Indulgence ©

By Jack Llawayllynn

Chapter 8: Vengeful

Sin still felt like shit but he was at least able to make the stairs in his building now without feeling like he would choke to death on the way. He still got winded more easily than he was used to but he dealt with it. The only time it worried him was when he was walking a beam and was overcome with coughing. Lately he had actually started wearing his safely line. Now as he clocked out after a long day at the job site he was looking very much forward to a hot shower but dreading the long night ahead. He didn't sleep well at night, couldn't clear his mind of Matt, of images of Matt with Estaban. Every time he thought about it he seethed. Matt had been different. Matt had meant something to him. Why he wasn't sure. There was just something about being with Matt that made Sin feel like he was alive, not just living. He hadn't felt that way in a very long time and now it was over. Matt had betrayed him and Sin felt bitter, dry and stretched thin on the inside. True, there had never been anything spoken between them. Sin had never told Matt how he felt, couldn't tell him, didn't know how. Hell, how could he explain to the kid why he felt the way he did when Sin couldn't explain it to himself.

Joe came over and clasped a beefy hand on Sin's shoulder. "See ya tomorrow boss," he said jovially.

"Yep," Sin grunted. They walked out to the street together, Joe telling Sin all about some reality television show that he had gotten hooked on watching. Sin only half listened, nodding now and then.

"Holy shit, check out the rack on that lollipop!" Joe said, whistling under his breath. Sin looked up at the red-headed woman coming toward them and cringed.

"Oh fuck," Sin muttered as Trish looked up, saw him, the recognition clear in her eyes.

"You know that little piece of tail? Hell Mike, if she ain't yours you gotta introduce me," Joe said, keeping his voice low as Trish approached.

"She's not mine...yet," Sin said, a wicked thought taking hold.

"Well if you've got your sights on her then I'll keep my distance," Joe said, disappointed. "I'll see ya tomorrow boss."

"Sure thing." Sin waved a vague hand at Joe as he walked away then turned to greet Trish as she came to stand before him. "Hello Trish. So we meet again."

"Mike, right?" Trish asked, looking up into Sin's face as if suddenly realizing he was a good looking guy.

"That's right." Sin gave her a crooked smile and eyed her head to toe boldly, his gaze raking her form. Trish blinked up at him then boldly returned the perusal. Sin laughed.

"What are you doing here?"

"I was just out wandering around, window shopping, strolling. I do a lot of wandering about since Matt left me. Tell me Mike, who is he seeing? Is it that blond you were with at the Red Table?" Trish cocked her head and stared at him hard.

"What makes you think I would tell you anything about Matt?" Sin asked with a twisted smile.

"Because the two of you apparently hate each other. Matt admitted to me that it was you that beat him up and broke his arm and of course I was there to witness his attack on you. There is definitely something going on with that. Is it that blond girl?"

Sin's eyes narrowed. He was seeing Matt with this girl, then seeing Matt with Estaban. The anger rose in him again. "Yeah," he lied. "He's been seeing Liza for a while now. She was my girl fist but Matt took her from me. That night at the Red Table she was telling me it was over for us, that she was in love with Matt and not me. I guess when he saw us together he thought I was trying to win her back but in reality she was giving me my walking papers. I didn't press charges against him because I knew it would hurt Liza and I just couldn't do that to her."

"Well, it all makes sense now doesn't it?" Trish said, sighing deeply. "I suspected it for a long time. He changed. He really did. It was like he was turning into a different person altogether. I could feel him pulling away. I don't suppose you'd be willing to tell me where this girl lives would you?"

"What, so you can go beat her ass or something?" Sin asked with a laugh.

"No, so I can warn her that Matt will just break her heart like he did mine." Trish looked away, her eyes glittering with pain, then she shook her head. "No, you're probably right, I'd go beat her ass."

"Well, at least you're honest." Sin licked his lips nervously. "Want to go get some coffee or a drink or something?"

"Let me guess, Matt took your girl so now you want his ex just to piss him off." Trish looked him in the eye, waiting for his response.

"No! Nothing like that...oh, okay, yeah." Sin shrugged. "It was worth a try."

"My place or yours?"

"What?" Sin asked stunned.

"I'm game. I need a good fucking and you're a fine looking piece of steak. The fact that Matt hates you makes it all the sweeter. Let's go. We'll catch a cab to my place." Trish took his arm and Sin let himself be led, his mind reeling. The ride in the cab was silent and short. Sin followed her to her apartment. It was a pretty place, with cream and blue décor, the air smelling of some feminine perfume. Sin stumbled to her couch and sank down, sitting there numbly while she went to "freshen up". Sin had been with women before, any number of times when nothing else was available and he had a need but it had been years since that had happened. As he sat there he thought of Matt, of how pissed he would be if he ever found out that Sin had nailed Trish. Sin smiled. Matt deserved it. It was certainly no different for Sin to fuck Trish than it was for Matt to fuck Estaban. The more Sin thought about revenge the more he liked the idea. By the time Trish called him back to her bedroom Sin had a hard-on.

"Take off your clothes and let me see you," she said from the bed where she lay naked on the blue cotton sheets. Sin let his eyes travel over her. She was beautiful. Her red hair spread out on the pillow framing the pale oval of her face, her full lips slightly parted, her little pink tongue flicking out to touch the full bottom lip and leave it shimmering. Her breasts jutted large and round, tipped with cotton-candy pink nipples. Her stomach was flat, her hips flaring, the bush at the juncture of her thighs a fiery red. Sin stripped down and crossed the room to loom over her. She wrapped her hand around his dick and stroked. He let her caress him a moment then pulled away and eased onto the bed with her.

"You can back out if you want," he said to her as he brushed a strand of her hair from her forehead.

"Why would I want to do that?" she asked sulkily.

"Because you know and I know that this is a revenge fuck, nothing more."

She laughed. "Blunt aren't you?"

He stared into her eyes. "I've been known to get rough."

She frowned. "Matt got rough sometimes, there near the end. I wouldn't have minded so much if it weren't so out of character for him."

Sin dipped a hand between her legs, caressed, waited for her to open further to his touch. When he felt her thighs relax he dipped his fingers into her bush, spread the lips, and rubbed the little bud inside. Trish sighed, her lids drooping over unfocused eyes, her lips open. Sin leaned forward, licked her lips and drew away. "You haven't answered me," he said gruffly.

"What?" she asked hazily.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Oh yes," she breathed.

Sin removed his hand, sure of her readiness for him by the moisture on his fingers and rolled on top of her. Her eyes opened and looked up into his. He smiled, not a pleasant smile from her point of view, but an evil and vengeful smile that thinned his lips and bared his teeth. Suddenly she was not so sure she wanted this but it was too late, Sin entered her swiftly, watching her eyes widen, the wicked grin still twisting his lips. He lay still in her but his hands searched for her wrists, found them, brought them over her head and held them there. He dipped his head and kissed her even as fear began to glint in her eyes. She whimpered a little and he lifted his head.

"Don't be afraid," he soothed. "I just like to feel that I'm in control. Give in to it. You'll like it."

Her eyes met his again, searching for truth, searching for danger, searching for reassurance. He pulled back, thrust slowly in, grinding his hip gently against hers. Something moved in her eyes and he did it again. She tugged at her hands and he tightened his hold, still smiling into her eyes. Trish groaned a little, a mixture of pleasure, fear and uncertainty. For Sin it was amusing. Enjoyable but not thrilling, pleasant but far from fulfilling. He wished he could hurt her but knew he mustn't. He wished he could take his anger out on her but didn't. Instead he set himself to a steady pace and watched her eyes glaze into a look of passionate worship. There was, he realized suddenly, something in him that scared her yet woke in her a taste for slavery. It was as if she wanted him to dominate her utterly and yet use that dominance to melt her lust. Sin wondered if Matt had ever seen that look on her face, if Matt had ever brought the slave out in her. Sin tightened his grip on her wrists intentionally to bring her pain. Trish gasped and arched against him, begging. He thrust harder, deeper, faster, and leaned in to bite her hard on her slender white neck. She cried out and began to shudder, to clasp around him, her thighs shaking with the intensity of her release. The tremors eased and she opened her eyes. Sin stared down at her emotionlessly. She could see the cold blankness in his gaze and her body shivered under his. The fear immediately sprang back to life in the depths of her eyes, once again she tugged at her hands. Still he did not release her.

"You won't be seeing any other men for a while," Sin said to her. "If you have any dates planned then cancel them. You are mine until I say otherwise, understand?"

Trish opened her mouth, her eyes huge, but he growled and tightened his grip on her wrists once more. She winced. He could feel her trembling.

"Alright, Mike," she said at last, very quietly, her eyes shifting away from his.

"Good girl," Sin rolled off her and reached for his clothes. He had found no release with her but it didn't matter. He wanted to go get drunk. Trish started to rise from the bed but he put a hand on her neck and pushed her back. "Stay put." She did. He dressed and left, shaking his head in amused puzzlement as he crossed the street and headed for a nearby bar. Why he had treated her like that he didn't know but it had been fun, if not particularly thrilling. And why had she let him treat her like that? Sin didn't know. He had never been able to fathom the ways of women, their vivid and varied emotions. There were some women who would kill any man who dared to tell her what color shoes he thought she should wear and other women who ached to be dominated, even demeaned. Sometimes, he had found, they were one in the same woman, mixed up and demented. No, he didn't ever want to be saddled with a woman, but this one, Matt's reject, she could entertain him for a little while. Until he was over Matt at least.

* * * *

Estaban called Matt every night. Sometimes he would just show up at Matt's apartment unannounced. At first Matt didn't mind but after two weeks he was beginning to feel pursued. Friday evening as he was getting dressed to go see Miss Sylvia there was a knock at his door and Matt sighed deeply as he went to answer it. Estaban stood in the hall, bouncing on his toes as he waited for Matt to open the door. Matt waved him in wearily.

"Let's go catch a movie," Estaban suggested as he fixed himself a drink.

"I'm going to see Miss Sylvia, remember?" Matt flopped into a chair feeling suddenly exhausted. Estaban had more energy than a hummingbird and sometimes just being around him made Matt tired.

"That's right, you mentioned it last night. How about I tag along and meet the old lady?" Estaban suggested as he took a seat on the couch.

"I don't know..." Matt began.

"Aw, come on, I want to meet her."

"Alright," Matt relented, hoping Miss Sylvia wouldn't have a fit about it. She had already given Matt another lecture about fixing things with Sin but he had told her it was hopeless. Sin had told Matt to stay the fuck out of his life and that's just what Matt intended to do. If Sin decided to forgive him then he would come looking for Matt himself. Matt said he'd be damned if he was going to crawl to Sin apologizing. Sylvia had not been pleased. "Come on then, I don't want to be late again."

"I'll drive." Estaban popped off the couch like a jumping bean as Matt slowly unfurled himself from the arm chair.

"Sounds good." Matt followed him out and locked the door.

Miss Sylvia did not look at all happy when Matt introduced Estaban. For a moment Matt feared that she might even turn them away at the door but finally she sighed and invited them in. Estaban spotted one of the young cats and immediately swept it up into his arms, cuddling and petting it. Matt sighed in relief. The quickest way to Miss Sylvia's heart was through her cats.

"He's beautiful!" Estaban declared of the gray-striped tabby in his arms. "What's his name?"

"Dart," Miss Sylvia answered. "That's Dash over there. They're brothers. They always play together but they're driving me crazy. They get under my feet and I'm afraid one day they're going to make me fall."

"That's dangerous Miss Sylvia," Matt said, worried.

"I know. That's why I've been trying to get you to take at least one of them home with you."

"I can't. You know that."

"Humph. Come sit down and have your tea."

"Miss Sylvia," Estaban said as he set the cat on the floor, "Matt says you can read auras. Can you read mine?"

"Of course." Miss Sylvia lowered herself carefully into a chair and poured out the tea. "You are to meet with violence soon. Of course, as I can see, you are no stranger to violence."

Estaban laughed. "No, I'm not. I own a bar. We have a lot of fights there."

"Yes." Miss Sylvia said but her tone was noncommittal. "You will meet with disappointment also."

"Really? I hope we haven't run into snags on the renovating of Chico's."

"You're renovating Chico's?" Matt asked Estaban.

"Next month but we're already committed with the contactors. What else do you see?" Estaban asked Miss Sylvia.

"I see many things about you, young man. Many things. Now, drink your tea."

"Won't you tell me what else you see?"


Matt laughed at Estaban's crest-fallen look. "See, she was right, you just met with disappointment."

Miss Sylvia laughed and Estaban grinned sheepishly. Dart jumped up into Estaban's lap and curled up under his stroking fingers. Miss Sylvia noticed.

"Take him home with you child, please. Take his brother too if you want."

"Really?" Estaban asked, rubbing the cat's ears. "Don't tease me Miss Sylvia, it's mean and I really do like this cat."

"No, no teasing. Take him. Take them both."

"Estaban," Matt said doubtfully, "you have a leather couch. Imagine what cats will do to it!"

"I don't think they'll damage it," Estaban said with a careless wave of his hand.

"Oh yeah? Take a better look at the bottom of Miss Sylvia's arm chairs. They've shredded them."

"I'll have them declawed, they won't be going outside."

"Miss Sylvia, how do you feel about them being declawed? Some people think it's cruel to do that to a cat."

The old woman shrugged. "I don't see as it's cruel if it ensures them a good home and they will always be kept indoors. Outdoor cats have to protect themselves but if they're in a safe environment I think it's perfectly reasonable."

"Well, I guess you'll need help getting them to the apartment." Matt looked over at Estaban who was holding Dart up and kissing his nose. Matt sighed and looked away. Suddenly he missed Sin very much. Things had been much too calm lately, too tame, too domestic. Matt missed Sin's spice.

"I think I'll take them straight to the vet first. That way I won't have to worry about the furniture. He can take care of some other unneeded body parts while he's at it. I don't want them spraying in my apartment." Estaban grinned over at Matt and waggled his brows.

"Right. One little problem. There aren't any vets open now except the emergency animal clinics," Matt pointed out.

"No problem. I have a friend who's a vet."

"Why am I not surprised?" Matt asked dryly. Miss Sylvia sat back and watched the exchange with interest, noting that Matt was not near as lively around Estaban as he had been around Michael Synn. Narrowing her eyes mischievously she asked, "So, have you heard from Mike yet?"

Matt jumped and Estaban scowled. "No," Matt said evenly. "I haven't. I told you he's mad at me. He told me to fuck off."

Estaban shot a surprised glance at Matt over the obscenity.

"So are you and Estaban a couple now? I mean are the two of you committed?" Sylvia asked wickedly.

"No!" Matt said as Estaban answered "Yes."

"No!" Matt averred, turning to glare at Estaban.

"He'll come around," Estaban assured Miss Sylvia. She smiled but said nothing. Eventually they wrapped the visit up and somehow managed to get the two cats into a cardboard box and safely into the car. They mewled pitifully all the way to the vet's office where they were met by the vet himself who seemed very friendly indeed with Estaban. Matt could have cared less how friendly they were. In face, he was almost wishing that they would forget he was there altogether and he could go home. When Estaban did finally take him home he wanted to stay the night with Matt. Too tired to argue about it Matt let him stay but if Estaban had big plans he was disappointed. Matt fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

* * * *

Sin didn't contact Trish again until Friday night. He knew that Matt would be at Miss Sylvia's and was tempted to go to her neighborhood and wait nearby just to catch a glimpse of Matt. Angry at still being obsessed with Matt he called Trish instead and told her to meet him at Clancey's. She did. Sin secretly hoped Matt would show up there and catch him with Trish. He didn't. Sin hardly said two words to Trish the whole time they were at Clancey's but she didn't seem to mind. They sat at a table and drank, staring at one another, he at her with puzzlement, she at him with awe. He wished he could get in her head and see what she was thinking. The longer he went without speaking the more her eyes glowed with anticipation. Once when she returned from the ladies room he grabbed her wrist and pulled her down into his lap forcefully and kissed her just to unnerve her. When he lifted his head he saw such passion in her eyes that it almost frightened him. He pushed her away but that only seemed to fan the flames higher. By the time they left he was thoroughly drunk, and so was she. They took a cab to his place and she stood by the fish tank and giggled at his squid for twenty minutes. Finally he just picked her up and carried her to his bedroom. There things got a little out of hand.

He hadn't meant to hurt her but his anger and his taste for violence always seemed to emerge when he was drunk and this night was no different. He kept thinking that he should be with Matt, not some stupid fucking girl, that if only Matt had stayed true then none of this would be happening. The more he thought of Matt the more he hurt Trish.

At first he just tossed her on the bed and ordered her to strip. She did as he said silently. Then he had taken her wrists but it didn't scare her, she'd been through that already, so he tied her to the bed. That scared her. Then he bit her. He hadn't meant to draw blood but he did, several times. Trish was terrified now but yet she still writhed under him, moaning and panting and crying out his name as he slammed into her, tried to punish her for what Matt had done. Eventually his hands had crept to her throat. He didn't even know what he was doing until he became aware of her gasping desperately, her body nearly limp as she peaked under him, the shudders too frail by far. He released his hold on her neck but as her orgasm passed she slipped into unconsciousness. Terrified by what he'd done Sin quickly untied her and carried her into the bathroom. He ran a warm bath and put her in, careful not to let her head slip under the water. He sat with her for what seemed like hours but could only have been minutes, until she regained consciousness. At first she was confused but then memory seemed to slip over her and she looked at him with such worship that he felt sick. She had reached out and touched his face, tears in her eyes, and whispered his name. He immediately went and called a cab for her, hustled her into her clothes, walked her down to the street and shoved her into the cab himself.

He sat awake all through the night wondering what the hell had come over him. Yes, he was mad at Matt and yes he wanted to hurt him but he sure as hell didn't want to accidentally kill this girl. He had to stop seeing her. Things could only get worse if he let it continue. As dawn started to light the sky Sin decided the best thing to do was to go and talk to Matt. What exactly he was going to say Sin didn't know yet but he hoped he'd have it figured out by the time he got to Matt's apartment.

* * * *

Matt awoke in the pre-dawn with one hell of a hard-on. He'd been dreaming of Sin, one of those dreams that had tormented him so often after Sin had broken his arm. Many nights now Matt had fucked Estaban, had enjoyed it to the fullest, but any suggestions from Estaban that Matt take it from behind was met with an absolute no. Matt said that he would never ever take a dick up his ass again, not ever, but secretly he dreamed of Sin and that violent night in the bathtub. Estaban would assure Matt that he would be gentle, that he'd make it good, but Matt refused to talk about it. Fact was that he didn't want it gentle. He wanted it just the way it had been that night, just minus the broken bones. He wanted the fear, the anger, the adrenaline. He wanted the fight.

Matt groaned and rolled over, his hand going to his dick. His arm brushed flesh and he remembered that Estaban was there. He had forgotten in the night.

"Esty," Matt said, running his hand over Estaban's chest. One thing he never got tired of was the feel of that rib cage, the smooth flesh over the short bones. Estaban stirred and mumbled a little. Another thing Matt liked was that Estaban never snored. Not ever. Sin could saw logs and even Trish had snored sometimes, but not Estaban. Matt snuggled up closer and pressed his cock against Estaban's thigh. "Estaban," Matt called again.

"It's too early Matt, go back to sleep," Estaban muttered irritably. Matt frowned in the darkness and rolled away from Estaban. Frustrated he tried to masturbate but it did little good. He wanted flesh, and not his own. Finally he gave up and tried to go back to sleep. He tossed and turned for thirty minutes then reached for Estaban again.

"Come on Esty, I really need it," Matt complained.

"Give me an hour," Estaban grumbled.

Matt rolled away again. He was getting pissed off. Hell, he hadn't even wanted Estaban to stay but here he was and Matt wasn't getting any despite it all. What he really wanted was Sin. He wanted the smell of leather and sea salt in his nostrils, the feel of long hair teasing his flesh, the ache of Sin's cruel hands, the rush of Sin's attack. Matt gritted his teeth. What the hell was he doing with Estaban anyway? Esty was a nice guy, too nice. The only reason Matt had any interest in men was for a thrill and there was no thrill with Estaban, just experimentation. And that, as far as Matt was concerned, was pretty much exhausted, with Estaban at least. He'd done all he was willing to do with Esty. Already they were falling into routine. Matt was bored with him.

Tossing again Matt looked at the clock. Dawn would be lighting the sky any time now. His dick hurt, his balls hurt. He stared up at the ceiling and seethed. What the hell was the deal? Why was Estaban even there if he wasn't going to let Matt touch him? Matt turned to Estaban again, this time being able to see him a little with the first dim glow of dawn's light coming through the window. He put a hand out and shook Estaban a little.

"Fuck off Matt!" Estaban growled sleepily. Matt's anger bubbled over and he gave Estaban a hard shove, knocking him out of the bed onto the floor. "What the fuck!" Estaban exclaimed. Matt dove at him and drove him into the carpet, wrestling with him and finally managing to twist Estaban's arm up behind him like Sin had done to Matt all those months ago. Matt pressed Estaban forward until his forehead touched the carpet and tried to enter his ass but Estaban twisted and Matt had to struggle to hold him down.

"Stop it! What the fuck are you doing?" Estaban demanded. "You'll fucking regret this! Get off!"

"I'm trying to get off," Matt growled sarcastically as he once more tried to penetrate Estaban between his tight little cheeks. Estaban twisted, rolled, and was free of Matt's grip. He rose and spun, his foot taking Matt in the temple and sending him sprawling. Matt shook it off and sprang for Estaban again, the adrenaline kicking in. Matt got his arms around Estaban but an elbow caught him in the ribs and knocked the breath from him. Matt staggered back, bent over and wheezing. Estaban spun again and once more the foot came and slammed into Matt's head. Matt sprawled on the floor and had to grope for purchase when his vision swam and spun. Standing was difficult but he lunged at Estaban again, enjoying the fight, the thrill, and the pain. Estaban just stood his ground, swung a fist into Matt's charge and caught him square on the jaw. Matt went down again, bleeding. This time Matt didn't even try to rise. He reached out and snagged Estaban's ankle and snatched his foot out from under him. Estaban fell with a thud and an oath. Matt pulled him in and wrapped him up in his arms, both struggling. Estaban was quicker on his feet than Matt but now they were on the carpet and Matt's superior strength was shifting the struggle back into Matt's favor. Estaban spat and cursed but Matt held on knowing that if Estaban got loose again he would well and truly beat Matt half to death.

* * * *

Sin still wasn't sure what he was going to say when he got out of the cab in front of Matt's building. He rode the elevator up then almost rode it back down again because he wasn't sure he was doing the right thing in seeing Matt again. Hell, as mad as he was he didn't trust himself not to go beating on the kid as soon as he laid eyes on him. On the other hand it would be a relief just to see Matt again. Hell, he'd missed him.

Sin walked slowly down the hall to Matt's door. Twice he almost turned back. Finally though he stopped before the door and raised a hand to knock. There was a thud from inside, then another. There was the muffled sound of cursing then a sharp and loud oath. Sin frowned and lowered his hand. He reached in his pocket, pulled out his pistol and checked the chamber. If McKenna had sent someone after Matt then that someone was about to die. Quietly Sin slipped the gun back into his pocket and pulled out his lock picks. One good thing about having been homeless at so early an age, the street scum had taken him in and he had learned to lie, cheat, and steal from the best of them, not to mention picking locks. This lock he knew quite well. He had already picked it several times before.

* * * *

Matt tried his damnedest but he just could not hold on to Estaban. The little man was much more lithe and limber than Matt had ever imagined and managed to escape every hold Matt attempted to put him in. Finally though Estaban escaped his grasp altogether and before Matt could do more than roll up in a ball Estaban was raining one blow after another upon Matt's body with foot and fist. Finally the blows ceased and Matt felt as though someone had dropped bricks down on him from a great height. Estaban was on him then, twisting his arm as Matt had tried to do to Estaban.

"You're going to pay for that Matt," Estaban said, his voice quite calm, his breathing not nearly as ragged as Matt's. Matt ached all over. "See, I asked you nicely and you said no. I never tried to pressure you or force you. I've given you liberty with my body but you've not given me liberty with yours. I've been nice about it. Now I'm pissed and I'm going to take from you what you tried to take from me."

"It's not the same," Matt gasped, his knees burning on the carpet as Estaban held him there, the arm that Sin had broken feeling like it was on the verge of snapping again.

"Why is that?"

"You like it," Matt hissed.

"But this time I said no. Now, I want you to say no, then I'm going to fuck you anyway."

"No!" Matt gasped before he realized that was the one word he should not have said. Estaban pushed him further forward.

"Stop Estaban." Sin's voice stunned them both. They turned to look at the door, Matt having to strain painfully in Estaban's grip to do so. Sin had gun leveled at Estaban's head. "Let him go."

"You won't shoot me," Estaban sneered. Sin pulled back the hammer.

"Goodbye Estaban," Sin said flatly, dully.

"Fuck! Okay! Okay!" Estaban released Matt quickly and stepped away from him.

Sin kept the gun pointed at Estaban's head. "Get dressed and leave."

Estaban dressed, the gun following his every move. Matt huddled on the floor, the bruises starting to stiffen his muscles. He hurt all over. Hurt too much to move. He watched Estaban pull on his boots.

"I'm not leaving Sin," Estaban said calmly.

"Get out." Sin's voice held no infliction.

"No, you'll kill him. You don't really want to do that."

Sin's gaze shifted to Matt. The gun slowly turned away from Estaban and Matt stared down the muzzle in horror. He lifted his eyes to Sin's. They were hard, hate filled, deadly. Matt closed his eyes. Sin made a sound in his throat that sounded like a rabid wolf. Suddenly he turned and stalked out with long strides. Estaban sagged in relief.

"I think I'll buy myself a gun," Matt muttered.

"Might not be a bad idea," Estaban agreed. "At least steer clear of him for a while. There's no telling why he came here but I do have an idea."

"Oh yeah, what's that?"

"He came to win you back. Finding us the way he did was the worst thing that he could have seen. Really, stay away from him for a while."

Matt shrugged and looked away. He regretted having Sin see him with Estaban. He wished he had not let Estaban stay the night. Now any small hope he had of Sin coming back was shattered.