In camera

By Stephen Scott

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In camera

By Stephen Scott

Barry saw the ad first.

The blond boy with the buzz-cut was lounging at home on the couch flipping through the ads in the local alternative weekly while his best friend and roommate, Chad, watched a dumb movie on cable.

He grabbed a pen and circled the ad.

"Hey, Chad."

His equally shorthaired roommate looked away from the television set, clearly bored.


"Take a look at this."

Barry tossed the paper at his friend.

"I've seen it."

"Look in the personal ads."

Chad leafed through the pages until he found the ad section.

"Yeah, what about them?"

"I circled one. Read it."

Chad read.

The ad was headed "STR8 Boys: Make Fast $$."

The copy read: "Need extra money? Cameraman seeks pairs of young straight dudes for adult photo sessions. Pays $50.00 per hour for each guy. Safe atmosphere. Easy money."

Chad experienced a weird tingling in his loins. The feeling disturbed him.

He tossed the paper back to his roommate.

"Not me, dude."

 "We could use the cash," Barry prodded.

Yeah, Chad thought. Students are always broke. Unless they were rich to begin with. Living off-campus wasn't exactly cheap, and neither he nor Barry made a whole hell of a lot at their part-time jobs. But after a year of dorm life the two, who were freshman roommates, had decided it was worth a little financial inconvenience to get away from campus. So now, two years later, they had a cramped two-bedroom apartment--furnished, thank God, because neither of them had any furniture--and were perpetually broke.

"So why not?" Barry continued.

Chad turned to look at his roommate, who seemed curiously eager. Why?

"I'm not into fag stuff. And neither are you."

Chad went back to watching the movie, but without really seeing it.

What did the ad mean, anyway? If it was just a matter of stripping down, getting hard and jacking off, why was the advertiser looking for pairs of guys?

Because he wants something else, that's why. He wants to see two straight dudes get it on with each other.

Chad knew he wasn't queer. And Barry... he wasn't, either. No way. He couldn't be. They wouldn't be so close if he was. And, damn it, Chad thought, I'd know. I'd know if my best bud was a fag, right?

Barry sighed.

"Why?" Chad asked, his eyes glued to the TV set. "You goin' gay or something?"

He tried to put a sneer into his voice. But he wished the question didn't make his crotch warm. And why was his heart beating faster than usual?

"Look--how bad could it be? Some gay guy takes pictures while we get naked, and we walk out with a hundred bucks. I just thought--look, forget it, okay?"

He laid the paper aside and left the room.

Chad couldn't concentrate on the stupid damn movie anymore.



He sighed and clicked the television off.

Getting up off the floor he wandered into the kitchen, where Barry was making a sandwich.

He stood in the doorway and gazed at his friend. Barry wouldn't bring the matter up again, but Chad knew the guy was annoyed.

"Hey," he said softly.

Barry looked up.


"Look. You wanna call the guy, I'll go along with it. I mean--yeah, I could use the fifty. And like you said, how bad could it be? Right?"

Barry stared at his buddy for a moment, then smiled. He moved toward the telephone.

"Go get the paper and read me the number."

They didn't speak during the drive to the north side of town.

Barry kept his eyes on the road and Chad pretended to be studying the directions his friend had hurriedly copied down while talking to the photographer, looking out of the passenger-side window from time to time.

Barry pulled the car up at the address he'd been given. Both boys looked at the house. It was in a nice neighborhood, lots of families, and the house itself was homey and comfortable-looking.

Chad turned to his friend and smiled weakly.

"Want to go in?"

Barry met his buddy's eyes.

"We came all this way. What the hell."

The boys get out of the car.

Chad nudged Barry.

"You talked to the guy. You go first."


They walked slowly toward the front door. When they got there, they glanced at each other briefly, then looked away, unaccountably embarrassed.

It was an odd sensation. They had known each other for three years now. Had been through countless things together. Pissed together, showered together, walked around the house naked, all with no sense of self-consciousness. So exactly what was going on here?

Barry knocked at the door.

It was answered by a good-looking man in his early 30s. He had a pleasant smile and an easy manner. Both boys were put a little at ease by his un-flamboyant, guy-next-door manner.

"Barry?" he asked.

"Yeah. You Steve?"

The man shook Barry's hand and cocked his head toward the vestibule.

"Come on in," he said.

Steve held the door open and the boys entered, looking around self-consciously at the unexceptional furnishings as Steve closed the door behind them and looked at Barry's friend.

"I guess you're Chad?"

"Yeah. Hi."

"Sit down, guys. Want a beer?"

They did. They needed the calming brew to steady their nerves.

They went to the big couch and sat as far apart as they could manage.

They were still not looking at each other.

There was a video camera directly across from them, mounted on a tripod. Barry didn't know much about cameras, but Chad knew the model was a good one. Digital. The kind that takes video and still shots. Definitely not cheap.

Steve left for a moment, then returned with a pair of bottles. He handed one to each boy, and walked across the room, sitting in an easy chair that faced the couch.

"So, guys," Steve began, "relax. I'm not gonna bite you." He smiled reassuringly. "I'm not even going to touch you. I'm not going to ask you to do anything you don't want to do. Okay?"

The boys nodded, silent and solemn. They were scared to death.

"Payment in advance," Steve said. He stood, pulled a wallet from his back pocket and counted out a hundred dollars. He handed 50 to each of the boys. "That's for the first hour. If it takes longer than that, I'll pay you the same amount on the first minute after sixty. I'll set a timer so we know exactly when that is--if we need it. Okay?"

Again the boys nodded. Their beers were half-empty. Without realizing it, they'd been guzzling.

"Okay. Now. Here are the ground-rules. I'm gonna stand behind the camera there." He pointed at the tripod. "I'll take you through the set bit by bit. Just do what I tell you, unless we get to something you're not comfortable with. That sound good?"

The boys nodded again.

Steve walked to the couch and held out his hand.

"Give me those beers, okay? I don't want them in the shot."

The boys hesitated. They wanted the beer.

"Go ahead and finish them, then. There's more in the `fridge, if you want one later."

There wasn't much liquid left in the bottles, and the boys quickly polished the remaining beer off, handing the empties to Steve, who set them aside.

Barry cleared his throat.

"Um... Steve? Is this, like... just for your private use? I mean, this isn't gonna end up on the `net or for sale on EBay, is it?"

"No. It's private."

Chad wasn't sure.

"You can say that," he said softly, holding Steve's gaze with his. "But how do we know what you'll do with it once you've got it and we're out the door?"

Steve looked almost pleased. He reached over to a small table next to his armchair and extracted a couple sheets of paper, got up, and handed them to the boys.

"Release forms. Not official, but they'll stand as legal documents."

The form stated explicitly that that by signing Chad and Barry understood that they were giving permission for private use only of any video or photos of their session. No reproductions. No Internet postings. No video sales.


"Yeah," the boys answered, more or less in unison.

Steve handed them a pen. They signed, he signed. Then he took the agreements to his studio and ran off a couple of copies, keeping the originals for himself and handing the Xeroxes to the boys, who glanced at them before folding them up and stuffing them into the back pockets of their jeans.

Steve went back to the camera and looked in the viewfinder. He set the camera for Record and clicked off a couple of still shots, something he would continue to do from now on.

"Take off your shoes and socks, okay?"

Barry and Chad did as they were asked. They were docile enough--for the moment.

It was time for Steve to press the issue.

"Okay. Shirts off, all right?"

There was a prolonged moment of tension, one Steve expected and nearly always got. Then the boys pulled their shirts up. Steve clicked off a couple more shots as tight, hairless chests were suddenly revealed. These two sure were cute, he thought. Especially Barry.

His crotch grew warm as he anticipated the events to follow.

Once the shirts had been tossed to the side, Steve cajoled the boys into the next step in the process.

"Very nice, guys. Now take off your pants."

He wasn't sure what would happen. Sometimes this instruction brought an even longer pause than the one before. After all, guys walk around without their shirts all the time. They don't necessarily drop their pants as frequently. Not in front of each other, and definitely not for some stranger.

To Steve's pleased surprise, the boys promptly stood up and began unzipping their jeans.

The camera clicked away as the trousers dropped, revealing tight young thighs and white cotton briefs, each with a pouch a little more full than they might normally be.

This was going to be good, Steve thought.

"Good. Good. Excellent. Okay, now drop your drawers."

The photographer held his breath. This was the moment that would decide things. What the boys did next would set the tone for the rest of the session ... or end it entirely.

"Fifty bucks," Barry whispered.

"Yeah," Chad whispered back. "Fifty bucks."

They dropped their shorts.

Steve didn't miss a second.

Both boys had nicely proportioned cocks, halfway between flaccid and erect. Steve grinned as he glanced at Barry's dark pubic hair. Definitely not a natural blond, he thought wryly.

"Okay, guys. Just sit down and relax."

The boys sat, trying not to look at each other's nakedness.

"So," Steve said, camera clicking. "What're you thinking? This isn't so bad, is it?"

"No," Barry replied, his voice soft and a little shaky.

"How `bout you, Chad?"

"It's ... it's kinda weird."

"I hear you. So have you guys known each other a long time?"

"Since freshman year," Barry said.

"Oh, yeah?"

Barry had his hand in front of his mouth. He was trying to stifle a giggle. Finally, he dropped his hand and just let it out.

Chad looked at him, a puzzled half-smile on his face.


"Nothing, man. It's just ... this. Bein' here. Bein' ... you know. Naked. With you. It--I don't know. It's ..."

He left the sentence unfinished. He wasn't laughing any longer.

"Does it bother you, Barry? Seeing your friend Chad here buck-naked?"

"No. It's not that. We've... uh... I mean, that isn't new."

"But this is."


"What do you feel like doing, Barry? You want to touch Chad?"

Barry's face flushed.

Chad turned to him.

"Do you?"

There was no challenge in his voice. He wasn't judging his friend. He seemed to genuinely want to know the answer.

Barry looked down at his crotch. His cock was stiffening, and he thought about his feelings. He loved Chad like a brother. Not like... well, not that way.

So why had he been so quick to point the ad out to his friend? What had he expected?

His heart thudded in his shapely chest. His mouth went dry.

"Yeah," he croaked quietly. "I do."

"You do? Really?"

There was wonder in Chad's voice.


Chad sat back, his mind racing. Was that why he'd felt so odd earlier, when he read the ad? Because he wanted his buddy's hands on his body?

Without a word, he opened his thighs. His cock, stiffening, was fully exposed.

"Do it, man."

Barry looked at his friend, startled.



Steve was clicking away, his dick hardening. He didn't say a word. He liked where this was going. He always did--when it happened.

And it happened a lot more often than most people would imagine.


Barry reached a trembling hand toward Chad's cock. As it hovered over the tumescent flesh he hesitated.


Oh, fuck it, he thought.

He took Chad's dick in his hand.

Chad sucked in his breath at Barry's touch, his body stiffening. It felt... nice. Real nice.

Girls had touched his dick before, but their hands were soft, a little tentative. Barry's were rougher, more callused. And since Barry had undoubtedly held his own cock thousands of times while he was jerking off, his touch was decisive; he gripped the shaft tightly. No girl Chad had ever been with had done that. It was almost as if they were afraid of cock. I mean, he thought, they like it in their pussies, but they don't ever seem to want to actually... touch it.

Barry's fist went up and down the length of Chad's shaft, slowly, a little delicately. He looked at his friend's face. Chad's eyes were closed, a look of untroubled bliss on his face. It emboldened his friend, and Barry leaned down, bringing his face closer and closer to the hardened rod of flesh.

Chad felt warm breath on his crotch. He clamped his eyes tight. C'mon, Barry, he thought. Come on. Do it.

Almost in spite of himself, Barry felt his tongue snake out of his mouth and move toward the head.

It made a couple of exploratory licks at the tip.

Chad sighed deeply.

Barry was surprised but pleased at the clean, slightly bittersweet taste of Chad's cock. He allowed his tongue to explore further, licking around the crown as Chad gasped quietly and humped his hips unconsciously.

By now, Barry was lost in the new sensations he was experiencing. He was dimly aware of the camera whirring and clicking softly, but it did not intrude on his concentration. He swathed the head of Chad's dick with his tongue, getting it slick before slowly bringing it into his wet, open lips.

Chad drew in his breath sharply when he felt his cock slip into Barry's lips.

"Yeah," he sighed softly. "Oh, yeah, man."

Barry moved his hand further down, to the base of Chad's stiff prick, and began to bob his head up and down, taking more and more of the shaft into his mouth.

Chad sat up, placing his hand on his buddy's shoulder and watching with rising excitement the sight of his own cock going in and out of his friend's mouth.

Steve's camera quietly whirred away as his hard-on grew inside his jeans. Barry was so goddamned cute! He may not have had any experiencing sucking cock before this afternoon, but he was definitely a fast learner. And since the boy's thighs were spread, Steve noticed that Barry's own erection was growing more pronounced the longer he fellated his friend's stiff dick.

Chad, meanwhile, was wrestling with conflicting emotions. He loved the feel of Barry's lips on his boner, the way the warm tongue swathed his dick, the exquisite kick of his friend's teeth against his shaft when they occasionally grazed it.

But however good it felt--and it felt great--he was still getting blown by another guy.

It unnerved him even as it excited him. He was both delighted by Barry's busy mouth and somehow disturbed that his friend was doing this at all, that he was good at it, and that he seemed to be enjoying it.

Relax, he kept thinking.

But he couldn't. Not quite. Not yet.

Still, his hand slowly moved from Barry's shoulder to the top of his buzz-cut head and began to stroke the bushy hair, almost as though his fingers were detached from his body, from his mind, his thoughts. At the same time, his hips began to push upward, forcing his cock deeper into his friend's hot, wet mouth.

Then, suddenly, Barry was done. His lips released the hardened shaft and he sat up again.

Chad wanted to scream in frustration. Instead, breathing heavily, he sat back and turned to his friend.

"What?" he asked, gasping slightly for breath.

Barry turned his head and stared directly at Chad. He was changed, no longer unable to meet his friend's eyes. Now he seemed to demand that Chad look into his own.

"I want you to touch me," he said flatly.


"You can just lie back and enjoy it, and that's fine for you. But I want something, too. Touch my cock, Chad."


"No, I mean it. Put your hand on my dick, or that's it. No more fun for you."

Chad turned crimson. He couldn't look into Barry's stern gaze any longer. He tried to mumble an excuse, but Barry wasn't having it. He reached for Chad's hand, opened the fingers and placed his friend's palm squarely against his own erection.

"If I can suck your cock, you can at least stroke mine."

Chad didn't like it, but he knew his friend was right. Although he was still not looking at what he was doing, his fingers closed on the hard, fleshy snake of Barry's erection.

Barry sighed.

"Oh, yeah," he murmured softly.

When Chad's hand began to slide up and down Barry's dick--it was tentative and half-hearted at first, but it was a start--the buzz-cut kid reached over and took his friend's hard-on in his own fist and began to pump it, slowly.

"That's nice, Chad," Barry whispered.

"Your--you--uh. Yeah, you too, Barry."

Steve was transfixed by the scene, even as he operated the camera with professional care. Would the little hottie get his reluctant pal to go the course? And could Steve hold off cumming until the end?

When the stroking on his dick suggested that his buddy was starting to relax into things, Barry decided the moment had come to push just a little harder.

He stayed Chad's hand with his own and when his friend looked over at him, Barry smiled sweetly.

"Suck me, Chad."

"Huh? No way, man! I--"

"I went down on yours, pal. You didn't hear me complaining."

Anger flashed across Chad's face.

"Yeah? Well maybe one of us is just faggier than the other!"

Barry didn't look hurt at all. He just shrugged.

"Yeah. Maybe so. Or maybe one of us is just a little less of a coward."

Chad flinched.

"You sayin' I'm scared? Damn right I am! This whole thing is weirdin' me out, man. You. Me. Sittin' here naked. Havin' you blow me. Touchin' your dick. I don't like it. It--it--"

"It turns you on, and that scares you."

Steve was holding his breath. This scene could go either way now. It could end, or it could build. He wasn't sure which. He'd stopped taking still pictures and was watching the two boys intently. Whichever way things went now, it wouldn't be a total loss. He had some great shots and a hot video. And while he'd hate for this to fuck up the boys' friendship, maybe he could convince Barry to stick around awhile...

"You want to, don't you?" Barry said softly.

Chad nodded, his eyes wide and frightened.

"Then do it, man. Suck me."

And Chad did.

He shocked himself by leaning over his friend's lap and taking that hard cock in his hand, moving it toward his mouth, opening his lips to receive it.

Steve was so startled he damn near lost his grip on the camera.

Chad placed his tongue against the head of Barry's dick and licked tentatively. Still uncertain, he lapped a bit more, tasting the musky pre-cum oozing from the tip of his friend's cock. It was odd, he thought. Not bad, just different. Definitely an improvement on pussy-juice.

Emboldened, he kissed the head and ran his tongue along the sensitive underside.

"Oh fuck, yeah," Barry sighed, shutting his eyes tightly and shuddering.

Afterward, Chad wouldn't remember the exact moment he gave in to his desires, but it was now, as he suddenly bean to enjoy what he was doing--as the heady scent of his friend's pubic area invaded his nostrils and the amazing fact of what was happening caused his head to succumb to erotic dizziness. It was more than his defenses could bear, and he gave in, opening his lips and allowing head of Chad's cock to slip inside his warm, enveloping mouth.

Barry's head snapped back and he moaned. His friend's technique was tentative, but that didn't matter. It felt wonderful, and there was no one in the world he would rather have doing this to him.

When he opened his eyes again he could see the back of Chad's head as it bobbed up and down on his throbbing boner. He placed a hand on the boy's shaggy hair and smiled as he gazed down, moved by Chad's courage, knowing then that his friend returned the affection he felt for him.

Stephen felt he hadn't taken a breath during the last five minutes. He'd seen variations on this scenario a number of times, but this was different. These boys were doing more than getting off with each other. They were falling in love on-camera. This was shaping up to be more than the standard straight-boys-have-a-little-mansex video.

As Steve watched, and recorded, Chad was attempting to take Barry's cock deep. He choked at first, his gag-reflexes untested. But he was determined and, while clearly struggling, was swallowing more and more of his friend's shaft. He reached out tentatively with one hand and touched Barry's ballsac, making the boy gasp and tighten his grip on Chad's head.

"Oh yeah, Chad--play with my nuts, baby," he murmured, sucking breath in through his teeth.

Chad's fingers cupped his friend's balls, pulling down on them gently. He continued to fellate Barry's cock as his fingers stroked and caressed the boy's hairless balls.

After a moment he stopped, allowing Barry's cock to slip from his lips. He looked up at his friend for the first time and smiled shyly. Then he took his friend in his arms and pulled him down onto the couch.

With Barry's backside facing the camera, Chad lay behind him, his head on the other end of the sofa and his hand pulling his friend's raging hard-on toward his lips once more.

He placed his index finger inside his mouth, lubricating it with saliva. Then, lifting Barry's leg over his own body and resting his arm on his buddy's thigh, he slipped his wet finger between Barry's ass-cheeks, touching the boy's anus and pushing inward.

Barry raised his head from the sofa and drew in his breath sharply. His eyes were clamped shut, his face a mask of unmitigated desire.

Gently pushing his finger in and back, stimulating Barry's anus, Chad began to stroke his friend's shaft, drawing his hand up over the damp, pre-cum-oozing head. The double erotic assault made Barry moan softly, encouraging Chad's exploration.

Steve couldn't see Chad's dick at the moment, hidden as it was behind Barry's naked body, but he imagined the boy was rock-hard. He knew that Chad, despite his initial reticence, was now deeply involved in his friend's body--seemingly oblivious to the video camera that was capturing the sweet beginnings of his physical love for Barry. His finger was moving deeper into Barry's receptive hole, rising and falling in a fucking rhythm, causing Barry to emit increasingly urgent cries of pleasure and encouragement. With his free hand, he drew the boy's leaking cock-head to his lips and licked the slick pre-cum, gently grazing the flared head with his teeth.

"Oh fuck!" Barry murmured. "Fuck! Oh--fuck me, Chad!"

Chad looked up, slightly shocked.


"Fuck me, baby. No more teasing! Fuck me! Please, baby. Please, please fuck me!"

Chad was a bit taken aback by his friend's daring.

"You sure, Barry?"

"Yessssssss!" Barry seethed, pushing his hips back onto Chad's finger. "I want your dick! Put it inside me, damn it!"

"I--you're really sure? Man, that's--"

Barry, sensing that left to his own inertia Chad might never take it any further, took the situation in hand by sitting up and climbing over his friend and pushing him to the other side of the sofa. Then he scooted his back against the arm of the couch and spread his thighs apart.

"Fuck me."

Chad was as hard as Steve had surmised.

He knelt, still mind-blown at the idea that his best friend wanted a cock--his cock--in his ass.

Barry looked over at Steve, acknowledging him for the first time in minutes.

"Lube?" he asked, holding out a hand.

Steve tossed him a tube of K-Y.

"Cool," Barry smiled. "Condoms?"

Steve handed the boy a couple of foil packets. He manipulated the zoom, bringing the camera in closer.


Barry tore open one of the packets and took out the rubber sheath. He held it out to his friend.

"Put it on, Chad."

The boy quickly unfurled the condom over his throbbing boner, his fingers trembling in excitement and anxiety. When he was done, Barry held out the lubricant.

"Get me ready, Chad," he said softly, smiling a sweet, gentle smile of reassurance. "And get yourself lubed too."


Chad squirted a liberal glob of K-Y on his hand and quickly massaged it over his rubber-covered cock. He added a second load to his fingers and pressed the cool, slick gel into Barry's dilated hole.

"You ready?" Chad asked nervously.

Barry nodded.

"Just start slow, okay?"

Chad nodded. He moved forward, and Barry drew up his legs, resting them on his friend's chest, spreading his butt-cheeks apart.

He relaxed his sphincter and waited.

Chad aimed his cock and pressed the gloved head against his buddy's wet pucker. The muscle was relaxed, and the tip of the boy's dick slipped into the slickened anal opening with--to him--surprising ease. Barry made a pleasured sound, nodding in encouragement.

Chad fed a little more to his friend. The widest part of the flared head nestled against Barry's asshole, and Chad slid it slowly forward.

Barry looked both eager and frightened, not an unnatural combination as far as Steve was concerned. It was one thing to get fucked for the first time by someone who knew what he was doing. That was scary enough. But giving it up to a guy as virginal in butt-fucking as Chad...


Chad looked questioningly into his friend's eyes.

"Yeah. Go ahead."

Chad pushed the head inside.

A sudden squall of pain broke Barry's face; his eyes clamped tight and he sucked air between his teeth.

"Barry, did I--"

"The head's the hardest part, Barry," Steve advised. "Try to relax. The rest is easy."

Barry nodded, the pain subsiding slowly. When he was ready he nodded again.

"Give me the rest of it, Chad. Give me your all your cock, baby."

Barry placed his hands on his friend's shoulders and looked down at his shaft sliding into Barry's warm, wet asshole.

From the look on Barry's face, Steve could tell that the boy was gradually getting used to the feel of the hot, hard object in his rectum.

"Oh, god, Barry--you feel so fucking good," Chad breathed. "So tight. So hot. So... Christ!"

"Chad... Chad," Barry whispered.

He grabbed his friend's face and brought his head down to his. Chad looked startled, but gave in as Barry pulled him into a long, loving kiss.

That was what really separated the men from the boys, Steve thought. Kissing. Loving. Doing with another man what all your upbringing tells you is not just wrong but un-masculine. Fucking was one thing--any one could do it: soldiers, prisoners, prep-school students. But kissing? Only faggots kiss! It was a huge step, less for Barry, who had already recognized his love for his friend, but for Chad... giving in to Barry's lips was acknowledging he loved another guy.

The forward motion of his body as he leaned into Barry's face pushed Chad's cock to the limit; his balls were pressed against Barry's downy butt-cheeks and his thick pale bush was tickling the center of the boy's ass and just under his roiling balls.

Gently breaking the kiss, Chad arched his back, sliding his cock partway out of Barry's boy-hole before slowly pushing back inside.

Barry grunted.

"Am I hurting you?"

"No! Keep doing it. It feels... incredible..."

"What's it like?" Chad asked, withdrawing again.

"I can't--it's not like anything I've ever--Unnnnggghhh!!" Barry groaned as Chad's dick went deep. "Oh, fuck that's hot!"

Chad needed no more discussion. He began to piston in and out of his buddy's hot boy-butt, fucking hard and deep. With each forward thrust Barry gave an ecstatic groan, urging his friend on.

Steve was mentally calculating how long Chad could last. He was young, he was in heat, and turned on beyond his first experience making love to his best friend. The cameraman was guessing, at most, another minute.

"Oh, Christ!" Chad exclaimed, slamming his cock up Barry's hole. "Fuck! I'm cummmmminnnnnnnggggg!"

If Steve hadn't been so excited by what he was filming he might have smirked. Had men really said things like that in the throes of orgasm before porn? Which was first, the thought or the imitation?

Chad's body went rigid. Then he slowly lowered his body onto Barry's, spent and breathing hard. Sweat bathed his body and glistened under the living room's bright light. When he was finally able to speak he looked into his friend's eyes and asked, "Did you come, Barry?"


"Oh. I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry. You--God, Chad. You made me so fucking happy just now."


They had forgotten about the camera again, Steve observed. Christ, this was going to be one hot goddamn video!

"But, I wanted you to."

Barry placed a damp hand against Chad's ruddy cheek.

"It's okay. Really."

Chad was silent for a moment.

"Did it--did it really feel good, Barry?"

 "Oh, yeah," Barry sighed. "Like... I don't have the words."

"Maybe--I mean, I guess I could..."

"Don't do anything you aren't ready to."

"I don't know. I think... I mean, I sorta want to try. Just once. You know? See if... Hell, if it's as good as all that..."

"Well," Barry smiled. "We can't do anything with your cock up my butt."

Chad laughed, blushing.

"Oh. Yeah. Right."

He withdrew, his softening dick sliding from Barry's ass with a soft, squishing sound.

Barry was still extremely hard.

He sat up and crawled over his buddy, his cock bouncing happily above his balls.

"Lie down like I did," he said to Chad.

Chad took Barry's place on the sofa, then scooted away from the arm of the sofa, lying down on his back and raising his legs to chest-level.

Barry looked at him, raising a quizzical eyebrow.

"I want to try it this way," he shrugged. "Lube me up good, okay?"

"Yeah," Barry said, picking up the second foil pack.

He tore it open and sheathed his pulsating cock. Squirting a hefty load of goo onto his fingers, he knelt between his friend's feet and began to work a finger against and into Chad's puckered hole.

Barry kept his eyes on Chad's face, searching for the slightest sign of discomfort.

"Mmm," Chad murmured. "I like that. It's a little... weird... but it's nice."

Barry smiled. When he felt relatively certain Chad's asshole was well lubed, he worked a new glob of lubricant over his aching cock. Positioning himself, he locked eyes with Chad.

"Ready, baby?"

"Yeah," Chad said, breath heavy. He moved his feet up, pressing them against his friend's chest. "Do it, man."

Barry suddenly turned his heartbreaker of a smile on Steve, whose own erection was more than apparent under his jeans.

"You getting this, camera guy?"

"I wouldn't miss it," Steve managed through his own rising excitement.

The boy grinned and pushed the tip of his cock-head against Chad's rear entrance. Moving at a noticeably slower pace than his buddy had, the boy was feeding his dick into Chad's slick hole millimeter-by-millimeter, eagle eyes trained on his friend's face, monitoring the changes in his features. Chad had hurt him before, and he didn't want to make the same mistake.

The only alteration Steve could see was that the boy's look of anxiety had softened into the beginnings of pleasure. It was always a strange feeling, having a hard cock up your asshole for the first time. But Barry was being an incredibly gentle, careful lover. He doubted the other boy had anything to worry about.

Indeed, in a moment Barry had succeeded in fitting the head inside Chad's ass.

"That's it, baby," he whispered. "You're almost home free."

Chad grunted softly, his eyes closed in an attitude of serenity.

Barry arched his back and the remainder of his shaft slipped into place.

"Unnnggghhhh!!" Chad moaned, eyes shut tight.

"Oh, Christ--I hurt you!"

"No! No, you didn't. Oh, Jesus, it feels so fucking good!"

"Chad--Chad, you're so hot. God!"

He leaned down and planted his lips on his buddy's. They kissed deeply while Barry began a gentle, rhythmic movement with his hips, moving his cock up and back, up and back, a slow fuck that made his friend grunt with pleasure.

"Mmmmmm," he murmured, breaking the kiss. "Fuck my pussy, baby."

Chad's use of that word for his asshole caused a surge of electric sex through Barry's center of gravity. He plunged his cock deep up Chad's ass.

"Ahhhhhhhh!! Oh, yeah! Oh, Christ, it feels so good! Fuck me!"

Barry gave in to his friend's pleasure and his own, long-simmering lust. He slammed in and out of Chad's boy-hole, groaning with deep-seated ecstasy as he plowed his buddy's hot, wet little man-cunt.

Steve kept filming, his eyes glazed with desire. They were both so cute, and so turned-on. He wanted to fuck them himself, one at a time, alternating back and forth between them. His dick was so hard it hurt, and he wished he could yank it out of his tight jeans and whack off to the scene his camera was recording. He doubted these boys would even know the difference.

He zoomed in closer, extending and focusing the lens to catch the action between Chad's up-lifted thighs. He got excellent footage of Barry's shaft sliding in and out of his buddy's slick hole. This was without a doubt the best session he'd ever filmed.

Chad and Barry moved together, a beast with two backs, a well-calibrated machine. They pushed and retreated in tandem, butt meeting cock, dick stabbing ass. It was building quickly, and while Steve was not surprised when Barry cried out and buried his shaft straight up his friend's well-fucked hole, he was mightily impressed when Chad, who had already come in Barry's ass, arced his back and shot again, splashing his chest and chin.

When it was over, they fell together, kissing and stroking each other's limbs. Their lithe young bodies glistened with shining perspiration, casting a delicious glow on their backs and bottoms.

Despite his own excitement, Steve was suddenly aware of himself in the room. He was recording the beginnings of love, and it was so private and tender he almost felt embarrassed to be filming it. Emotion was so much more intimate than mere sex.

Finally Chad lowered his legs and Barry slipped out of his friend's now-longer-virgin boy-butt. He held his friend by the waist and drew him onto his feet. They stood kissing for a couple of minutes, during which Steve could scarcely breathe. When they finally broke apart, they looked into each other's eyes, seeming to find there some confirmation, a shared understanding.

Barry turned to Steve and grinned.

"That's all, folks!"

Steve turned off the camera. He stared at the naked boys before him.

"That was... I've never seen anything like it. I think I owe you guys another payment."

"Not necessary, Steve," Chad said softly, putting his arm around his friend.

"Yeah," Barry smiled, slipping his own arm around Chad's waist. "You did more for us than you can ever guess."

They gathered up their clothes and started to dress.

"You guys... uh... you want a copy of this thing?"

"I don't need one," Barry sighed. "I've got the real thing at home. Right?"

"Yeah," Chad grinned. "Whenever you want it."

Steve was nonplussed.

"Well, uh... would you maybe like to... um... sell it?"

"To you?" Barry asked, looking puzzled. "It's your video, man."

"No, I mean... you think you might like to sell it as a movie--like online? We could... um... split the profits."

"Oh," Barry said, looking at Chad. "I don't know. It's kinda... private."

Steve looked crestfallen, and the boys caught it.

"We'll think about it, Steve," Chad said kindly. "If that's okay."

"Yeah," Barry chimed in. "We don't have to make a decision today, right?"

"No. No, of course not. Take your time. I won't do anything with it unless you say so."

"Except watch it yourself, right?" Barry winked.

"Uh... yeah."

"As soon as we leave here, I bet!" Chad laughed.

"You guys are... too much. I'd love to... um..."

"Do it with us?" Barry asked, smiling mischievously.

Steve looked at the floor.


"We'll think about that, too."

Fully dressed now, the boys came to Steve and shook hands.

"Thanks again, man," Chad smiled. "For everything."

"Yeah," Barry smiled, a little shyly. "We loved it."

"You're welcome, guys," Steve answered, taking them to the door. "Come by anytime."

Barry suddenly pulled the startled camera-bug to him and kissed him on the mouth. When he was done Chad did the same.

"We'll see ya."


And they were gone.

Steve looked at the door, then back at the camera. He took the cassette out and walked over to the VCR. Popping it in, he turned on the television. He went to the kitchen and came back with a big sheet of paper towels, then settled himself in to watch, hoping the two would come back sometime. Hell, he'd even pay them again.

As the boys on the tape began to undress, Steve rubbed his palm across his rigid cock.

Yeah, he thought. After they've exhausted themselves with each other.

Considering both the vivid, sexually overpowering images on his TV screen and the good deed he'd inadvertently done for Chad and Barry, he relaxed and began to enjoy the simple pleasure of watching it all unfold again.

It had been a long time, but maybe, watching, Steve would come twice, too.

Somehow the idea didn't seem all that unlikely.