How I Ended Up With Gary

Chapter 2

In September, I saw Gary twice. The first time, I took him to my apartment, and the second time was with Tom, his roommate (more about that later).

That same dark pick-up bar was only a block from Gary’s apartment, so it was a convenient place for him to grab a quick beer after studying or work. I was actually driving home from my job one night, about ten, when I saw him turn into the doorway of the bar.

I parked and went in to join him, We finished our beers and headed to my place for an early night. Both of us had classes in the morning, so we couldn’t stay up all night.

By eleven, we were snuggling in my bedroom, and working our clothes off. I had a jacuzzi tub, and we were waiting for the tub to fill.

When it was ready, we went into the bathroom and I began to take off his clothes, licking and playing as we went. Then he did the same for mine.

The water was great but we were probably too horny to enjoy it. We ended up taking turns sitting on the edge while we sucked each other, then got so slippery and hard that it was definitely time for bed.

After we dried off and got into bed, he devoured my cock, and proceeded to get me harder and harder, until, at last, he rotated into a sixty-nine so I could share the pleasure. After a few minutes, he moved again. First reaching for the lube tube next to my bed, and then straddling my cock while lubing us up.

Once he settled down on it, he began to furiously ride my cock as I stroked him. Pretty soon, I was spurting away into his pretty little ass, and he scooted up to feed me his cock.

We fell asleep quickly with him firmly wriggling his ass into me.

The next morning was a quickee, as we rushed up to get to classes. I had to drop him home first, before my first class.

Two weeks later, I ran into Gary and another guy in a booth at a local restaurant. It turned out to be Tom, his roommate. Tom was reasonably attractive, late twenties, and nicely dressed. He was a programming consultant and got sent out to client sites, so he traveled a lot. He and Gary were not lovers, but you could tell that neither of them would mind a little sex together now and ten.

They asked me to join them, so I sat with Gary until he headed to the bathroom, leaving me to get to know Tom, who asked about the nature of mine and Gary’s relationship. No we weren’t exclusive but we were on the way to becoming regular buddies.

A good meal and a few drinks later, they invited me home with them. Throughout the meal, Tom had been making the kinds of conversation, eye contact and "footsies," that usually led to a trip home; Tom would not have been my first choice, but, except for Gary, I probably would have accepted an invitation from him alone. Gary seemed to be fine with it, sort of nudging me toward sharing ourselves with Tom, who apparently was between major relationships. Tom’s main squeeze was on a business trip for three weeks.

I was always interested in trying out a threesome, but never actually had the opportunity, Here was a chance with Gary, who was a great fuck, and Tom, his fairly attractive roommate.

Anyway, Gary rode home with me, and sort of "popped the question." He said, "I don’t mind sleeping with him if you kind of kick it off. I think it might be fun, but I don’t want to have sex alone with my roommate, it might get too intense."

I asked if Tom would be interested, and Gary replied that Tom had told him, before we broke up at the restaurant, that I was pretty hot. Besides, he said, "If it doesn’t work out as a threesome, his bedroom is on the third floor, so you can still spend the night with me alone."

Pretty soon, we were all in the living room smoking a joint and drinking wine. The talk wandered all over, but I slowly brought it around to Tom’s sex life, asking suggestively about his favorite lovers and what he liked most.

It got most interesting when he started telling tales from encounters on his business trips. By that time, we were all pretty high and cozy, sitting on the sofa together with me in the middle. Tom was explaining about how a guy had once made moves on him on the late night Amtrak train from New York, sitting next to him and reaching into his lap.

I reached my hand over to rub his leg, and asked if that was how it happened. He said, "No, it was more like this." His hand reached for my crotch and balls and really laid me down, at the same time that Gary, with the ice now broken, also shared in my attack.

In ten minutes, I had become pretty disheveled and entangled---my pants were down to my knees, my exposed cock was dripping from their "sharing" with each other, and I, fairly helplessly, tried to get a piece of either of them. So, we moved to Gary’s bedroom to continue the adventure. I held my pants up, while they started pulling off their shirts and socks on the way up the stairs behind me.

Once in the bedroom, I was face to face with Gary, kissing him and trying to unbuckle his belt and get his zipper down. Tom was behind me, naked already, and pulling my pants and briefs down, then rubbing his spit-slick cock again my ass and reaching for mine and Gary’s cocks which were now pressed together.

Pretty soon, they had pulled off my clothes, and had me standing in a sandwich, Gary at the front and Tom at the back. Tom was massaging my back and ass, while Gary had dropped to his knees to swallow my cock. Then, Tom dropped to his knees and I had wet tongues and lips in front and back. It was fortunate we were a little stoned, or I would have probably exploded immediately.

I’d heard before that a threesome might be awkward, but there was nothing complicated about this two on one, and I was sure loving it. So far, the threesome was going just fine.

When Gary’s sucking became too much, I turned around and started working on Tom, eventually dropping to my knees to swallow his tasty six inch rod and nuzzle his balls. I left my ass up enough for Gary to slide his five inches in and get me loosened up for later, but it was easier once Tom sat on the edge of the bed, and Gary could then kneel behind me and get some traction.

Probably just to impress his roommate, Gary was being more macho than usual, slapping my ass between grunts, and fucking me as hard and deep as possible. It felt great between my slurping and licking of Tom’ crotch, balls and ass, but I knew that Tom’s cock was just the right size to finish what Gary was starting and I really wanted to do a double fuck, with my cock in Gary, and Tom’s in me.

I wiggled Gary out of my ass, telling him to clean up his cock and get back on the bed so I could get a taste of his meat. While he was gone, I straddled Tom’s face to keep my cock wet and warm.

When Gary returned, he laid on the bed so I could get at his hot little dick, and started going to town. I had rotated a little so that Tom was also laying down with my cock in his mouth. He would stop now and again to catch his breathe and slurp my testicals and fondle my rosebud, but my immediate focus was on Gary, whose cock was thrusting hard into my mouth while my fingers explored his already lubricated ass–he really had gotten ready.

It wasn’t long before I mounted Gary, and invited Tom to come into me from behind. After we got adjusted to the rhythm, and a few hits of poppers rolled in, there were moments of delirium, as Tom’s cock, pumping my prostrate, drove my cock deeper into Gary’s always tight little asshole. Later, I slowed my penetration into Gary because Tom’s ramrodding became so desperate and furious that I knew he had nowhere to go but over the top, He wasn’t going to slow down until he popped, and the deep reaming felt great. When I stopped, Gary tune-up his magical muscles and really pushed me over the edge, just as Tom’s cum gushed into me. Wow!

We collapsed in a heap with Gary pinned motionless below us. Eventually, though, Tom pulled out and went to clean up and get drinks, leaving Gary and I alone. After sucking my prone young man’s cock back to life, a raised up and mounted the hard little rod, letting it return easily into my dripping ass. Once Gary got a rhythm going, I waseven starting to get horny again, and excused myself to wash my cock. That really left Gary in desperate shape, anxious to come.

When I came back though, I was really ready to fuck him hard, and straddled his cock with vengeance. The brief break had brought new energy. By the time Tom returned with drinks, I had raised up enough for Gary to pound me from below, and we were caught in a moaning, clawing fight to orgasm. Again, probably for Tom;s sake, Gary started to seriously vocalize about how good it felt to fuck me, and how great his cock felt inside. I matched him with groans and moans as he drove harder and faster toward his explosion.

With Gary spent, I laid back to take a glass of wine from Tom. I was toying with my still hard but by no means desperate cock, while Tom appeared to be relishing the erotic sight before him.

Later, they both took turns sharing my cock until it couldn’t last any longer. My cum squirted between both their mouths and onto my navel, and they both licked it dry.

After that, we all fell asleep in a pile, with naked body parts mixed everywhere as the three of us dozed off as we lay.

The next morning, I woke as Tom brought us coffee, then left Gary and I to cuddle together. He seemed to have enjoyed us inviting him into our bed, but respected that it was a twosome with an invited third.