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Dave MacMillan




Aled smiled at me when we had stopped at the steps to his building. 'Are you joining me?' he asked.

I studied him for a moment giving him time to consider that I might not, in fact, want what he was offering. It was the least that I could do after the blowjob he'd given me earlier in the cabaret.

He waited, his impatience growing with each new second of silence. Almost immediately he began to chew on his bottom lip, anxiety beginning to gnaw at him. 'It's free, Philip,' he said, finally surrendering to his new lack of assurance. 'Come on, mate. I'm going to show you the best time you've had in a month.'

'Do you know him then?' I asked, forcing surprise into my voice.

'Who?' Aled glanced about quickly.

'The man I had in my bed this time last month. He really was a good shag.'

'Christ!' he hissed. 'Damn me, but I actually fell for it.' He shook his head. 'Shit!'

My hand found his buttocks and nudged him towards the step. 'You were going to show me something in your room I think. If you keep me standing out here like this, I may forget what it was.'

He grabbed my hand and quickly pulled me up to the outer door of his building. 'Philip, don't play games tonight. I just want good sex and a lot of it.' He opened the door and stepped back to allow me to enter. 'Promise me?'

I smiled at him. 'I promise.'

'Good,' he breathed as he followed me into the ground floor hall, slipped in front of me, and led me along the corridor to his bedsit.

He quickly opened the door and ushered me inside. He locked the door and moved quickly to the toilet. 'Let's have a bit of light,' he said. 'I wouldn't want you falling over a stack of books in the night. Want something to drink?'

'I think not,' I said as I turned back to him. I smiled and held out my arms to him. 'Come here, Aled.'

He grinned happily. And marched right into my arms, his hands going to my face and pulling me to his. His lips found mine and locked on them, his tongue paced along my teeth searching for entry. My fingers explored down his back until they found the rise of his buttocks just below his belt. He moaned as I squeezed both mounds at the same time that I opened my mouth and began to duel his tongue with mine.

I held his buttocks as he ground his crutch against mine. He pulled his face from mine and said: 'Let's get on the bed. I want to be comfortable whilst we're doing this.' He took my hand and led me to the side of his bed. 'I want to enjoy you thoroughly, Inspector Goodson.'

Turning to face me, he began to pull the shirt from my trousers. 'I want you naked and lying back on my bed,' he explained, his voice husky. 'I want to undress you, Philip.' The shirt hem began to rise over my belly. 'Do you mind?' It had reached my chest.

I smiled and raised my arms so that he could lift the shirt off. He stood back as he pulled it along my arms and studied me. 'Nice,' he mumbled and dropped my shirt to the floor. His fingers reached out and touched my chest. 'So very nice.' They found my closest nipple and began to tweak it.

His other hand found my waist and its fingers began to draw little swirls on my belly, leaving gooseflesh in their wake. My cock woke up and began digging itself a channel under my pants and jeans across my groin.

Both hands suddenly descended to my belt and began to pull at it. 'I want you naked!' he growled as he got the belt opened and undid the waist button of my jeans. 'I want to see all of you now.' The fingers of one hand pulled at the zip whilst the other hand was already pushing the denim over my hips.

'You're very close to doing just that,' I answered as I felt the back of the fingers of both hands against the bare skin of my bottom. He pulled both jeans and pants down then, exposing me to my knees.


Looking down at him sitting on his haunches before me, I saw that Aled was gazing at my prick as reverently as a priest looking at a holy relic. He reached out slowly and touched it with his fingertips, mesmerised by my thick cock. Even more slowly, his fingers wrapped around the shaft and moved towards my pubes, forcing the foreskin back off the helmet. He leant forward and touched my glans with the tip of his tongue. I shuddered.

Leaning further into me, Aled's tongue spread across the bottom of my bell-end as his lips passed the flange and closed. The head of my prick was enclosed and he began to lick it completely clean. Satisfied, he began to take my shaft into his mouth. I watched silently as he forced all of me into his throat and rested his nose in the bed of pubic hair above my dick.

He tilted his head backwards and looked up at me. Slowly, he began to draw back, releasing my erection as he did so. His hands went to my shoes and slipped each one off before turning to the bunched clothing at my knees. I watched as he lifted one leg and then the other to slip my jeans and boxers from me, leaving me totally naked before him.

'Don't you think that you should get more comfortable?' I asked after he stood and had simply gazed at me for a few moments. I didn't mind being nude or his appreciation of my tackle but did think he shouldn't still be fully dressed under the circumstances.

He blinked and slowly began to colour as he realised what he had done. He quickly pulled his shirt over his head and toed off his trainers. 'I'm sorry, Philip.' He glanced back at my crutch and erection. 'It's just that I so seldom see something I like.'


He chuckled. 'Philip, it's been my experience that rentboys rarely get to have handsome men. It's the wanker with a gut and a bald pate who pay for their sex. A lad like me doesn't have to and knows it.' He shook his head slowly. 'You are a bloody nice package, Inspector one I could spend the night just looking at.'

'I hope we're going to do more than study each other's belly buttons, Aled. You've got a nice body yourself and I'd like to explore it.'

'I expect you to do more than that, mate. I've got an itch that monster can...' He indicated my prick with a nod of his head. 'That thing of yours is going to scratch that itch for me, isn't it?'

'I suspect you'll feel it, if that's what you want.'

He grinned and quickly opened his belt. 'I want,' he mumbled as he opened his trousers. 'Christ, but I want it.' He pushed them over his hips and sat on the edge of the bed to push them off his legs. He lay back on the bed, as naked as I was.

'Are you stand-offish, or what?' he demanded a moment later when I'd not moved closer to him. 'Come on over here I don't bite.'

'Just standing here and admiring the scenery,' I told him and moved beside him on the bed.

He grabbed my hand when I was close enough and roughly pulled me down on top of him. 'I want you,' he growled as his lips searched for mine, his hands gripping my arsecheeks and our hard cocks rubbing against each other.

Aled was a squirmer. Our chests and bellies pressed together, he began to grind his crutch against mine, our dicks duelled. His coarse, tightly-curled pubic hair scraped against my shaft as he held me to him. His pre-come lubricated our movement against each other. His fingers travelled from my buttocks to my shoulders and back again. My nipples grew hard as his smooth chest sliding across mine excited them. I began to leak.

I broke away from our kiss, lifting myself on my elbows and looking down at him. 'Do you want it like this?' I asked.

'You mean rubbing ourselves off?' I nodded. He took a deep breath. 'It feels good maybe later. Right now, though, I want you in me.'

'Where are your condoms then?'

He rolled me off of him and sat up to reach to the bedside cabinet. 'Here's one,' he said holding it up for me to see. 'It's enough to get us started.' He chuckled then. 'And there are more where this one comes from.' He studied me speculatively then, his gaze going from my face to my prick. 'How many can you fill in one night, Philip?'

I reached out and took his arm, turning him all the way back to face me. 'Enough to satisfy both of us, I hope. Come here, Aled. I want to taste you.'

He scooted across the bed to me, and I leant over him as he lay back against the pillows. My lips found one and, then, the other of his nipples. I licked them, moving from one to the other, and smiled as they grew erect. My fingers moved down onto his belly and traced the contours of his six pack out to his flanks.

When his nipples were hard, I moved slowly down his wide, smooth chest my lips barely touching his skin. 'Oh, yeah!' he moaned softly as I found his belly button and began to rim it with my tongue. My fingers found his erection and formed a fist around its shaft as my lips again took up their southward journey.

'Put it on me,' I told him as I reached the first hairs of his pubis and spread my legs to give him better access to my dick.

I heard the foil packet being torn as my fist pulled his foreskin over most of his helmet. My tongue touched just the exposed tip of his dick and worried the thin layer of flesh until it could work beneath the exposed hem. He gasped as my flattened tongue spread out across his glans. I yanked his foreskin back onto his shaft then, following it down with my mouth. He bucked and groaned in pleasure as my nose pressed into his pubes and my chin buried in his bollocks.

His hand pressed the condom against my bell-end and began to unfurl it down onto my shaft. Finished with covering me, he pulled me onto my knees as I began to suck him. Spreading my legs, he raised his head up to take first one of my bollocks into his mouth and then the other, moving quickly between them. I began to hum around his cock buried in my throat.

I slipped one hand under his thigh and Aled lifted that leg to allow me to get around it. My fingertips explored along the floor of his crack until they found the puckered entrance into him. I began to press one finger against his hole, searching for resistance. It slipped into him easily.

I heard him sigh and felt his body relax beneath me. 'Yeah,' he mumbled, 'fuck me with your finger, Philip.'

Even as his body relaxed and he opened himself up to the beginning of my exploration of his arsehole, his bollocks were tightening, pulling up onto the root of his shaft. 'I'm getting close,' he cried out.

I continued to suck him, using my throat muscles against the head of his cock to push him towards his orgasm. I swallowed continuously to milk him and hummed when I wasn't swallowing to massage him. He would be one spent lad when I finally did mount him and began to shag him.

I pushed a second and, then, a third finger into him, burying them all inside his arse. I massaged his sphincter with them. I began to pull off him enough occasionally to lick his glans of the pre-come that was now oozing from his slit freely.

Aled lay unmoving on the bed, even his efforts with my bollocks forgotten as he floated on the electric currents of pleasure that washed through him. He was silent beneath me. His bollocks rode his shaft tightly told me how close he was getting. I could feel it in his dick and how it instinctively sought the depths of my throat.

'I'm so close it hurts,' he groaned.

I lifted off him and licked just the tip of his dick. 'Do it,' I told him. 'Give it to me.'

I dived back down his shaft, sucking hard even as his wide head pushed into my throat. It was enough to push him over.

Every muscle in the young Welshman's body stiffened. His cockhead widened and spread my tonsils. He grunted and his essence was rushing down the channel on the underside of his shaft. A rope of jizz sprayed against the back of my throat before I could pull back enough to taste him.

The next six ropes fill my mouth before I swallowed it, licking his bell-end to clean it.

Aled thrashed beneath me, caught up in the feelings emanating from his prick as he orgasmed for me. I felt his sphincter begin to open and release my fingers, then the rest of him unkinked muscle by muscle until he once again was relaxed.

I began to move off of him when his spasms became dry. His belly still heaved. His prick still jerked, albeit drily now a ghost of what it had been but moments before. I raised one leg and placed it beside the other at his shoulder where his arm began. My knees began to inch down along his body, his ribs and then his hips until I was beneath him, below his legs. Aled moved one leg over my head and let it drop slowly on my shoulder, my fingers still embedded in his arse.

I lifted his second leg onto my shoulder and leant over him to nuzzle his nipples. My cock was pressed against my knuckles at his back door. I looked up into his face. 'Do you want it?' I asked.

He gazed back at me. 'Yes, please.' He reached under his raised arsecheek to find my prick. 'Let me put it in,' he said and I sat back on my haunches, pulling my fingers from him.

The helmet of my prick trawled the floor of his arsecrack under the guidance of his hand, leaving a trail of pre-come in its wake. He pulled it past the well that shielded his entrance onto his perinium to nudge under his loose ball sack. 'It feels good, Philip,' he mumbled. 'I like how hot and spongy it is against my skin.'

He raised his head to look down his body, at me between his legs. He smiled as he directed my prick back to his hole. 'But this is where I really want it. Put it in me.'

I inched one knee forward and then the other one. The tip of my dick pressed against his raised hole. I moved my hips forward and watched in the dim light from the toilet as my cockhead pushed through his sphincter.

I pushed the rest of the way into him.

'Christ! You're bloody big,' he groaned and tentatively ground his arse on its invader. 'Oh yeah!' he cried and began to wiggle his arse with abandon. 'That's what I like, something I can feel. Fuck me, mate.'

I leant into him then, pushing his knees into his chest as my lips searched for his. His hands grabbed my face and pulled it down to his. His tongue darted between my teeth before our lips were properly joined and began to duel mine for supremacy. I began to move in him as he reached out to grab my face between his hands and pulled me to him. His buttocks bucked up to meet my thrusts into him. His tongue quickly claimed possession of my mouth. His prick grew hard between us, riding my flexing belly as I began to shag him in earnest.

I was instantly caught up in the timelessness of sex. The slow, gradual build up to orgasm. All nine inches of my dick slid smoothly into his bowel; his arsemuscles clutched and grasped at me all along the length of his canal as I began to withdraw. Small rills of pleasure rose in my cockhead and along my shaft to seep into me, becoming a continuing rush that carried me higher and higher.

His hands left both sides of my face and found their to my back where they travelled slowly down to my bottom and back to my shoulders in a mute expression of his own satisfaction. My bollocks splatting against his arsecheeks was initially the only sound of our sex in his small bedsit.

I broke away from our kiss, my lips tracing his jaw back to his ear. They moved down his neck to his collarbone and searched out his closest nipple. I licked it, then gently bit it before moving to his other one. I began to move back and forth between the two, licking and biting. His breathing became louder and more ragged. His hips bucked up harder to meet each new thrust of my prick into him.

'Harder! Do it harder, Philip!' he gasped, his fingers pulling at my hair and his whole body grinding under me. 'I need it hard and fast, mate.'

My thrusts continued long and slow and I kept on licking and chewing his nipples. He groaned and shuddered from the stimulation but didn't repeat his request. Instead, he clutched my prick tighter and longer each time it entered him. He was milking me and it caused stutters in the rush of pleasure flowing through me. My movements became shorter and faster, my bollocks churned with the orgasm threatening to flood over me, and my breath came in short, jagged sobs.

His dick thickened quickly against my belly and exploded. Jizz matted the thin layer of hair on my chest and glued me to him as I pounded into his bottom. I was no longer caught in the timelessness of our sex; I was rushing, needing the immediacy of fulfilment.

His arsemuscles clamped around me, pulling and tugging at my dick. I had no more resistance and the tidal wave of orgasm crashed over me as I rammed into him one last time, driving in as deep as I could. Every muscle in my body froze as I began to spurt my jizz into the reservoir of the condom now buried deep in his arse.

I collapsed on top of him and his arms went around my chest, holding me close against him.

I was still weak when my breathing had returned to normal. Still, I pushed up on my elbows and started to pull my prick from him. His hands grabbed my arsecheeks and held me inside him. 'Leave it in me, please,' he asked, his gaze pleading. 'I want it there all night, Philip. I want to feel you in me.'

I smiled back at him and kissed his lips. 'I can't stay all night, Aled. I've got to give a forensics lecture at King's College tomorrow morning and the Met likes us to be in full uniform when we make public appearances.'

He smiled back. 'I've got to be out that door at six a twelve hour stint in the A & E. I'll have you on your way early enough. And I want to hold onto you as long as I can before I have to put on greens and hold some woman's hand whilst she pushes out a seven pounder. Promise you'll stay?'

I nodded and kissed him again.