"Iron Range"
A story, by Tucker <tuckerdb@citilink.com>

Parker sighs, as he pulls on his coat, and heads to the front door. He takes a last look at the restaurant, and douses the lights. The night cooking had been a long one, even though the restaurant closed at 7, it had been a busy night, and dishes had stacked up, so an hour and a half after the last customer had left Parker was leaving too. He lights a cig, and steps out into the cold night air. It flet good against his skin, having been heated by a grill for most of the night. Fresh snow had fallen during the night, it pleased him to see it. It meant that Thanksgiving would be white. He pulls the door shut behind him, making sure that it was locked. He turned up the street to walk to his apartment above the small town's post office. His mind thinking of the guys he'd seen through the pass bar, wondering where they disappear too. The town seemed void of anyone his age, it was either high school boys, or old men, nothing in between. He ponders something someone told him, that anyone with any sense gets out of town when they can. He smiles.

"So you're new around here, aren't you." A voice came from behind him.

Parker spins around and finds himself faced with one of the cute guys he'd seen sitting with an older woman in the restaurant. The guy is slightly tipsy, from drinking up the street.

"I heard about you in the Muni." The man states as he steps from the shadows.

"Oh? I hope it was all good." Parker replies, turning away.

"No one seems to know anything about you." The man states. He reaches out and catches Parker's coat. "You strange 'er somethin'?"

Parker smiles, "No, just mind my own business." He replies, shrugging off the man's grasp.

"Yeah, that's what they said." The man wobbles. "Some say you're a fag."

"I've been considered worse."

"Well, I aim to find out more about you." The man states.

Parker smiles, and continues on his way. His thoughts consider his options, questioning what he would do if the guy continued to pester him on his way home. "What if he wants to fight?" Parker asks himself. He'd been in fights before, and handled himself pretty well, he'd been able to walk away from them. "He's drunk as hell, though." His thoughts continue.

"I got my car up the street here." The man states.

Parker chuckles.

"We could run to Virginia and talk a little."

Parker turns to look at the man, as he steps towards him.

"Look, I'm drunk, I'm horny, and I struck out in the Muni."

Parker smiles to himself wondering what to do. "You new here?"

"Fuck no. I'm home from college, for Thanksgiving. My name's Trey."

"Trey." Parker says offering his hand. He smiles, as Trey accepts the offer. They pause under a street lamp. "Don't suppose you've seen much action since you moved here." Trey states with a smile.

"No, but then I didn't move here for action."

"Yeah, someone said something about you working at the paper too, and that you were crazy, saying things about moving here cause you like the country, and the area, the snow, and cold weather."

Parker smiles, with a chuckle. "That's what I say."

Trey shakes his head. "They think you're crazy."

"Crazy and gay. What a combination."

Trey chuckles, his eyes look at Parker. "I didn't mean that shit, about you being a fag. I'm just drunk."

"'N horny."

Trey smiles, revealing his teeth. "You sure you don't want to go to Virginia for a cup of coffee or something?"

"Only if I drive."

Trey smiles. "Yeah."

They walk to Trey's car. Parker's mind considering what Trey's angle was. "Why's he sharing that he's horny with me? Is he trolling for sex?"

Trey opens the door to a new Datsun 300 sx, and hands Parker the keys. "You can drive stick."

Parker smiles. "Yeah."

They climb in, and head off to the highway, Parker's thoughts fill with ideas of what the thirty minute drive would be like. He wondered again about Trey's intentions. He smiles to himself recalling that he'd seen Trey at the table, and found him a wonderful sight in town. He wondered who he was and where he was from, if he lived in town or not. Trey's blond locks had attracted Parker's attention, he smiles again, recalling that he'd stepped from behind the grill and watched as Trey had left the table, and went to the bathroom. "That's what really got me." He thinks to himself, recalling Trey's ass wrapped in kahki, as he walked down the hall to the bathroom. He glances at Trey, as he guides the car along the two lane highway.

Trey fumbles with the radio, installing CDs into the player. He glances at Parker. "Still gettin' used to the car. Just got it."

"Nice car."

"Yeah. My grandparents got it for me for graduting college."

Parker nods. "So what did you graduate with?"

"Bachelor of Arts." Trey smiles.

"You got a job yet?"

"No. I've got a bunch of resumes out. I took the summer and went to family that lives in Europe, and hung out running around over there. That was a lot of fun."

"I know."

"You've been to Europe?"

Parker nods.

"What country did you like the most?"

"Switzerland Greece, and Germany."

Trey sighs. "Germans."

Parker smiles. He could agree with that sigh.

"I hear that you don't drink."

"That's right."

"Mind if I ask why?"

Parker shruged. "Mind if I smoke?"

"No, can I get one from ya?"

Parker pulls his pack from his shirt pocket,, and hands it to Trey, then grabs one for himself. They share the lighter. "I just get into trouble when I get drunk."

"DWIs, huh?"

"No, just forget shit, and wake up in strange places, with people that I don't remember meeting."

Trey smiles, as if he knew what Parker was talking about. "Yeah, alcohol does that." Trey sighs again, looking at Parker. "I get horny when I get drunk."

Parker smiles.

"In college I did some shit that well, I didn't know what to think, I really liked it. Then in Europe, well, it happened again." He smirks. "I dunno, it's just strange. Thought that I was queer or something."

Parker is silent. His eyes look out the windsheild, listening to Trey share, his thoughts wondering what he was not saying.

Trey sighs again. "You ever find yourself in bed with a guy?"

"Here we go." Parker thinks as he blushes. "Yeah." He answers aloud.

"Did you like it?"

Parker smiles, questioning how much to let Trey know.

"I mean, well, is it something you'd want to do again?"

"I guess it depends on the guy."

Trey sighs again, smoke escapes with his sigh, he sits back in the passenger seat. To Parker it looked as if Trey was lost in thought. "I've thought that I was gay all my life, well, at least since junior high." He puffs his smoke. "Growing up here, you don't let everyone know that kind of shit."

"So why are you telling me?"

"I dunno."

The conversation dies for a few miles, the music off the CDs fills in the gaps. Finally Trey speaks again. "It wasn't until college that I really found out about sex with a guy.

"I mean, well, once and a while me and a couple friends would beat-off together. But, well, in college it was different. We didn't just beat-off. I sucked my first dick, and had my first blow job. It was great. God I didn't know you could feel that good." He pauses. Looking across the car at Parker. "You aren't sayin' anything." He smiles. "You mind talking about this stuff?"

"No, not at all."

"So, what do you think?"

"About what?"

"What I'm talking about."

Parker smiles. "I guess, nothin' really, just listening to you talk."

"It doesn't give you any ideas?"

"I dunno. You mean about getting it on with you?"

Trey nods.

Parker smiles, "I dunno," he glances at Trey, "I'd be lying if I told you I'm not interested in you. At least curious." He chuckles. "When I saw you this afternoon in the restaurant, I wondered who you were, and why I hadn't seen you before, and if I'd ever see you again.

"Town's full of high school kids, they're cute, and crotchety old men. Not much interests me in them."

Trey smiles.

"Seems everyone your age, or mine, leaves, or gets married. There isn't much keeping them here."

Trey nods.

"I came up wanting to get away from the city for a year and thought that I'd work for the paper, and then see if I couldn't get a better job."

"Where'd you live in the city?"

"St. Paul."

"I live in Minneapolis, near Loring Park."

"So, you have a boy friend?"

"No," Trey chuckles, "I'm a bit scared to get too involved."

"Still not sure?"

"Well, I am, I just don't feel like the whole world needs to know."

Parker smiles, knowing the feeling himself. "You're family know?"

"We've talked about it, I told them I wasn't sure."

Parker nods.

"How 'bout your's?"

"Yeah I told them, couple years ago, when I was invited to Thanksgiving dinner at my mother's I told her I was with the guy I was seeing, and that we had been together for a while.

"She said that she thought that was what was going on but didn't want to offend me in case I wasn't."

Trey chuckles. "So where is he?"

"I dunno."


"How 'bout you?"


"Well, the guy you're seein'."

"There hasn't been anyone since I got back from Europe." Trey's voice cracks.

"Oh, he's in Europe."

Trey sort of nods. "I dunno. I met him on a train, and we went camping, and that's where we discovered we had something in common.

"I spent the next couple months living with him. It got pretty heavy. I got really scared. I mean, well you start seeing how great life could be, and you're making love to the most fabulous man on earth, and it's all you think about.

"You wake up to him, you go to bed with him. In between you think of him constantly."

Parker smiles.

"The same thing happened with the guy in college. only he left me, said that he couldn't live with me, that we just had a fling, and that he was expected to get married, and raise a family. He said, his family knew, but, if he ever decided to live with a man that he would loose his inheretence." Trey sighs. "They have a great deal of money. He found a girl that was willing to keep up the air of normalcy, and allow Steve to continue seeing men.

"I was bought off, or rather warned off. His father came to school. I came home to my room, and there he was sitting. I was pretty scared. He smiled, and said he was happy to meet me finally, and then explained the way things were.

"I never saw Steve after that."


Trey sniffles. Parker glances, noticing the trail of a tear rolling over Trey's cheek. He smiles to himself, finding Trey's display of emotion, touching. He lets his hand pat Trey's leg, consouling Trey as they finish the drive to Virginia, pulling into the Village Inn. They climb from the car and head into the restaurant, where the host shows them to a table. They sit in the booth across from each other, ordering coffee, and looking at each other.

Parker smiles, seeing the hand tied necklace around Trey's neck displaying the small colorful beads of the rainbow. He'd seen similar necklaces in the city, sold at a store, catering to gay men, with videos, cards, necklaces, lube, leather, candles. He'd seen the necklace around Trey's neck earlier in the day, when he paid for his meal, and seeing the necklace he considered that it was Trey's way of letting those that knew what the small colored beads meant. It created in Parker hours of wonderingif he'd ever see Trey again, and finding him on the street waiting for him, was unexpected.

Trey looks at Parker. "You really want to be here?"

Parker smiles. "Not really."

"You wanna head back?"


They get up, leaving a five on the table, and disappear into the night, snow was again falling, as they pulled back on the highway, heading back to the small range town.

"Where do you wanna go?" Parker asks.

Trey smiles. "We've got a cabin, that's empty at the moment."

The rest of the journey is made in silence, finally coming to the turn off for the cabin, following the path through the snowy trees. They get out of the car, and walk through the darkness, to the cabin. Trey unlocks the door, and it swings in on a dark space, smelling deeply of wood, and smoke. Parker follows Trey in, stopping inside the door, while Trey heads into the darkness, to light a lamp.

The latern lit, fills the room with light, revealing a large wood stove, two old couches, a fireplace, and a stair way leading to a boucany with three doors.

"Great grandfather Leland built this when he came over rom Sweden to work the mines."

Parker nods, knowing some of the history of the area, and the people that had immigrated from Europe, settling in Northern Minnesota, where there were iron mines to be worked. He smiles to himself as he watches Trey build a fire in the stone hearth, noting Trey's Swedish background, the blond hair, the gracefulness to his his body, having seen Trey only hours ago walk through the restaurant, noting the lines of the man's ass, and falling in lust with it.

With the fire started, Trey rises and looks at Parker smiling. He pulls off his coat. "It'll be warm in here in a few minutes." He tosses his coat on the couch, and moves across the room to Parker. He steps into Parker, and plants his lips to Parker. "I'm glad you're here." He says softly, taking Parker's hand, and leads him to the couches. He smiles as he helps Parker out of his coat, then slides his hands over Parker's body. "Mmm." He sighs, his lips again touch Parker's, and he pulls Parker onto the couch.

Parker smiles to himself, feeling Trey's hands explore his body, slowly opening his shirt, pulling it free of his jeans, along with his T-shirt, lifting both, to allow Trey access to Parker's chest. He sighs, feeling Trey's tongue dance around his nipples, feeling them harden with each of Trey's sensual licks and kisses. He can feel his dick stir with in his jeans, as Trey arrouses him. He can feel Trey's cock, hard, and captured in his kahkis press against his groin, as they grind at each other.

Trey's lips pause, as he rights himself, straddling Parker's body on the couch. His eyes look into Parker's as he pulls off his sweater, and T-shirt, exposing his smooth chest. The tan he'd worked on during the summer was slowly fading. He smiles, looking into Parker's eyes, as his hands caress his naked body, and fall to his belt, undoing it, and opening his kahkis, then returns to kissing and caressing Parker's body.

Parker's mind spins, swimming in thoughts, and passions. His thoughts recall the last time he'd been with a man, some eight months ago. It seemed years ago. He let his hands touch Trey's naked body, finding Trey's skin warm and soft. He moans softly, as his hands slide into Trey's open kahkis and fill with Trey's ass, covered in soft material.

Trey's ass rises to greet Parker's hands, as Parker gently squeezes the firmmounds of flesh. "Mmm." Trey moans softly. His lips pause once more as he looks into Parker's eyes. He pushes his ass against Parker's hands, then grinds his loins into Parker's. He humps Parker's loins still dressed in his kahkis. "God," he gasps, "this feels so fuckin' good."

Parker smiles, moving his hands over Trey's body, lifting Trey up right. His fingers finding Trey's nipples, and gently tweak them, as Trey's hands run over his chest. Parker's hard cock eager for sport rises and falls under Trey's spread legs, straddling his waist.

"Com'on let's get naked." Trey states, rolling off Parker, standing beside the couch. His kahkis fall to the wooden planked floor. The crisp white briefs bulge with the steeled cock hidden in them. Parker smiles, gazing at Trey's body, glowing in the light of the fire, crackling in the hearth. His hand reaches out and caresses Trey's lightly haired legs. They are firm, and loosing their tan. He slides ont he couch, and places his face at the bulging briefs. He breaths in the heady scents of Trey's loins. He sighs, and lets his mouth kiss the stiff cock, pressed against the white cotton. His hands again fill with Trey's firm ass, as he grinds his mouth over Trey's hard-on. He pulls the legs of Trey's breifs into the crevice of Trey's butt, baring the soft skin to his touch. He moans softly, echoing Trey's moans, as his lips suck on the stiff cock still hidden in the cotton material. He smiles to himself, as his tongue detects the nutty flavor of Trey's precum. He smiles, pulling the pouch of the briefs aside, allowing Trey's cock to spring free, and throb to its full length. Parker smiles to himself, judging Trey's manhood stands a little over seven inches. He grins to himself, as he slides his tongue down the pulsing staff to the blond haired nutsac hanging loosely between Trey's legs. Gently Parker sucks one and then the other of Trey's balls into his mouth,rolling them in his mouth with his tongue. Bathing the full balls in spit, letting them slide from his lips.

"Oh god." Trey moans softly, his hands rest on Parker's head, tangling his fingers in Parker's long dark locks. Parker smiles, and sits back on the couch, pulling off his shirts, as Trey looks on. He looks into Trey's eyes, as he opens his 501s, and slides them down to reveal his loins covered in a red bikini.

Trey moans softly, looking on Parker's loins. He kneels before Parker, and unties, Parker's boots, then assits Parker in removing his jeans. His eyes never moving from the swollen cock covered in light red cotton. He grins, as his hands move over Parker's naked legs, spreading them apart, as Parker slides to the edge of the couch. Without hesitating Trey's hands pull the bikini waist down, and pulls Parker's cock free of the bikini's confining material. "God Parker. You're cock is beautiful." He offers in a gasp. Trey's hand circles the stiff prick jutting from Parker's loins, slowly stroking Parker's prick.

Parker smiles. "Mmm, that feels good." Parker states softly. His hands rest on Trey's head, gently playing with the blond locks, slowly guiding Trey's mouth to his bulging cock. A moan escapes his lips as Trey's lips part and his mouth glides onto Parker's prick. "Oh yeah, your mouth is sooo hot." Parker cooes. His hips push off the couch forcing his cock deeper into the warm vacuum of Trey's mouth. He pauses, as Trey gags. He smiles. "Easy Trey, you don't need to take all of it."

Trey pulls off Parker's prong, looking up at Parker with a smirk. "I wanna."

Parker grins, and slides to the floor, crawling to the bearskin rug in front of the hearth. He watches as Trey follows. They pull off the last of their clothing, allowing the other to drink in their naked bodies. They come together, Parker laying on his back allowing Trey to slide over him, placing his cock at Parker's lips, while Trey's fall onto Parker's.

Simultaniously, the two men begins sucking each other, their hips grinding, as they suck, receiving the length of the other's cock, sliding deep into their sucking lips. They moan together, mouths full of cock, saliva spilling fromtheir lips as they work the other's cock in and out of their lips. Hands caress and toy with their churning balls, filling with love juices, slowly leaking into the other, warning that passions were building, and climaxes would soon be spilling the seed of their loins into the others open lips, sucking, licking.

Parker backs off, knowing from experieince that Trey was nearing his climax, he didn't want that to happen just yet. He smiles, as his attention turns to the firm mounds of Trey's ass spread above him. He slides his hands over the mounds, as he raises his lips to the tight pink pucker flexing before his eyes. His tongue stabs at the pucker.

"Oh fuck!" Trey groans, letting Parker's cock fall from his lips. His ass pushes against Parker's mouth, allowing Parker's tongue to circle, flick and probehis tight fuck hole. "Mmmph." Trey continues to groan. His activity to Parker's loins interupted by the actvity at his love hole. He arches his back, as his head rolls on his shoulders, taking in the feelings of his ass bing rimmed. "Fuck, that feels so fuckin' good."

Parker smiles, as he pushes a finger into the pucker. "Yeah, nice and tight."

Trey groans, pushing his ass onto Parker's probing finger. "Mmmph, finger my hole." He begs. His ass squirms on Parker's finger. His head lowers, as his chest rests on Parker's swollen cock, he gently strokes Parker, as Parker's finger twists in his upturned ass. He moans softly as Parker introduces a second finger intot he tight entrance. "Oh gawd." Trey bellows.

Beneath Trey's spread legs, Parker grins, as he watches his fingers penetrate the tight muscles of Trey''s fuck hole. He slides in easily, and gently massages the inner reaches of Trey's fuck hole. His mind wondering what it would be like to stuff his eight inch cock deep into Trey's butt. He smiles to himself. He rolls Trey onto his back, and kneels between Trey's legs.

"What?" Trey asks.

Parker answers with a smile, as he looks over Trey's glowing body. The fire reflecting off the sheen of sweat forming over Trey's body, from the heat of the fire, and the sensual touch of Parker's lips, tongue, and fingers. Parker says nothing only drinks in Trey's body, as he lifts Trey's legs, bending into Trey's groin, taking Trey's cock into his mouth, as his fingers return to Trey's fuck hole. He manipulates Trey's hole, as he sucks Trey's cock, feeling Trey's body squirm before him.

"Ah fuck!" Trey groans, his hands hold his legs up, as Parker sucks, and fingers his ass. "Parkerrrr. . ." His voice trailing off as his breath deepens, his chest rising and falling as his body trembles. "I'm gonna cummm." Trey cries, his ass clutches at Parker's fingers, as his balls rise to the base of his cock, where Parker'sspit drools from his lips and over them. "Oh jesus. . . god. . . fuckin' god. . ." Trey cries, his body tenses, and shudders as his balls finally explode filling Parker's mouth, his hips rising off the bearskin rug, driving his cock deeper into Parker's sucking mouth. He pants , as his body explodes again, and again.

Parker lips curl into a grin as he finds the flavorful spunk filing his mouth, his fingers still inserted into Trey's open ass. He sucks on Trey's falling prick, milking it dry, wondering if he would be able to return it to a hard state, and bring Trey to a second climax. He smiles, the display of passion Trey had presented, tells him he wouldn't have to wait long. Parker slides his fingers from Trey's ass, and slowly works his way forward, kissing his way to Trey's neck, and finally Trey's mouth, where they connect in a deep passionate kiss.

Trey sighs, looking into Parker's eyes, the fire dancing in them. "God, that was good."

Parker smiles.

"I didn't think that tonight would be like this."

"It isn't over is it?"

Trey smiles, as he captures Parker, gently cuddling him. "Not if you don't want it to be." Again his eyes stare into Parker's. "I didn't think you'd be this fuckin' good." He grins. "I just thought it would be us cumming and not lovemaking."

Parker grins, returning Trey's stare. "I don't fuck around." He chuckles. "Besides, it's been months since I've been with a man."

Trey sighs, and embraces Parker. "I want you to fuck me all night long." He whispers.