Infuriating Dilemma - 2

© Copyright 2008 Tristan Jaimes

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I woke up mid-morning somewhat disoriented. I lay there wondering who I was cuddled up behind and then, as my senses extended, realised whoever it was we were both naked and my erection was poking his balls.

As realisation dawned I partially opened one eye and recognised Adam's hair on the pillow in front of me. I sighed and closed my eye, and then snuggled in closer before dozing off again.

Sometime later I was roused by Adam moving against me. Still half-asleep, I was in that place where I was conscious but didn't yet have the wherewithal to move. His ass was gently and rhythmically pushing back into my crotch, forcing my cock to stroke between his legs.

I lay there for a few minutes enjoying the relaxed sensations creeping through my body.

I tightened my arm around his chest and squeezed then relaxed, and nuzzled into his neck before whispering a throaty "Morning."

Adam murmured and pressed back into me so I squeezed again and held him tight whilst my fingers caressed his ribs.

The sensations around my groin were waking me up, my mind as well as my cock was becoming increasingly horny. I let my hand wander through the hair on Adam's abs and on down into his bush, letting my fingers whirl and stroke his pubes.

My fingertips found the base of his cock and slid silkily along it, checking on his state of arousal. He sighed in response, and I let my fingers envelope him, enjoying the touch of the velvety skin. He pressed forward into my hand so I took a firmer grip and began a long slow stroking from base to head, matching the rhythm with my cock as it slid against his ass cheeks.

We were both painfully aware of Tom lying just behind us and trying not to make it obvious what we were doing. I was having difficulty suppressing the urge to moan and wondering if Tom could sense us moving, but enjoying the experience too much to stop at that point.

When I unexpectedly felt Tom's hand suddenly rest on my left hip I froze. My mind raced with the possibilities as I lay there tense, wondering if he was just moving in his sleep or had actually woken up.

After a minute or so I slowly rolled over towards Tom to check. His hand moved off my hip as I did and I opened my eyes to see him peering at me through sleep-filled slits.

"Hey Mr, how you feeling?" I whispered.

He grunted disgustedly. It sounded like he had a dry throat and the after-taste of the night's puking reminding him how drunk he'd got.

He relaxed onto his back and sighed, putting an arm over his eyes to shield them. I moved a hand onto his chest and rubbed it gently, "Can I get you something?" I asked.

He grunted once again and shook his head tenderly.

As I moved my arm up from under the duvet I caught a glimpse of a tent in his white undies. I wondered if he'd been wanting to cuddle into me and Adam when he'd placed his hand on me.

As I watched he relaxed and fell back into a doze.

I rolled back over to Adam and whispered, "He's dozing again now."

Adam murmured an acknowledgement and fidgeted, somehow indicating he wanted me to spoon into him again. I was missing the warmth of his body against mine too, so I spooned in close and we relaxed against each other once again.

We must have dozed for another half hour before we were disturbed by Tom getting out of bed. There was an "Urghh" as he no doubt spotted the puke that had missed the bucket and then I heard the padding of his feet as he retreated to the bathroom.

I heard the taps running and then the toilet flush and surmised he'd emptied the bucket. He came back into the bedroom and I listened to the sounds of him wiping the floor. After disappearing back to the bathroom once more he came and sat on the side of the bed.

I reluctantly unwrapped myself from around Adam and rolled over to look at Tom.

"Bit better now?" I asked.

He looked at me, as if collecting his thoughts, and nodded.

Adam rolled over at that point and Tom's eyes strayed across to him. I noticed a frown and a hint of confusion in his expression.

"Hey Tom, how you feeling?", Adam asked.

"My head hurts" he whispered.

Adam and I smiled sympathetically. We knew how Tom suffered for his low alcohol tolerance.

Adam lifted the duvet and looked down. "Where's my boxers?" he asked. I looked and raised my eyebrows in a shrug, as if to say, 'how should I know?'.

"Do you want a cuppa?" I asked Adam.

He nodded, "Mmm, please" he replied.

I looked at Tom. "Water?"

"Please. I'll get it, my glass is down here". He reached beside the bed and picked up an empty tall-glass and sighed as he forced himself to get up and head for the tap.

I stretched, arching my back and pointing my toes as the muscles in my legs and abdomen sent back blissful reports.

I shuffled over and slipped my legs out from under the duvet, not wanting to put my feet down on the wood floor.

Realising if I didn't make a determined move I'd roll back into bed I pushed the duvet aside and stood up, stretched and enjoyed a long noisy yawn.

Adam was lying watching me. I smiled at him as I made my way to the chest of drawers and poked about, deciding which boxers to put on.

I pulled on some relaxed-fit white boxers and added a tee-shirt then headed into the bathroom to freshen up. I noticed Tom was sitting in the den looking fragile and sipping water.

After I'd made the tea for Adam and me I returned to the bedroom and knelt besides him whilst he took his first sip. We both sighed happily as the hot liquid livened us up.

After a few minutes I left Adam and went to join Tom. He was playing with the camcorder. We talked quietly for a few minutes, and our minds turned to food. I suggested we drive into town and get something substantial but we couldn't decide on what.

We went into the bedroom to ask Adam what he'd like and eventually we all agreed on pizza. Tom prompted Adam several times about getting up and dressed so we could go into town but Adam had decided it was warm and cosy where he was, thank-you very much, and he wasn't about to leave it now.

After about ten minutes I knelt on the bed and threatened to tickle him if he didn't get up. Despite his hatred of being tickled he wasn't going to move. I started making attempts to get to his arm-pits and ribs and he tossed and lurched trying to avoid me.

Tom was giving me verbal encouragement by this time so I enlisted his help to grab Adam's arms. There was a bout of squealing and swearing as we hit the target, with Tom and me unable to keep it going because we were laughing so much.

Adam maintained he still wasn't going to move so we attacked again but he was able to squirm away from us. Frustrated, we hit on the idea of handcuffing Adam to the bed but unfortunately the bed-posts were too thick. Not liking to be beaten I hit on the idea of grabbing some of my ties and using them as ropes so we could secure the handcuffs to those.

Tom thought this was a rather good idea too, so we pinned first one arm and then the other until Adam was spread-eagled on the bed.

Knelt beside him, with the duvet pulled down to his hips, Adam had no chance of stopping me from ticking him now. He squealed and laughed and hollered for help but we were deaf to his pleas. Tom had decided we should have some photographic evidence and was busy taking snaps as I attacked Adam.

Adam was getting a handle on the tickling now and I was finding it more difficult to get a reaction out of him. I'd been careful not to scratch him since my nails were getting long but now I decided to use them on him, expecting he'd get mad if I started leaving red marks on him.

With both hands, I dragged my nails from the tops of his ribs over his chest and abs and then down his hips. He tensed and arched his back away from the mattress.

I did the same thing again, a bit harder this time, and again he arched his back, and stretched his legs down the bed, writhing beneath my fingers. I was taken aback, it wasn't the kind of reaction I expected -- he was obviously enjoying it.

I repeated the manoeuvre, varying the route and pressure and he responded with a whimper and a moan. I watched his face carefully and it was clear he was enjoying this -- a lot! His eyes were closed and there was a far-away expression on his face.

The duvet had ridden down slightly and from where I was kneeling I could see his balls and cock, which was laid across his hip. There were definite signs of it getting chubby as I continued to rake my nails across him, sometimes down his sides and under his back and ass, other times right up around his neck and shoulders where he seemed to be very sensitive.

His cock was showing his enjoyment a little more, and despite enjoying the eroticism of the moment, I reluctantly decided I'd best knock it off before he got hard and caused embarrassment all round.

That was when we decided to smear some very sticky edible strawberry body-paint on his chest between his nipples. This proved to be the secret weapon and he was soon getting annoyed and angry as his chest hairs stuck solid.

Just at the point where he was ready to get up Tom and I decided it would be more fun to leave Adam tied to the bed whilst we went into town to get the food. Ignoring Adam's protested we grabbed his legs and tied them to the corner posts at the bottom of the bed. We toyed with the idea of removing the duvet but eventually decided to leave him some decency, especially when as a further twist we set up the camcorder on its tripod on top of the dresser and set it recording.

Adam was by now resigned to his fate and was lying quietly, arms and legs spread-eagled as I got dressed so that we could go.

We were laughing and joking about Adam's predicament as we got in the car and drove off. We'd only been driving about five minutes when Tom's 'phone rang. It was Adam!

Our hearts had skipped a beat when he called because we thought my father had heard his shouting for help and gone to release him. We collapsed into nervous relieved laughter, as we considered the implications if father would have found him naked and tied to the bed, after Adam told us he'd got free on his own.

When we returned home with the food Adam was stood outside dressed and smoking a well-earned cigarette. He laughed when we told what we'd imagined. Back in the house we hooked the camcorder up to the computer's firewire port and reviewed the video, discovering that he'd worked the knots on his right hand free because I'd not tied them tight.

It was later that night once Adam and Tom were safely back home and I was having an early night that I got to thinking about Adam. At the time it happened, the physical stuff between him and me that had occurred hadn't really registered - I knew it had happened, but it wasn't on my mind. But now, alone and with time to think I was shocked, disappointed with myself, but above all sensing a thrill I hadn't had around Adam previously.

Why was I disappointed? Well, for one thing I've never been one to 'mess about' casually. It doesn't really do anything for more, in fact, it had put me into a mild depression almost every time I'd tried it previously.

It's difficult to explain, but to me, when I like someone, it's not a superficial thing based on physical attraction or beauty. Sure, they've got to have something about them that catches my eye, but the thing that usually gets me is something in their personality, something vulnerable or open that makes me want to treat them gently, or something boisterous and fun-loving that brings a smile to my face.

When I get physical with someone it's an expression of how I already feel for and care about them. I just can't do physical for its own sake.

So yeah, I was disappointed I'd let myself get physical with Adam casually, but at the same time I was confused because I didn't feel like I was about to get depressed as I'd expect to right about then.

That got me thinking about how I'd anticipated him getting naked during the game and how I'd got a thrill out of it. Thinking some more I realised that I'd not had the same feelings about Tom despite the fact that, in most conventional terms, Tom would be said to be the more physically attractive of the two.

My mind rolled back over the morning's events when we'd woken up. Knowing how much Adam kept himself under control when he is sober I was surprised when I realised we'd both been into the foreplay. I knew I hadn't felt awkward and I surmised that he hadn't either, despite Tom being there with us.

When I thought about having him in the handcuffs I was shocked to find I was becoming a little flustered and light-headed. Recalling his reaction as I ran my nails down his body, that moan and the way he writhed beneath my hands was a real turn-on. I wanted to do it again!

Wait! What was I thinking? I wasn't into all that bondage stuff. Yeah, okay, I know I've got about 8 pairs of handcuffs and bits of rope lying about but it wasn't like I'd really ever used them in anger -- they were there to get a rise out of other people, to see shock on their faces when they assumed the significance of them.

Every time I'd ever tried to use them with previous partners all I could do was fall about laughing at myself and the situation and how silly it all seemed.

But with Adam, now, I was beginning to see some appeal, not so much for those implements, but for the way he responded. I wanted more of that.

My mind wandered as I pictured his body, his naked body.

I had been surprised at how hairy he was, especially in comparison to Tom who had what I guess you'd call a twink's body -- smooth, almost hairless, slightly defined.

How to describe Adam's body? Well, in build he was similar to Tom and me, slim, same height as me (about 172cm), about the same weight too (63kg), probably a little less defined although his biceps were more prominent, but the thing I mostly focused on was the hair on his chest, and over his abs. Adam wasn't over-hairy, but he had a good covering, certainly a lot more than me. Mine I'd describe as sparse, but since I hadn't needed to start shaving properly until I was 20 I'd always had the theory I was a late developer.

The memory of his smiles and laughter of the previous night came back to me, that cheeky look in his eyes as he scoped me out, the way he pouted and licked his lips, the way he had responded when I'd licked his leg.

I surprising myself some more when I realised that all this thinking had got me hard. I don't think I'd ever got hard thinking about Adam before. And I was hard for Adam, not just Adam's body.

I thought back to our waking up and wondered what had happened overnight. I was pretty sure we'd gone to bed wearing our boxers but we'd woken up with them on the floor so something had happened, but I was surprised to realise I couldn't remember what. I was sure I hadn't been that drunk, after all, I was remembering everything else just fine.

Then it occurred to me that maybe Adam was responsible. After all, he had been trying to get in my pants when we went to bed until I'd stopped him. Maybe I'd fallen asleep and he'd taken the opportunity to do... something. But what? Had something happened whilst I was asleep? I started to feel guilty for not knowing. Then I got to wondering about Adam, did he remember and expect me to say something about it? What would he think if I acted like nothing had happened? Did he remember it even? Maybe he was just too drunk to? After all, I knew that was one of the benefits he got from drinking.

Not liking this train of thought I tried to switch tracks. What should I do now? We'd been intimate with each other, after all. I liked him, hell, I must be starting to care for him to not feel guilty we'd messed about casually like that, especially with Tom there.

That made me stop and think some more. What about Tom? What did he think, was he bothered, had we upset him? I hadn't detected much in the way of attitude from him but then again he was plenty hung-over for most of the day.

Whatever Tom thought, whatever Adam thought, I knew what I thought. I thought I fancied Adam.

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