In the Navy Part – 3

After all the officials had done there thing, we headed for the far east to visit some of the British Commonwealth countries that were still a part of the British Empire. On our way there, we anchored in a beautiful, secluded bay and the captain called “Hands to Bath” (go for a swim). But there was a catch, you had to skinny dip. Or as the captain put it “clothing was optional” Well, lets just say nobody was wearing anything, including the captain.

We spend several hours enjoying the cool water, swimming naked with the fish and drying ourselves in the cool breeze on the upper deck. Of course to see all these naked guys with there dicks in various stages of erection caused a massive exodus to the lower decks to have sex. (rule #1 no sex on upper deck). Once the rush started there was no-one on the upper deck or swimming in no time. It did bring up a question, the captain was naked, was the captain gay or not. We all vowed to find out somehow.

Well this became a major pastime of the crew, trying to find out if the captain was gay. The captain had his own steward (sort of butler) and he was gay and he soon found out what we were trying to do. He was trying to find out for himself. He said that once the captain had him bring him a towel while he was in the bath and the captain had a rage-in hard on. The captain just smiled and said thank you and did not try to hide it. This caused a huge amount of speculation among the ships crew. But, it still wasn't proof.

It was a few weeks later and we arrived in Hong Kong. The whole ships company was excited about spending 5 weeks in port. We had to do some minor repair and painting to the ship. The first night in Hong Kong a skeleton crew was left on board to watch the ship and the rest of the crew including most of the officers went ashore. The captain went ashore also. Hong Kong had a shore mess called the “China Fleet Club” it was a pub and you could stay in a room for a very cheap price. We filled up the place and then some. We had to double up in many of the rooms to fit everyone in. Which led to the most fun sex filled 5 weeks ever. One thing someone noticed was that the captain and several of the officers were staying at the club. This in itself was not unusual, they had a floor that was just for officers. Well one night the captains steward came into our room with a huge smile on his face. We all knew the look and asked who did he just have sex with. He wouldn't tell us, but after some serious foreplay and not letting him cum, he blurted out it was the captain.

So this confirmed that the entire ships company including the officers and the captain were Gay. We all felt so lucky and did not ever want to leave good old HMS Goodwood. After we heard all the details of the captain having sex with his steward, we even started calling him Captain “Good Wood” get it.

After, Hong Kong it was on to Singapore which was world famous for its KiTye's. These were drag queens, but the most beautiful drag queens you have ever seen. They looked like the most gorgeous women you can imagine but had cocks. I myself didn't partake but many of the crew did and said they really enjoyed being able to suck on a girls tits then suck on a mans cock and fuck a nice ass. Just wasn't for me.

It was about this time that Steve and I realized that we had both fallen in love with each other. It was not just boyfriends, it was Love. We both wanted this more than anything it was true love.

We left Singapore in early may and headed back to England. It was a pretty uneventful journey, everyone was still for the most part coupled with their original partners and were having lots of sex. All crew mess decks were unofficially declared “No clothing allowed” unless you had to leave for duty or heading for chow. Showers were declared “Free Sex Zones” and during certain hours they were turned into a bathhouse. Steve and I would go together just for fun and enjoyed watching each other fuck other guys. Paddy from the gunners mess became a permanent fixture and loved to be fucked both ends at the same time over and over and over again. Always wondered what happened to him. I'd fuck him again for sure.

Upon arriving back to England, we heard on the news that parliament had just passed a bill allowing same sex couple to marry. Steve and I agreed it was about time and we left it at that, but that got me thinking and several weeks later arranged for us to go home for the weekend to the village we both grew up in. During that visit we went to our little beach in the river and made love to each other, which made us fall even more deeply in love with each other.

So, on Sunday I told Steve I needed to talk to my parents by myself and would he give me a couple of hours. We talked and he knew I was coming out to my parents. He decided he would do the same with his. As it turns out, both parents knew we were gay and knew we were boyfriends for a very long time. They were waiting until we felt comfortable enough for us to talk to them about it. After we had a good cry we both set off to find each other. We told each other what happened and hugged each other for a very long time.

It was early Sunday morning and we were leaving to go back to our ship late in the afternoon. I decided I wanted to talk to Steve's parents alone, and for some reason Steve wanted to talk to mine. I think we both assumed that we just wanted to make sure things were ok between us. I had other ideas. I was very nervous when I arrive at Steve's parents house and they could tell and kept asking me whats wrong, was I ok etc etc. I told them that I was so thank full that they were ok with me and Steve and that I wanted to ask them a question. They said go right ahead as long as its not about sex. We all laughed which helped me calm down. I asked Steve's mum and dad if it was ok if I asked Steve to marry me. They looked at each other and then looked at me for what seemed to be an age, then both came and hugged me and said “YES' I couldn't believe my ears. I just stood there and stuttered thank you and cried for the second time this weekend.

It was still early Sunday morning and when Steve and I decided to go for one more swim in the river to our sandy beach. It was as always the most fun swim and was even more amazing because I planned to ask Steve to marry me. When we swam up to our beach, we laid back and enjoyed the sun. Before long I was running my fingers thru Steve's hair and staring into those wonderful sexy eyes. We kissed and I reached down and pulled out a ring from a small pocket in my speedos. I showed him the ring and was about to ask him to marry me and he reached down and pulled out a ring from his speedos. We had both planned to ask each other this very weekend. We both of course said yes, kissed and made love on our special beach. When we got back home after our swim, we called Steve parents and asked them to come over to my house. They did, and we then told both parents he said “Yes” They were both really happy for us and the mum's both started to cry.

Upon arriving back to our ship, we were both bursting to tell our ship mates what had happened. Both coming out to our parents and then our marriage proposals. Everyone was so happy for us and there was hugs and gropes all around. Someone even suggested that we ask the captain to marry us. After talking about it we decided that we would ask him.

We arranged to go to captains table, which was when a crew member could talk to the captain about any issues, problems etc that they may have. We were both very nervous and both became tongue tied when the captain asked us what was the problem. After composing ourselves we both blurted out almost at the same time “Would you marry us. Sir” he was stunned for a moment then smiled and said yes, but he had one condition. We said ” what condition sir” he said we we are the first gay couple to get married as far as he knows in the Royal Navy's history. He would like us to get married on board, and have the Navy News report on our marriage We both looked at each other, both smiled and said yes as long as we could invite our parents. He of course said yes.

When we got back to the mess, everyone was waiting to find out what happened. Steve winked and me and we proceeded to SLOWLY undress as was the unofficial no clothes in the mess policy and it was driving everyone crazy. Steve again winked at me and started to climb into our bunk. I followed with everyone just speechless. Steve and I started to play fuck, making all kinds of noise and humping the bunks so it looked like were fucking our brains out. When we stopped the curtain around our bunks flew open and everyone said OK now your done tell us what happened. We told them and they all were shouting and yelling there approval. It wasn't long before the whole ship knew and we had a steady stream of well wishers.

Before we knew it there was a bachelor party panned down our mess and what a party it was. They (Not us) planned the whole thing. Nudity was mandatory, cock rings were mandatory and butt plugs. Of course we followed along with the plan. The beer was flowing and much to our amazement, everyone had bought us gifts. We had more dildos, cock rings, prostrate massage-rs, leather wear and at least a gallon of lube. It was amazing and of course it ended with a huge orgy...which Steve and I enjoyed watching but decided we would fuck each others brains out instead, Lust had taken over.

The following week the captain sent his steward down to get us, he wanted to talk to us about our wedding. We dressed and followed the steward up to the captains cabin. When he summoned us in, he asked if we had talked about when we would like to get married. We knew we were scheduled to sail for America at the end of next month and we both wanted to get married before we sailed. He said, leave it to him he would get his steward to make all the arrangements to have the wedding on board the ship. He also suggested that we have it on Saturday June 1st which was the day I turned 18. We agreed.

The next several weeks were a blur, Steve and my parents were set to come done on May 31st and we got approval for them to come aboard for the day on June 1st. Steve and I went and got our rings and made plans to spend our wedding night at a secluded cabin along the sea coast.

June 1st came with the Sun shining and the day was as clear as a bell. We were both wearing our No1 dress uniforms and we had both had agreed to wear nothing underneath except for a cock ring with an attached butt plug. Which was our little secret. Our wedding took place on the flight deck on the stern (arse end) of the ship. It was great, the entire ships company dressed in there No1s surrounded the flight deck and our parents stood on either side of us as the captain said our marriage vows. When we kissed the entire ships company clapped and yelled approval. Even the officers all clapped and cheered.

We had our wedding reception at the Pub where we had been for our ships company disco the year before and they had gone all out. It was crowded with the entire ships company and our family's but the meal, the disco, the speeches, the dancing everything was perfect. We didn't want to leave for our cabin along the sea front, but knew it was time. When we walked outside, there was a car waiting for us to take us to our cabin. At least that's what we thought. Little did we know the skipper had set up for us to use his sailing boat for the next few days. It was the best honeymoon, we sailed to a small secluded bay that we knew of and spend the next three days naked. Swimming and making love. Steve had a special present for me, it was a small remote controlled butt plug that hit my prostrate perfectly. He kept the remote and would turn it on whenever he wanted to make love. Which was a lot....I really loved my little love plug and would wear it for many years. I also had a special present for Steve, I knew he really loved cock rings and I had one made with our names on it and a message from me. “Our hearts, our cocks, our minds beat as one forever” He cried when I gave it to him, and too this day he hardly ever takes it off.

To be continued.....