Indulgence ©2006

By Jack Llawayllynn

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Chapter 19: The Collar Club

Stan was standing beside his own monster sized Harley waiting for them outside the shop when Sin and Matt arrived. He had a small beautiful Asian man with him, his hair dyed snow white and spiked on top. Matt noticed immediately that the man wore a collar with many rings, so many that there was no room left on the collar for them and so some had been linked through other rings and looked like a weird oversized type of chain mail hanging down his neck. They jangled jauntily together when he moved.

"Matt, that's Kim, Kim, Matt," Sin said with a casual flip of his hand from one to the other. "I see you are still spoiling the shit out of him Stan. You are too free of a ring giver."

Kim stuck out his hand to shake Matt's but Matt didn't miss the fact that Kim gave him a pitying look after noticing Matt's nearly bare collar. The color flared up in Matt's cheeks but he hid it by turning away quickly and following Sin into the shop behind Stan.

Sin stopped by a display of Harley Davidson brand products and took down a black dog leash from among a collection of spiked collars, dog-sized bandanas and goggles for side-car riding canines.

"Can you add this to my bill Stan?" Sin called and Stan turned back. His eyes flashed over to Matt's collar.

"Might be on the house," Stan said, giving Matt a longing look that made Matt shift uncomfortably. "We'll just have to see yet, won't we?"

Sin nodded and shoved the leash into his back pocket.

"Have you ever driven a motorcycle Matt?" Sin asked him as they pushed the big bike free of its storage bay.

"No, just dirt bikes when I was a kid," Matt answered regretfully.

"Not much difference. I think you can handle it. Here, you drive, I've had too much to drink today," Sin slapped the keys into Matt's hand and Matt stared at them stunned for a second. His eyes shifted unsurely over toward Kim and he found Kim staring at him in undisguised envy and awe. Matt might not have many rings in his collar yet but he damn sure seemed to have his master's full trust. Matt smiled, suddenly feeling like a million bucks.

"Yeah, I can do it," Matt said, strutting a little. Sin reached up and ruffled Matt's hair then cuffed him lightly on the shoulder.

"Let's get this show on the road," Sin said, pulling his helmet on. Matt's fingers shook slightly when he put his own helmet on. Suddenly it had occurred to him that if he dropped Sin's "baby" then he would be in a world of hurt, and it wouldn't be from the wreck.

"We'll meet you there then," Stan called and slapped Matt on the ass. Matt jumped but didn't draw back on Stan this time. When Sin ignored it as well though Matt began to worry. Sin had warned Stan never to touch Matt without asking but Sin was showing no signs of being angry. Why? Because Stan obviously had already asked, Matt realized. On the phone. That is what they had been talking about, Matt's ass.

"Come on kid, what are you waiting for?" Sin demanded as he shoved Matt toward the bike. "Fire that baby up, let's go."

Matt swung his leg over the bike and sat a moment, getting a feel for the weight of it. Sin swung up behind him and slapped Matt's helmet. Matt fired the bike up and eased it out into the parking lot. Stan closed the bay behind them. Despite being nervous as hell Matt found that Sin was right, it was just a matter of adjusting for a shit load more power and weight than his dirt bike had had as a kid. Stan and Kim caught up quickly and passed them, Kim making a playfully rude gesture as they whipped by.

"Catch them!" Sin bellowed over the wind.

Matt wasn't sure about trying that. He was still nervous with the bike. Sin's hand slipped up inside of Matt's shirt and Matt smiled, his worry melting away into a rush of pure exhilaration as he gunned it and kept pace with Stan, mile after nerve shattering mile.

Stan finally slowed and turned off the main road onto a dark and nearly hidden drive. He stopped before a wrought iron gate and Matt stopped behind him. A discreet sign on the gate read simply "The Collar Club" in brown letters. Stan punched in a code on a keypad mounted near the gates and waited for them to swing open. As soon as they parted he gunned his bike up the drive. Matt followed recklessly. They sped up the dark incline, around bend after bend until a huge mansion of a house loomed up before them, all the windows aglow. Sin's arms tightened suddenly around Matt's middle and Matt had only a fraction of a second to realize that the paved drive ended in a gravel parking area before the bike's tires hit the rocks. Stan, quite experienced in handling his bike, had hit the gravel just as fast and easily kept the bike steady as he hauled it to a halt in a spray of gravel. Matt nearly panicked as he tried to stop the bike, felt it start to slide and gritted his teeth, fearing he would plow right into Stan and Kim. Sin shifted behind him and as Matt's foot went down to steady the motorcycle Sin's lowered too in unison with Matt's. When Matt overcompensated with his weight Sin countered it and together they brought the bike to a skidding halt, spraying their own shower of gravel...all over Stan and Kim. Matt's heart was thudding like a bass drum in his chest but the bike was still, and standing.

"Whooohoooo!" Stan yelled, hopping off his bike and bearing down on Matt to pound happily on top of his helmet with his huge hands. "I can't believe you pulled that shit off! That was fucking awesome! Where the hell did you find this kid Sin?"

Sin was laughing as he pulled his helmet off. "Found him on the bus."

Stan laughed harder and pounded Matt's helmet again until Matt thought his neck would snap. Shakily he punched the kickstand down with his heel and slipped out from under Stan's bulking presence to take his helmet off.

"I almost dropped it," Matt admitted sheepishly.

"Almost don't count, kid," Stan said grinning from ear to ear. "Your first time on a real bike too. Hot dog but you're a hot little piece of ass!" Stan slapped Matt's ass again and turned away. Matt slanted a glance at Sin but Sin was already striding away, toward the house. Matt hurried to put his helmet on the bike and catch up.

They were met in the entryway by a strange little old man behind a huge, beautiful, antique oaken desk who grinned at the four of them like an insane demon on crack. "This one's new, yes?" asked the old man eyeing Matt and when Sin nodded the man fished out two separate stacks of paper, stapled at the top from the desk and handed them to Matt along with an ink pen. "Read and sign them boy. You can do it in the locker room."

Sin grinned and slapped the little man's shoulder as he passed him, pulling Matt along behind him by his hand. Sin took him into a large locker room with hundreds of metal lockers. Sin motioned Matt to a bench and sat down beside him.

"Just flip through them Matt, no need to read it word for word. It's just mostly release forms in case you get hurt here. The pages at the back are a general summary of the most basic rules. Just skim those for now. You can read the rest of it later. I don't want to sit here all night waiting for you to read it all."

Matt nodded absently, already frowning over the wording on the sheets before him. There was enormous amount of legal jargon that worried Matt. It made the club sound like a very dangerous place indeed. Sin bumped his shoulder into Matt's, urging him to just sign them and get it over with so they could enter the club. Stan and Kim sat nearby waiting but they seemed to be growing rather impatient as well. Matt shrugged and started flipping pages, dating and signing them without really reading them anymore. He didn't want to ruin Sin's mood by making him wait longer than needed and he trusted Sin's judgment. When Matt had finished signing the last page of the top stack of papers Sin snatched them from him and went to take them to the old man. While he was gone Matt began to skim over the second set of papers, the basic list of rules. He really didn't understand much of what he was seeing and hoped it would become clearer once he got a feel for the place. One rule did catch his eye though and made him shiver. Any master in the club could steal any slave there if they got the chance. If a slave was stolen he had to stay with the new master for at least four hours of club time though those hours could be split up into parts, lasting no longer than one week. Matt's brows climbed at that. If a slave was stolen then the master he was stolen from would have to go through the trails to earn master status once more before he could reclaim his slave, even if the slave's four hours were up. He damn sure didn't want to be stolen from Sin!

"You can read all that shit later, at home." Sin said as he snatched the papers from Matt's hands. "Now strip kid," and began to do so himself. Matt noticed that Stan and Kim were already tugging off their shoes. Matt followed suit, stripping to the skin by example of the others. Sin produced a key from around his neck and opened a locker. Inside there was a small neatly folded stack of leather garments. Sin took them out, laid the leather on the bench and then crammed his clothes and Matt's into the locker along with the papers then locked it and stood beside Stan, waiting. Matt, not sure what he was supposed to do, went to stand beside Kim. It was only moments before the strange little old man reappeared.

"Inspection!" he called, cackling. He started with Stan, standing up on the bench to look the large man over. Satisfied he slapped his shoulder and nodded. Stan reached for a pile of leather and began to pull them on, a pair of leather chaps that left his ass and cock bare and a complex set of straps that crisscrossed his massive chest. He ended the ensemble with a wide leather arm band that had the outline of a grinning grizzly bear painted on it in bold white stencil. The old man examined Sin with the same keen eye, head to toe and slapped him on the shoulder too. Sin turned to step into a plain pair of black leather pants and simple leather vest. He too added a wide arm band to his left arm, this one marked with a grinning skull and crossbones. Kim was next and the old man tutted over a small cut on Kim's arm.

"How?" the old man asked.

"I was helping Big Daddy change a tire on the motorcycle," Kim said grinning over at Stan. The strange old man nodded and produced a roll of flesh colored tape and a small gauze. He placed the gauze over the cut and taped it down securely, then slapped Kim's ass and turned to Matt, once again stepping up onto the bench because of Matt's superior height. He stood behind Matt a long time, staring at his battered back.

"I'm not sure I can pass him in Sin," the old man said regretfully.

"Aw, come on Trev, the cuts are nearly healed," Sin said, cajolingly.

"Well, yes, they aren't raw or very new but there are too many for me to stand here and tape up all that. Tell you what, you keep an eye on him close. If he starts to bleed, even a little, then you hustle him to a white room and fast, understand? Don't expect me to let him pass in this condition every time though. I swear Sin, you are too hard on your toys. I hate seeing this kind of thing. It's over the top. He's not much better off than Froggie and it took me thirty minutes to tape that boy up."

"Oh, is Razor here with his pet then?"

"Yep, he's here. You make sure they come get me if you two go into the Rumble Room, I wouldn't miss it for the world."

Sin smiled and shook his head. "Not tonight Trev, sorry."

"You say that now," the old man snickered, "but once Razor gets a look at your new toy he might decide he wants it for himself huh?"

"What Razor wants and what he gets is rarely the same thing," Sin said grinning smugly.

"When it comes to what he wants of yours anyway," Trev agreed leering over at Sin's svelte form in his skin tight leather pants.

"So we pass inspection Sir?" Sin asked grinning.

"I suppose so but do try to behave." The old man disappeared through the doors they had been facing and Matt watched him go, unsure what to do. He was uncomfortable standing there in nothing but his collar. He glanced over at Kim who was bouncing on his toes and staring up at Stan with unconcealed worship and excitement.

"Come here kid," Sin growled at him, noticing Matt staring at Kim. Matt jumped to comply and Sin reached over to snap the new black leash into the sole ring on Matt's collar. "Be careful not to accidentally pull this leash out of my hand Matt. It would not be a nice experience for you if I dropped your lead or you pulled loose."

Matt swallowed and nodded, watching Stan snap a leash onto Kim's neckwear as well, feeling exposed and nervous, naked inside and out beside Sin's lithe long leather clad form.

Matt gaped as Sin led him from the locker room into the main front room of the club itself. Trev was there waiting for them. "Hail Master Stan! Hail Master Sin!" the man intoned then turned and left.

"Hail Stan! Hail Sin!" came a murmur from the room, a simple greeting and acknowledgement of their arrival.

Matt stared about him. The entire room was decorated in shades of black and maroon, the lighting strange and muted. Tables dotted the room, each holding a large bowl of packets, condoms, lubricants, cock rings and other unidentifiable items. There were men everywhere, lounging on the many sofa's, playing pool in a corner, standing in groups with drinks in hand laughing loudly or scattered around anywhere having sex in all its forms and positions. One man was in a swing, screwing up his face lustfully as another man buried his hand deep in the guy's ass. Those who wore collars were either completely nude like Matt or wore only the skimpiest of underwear. Many wore patches of Trev's bandages. Those who held leashes wore a variety of clothing from leather to cowboy hats and boots, even one in a pink tutu topped by a jarring yellow tank top. Matt's eyes flew to Sin but Sin's attention was riveted on a man approaching them. Stan and Kim pushed passed them on into the room, going in to chat among the other guests, ignoring the man bearing down on Sin and Matt but Sin held his ground.

"Not a word Matt," Sin muttered in a dangerous undertone. "No matter what he does don't you dare make a sound."

Matt swallowed loudly and turned to look at the man bearing down on them again. He was dressed entirely in black leather, skin tight to outline his very muscular body and covered in chunky silver metal buckles. His pants were the chap sort, much like Stan wore, leaving his ass and cock bare and his head was covered in a tight fitting bondage mask that left only his eyes and mouth visible. On his feet he wore huge clunky platform boots that also sported metal buckles. Even the guy's hands were encased in leather and one hand clutched a whip, the other hand was wrapped in the hair of the ugliest, scrawniest, naked kid that Matt had ever seen and was practically dragging him across the room. Matt's eyes rose to the only splash of color on the man's outfit. Large letters in scarlet spelled the word "Razor" across the man's chest, the word painted to appear as if the letters each dripped blood down his torso. He wore an exact replica of Sin's armband with its grinning skull and crossbones.

Matt's eyes slipped back down to the kid in the man's grasp and noticed the kid was covered in bandage patches that Trev must have applied on their arrival. As they neared Matt realized the kid was older than he had first thought, probably somewhere in his early to mid twenties, he was just small and thin beyond healthy. His hair was dingy red and stuck up in wild tufts all over his head. His mouth was too big and his teeth were widely gapped, his eyes too close together and his skin was absolutely white, liberally speckled with pale and sickly looking freckles. There were scars everywhere, some looked liked healed razor cut lines in strange patterns, others looked like healed burns caused by a cigarette. The kid's eyes were a wild amber color, shifty, with insanity lurking like an imp in their depths. Matt swallowed, looked away and shifted uneasily.

Razor came to stand right in front of him, too close for Matt's comfort. The man pushed the kid to the floor with the growled words, "down Froggie!" and without even looking down placed a heavy chunky boot on the kid's back.

"Well, well," Razor growled into Matt's face, totally ignoring Sin. "Kind of big for a slave aren't you?"

Matt remembered Sin's warning and said not a word. Razor reached out a gloved hand and ran it down Matt's chest, slipped it down to Matt's cock and stroked it. Matt's eyes widened in alarm, waiting for Sin to react.

"Very prettily painted too," Razor growled as his eyes took in Matt's greenish bruised face and his hand slipped back up from Matt's cock to press Matt's newly bruised ribs. It hurt but Matt kept his face passive and didn't shift away. The man's eyes drilled into his, startlingly green and crueler even than Sin's. Matt fought the urge to swallow or look away. Razor pushed him back a step and put his hands on Matt to turn him around. Matt shot a look to Sin and Sin gave him a firm nod so Matt turned his back as Razor wanted.

"Oh, very prettily painted indeed," Razor growled behind him lustfully his leathered hands smoothed down the entire length of Matt's back as if the sight of it had just turned him on, raging hot. Matt suddenly feared the man might push him forward and fuck him but hoped like hell Sin wouldn't allow that. After a moment though the man turned Matt back around. Matt noticed that he did indeed have an impressive hard on now. Razor stared into his eyes a moment more and then turned as if only just now noticing Sin, as if Sin hadn't been worth his notice until that moment. Matt finally allowed himself to swallow loudly when he saw the absolute rage in Sin's eyes but Sin was standing quietly, slouched arrogantly as if he really didn't give a fuck.

"So, finally found a toy you liked enough to collar eh Sin?" Razor said, stepping over in front of Sin. "I might decide to take it from you." The kid on the floor squirmed closer to Razor after the boot was lifted from his back, still prone on the floor but making sure that the leash Razor had looped around his wrist was not pulled tight from the distant between.

Matt watched them, his body tensing. He didn't know where this would go but he could feel that if Sin and Razor decided to go at it that there would be blood spilt and a lot of it. In his boots Razor stood eye to eye with Sin. Out of them he probably would have stood eye to eye with Matt instead but at the moment his gaze was locked to Sin's in a silent struggle for dominance.

Sin smiled, his evil wolf's grin that always set Matt's heart to racing. "What would you want my pet for Razor? Getting tired of Froggie there?"

"Froggie knows who his God is and will have no other. What about yours? Is he just a lapdog with affection for you or have you brought him to worship you yet? Something tells me he's just a powder puff fuck."

Razor's foot went down on the kid's back again, harder this time and Matt could hear the kid struggle now to draw in each breath. The kid writhed but was still grinning like a maniac. The kid twisted his head to look up at Matt. He brought a hand up to his throat and fingered the six rings there then cast his glance at Matt's collar and cackled insultingly. Matt felt the color of shame in his face again and wanted to stomp on the kid's face but turned his attention back to Sin and Razor. Razor was leaning in close to Sin now, his face bare inches from Sin's. Sin didn't move away. Their eyes were locked and Matt suddenly became aware of a strong, dangerous spark between the two men, half raging hate, half raging lust. Matt wondered if Sin and Razor had ever gone at it together and if so, which one had come out the most seriously injured. Matt did not at all like that dank aura of lust between Sin and Razor. He wanted to reach out and push the two men apart but they were still locked together in silence, blue steel eyes glaring into jade ice eyes. Matt became aware that room had basically fallen into silence, nearly all eyes turned to the tableau in the doorway.

Razor suddenly smiled. "Don't drop your leash tonight Sin. I like the look of your toy. If I get my hands on him I'll fuck him raw and make him forget all about you."

"You don't have the stamina Razor," Sin said, that wolf's smile twisting in pure mockery. "We both know that. Your little trigger is just too tender."

Razor's mouth twisted into a hateful grimace and Matt thought he might swing on Sin but instead he snarled like a dog, reached down and hefted Froggie up by his hair and drug him away, the kid pin wheeling his arms to keep from stumbling from the forced forward motion of being dragged.

"Not a word Matt," Sin growled very quietly when he saw all the questions swirling in Matt's eyes. "Don't worry, I have other plans for you here tonight. Razor won't bother you as long as you are careful of your leash. Don't let it get pulled out of my hand or get drawn tight enough between us that he could snatch it loose from me. Razor truly loves to inflict pain and he has set his eye on you, and not this time just because he knows it would get to me so be really careful, okay? His pet, that kid called Froggie, he's bloody insane, deep in his madness, and he truly sees Razor as his god. He might try to get a hold of your leash too for his master's sake so be on your guard okay?"

Matt nodded vigorously. Around them the room had gone back to an amiable buzz, the interesting spectacle at the door now over.

"Come on kid, we have a stop to make before we join the fun," Sin grinned suddenly, his mood lighter, and led Matt through the room, stepping over the legs of men fucking in the floor. They left the main room and traveled down the hall to a door marked "The Shop". Sin pushed inside and Matt was relieved to see it was indeed a small store with leather clothing, straps, whips, chains, sex toys and other various items lining the walls and shelves. Sin turned to Matt.

"Take off your collar," he said to Matt as he approached the pretty blonde man behind a cash register.

Matt wanted to say, "No fucking way!" After all, Sin had only just warned him that it could be dangerous to break the bond of the leash between them now. He stood a moment, terrified. Sin's head swung around and his eyes flared hotly. The blond behind the counter was looking at Matt like he was a spoiled and sulky child so Matt quickly reached up and unbuckled his collar before Sin had to tell him to do it again. With a sudden sick drop in his stomach Matt handed the collar over to Sin, his hands aching to snatch it back. Sin gave him an approving nod and handed the collar over the cashier.

"Add a ring to it for me, Lyle. My pet was a very good boy tonight. And burn my initials into that leash for me too if you will."

Lyle winked and brought out a bin of metal rings from under the counter. Sin sorted through them with an elegant finger and hooked out a silver one. Lyle took the collar and ring to a work table and added the ring to the collar, weaving and stitching a new thin leather strap across its edge to hold it securely in place. Sin signed a bill that the man slid across the counter with the collar and leash when he was finished with them. Sin turned to Matt with the collar in his hands. Without even thinking Matt went down onto his knees and tilted his head back, his whole body quivering with the need for Sin to replace the collar. Sin smiled approvingly and bent to buckle the collar back into place snuggly and kissed Matt long on the mouth before snapping the leash back in place and tugging him back up to his feet and leading him back out of the shop. Matt was fingering the new ring, his whole body tingling happily. Why such a small little loop of metal could make him feel like he'd just snorted a line Matt didn't know and didn't care but he just couldn't seem to stop touching it. In the hallway Sin pulled Matt in close by the leash, wrapping it around his fist and pushing Matt against the wall, his body leather cold and long against Matt's nude flesh.

"You earned that ring tonight Matt. I don't want you hitting Debroy again but it's good to know you've got my back. And when you offered yourself, just blatantly asked for it just to calm me down, that meant a lot to me. You've earned your new ring. Don't let the others make you feel bad because you don't have as many as they do yet. Just keep being who you are and you'll earn more, with time. We're going back out to the lounge Matt. You will do whatever I want you to do, understand? Don't balk, just enjoy it. You know I wouldn't let anyone touch you without my permission so you will accept it whatever anyone does to you unless I say otherwise, understand? Don't worry, you'll love the hell out of it and if you don't I won't make you come here again."

Matt nodded unsurely. He wasn't sure where Sin was going with this and he really didn't want to fuck anyone but Sin but if Sin wanted to see him get fucked by someone else, well, what could Matt say? He wore Sin's collar and by now he come to terms with all that entailed. Maybe he didn't see Sin as a god as Froggie did with Razor but he damn sure had long since come to understand that Sin was his master. Everything he was now, all he had become, had been shaped in Sin's hands and Matt liked it, it felt right, like he was finally coming to terms after years of boredom and mediocrity that the only real deep thrills in life would come from one place, Sin. As if seeing the depths of Matt's thoughts Sin leaned in and kissed him harshly, his fingers digging into the back of Matt's neck and his tongue plunging demandingly, deeply, into Matt's mouth. Matt moaned and pressed his cock against the front of Sin's leather pants, feeling the hard shaft hidden there behind the leather. Matt wanted Sin to turn him around and fuck him but instead Sin broke away, gave Matt's leash a hard tug and led him back toward the main lounge.

Stan and Kim waved to them from a long black couch as Sin led Matt back into the main lounge. Sin went to meet them, smiling. Matt felt his heart lurch to a sudden stop when Sin casually handed the end of Matt's leash over into Stan's big hand. Stan stood with a huge grin and Sin turned to sit in the spot Stan had vacated, slipping Kim's leash over his own wrist when Stan traded it off. Kim snuggled into Sin's side happily enough but Matt stood feeling bereft and abandoned looking down at the two of them.

"Looks like you've been a good boy," Stan said, caressing Matt's collar and its new ring with a beefy finger. "Let's see just how good you are." Stan's large hairy arm came around Matt's shoulder and turned him, his head lowered to kiss Matt softly, a big hand coming up to gently tilt Matt's head back. Matt complied because Sin had told him to but he kissed Stan back tentatively. Stan's breath was sweet with the flavor of wine and his scent was not unpleasant, musky and spiced with cologne. Matt didn't find him distasteful, he just would rather be Sin's embrace. When Stan lifted his head Matt caught a glimpse of Razor across the room watching with predatory interest. Stan's huge hot hands had dropped down to Matt's ass and he was squeezing and pinching happily.

"Goddamn but this is sweet hunk of meat, Sin!" Stan groaned, his cock growing harder and harder, larger and larger, against Matt's stomach.

Sin turned and fished in a bowl on a small table beside the couch and tossed a packet up to Stan. Stan frowned down at the condom packet in his hand.

"Man, you gonna make me use the thickest coat in the closet?" Stan complained about the extra strength latex.

"It's that or nothing, big guy," Sin laughed up at him as he fished around again and tossed a condom to Matt. "Put it on kid."

Matt glanced down unhappily at his own wilting dick. Sin laughed, stood and dropped his pants, freeing his marble hard cock, then reached out, grasped Matt's neck and leaned in and bit him hard on the side of the neck, his hand hard on Matt's cock. Matt's dick began to grow quickly. Matt tilted his head back, groaning and arching into Sin, begging him, wanting him and only him. Sin didn't relent on him until Matt's cock was standing proud and hard as a rock, feeling Matt plead with his body. Sin dragged Matt forward as he sat again, pushing Matt's face into his lap with a strong hand. Matt was forced to go down on his knees or fall flat.

"Rules are rules Sin," Stan growled behind them and Sin sighed, sifted through the bowl again and tossed a condom down into his own lap. Matt realized it was up to him to apply it. He tore it open with his teeth and rolled it down the long, lovely length of Sin's cock then applied one to himself before Sin's hand wrapped in his hair and forced his head down again. Matt took Sin's cock deep in his mouth and found the condom to be cherry flavored. Behind him Stan had his hands all over Matt's ass again. When Stan entered him from behind Matt nearly bite down before he control himself. Stan's cock was huge! Matt whimpered and writhed over Sin's cock but Sin's hand was still cruelly wrapped in his hair, forcing him down. Stan started to move, slowly at first and Matt dug his fingers into Sin's thigh.

"Kim, slide your limber little ass under Matt and give him some head, eh?" Sin said to the little Asian and kissed him before letting him slide away. Kim slipped between Stan's massive feet and up under Matt. Used to Stan's monster cock Kim had no trouble at all taking all of Matt in his mouth. Matt groaned over Sin's cock, his ass feeling stretched and full beyond belief, Kim sucking like a little demon below him. Matt had never felt so many sensations all at once in his life, on the edge of madness, well beyond the torn wall of inhibition now.

A movement of Sin's arm above him caught Matt's attention. Sin had lifted an elegant hand and was beckoning to someone Matt couldn't see with two arrogantly crocked fingers, the gesture made with such eloquent arrogance that Matt felt a sudden strangling surge of jealously. Sin's other hand was still in his hair though and Matt couldn't turn his head to see who it was. He soon figured it out. Out of the corner of his eye he could see the approach of Razor's buckle spangled leather chaps. Razor stepped up onto the couch, planting one massive heavy boot on either side of Sin's thighs, Matt's head between them. Matt could feel the shift in Sin's body, the muscles going taunt and rigid but his posture was still one of lazy enjoyment. Sin had released Matt's hair and was once again fishing in the bowl. Matt swallowed a croak of protest when he realized that Sin was intending to suck Razor's cock.

Stan began to chuckle, a sound both lustful and amused. Matt could feel the vibrations of his mirth deep in his ass as Stan bent his knees and pushed in even further. Matt's breath caught, his balls drawing up but he couldn't cum, not yet, he was too distracted by Razor looming over him and Sin, and by the way Razor had stared to growl as Sin sucked him. Sin's thighs started to tremble, fighting the urge to let go and plunge deep into Matt's throat and cum. Matt knew Sin was aching for release but he suspected Sin didn't want to yet so he slowed his sucking, going easier but one of Sin's hands dropped again momentarily to dig into the back of Matt's neck, a threatening gesture, warning him to keep going. Matt redoubled his efforts over Sin's cock. He figured Sin would have a slow trigger anyway, he'd already come twice that day and the last time hadn't been that long ago at Andy's house.

Stan started to fuck Matt in earnest, grunting like a bear, his monster cock pounding into Matt like he wanted to get in far enough to fuck his heart. Matt felt the sweat break out all over his body. In his mind all he could envision was what it must look like as Sin sucked Razor's cock, Sin's head bent back, his braid long and trailing over the back of the couch, Sin's long supple throat corded and working. The more Matt thought of it the more he sweated and moaned. He was on the edge of cumming but just couldn't seem to let it go. Suddenly though Razor groaned and his feet shifted, going up on his toes as his body hunched around Sin's head. Razor roared out his release raggedly but the sound was full of rage, disappointment and defeat, and then he was stepping back, one of his booted feet scrapping the back of Matt's head as he dismounted from the couch. Matt was aware of one of Sin's long hands going up to wipe the saliva from the corners of his mouth. Razor strode away cursing like a madman and suddenly the entire room was echoing with Sin's laughter, loud and mockingly cruel, utterly triumphant. The sound was intoxicating, a man reveling in pure victory, and it seemed to have the same effect on half the men there. The room filled with groans, the sounds of men shooting their loads unexpectedly early, Matt's and Stan's mingling with them as they both came explosively, driven over the final edge by the demonic lustful glee of Sin's laughter. Matt could feel the swell of Stan's cock in his ass, stretching him even more and Matt's hips bore down into Kim's sweet mouth as he convulsed and pulsed. Gasping Matt felt utterly drained, his ass feeling empty and abused when Stan pulled out but Sin's hands were both in Matt's hair again and now his hips were lifting, begging Matt for more and Matt complied even as he ached for air. Above him Sin was still bellowing with laughter but finally, finally he came and Matt was allowed to lift his head. Behind him Stan grabbed Kim by the ankles and dragged him out from between Matt's legs, throwing the little Asian over his shoulder and spanking his ass as he strode away laughing. Matt rested his forehead against the leather sofa between Sin's legs, slumping on the floor, utterly undone. Suddenly he realized that part of his leash was dangling before his eyes and jerked his head up, searching for the end of it. With a relief he saw it was clutched in Sin's fist, Sin still laughing, guffawing like an executioner who absolutely loved his job.

Sin reached down and grabbed Matt's arm, pulling him up onto the couch beside him and tucking him in under an arm. With his free hand Sin slipped off his condom and Matt's and dumped them into a wastebasket below the table. He struggled to get his leather pants back up over his hips one handed and zipped them but didn't bother with the button.

"Watch," Sin said to Matt, still chuckling. "This will be funny as hell. Razor should know by now that I always win the bet."

Matt turned to follow the direction of Sin's nod. Razor was glaring at them with pure hatred but he turned and leaned down to whisper to Froggie. Froggie's face lit up with maniacal delight. With a longsuffering sounding sigh Razor dropped to all fours. Froggie began to hop around Razor cackling. Someone grabbed the kid long enough to force a condom into his hand. Froggie had a hard time getting it on because his hands shook like a junkie. Once he got it rolled on he beat his narrow chest with his fists and howled like a dog before running over to plunge his cock into Razor's ass. The kid fucked like a jumping bean, thrust, hop, thrust, thrust, hop and all while squealing like a stuck pig. The entire room had paused to watch the show and laughter was erupting all around. Razor had dropped his head but Matt could see the outline of the man's jaw under the leather of his mask and it was clenched hard enough to bite through nails. He was sure the kid would be in for a hell of a beating, or whatever sort of torture Razor used on him, later, but for now Razor just took it stoically, his cock swinging limp and uninterested below until Froggie let loose with a scream, bent over his master's back and seemed to have a full body convulsion. Finished at last he simply fell backwards onto the floor, spread eagle and grinning like a death's head. Razor climbed to his feet, shot Sin another murderous glance and planted a boot in the kid's ribs. Froggie's body jerked but he reacted in no other way, seeming to be in some sort of ecstatic trance. Finally Razor stooped, yanked the kid up over his shoulders and carried him off deeper into the house. Sin laughed his ass off from beginning to end.

"That, my pet, is what happens to idiots that try to outdo me. They always lose."

Matt cocked an eyebrow, dying to ask questions but Sin had laid his head back on the sofa and sighed deeply, a small wicked smile still playing across is lips. Matt watched as Sin's eyes slowly slipped closed and his breathing leveled off. Exhaustion had caught up with him and he slept. Matt gently brushed his knuckles across Sin's cheek. Careful not to wake him Matt tied the end of his leash tightly around Sin's wrist. He wanted to take no chances that the leash would slip from Sin's grasp while he slept. Satisfied that the leash was secure Matt eased back against Sin's side and looked around groggily.

There were more men in the room now who had come in unnoticed by Matt while he had been busy getting fucked and sucked. Those who held leashes all wore some sort of clothing, even if it was only a crisscrossing of leather straps, and all wore at least one armband, though a very few sported two, one on each arm. There were several armbands decorated with a red heart or a broken blue heart, some with the grizzly bear like Stan's. There were some with stars or moons, one with a dog, and several that sported a clenched fist. Matt only spotted one other like Sin's and Razor's with the skull and crossbones. It was worn by a short but hard-bodied man with spiked black dyed hair, a black goatee and a profusion of tattoos and body piercings. He had harsh black eyes that glared out over the room arrogantly, seeming to search for something. His eyes met Matt's for a moment but then dropped down to the collar around Matt's throat and dismissed him, uninterested. Matt spied Stan and Kim across the room and watched amused as Stan hefted Kim high against a wall, Stan's thick arms having no trouble at all holding the little man there. Kim hooked his small neat legs over Stan's massive shoulders and leaned into the wall while Stan gave him energetic head.

"Oh Big Daddy!" Kim started moaning, over and over and Matt chuckled.

"So, someone finally caught the infamous Sin huh?" Asked a soft voice by Matt's shoulder and he turned to see a pretty petite blonde man standing naked nearby. The man eased down on the couch near Matt, taking care not to jostle them and wake Sin. "I'm Paul," the man said offering a hand.

"Matt," Matt answered simply shaking the offered hand. He noticed that though Paul was naked and without armband he was also without collar. Matt wondered what that meant.

"I thought I wanted him for myself once but after seeing you, with those bruises, well, I'm glad he wasn't interested after all. You're big enough to take it I guess though. Not many of our kind come in your size and when they do they usually go rogue eventually."

Paul said, his eyes sweeping over Matt's body.

"What do you mean? Go rogue?"

"They decide they don't want to be a slave anymore, they want to be a master."

Matt shrugged.

"They say Joshie went rogue last week and beat the hell out of his master. He hasn't been seen here since but I keep hoping he'll come back, win his rights as a Master and pick me. Of course there's a long line hoping the same thing. It sucks to be a creeper."

"A creeper?"

"Yeah, that's what I am right now, a damn creeper." Paul reached up and touched his bare throat. "My master decided he wanted a newer model and took my collar away. He's with some little punk ass piece of shit now and won't even acknowledge my presence when he sees me. Just dumped me, just like that."

"Why do they call you a creeper though?"

Paul dropped his hand from his throat and his mouth twisted sourly. "Because I creep around the club hoping to find a new master. There're several of us here. It's a lot easier for us to get in than for a new master to. All we have to do is be willing to watch everyone else while we get left out in the cold until someone new claims us. They have to pass a rumble to get status enough to come here as a master and it isn't easy to do. They figure they don't want no pussies here holding leashes I guess and besides, it goes a long way to earning our respect for a new master when we see him win a rumble. If Joshie does show up he still might not make it and his days as a creeper are over, after that shit he pulled last time the only way he can get back in the club is if he wins a rumble."

"I'm sorry, I know I seem ignorant. It's my first time here. What is a rumble?"

Paul's eyes slanted enviously to Matt's collar and he sighed. "A rumble? Well, it's a big fight. They take the guy who is trying to earn status and put him in a white room..."

"Wait, I don't know what a white room is either."

"Well, it's just that, a big empty room tiled all in white. If there is going to be any kind of blood shed it has to be in a white room, that way they can make sure every spot and speck of blood is bleached up later. They are real careful here about things like that, covering open wounds, requiring condoms, all that." Matt nodded in understanding and Paul continued. "So a rumble is in a white room. They take the guy and put him there. All us creepers that are interested in him will line the walls, hoping if he wins he'll collar one of us. The masters line the walls too. Four creepers get to get into the ring at a time. All the guy has to do is fuck one, but...and this is the difficult part, he has to get past a pair of masters first. He has three tries to get passed two masters. If he fails those two go out and two more come in. He tries to get past that pair and so on until he fails or gets passed them and snatches a fuck. All the while the creepers are trying their best to get in close enough for the guy to get a fuck on them. A rumble can last a long time or mere minutes. If the guy is knocked out or loses his hard-on so that he can't fuck then they throw him out of the club and he has to wait a week before he can try again. Gunner over there is kind of a small guy so it took him three months to win his rights as a master," Paul nodded his head toward the man Matt had noticed earlier with the piercings and armband like Sin's. "He's really on the mean side though and not a lot of creepers want it as rough as he gives it. He's like Sin there, a beater. Being used is one thing, being half killed another. None of us want to end up like Froggie. Of course Froggie has always been insane anyway. You'd have to be to stay with Razor for years on end."

"So what's up with the armbands anyway? What do they mean?" Matt asked quietly.

"Oh, they just show what sort of guy the master is. Take Stan over there...he's a real teddy bear. Hung like a telephone pole and build like a wrestler but he'd never hurt anyone. Might cuddle you to death though. The red hearts are lovers, long termers. That's what most creepers want, someone who is looking to keep them forever. The broken hearts are, well, heartbreakers. They'll get tired of you quick and trade you off. The fist is pretty much self explanatory, they're into fisting. The skull and crossbones mean you are risking your life with one of them, they are the very violent types. They just might beat you to death on accident...or otherwise." Paul slanted his eyes at Sin and sighed regretfully. "I wish to hell that had been a red heart. I would have stalked him." Paul laughed at himself, shaking his head.

"What about that one over there with the dog on his arm band?" Matt asked nodding across the room.

"Looking for a dog fucker," Paul said casually.


"He likes to watch his slave get dog fucked."

"Literally? You mean literally fucked by a dog?"

Paul nodded. "To each their own. There is a kennel out back you know. The Collar Club caters to all sorts and man, I mean all sorts. Upstairs, well, whatever you could think of they are set up for it, either in a private room or with an audience."

Matt sat silently for a while, mulling it all over. So this is where Sin came for fun was it? Matt wondered how often Sin had spent his time here, how long ago he had won his rumble and how many rooms upstairs he had visited.

"Oh my god! There's Bernard!" Paul breathed suddenly and leapt up as a tall man entered the room, a red heart band on his arm and no slave on a leash. "His boy died in a car wreck five months ago and we haven't seen him since. Looks like he's here to find a new one at last. Maybe it will be me!" Paul sauntered away, headed straight for Bernard. Matt noticed that several other uncollared creepers had noticed the man as well and they were all converging on him with open smiles. Matt shook his head wonderingly but inside he was rooting for Paul. With a content sigh Matt leaned his head against Sin's shoulder and let his eyes slide closed.

"Wake up boy!" a voice growled at him and Matt's eyes flew open. Stan's big face loomed right in front of him. "If Sin knew you had fallen asleep like that he'd be pissed as hell."

"I wasn't asleep," Matt answered before he remembered that he wasn't even supposed to be talking at all without permission. He wondered if it had been okay for him to talk to Paul since Paul had spoken to him first but wasn't a master.

"Damn good thing then kid. Don't close your eyes like that. If Razor had caught you both asleep there's no telling what tricks he might have pulled on either of you, especially Sin. I wouldn't put it past that sick fuck to slit his throat. It's your job to guard his sleep, make sure no one fucks with him, understand?"

Matt nodded, swallowing. His eyes scanned the room and found that Razor was indeed watching them from a dark doorway, his green eyes sharp like a cat's in the shadows. Stan lowered his big form down beside Matt and tugged him away from Sin's sleeping side, tucking Matt firmly under his heavy arm and pulling him in close to bury his nose in Matt's hair, inhaling deeply. He sighed and leaned back, his big head turning to meet Razor's gaze and Razor turned away and stalked into the darkness of the hallway.

"See, he wants to test you, see how vulnerable you might be," Stan said, one of his hands dropping to Matt's naked thigh. "He and Sin are the worst of mortal enemies."

"So Sin sucks his dick," Matt muttered sulkily under his breath.

Stan laughed, a rumble that vibrated through Matt's own body where it was pressed against Stan's side.

"It ain't exactly how it seems, kid. See, there is some strange freaky competition going on between those two. Oh yeah, they turn each other on, and they both want to hurt the other real bad, prove who is really top dog around here, at least in the skulls, but so far its only gone as far as this insane bet. Shit, when Razor laid eyes on those bruises of yours he was so jealous I thought he'd start wailing on poor Froggie right then and there and see if he could match em." Stan's laughter rumbled through Matt again.

"What is the bet between Sin and Razor anyway?" Matt asked quietly.

"Every so often they get together for some type of fuck, rarely one on one, usually it's a group thing like tonight. Whoever can't keep control and cums first loses. It's about control with those two. Sin's got talent in everything he does and if he sets out to make you cum then you're gonna lose it like a little nympho bitch, no matter how hard you try to picture naked grannies in your head. The stakes are this, if Razor loses, which so far he always does, then Sin gets to watch Froggie fuck him in the lounge. Sin gets a kick out of it. You saw how crazy Froggie is and it humiliates Razor when he loses."

Matt nodded, wondering just how many times Razor had lost. Of course tonight Razor hadn't had a chance anyway. He'd had no way of knowing that Matt had been keeping Sin happy all day long.

"What happens if Sin ever loses?" Matt asked quietly.

"Then Razor gets Sin for a slave for one hour, in a white room," Stan said darkly, the disapproval clear in his voice. Matt shivered and cast a glance over at Sin only to find Sin watching him through slitted eyes with such menace that Matt actually pressed further into Stan's side. Stan glanced over, saw that Sin was awake and wrapped his arm more firmly around Matt's shoulder.

"No need to beat the boy Sin, I told him he could talk," Stan said in Matt's defense. Sin snorted and shifted into a more comfortable position.

"Don't go getting attached to my property Stan. You seem awfully cuddly over there," Sin growled.

"I don't know why you have to be so rough on your boys. Don't you know one this pretty and with such a fucking fine ass is damn rare? You keep it up and he'll turn rogue on you, ruin a perfectly good slave boy. He's damn big to put up with your abuse for long. You know the big ones always finally figure out they can whip your ass in the end or at least die trying."

"You don't know Matt like I know Matt. He won't go rogue." This time it was Stan who snorted.

"Where the hell is your Kim? I hope you haven't left him laying around loose with Razor on the prowl."

Stan shook his head. "I loaned him out to Cooper."

Sin also shook his head. "And you have the balls to jump on me about how I treat Matt."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean? I never hurt that boy and Cooper is like me, he wouldn't hurt him either."

"Oh, so you don't slap him around, instead you just play with his heart then pass him around like a little whore, like you don't give a shit in the least. You know Kim loves you but you act like his feelings are cute, nothing serious. You need to start worrying about your own slave slipping away before you start lecturing about mine going rogue."

Stan's face blanched. "You don't think Kim thinks that way do you? Not really? Kim knows I love him."

Sin gave Stan a steady look and Stan suddenly pushed Matt away and stood. "I gotta go find my kid," Stan mumbled and nearly dashed away.

"He ain't real bright," Sin said chuckling.

Matt scowled over at him. "How was you sharing me around to Stan any different?" Matt demanded, forgetting himself and the rules Sin had set for him. Sin backhanded him across the face hard enough to send Matt sprawling off into the floor. Sin placed a smooth bare foot on Matt's windpipe and leaned forward on it. Matt's hands wrapped around Sin's ankle but Sin didn't relent. Several men turned to look at him, some leering, some with pity.

"I warned you about giving me lip here Matt," Sin growled. He held his foot there until Matt began to turn a lovely shad of fuchsia in the face before removing his foot. Sin stretched languidly, ignoring Matt's gasps for breath, then lurched to his feet. He hooked his hand into Matt collar and dragged him up off the floor to his feet. "I'm tired, we have a very long day tomorrow and I want a shower. Let's go home."

As Sin led Matt toward the door Razor stepped in front of them, very close and eye to eye with Sin. Sin smiled and cocked his head arrogantly. Razor hooked a hand roughly around the back of Sin's neck and pulled him in to kiss him deeply. Sin's hand dropped to Razor's lower back and jerked his body closer, his other hand going up to the back of Razor's leather clad head. Matt shifted foot to foot as he watched them kiss violently, tongues delving and exploring. Razor broke away and slipped both hands under the shoulders of Sin's vest and slipped it down over his arms before leaning in to bite Sin hard on his chest, right over his heart, the teeth marks deep and vivid and his flesh. Sin tilted his head back as Razor moved back up to nibble Sin's neck.

"Next time, asshole, next time. I'll have you yet, one of these days, and when I do you'll beg me for a collar of your own."

Sin smiled his wolf's grin, his eyes locked once more with Razor's green glass gaze.

"Your fantasies are vivid my friend but as badly as you want it you'll never have it."

Razor's teeth flashed behind his mask in a dangerous grimace. "I always get what I want, eventually." His eyes slanted over to Matt. "I might take that one too. He bruises so prettily."

Sin's playful banter dropped away with a growl. "That one is mine and mine alone. Touch him and I'll kill you."

Razor turned his head slowly back to face Sin. "We'll see. Pay attention Sin, your pet has been watching me all night. If you aren't careful he may just come to me on his own, a willing dog so to speak."

Sin's hand shot out and wrapped into Matt's hair, pushing his head down with force enough to send Matt stumbling to his knees. Matt curled his head to his knees for protection from whatever punishment Sin would inflict. Sin put a foot on his back, holding him there.

"Matt, tell Razor who your master is."

"Sin is my Lord, my Master," Matt gasped out in his cramped position.

"You see, he knows his place."

"He might be yours now but not for long. If I can't have you Sin then I think I could just settle for him. He'll need a new name of course. You are too soft on your pets."

Sin grinned again and used the leash to haul Matt back up to his feet. "Matt loves his Daddy, don't you Matt?"

"Yes Daddy," Matt mumbled, feeling foolish and uncomfortable. "I love you."

Razor patted Matt's cheek, the leather of his glove cool. "Aw, how sweet. When you are mine you will know me only as `God'."

Matt didn't have a chance to answer as Sin growled, pushed passed Razor and dragged Matt roughly through the house by his leash and out into the locker room. They dressed in silence. Sin mounted the bike ahead of Matt and tore out of the lot with a practiced ease, unhindered by the gravel. Matt had mixed feelings about the evening. He had enjoyed the fucking much more than he ever would have thought he could but he was more than happy to be alone once more with Sin, even if Sin was pissed. It was just the way things were supposed to be.