I had read somewhere that Hindus were vegetarians. At least, I thought that I remembered they couldn't kill animals and, to my mind, that translated into a substantial justification for vegetarianism. I had no idea what Patel's boyfriend might like to eat, but I could make assumptions about the young Asian.

I could boil water without mucking it up. I could even put several slices of bread in a toaster and not burn the toast. But I was not a cook. Fortunately, there was a small, very good neighbourhood Italian restaurant on my way home from work. I stopped in and stocked up on pasta, marinara sauce with clams, and garlic bread -- reckoning that both English and Asian could eat seafood without violating religious or social principle. I also bought a litre of an inexpensive but nice Australian red.

By half past seven, I had become quite nervous. I had been in three-ways, of course -- but that was while I was still at uni and trying anything new and exciting. Still, after a taste of what the Asian lad had to offer, I was ready for a night of serious raunch. A ménàge a trois would certainly satisfy that craving. What concerned me was Patel's boyfriend. How he would respond to the situation as it became exposed.

I doubted I would be especially happy sharing my boyfriend with another man. I suspected also I would be able to put two and two together and realise an offer of a bed to that hypothetical boyfriend would not come from a complete stranger. Ergo, the Asian's boyfriend probably already knew his lover had been unfaithful. I would be an unhappy lad if I were put in that situation; but then I was a possessive sod.

Of course, the Asian had said that theirs was an open relationship. Even if it were, though, that didn't mean that his English boyfriend was going to want to become involved in a three-way with me as the third man in the equation.

By a quarter to eight, I had convinced myself I needed to be prepared for glowering eyes and a definite nip in the air when the two lads arrived. If they came at all. I had also come to accept that I would be sleeping alone and hoped that Jesse Patel could reassure his lover of his affections on the bed of my spare room.

By five to eight, I had managed to convince myself that I was about to become a perfect gentleman -- giving the young lovers a place to express their love freely and completely -- without a personal involvement. I quickly inspected the spare room, made sure the bed had clean sheets, ensured the bedside cabinet contained condoms and lube, and left out fresh towels and flannels.

I was pacing the living room when the doorbell rang. I glanced at the mantle clock. It was five after eight.

Patel grinned happily when I opened the door. The tall blond beside him was watchful. 'Inspector Goodson, this is Doug Yorston, the officer I mentioned this afternoon,' he said as he stepped through the doorway.

'Happy to meet you,' I said, offering the Englishman my hand. He shook it perfunctorialy and his eyes avoided mine. I realised then that I hadn't given the Asian my full name, even in the alleyway. 'I'm Philip Goodson,' I told them both, feeling my face warm as I met Patel's gaze. 'Please come in.'

I led them into the flat's living room, surreptiously looking over the Englishman before me. Doug Yorston was my height, but I had him by at least a stone and probably closer to two. I had thought Patel boyish, but this lad could pass for an escapee from St. Paul's Cathedral Choir. The word angelic came to mind.

I almost laughed as a new realisation struck me. I had an imp and an angel in my flat. I possibly would have sex with them both, after all. I didn't know which I would be closer to during the coming evening -- heaven or hell. But I was sure that, whichever it was, I would enjoy it.

'Whisky?' I asked as they sat on the couch and faced me.

'Doug needs something to loosen him up,' Patel said and beamed from ear to ear. 'He's a bit nervous, Philip.'

The blond Englishman blushed brightly. 'It's not that!' he yelped. 'I mean, I've never done anything like this before.'

I stepped to the sideboard and quickly poured him a stiff drink. 'I hope you've had a drink with friends before,' I said as I handed him the tumbler. 'And had dinner with friends -- I have pasta and a red clam sauce...' I glanced to Patel. 'You can eat seafood, can't you?'

He laughed. 'It's the Moslems who can't eat shellfish, Philip. I'm okay with it.'

'I've never eaten anything like that,' Yorston grunted with embarrassment.

'It's Italian and really quite good,' I told him and watched him down half of his whisky.

I thought I had been nervous? The English lad was a bloody basket case.

'Patel, will you have a drink too?' I asked.

'Are you drinking?'

'As soon as I can pour it, lad,' I answered smiling.

'Pour two...' He glanced at Yorston's glass. 'Better take his and make it three.' From the sideboard I heard him ask behind me: 'Are you all right, love?' I didn't hear the English lad respond.

The Asian had his hand on Yorston's thigh and was kissing him when I returned with our drinks. I saw that the Englishman was developing a respectable mound beneath his trousers. I chuckled and Patel broke from their kiss to look back at me. 'Wouldn't you rather eat before you got into that?' I asked as he took his drink.

I smiled at Yorston as he took his. 'Right. Let me give you the lay of the land. The spare room is yours for the night -- there are clean sheets and fresh towels. It would be a bit of fun to get into something with the two of you, but that has to be something you both agree on...'

'You're pulling yourself out of an orgy, Philip?' Patel asked, wiggling his brows and I wondered if he'd seen too many Marx brothers' films as a child.

'Not at all. I'm just saying that there has to be an invitation from both of you before I join in -- and it needs to be sincere. The spare room and dinner aren't some sort of bribe for sex.'

Yorston laughed then and I saw that he had dimples in both cheeks. His eyes were no longer dull and sullen. I could definitely see what the young Asian saw in him. 'I'm a lot more relaxed, Inspector. It just felt so weird there at first, you know. I mean, coming over here and knowing I was going to have sex with you and Jesse. As sort of the price of having some time with him -- that's not coming out right, sir. I'm sorry.' He gulped down his drink.

I smiled at him. 'I think you said it well, lad -- most of it, any way. I had butterflies marching around my stomach before you arrived, wondering how you were going to take it -- or even if you would be receptive. What I said still stands -- you have a place to be alone together, and you don't have to include me to have it.'

He studied me appraisingly then. His inspection lasted long enough that I began to feel uncomfortable. He finally licked his lips and smiled. 'I've heard you're really quite good, and I'd like to have some of what Jesse already has had.'

'I suggest we eat then,' I told them. 'I'm not partial to cold Italian.'

'I don't think anybody would be cold long with you around,' Yorston said shyly. I saw the mound had tented his trousers. The Asian laughed. I quickly moved to the kitchen.


'Want to see a show, Philip?' Patel asked he handed the last plate to Yorston to dry.

'A show?'

The Asian laughed, his boyfriend grinned. 'I think Yorston and I are a horny number,' he said. 'We want your frank appraisal.'

'You mean...?'

The dark face under the shock of unruly black hair frown. He put his hands on his hips and raised his voice an octave: 'Inspector Goodson, I haven't had the man I love inside me for more than a week. What do you think I mean?' He laughed then, unable to maintain his stern face, and pulled the English lad to him. 'Want to watch us?' he asked and kissed his boyfriend hard.

'It might be fun,' I told him and watched as Yorston firmly placed both hands on the Asian's arse.

Patel pulled away and took his boyfriend's hand. 'Find us some soft music then, Philip. I like violins playing softly when I'm shagging.' He led Yorston into the living room as I put away the last dish and poured another glass of wine.

Patel and Yorston were kissing each other in the centre of the room as I entered. I skirted around them and continued on to the sound system I had set up in my bedroom. I scooped up a handful of condoms from my dresser drawer. To the muted instrumentals of Hello, Dolly, I returned to the living room and leant against the mantle to watch my guests snogging and sipped my wine. Only, now they moved in rhythm with the music. I saw that both of them had toed off their trainers and socks.

Soon, Patel was pulling Yorston's shirt out of his trousers and the Englishman's hips were grinding against the Asian's. Yorston raised his arms and broke from the kiss to permit the darker skin lad to pull his shirt over his head. The moment the fabric was past his hair, the blond dropped his arms onto the Asian's shoulders and pulled him back to him. They again kissed.

Patel's fingers went to the front of his lover's trousers and undid his belt. Yorston held his hips back to give the Asian room to work.

Patel quickly undid Yorston's waist button and worked his zip down. His fingers found their way beneath the elastic of the Englishman's pants and moved over his hips onto his buttocks. I watched as Doug Yorston's small, white bum became exposed as the back of the Asian's hands forced the boxer briefs down onto his thighs in back.

Patel pulled away from the kiss and ducked his head. Yorston gasped and then moaned as the Asian's teeth found his first nipple. Dark hands moved slowly back towards the Englishman's groin, pulling his pants out from his hips, forcing them downward. I reckoned only the lad's prick tenting them in front was still holding them up.

'He's got a pretty bum, doesn't he, Philip?' Patel asked as his face went from nipple to nipple, nipping them each in turn.

'Quite nice,' I answered and finished my wine.

'Come over and feel it then. He loves to have his arse played with.' The Asian's hands had reached his lover's genitals inside the underpants. I watched him wank the Englishman's cock several times beneath the boxer briefs. One hand formed a fist around his cock, forcing the cotton past his tip, the other cupped his bollocks.

'Jesse!' Yorston hissed as I crossed the room to stand beside them.

'You want it, don't you, love?' Patel mumbled against his chest and knelt to drag his tongue over the man's protruding bellybutton.

'Yes. Christ yes, I want it!' Yorston growled, grinding his hips in the air as the Asian slid his clothing down to his ankles. 'Now, Jesse. Please, now.'

The Asian sat on his haunches before his lover. I watched as the blond lad raised one foot and then the other so that Patel could strip him completely. 'You want to play, Philip?' he asked. 'You've got to strip too. The only players in this game are naked boys.' He opened his mouth and dived down Yorston's slim, seven inch erection, burying his nose in the blond pubes of his lover's crutch.

I quickly stripped, pulling my clothes off and dropping them in a pile before the fireplace. Naked, I re-joined the two men in the centre of my living room.

Patel was happily bobbing on Yorston's erection, the fingers of one hand tugging the blond's ball sack. His other hand was on one arsecheek, guiding the lad in and out of his mouth.

I knew I could touch Jesse Patel. He and I had been intimate only that afternoon. It was Yorston's arse I now wanted to caress, however. I wanted to know his body like I knew Jesse's. My prick was rock hard. Patel's hand rotated slightly on Yorston's arsecheek and his index finger motioned me closer. I accepted the invitation.

My hand closed on Yorston's nearest cheek, its fingers spreading across the smooth, taut skin towards the valley of his crack.

'Don't you think you should be naked too, Jesse?' I asked as my thumb found the floor of the valley of Yorston's crack. 'I thought the only players allowed into this game had to be naked.'

'Yeah, Jesse,' the English lad mumbled as my thumb moved close to his puckered entrance. 'You're not playing fair.' Yorston looked over his shoulder to see what I was doing. His gaze moved to my cock nearly touching his hip and then up to my face. He half-smiled and nodded before turning back to face the Asian. I pushed the pad of my thumb against his hole and it opened easily.

Before us, Patel was quickly working his jeans and pants onto his legs. 'You shag me, Doug,' he said, leaning over to get his clothing down to his ankles. He bent a knee and pulled them off that leg and repeated the procedure with the other leg.

The Asian's cock was as large as mine and only slightly less thick. It was the colour of dark mahogany and its loose skin was pulled back to bunch behind the flange of the knob-end. A drop of pre-come sat in his jap's eye. My mouth watered.

Naked, Patel crossed the room to pick up several foil packets from the mantle. He was smiling as he returned. He licked his lips as he reached out and, gripping my prick, stroked it twice. 'You're going to love this thing, Doug,' he told his lover and handed us both a packet. 'Doug goes in first, I think. I want to feel him there.' He looked back at me. 'You can go in then. Just take it easy on him, Philip; I'm quite fond of him.'

He lay on the floor on his back facing us. 'Come to me, babyface,' he commanded the Englishman. 'Let's put this thing on you.' He hoisted his legs up then and Yorston went to his knees between them.

I tore open my packet and rolled it down my own prick as I watched Yorston kiss Patel as the Asian rolled the latex onto him. The English lad raised the Asian's legs to his shoulders, hoisting his arse from the floor. He eased his length into him as Patel's gaze locked on his face. I got down behind Yorston then, straddling his legs and spreading mine wide to get lower where I had a better fit, and guided my prick to his pucker.

The Asian rested on his shoulders, his arse raised a foot off the floor to accomodate his lover, Yorston knelt over him, his dick buried in the brown arse and his lips locked on his lover's. The English lad's small, milky white arsecheeks jutted up in invitation.

I eased closer and the tip of my prick slipped into Yorston's hole to no resistance. More of me entered him and he broke away from kissing Patel, raised his head, and groaned. He looked back over his shoulder at our union as I pushed all the way into him.

'Ready?' I asked softly and he nodded.

The Asian's hands reached up to the Englishman's head and pulled him back down to him. 'Let's shag!' he called out and I felt him grind his arse against Yorston's crutch.

It was my movements that would dictate the mechanics of our coupling. I accepted it was my decision to create a sexual experience the three of us enjoyed or leave it to be just another fuck. I chose to make it a sexual experience. I pulled out of the blond's hole until only my knob-end was still imbedded in him. Slowly, I pushed back in, ensuring that I was massaging his prostate and establishing the rhythm of our sex.

I kept our pace slow and languid, savouring the tightness of Yorston's canal as it closed around my prick with my every thrust. My fingers roamed down his thighs and up across his back. I explored Patel's brown, hairy calves riding his lover's back.

My hand gripped the Asian's closest ankle, and I leant over Yorston's back to take each toe into my mouth and suck it. Patel shuddered, and I reckoned that I was giving him a new experience, one that would be introduced into the future couplings of these two men.

I continued with long, slow strokes into Doug Yorston's hole, feeding all of my prick to him and grinding my pubes into the walls of the valley that was his crack before pulling almost from him. Massaging his prostate with each forward thrust and scraping over it on each return. He was doing the same for Jesse Patel under him. Together, we rode our individual waves of pleasure through the soft, gentle, comfortable timelessness that had come to hold us.

My bollocks had begun to tighten but I was nowhere close to a climax yet. Patel groaned, his toes curling. His legs shuddered before me and he went rigid. Yorston broke from the rhythm I had established, suddenly slamming hard into the Asian beneath him and pushing back against me with the same intensity.

For a moment more, he fucked the Asian and then himself fast and furiously. He ploughed into Patel once more and stiffened. He shuddered and the muscles of his canal gripped me like a vise. Blood rushed to swell my prick as my bollocks churned out an orgasm that barrelled through my cock like lava.

My crutch slammed into Yorston and every muscle in my body stiffened at the same time. I exploded jizz into the reservoir of my condom deep in his arse.

* * *

When I could again breathe regularly, I pushed myself off Yorston's back and, sitting on my haunches, pulled out of him. I forced myself to stand on wobbly legs and cross to the sideboard. I poured whiskies for all three of us and returned to the two boys still holding each other in post-coital exhaustion. Setting the drinks on the coffee table, I pulled the condom from my still tumescent prick and dropped it in the rubbish basket.

'That was everything you said it would be,' Yorston told Patel in a hushed voice but made no effort to move off the Asian. 'And then some.'

'I told you,' he grunted. 'Our Inspector Goodson is a bloody nice fuck. Now, get off me, so I can breathe.'

The Englishman slowly pushed himself up onto his hands, his lips brushing the dark-skinned lad.

'I don't think I can get my legs down,' Patel groaned. 'Pull them to the floor for me, love.'

I watched as Yorston sat back on his haunches, his knees under the other man's bum, and grip the front of each of the Asian's thighs and begin to press them down, his cock still partially inside his lover. 'Christ!' Patel yelped. 'I've got a bloody cramp. Take it easy, you sod!'

They ended up with the Asian's buttocks laying on Yorston's thighs, his legs encircling the Englishman's waist, and his feet on the floor on either side of the blond's own feet. Yorston's dick was still hard and inside Patel. They gazed at each other, their lips locked into half-smiles. The position and their comfort with it seemed to be something that was common to them, to their lovemaking. I felt uncomfortable, an intruder in something that was private.

I drained my whisky and started to slip towards the pile of clothes that contained a pair of pants to cover my nudity.

'Philip?' I turned to find the Asian watching me. Yorston turned to see me then. 'Don't, okay? You're not intruding. We invited you in, you belong with us tonight -- here, naked.'

'You're lovers...'

'And you've shagged us both, Inspector Goodson. We both wanted that. You've offered us your spare room to use. We've got an open relationship -- Yorston and I. You're not intruding.'

'You looked so...'

Yorston laughed. 'We do love each other. But neither one of is blind to a good-looking guy like you. I think it's best that we share such a guy -- you know, with both of us there and involved. I'm willing to let Jesse go scout around for that occasional guy -- as long as he brings him along so I can have some of him too.'

'You didn't seem very interested when you arrived.'

He snorted. 'Right! And you're a bloody police inspector! We're just out of police training college. How's a man supposed to feel going to meet a man like you? I expected to find myself having to cuddle with some old fart -- or find my head delivered to me on a platter.'

'I wasn't what you'd expected?'

Yorston rolled his eyes. 'Thank God that you weren't!'

'Yeah,' Patel piped up. 'He's still be glowering if you were old and grey and a bit on the plump side. No amount of effort gets my Dougie erect if he isn't interested in the guy -- and that would have left him more than a bit peevish.'

'I think I need another drink,' I said. I did; I was unsure I would ever understand these two. 'Yours are there on the coffee table.'

'Could you hand them to us, Philip?' the Asian asked. 'I want to hold him right where he is a bit longer.'

I shook my head and, smiling, handed each a glass of whiskey. The English lad was still hard and half of him was still buried in the Asian's arse. 'Is he always like this?' I asked.

'He's a dominating bitch, sir,' Yorston told me. 'But I love him anyway.'

'That's good to hear,' I chuckled.

'He'd damned well better,' Patel growled, lifting his head and downing his drink. Right now, though, he's going to shag me and we want you to watch.' He smiled up at Yorston. 'Drink up, bitch. And this time I want to feel you.' He chuckled evilly. 'Otherwise, you're going to be the bottom for the next month.'

The Englishman groaned. And ducked his head to tongue one of Jesse's nipples.


I watched them, of course. I'm just as susceptible to watching two lads enjoy themselves as any other gay man. Even as I watched from the couch as Doug Yorston ploughed the Asian's arse and Patel bucked up to meet his every stroke, however, my mind was beginning to think.

I had a serious case that had only one lead at the moment. A lead that entailed a weekend of surveillance at a Russian country estate in Selsey. I had two students at Kings College willing to put me there and even to act as my eyes and ears.

Brett and Richard were students, however. They had no police training. While they would expand what I could do myself, I would still be greatly handicapped.

There were these two lads, however -- both recently graduated from Hendon. Young, cute lads who were quite gay and willing to share their charms -- especially if the other lad was young and reasonably fit himself. They would certainly pass as two more of Brett's gay mates from uni. They had learnt the rudiments of policework, whereas the students from Kings College hadn't. And, as policemen, they could provide greater protection to Brett and Richard than I could alone.

'Were we that boring, Philip?' Patel asked sitting next to me on the couch. I looked over at him, pulling myself from my thoughts. A sheen of sweat covered his face and chest. Spooge congealed on his belly. His glans was hiding within the cowl of his foreskin but he was still half-erect.

Yorston lowered himself onto the couch beside the Asian, reaching out to hug him to him and bury his face in his back.

I smiled. 'I really do need two good men, gentlemen -- if CID work interests you?'

Jesse's eyes brightened. 'That? Yes. Tell us how we both get to work with you, Philip.'

'You know that I can only ask for you to be temporarily assigned to me, to help out on one case only. After, you'd have to put in a transfer request to become actual CID.'

'You'd make sure the right people see it...?'

'If I like your work, I could call home a few markers, yes.'

'On this theft at Jesse's store?' Yorston asked.

'No.' I chuckled. 'That could be a bonus for him -- if he can solve it. And it wouldn't justify pulling both of you from your current duties.'

'What then?' Patel demanded.

'Heroin's making its way into the gay community, boys. There's already been several deaths by overdose in the past two months.'

Yorston groaned.

'I head up the investigation,' I continued. 'Only, I don't have a staff to speak of.'

'Where would we come in?' the Asian asked.

'I'm trying to cover the clubs -- to catch distribution -- but I haven't been successful. Neither has the one man I have working with me.'

'We could do Londontown pink!' Patel yelped.

'Ssshhh,' Yorston hushed him.

'There's an outing over to Selsey this weekend. Some lads from the Russian Trade Commission are holding it. It's the only lead I have at the moment.'

'Why is it a lead?' Yorston asked, concentrating on the mechanics of the case.

'A couple of uni students have found the Russian bear very generous with party drugs as well as gratuities -- even as the Russian rouple is having a hard time of it.'

'That would cause me to become curious,' the Englishman agreed.

'So, when do you get us assigned to help out?' Patel demanded.

'Tomorrow, if you're interested.'

The Asian turned to look at his lover. 'We're interested, Philip,' he said. 'Count us in.'