Indulgence ©2007

By Jack Llawayllynn

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Chapter 25: Catch & Release

Matt sensed the nervous energy pouring from Andy as Trev gave them the final go-ahead to enter the club. Trev had been stunned beyond words to have Matt show up again so soon, and with a slave in tow to boot. Trev had gaped up at Andy, half a head taller than Matt and muttered, "He'll go rogue faster than you did." Matt was glad that Andy hadn't heard the comment. Matt didn't care if Andy ever went rogue or not. Tonight he was here for some fun. Trev had Matt fill out several forms, required to be on file for all Masters, took Matt's money to pay Andy's slave dues, and set Andy to signing forms as well.

"What's this?" Matt asked, indicating a line on a form he didn't understand. "I've already put my name down three times!"

"That's for your Club name," Trev said, leaning over the counter to peer at it. "You can continue to go by Matt if you like but a lot of the men here prefer to go by something different, such as Razor." Trev gave Matt a meaningful glare.

"Ah well then," Matt said smiling and boldly wrote "the Highwayman" on the line.

Matt had insisted that they stop by his place for a change of clothes before heading out to the Club. Since Andy owned his own helmet from a past before he had totaled his own motorcycle Matt had decided to take the bike. He had left Andy down on the street with the machine while Matt dashed inside to change. He tried not to let the avalanche of memories plow him under. The whole apartment was nothing but a reminder of Sin. Matt took a moment to check on the squid. Apparently Kim had done a fine job of caring for it in Matt's absence because it appeared healthy and animated, waving its long arms as Matt strode on past it. He dug through the closet quickly. He knew exactly what he wanted. Sin's highwayman jacket.

Now, here in the Club locker room Matt pulled the jacket on, with nothing underneath except for a pair of soft leather boots. He pulled a bandana up over his mouth and nose, tugged Sin's black leather hat down lower over his eyes and gave a gentle tug to Andy's collar. Andy shifted foot to foot, naked and nervous.

"Don't worry Andy. You'll have fun. I intend to pass you along to all my friends for a good fuck."

"Pass me around?" Andy asked, a stupid look crossing his face. Matt despised that look that came when Andy was confused.

"Stop it Andy. You know you like being fucked by men. You know you want some variety. Just enjoy it. But don't forget yourself. Obey me, obey those I pass your leash to and you'll have a blast. Don't worry, I won't give you over to any of the Skulls," Matt sighed and tugged Andy through the doors into the lounge, following Trev's small form. As usual Trev announced the arrivals as they entered.

"Hail the Highwayman," Trev pronounced loudly and the room replied with their muted, "Hail Highwayman!" Very few looked up to see the new arrivals. Most didn't care about who came in, they were already busy with their own entertainments but there were those who recognized that this was a new name and turned Matt's way with interest. Razor was among those who showed a strong interest.

"That man coming toward us is a Skull, Andy. Don't let him get a hold on your leash tonight. You would not enjoy four hours in his company. Not in the least. Keep your mouth shut and we're good." Matt said quietly as Razor and Froggie approached.

"Well, well" Razor said, drawing the words out. "What have we here?" He circled around Matt and Andy, taking their measure. "You wear a Skull band but your boy, or should I say your giant, wears no pretty marks at all. None."

"He's new and not broken in. Besides, he's a temporary plaything." Matt had been keeping his head tilted low, letting the hat's brim shade his eyes. Razor had not recognized him yet.

Razor continued to examine Andy curiously. He had no interest in Matt, not at the moment at any rate. Matt though was watching Razor very carefully. He was still angry that his leash had been passed to the man against Matt's own will. Suddenly Matt realized how careless Razor was being with Froggie's leash, it simply dangled, nearly forgotten, from his fingertips. Matt simply reached out and snagged it while both Razor and Froggie were absorbed in staring at Andy's finely shaped body. Razor wheeled back in shock and horror, looking down mortified at his empty gloved hand.

"Looks like I have another new toy for the night," Matt said, wrapping Froggie's leash tightly in his fist. Froggie cowered down at Matt's feet and covered his head with his arms. He knew he was as much at fault for his leash being stolen as Razor had been and that Razor would punish him very severely when the four hours were up. Matt lifted his head, meeting Razor's stunned gaze head on. Razor's eyes widened then narrowed and he reached out and jerked the bandana down from Matt's face, leaving it to hang western style around his neck, still covering Sin's collar that still encircled Matt's throat.

"Fuck!" Razor spat, his hands curling up into claws. "Hand me that leash Matt," he growled.

Trev, who had been lingering curiously in the shadows, stepped forward. "Sorry Razor. Froggie belongs to the Highwayman for the allotted four hours. And you are charged the four thousand dollar fee for unmasking a master without asking along with four hours club duty. I will see you in my office at once." Trev took Razor's arm, not at all alarmed by the viscous violence that was humming through the man. Razor jerked his arm free but he followed Trev's small form, glancing back to glare daggers at Matt. Matt just shrugged and pulled his bandana back up over his face.

"What do want with that thing?" Andy grumbled, looking down in horror at Froggie's hideous form.

"I only want him because he was Razor's. I have a grudge with the man. Don't worry Andy, you aren't forgotten. Look around. You have a lot of admirers already."

More men had turned their attention to him now and several were approaching. When Matt spotted Cooper he called him by name.

"Cooper! I have a gift for you my friend," Matt said jovially. "This lovely slave is called Andy. You may play with him if you like." Matt lifted the hand holding Andy's leash and Cooper snatched it eagerly.

"No shit? Wow, thanks! He's beautiful!" Cooper's hands were already roving over Andy's body and Andy was casting Matt frightened glances.

"Don't worry Andy. Cooper is a nice guy. Gentle. Go with him and enjoy yourself. I have a new toy to play with." Matt gave Froggie's leash a jerk and the little man leapt to his feet.

"Hail the Highwayman!" Cooper said, respecting Matt's new title. "But what the fuck do you want with that nasty little thing?" Cooper nodded down at Froggie. " Especially when you came in with this beauty."

"That beauty," Matt said with a jerk of his head toward Andy, "doesn't like to be or need to be abused. I am a skull. I want to hurt something. Froggie can take it. Go on Cooper, enjoy. Andy has a fine tight hole and can suck dick like a dream. Go take him for a spin, huh? It's my thank you for being a chump in my rumble."

Cooper frowned. "Hey now, I didn't let you pass me on purpose."

Matt laughed and slapped him on his massive shoulder. "I know that and so does everyone else but I still made it passed you." Matt was chuckling and after a moment Cooper joined him "Well, if it means getting this kind of pretty reward then I won't let it shame me any more. Come along sweet pet," Cooper said, turning to Andy. "Let's see if what the Highwayman says is true about your pretty mouth." Cooper immediately swooped down for a deep and thorough kiss from his borrowed play toy and Andy's face lost its expression of alarm and fear to be replaced by one of intrigue as Cooper guided Andy's hand over his furry chest under his leather vest. .

"When you tire of Andy pass him on to someone else. Make sure he gets thoroughly fucked tonight. He needs it. No Skulls though. He is not to be tortured in any way. He needs a good time, not pain. I'll be freeing him soon most likely so let the slaveless Masters have a taste of him, will you?" Cooper nodded, his eyes lighting up as he looked Andy over again, as if he himself might be interested in keeping the leash. "Hey Cooper," Matt added curiously, "what exactly is club duty?"

"You should know, if you'd read your handbook properly," Cooper admonished with a slight scowl.

"Yeah, yeah, I keep meaning to go back over it," Matt agreed readily, admitting to his own flaw.

"You weren't given club duty for something were you Highwayman?"

Matt shook his head. "Just overheard someone speaking of it."

"Club duty is clean up. Emptying garbage, scrubbing toilets, bleaching out white rooms, it sucks to be penalized with club duty." Cooper explained but his attention was already drifting away from Matt, his eyes riveting once more to Andy's exposed body.

"Thanks Cooper," Matt said, smiling smugly. "Go have yourself some fun." Cooper was already turning from Matt, speaking lowly and softly into Andy's ear as he led him away.

Matt watched them go unmoved. He really had very little interest left in Andy. Andy had only been a distraction from Matt's burning desire to have Sin's bare skin beneath his hands once more, either to caress him or kill him Matt wasn't sure. All he knew was that he was miserable without Sin and the hurt Sin had thrown over him like a mantle couldn't be shaken off. Matt had been warring with himself whether to hunt Sin down right now or let him go entirely, despite his earlier decision to give it some time. Didn't they say that if you loved something you should set it free, that if it loved you it would return? But Sin didn't love Matt. That was all too obvious. If he had, he would not have passed his leash so cruelly. Anther saying entered Matt's memory..."if you love something set it free. If it doesn't return hunt it down and kill it."

"Froggie, come!" Matt said in a harsh voice. Froggie scrambled after him, silent and quaking. Matt visited the Shop and signed for a long, looped leather whip. He carried it in his left hand while he kept the right tightly fisted around Froggie's leash handle, heading for a white room. He could hear Froggie making small whimpering noises but ignored him. Matt's soul was cold and dark. He didn't give a damn about Froggie. He just wanted to take something from Razor. He wanted to hurt him.

Matt made good use of the whip. Froggie's pale flesh took marks well and even split with only a little extra force on the whip. Matt was careful not to cause true damage but a little blood was satisfying to look upon. Froggie took the flogging in near silence but his eyes began to gleam more and more, his small straight cock growing to stand up hard between his skinny legs. Matt ignored Froggie's growing desire. When Matt finally curled the whip up and slid it into a large pocket Froggie turned to him with mouth open, panting with pain and desire. He crawled to Matt, his small hands brushing apart the bottom of the coat, trying to get to Matt's cock, wanting to suck it. Matt kicked him away roughly. Froggie looked entirely swamped with confusion.

"Are you not even going to let him take pleasure from sucking you now, you worthless fuck?" came a gruff voice from the doorway. Matt turned to look at Razor who was lounging in the doorway as if he hadn't a care in the world but his eyes gave away the lie. They were burning in their depths and Matt could see that he craved to have Froggie back under his own control.

"No," Matt said coldly, tightening his hold on Froggie's leash, knowing that the kid would probably lunge for Razor in an attempt to rip the leash from Matt's hand. Froggie tried just that but was brought up short, strangling and grabbing at his collar as he was jerked back to lay in a heap at Matt's feet. "I have no interest in fucking your pet," Matt said blandly as if nothing had happened. "I just mean to keep him from you, for my four hours at least. In fact, I am done with him for the night and intend to hang his leash. Froggie, you are neither to speak to Razor nor to even lift your eyes to look at him again until you are released from me. And you most definitely must not masturbate. If you do you are breaking the command of your Master and will be considered Rogue." Matt kicked Froggie in the ribs when he whimpered at the instructions, not hard enough to break bones but hard enough to knock the wind from him and bruise him. Froggie's little dick still strained upward even as he began to sob.

"Why?" Razor demanded? "Why be so damn cruel? You know Froggie has needs like any man!"

"Then you should not have been so arrogantly careless Razor. You've lost him. Oh, it's only for four hours but I can stretch my four hours with him for days, a week even if I choose to do so. I've only used up about forty five minutes. I believe I will come here once a night for oh, say fifteen to twenty minutes a night at the most, four or five minutes at the least, until the time is over. And then, of course, you can have him back. If he'll have you. By then, he'll have lost all respect for you. Hell, the boy is so slack in the head he might even have forgotten all about you by then. Especially since he cannot speak to you or even look at you. How does it feel Razor? How does it feel to have something so precious to you ripped away? I've been told you have had Froggie for five years now. That you've borrowed or kept a stolen slave for no more than a night. They just don't really do it for you do they? You love your little Froggie. You have him trained just so. His loyalty to you is legend. And yet, you got careless anyway and now he's mine. Stay away from him Razor."

Razor ground his teeth so harshly that it was easily audible in the white tiled room. He glared pure hatred at Matt. Finally though he took a deep breath and spoke. "Okay, okay. Tell me what it is you want. Surely you want something, have done this for a reason. Is it money? You want me to pay you off to get him back? Or worse, want me to take his place for the four hours? Well, three hours and fifteen minutes now."

Matt threw back his head and laughed. When his mirth died he stepped over Froggie and motioned Razor to come closer. Razor strode arrogantly, obviously willing to take Froggie's place and be stoic about it. Matt pulled him in, his hands traveling over the leather of Razor's tight fitting suit. The muscles underneath were impressive. Matt pulled his head down for a kiss and fitted his mouth to Razor's, savoring, devouring, toying. Matt's hand found Razor's cock and stroked it, letting Razor lean into him. Then he stepped away so suddenly that Razor nearly fell forward.

"I don't want you Razor. I just want to hurt you. I can do that best by keeping Froggie from you. Maybe, eventually, you will come to know how deep the pain can go. I didn't lose Sin because of you but you were a part of his scheme, or rather, made yourself a part of it when you took my leash from Stan. You thought you could break me, eventually. I never would have broken for you Razor. But you, you will crumble before you get your beloved pet back. No slave here wants your attention and the few who are brave enough to try you never come back for more. Only Froggie is devoted to you. Truly and purely devoted to you, as I was to Sin. We had worked out all of our problems. We were building a life. You can't imagine what I am going through. But you will get a glimpse of it, soon. You may say farewell to your pet but he may not answer you. Good luck getting your Master status back." Matt laughed again as Razor stumbled back, his green eyes wide and defeated. He glanced down at Froggie's huddled form but Froggie was being obedient and did not look up at his former Master. Razor turned on his heel and strode away, his shoulders slumped.

Matt had Trev make Froggie presentable, bandage the few bloody spots on his back and returned to the lounge where he unhooked Froggie's leash, pocketed it and sent him to a room. So far he had used up only forty five minutes of his ownership time of Froggie. He didn't need to hear the whispers around him to know that Razor had already left the club for the night. Matt availed himself of a loose Creeper, a beautiful small black man who looked young upon first glance but with closer inspection appeared to be nearing his mid-thirties. Matt didn't take much time with him, simply satisfied his own lust and shoved the Creeper away before seating himself upon the long black sofa, watching Andy be passed around the room. Andy's fear had quickly turned to enthusiasm and he was most obviously lapping up all of the attention bestowed upon him like a lost dog suddenly found by an adoring master. Matt allowed it to go on for another hour before reclaiming Andy's leash and leading him out. Trev stopped Matt at the door, after he and Andy had both clothed themselves once more, Andy still grinning like a painted marionette.

"What do you intend to do with Froggie?" Trev demanded of Matt, his withered hand on Matt's sleeve.

"Leave him alone, for as long as I can."

"You can only stretch your four hours over a week's time, you realize that, right?" Trev asked darkly.

"Then I will stretch it for a week."

"You are a harsh man. Froggie is already suffering more than you can know. Razor found that boy on the streets and brought him here, fed him his first real meal in God only knows how long, treated him like a prized possession, something Froggie had never known before. Froggie is terribly devoted to him."

"Then Razor should have held his leash tighter," Matt countered coldly and jerked his arm free of Trevor's fingers. "I've paid my dues, won my status and followed the rules. This place is all about games. I choose to play a cruel one. Nothing in your bylaws prevents it, in fact, it is encouraged. Razor will cherish him even more when he is able to reclaim the leash, you know that."

"If the kid survives that long. I'm telling you Matt..." Trev shook his head and corrected himself, "I'm telling you Highwayman, the kid will refuse food, and maybe even water, until he is reunited with Razor. I'll not let you kill him."

"Don't be so damn melodramatic!" Matt snapped harshly. "Froggie knows that he will be returned to Razor."

"No, you honestly do not understand! Froggie has no concept of time, none at all. Every moment that he spends without his Master's leash will be a month for him. He isn't right in the head and you know it. That is why he is allowed to live here, in the cottage. Of course he'll have to be locked in a white room until this cruel game of yours is over. Froggie could very well try to take his own life."

"That's your problem Trev. I'll be back when I'm in the mood and not a moment sooner."

Trev produced a cell phone from his pocket.

"This is...was, Razor's." Trev pushed the phone towards Matt and Matt took it, eyeing it hesitatingly. "Anyone in possession of a slave who stays here, even just overnight, without his master must carry one...just in case."

"Just in case of what?" Matt asked coldly but took the phone.

"Anything goes wrong in any way. It is especially important with Froggie. This could land him in the hospital Matt. You should have thought this through better. I bet it wasn't part of your plan at all. You just acted on impulse, am I right?"

Matt nodded slowly, thoughtfully but a smile still twisted his mouth under his bandana, his eyes crinkling evilly at the corners.

"Well, guess what kid? Since you stole him he's yours. That means you are entirely responsible for him for the four hours. If you drag it out, which you say you intend to do, you are also responsible for any of the bills he incurs while under your leadership. Froggie is not cheap. He takes medications, tons of them, sees three different doctors on a monthly basis, all for his mental issues. Any and all of those that fall during the time you hold his leash are your responsibility. If he ends up in the mental ward, that bill is yours too. It was all in the paperwork you signed but I doubt you paid much attention to anything you read. Few newbies ever do and then they want to bitch about it when the bill comes due."

"I have money," Matt said through his teeth. "And I'll carry the damned phone. Will it only be you that will call me on it or does everyone here have this number?"

"I have it and of course Razor knows it but he wouldn't call you for a thousand dick licks. Damn, I have never seen such a mess in my life. I want to blame you for it all because I'm so fucking mad right now but I realize when I calm down some this is going to come down to Sin starting shit. Again. Damn him and you both!" Trev was still grumbling as he marched away.

Matt looked down at the phone in his hand for a long time. He hadn't been thinking when had stolen Froggie's leash. It had just been an opportunity taken. Froggie, he realized, was probably damn expensive. He should have thought to ask Trev if Froggie was on some kind of government insurance and got some sort of disability check. Surely he did. All they would have to do was look at the kid for five minutes before they realized he was mental through and through. Matt shrugged his big shoulders, suddenly not caring. He hadn't lied when he said he had money. If he ran out of McKenna's left-over cash he could always fall back on his credit cards. He had excellent credit and knew he could get a loan in a snap. No, right now money didn't matter. Revenge did though and it was rather sweet. Froggie was his. He'd stolen him in a blink of an eye. Razor must be pissing himself. Not only had he let a slave go rogue on him but he had had his own slave stolen by the same rogue, all in the same week. It was too funny! Matt shoved through the doors into the night outside chuckling, leading Andy with him. He could hear Trev cussing behind him until the doors crashed shut to silence the sounds of the club. He didn't speak to Andy, just shoved his helmet into his hands and removed the leash. Andy, for once showing wisdom, also kept his mouth shut though Matt wondered how much to actually attribute to wisdom and how much to attribute to satiated exhaustion.

Matt did not return to his own apartment that night. Instead he stayed at Andy's, taking the small room that he had shared with Sin on the night of the McKenna botch-up. He certainly could not think of the McKenna affair as a success, not when it had been the catalyst that had torn Sin from his side. Tomorrow night Chains had yet another gig to get through and Matt kept his mind occupied with going over the songs in his head until he fell asleep. He could not, however, prevent Sin from haunting his dreams.

* * * *

Matt had a bad feeling about the club as soon as he stepped foot in it. He didn't like the set up of the stage, of the bar area, of the dance floor. It all seemed too narrow, to dangerous, and Chains catered to a violent crowd. The sight of Silverman and Debroy lurking in the background was no boost to his confidence either. Where those two were there were also bound to be photographers. Sin, Matt knew, would be pissed about that.

The show started smoothly enough with Matt pouring out his pain and frustrations into the mike as if to purge himself of them. It was somewhere between the eighth and ninth song that Matt spotted Hugh Bigsly in the crowd, one of the band members of Der Munchies, glaring up at him in utter hatred. >From that moment on Matt kept a careful eye on the man while doing his damnedest to pretend that he hadn't noticed the man. He was the first though to see that Hugh had spotted Debroy in the back, smiling his idiot's smile with Simon on one side of him and a photographer snapping away on the other side. Matt was also the first to see a knife flash in Hugh Bigsly's hand as he started pushing his way through the crowd toward Debroy. Surely the man didn't really intend to use it? But could tell he did intend to use it. A movement to his right and the god awful sound of an electric guitar hitting the stage pulled Matt's attention to Andy. Andy had slung his instrument away and was already plunging into the crowd. So, Andy's sharp eyes had spotted the man as well. Matt followed him, elbowing people out of the way as he and Andy waded through the confused and hyped up audience. They reached Hugh just as the man began to scream into Debroy's face, the knife drawn up and back for a killing slash at the man's throat. Debroy was pissing himself. Matt and Andy together grabbed Hugh, one on each arm, literally lifting him away from Debroy even as the knife slashed down. The blade left an impressive gouge in Debroy's expensive suit, just between the shoulder and the collar. The photographer was happily snapping pictures as fast as he could. The room broke out into chaos.

Later Matt didn't remember much after pulling Hugh away from Debroy. It was all a jumble of people screaming, cheering, jeering, and still partying. Policemen had swarmed the building and it had eventually been emptied, Hugh hauled away in a police car, Debroy in an ambulance even though only his fancy jacket had been harmed. Silverman had left on his own, cursing and shaking his head. Somehow Andy and Matt had wound up in the bed together at Andy's house. Matt was fairly certain he had fucked the guitarist during the night but he couldn't recall any of the details, so he figured it had been nothing more than a release of tension for them both.

"Goddamn front page news," Andy hissed at Matt's side, standing beside the bed as he threw the morning paper into Matt's lap. Matt stared down at the photos before him. He and Andy looked impressive as they were frozen in time, hoisting Hugh Bigsly high, the knife catching sparks of light in Bigsly's hand, Debroy attempting to cower back, the dark stain of piss in the expensive beige suit pants showing up clearly, even in black and white. It didn't escape Matt's attention that both his and Andy's collars were exposed in the photo, the initials MDS and MSD clear on each. How many people would know what those collars meant? Matt wondered. Sin would, if he ever saw the photo, which of course he wouldn't. Matt had no doubt that Sin was no where in the city. Lower down on the page where two more photos, one of Sin performing on the stage, a close-up showing him looking raw and savage as he sang, and one beside it of Matt in a very similar pose, his face showing more pain than savagery. A blurb of comparison between the two had been written below it. Matt scanned the full article. None of it was news to him but he was dismayed to see that the collars worn by himself and Andy had in fact been noticed and speculated upon, the writer asking if perhaps they were trying to set a trend and asking, most mysteriously, what the initials could possible stand for. A separate article with its own photo of Debroy, accompanied with a debonair photo of the man standing beside Simon Debroy continued on to another page. Matt didn't bother to read it. His eyes skipped over to a photo of McKenna in an unrelated news story. For Matt the similarities between McKenna and Sin screamed up from the page. Matt hoped to hell he was the only who could see it. He flung the paper away and rose.

"Fuck!" was his only response to what he had seen as he stumbled his way into the bathroom. One part of the report though had come as good news to him. Almost half of the Chains concerts had been canceled for the next three weeks. He could quit driving himself so hard, concentrate on learning the Chains songs right and spend a little time on the internet to search for information on Sin's mother. He was tired of Sin not being here where he belonged. So what if Sin had thrown him away? Matt had more spirit than Sin ever dreamed. He had told Sin once that he would shadow him all his living days and that was exactly what Matt intended to do. He would drag the man back by his braid kicking and screaming if he had to. Fuck all this bullshit. Sin belonged to Matt as much as Matt had ever belonged to Sin and he was ready to go and bring him back, soon. The McKenna threat was over. There was no excuse in hell that Sin had for running now. Matt intended to become the hunter. Not yet though. He had some business to take care of first. Let Sin have his space...for now. When he left the bathroom Andy was lingering in the kitchen, hovering over the coffee maker silently. Matt walked up behind him silently and gently unbuckled Andy's collar.

"Sorry Andy, this really wasn't for you. You can still go to the club though. Just keep in mind that now you are a Creeper. Someone will want you. Refuse a collar from Razor though, he'll only kill you."

Andy's hand went to his bare throat and then he shrugged. "You never really wanted me anyway. Besides, I like Cooper better."

"Maybe Cooper will claim you for his own. I know he doesn't have a slave right now, he just borrows them when he wants one or snags a creeper for the night. I don't know why he doesn't keep his own slave but he seemed taken with you so I suppose you have a chance." Matt turned away and pocketed the still warm collar. "There is no doubt though that you won't have to wait very long for a master, there were many eyes on you. Good luck Andy."

Matt left the house, feeling free, feeling focused. He had a lot he needed to get done. For now though he was going home and back to his basics. He did his best research work for Silverman on the computer, was immensely skilled at it and he intended to fire his up and surf the net for the info he was seeking.


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