up.


We pilled into the limo and Ramsey asked "back to the tower boss"? "yes please Ramsey, we will need you later, we are picking someone up from the Holiday Inn York City, do you know it"? "yes boss, and from there"? "to The Trading Post""the one on Johns Street" "yes", "no problem boss, what are your timings". "We want to pick our friend up at 19:45", "ok, so ill pick you up at 19:20" "thank you, Ramsey". We were soon back at the tower, the same procedure to get in with the same security, same hoards of tourists in the lobby to fight through to get to the elevators. Once back in the apartment, peace, Simon went to his room saying he needed a shower, we sat in the lounge while the boys got some beers. We sat and talked about there day with Ramsey, Tony said: "he was such a nice, genuine guy, no side and willing to help no matter what".


Andy asked what the plan was for dinner, Mark explained and stressed that we can't be late, it would not be fair on Ramsey, we all agreed, we all finished our drinks and went for our showers. Mark was the first in and was standing under the rose with his back to the door. He should have learned from previous occasions, he was attacked from behind by the boys. Lots of horseplay followed, we then took it to the bedroom, again all holes filled and another damm good show for the residence of adjoining buildings. We all needed another shower before dressing for dinner.


Ramsey was waiting for us as we emerged from the lobby, again, one of the guards moved forward to open the car door for us, Mark thanked him, and he replied: "have a good evening sir", we were a little early for picking up Richard, but Ramsey found a spot to wait. Richard turned up, got into the car and we were off again. Ramsey asked Mark "have you still got my card sir"? "yes Ramsey, want me to call you when we're ready"? "yes, please sir, I can't wait anywhere here" Mark replied "no problem, see you later as we all got out and walked to the restaurant. Richard was the first in, he was greeted by the barman, "your table for six sir"? "yes please", we followed a waiter to our table, sat and studied the menus.


Mark commented "what a nice-looking place" as we all sat at the window end of the building, we had normal well-padded chairs. It had a long cream continuous settee type seating along the whole wall with individual armchairs for the other side of the tables, very comfortable to sit and relax in but not ideal for eating from, no back support. The menu looked very interesting, Dave reminded the lads about the portion sizes. Mark was quick to comment saying, "I can see why you come here Richard, this is a very impressive list of Whiskies" Richard replied "yes, I have sampled a couple", smiling. After some deliberations and the poor waited asking three times if we were ready to order, we had finally, Simon went for the Trading Post Black Angus Burger with fries. Tony asked if he could have the New York Sirloin, I had the Scotish Salmon, Richard requested the Roasted Half Chicken, finally, Mark asked for the Grilled Flat Iron Steak, he then added two bottles of Merlot Tangly Oaks 2012 and a large Cessar to share.


Mark, Dave and Richard soon got themselves buried in deep business discussions which the rest of us kept out of unless invited. Simon was asking about our little jaunt around lower Manhatten with Ramsey, we told him about the climb to the top of the Statue of Liberty, 354 steps, "phew", he said, "bet you were puffed after that lot". Tony said"yes, we were, it's not like the Eiffel Tower, you can stop several times as you go up so you get the chance to catch your breath" "Wow, have you done that as well then" asked Simon, Andy told the story of how Mark had arranged a special visit in the company of the Director including a tour below stairs including the main engine room. "gosh, bet that was interesting" he replied, Tony said, "yep, got a limited book as well, if your interested `Ill bring it in when I'm next in the office" Thanks, mate, love to have a look".

Our food arrived, all conversations stopped and we all tucked in, it had been so well presented you felt like you could eat the plates, hardly a word was spoken till we had all finished. Mark asked, "does anyone want a pudding"? We all looked at him as if to say, you must be kidding. When the waiter returned has asked for "six coffees and could he have the whisky menu", we all had a different one and tasted each other much to the consternation of the table next door. The lady commented on the risk of passing on germs, Mark just smiled and replied "it's alright were British", she just tutted and left it, we all smirked.

Mark rang Ramsey and booked the car for about 15, "no problem boss, see you outside", Simon asked, "if they had formulated a strategy for the meeting in the morning"? Richard replied, "yes Simon, he's going to get the full works, we would like you in on it as well as my two you met earlier" "Ok, and how are you going to play it"? "good question, we have decided firm but fair to start with, toughening up if he gets funny with us" "Sound fair enough" replied Simon.

Mark called for the check, gave his card when it came, and we were off to the car, all full and I think ready for bed. We stepped out of the restaurant to see Ramsey standing beside the car with the door open for us. "Good evening Gentlemen, have a good meal"? "Yes, thank you" replied Mark as he got into the car. Ramsey got us back to Richards hotel within five and then back to the tower. This time the security must have recognised the car, we were ushered straight into the cordoned off area, one of the guards opened the door for us. Mark said, "he would need Ramsey for 08:15 in the morning", "no problem boss, have a good night", "will try, thanks", "goodnight boss".

We got to the elevators much easier at the time we arrived, it was after 23:00, by the time we got to the apartment, Simon was ready for his bed. Mark had asked the concierge to bring in a bottle of Whisky and mixers for us which were left on the side ready for us. We poured one each, sat on the settee and contemplated the next day. Dave asked Tony and Andy "what they were going to do". Andy replied, "they had given some thought to having a walk around Central Park". Mark said" you won't get all of it in in just one-day mate, its several square miles and there is so much to see," Andy asked "any ideas "? "get online and book a tour, there are several on offer depending on what interests you have, they are very well run and well-worth the money" "thanks, Mark" replied Tony, "we'll look in the morning, I'm too shattered now", "me to" said Andy, "think it's time for bed", Dave had already dozed off so we all agreed, "bed it is".

We all made our way to the bedroom and all went for a pee, we all fell into the bed, Andy was the only one looking excited, Tony gave him a quick suck, which inevitably led to another stiffy, with Mark taking Tony's in hand. Dave had put his head down and gone, so we all continued as quietly as we could. Tony lubed Andy's ass and was soon into the hilt, with Mark playing with his balls it was not long before he shot his load deep into Andy's ass. Mark leaned over Tony and sucked Andy off while Tony did the same for Mark. We eventually settled in, Mark set his alarm, he turned out the light and we were all off very quickly.


To be continued...




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